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Jai Ma Durga-Ab Tak ki Khahani UPD - 33rd Episode

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Jai Ma Durga - Ab Tak ki Khahani

Hello Freinds, I thought it would be useful to have this topic as it will summarise the whole story of Jai Ma Durga till date. I will keep it updated as more episodes Air.

Credit for the summaries goes to Indya.com

Complied by dramaholic

Ep 1


The story unfolds in the Mahal where five year old Sumukhi is obstinately refusing to have her meal affectionately offered to her by her mother. She says she won't eat till Maa Durga has eaten the food placed before her. Sumukhi is a big Durga Ma Devotee right from her childhood. Maa finally gives the child a darshan and both of them eat food.


Once Sumukhi grows up Durga Maa does not give her darshan and when she complains Maa tells her that as mortals grow up, they have different goals and thoughts. As a result they can't get her darshan. The world is full of evil and all sorts of atrocities and Sumukhi has been chosen by Maa end all the evil.


Sumukhi dreams that a dark, gigantic hand is trying to seize her. Sumukhi discusses her dream with the Raj Mahal's panditji, who advises her to observe the Navratri fasts. As Sumukhi and Panditji are talking, Sumukhi's uncle Durjay enters with his lackeys, Sohan and Mohan. Durjay has been scheming since long to grab the kingdom of his brother-in-law Garuddhwaj.


Chandranagri's king Chandramukh and his wife Chandrika tell their son Surath about the marriage proposal received for him from Maharaja Garuddhwaj for his daughter Sumukhi.


In Vijaydurg Sumukhi, her friends and the people of Vijaydurg are celebrating Navratri, dancing and singing joyfully. At this point Kalketu's brother Dhoomraketu sees Sumukhi from the sky and he brings his chariot down. Suddenly nine girls carrying burning torches appear and start burning Dhoomraketu's chariot.



Ep 2


Sumukhi is getting ready to do the puja of 9 Sukumaris. She does the puja of their, tender feet. She feeds them and gives them 'dakshina'. Later Sumukhi realizes that the 9 girls she worshipped were actually 9 Durgas. The goddesses had come to her in the form of little girls. She did not recognize them.


In the kingdom of Vijaydurg preparations are on in full swing to receive Maharaj Chandramukh and queen Chandrika. The occasion is the betrothal ceremony of Sumukhi. The princess is made to wear bangles in the ceremony. At the same time mama Durjay is conspiring with his stooges Sohan and Mohan to disrupt the engagement.


Yuvraj Surath is also in love with Sumukhi and he sends his message through a dove.


In Kolanagri, Kalketu sees his brother Dhoomraketu's attraction towards Sumukhi. He has the desire to become the king of a land on earth. He sends his messenger to king Garuddhwaj with a proposal seeking Sumukhi's hand in marriage with his brother Dhoomraketu.


Maa Durga's gyan: man should not be influenced by greed, arrogance and pride. They are negative emotions which make him unhappy and unsuccessful worship has to be done with a clear heart, free of all negative thoughts and emotions.



Ep 3

Sumukhi is enjoying the beauty of nature in the palace garden and her friends are playfully troubling her by taking away the message sent by Surath. Durjay comes to know that Kalketu has sent a proposal for Dhoomraketu to marry Sumukhi. Garuddhwaj refuses the marriage proposal. Garuddhwaj's refusal infuriates Dhoomraketu and he resolves to forcefully marry Sumukhi and meanwhile Durjay also tries to influence Garuddhwaj to give his daughter's hand to Dhoomraketu in marriage.  Garuddhwaj sends his daughter and her friends to Gandhmadan Mountain to make her get over the distress of Dhoomraketu's proposal. Dhoomraketu comes there and kidnaps Sumukhi. Surath comes there and fights Dhoomraketu. He kills Dhoomraketu and saves Sumukhi.Kalketu sees Dhoomraketu's severed head and takes an oath that he will take revenge.

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Ep 4
Sumukhi and Surath go towards the place where Sumukhi's rath is kept, they talk about love' Surath comes to know that he has to rebuild the ruin temple and complete the task of his ancestors, Surath gives his ring to Sumukhi and they promise their lifelong love to each other. Dhoomraketu's last rites are being performed where Kalketu's takes a vow that he will take revenge.  As Kalketu begins his destruction, the rishis complaint to their king Chandramukh who decides to go and fight Kalketu. The queen tries to stop the king from fighting Kalketu without Surath but he leaves. Kalketu starts losing his war against the king and asks for mercy which he is given. But later he stabs the king on his back and injures him badly.


Ep 5

Chandramukh goes towards Vijaynagri for help as it is nearby and he is badly injured. Garuddhwaj wants the palace gates to be opened to help him. Durjay plays a trick and the gets the main door closed. Chandramukh has nowhere to go and is finally killed by Kalketu. On the other hand Sumukhi looks at Surath's ring and remembers him saying that he will marry only her and no one else.Garuddhwaj is upset with Durjay for not letting Chandramukh enter the palace. He decides to go to Chandranagri and apologize to Surath. Garuddhwaj goes towards Chandranagri when the bridge he is crossing falls down and breaks, again a trick by Durjay to further increase the misunderstandingSurath thinks that his father died because Garuddhwaj didn't open the palace gates for him. He gets very angry with Garuddhwaj.


Ep 6


Surath reaches home to see his father's dead body. He goes to meet his mother who disturbed by her husband's death, dies in Surath's arms. Sumukhi goes to meet Surath at the chautha. He is about to tell her how the palace gates were closed on his father when Durjay interrupts again.After Chandramukh is killed Kalketu is on his way back. His army is creating destruction everywhere. He tells everyone to bow in front of him and no one else, specially not Ma Durga. Sumukhi goes to her parents where she tells them that she was confused by Surath's reaction at the chautha.


Ep 7


Surath shares his feeling with him and tells them how he is stuck between love and kartavya. He decides to write the truth about the palace gates to Sumukhi in a letter'

Garuddhwaj asks Durjay to send a letter to Surath clarifying his stance on why the door was not opened. Durjay burns the letter and asks Sohan Mohan to keep an eye on any letter that might come for Sumukhi from Surath.Kalketu reaches the ruin temple and meets the 9 little girls who he fails to recognize. The 9 girls trick him and do not allow him to enter the temple which he was about to destruct.Sumukhi gets a letter from Surath where he says that he will come to meet her soon and marry her. This was actually a decoy letter put by Durjay).Sumukhi tells her parents about Surath's letter. They are all overjoyed. Durjay tells Sohan Mohan how he had switched the letters. He asks them to send another leeter to Surath from Sumukhi which says that her father could have never done anything that Surath is claiming.


Ep 8


Surath gets the decoy letter sent to him by Durjay. He feels Sumukhi does not believe him. On the other hand Sumukhi, unaware of the misunderstanding in Surath's mind is very excited about the marriage.

Surath sends a message to Garuddhwaj saying that since he did not help his father in the time of need he is declaring a war and Garuddhwaj should come and surrender in front of him. Sumukhi and her parents are shocked. Another ploy by Durjay ensures that Garuddhwaj ends up fighting the war Surath. Sumukhi prays to Durga Maa as she is stuck between her love and her duty towards her father. Garuddhwaj comes back from the fight in chains. Sumukhi and her mother are shocked.  


Ep ' 9


Garuddhwaj is brought back in chains after he loses the war against Surath. Sumukhi is very upset to see her father in such a state. Garuddhwaj feels insulted and tries to kill himself. Sumukhi sends the Kangan and ring given to her by Surath and breaks off all relation with her. Durga Maa comes as an old woman to earth and meets Sumukhi's parents at a temple and asks them to think about their daughter's happiness first and get her married to Surath.

On the other hand Surath's Rajguru tells him that he has done his duty towards his parents and now he should do his duty towards his love and the promise he made to Sumukhi. Kalketu who is full of himself tries to get some trees cut in the jungle when Durga Maa appears in front of him as an old woman and asks him not to destroy what nature has made. Kalketu tries to hurt the old woman by fighting with her but he can't hurt Durga Maa because of her maaya.

Sumukhi's father sends a message to Surath to meet him regarding the marriage alliance. Surath also apologises for his behaviour. Durjay, Sumukhi's evil mama sees that with this alliance his dreams to become the King of Vijaydurg will be shattered. He goes and joins hands with Kalketu. On one hand we show a happy Sumukhi and her parents who are preparing to welcome Surath to Vijaydurg and on the other hand we have Kalketu and Durjay plotting a sinister plan to finish Sumukhi and Surath's love story.


Ep - 10


Full preparations are on in Vijaydurg to welcome Prince Surath. On the other hand Durjay manages to get most of Garuddhwaj's loyalists at his side. Surath leaves for Vijaydurg, his Rajguru advises him to take a small army with him for his protection. Durga Maa comes down as the old woman and meets Sumukhi. She tells her that things are not always as they seem and its all a part of maaya, she has to be careful in future. Durjay comes and tells Sumukhi and her parents that Surath has come'they are ecstatic only to see that it was a trick and instead a shock awaits them'its Kalketu who has come and he takes away Sumukhi with him' 


 Ep 11

Sumukhi is taken to Kolanagri by Kalketu where he tells Kalindi to get Sumukhi ready for the marriage. The old woman meets Surath on his way to Vijaydurg and reminds him of his duty of making the ruin temple, a task which was left incomplete by his ancestors. Kalketu's younger brother Shwetketu is introduced. Kalketu is very possessive about his brother. Vijaya and Garuddhwaj are put behind bars and Durjay tells them that he won't even leave Surath once he reaches. Surath reaches Sumukhi's room and realises that he is trapped.


Ep 12


Durjay injures Surath badly, but Pavan manages to take Surath out of Vijaynagri. Kalketu goes to Sumukhi and asks her to get ready for the marriage but she refuses. Through his maaya he shows her Surath falling in a river. A distraught Sumukhi loses all hope. As Kalketu tries to come near her but she makes a line of sindoor and orays to Ma Durga to save her. As Kalketu tries to cross the line, it erupts into a wall of fire, thus saving Sumukhi. Surath is found by Medharishi's students and taken to Medharishi's ashram. Surath is almost dying when Medharishi implores Ma Durga through an arti and Surath regains consciousness. Medharishi tells Surath that its time that Durga Ma's story is narrated.


Ep 13

Medharishi starts narrating the story of the two brothers Ramb and Kramb. Ramb and Kramb decide to do tapasaya. Indra in Swarglok gets worried and killed Kramb who is praying in water. Ramb was devastated after his brother's death and wanted to kill himself when Agnidev comes and gives him a boon that he will fall in love with the first woman he meets and the son born to them will be the king of all the three loks. On his way back, Ramb sees a beautiful girl Mahishi and marries her. Sumukhi starts narrating the story of Durga to Shwetketu. A Yaksh who wanted to marry Mahshi turns into a buffalo and rams his horns into Ramb, thus killing him. Mahishi is shocked.


Ep 14

After Ramb dies and is being cremated Mahishi jumps into her husband's pyre. Everyone is shocked. They suddenly hear someone laughing and see a body forming out of the pyre. They see a human body with the head of a buffalo. It's the son of Mahishi and Ramb born out of their funeral pyre. Suddenly another voice is heard and they see another body forming out a drop of blood. Raktbeej, Mahishasur's younger brother is also formed out of their parents' funeral pyre. Mahishasur is about to be crowned the king of asurs when his senapati Chikshur challenges him to a duel. It is decided that whoever wins the duel will be the king. Mahishasur wins the fight and instead of killing Chikshur he makes him his senapati again. Mahishasur marries Lajwanti who is the daughter of a Yaksh. She marries him on the condition that he will be the king of all three loks.
Kalketu is unaware of the fact that Sumukhi is narrating the story if Durga to his younger brother Shwetketu. Durga warns Kalketu that the narration of Durga's story has started and when the story finishes, his doom will start.


Ep 15


Mahishasur leaves to do tapasya. All the gods are worried as to what he might ask as a boon. Brahmadev is happy with Mahishasur and tells him to ask for anything. Mahishasur asks for the boon that he stays alive forever. Brahmadev tells him that its not possible because everyone who is born has to doe. Mahishasur then asks him for a boon that he should only die by the hands of a woman. his wish is granted. Everyone is very worried as they know Mahishasur will start creating havoc and thats what happens. his first target is Indra as he needs to take the revenge of his chacha's death. He attacks Indra who loses the war and disappears. On the otehr hand, Kalketu discovers that Shwetketu is listening to Ma Durga's story from Sumukhi. He gets very angry as he does not want anyone to hear the story as he remembers Durga's warning. He locks him in a room but Shwetketu manages to hoodwink the guards and goes back to Sumukhi to hear the rest oft he story.


Ep 16


Mahishasur is very happy after becoming the king of swarglok. His wife Lajwanti tells him that he won't be considered the conquerer of the three world till he wins over Yamraj, Varun Dev and Suryadev. Mahishasur attacks each one of them an even though each God was powerful in their own way Mahishasur won the wars against each one of them. He also goes to swarglok and tries to capture all the women there so that there is no woman left to kill him. The apsaras before dissappeatring warn him again that a woman is going to be the cause of his death and he should not be too proud of himself.  All the gods are worried and they go to Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh for help. All the gods put their energies together and with this combined energy a new shakti is formed. Brahma's power gives the shakti feet. Shiv's powers give her the face, and with the powers of all the Gods, the Mahashakti Durga is formed.


Ep 17

Durga promises all the Gods that she will save them from the destruction caused by Mahishasur. She makes a loud sound with her Dhanush and the whole of Mahishasur's darbaar starts shaking. Mahishasur wants to know the source of this horrible sound as he is convinced that someone is challenging him. He looks all over the earth, water and sky but can't find the source. A doot of Mahishasur is passing by and is amazed by Durga's beauty and decides that he must report this to his king. On the other hand Kalketu realises that Sumukhi is still narrating the Durga story to Shwetketu. He wants to teach her a lesson by marrying her but knows she will never agree. He decides to pressurize her by calling her parents so that she succumbs to marriage. He gets her parents and Sumukhi is shocked to see them tied in chains and in a bad shape. Kalketu later tells his minister that these were not Sumukhi's parents but a maaya created by him.


Ep 18

Kalketu takes Sumukhi's parents created out of his Maya to her and threatens to kill them if she does not agree for marriage. Sumukhi says yes but prays to Maa Durga to give her help. Maa Durga tells her to look through her mind's eye and she will know the truth. On the day of the wedding Sumukhi prays to Maa Durga and puts some water on Garuddhwaj and Vijaya who disappear. Sumukhi refuses to marry Kalketu and he throws her in the jail. Shwetketu goes to meet Sumukhi and she says its Durga's will that the marriage did not happen. She tells Shwetketu that Maa helps all her bhakts in need and will help Shwetketu also but for that he has to hear Durga's story. She continues the Mahishasur story she was narrating earlier. She continues that the doot who had seen Durga goes and reports about her beauty to Mahishasur. A painter is called and on the description of the doot, Durga's portrait is made. Mahishasur is smitten after looking at the portrait and decides to marry her. Lajwanti sees the portrait and remembers her dream where Durga had warned her. She tells Mahishasur not to go after the woman but he does not listen to her and sends his best deputy Tamra to get Durga to him. Durga insults Tamra and tells him that she will never marry a man who is half an animal. Tamra reports this to Mahishasur who gets more smitten by the arrogance of this beautiful woman. He calls his best deputies Durmukh and Vidalaksh and asks them to defeat Durga in war and get her to him. A raging war takes place and Durga emerges victorious after killing all of Mahishasur's deputies who had come to take her...

Ep 19 '

Lajwanti tells Mahishasur how all the sainiks have been killed except for one and now he should go to Durga's sharan. Mahishasur does not pay heed to her warnings and decides to go and fight Durga himself when he is stopped by his minister Chikshur, his brother Raktbeej and his son. It is decided that they will go and fight Durga and bring her to Mahishasur. In the fight Durga manages to kill Chikshur and Raktbeej and Mahishasur and his family comes to know about this death. Lajwanti implores Mahishasur to call back their son Shatruhanta from the war but Mahishasur tells her that no one can harm their son because of his boon. on the other hand on the war ground, Durga tells Shatruhanta that no one is immortal despite any boons they might get. 

Ep 20 -

Durga kills Shatruhanta and his dead body reaches their family. This is when Mahishasur decides to go himself and fight with Durga. He reaches the war ground full of pride that a mere woman will not be able to stand up to his powers. Durga is full of anger seeing this condescending asur and she takes her most raudra roop and kills Mahishasur.

Ep 21

All the Gods thank Durga for saving them from Mahishasur's wrath. Durga promises them that she will come and take an avtaar every time the negative forces come to trouble them. Kalketu catches Shwetketu listening to Durga's story. He challenges Sumukhi that he will bring out the daanavi nature of Shwetketu. He gets a man falsely accused of theft and asks Shwetketu to kill him in the presence of everyone. Shwetketu instead of killing the man sets him free and this angers Kalketu even more. He orders Sumukhi to be jailed in a location which is far away from Kolanagri. He orders Shwetketu also to be jailed but within Kolanagri itself. After starving Shwetketu for two days he calls him to eat food. He tells him that he can have all his favorite food but he will have to promise Kalketu that he will never think about Maa Durga. Shwetketu replies by saying Jai Maa Durga. Kalketu throws him in the jail again. Once inside Shwetketu prays to Durga Maa to help him. Suddenly the carpet he is sitting on starts flying and takes him to Sumukhi. He is amazed. He goes to her and Sumukhi continues the story of Durga Maa. Sumukhi tells him of the time when right at the beginning of srushti ParamBrahma had made an avtaar of himself in the form of Durga. This form of Durga sat in the pravyom and was given the task of making earth and out of her Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv - the creator, destroyer and savior of earth were formed.
Ep 22

Sumukhi is narrating the story of the formation of Srushti. Durga Maa makes Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv and gives them the task of formation of the earth. With the formation of these three Gods, two negative forces were also born. These daanavs were born out of the dirt that came out of Lord Vishnu's ears. The Daanavs were Madhu and Kaitabh. Since they were the first daanavs of srushti they were given the choice to ask for a boon by the ParamBrahma. The daanavs asked for a boon where they can only be killed if they want to die i.e Ichcha mrityu. Once they are given the boon, Madhu and Kaitabh start looking for food. They see Brahma who is busy doing tapasya and they decide to eat him. Brahma sees them and sends his warriors to fight them but they lose against the power of Madhu and Kaitabh. Brahma decides to get help because if he dies then there will be no srushti. He decides to look for help and the daanavs run after him. Sumukhi stops the story at this point and asks Shwetketu to go back as his brother might look for him. Shwetketu sits on the carpet again and takes Durga Ma's name and goes back to his cell. On his way back his bracelet falls off. Kalketu sees the bracelet and recognizes it. He asks Shwetketu and the guards if he had left the jail at night but they refused. Kalketu is confused and decides to find out the truth.
Ep 23 -

Kalketu asks Shwetketu if he had left the jail at night and Shwetketu refuses. He then charges all the guards outside Shwetketu's jail and punishes them to be killed. The guards ask for mercy and Shwetketu to save them finally admits that he had been out to meet Sumukhi and Durga Maa had helped him. Kalketu gets very angry and he takes Shwetketu away to his room from where Shwetketu manages to run away and enter a hidden path. This path leads him to Sumukhi's jail. Both Shwetketu and Sumukhi run away using the hidden path and Sumukhi continues her story. She tells Shwetketu how Lord Brahma ran to Lord Vishnu to save him from Madhu and Kaitabh. Lord Vishnu was in deep sleep with Nindra Devi on his eye lids. No amount of coaxing by Brahma could wake up Vishnu. Brahma then prayed to Maa Durga to help him. On Maa Durga's orders Nindra Devi gets up from Vishnu's eye lids and he wakes up. A huge fight took place between Madhu, Kaitabh and Vishnu and the fight lasted for 5000 years. None of the two groups gave up the fight. Brahma calls out to Durga again to stop the destruction. Durga gives her blessings and that calms down both the Daanavs and Vishnu. The Daanavs tell Vishnu that they were very happy with his bravery and want to give him a boon. Vishnu asks them that they should die by his hands. The daanavs agree on the condition that they will be killed only in an area where there is no water. Vishnu takes a giant form, puts the tiny Madhu and Kaitabh on his thighs and kills them with his Sudarshan Chakra. Both Brahma and Vishnu thank Maa Durga who tells them to go ahead with the task of the formation of Srushti.
Ep 24

Sumukhi and Shwetketu are still at the hidden cave when they hear someone coming. An injured Kalketu has sent his right hand man Dushtbudhdhi to catch Sumukhi and Shwetketu. They start running and finally manage to hoodwink Dushtbudhdhi and get out of the cave. Kalketu is frustrated as he is still recovering from the attack and his eyes have a bandage on them. He sends his other minister Bhrashtmati to catch the absconding duo. As Sumukhi and Shwetketu are running away Bhrashtmati comes in front of them and as he is about to attack Shwetketu Durga Maa sends her trishul and kills Bhrashtmati. Sumukhi and Shwetketu thank Maa Durga and Sumukhi continues her story. She tells Shwetketu about the two demon brothers Shumbh and Nishumbh who were the most powerful daanavs on earth but wanted to be the kings of Heaven and Hell also and become Trilokinath. They decide to attack Himalaya, Saundra and then the Gods and take over swarg. The Gods get worried and go to Maa Durga for help. She tells them not to worry as she will speak to both Himalayraja and Samudraaj and give them a solution. When Shumbh and Nishumbh challenge the Gods they tell them that Raktbeej is more powerful than them Raktbeej is another powerful demon and by sending Shumbh and Nishumbh to him, the Gods successfully plant a rift between the demons themselves. Shumbh and Nishumbh go to Raktbeej and challenge him for a war.  
Ep 25

As Shumbh Nishumbh and Raktbeej are fighting with each other suddenly their Guru Shukracharya comes and asks them to stop fighting. He reprimands them for falling them to a trap set by the Gods. He tells Shumbh Nishumbh that if they want to capture all the three loks then they will have to do Tapasya and take a boon from Brahma. Both Shumbh and Nishumbh start their Tapasya to Brahma. The worried Gods plead to Brahma not to give any boon but Brahma tells them that its his duty to give a boon to anyone who prays to him with full concentration. Indra then decides that he will break Shumbh and Nishumbh's concentration so that they don't get the boon. He goes to Mandakini, an Apsara in heaven and tells her to entice Shumbh and Nishumbh with her beauty. Mohini goes and dances in front of Shumbh and Nishumbh but instead of their concentration breaking she finds herself in the center of fire and she starts burning. Indra tries to break their concentration by attacking them with his Vajra but all his efforts fail. Finally Brahma appears in front of Shumbh and Nishumbh and tells them to ask for a boon. They ask for amartava, i.e they can never die. Brahma tells them about the law of srushti where anything or anyone that is formed or born has to reach its end one day. he tells them to ask for something else. This is when Shumbh and Nishumbh ask him that they can never be killed by any man whether it's a human, animal, God, devil, demon or any other form of man. If they are to be killed then they should die in the hands of a woman. Brahmadev grants them this boon. The Gods are worried and they go to Durga who tells them to think of a solution and also tells them that whenever there will be trouble she will save them.
Ep 26

On Indra's instructions Kaamdev makes a very beautiful woman Mohini. Mohini's task is to go to Shumbh and Nishumbh and create a rift between them through her charms. There is a separate Kingdom created for Mohini called the Swarnanagri. As Shumbh and Nishumbh are gloating over their win, Mohini comes to their palace and entices them with their beauty. Before they can get over her beauty she disappears.
As Sumukhi is narrating this story, she has a feeling that someone is watching them. It is Kalketu whose eyes have regained their vision and he tries to see Sumukhi and Shwetketu. They run and finally tired they sit on a rock. Suddenly the rock starts flying in the air and they fall on Kalketu's vimaan. Kalketu tells Shwetketu to promise him that he will stop praying to Durga. Shwetketu tells him that he will not stop praying to Durga. This infuriates Kalketu and he orders Shwetketu to be thrown down a cliff. Kalindi and Sumukhi plead in front of Kalketu to forgive Shwetketu but he does not relent and Shwetketu is thrown off the cliff. A distraught Sumukhi is sitting when she suddenly hears Shwetketu's voice. A surprised Sumukhi asks him how he was saved. Shwetketu tells her that as he was falling he fainted and Durga Maa saved him. They thank Durga and Sumukhi continues the story.
Ep 27

Shumbh and Nishumbh come to know that Mohini's father Vikram Singh has kept a Swyamvar for her. They decide to go for it. At the swyamvar they also meet Chand and Mund who are two more powerful demons and they also want to marry Mohini. The condition of the Swyamvar is that the winner has to lift the Gada kept in front of them and break a statue. The Gada is special because it was used by Vishnu to kill someone and lifting the gada itself is not an easy task. Many Kings try to lift it but they fail. Finally when Chand and Mund try to lift the gada, they succeed in lifting it a bit. This worries the Gods because incase Chand and Mund won the Swyamvar then their entire plan of planting Mohini and bringing down Shumbh and Nishumbh would have failed. Indra thinks of a solution and he throws a garland on the Gada, which suddenly becomes very heavy and both Chand and Mund fall with the Gada on Mund's chest. He starts gasping for breath and calls out for help. This is when Shumbh and Nishumbh get up and lift the gada off Mind's chest and break the statue. Chand and Mund are very frustrated at their loss and as Mohini goes towards Shumbh and Nishumbh, they kidnap her. A huge fight takes place between the four demons and finally Chand and Mund surrender. Mohini is finally with Shumbh and Nishumbh. as she enters the palace with them Shumbh holds her hand and runs away to his room shutting the door on Nishumbh's face. A very furious Nishumbh challenges Shumbh and tells him to decide how many days will Mohini stay with each of them. Both the brothers decide that Mohini will spend a day each with them.
Ep 28

Mohini prays to Durga that she has started on her work but wants her help to give her patience so that she can complete her task successfully. Sumukhi continues the story when suddenly she and Shwetketu hear Kalketu coming. Shwetketu immediately goes into hiding. Kalketu comes in and tries to look for the source of noise he heard. He doesn't doubt that it could be Shwetketu because according to him Shwetketu is dead after being thrown off the cliff. he looks around in Sumukhi's cell unable to find Shwetketu as he is hiding on top of a huge cupboard. he leaves confused and Shwetketu comes down. Sumukhi continues the story. She tells Shwetketu about how Mohini started creating a rift between the brothers by telling them things against each other. Indra appears in front of Mohini and tells her to take Shumbh and Nishumbh hunting so that the Gods can carry out their plan. Once Mohini and the brothers are in the jungle, Indra converts himself into a deer and Mohini tells the brothers to get the deer for her. Shumbh runs after the deer when suddenly due to Indra's trick the earth parts and Nishumbh and Mohini disappear under it. Shumbh tries to look for them all around but is unable to find them. A devastated Shumbh tries to look for them everywhere but is unsuccessful. Finally the duo comes back three days later. Shumbh starts doubting Nishumbh's intentions when Mohini adds fuel to the fire and tells him that Nishumbh refused to go back despite her reminding him that its Shumbh's turn to spend a day with Mohini. Shumbh is livid and as a punishment he sends Nishumbh to fight with Dhoomralochan, another asur. Nishumbh goes to war and wins over Dhoomralochan. While Nishumbh is at the war Mohini again continues her task of instigating Shumbh against his younger brother.
Ep 29

Nishumbh comes back with Dhoomralochan whose kingdom is finally under the rule of Shumbh ad Nishumbh. Mohini tells Nishumbh how Shumbh sent Nishumbh for the war as he wanted Nishumbh to die. Nishumbh gets very angry and he confronts Shumbh. Both of them decide that now Mohini can only be with one of them and they decide to fight it out. They start fighting and all the gods and Mohini are very happy to see their ploy accomplished. As Shumbh and Nishumbh are in the middle of a huge fight, their Guru Shukracharya comes and tells them about the trick played by Gods and how Mohini was an implant between them. Both the brothers are livid and they run after Mohini to kill her. Mohini calls out to Indra to help her but he is scared that he will be defeated and he does not go down to save her. Mohini then prays to Durga to save her. Maa tells her that she should stop thinking that she is weak as she is her own strength and should fight her own battle against the asurs. Maa then helps Mohini fight against Shumbh and Nishumbh who back off and go away. Maa tells Mohini that through her she wanted to warn the asurs to use their boon for a good purpose otherwise their end is near. She tells Mohini to go as her task is accomplished. On the other hand Kalketu is warned by the old woman (Durga in her roop) on how Shwetketu is still listening to Durga's story and as soon as the story ends and that would mean an end to his terror regime. Kalketu is angry when he hears this and he goes to his Bhavishyavakta, a statue who can see anything in all the loks. Bhavishyavakta tells Kalketu that Shwetketu is alive but he can't tell Kalketu where he is.
Ep 30

Sumukhi continues her story. She tells Shwetketu how after Mohini's true identity was revealed Shumbh and Nishumbh attacked the Indralok, Yamraj and Suryadev and won the war. They take away thr Gods' powers and ask them to follow their orders. They tell Surya that he will rise only when asked to and they tell Yamraj that he won't take anyone's life till they tell him to do so. The rest of the Gods go to their Guru Brahaspati for help. He advises them to go to Ma Durga as she had promised them that she will help them whenever they are in crisis. All the gods do Ma's stuti and make an appeal to her. Ma appears and promises them that their problems will be solved
Ep 31

Sumukhi is taken to Kalketu in his darbar where he tortures her to know where Shwetketu is. On the other hand the old woman (Durga) goes to Shwetketu and tells her that his Sumukhi didi might be in danger. She tells him that Maa Durga is there to help her bhakts in danger but the Bhakts also must not just depend on her but also make their own efforts. Shwetketu understands this and decides that he will save Sumukhi. As Sumukhi is being tortured, Kalketu's guards get in a little girl who tells Kalketu that she had seen a little boy hiding outside the palace. Kalketu orders Sumukhi to be put back in the jail and goes out in search of Shwetketu. Sumukhi goes back to her cell and she sees Shwetketu who tells her that it was he dressed as the little girl to save her. Sumukhi is happy and then she continues her story. She tells Shwetketu that Ma Durga decided to save the Gods from Shumbh and Nishumbh's wrath. Through her a new Shakti is born. The new Shakti is very beautiful and has a serene aura about her. She is Jagdamba. Due to the birth of Jagdamba, Maa Durga becomes weak and dark and this new Shakti of her is Kalika. Both Jagdamba and Kalika promise the Gods that they will slay the demons. the two goddesses go to earth where they are seen by Chand and Mund. they go and report her beauty to Shumbh who wants to marry her. He calls for hsi deputy Sugreev and asks him to take his marriage proposal to Jagdamba. Jagdamba tells Sugreev of her vow where she had decided that she will marry the man who will defeat her in war. Shumbh and Nishumbh decided not to fight Jagdamba themselves but send Dhoomralochan instead. A huge fight takes place between Dhoomralochan and Kalika. Dhoomralochan is finally turned to ash by Jagdamba
Ep 32

Kalketu tricks Shwetketu and makes him believe that Kalindi is unwell. As Shwetketu goes to meet Kalindi with Sumukhi, Kalketu traps him and orders him to be buried in a wall. As Shwetketu is being put in the wall, Sumukhi appeals to Maa to save her brother. Maa shows Shwetketu a path inside the wall and he manages to meet Sumukhi again. An elated Sumukhi continues the story. She tells Shwetketu how Shumbh and Nishumbh are eagerly waiting for Dhoomralochan's return. Shumbh sees Dhoomralochan enter with a woman, who turns out to be Kalika. Kalika warns him to go to Durga's sharan or face her wrath. Shumbh wakes up to realise that it was a dream. His army returns to tell him about Dhoomralochan's death. Shumbh gets agitated. This is when Ma Durga herself comes down and asks him to pay attention to her warnings. She tells him that both Yamraaj and Suryadev have stopped following his orders and that is why Sun is rising and Dhoomralochan dies. She tells him that there is still time to pay heed to the warnings or his end too won't be far.
Ep 33

Sumukhi is narrating Durga's story to Shwetketu when they hear Kalketu coming. They get worried and Shwetketu goes into hiding. Kalketu enters the cell and orders his men to look around as he heard someone's voice. As Shwetketu is hiding he falls into a cave. He comes across a magic book where he finds a mantra which can make him invisible. He gets very happy with his discovery as that would now keep him hidden from his brother and help him hear Durga's story peacefully. Kalketu gets angry and warns Sumukhi of dire consequences in case he discovers someone listening to Durga's story. Sumukhi continues where she tells Shwetketu how after Dhoomralochan's death, its decided that Chand and Mund will go and fight with Jagdamba and get her for Shumbh. On their way they decide that after winning the war instead of getting Jagdamba to Shumbh they will marry her themselves. Once the fight starts Kalika takes the raudra avtaar of a slayer with a garland of skulls, a waistband of cut hands and dangerous weapons. She kills both Chand and Mund. Jagdamba is very happy and she tells Kalika that from now on she will known as Chamundi. All the Gods thank Chamundi and pray to her.
Regards, JMD Dev Team


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Posted: 20 May 2008 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
i thank you coz i missed everything post surath's father's demise
they showed teh story of mahisasur so soon,is this episode 18th teh episode on 17th may?
however acc to shree shree chandi , surath would hear tis story , eh and samadhi vaishya when tehy r both banished from their own land by their family and friends as they grow old.
then teh rishi narartes them teh story of devi ma and her MAYA
zahra. IF-Sizzlerz

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thanks so much!! it totally made life easier!!
-dramaholic- IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks Guys, Wil Update it Soon Smile
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Posted: 01 June 2008 at 2:17am | IP Logged
yeah do upadate. these upadtes help me a lot
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Posted: 06 August 2008 at 6:25am | IP Logged
zinny.xo IF-Sizzlerz

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oh yay! this was needed, lol.
I lost track since some weeks now I caught up! :)
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