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Who is RealIy In Jail In India??? (Page 34)

shefali_123 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 01 September 2005
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Posted: 10 July 2008 at 11:24am | IP Logged
i just saw a coverage of it on aajtak.

in that they revealed that during his narco rajkumar said that hemraj had an evil eye on arushi and often used to talk dirty things about her.

on the night of the murder hemraj invited rajkumar, krishna and vijay mandal to drink beer.

rajkumar also revealed during his narco that he, krishna and mandal killed arushi and then to destroy witnesses they killed hemraj too.

then krishna ran away from the terrace and threw the murder weapon in the park.

rajkumar and mandal locked the terrace doors and the main door and ran away.

now aajtak has revealed an entirely different version to the article uknaikji posted above.

so i really dont know what is going on?? Confused Confused

uknaik99 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 December 2005
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Posted: 10 July 2008 at 11:48am | IP Logged
To tell you truth Shefali ji, Both theories sounds bullshits..

There are so many loop holes in this case.Tracking this whole story from the day one.I think it is a honour killing and nothing else,plus money has been spent to save the honour ofthe family. Even though the father of the ill fated Aarushi is behind the bars,he will be released soon and the honour is saved which was the motive of the crime.

The servants are not mad to try and kill two people in the house when the Talwars were at home. Are they that dumb? what if the Talwars had got up. How come exactly that day Aarushis room was not closed? who deleted their profile from Orkut? There are so many unanswered questions. Ridiculous CBI..

This is a concocted story to save the TALWARS , I'm sure a lot of money is involved.

I really feel sorry for poor Aarushi

Edited by uknaik99 - 10 July 2008 at 11:55am
uknaik99 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 December 2005
Posts: 6995

Posted: 10 July 2008 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
Ok Shefali Ji here is another story ConfusedConfusedOuch

I raped Arushi before killing her

The theory that Arushi Talwar had been gangraped reportedly gained credence in the course of a narco test on domestic help Rajkumar yesterday.
"Earlier we had some doubts about how and why the murder was committed, but we have a clear picture now," said a police source.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) brought Rajkumar, domestic help of the Duranis, to Bangalore for a second narco test as the first, at Ahmedabad, had failed. Rajkumar reportedly did not go into a trance in that city, and policemen had to return without questioning him.

According to sources, Rajkumar confessed in Bangalore that he, along with his friends Krishna and Hemraj, had raped the 14-year-old schoolgirl on May 15.

They allegedly entered her room and pounced on her. One of them hit her on the head with an iron rod when she resisted, and raped her when she fell down unconscious.
Hemraj reportedly came to his senses and started shouting at Rajkumar and Krishna for pushing him into such a crime.

Fearing that Hemaj would spill the beans, Krishna and Rajkumar allegedly chased him to the terrace and slit his throat.

After murdering their partner, Krishna and Rajkumar allegedly returned with the khukri (ornamental dagger) and decided to kill Arushi as they feared she would testify against them.

However, they forgot about Shambhu, who was with them at the drink party. At the narco yesterday, Rajkumar reportedly revealed where his gang had hidden the weapons. This is crucial information and would be used as corroborative evidence, an officer said.

A narco confession is not admissible in court, but could help the police gather   evidence.
bunbutt_too IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 August 2005
Posts: 10344

Posted: 10 July 2008 at 6:26pm | IP Logged

Aarushi case: All 3 accused in court today

11 Jul 2008, 0235 hrs IST,TNN


NEW DELHI: Nearly two months after Aarushi Talwar was found murdered in her Noida home, the identity of the killer remains a mystery wrapped in an enigma. All the three men arrested in the case till now — Aarushi's father Rajesh Talwar, his compounder Krishna and Duranis' servant Raj Kumar — will be produced in court on Friday, but it remains unclear whether or not the CBI has gathered enough evidence against them to keep them under the scanner.


The Duranis are close friends of Talwar and his wife Nupur. The judicial custody of Talwar and Krishna expires on Friday and so does the police custody of Raj Kumar. With no fresh evidence to carry forward the case, the CBI itself is caught in two minds about pursuing the case against the accused. Sources involved with the investigations admit that the agency has found nothing to substantiate charges against Talwar. They, however, still don't want to make any commitment on whether or not the agency would seek continuation of his stay in jail.


This is the first time that the investigating agencies, even after arresting as many as three persons, have not been able to establish the identity of the killer. That they subjected Raj Kumar to narco analysis for the second time on Thursday confirms that he still remains their best bet. "We are still awaiting the report from Hyderabad on the blood stained T-shirt seized from his room. If it is established that it was Aarushi or Hemraj's blood, we have a clear case against him," said a source, adding that the agency will seek his custody again on Friday.


The custody of Raj Kumar, however, has not helped CBI find the mobile phones of Aarushi and Hemraj or even the murder weapon. Sources also said Raj Kumar in the second narco test allegedly admitted raping Aarushi. This, however, was officially denied by the agency. "In any case, the doctors who examined the body had confirmed that she wasn't raped," said an official. In the second test, Raj Kumar apparently said that he and Krishna, who wanted to take revenge from Talwar for abusing him, together planned to rape Aarushi. He is said to have admitted raping her and then killing her with help from Krishna and Vijay Mandal, another domestic help based in the same area.


Krishna had also said during his narco analysis that he and Raj Kumar were present in Talwar's home on the night of the murder, but during the lie detector test he claimed that he was at home that night.


Another mysterious aspect is the name, Shambhu, which keeps cropping up every now and then. Joint director CBI Arun Kumar, who is heading the probe, has officially denied that there is any suspect by that name. Reports from Bangalore, however, suggest that the agency has contacted the FSL there for carrying out a narco analysis on a man named Shambhu. According to some reports, Shambhu is a domestic help of another of Talwars' neighbours who accompanied Krishna and Raj Kumar when they 'murdered' Aarushi. The agency, however, again denied even questioning anybody by that name on Thursday.


The agency has also subjected Nupur to lie detector tests but with nothing to establish her role in any form, she is no longer under scrutiny. CBI sources said that there is no evidence to arrest Mandal who was also interrogated. So, this effectively narrows down the probe to three men who have already been arrested. Raj Kumar's T-shirt is important, but the fact remains that it was seized almost a month after the murder, on June 13, and why Raj Kumar would still keep it is debatable. 


Chalo phir seh CBI kabhi haa kabhi naa kah khel, khel raha hain? Angry

uknaik99 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 December 2005
Posts: 6995

Posted: 10 July 2008 at 9:46pm | IP Logged
Important day today.. all 3 being produced at court.. CBI needs to produce evidences against them

Looks like Rajesh Talwar will be realised today... good for him...

Case reaching dead end.. with no evidences,murder weapon and motive .. this will remain as unsolved murder mystery
bunbutt_too IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 August 2005
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Posted: 11 July 2008 at 4:17am | IP Logged

No evidence against Talwars: CBI

11 Jul 2008, 1437 hrs IST,TIMESOFINDIA.COM


NEW DELHI: As Rajesh Talwar, his compounder Krishna and Raj Kumar, the Durranis' domestic help, appeared in a Ghaziabad court for a hearing in the Aarushi murder case, the CBI held a press conference at its headquarters around the same time on Friday.


The agency said there is no substantial evidence against the Talwars and that there was no certainty about the turn the probe might take. The CBI has asked the special court in Ghaziabad to pass an appropriate order accordingly.


Addressing the press conference, CBI Joint Director Arun Kumar presented a status report on the case.


Arun Kumar added that Krishna misled investigators but he later confessed to the crime in the narco test. Reconstructing the scene of crime, Arun Kumar said Krishna, Raj Kumar and Vijay Mandal discussed Aarushi on the night of the murder.


The three entered Aarushi's room. When she raised an alarm, she was hit by a blunt object. The trio went upstairs, got into a scuffle with Hemraj and killed him. Following this, they came down and slit Aarushi's throat, said the CBI Joint Director.


He said though the first polygraph test conducted on Dr Rajesh Talwar proved inconclusive, no deception was found in the second test. Nupur Talwar's polygraph tests showed similar results, he said. The CBI said it had also subjected the Talwar couple to a psycho-analysis test at AIIMS, Delhi. These tests were also clear.


I am surprised that the CBI did not issue a public apology to the parents for everything that they have been subjected to. There was never a shred of evidence, and Dr. Talwar need not have been locked up. The CBI could have conducted all the tests they wanted without arresting him. The Noida and the U.P. police were responsible for fabricating the whole honor killing story back on May 23rd, and arresting Dr. Talwar. I hope the Talwars sue those cops in a civil court.


The Talwars lost their only child. And then their dignity and reputation. Nothing can ever restore either.  Where and how do they begin to heal or pick up the pieces of their lives?? Sad. Very very sad.

Edited by bunbutt_too - 11 July 2008 at 4:24am
shefali_123 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 01 September 2005
Posts: 4209

Posted: 11 July 2008 at 7:25am | IP Logged
rajesh talwar given bail, he is free now.

krishna, rajkumar and mandal committed the crime.
raj5000 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 January 2006
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Posted: 11 July 2008 at 9:24am | IP Logged

Progress in investigation relating to the twin murder at Noida
New Delhi, 11-07-2008
           Investigation of Aarushi Murder Case was taken over by CBI on 31/5/2008 on the request of Govt. of U.P. After taking over the case, CBI team alongwith CFSL experts and forensic medicine experts of AIIMS visited the scene of crime i.e. L-32, Jalvayu Vihar, Sector-25, Noida on 01/06/2008. The scene of crime was badly trampled. However, all efforts were made to collect remaining forensic evidence.

           Dr. Rajesh Talwar who was arrested by Noida Police was taken into police custody remand and interrogated. He was subjected to polygraph test twice. The first polygraph test remained inconclusive. In the second polygraph test no deception was found the points related to the crime. His wife Dr. Nupur Talwar was also subjected to polygraph test. Her first polygraph also remained inconclusive. No deception was found in her second polygraph test. They were also subjected to Psycho Analysis Test and nothing adverse was found against them.

           A simulation exercise was conducted to check the sound level at the real crime time basis by CFSL and forensic experts before two independent witnesses by switching on both the air conditioners in the bed room of Dr. Rajesh Talwar and that of Aarushi. No sound of either steps or opening of the door was heard in the bedroom of Dr. Rajesh Talwar by Physics division experts of CFSL.

           During investigation Krishna emerged as a prime suspect. He was first subjected to Psychological Assessment test and polygraph test. His polygraph test revealed deception on all the major points relating to the crime. He was therefore subjected to Brain fingerprinting and Narco Analysis test. After Narco Analysis test he confessed his involvement in crime alongwith his two other associates Rajkumar and Vijay Mandal. Krishna was arrested on 13/06/2008.

           Rajkumar was also subjected to Psychological Assessment Test, polygraph test, which shows deception on major points relating to the crime and therefore his Brain Finger Printing Test and Narco Analysis test were conducted at FSL, Gandhinagar. He was arrested on 27/06/08. His Narco Analysis test was not successful at FSL, Gandhinagar. A second Narco Analysis test was conducted at FSL, Bangalore as the first test was not successful at FSL, Gandhinagar. He has also confessed his crime.

           As per the disclosures of the accused persons, in the night of 15-16/5/08 they gathered in the room of Hemraj, and consumed alcohol. They talked about Aarushi over the drink. Under influence of alcohol they went to the room of Aarushi. She got up and tried to scream. She was gagged and hit by hard blunt object on her head. They also tried to sexually abuse her. This led to a altercation between them and fearing that the parents of Aarushi might get up, they went to the terrace where Raj kumar and Krishna had scuffle with Hemraj in which he was killed. Krishna and Rajkumar came back to Aarushi's room and killed her.

           So far, the confession of the accused has been corroborated forensically to the extent that blood of Hemraj was found on the pillow in Aarushi's room. The injury on the head of Aarushi supports that she might have been hit by a blunt object first leading to unconsciousness and was slit later on. The other scientific tests have also largely support their confessional statement.

           Vijay Mandal was subjected to Psychological Assessment Test, Polygraph Test and Brain Finger Printing Test at FSL, Mumbai on 29-30/06/08 and 01/07/2008. His Narco Analysis Test was conducted at FSL, Bangalore on 04/07/08. He has been arrested today on 11/07/08.

           Investigation of the case is continuing diligently to further corroborate confessions of the accused persons

From CBI's website( link ), finally detailed report there, however cann't come in terms that Dr. RT had nothing to do with it and that RK/K confessed without any physical or psychological coercion.

Edited by raj5000 - 11 July 2008 at 9:33am

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