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Dust of the Dandelions (2)-14A-pg17-6/21 (Page 3)

pooja1_76 Goldie

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update karo yar
aur kitna tadpogi hame


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Sheena_Row IF-Rockerz

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Hi all, I am back with an update, sorry for the delay...too much going on in life...even though you see me on the forum often, I only have time for a quick look see and a comment on some post before I run off. Updates take dedicated time, and I haven't had that. My apologies again.

This update is for my friend Cherry, who had a marriage anniversary last week. I couldn't update then...Wish you a very happy belated marriage anniversary, Jaan!!

Part 12 B


Created by Amiprettynow

No one's ever made me
This happy before,
Yet I can't help but feel
This bittersweet feeling inside
And it's eating me alive
How long is this going to last?
'Cause I've never been
Able to hold on to
Anything this good before
You're all I'm living for
And I really don't want to lose you.
'Cause you're the only reason
I wake up in the morning,
And if you should decide to leave me
You'll be the reason I go to sleep
Oh, just to dream of you


Jai stepped down from the aircraft; it was muggy in Mumbai, his shirt stuck to his body with his perspiration. He was in a bad mood, he got a lengthy message from Jigyasa about forgetting his nephew Sahil's birthday. Then there was a message by Nattu's principal about expelling him from school. The new hotel that they were going to build in Dubai ran into some permit issues. His irritation rose as he found out that the baggage was lost in transit. Today was not his day.

Bani clutched at his hand tightly, she felt a little nervous going back to the house, she remembered the disapproving face of Jigyasa and the muted rebellion in Nattu's face. Her anxiety rose substantially.  To make the matters worse, Jai seemed far away in his own world. She hated the fact that he was not communicating with her, again!

In the backseat of the car, she sat close to Jai and tried to engage in a conversation, but she couldn't extricate more than 'Yes' or 'No' from him. After a while, she distanced herself and stared into the night as the car inched in the traffic.

Maasi and Dadi welcomed Bani and Jai into the house along with Adi and the children. Jigyasa was nowhere to be found. Adi was embarrassed and haltingly explained that she was at the club, playing cards.  

Jai quickly excused himself to go into the den and make some phone calls as Bani was left to entertain herself in the bedroom as most of the family members called it a night.

Exhausted, she took a shower and fell asleep after dinner. She awoke late night to feel his arms around her, drawing her to his frame. They made sweet love, and she entwined herself closely to him and slept with a smile on her face. Jai stayed awake for a long time, smoothing her hair and stroking her cheek.

Nattu was coming home from school, and he had to go to Dubai for a week. He weighed taking Bani with him to Dubai and decided against it. He would tell her in the morning, he hoped that Bani would be able to deal with Nachiketh with the help of Jigyasa in his absence.

It was a hectic morning, and Jai rushed to Dubai in the afternoon, hastily explaining to Bani why he had to leave. He instructed Jigyasa to bring back Nattu and ground him at home till he came back.

Bani bid him goodbye with tears in her eyes. She felt alone and ill equipped to deal with his family.


Jigyasa abandoned Nattu as well as her own kids in the house to be with her friends at the club. Nattu looked at Bani sullenly and scornfully as she fussed over him.

"Hello Nachiketh!" she greeted him with a nervous smile on her face.

He grunted something under his breath.

"Nachiketh, Is that any way to talk to your Bhabhi?" Maasi scolded him. "Bani, baitho…I will get some tea." She left to go into the kitchen.

"Hello Bhabhi, How are you?" Nachiketh looked at her scornfully, his voice disguising his disrespect toward Bani.

"I am doing well, Nachiketh. How was school?" She was determined to be polite to him.

"I got kicked out!" He stretched his legs on to the coffee table in front of him, giving a sidelong look toward her with a pleased expression on his face.

She quickly masked her dismay and smiled tightly at him.

"Is that so? And that's what you wanted? I didn't know the school was so bad!" two can play at this game.

"I am not really sure if the school was bad or if I was bad. I am sure the school will assert I was the bad one." He reveled in shocking her.

"And why do you like being bad?" her eyes bored into him without flinching.

"Bhabhi, what was you degree in? Psychology? Spare me with your amateur psychobabble." Nachiketh reached for the remote control.

Bani counted to ten, her sisters went through the rebellious phases, but she knew that dealing with Nachiketh was going to be difficult.

"As a matter of fact!" she replied calmly. "My undergraduate degree was in psychology and my masters was in business management."

"I should have known!" the chagrin on his face was worth seeing.

"I hear your birthday is coming up!" she changed the subject.

"If any one cares!" his belligerence did not surprise her. "My own mother doesn't remember, and my brother will be in Dubai!"

"I remember, your brother remembers! He told me to throw a big party for you!" Bani felt sympathy for the boy.

"I don't want a party! I don't even have any friends here." He looked sullenly at the television.

"Sahil and Anu are there!" Bani ventured uncertainly.

Nachiketh rolled his eyes. "Sahil is a cry baby and Anu has vaccum between her ears!"

Bani flinched at the malice in his voice. "That's not a very nice thing to say!"

"I only say the truth! I am always straightforward." He brought down his feet to the floor to get up.

"Diplomacy never hurt any one!"

"Bhabhi-jee!" he drawled. "If you don't like to get hurt, stay the he** away from me!" he turned and walked away, leaving a concerned Bani staring after him.


Aparajit and Pallavi were surprised that Jai was in Dubai and that too so soon after the wedding and the honeymoon. Bani was happy to see her sisters and her aunt. Ranveer joined them and Bani spent most of her daytime with her family at the beach.  When Jeet and Pallavi shared their news about the baby, every one was ecstatic. Ranveer was on the moon; he fussed over his little aunt and said that he was going to teach his cousin everything. Jeet and Pallavi were really touched at the enthusiasm in their family. They felt fortunate to have such a wonderful family.

Then they teased Ranveer about his lady love, Meera.  Meera and Ranveer have been seeing each other and they were getting serious. Even Saraswati Devi gave him the green signal. Pallavi was a bit disappointed that Ranveer was not interested in Rashi, Jeet's niece but she decided to keep it to herself.

After the long day, Bani came back home late in the night. When she arrived, Maasi was waiting for her worriedly.

"Bani! Nachiketh is missing from home!" She had lines of worry on her forehead.

"Maasi, why are you so worried? He must have gone out somewhere! He is not a little boy to be lost" Bani tried to calm her.

"Jigyasa and Nachiketh had a huge fight, Jigyasa told Nachiketh that he is grounded. She told him that Jai ordered him to stay put for the next one month. He left in a huff and he didn't turn up so far." Tears fell rapidly from the old woman's eyes.

"Why didn't you call me? Or Aditya bhaiyya?" she felt tired after the long day and slightly woozy.

"We tried to call you, but you left your cell phone at home, and no one knew where you were." Dadi pitched in. "Aditya had to go leave to Australia on some work!"

Bani looked flustered. "Where is Jigyasa didi?"

"She said he would turn up when he is hungry and left to the club." Dadi wrung her fingers in frustration.

"Ok, I am going to call Pushkar! He can help." Bani reached for the phonebook.

"He is in Dubai with Jai!" the roads were all dead ending for Bani.

She closed her eyes in desperation. Her second day as the Walia bride and trouble was already at her doorstep.

"Tarun?" she stammered weakly. "And Ranveer Bhaiyya is there, so is Jeet Mausa-ji!"

Maasi's eyes brightened. "Why didn't I think of it before?" she picked up the phone.


They searched high and low for Nachiketh. They called his school, got his friends numbers, called the local hospitals, bus stations, train stations and airports. Their search yielded no results.

Jigyasa blamed Nachiketh's disappearance on Bani, saying that Bani was the reason why the boy was unhappy.  When Bani wanted to let Jai know about the incident, Jigyasa was adamantly opposed to it. Bani's family joined in the search. Aparajit and Ranveer searching

Nachiketh was not found even the next day. And they made a decision to call Jai and Bernali with the news.

Jai was not happy with the news, and that was an understatement. He took the next flight home. Bernali blamed Jai for everything.

They did everything they could, police warrants, newspaper, radio and television bulletins went out. A week later, the police inspector said that they would have to stop the search for Nachiketh. He said that it is very common for kids to run away from home and since he ruled out foul play, he has to stop wasting the public tax money on a wayward boy.

Jai employed private detectives to search for the boy.


Jai and Bani hardly communicated, the guilt lay thick and heavy between them. Bani suffered from severe nausea and slight cramps. When she went to check with the doctor, she found out that she was pregnant. Bani felt at a loss to tell her husband about the pregnancy. His morose behavior was beginning to bother her. She didn't know how to reach him. They slept in the same bed but they hardly touched each other.

Bani kept the secret of the baby, she knew she should tell him, but every time he looked at her, she saw a silent accusation in his eyes.

Bernali came to stay with them, both Jigyasa and Bernali blamed Bani and Jai for Nachiketh's disappearance.

Jai started traveling more, taking himself away from the Walia mansion. Tarun was very supportive and came to give Bani company whenever Jai was gone. Bani was thankful for his easy company.

Tarun was not very demanding, always made her smile and conversed with her as if she was a competent person.

Bani confided in him about what she wanted to do in Ram Nagar. Her plans of starting a food processing unit and micro-financing the local women, thus empowering them to take control of their lives.

Tarun and Bani wrote the business plans, marketing plans, went to financial institutions to get loans while Jai was busy with his own business.

Three months later, she still hadn't told him about her pregnancy.


Jai came back from Russia late evening. He questioned Dadi and Maasi about Bani's whereabouts and he wasn't too happy that she was out with Tarun again. His brow creased, that was the third time that week he heard the same answer. What was Bani doing with Tarun?

When she finally came back, she was exhausted.  She had gone to see three similar food processing units in the suburbs of Mumbai. She helped herself to some left-overs in the refrigerator and downed the food with a glass of milk.

She silently walked upstairs, her legs slightly oozy from exertion. She opened the bedroom door. She didn't bother to turn on the lights, stripping to her underclothes and walked into the bathroom. When she showered, she put on clean underwear and dropped on the bed, immediately falling asleep. She didn't wake up when the door opened and Jai walked in, staring at her supine form for long minutes.

He sat on the bed looking at her face cast in the moonlight. Desire swept through him, it had been so long. He needed her so much.

He shrugged off the night robe and got into the bed, slipping under the duvet and pulled her toward him.  She snuggled closer to him, his body heat enveloping her. She was dreaming about him, she wriggled closer, he gasped for breath. The long hair covered her face and part of her shoulder and neck, he hid her face in the soft silk, breathing the fragrant shampoo in her hair. His body was reacting to her nearness with reckless speed.

He would wake her, kiss her, touch her, caress her, and consume her by wild fire that was raging in his body. He moved his lips slowly on her mouth, gently savoring her luscious lower lip, biting it softly and then soothing it with his tongue. Slowly, slowly he teased her lips apart, tasting the lush, velvet softness. As his kiss deepened, her arms came to encircle him and she kissed him back with an age old invitation.

He went on kissing her, a little bit deeper, a little more sensual until she responded back with equal fervor. When he looked at her with half-closed lids, he saw a dreamy look on her face, it was as if she was in a dream world. She shifted closer, trying to meld into him.

He groaned sharply, letting his fingers clutch her hair to pull it back, so he could kiss her neck and other parts of her body.

The world ceased to exist, each of them drawing a response from the other, utterly, inexorably and evocatively. The last few weeks of misery washed away in a wonderful, fiery lovemaking.


Please leave your comments...I would love to hear them, the story is different and I promise you that it will be an original...I really didn't want to rush through this and do a shoddy job. I can't promise you regular updates because of my other commitments, but I hope you enjoy reading this enough to let me know...enjoy! Big smileBig smile

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Hritzfan Goldie

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Wonderful update.ClapClapClap I just hope this time u dont seperate them.Oh Bani is pregnent.I hope he will happy by this news,he should be but I dont know he confuses me.JB should learn to communicate.which they dont do in any of the FFs By communication I mean communicate with wordsEmbarrassed.cont soon

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jani4eva Goldie

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yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..finally an update!..im sooo excited!
awwwwww..i feel so sry for JB..especially Bani..shes pregnant n hasnt told Jai ..i think she shud asap..the Jb scene was Embarrassed Embarrassed.love the way u rite..plzzzzz cont soon Big smile
preet_2010 IF-Rockerz

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Yipeee, you updated.Super duper Happy.shall read and comment like a good girl. Tongue

helooo me back,

another fabalous update,wow soo many things happeneed.Nachiket is surely an stubborn boy, if one looks at from his point of view, the anger of many years has built up.Jai and Bani apart from one another and she is pregnant. i know that they have issue, but i dont think that should keep her away from tellin that she is pregnant.Jigyasa loves always take things over the top, hope Nachiket is okie.loved the last bit.Embarrassed will be eagerly waitin for the next part.Clap



preet Big smile

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Nachiketh was rude to Bani.....but what happened to Jai and Bani....I know they made up towards the end... but why are they not communicating properly.... she is pregnant and she didn't inform him?? Ouch

wonderful update....please continue
johnangad IF-Dazzler

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y blame bani-grrrrrrrrr! lovely part

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