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Who is RealIy In Jail In India??? (Page 16)

uknaik99 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 December 2005
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Posted: 10 June 2008 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
latest News is CBI taken Krishan to Bangalore for Narco test

according the news Right now Krishna is the prime suspect of CBI

bunbutt_too IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 August 2005
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Posted: 11 June 2008 at 12:23am | IP Logged

Originally posted by uknaik99

latest News is CBI taken Krishan to Bangalore for Narco test according the news Right now Krishna is the prime suspect of CBI

Why Bangalore? Is that the only lab where they are equipped to conduct this test? If true that is surprising, specially since the Indian Police uses the Polygraph and Narco Tests as their standard procedures in all investigations. Thanks uknaik99ji for posting this. Is this in print anywhere that you know off? Thanks again.

bunbutt_too IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 August 2005
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Posted: 11 June 2008 at 12:26am | IP Logged


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kabhi_21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 June 2008 at 12:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bunbutt_too

The C.B.I. has stated that they have proof that Aarushi's room door was wide open when she was murdered, so the Talwars should have heard everything. Wonder which crystal ball the C.B.I. was using? Maybe they should lend it to the F.B.I. There are a lot of unsolved crimes here in the U.S.

I think we shall look at both sides of a coin. FBI or US is no better than CBI or India. We have all seen the work of this agencies in case of Woolmer murder or Bhutto case... those were high profile cases... this is just a normal girl.... I agree that they dont have an evidence yet but they have proved that they dont have a premeditated assumption as to who is the killer... or they would nt see that krishna called aarushi so many times.... we must agree that they have little in hand and have to bring in lot of evidence which is not possible without interrogating all the people involved including the family and friends.

So we shall not do blame game and have a fair discussion with some credit to CBI for its efforts as well.... i feel.... i can understand what the family is going through at this point but its unavoidable in my opinion.... whether it was CBI or FBI

bunbutt_too IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 August 2005
Posts: 10344

Posted: 11 June 2008 at 3:07am | IP Logged

I think this is going to end up being Catch 22 for the C.B.I.  To conduct the Narco Test they may need to book Krishna first, and get his concent to the test. However to book him they need to have some "concrete"proof that they are hoping to get from the Narco Test, and Krishna could refuse the test if he has something to hide.  

At this stage looks like Krishna will get a free trip to Bangalore.  This whole thing is getting stranger each day.  I am totally lost.

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Showbizz IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 August 2006
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Posted: 11 June 2008 at 7:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bunbutt_too

Originally posted by uknaik99

Originally posted by bunbutt_too

I still don't see any evidence to "Nail" the Talwars as this article states. Sure there is a lot second guessing by the media and the tabloids.  However the CBI has said nothing earthshaking, nor unearthed anything that makes their case. I still don't understand why the camera is being touted as 'hot evidence' but which was supposedly tampered with. Does the CBI think that Dr. Talwar took pictures after killing Aarushi and Hemraj, and then deleted them? In many ways it feels like the CBI's investigation is being choreographed by the Noida and UP Police. The Police Fraternity tends to stick together the world over.

Dr. Talwar did take the polygraph earlier today, and according to the media reports that test failed to prove him a blatant liar. Maybe the brain mapping and narco tests that the Indian Police put so much faith in should be done next. What if that comes up with nothing?  What then? Will that satisfy all the investigators that maybe they are looking at the wrong person?

bunbutt_too ji I am also hoping that police are looking at wrong person.. being a mother myself  I don't want to read that Talwars killed their only daughter so mercilessly..

But all circumstantial evidences are pointing fingers towards Talwar's only...

Why both of them are giving contradict statement about who saw the dead body of Aarushi first..

They themselves wanted CBI investigation then why they are not cooperating then.. both Noida and CBI are saying same thing that Talwar's are not cooperating.. WHY??

If somebody else killed both Aarushi and Hemraj then who is it???

If someone came to steal or kill whole family then why there is no forced entry...

Police says that method of killing is professional either by a Doctor or kasai.. which kasai can kill them??...

please share your point of view.. who can be the killer???

uknaik99ji I have read all the news stories in the papers today and watched the broadcasts on HT, Aajtak and Sahara Samay. I am convinced that at this stage there really is no concrete, substantial evidence against the Talwars. The C.B.I. like their counterpart the Noida and the U.P. Police are groping and totally lost. It appears to me that all the energy of the law enforcement agencies is being focused on proving Dr. Talwar as the perpetrator and Nupur Talwar as the accomplice and not solving the crime objectively.

In my experience I have found that the immediate family is the worst witness. They have gone through so much trauma that they tend to give conflicting stories simply because they mentally block the whole horrific scene from their minds. The key to me here is that Dr, Talwar has willingly submitted to a polygraph, not once, but twice. I don't know about the second results but based on the news stories the first clears him with out question. However no one from of the law enforcement is willing to grant him that. I have a slinking suspicion that they have decided to stretch the "glove" to make it fit no matter what.

At this stage the whole crap about the camera and the deleted pictures is pure diversion. If this crime was planned by the father would he have presented the camera to his daughter the night he was planning to murder her? Is Dr. Talwar so sick and perverted that he would take pictures of his daughter's crime scene? This guy is not that madman from Austria. I think the hoity toity much touted C.B.I. has no answers so they are doing exactly what the Noida and U.P. police were doing.... make the crime fit the Talwars and not the other way around.

I have no idea who the killers are. All I know is looking at all the secondary news sources TV, print media including the tabloids like MidDay, it appears that the details are constantly changing. All along it was stated that Nupur had called Hemraj phone when they discovered Aarushi's body. That the phone rang for a few seconds and was then turned off. In addition according to the Noida Cell tower records the cell phone was within the complex at 6.30am on May 16th. Suddenly that evidence is either being ignored or has simply vaporized. 

The internet research regarding the narcotic drugs is a totally off the wall line of investigation. I hate dentists. I have zero tolerance for pain. I do not like being shot up with Novocain nor do I want to take any oral barbiturates before going to my dentist's office since I have to drive myself back and forth on the freeway. My Dentist has spent hours researching what would meet my requirements on the ADA webpage, the Physicians Desk Reference and god knows what else. I believe Dr. Talwar had a patient scheduled on the 16th and maybe that patient was as demanding as I am. So he was researching all the options that would help make his patient comfortable. The C.B.I. crap about this research is plain bologna and proves that they are really desperate to save face.

The current theories and supposed evidence and what have you only help the  attorneys defending the Talwars make their case. It makes the police including the C.B.I. look like blundering, biased idiots even if the C.B.I. came into the picture way after the fact and on a mission impossible.

As I write the gutters of Noida are being dragged to find the murder weapons. If that fails to recover anything, is the C.B.I. going to drain the Ganga at Haridwar?  If the Talwars are the criminals we need proof positive. Till then we, at least I, will continue to believe them innocent.



Me too , the police is has conviniently taken the people at the place of crime as criminals without looking into the matter , their quick accusation on the servant itself shows how quick they jump to conclusions !

uknaik99 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 December 2005
Posts: 6992

Posted: 11 June 2008 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Is the Aarushi case going the Nithari way?
Author: Anshuman G Dutta Date: 11 Jun 2008

After servant is nailed in Nithari killings, Rajesh Tawar's employees fear CBI may nail them for the twin murders in Noida


A NEW TURN: Compounder's arrest in Aarushi murder case has set other employers worrying 

NEW DELHI: The Talwar family servants are petrified, as they and many others believe that the CBI is turning the heat on employees of suspects in high-profile cases. 

The CBI, after naming Rajesh Talwar as the prime suspect in the twin murders in Noida, has now shifted focus on Tawlar's compounder Krishna, just like it did in the Nithari case. The CBI had given a clean chit to Maninder Singh Pandher — the accused in the Nithari killings — and had nailed his servant Surinder Koli. The investigation in the case has worried Vikas, manager of Talwar's clinic, and Umesh, Talwar's driver. According to the Noida police, Vikas and Umesh were the first ones to rush to Talwar's house after the murder came to light.  The CBI had told the duo to recreate the murder scene in the house for further probe.

According to the lawyers in Ghaziabad court, "They are afraid the CBI may frame them," said a lawyer.

The manner in which the CBI carried out Krishna's tests has set Talwar's employees to worry. "It's not clear whether the CBI took Krishna's acceptance officially to conduct the test. Umesh and Vikas fear the CBI would do the same to them and it is a known fact that lie-detection tests are not entirely foolproof," added the he lawyer. Said Vikas, "Krishna was nowhere in the scene until few days ago. Off course I am afraid."

"Aarushi's cell phone records proved that Krishna had called her the night she was murdered." said a CBI official.

uknaik99 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 December 2005
Posts: 6992

Posted: 11 June 2008 at 12:43pm | IP Logged

Aarushi murder: Krishna key suspect?

New Delhi, June 11: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Wednesday took Krishna, the compounder at the Noida clinic of dentist Rajesh Talwar, to Bangalore for a narco test. Rajesh is the father of Aarushi, who was found murdered along with the family's servant Hemraj last month.

CBI sources said Krishna had vital information about the alleged illicit relationship between Rajesh and Anita Durrani, who is also a dentist. Krishna's narco test may provide clues that could help solve the double murder. The Durranis and the Talwars were partners in a dental clinic in Noida.

It may be noted that Raju, a former servant of the Talwars and perhaps a relation of Hemraj who had reportedly died in a road accident in Patparganj a couple of years ago, is said to be alive and has been picked by the police for questioning.

Meanwhile CBI Joint Director Arun Kumar on Wednesday informed media that polygraphy test on Krishna was done with his concent. The test became compulsory on account of various contradictions in his statements.

Aarushi, 14, was found dead in her Noida home May 16. The Noida police initially named Hemraj as the prime suspect and even sent teams to trace him. But his body was found the next day on the terrace of the house. The CBI took over the case after the Noida police drew flak for shoddy investigations.

On Tuesday, the CBI conducted the lie-detector test for the second day on Krishna and said the murders were a "pre-meditated conspiracy" and not committed on the "spur of the moment" as earlier believed. Krishna was the first person to have told the police that Rajesh was having an affair with Anita Durrani.

The needle of suspicion pointed to Krishna, 32, after his first lie detector test Monday that went on for six hours. The investigating agency also got his finger prints from the Talwars' Jalvayu Vihar residence.

"The precision of the wounds on Aarushi's body suggest that the murderer knew surgical procedures. This raises a finger of suspicion at Krishna, who is a compounder at Rajesh Talwar's clinic," the CBI official said.

"Following Krishna's statement, a CBI team Monday night took him to three places - the Hindon river, Khera village and Nithari," all in Noida, the official said. The CBI has suspected that Krishna might have disposed of the weapon used in the two murders.

Meanwhile, Krishna told a news channel that he is innocent. "I am innocent and I have not done anything. The CBI is trying to frame me to shield Rajesh Talwar," a visibly distraught Krishna told the channel as he was being whisked away by the CBI. "Save me," he cried out.

Krishna, who hails from Nepal, had been working as compounder at Rajesh Talwar's Noida clinic for the last three years and was a confidante of Hemraj. Rajesh has been under arrest for alleged involvement in the murders. "He remains a suspect," CBI sources said.

According to the investigators, the door to Aarushi's room was open and it was impossible that Rajesh did not hear her cries.

CBI defends narco-analysis test on Talwar's compounder

Facing criticism for illegally detaining Krishna, the compounder of dentist Rajesh Talwar, the CBI on day justified the narco-analysis on him in Aarushi murder case saying it was done to ascertain contradictions, if any, in his statements. Given to it as well as Noida police.

"...Krishna alias Kishan has been examined to verify his statements given before Noida police. To verify contradictions appearing in his statement, he was subjected to polygraph (lie) detector test on June nine and 10", CBI joint director Arun Kumar told mediapersons reading out from a prepared statement.

"To further rule out contradictions appearing in his statement, he has been sent to forensic science laboratory in Bangalore for further scientific tests," Kumar said.

To a question whether the CBI had taken permission of a court before conducting the narco-analysis test, he said "scientific tests are being conducted with his (Krishna) permission and as per provisions of law."

The FSL Bangalore had initially refused to conduct the tests sans any court order but the matter seemed to have been resolved after intervention by the highest level in the CBI.

Sources said Krishna had been detained for the last five days and was allowed to go out only for a brief period. As per law, no one can be detained for more than 24 hours without court's permission.

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