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FF shades of luv3 **Epilogue Pg 2**26/8 (Page 2)

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No words were spoken throughout the journey or from the movement RM said those things to them, only thing they said was "bye" to RM



There was a pin drop silence in the car but then too it was full of noise



noise of chatting, talk done by AR within themselves



Their mind, heart, soul was clouded with


All the close movements they shared and whatever RM said, it was playing again and again in their soul in the whole journey back to home



tonight their soul was trying to solve a puzzle...puzzle which would change their live, their relationship forever at the end



they couldn't understand wat was happening to them these days, wat they r doing is right or wrong AND wat they r feeling is right or wrong


but one thing they both were 100% sure...


that things between them were changing


for good or bad they jus couldn't figure out






they have started feeling differently for each other



they have started feeling extra happy, n special with each other's company equally sad without each other



they wanted to hold each other now-a-days

be in each others arms



they hav started thinking about each other throughout the day, throughout the night...



Or rather every passing second now-a-days they think of each other only...


with every heart beat they take they think of jus each other only...



their eyes search for each other only when they r away from each other and their ears want to hear each other's melting silly voice only



finally reaching home turning towards the passenger seat he looked at her...she was leaning back on the seat, her eyes were closed,


 few hair strings were laying on her face loosely


if anyone would look at her right now, would think she is relaxing or may be sleeping but


only armi knew or rather understood she is lost into the crowd of the thoughts


in the same thoughts in which he is in


"dumbo" he called out



"yea" she jerked....first looked around and then him



seeing she is stepping out of the car he said "i have forgotten my pager at their place only, i should go back to get it"



she nodded n walked towards the main door



both knew it was a plain lie...she didn't stop him becoz she understood he wants sometime alone far away from everything, everyone






he drove rashly...not giving importance to the world outside he really escaped some accidents because of getting lost within



after driving for an hour he parked his car near the basket ball court



near a deserted basket ball court...where no living species was there after all it was quiet late in the night now



picking a flower from a nearby plant he started  plucking its delicate petals one by one saying "i do love her" then "i dont love her"



but silently wishing "i do love her" wins this race only






pushing the sliding windows on one end she sat leaning on the other edge of the sliding



shutting her eyes she silently prayed to god to show her the right path... right road...help her to distinguish between right and wrong



becoz it seemed to her as if she had lost her senses f making correct decision...she couldn't trust herself after her past experience (remember adnan)



as she recollected the dinner at RM's place


a smile broke on her face, when she visualized how lovingly he feed her...after making sure she was full he ate his food...how he tried to relax to when the sad pt came in the movie


unknowingly it was then she fetched her answers



it was as if god heard her silent prayer and blessed her with the answer



"trust words that come from ur heart...leave behind her body, soul and mind...jus follow ur heart" echoed inside her



words which his dad used to say whenever she used to be in a crises echoed inside her


leaving behind everything...or keeping aside everything she thought of listening to her heart...following her heart only like before



her eyes were still closed...the moon was smiling with her, giving her company tonight


cold wind was inviting her...welcoming her to the new world...world of love, world for lover



remembering all those movements she spent with him, she softly said "i love u armaan"



hearing her own voice a smile broke on her face...smile which reached her eyes...smile which made her face glow more than the moon



slowly opening her eyes she looked at their photo frame in front of her...a childhood photo of her and armi's...pic in which they were pulling each others hair



she walked towards the frame, picking up the frame she repeated "i love u and i promise i will always do"



after a while looking at the mehendi she smiled and walked towards the bed



removing the extra mehendi cone she had taken from the young gurl she wrote armaan's name on her hands



exactly on the same place where engagement ring is worn



smiling, blushing she walked back to the window, sitting again on the sliding she looked outside



she wanted to yell and tell everyone she is in love but decided to first tell armaan



she wasn't those types of girls who believes guys should only first confess, she believed and lived in todays world where there is no difference between a gurl and guy



but she also felt the need to first find out if he loved her too, being soo close to him she knew she could easily find wat he fells for her






like always whenever he was in a confusion, problem...he used to ask god to provide him with the solution by plucking petals method


he still remembers his friends used to laugh at him sometime when he used to try to fetch his answers this way



plucking the last petal he smiled, throwing his arms up in the sky n yelled saying "i love u dumbo"



the inside wall of misconception was broken by him when he heard echo of his own voice



his heart was smiling brightly which could be seen by his charming face



he atlas fetched the answer to the endless questions he had been asking to himself


the questions which mobbed him day and night



he suddenly felt lighter and the dark night seemed to be colorful as if the world just now has been colored for him...for her or rather for them



smiling to himself he remembered the old days


days of school when thy were punished, rusticated together for bugging irritating the teachers to the core...


for locking their principal in the wash room


days of col when they used to bunk lectures and roam around the city for no reason


days of medical exams when they used to study together day and night



lastly the no of pranks they played on each other and ofcourse together on everyone



after an hr or soo he decided to get back home thinking "she must be tensed after all she must be knowing the pager thing was a plain lie"



getting up from the ground he thought "we surely r living dairy of each others life...nothing means nothing is hidden between us....we know each page of each others life"



driving back home a smile was stuck on his face and heart was flooded with  memories...their close proximity memories...movements when they were lost in each other






Rolling his keys in his finger he looked up at her window



a smile rested on his lips when he saw her leaning on the sliding



as he looked at her more and more


his eyes widened with utter shock seeing she wasn't sitting she was...was actually sleeping



"wat the hell has she lost it" he said to himself while running inside the house



he knew she could fall down if she bends slightly towards her left


and would hurt herself very badly


he ran upstairs...as fast as his legs could take him...mentally getting more and more angry on her...for her stupid act



and sacred too thinking about the consequences


as he reached the room he let out a sign of relief seeing she was still in the same position



he walked ahead keeping his eyes on her only


he jus couldn't stop himself from smiling after seeing the innocent expression she is holding while sleeping



she looked absolutely adorable to him


he scooped her in his strong arms while looking at her lovingly



he then noticed her smile widened when he picked her up in his arms



he started walking  towards the bed while laughing slightly seeing she sleeps like hasn't slept for months



he placed her on the bed while she made funny sounds in her sleep



brushing the hair away from her sparking face he smiled



after wrapping a cover over her he left the room



"dumbo kal tumhare class lunga wait n watch" he promised himself seeing her for the last time before leaving



he soon walked inside his room mentally noting down his most important work now; fix a grill outside her window








the night was beautiful, amazing for these two confused stubborn idiots



finally they knew wat was happening to them these days



smiling with the morning shining sun she woke up



as she recalled the night she smiled further n then got confused seeing she was in her bed...


as far as she remembered she was waiting for him sitting on the sliding n may be she slept there itself



throwing the thoughts aside she walked towards his room to check is he back or not



slowly peeping inside she saw him sleeping like a child



she glanced at his face, she couldnt stop smiling seeing he calmness on his innocent face



"armaan" she called him again n again while now standing right next to his huge bed


as she did not wanted them to be late for the hospital



seeing he wasn't responding she thought of pouring a jar of water on him but then remembering he must have slept late she dismissed the idea and started walking out of the room



"soo u found a new bed to sleep yesterday night" he said as he looked at her making her way outside



she stood there frozen biting her lips


"wat u would like to have coffee or tea" she tried to change the on-going topic



seeing he didnt reply, she took hold of her ears n said "sorry" with a sweet puppy face which could easily melt anyone



he smiled seeing her n warned her "dont do that again" pausing for some seconds he continued "coffee"







"morning mom" armi said in a sleepy tone while entering keerti's room



smiling at him keerti said "good morning...she looked at him sitting on the bed n continued "soo how was ur dinner yesterday"



he smiled remembering the night  "wonderful"



"thats good" keerti smiled becoz she knew y the dinner was wonderful



analyzing the surrounding papers armi asked "wat r u doing mom"



"im going to dubai with ridhima" keerti said while looking at the papers and etc stuff



"wat? Why? When?" came a instant reply from him while pinching himself thinking may be its a dream



"we r going there to buy some latest equipments for sangivni and most importantly she has to represent sangivni in a important seminar" keerti informed him proudly...she was very proud of ridz, she had  seen how much ridz is working for the betterment of the hospital



armi smiled and frowned at the same time, he too felt nice listening to the news but felt bad that he wouldn't be able to meet her for some days, he then thought if he could accompany her instead of his mom,


"but mom if u both will go who will take important decisions of sangivni, who will take the lead of sangivni..."



keerti understood wat armi meant and wanted, somewhere she thought he was right too "ur right armaan...ok do one thing u go with ridhima, i will stay back for sangivni...i hope u dont mind going with her" she smiled n replied emphasizing on the last words



"have i ever said no to u" he replied innocently like a obedient son



seeing the broad smile on armi face she confirmed "k then its done u both r leaving after two days"








armi entered a big showroom the walls of the huge showroom was painted red and white...bright lights were all around...styled interiors were done



as his eyes traveled around he saw gorgeous sales girls only



he smiled his friend like always has a gorgeous girl as sales girls



"hey beautiful" he said with a charming smile to one of the girl



she smiled back, after checking him out she said "hey handsome wat can i do for u"



"nothing much sweety jus give this card to ur boss" he placed his business card in front of her



"thats it" she smiled n walked to the cabin



after a while a guy dressed up in blue jeans black shirt came out smiling broadly


"hey man wats up" he said looking at armi delightfully



"hey dude" armi replied while hugging his old friend who is going to be a gr8 help for him in his sweet surprise he has planned for ridz


after all he was the only one who could help him out in such a short span of time



"wat...not possible at all" came a instant reply from ANGAD after a while



plz yaar itna choota sa kaam tu nahi kar sakta" he tried to convince him while placing a friendly warm smile on his lips



"chota" he said sarcastically



"dost dost naa zindagi tujhpe..." he started singing sadly...trying hard to emotionally blackmail him



"yaar its not possible in two days" angad

interrupted, tried to reason with a stubborn armi



"dost dost..." he started singing again not giving importance to his words as he knew his friend will eventually agree becoz he could once say no to him but couldn't say no to something related to ridz



they all three was good pals in collage days... playing pranks on anyone and everyone was all they used to do



angad interrupted him again "i will try if it is possible"



he stopped singing n softly, cocks his eye brow "try"



"mera baap tera kaam ho gayega bas khush ab toh meri jaan baksh de" irritated angad finally gave up



he knew armaan he wouldn't leave him peacefully until he agrees to him


armi took a tiny scrap of paper, grabbed a pen from the pen stand n drew something



"here u go" he handed him the paper...after giving him a friendly hug he left the showroom


while a broad smile played on his lips


unknowingly angad smiled seeing the glow of happiness on his friend



he was happy for armi-ridz...he was sure they would be happy together








"where were u? I was searching 4 u in he whole hospital" ridz asked armi as she spotted him



"me? Here only" he said keeping his expression as natural as possible



"ohhk lets hav our lunch im damm hungry" she said while rubbing her hand on her stomach



Seeing the lift was full and they had to wait for another few mins, she looked at him "stairs?"



he nodded in affirmation with a soft smile after seeing her condition



how desperately she wanted to go to the canteen... dying to feed her empty stomach



as they entered the stairs their mind revisited the day when she slipped and landed in his arms...how they were lost in each other and finally how they tried to get out of the embarrassing and shy situation by arguing over heels



she blushed while recollecting the incident at the same time laughed slightly remembering the argument



armi too smiled remembering it and at the same time

wished, hoped and


silently prayed that she falls again, again in his arms



seeing she wasn't falling today or rather not loosing her balance he frowned



he looked again at her n understood she was lost in her own world...own thoughts



a devilish smile came on his face with a devilish plan...within fraction of seconds he tried to make her fall purposely but

he failed...he frowned again seeing his failure



but wasn't destiny n luck resting by his side


and wasn't she too by his side now



as they approached the last set of steps


she looked at him and the next second tripped purposely keeping her expression accordingly

jus perfect, as natural as possible



his thoughts were suddenly broken as he heard a small gasp



within fraction of seconds he grabbed her by her waist, preventing her to fall



but accidentally he lost his balance while trying to prevent her to fall



and they rolled down the steps

together...clutched to each other...her eyes shut tightly sacred becoz of unexpected fall



their unexpected fall came to a haunt as they landed on the ground



her eyes still shut while she was now pinned under him...breathing heavily



she shivered...trembled beneath him...just couldn't gather courage to open and look at him soo close to her



it seemed to her as if she is dreaming


his heart raced seeing her soo close to him...exactly where he saw her in his dreams few nighs before



she looked innocent in the simple pink short kurti and dark blue jeans wearing just a smile on her face and dark mehendi on her hand today



"no make up was needed for her to look exceptional, different from others, elegant, beautiful, gorgeous or in short angel" he thought



with gr8 difficulty he mentally prepared himself to get off her thinking his heavy body would be crushing her delicate body



feeling his breath going far from her face...not kissing her delicate skin now, she recollected herself and opened her eyes slowly



standing back on her legs she blushed and started walking again besides him



while they made their way towards canteen, they looked at each other deeply once...



one deep look was enough for them to reach each other's souls...they could hear each other's souls voice which was yelling "i love u armaan/ridz"



their soul...facial expression...expressive eyes...twinkling smile...glowing face jus confession to each other that


they do love each other...they have finally realized ho madly...truly...deeply love each other



they wished that the world around them could disappear forever, leaving them all alone


 PART 18


Not used to knocking at his door she opened the door n walked in saying "armaan aunty is calling u down"


as her voice traveled towards him he got sacred n hung up his on going phone after yelling "i dont need loan u get that straightly"


a look on his face told her something is wrong...fishy


"but what?" she wondered


"im coming down in two mins dumbo" he said after drawing a deep sigh n wrapping a innocent n normal expression on his face


dismissing watever he said, she questioned him in a no non sense tone "wat r u hiding?"


keeping the same innocent look he walked towards her while replying casually "m... me? Hiding something from u? No re not at all"


she marched out of the room angrily without even caring to reply him


she was dead sure in the afternoon and now both time he had lied to her


which was pinching her badly jus couldn't stand when he lies to her or rather tries to lie to her


he cursed himself for not knowing how to lie properly to her...


one thing they both were mostly unsuccessful all these years was lying to each other







after awhile he walked down n scanned the living room... He saw ridz eyes were fixed on her laptop while her expression were telling loud n clearly that she is still angry


sitting right next to her, sapna was watching some movie playing on the television


he went n sat next to sapna, giving a slight smile towards ridz


which she didn't acknowledged...at all


finally getting bored by the silence which was spread all around the drawing room sapna questioned "wat r u doing ridz im getting dam bored??"


she said without looking up "me? Nm im finding some classes...classes which can teach armaan how to lie without getting caught" pausing n finally looking up at armi she continued "dont u dare to say u were not lying firstly in the afternoon and now half an hour back"


"shit man i seriously need to learn to lie, she had caught me in the afternoon too...wat should i do now?" he whispered under his breath


"wat r u hiding bro tell me naa?" this time sapna questioned him with a confused look pasted on her face


without thinking once he said whatever next thing came to his mind "i can't tell anyone...i dont think everything should be told"


both known to be stubborn kept arguing like kids...argued like never...both were determined...ridz was determined to know wat he is hiding and armi determined to hide it at any cost….somewhere both were right, both were right acc 2 their pt of view


all this while sapna was trying to reason with armaan but was failing to make him spell out everything


"being in love is surely difficult" he thought


seeing there is no solution to this endless argument she suggested shooting her eyebrow upward "ok then i challenge u to beat me in car racing...if i win u have to tell me wat ur hiding...if u win which is impossible i will not ask u anything"


"challenge accepted" came a instant reply


thinking for a min she said "k then see u at bandstand (a place where race will end, jus a random name"


seeing him nodding she looked at her laptop n soon shut it down while muttering "u have to tell me everything, by hell or hook"


"o god i cant loose this race or else my little surprise will get screwed up" he muttered under his breath


sapna looked shocked and excited both at the same time...shock becoz armaan was hiding something from ridz it was something which was impossible and excited becoz of the race


she still remembered AR fun races before armi went to states...she n angie would be by armi side and atul-angad would be by ridz side

but motive behind those races was fun but today its not fun


"common guys" sapna said throwing her confusion thoughts - wats the lie about


with full confident AR walked towards the main door


looking out of the window at ridz sapna smiled n wished "all the best"


"i think ur bro needs this more than me soo kindly plz wish him" she replied curtly


"dumbo over confidents is not good" he replied while giggling slightly as her anger rose above sea level


in exchange she just mimicking him


seeing her sweet expressions n the way she mimicking his words armi just couldn't stop himself smiling at her


for once he felt like getting down n disclosing everything to her but he just couldn't do this...he had to win this race by anyhow


what fate had for them only time would tell?

Who will win and who will loss only time will tell?

Becoz Time knows everything about everyone's life


"On your marks...Get set....Go!!" sapna yelled while he signaled her thumps down with a smirk


both the cars roared almost at once with the same spirit while passing a challenging look played in their eyes


both knew they both were an amazing riders...going back to the old races taken place between them, both had sometimes won and sometimes lost


thankfully the road was not jammed....they didn't meet heavy traffic...ten minutes onto the race and both were neck to neck


they were playing with accelerate, break, gear


waving a bye followed by thumps down sign she accelerated further gaining way ahead of him or rather making her car fly in the air, letting the breeze kiss her car


"everything is fair in love and war" was playing in armi's mind...he knew today it was hard to win all becoz she looked as if its impossible to stop her to win this race


but doesn't impossible itself says i-m-possible


he smiled...a devilish smile played on his lips


picking up his mobile he dialed a no "angad"


after two mins talk everything was set...the trap was set...nothing could stop him from winning


he knew how to make her mind off track


sitting right besides him sapna yelled after armi hung up his phone call "bro this is cheating, im calling ridz right away"


"k then im calling mom n informing her about her darling daughter's sweetheart dr amit" he said with a smirk stuck on his face


listening to him sapna turned red with anger, turning her face to look outside she wished ridz doesn't get trapped


"everything is fair in love and war my darling sister" he said looking at ridz car which was marginally ahead of his car


"man she is too good" he whispered, marveling at her fighting spirit


he smiled seeing she took her left turn to use s.v road route instead of juhu road which he preferred


unknown to the trap set she was enjoying the race while listening to the loud music playing in the car and tapping her fingers on the steering wheel


imagining her victory she smiled and giggled...looking around she pushed the accelerate even more hard


armi smiled widely as he reached half way of the desired destination


on another hand ridz had crossed more than half the way but unknown to the fact she had reached the exact place where a trap was waiting for her...only for her


she rolled down the windows further to enjoy the fresh cool air


while her ears witnessed someone calling her name, the voice seemed familiar to her heart where all her dear ones stays


she turned her face instantly to her right to look who was it


for one second forgetting she is in a middle of something important...very important for her right now


as she recognized the person driving his red sports bike parallel to her she screamed with joy "Angad hi" and


unknowingly...unwantedly her speed slowed down


she looked ahead n back to him smiling, glad to see him after few months


"hey howz u? wats up?" he questioned while making sure he is still running his bike parallel to her car, keeping their speed almost same


"im fine and" she left the words hanging there itself as her senses recollected, reminded she was in middle of a race...a race which was as important as oxygen for living


one wrong question "wats up" had made ridz senses awake



"gtg will call u later" she said as fast as she could and drove away


but little did she knew her small mistake...two mins mistake was more than enough for armi to climb the winning stair


she reached the destination n hit her palm angrily on the steering wheel as she saw the sight in front of her


there armi stood leaning on his car with huge or big no too big grin on his face


for one movement she couldn't stop herself from smiling that too straight from her heart seeing how happy he is looking as if he just won an ossar award


"crazy...yes we r crazy... mad but amazing too" she said to herself happily


she lost the race but then too she felt happy...happy becoz she raced today after such a long time


after armi left and all that bad things occurred in her life she didnt race with anyone


she was soo lost, within herself all these months to even think of all this...racing and all


 SCREEECHH!!! She smiled slightly while pulling her car to a halt






slowly walking inside her room armi smiled seeing he wasn't there


smiling 2 himself he saw the washroom lights were on…he quickly kept the gift wrapped in a silver wrapper n left the room


he was sure after seeing the gift she will surely forget everything....she is still crazy behind shoes n scandals he knew it well


a warm smile came on her lips when her eyes landed on the gift


she walked towards it n unwrapped it as soon as possible


gifts is one thing which could change her mood...whenever in the whole year and how much ever, gifts r always welcomed by her


"wow its beautiful" she looked with amazement at the black low heels scandals


reading the small note kept next to it "sorry sweetie...i will surely tell u everything just give me few days" she cursed herself while hitting her head slightly for being soo childish and stubborn the night before


she smiled with a twinkle in her eyes saying "i love u more and more for all these small things"







life is beautiful and as colorful as a rainbow if ur in love...same thing happened with them in the next two days, life was beautiful for them...they were as happy as any kid would be when he gets more than expected toys and chocolate...their life was changed from the night when they confessed to themselves


they were walking on cloud...cloud of happiness, love



love is understanding each other and each other's unsaid words or silent words


"I love u" r three little words which hold a lot of meaning...they r words which are dipped in a bowl of feeling...feeling which one has for another deep inside his/her heart


these beautiful pure words can only be told in form of words?


of course not


it can also be told through eyes, facial expressions, body gesture, smile more importantly with ur behavior


AR confessed their love or rather said those three words in these two days words endless times through each other's a dotting smile, eyes, behavior, facial expressions etc...through everything and anything except in forms of words ie using their silky voice



they believed when ur love of ur life says these golden words through these ways one should be more happier becoz in words anyone can say but in these ways only ur true love can say


these two days were hectic or very hectic compare to normal days but


then too it couldn't force the smile to leave his new house...smile which had made AR lips his new house...it couldn't force the smile to leave their glowing face...face which after hectic workload also didn't fade or looked dull, tired






Sitting down on her chair back she sighed...still she had two hrs work left and then routine rounds before she leaves for her trip...a business trip to dubai


time was running out of her hand and she needed to speed up


her head was hurting and all she wished or needed right now was a hot creamy coffee


she started to read the next file when she heard a knock


without looking up she ordered 'come in'


when a hot steaming coffee landed next to her she looked up


a canteen guy was standing there, she questioned him "Dr armaan has sent this coffee"


she smiled appreciatory


after sometime "chale?" he asked while entering the cabin


"u go armaan i have to go for rounds now, u have to pack ur bags too" she said while picking her lab court to wear it


"ahh...rounds...well i jus did ur side rounds too" he replied with a tiring smile


she smiled affectionately at him while grabbing his arm...she giggled n replied "thanks but on thanks" n soon he joined her, they laughed together


they soon walked out of the hospital chatting, giggling and laughing








Finally they walked out of the airport smiling


The journey was good, she was enjoying looking out of the window...enjoying the beautiful sight


and his head was leaning on her shoulder as he slept peacefully through out the journey


she felt nice seeing him sleeping on her shoulder


the light breeze was blowing...it seemed as if it was welcoming them


soon they stepped out of the car n looked at the beautiful hotel


unknown to the fact once they get inside they would be shocked to learn something


something which hey never thought

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Admiring the wonderful interiors they walked inside the five star dusit hotel (I don't know anything about this hotel, jus read in sum site)


they were marveled at the beauty of the hotel



walking towards the reception as they chatted about the hotel interiors casually


thats when ridz declared to armi she gonna go off to sleep as she will enter her room


he rolling his eyes, "is this u gonna do here"


she looked tiredly at him "just a small nap please" she said while stretching on the word please


seeing her asking like a kid he smiled n nodded


"hey sweetheart" armi with his cheeky smile says to the receptionist, turning his charm on a switch on mode


ridz gives him a disgusting look telling him to just do all this later, she needs her bed urgently


laughing slightly he turned his heard asking for the keys of their room


looking at her reservation file, flipping the pages she informed them sadly "sir there is only one room booked on ms ridhima's name, no room is booked on ur name"


they look at her as if she has lost her brain cells or she doesn't has it only "what non-sense" he said in sheer no non-sense tone


after a long hr of discussion, argument AR learnt the stupid travel agent had booked one room according to keerti's first plan (she was coming with ridz naa)


bowing their head in front of the destiny they walked towards elevator while ridz was trying to make him chill down n stop yelling at the poor guy (on phone) for his mistake


the hotel was full soo they eventually had to stay in the same room




he looked sadly at the sofa thinking there he has to sleep


she looked at him while collapsing on the bed in pure exhaustions as she informed him with a tired smile "dont worry u can sleep on the bed"


she knew he hates sleeping on sofa, he likes to sleep on the bed only


"no its fine" he said in a not soo sure tone


putting some pillows n cushions to divide the bed into two parts she said boldly "u can sleep on that side while i will sleep on this side"


he gave her not soo good look while she rolled her eyes, "common its fine with me" she continued


he felt a sudden happiness inside him, seeing the sea of trust she has on him


"good night armaan, wake me in an hr...we will go out for dinner" she said in a sleepy tone


she was exhausted from the whole long day




after making him wait for an hour….making him almost plead infront of her to make it fast she finally got ready wearing a knee length pink one piece and boots making him drop his mouth open


he was totally lost within her, he just couldn't take his eyes off from her


she was looking a doll according to him


with lots of force he stopped starring at her while she turned slightly red under his heated graze


she too felt he looked handsome in his casual black t-shirt and a smart pair of jeans


they silently laughed at their condition, both knew tonight they were going to say those words




They went to the hotel's beautiful restaurant...the restaurant was decorated in a simple n sophisticated manner


and a gentleman was singing some nice song in the braground to make the atmosphere more pleasant


they smiled n walked inside hand in hand


they knew they love each other and today they could say those feeling in words too which would be more or less just a formality


but yea an important formality


ordering the food for both of them she looked at him with a flood of love reflecting in her eyes, glowing face


"he is singing nicely naa, nice voice naa" she said trying to hit a conversation instead of again and again getting lost within him


"yea but i sing better than him" he announces proudly


as his words registered in her mind choked her food n exclaimed "u and singing soo well"


going back to old days she knew he was a pathetic singer,


bathroom singer was a perfect name for him she thought


"what if i sing infront of everyone and dare u everyone will be amazed….and yea may be every1 will say once more" he flashed a confident smile


she rolled her eyes while looking at the people around pitifully


as her eyes gets back to his seat she gets shocked he wasn't there



Armi comes into view holding a guitar in front of her….jus a little distance away


Like a dream you can't explain love can chase a beating of your heart

Like the sunshining in the rain love can make your whole world fall apart



her jaw drops seeing him infront of her singing like never before

armi keeps his passionate gaze only on her as he sings.



All i wanted now

I just wanna spend my life with you

Time will show me how

Suddenly everything has turned me inside out

Suddenly love is the thing that I can't live without



His expression were saying loud n clearly the song was just for her

As he looked at her more n more….she felt weak becoz of the look n the lyrics



You are my dream my love my life

I just wanna spend my life with you

You are the one that makes me smile

I just wanna spend my life with you


God I love somehow... I just wanna spend my life with you

You can show me how


Suddenly everything has turned me inside out

Suddenly love is the thing that i can't live without


He smiled at her longingly n lovingly

He jus wanted 2 g n grab her

Pull her within him


You are my dream my love my life

I just wanna spend my life with you

You are the one that makes me smile

I just wanna spend my life with you


Lowing her eyes she smiled….

Again looking up at him she thought she has meet some1 unknown


What have you done to me?

Is this how its meant to be

Can't control this feeling in my heart

I can see better days glowing inside your eyes

And I know you feel it in your heart


All I wanted now

I just wanna spend my life with you

Time will show me how

Suddenly everything has turned me inside out

Suddenly loves the thing that i can't live without


When did he learn 2 sing soo amazingly she thought

Armi smiled at her questioning face



You are my dream my love my life

I just wanna spend my life with you

You are the one that makes me smile

I just wanna spend my life with you


Looking at his smirk she smiled

He was smiling with happiness

Looking still at her while walking around


Love is a crazy thing
Its like when you wanna sing
And the words are deep inside your soul
When somebody comes along together you sing a song
You just let the music take control

And i wanted now
i just wanna spend my life with you
Time will show me how
Suddenly everything has turned me inside out
turned me inside out
Suddenly loves the thing that i can't live without

He gently sent a flying kiss in her direction

While people around were listening the romantic song with a silence

Silence which said he was singing to amazingly awesome


You are my dream my love my life
I just wanna spend my life with you
You are the one that makes me smile
I just wanna spend my life with you

He end the song by playing the guitar.

Everyone starts applauding his performance while she looked around 2 find him missing

Soon a waiter comes n hands off a note 2 her which said come up im waiting there 4 u





the room was dark but then too it was filled with colourful lights all around if all anyone


lets his heart be his eyes for a change


colourful lights of their love was in the air n inside their heart, soul


which was more than enough to enlighten the room


the moon was peeping from the window to witness the special day of two lovers...two lovers who stepped into this world to be together forever


no candles, flowers, balloons, heart shape cake, Champagne were needed to enlighten the atmosphere...to make the room look romantic...

to make the room look special today according to armaan


somewhere he was right too


becoz only thing which they desired was, which they needed today was


each other's company for

today, tomorrow and


forever n forever


they desired to spent each second of their life with each other


desired to be infront of each other's eyes all their life


desired to be in each others arms all this life


more than that desired to express their love to each other, their feeling for each other n wanted to pour out their heart in front of each other in form of words today


after which today their life would to be changed...their relationship would change it would be more strong


the world would be more beautiful...more pleasant...more loving

more worthy to live FOR THEM


today they would say those words to each other which they never said...which they never thought of saying to each other till a month before


but their heart said these words to each other endless times


today their heart will say this all over again but this time using their sweet voice instead of saying it silently


she walked inside the room hesitantly


after looking around for a min, trying to locate him somewhere in the room


she walked towards the long window to close it as she starts feeling chilly


as she leaned on the wall n started admiring the beauty of dubai she heard


a husky voice calling out her name in a melting tone


turning around she looked around to locate from where the familiar voice is coming with a curiously


and soon her search finished as he stood jus a little distance away from her


banground music


it's a beautiful night

chaandani raat hai

it's a beautiful night

pyar ki baat hai


smiling at her lovingly, she smiled back with the same love reflecting on her bright glowing face and in her smile


as she walked towards him questioning "when did u learn how to sing soo well"


"in states with muskaan, we used to go for some classes" he said as he sat on the bed


"oo i see" she said while seeing him indicating to sit besides him


yeh raat kehti hai vaada koi aaj kar le ham ha kar le ham

baahon mein bharke kaho kuchh bhi keh do sanam

ho ho madhosh kar do hamein aaj kehti hai khamoshi yeh khamishi

ho ham tumse na duur jaa paaye de do kasam


as she sat down besides him he looked at her as if he is just going to say what her ears r longing to hear


controlling her rising heartbeat she smiled



armaan was confused how should he say, he knew she would return the same words but then too how?


after a min long awkward silence he came with a idea




wanna feel you kiss you touch you gal let me feel your body

can i kiss you tonight

can i hold you so tight

can i make u all mine

can i make u smile

can i kiss u tonight

can i hold u so tight

can i make u all mine

can i make u smile


he looked at her as she played with her hair, continuously rolling her hair  around her delicate finger


he smiled while placing her head once again on her lap n wrapping his muscular arms around her stomach...burying his head into her stomach


feeling his tight hold once again around her stomach her whole body shivered, she felt 360 degree current passed inside her



when i look into your eyes get the feel you love

because if u look into my eyes u will know



closing her eyes she felt extra ordinary bubble gums in her stomach



i wanna be ur lover i wanna be ur lover

when i look into your eyes get the feel you love



unlike last time, this time her mind refused to utter a single word also and silently wished the time could freeze right now forever and ever



because if u look into my eyes u will know

i wanna be ur lover i wanna be ur lover


as she lived the movement for few more seconds unknowingly she confessed saying it in a smooth melting tone "i love u armaan"


opening her eyes to look at him after saying the beautiful words she smiled broadly which reached upto her eyes as she heard "i love u too ridhima"


unwrapping his arms around and turning to face her he repeated his golden words looking up at her lovingly


they stayed in the same position for a while, later he dragged her near the dressing table


after forcing her to close her eyes he smiled


pushing her soft hair ahead gently...tickling her on her bare neck he smiled seeing her skin tone colour changing


his touch was making her skin colour change which eventually was making her look more beautiful...more gorgeous...more lovable...more adorable


how much he wished that movement if they would have recognized their feeling before he would have seen this beautiful sight much before and more no of times till now


"tum kar kya rahe ho" she asked feeling his fingers brushing her bare back neck pushing her hair ahead


"bas ek min dumbo" he said softly...his breath was kissed her neck


he wrapped a pendant chain around her neck slowly


she opened her eyes slowly n confusedly


looking at the silver platinum chain with a circular shaped locket with both their initials JOINTLY engraved on it she smiled broadly n turned around pulling him in a hug



"thanks this is beautiful"

he hugged her back while a smile broke on his face too


"ab tum mujhe ko thanks bologi" he said while departing from the hug


holding her ears with a puppy face she said "sorry"


listening to her apology he threw a sharp look towards her and mimicked "sorry"


she laughed n said "k baba no thanks no sorry only three words I LOVE U" while wrapping her arm around him


he joined her, "i love u too" he lovingly said while planting a kiss on her cheeks making her blush happily


looking at her lovingly while she was admiringly looking at the pendant he questioned "tum yeh soch rahi ho naa y did i choose a circle shape pendant instead of heart shape pendant"


she looked at him with a mixed expression of confusion curiousness n nodded


he smiled analyzing her expression n explained "becoz hearts can be broken but circles go on forever thats y instead of heart u should always put names in a circle"


she raised her eye brow listening to him n questioned "ooo i see tumne"


cutting her in between he replied "kahi padha tha"


with a cute laugh she commented "ooo toh janab yeh sab bhi padte hai"


he mischievously said laying with her fingers "aur kuch bhi padta hu, batau"




he pinched her nose affectionately while replying "jaise tumhara chehra aur dil"


they look at each other n next movement started laughing


they both felt weird at the statement, this was the most cheeky statement he had ever said to her and she ever had heard from him


it was not that they didn't agree at the statement, they do know how to read each other's heart, mind and face very well but listening to or saying this was something little cheeky and funny too somewhere





stretching her arms towards the air, she yawned followed by a smile in the small balcony her room had


remembering the last night her smile reached her closed eyes


slowly opening the eyes she welcomed herself to her new world...to a changed world


seeing something crawling in front of her shining eyes she yelled


"omg...help help" hearing her screaming that too on top of her lungs armi ran to her rescue (he was sleeping)


"wat happ" he asked her in worried and sleepy tone seeing he was facing her back


as she turned around he saw her holding a cockroach...it was big and ugly


keeping her eye on the poor small creature she answered back "cockroach"


he gave her a weird look saying ur holding it now and a min back u were yelling


seeing him displaying a  weird expression she explained "ahh...i thought there were two thats y i yelled...i cant tackle two at a time"


rolling his eye he asked her to hand over the poor creature to him to which she refused n went off to dismiss the creature from their room


thinking of something...something odd armi face frowned


walking towards her, he questioned her with a annoyed expression stuck on his face "y are u not sacred of them?"


listening to his weird question she looked at him with disbelief trying to get, is he k and wat type of question is this


"armaan they r soo small and i am much big enough than them soo y should i be sacred from them" she answered while running her hand in her rack of clothes


still annoyed by the fact "but most gurls do get sacred from them"


finally picking a outfit for the day she turned to face him saying "yeah...some do while some dont"


as his words registered in her mind deeply she questioned "hang on y u saying all this crab...come on speak up"


making a sick puppy look, taking her hands in his "i have seen in movies that the gurl gets sacred seeing the poor small creature n then hugs her guy and"


seeing she was smiling and laughing he stopped, hanging his words in middle of road


enveloping him in a hug she replied "awww...i dont need to see a cockroach to hug u neither do u need to plant it to receive a hug from me"


listening to her he smiled brightly and hugged her bak


feeling the grip around her getting tighten by each passing second she yelled "u will kill me if u will hug me soo tightly"


he chucked listening to her slowly disposed her from his embrace


"i will just go freshen up...u shouldn't be late for the seminar" he pinched her cheeks affectionately n left which made her smile







Seeing all well known people settled down for the seminar around them


AR smiled at each other


soon the seminar started


after a while taking the honor ridz started informing them current position of sangivni and her future plans for sangivni with sheer confidence


seeing her everyone present there felt a fire inside her...fire to bag her goal...goal which seemed to her biggest priority right now, nothing could stop her


seeing her armi smiled with happiness and felt nothing else but only proud of her...looking around n saw everyone looked totally impressed by her






unlocking the door of their room n finally entering the room she shrugged to free herself from his hold "armaan leave me, ur impossible u didn't even let me enter that shop, it had so nice outfits"


holding her thin waist more tightly n giggling slightly he informed her "u know...how much u have shopped in a day is equal to my entire year's shopping"


throwing a "ur soo rude expression" she tried to free herself once again


thinking of having some more fun seeing her anger he continued "i swear very soon i will be bankrupt"


hitting him on his arm and chest "i hate u armaan ur soo rude"


pulling her to sit on the chair in his lap he chucked "hate me or love me but u cant ignore me sweetie"


feeling he was pinching her small nose "u moron"


before she could complete her sentence he bent forward and kissed her cheeks (long and deep one)


feeling his lips on her cheeks she first smiled slightly n then looked at him with a puzzled expression


smiling with contented heart "aww...heard this word from u after such a long time"


she couldn't stop herself from not smiling broadly at his childish stupid behavior, "he really was the best thing in her life" she thought


totally melted by his childish sweet behavior she happily said "tomorrow we will do whatever u want happy"


feeling her hands encircling around his neck he smiled "no its fine if u wanna fully bankrupt me tomorrow"


hitting him with the cushion  "u moron i have enough money to shop for myself and any way i dont wanna shop tomorrow we will do whatever u want"


a shameless smiled found a way to his lips "whatever i want, ur sure"


understanding his double talks, slight colour came on her face...pinching his arm badly "u r sick armaan"


feeling the slight pain becoz of the pinch and making a puppy face "but this sick guy loves u and u hate him right"


"hmmm let me think...actually...to be frank" seeing his hopeful face she gave him a cheeky smile "i do...love u loads...unfortunately" n started laughing


saying "unfortunately huh" he began tickling her wherever her skin was exposed


feeling the tickle she tried hard to resist but she couldn't stop laughing loudly


"armaan stop" she managed to say but saw it was no affect on him


seeing her fruitful laugh armi smiled and continued to tickle her

enjoying the beautiful sight and the sound of her laughter which was the best music to his ear






Feeling his hand on her shoulder she questioned him as they walked out of the hospital tired and totally exhausted "Rahul what u think they must have confessed by now"


he looked at her tired face, "see armi requested keerti aunty to let him go with ridz soo mostly i think they must have confessed... N he wanted sometime alone with her"


resting her head on his chest walking in the parking lot, she mumbled "hmmm i hope soo"


seeing rahul opening the car for her she smiled at his loving nature, excitedly informed him "it will be fun teasing them naa"


closing the door he agreed with the same excitement "yea it will be"


but only time knew they were wrong, when AR will be back they will receive biggest shock


they will be shocked seeing their whole plan has been turned upside down


something unexpected will happen...which they do not choose to welcome






throwing her blanket aside she stood up at night 3 a clock


walking around for sometime atlas ridz sat down again on the bed


seeing him sleeping peacefully with a small smile stuck on his charming face she smiled


seeing him more and more she recollected but the past movements...the close dance (she laughed slightly remembering how they were lost and how they tried to cover up)


as she looked more and more at his peaceful face she recollected how he had slept in her lap in lonawala  and how she she was starring at him


suddenly something stuck her mind at that movement, something which shouldn't have, something which would not be good for RM


"how did muskaan n rahul knew i was starring at him that day or he was starring at me...


...we two were alone then how come they knew about this incident?" question aroused inside her mind


after thinking about it for a while, when things still seemed to be under wrap...under cover she started shaking armi


to wake him up from his sleep...to bring him back to his present world


pulling the blanket over him, in a sleepy tone he answered "dumbo we r not in mumbai then how can u expect me to take u to lonawala at night 3...hav u lost it?"


already irritated and frustrated from the questions arising inside her she pulled the cover "ahhh u moron i know we r not in mumbai...get up i have some urgent work with u"


looking at the displayed time on the clock kept on the side table he yawned n question "at this hr?"


"yes" she bluntly said... not wanting to waste a min more to unlock the questionery book inside her


"oh do u wanna do something" he mischievous, shamelessly asked sitting beside her with a broad grin stuck on his face


seeing he was holding her hand and playing with her fingers she replied to his double meaning talk absent mindedly "yes i want to... Im trying to do this from an hr...but without u i will not be able to do"


he narrowed his eyes questioning "yea how can u do this alone"


listening to his last statement she pulled her hand from his angrily asked "wat do u mean, i cant figure out things all alone"


seeing she was lost in something within... looking disturbed he got serious leaving his mischief mood aside


turning her face towards him, giving a confused look "figure out things?"


after listening to her patiently he signed "ur right how did they know all this"


rolling her eye "thats what im asking u"


thinking for a while "wait a sec u were not the one who had planted a secret bug in my car"


not understanding one word of his she got more irritated and frustrated "bug? Ur car? Wat non sense is this now"


ignoring her question he continued "now i got it... they had planted that, i thought it was u who planted it"





sitting in the car, tapping his legs armi yelled "basket come fast we r getting late"


seeing no sign of her still he started checking the cds in the car


suddenly his eyes dropped on the hidden bug


"wats this, bug? In my car?" he mumbled with a shock


thinking for a while he said to himself  "this stupid gurl must have only planted it, mein isko choduga nahi"


listening to his last two words "kisko nahi chodoge"


quickly hiding the bug he looked at her "tumhe, how much time u take"


making a puppy face n pressing the button to listen to hear some music "sorry i was finding the file"


*end of flashback*


recollecting the day and folding her arm…. Totally annoyed by him… "y did u thought i did that"


pinching her nose affectionately "becoz ur always upto some mischief"


feeling his hand on her waist pulling her closer to him, she smiled "soo u dont like that"


kissing her lightly on her hair "no actually i love it...but y ur still awake"


she signed "im not sleepy"


thinking of doing his favorite thing ie bugging her...looking at her he giggled "after shopping for 6-7 hrs also ur not tired my my ur soo full of energy"


listening to him she gave him "did I shop for only me " look angrily


seeing her anger rising he grinned "ok ok im starting it again, waise don't u think someone else also was with rahul-muski...i mean they knew everything about us"


ignoring his question she questioned "armaan that day they had called us for dinner first at their place naa?"


recollecting the day "yea then suddenly rahul called me up and asked to meet them at restaurant"


after an hr of discussion they got into a conclusion that everything was planned and there was someone else too with RM


"but who?" armi wondered while ridz was thinking about something else


something which armi was unknown to...something which no one can think of


something weird, totally weird


looking at armi she smiled n continued thinking of her weird thing


while armi was mentally trying to crack the missing link...the master mind behind all this



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it is said empty mind is devil's house but some people's filled brain too can be devil's house always upto some devilish things


being a prankster and wicked soul a plan...a prank popped inside her wicked mind followed by a devilish smile on her lips


getting bugged when he couldn't get the hold of actual person armi looked at her to ask her did she understood who is the missing link


seeing a wicked smile on her lips and absorbed within armi understood something is cooking inside her devilish brain cells


as he looked at her more and more, he saw her displaying different expression sometime smiling sometime frowning or sometime laughing slightly or sometime a thinking smile


it was as if she was visualizing her prank...mentally forming the plan


"life would be a roller coaster ride for sure all thanks to her" he thought


"a ride which will have fun, romance, everything...never a dull  movement will arise if she is by my side...a gurl who is full of fun...who loves to enjoy life to the fullest" he mumbled to himself


seeing some loose soft like petals hair strands were disturbing her, he quickly tucked them behind her ear


feeling his hands brushing, tickling her face and ear slightly she looked at him finally coming out of her dreamy plans


seeing him smiling at her lovingly she reduced the little distance between them...sitting very close to him...making it a pt even a needle cannot accommodate between them


"wats cooking??"


seeing he understood wats going inside her she passed a shiny smile at him


pulling her into his lap he started hearing her patiently


seeing excitement was dripping from her voice he chucked n mumbled "roller coaster ride" and started laughing as his mind visualized her plan


"from where do u get this ideas" he finally asked her as she sat there waiting for a respond from him with keen looks


seeing she was tapping her finger on the edge of her forehead and sticking out her tongue indirectly saying from brain, which u dont have, dramatically he answered back "yeah yeah u only have brain...others have nothing"


seeing he got up from the bed she took hold of his wrist "where r u going"


feeling her hand took hold of his wrist he turned around and pressing her hand slightly "coming in a min baba"


seeing he smiled at her she unwrapped his wrist announcing "i thought u got angry"


turning back he signaled "me and angry...no...not at all"


getting up from the bed she looked at him searching something in his bag "wat r u searching"


pulling his cd collection pouch he announced with a broad smile "mile gaya"


inserting the cd in the music player he smiled


instantly turning to face her he smiled while taking hold of her hand "dance??"


feeling he wrapped his arms around her waist while she looked at the clock displaying 5 a clock time she questioned "now?? Dont u think we should go off to sleep or else we will go off to sleep in the seminar"


Saanson Ko Saanson Mein Dalne Do Zara (male)


throwing her arms around his neck she swinged with him while she heard him assuring her "dont worry we will have a hot coffee and go"



Saanson Ko Saanson Mein Dalne Do Zara

Dheemi Si Dhadkan Ko Badne Do Zara

Lamho Ki Guzarish Hai Yeh Paas Aa Jaaye


seeing he pulled her closer to him she smiled while his heart beat was heard by her soo clearly now "u will make it"



Hum... Hum Tum...

Tum... Hum Tum...


"ofcourse" pausing for some seconds he looked at her as she looked keen to listen to his rest of the answer "not, i will order it….listening to his answer she laughed with him



Aankhon Mein Humko Utharne Do Zara

Baahon Mein Humko Pighalne Do Zara

Lamho Ki Guzarish Hai Yeh Paas Aa Jaaye



looking into his eyes, feeling his warm hands  around her waist she felt her body melting in his arms faster than an ice cream usually melts



Hum... Hum Tum...

Tum... Hum Tum...


feeling his cheeks brushing hers she closed her eyes letting the time take over her



Saanson Ko Saanson Mein Dalne Do Zara

Salvatein Kahin Karwatein Kahin

Phel Jaaye Kajal Bhi Tera


seeing she was smiling while her eyes were shut a smile found a way to his lips too...as he looked at her more and more he felt he was sinking



Nazron Mein Ho Guzar Tha Hua

Khwabon Ka Koi Khafila


sinking more deeply in the sea of love...sinking with her innocence, naughtiness, sweetness...with all her shades of nature and beauty



Jismo Ko Ruho Ko Jale Do Zara

Sharmo Khaya Ko Machalne Do Zara


Feeling their lips brushing something while swinging in each other's arms they felt the time going numb that movement


Lamho Ki Guzarish Hai Yeh Paas Aa Jaaye (female)

Hum... Hum Tum...(female)

Tum... Hum Tum...(male)

Saanson Ko Saanson Mein Dalne Do Zara(male)


seeing her eyes were closed enjoying the closeness he released his one hand around her



Choolon Badan Magar Iss Tarah

Jaisa Surila Saaz Ho


feeling his fingers roaming in her long hair, brushing it…slowly slowly now roaming on her face she smiled



Hum Hai Re Chupe Tere Zulf Mein

Kholo Ke Raat Azaad Ho


seeing she is smiling feeling his fingers linger on her face he smile while his fingers finally made their way on her lips… as she felt his finger caressing her lips she opened her eyes as her lips slightly trembled



Aanchal Ko Seene Se Dhalne Do Zara

Shabnam Ki Boondein Phisalne Do Zara


looking at him she felt he was lost in her arms...in her love just lost...not caring or thinking about anything else now



Lamho Ki Guzarish Hai Yeh Paas Aa Jaaye

Hum... Hum Tum...

Tum... Hum Tum...(female)


"arm...armaan" she whispered in melting tone seeing his eyes full of love and passion


Saanson Ko Saanson Mein Dalne Do Zara(male)

Bahon Mein Humko Pighalne Do Zara (female)

Lamho Ki Guzarish Hai Yeh Paas Aa Jaaye (male)


instantly they both drew closer to each other and locked their lips


Hum... Hum Tum ...

Hum... Hum Tum ...


the kiss was gentle not demanding electrifying and full of love n  passionate...it seemed that it would never end...the craving they felt within all these days was finally fulfilled...


Hum... Hum Tum ...

Hum... Hum Tum ...

Hum... Hum Tum ...


finally the long kiss ended…n their lips parted…seeing her innocent eyes dropped down n automatically a slight red hue rose on her cheeks he smiled while she went forward n hugged him tightly letting herself 2 sink whispering "i love u"





Walking out from their final meeting she looked at him while saying "armaan im thinking of bankrupting u today in a different way"


seeing listening to her he narrowed his eye brow questioning her "wats playing in ur mind now"


one thing he understood shopping is not today's agenda by the cheeky look on her face


while she was dead sure he would love her today's plan...giggling slightly she informed him "how about dessert safari"


pressing her hand he excitedly n happily said "sounds gr8 dumbo"


finally they selected the over night desert safari...according to it their safari ride will start in the late afternoon 4 a clock and they will be back in the hotel next day morning 9 a clock


after changing into informal cloths ridz walked down at the reception where armaan was waiting for her


she wore light blue denim capris and black simple t-shirt with her new nike sports shoes which she brought a day back while her hair was wrapped in a hair band


seeing she didn't take much time for a change he smiled


finally sitting in the four wheeler vehicle they were ready 2 see the golden sand dunes of Arabia….2 experience the trill of a lifetime…2 experience a roller coaster ride on the sand dunes


feeling the car taking a upward route on the hot sand armaan wrapped an arm around her shoulder 2 secure her if all she feels scared


seeing the modern day cars sailing the waves of sand in this safari n the beautiful look outside they smiled n laughed 2gether…she wasn't scared but yea she liked his hand wrapped around her shoulder


enjoying fully the current phase of their life holding each others hands…enjoying the ups n downs on the sandy hills





leaning her head on his chest while sitting in between his legs, just in front of him ridz was enjoying the belly dance performance…she was fully enjoying it.


Wrapping his arm around her waist armi too was enjoying the fantastic dance the arab gurl was doing…he was also amused seeing ridz didn't mind him seeing the dance…she looked quite chilled out


Thinking he was too lucky 2 hav such a kool life partner he smiled n looked ahead 2 enjoy the time with her


After a while Seeing her eyes were fixed on the belly dancer armaan chucked as his wicked mind just went on "Switch On" mode


looking at her n making perfect not-so-good-habit look "chi chi chi" seeing her head tilted towards him he continued "tumko sharam nahi aati ladki hokar ladki ko aakhein fard fard kar dekh rahi ho"


seeing a smirk on his face she passed a sarcastic smile "sangat ka aasar hai...kya karu abhi sharam nahi aati hai"


seeing he knot his eye brows up she smiled "waise if u dont mind i can see some nice sexy guys too"


seeing she was also ready for some fun and teasing session he chucked while she waited for his answer back "go one babes becoz u can only see them no one will be fallen head over heels for u"


seeing the little anger on her face he smiled n continued "by ur lucky fortune i have fallen"


listening to his second half talk she smiled


seeing he was smiling cheekily and looking ahead with a mischievous grin pasted on his face she understood he was enjoying this teasing chat "oh hello i can make any guy run behind me very easily understood...do u wanna see"


looking at the belly dancer he felt her eyes on him "in ur dreams"


as he turned to look at her he heard her challenging "once we return to mumbai i will show 10 guys running behind me within 5 days"


sitting in the same position hands wrapped around her he challenged back "k i will show 20 gurls"


"30 guys"


"40 girls"


"50 guys"




after a while "200 guys"


"225 gurls"


as their mind registered wat they r doing they finally said 2gether "bahut zadaa ho gaya naa" n burst out laughing at their over do teasing sessions 2day




sitting in between the huge bed almost surrounded by her huge shopping she started instructing him as he was laying her lap "armaan now listen dont over do anything and yea dont under do anything...everything is set...he will be there on time, i had a talk with him and...blah blah"


"armaan….armaan" voice boomed n brought armaan back 4m his trance…trance where he was busy starring her with loads of love…not giving importance 2 her instructions at all…all the instructions given from hr were a total waste


nudging him 2 get off 4m her lap she gave him a cold look "u moron wat were u doing…I was talking 2 u from hr."


looking at her lovingly n taking her hand in his "nothing much…jus showering u with slight love"


smiling at him she ordered him "ahhh mr malik I would love 2 see ur love in a different form"




listening 2 "help me 2 pack these stuff" he frowned getting up from his lap he sat facing her back… acting like a small child he mumbled "how unromantic"


looking at his childish looks n behavior she went forward pulling his cheeks she announced  "Awwwww…ur  looking cho chweet"


feeling her lips on his cheeks now a smile came running on his lips






Sitting in his seat he looked at her


smiling broadly she was busy reading some novel


looking around he saw a sexy air hostess serving tea/coffee/etc to everyone


seeing she was about to approach them armi looked back at ridz smiled cheeky


dragging her trolley the air hostess questioned "sir wat would u like to have tea or coffee or"


turning her head towards her he interrupted "hmmm...r u in the menu too??...i would love to have u"


listening to his flirting ridz peeped out of her novel looking first at him n then at the young air hostess


seeing a mischievous grin on his face as he winked at her she giggled


looking up, seeing the air hostess was checking out armaan she giggled further n mumbled under her breath in a dramatic tone "Dekhle dekhle...dekhne se woh tera nahi hoga...he is mine"


Jealousy was something she didn't feel at all that movement...she very well knew armaan was by her side only soo y should she be jealous??


Nor she was angry on him for his course of action as healthy flirting is always fine


seeing armi winking at her again she leaned slightly towards him whispering into his ears "armaan how would u like to have her...fried or boiled??"


looking she was giggling he chucked "hmmm...boiled...u see im health conscious"


seeing she rolled her eye at his last statement he continued "listen add some chat masala...to make it tasty"


seeing they were busy whispering into each others ears and laughing she interrupted them after she had finally finished checking armi out "excuse me"


hitting armaan on his arm lightly to stop him joking any more as she felt her stomach started aching...looking up n controlling her laughter "two coffee"


"sure maam" the air hostess politely replied






hearing ridz side talk he smiled, he could feel she was soooo excited "Idiot where r u...wat??...before starting my plan it will come to an end if ur not here within 5 mins...k bye"


pushing her mobile inside her jeans she turned towards armaan giving him a hole hearted excited smile "he will be here within few mins"


mumbling "if not hitler will kill her" he pushed the trolley while she walked besides him


suspecting him as she heard him mumbling something she questioned while running her hand into her hair "wat u just said now"


seeing she got a idea wat he said with a  innocent look "me??...nothing...mein kuch bol sakta hu"


wrapping her open hair in a rubber band she looked around to find the a familiar face mumbling "whatever"






seeing armi approaching them muski waved him her hand saying "hey armaan"


seeing them armi smiled, he knew his plan would work out...when he had called from there asking them if they can pick them up as keerti mom has gone to lonawala orphanage for a day or two and sapna is busy at sangivni, they had agreed within a min


seeing ridz did not come out with him rahul questioned "ridz kaha hai"


looking around he announced "ahhh...she is coming in a min"


listening to muski's question "soo u guys had fun there?"


thinking what they wanted has happened and wat they didnt want that too happened he smiled "yea we three had fun together"


"three??" RM said together in chorus, hearing to it armi chucked




after giving 5 mins long final instructions she ordered "hold me by my waist"


looking strangely at her he shook his head "armaan will get angry"


holding his hand she placed it on her waist saying "no he is not a insecure possessive jerk"


seeing she placed his hand around her waist he heard her saying "dont forget to say i love u to me before u leave"


seeing he nodded she continued to walk out of the airport with him saying "n yea also tell me u will miss me loads"






seeing ridz coming out with a guy...he was holding her by her waist while she was smiling and laughing with him RM looked back at armaan with a questioners look


"ahh he is her BF yaar" controlling his laughter after seeing the drastic change in their expression he continued "dont they look cute together????"


seeing RM expression AR understood they just got a 100 Degree shock or rather 1000 Degree shock


seeing their plan going upside down their jaw dropped...eyes popped out


pinching herself muski confirmed she is not dreaming


seeing RM's eyes were fixed on Ridz and his pretending Bf armi winked at ridz followed by lipsing 'i love u'


witnessing his wink n lipsing 'i love u' she smiled at him


seeing RM not longer looking at her and his pretending bf but at each other she grabbed the opportunity quickly winking at armi followed by liping a kiss


standing opposite to RM now ridz addressed them with a broad smile stuck on his face "hey guys"


seeing ridz's happiness covered face RM thought "may be she really loves this guy...she looks sooooo so happy"


but they weren't fully wrong she was really happy...actually really really happy but becoz of the person standing besides rahul ie armi not next to her



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Seeing their mouth ALMOST still hanging n face had almost paled  ridz giggled further


her stomach was paining very badly all becoz she was controlling her laughter


she felt her stomach is right now like a balloon... like balloon keeps air inside, she has kept her giggling n laughter inside...she wanted to burst out laughing...but she couldn't spoil her plan


she glanced at armi indirectly saying do something i cant control


he mentally laughed at her condition while her pretend bf was smiling at RM...as if showing he is a good guy and madly in love with the gurl who is in his arms


which made the movement more Difficult for AR especially for ridz...she wanted to laugh, jump, dance, shout (saying her plan is successful) seeing RM's face but a part of her heart felt bad too for playing this mind games with people who brought her n armi close


before she could even thinking of ruining this drama, rahul found his voice back "hi ridhima"


which certainly brought ridz back to present world...pushing her thoughts out of her mind, smiling at RM she grabbed his pretending bf's hand, "MEET MY ANGAD"


extending his hand angad smiled


shaking hands rahul smiled weakly "hi angad"


while muski's eyes fell on something which gave her another big shock and a confirmation that ridz n angad r a couple






Believing armi words RM now thought angad was with them in dubai thats concludes (according to them) armi wanted to go with ridz to dubai soo that angad and ridz could spent some nice sometime together alone which would be difficult if keerti would be there


sitting in the drivers seat rahul gave a faint smile to muski who sat in the passenger seat while ridz took the center seat of the back seat as angad n armi both sat besides her


since they knew angad was also with them in dubai they politely had asked him if he wants a ride to his place which acted as a topping to their mischievous plan


the starting mins of the car ride was silent...there was no sound as if someone has just died


RM were lost in the land of thoughts...trying to DIGEST what they heard n saw now...trying to understand wat is going on...questioning themselves do AR love each other or not??...the perfect acting done by three of them surely hit RM, confused them for sure


plus some things which were not part of their plan also played for them indirectly and ofcourse unknowingly


"she was wearing a locket on which it was written AR, that means A for angad and R for ridhima" muski mumbled under her breath


it depends on us how we see certain stuff, in muski's case she saw it in completely wrong light


totally ignoring A stands for armaan too


while muski had almost digested the fact, rahul was still facing difficulty in digesting the stuff


seeing RM lost in their world of thoughts from last 5 mins armi grinded


as his eyes traveled to ridz he saw her smiling faintly and holding her stomach with one hand,


how much she wished to burst out seeing the lost look on RM's face he only knew, controlling her laughter was really very difficult for her


seeing angad looking at RM's faces as if studying it he giggled further


suddenly a thought entered his mischievous brain which widened his smiled naturally


feeling his warm fingers on edge of her waist under her short pink kurti her eyes grew wide while skipping a beat


seeing she went slight red armi tickled ridz slightly and naughtily enjoying her soft skin touch


feeling her throat drying and her body shivering she took a deep breath to calm herself


feeling armi pinched her mischievously she yelled with a cry "ouch, STOP IT"


hearing her rahul immediately applied the brakes plus came out from the land of thoughts


armi with drew his hands away seeing rahul was about to turn his face


muski, angad looked at ridz with a confused expression


listening to rahul's question "wat happened ridz" armi smilingly mumbling "ab kya bologi"


"aa...i was not...not telling u...i was telling a mosquito who just bite me" rubbing her hand to make her acting perfect she continued "that too very badly...i will kill that mosquito if he tries 2 bite me again"


RM, Angad understood it is a plain lie by her tone only


angad understood that mosquito is armaan while RM thought it was angad


this small naughtiness by armi certainly made rahul realize angad-ridz is really a couple...it certainly helped him to digest the false truth laid in front of him






entering sapna's room around 1 a clock armi announced "hello gurls"


seeing the sight in front of him he rolled his eyes


all bags were open...all shopping stuff was here and there...to be precise the whole room was a total mess


seeing they didn't even acknowledged him he mumbled "gurls"


not known to the fact that ridz did saw him but wanted to have some fun


seeing armi walking towards them from the corner of her eyes she smiled n continued showing sapna all the stuff "sapna see this perfume"


smelling the perfume sprinkled on her wrist "ridz its nice yaar"


seeing armi standing in front of hem folding his hand across his chest with a annoyed expressed ridz suppressed her giggle "hey bro when did u come"


finally looking a him with a innocent expression she sided sapna but mischief evident in her eyes "yea when u came??"


sitting besides her n opposite of sapna he whispered " nataunki, actor"


seeing ridz was giggling, sapna looked at her with a confused expression "wat is making u laugh"


interrupting hem wih a evil smile he looked a ridz "ahh i came here to inform u both angad is coming home now"


listening to him sapna looked up not believing wat she heard "at this hr??"


secretly wrinkling at ridz he informed sapna "yea...just like that only"


hearing the door bell rang sapna announced thinking they must be tired "i will open, u two must be tired"


while AR started wrapping the stuff, cleaning the room in short


sitting in the lawn with AR angad picked the coffee "So now wat u guys want to do"


ridz looked at armi who was sitting next 2 him looking lost in some deep thoughts "dont u guys think we r doing wrong with them after all they were the one who"


interrupting her armi looked at her "ur right but my six sense says someone else is too evolved with them"


ridz n angad very well knew armi's six sense can never be wrong, ridz passed a smile at him saying k we will continue his act while angad questioned continued "whom u wanna find out"


seeing how nicely angad is ready 2 help them out, he smiled at him "yea bro plus"


"ur enjoying this prank" ridz interrupting him knowing exactly wat he was going 2 say


listening 2 her he smiled...felt a happiness inside him seeing she knows him very well


angad announced seeing their love infront of his eyes, "soo finally we r continuing this act"


holding ridz hand he smiled evilly "yea and for tomorrow my plan is simple yet sharp"


glancing at hem he continued "in the evening when we will be with RM, angad u have to come in sangivni secretly puncher their car"


seeing their confused expression he continued "and then i will take them for a ride which will be full of fun...a ride of surprises and shocks...a ride to a place which will shock them more...a ride in which i will do stuff which will confuse them more"






entering the room she announced loudly "im ready" seeing he was standing in front of mirror combing his hair she smiled n continued happily "before u"


turning behind he looked at her...she was looking simple n elegant in a pair of purple shirt and slim fit jeans leaving her hair open


seeing she walked towards him he smiled n continued to comb his hair "wow i thought now i will have to yell for 15 mins may be then u would be ready in half an hr"


seeing her slight annoyed expression he chucked...leaning on the edge of the dresser she mumbled something


bending towards her he smiled...kissing her cheeks he whispered "sorry i was just kidding yaar, u must be knowing naa"


"i know but then too u better be sorry" she softly said looking at him with a slight smile playing on her lips


standing besides him now she smiled broadly seeing their reflection on the mirror while armi applied some perfume on him


"we definitely look good together" she thought


looking at his reflection she chucked "someone is looking smart today"


admiring himself he proudly announced "thanks...i know i always look smart"


smiling evilly, keeping her hand on her waist "im talking about myself not u...am i not looking smart today?"


"now u should be sorry"


smiling at him she denied cheekily "u only told naa no sorry no thanks" witnessing his slight annoyed expression she continued "k i will give u something else instead of sorry, will do"


he almost threw the perfume on the dresser "naake aur puch puch (y r u asking, give give)"


pulling her by her waist he smiled "give"


understanding his true intention she smiled slight shyly "no im not talking about that...leave me i wanna give u something else"


behaving like a true baby he tighten the grip "no but i want a kiss"


trying 2 loosen the grip she teased him "not now we r getting late for sangivni"


seeing his luck wasn't by his side he frowned, as her words registered he smiled   "sangivni, ahh there will be rahul and muskaan also naa i will tell them everything"


she signed seeing he was blackmailing her now, knowing the fact whatever happens he wouldn't do that, with total confident "k then i will help u, dont worry"


seeing his blackmailing didn't work he frowned


seeing his frowned look n his face she smiled at her victory


as she couldn't see his frowned expression she leaned n kissed his cheeks softly


feeling her lips on his cheeks he smiled


pinching her nose n kissing it lightly "good gurl...now lets go"


picking up his watch he went ahead to tie it around his wrist when suddenly


ridz pulled his watch from his hand n placed a small box wrapped with a silver wrapper in his hand


reading the small note "love u loads" on it he smiled


looking up he gave her a questioning look, she smiled saying "just like that only"


wearing the new pair of watch she brought, he smiled while she informed him "i picked this up from dubai only when u got frustrated n left the shop to chill outside"


seeing he still didn't say anything it about the watch she continued "if u didn't like it, give it to me back"


walking out of he room he knocked his eye brows "and wat will u do with it, its not a ladies watch"


thinking for a while she smiled broadly "i will...will give it to my bf angad"


chucking, smiling he whispered in her ears "pretending bf"... she giggled n nodded, never in her wildest dream she thought one day she will be having a pretending bf


"no its wonderful" he exclaims, wrinkling at her he continued "u buy another for ur so-called-bf"




Sitting opposite to armi in her cabin ridz's eyes were fixed on the screen of the laptop...completely engrossed in her laptop


"DUMBO will u stop playing ur stupid game" while looking quite bore


"ahh two mins more" said as sweetly as she could, not wanting to make him to angry


"this is the fourth or fifth time ur asking for two mins"


seeing she didn't bother to reply at all or look at him once in last 10 mins  "Dammit...y dont u remove ur eyes n insert it inside the laptop only"


she chucked "nice idea...but u will have to help me to remove them" grinning she continued knowing he wasn't angry jus frustrated at her game "and plz smile ur frustrated look doesn't suit u"


seeing that without even looking up she knew wat expression he had he smiled n heard her mumbling while her eyes still hadn't left the screen "good...thats like a good boy...i love u for this"


"ur two mins r over" seeing she opened her mouth to ask for another set of two mins he loudly warned her "don't u dare ask for more two mins"


with a grin ridz shrugs still playing the game "k then three mins"


finally getting from the chair he walked towards her saying "i didn't have my lunch...so that i can spent sometime with u and u r playing this game"


hearing someone knocked the door he turned while ridz ordered to come in


seeing the peon/ward boy coming in and keeping the tray of sandwiches and coffee on the small table armi couldn't stop himself from smiling


smiling while thinking how much well she knew him...knew he would be hungry...and somehow didn't wish to go to the filled canteen today


seeing no longer she was glued to the laptop screen but jumping up and down he shook his head thinking 'has she lost it'


before he could say anything she threw her arms around him announcing with lights of joy n happiness in his ear...but slightly loud for his poor ear "i won...yipee yipee...hurray"


hugging her back he struggled not to laugh much seeing her childish behavior






finishing the sandwich tapping her tummy "im full...so now moron u can go on have my coffee too"


seeing he smiled at her while sitting right besides her she smiled back saying "u know wat i somehow feel ur plan is risky...its not that im sacred of risky plans but u know they may understand we"


cutting her in between he took her hand in his n reassured her in a different style "tell me one thing y didn't u figure out RM's plan before...y soo late"


seeing her thoughtful expression he smiled at her "k let me guess that time u were trapped within...u were busy trying to compensate wat exactly u feel for me or rather was trying to solve the confusing puzzle...same goes for me...EXACTLY SAME WILL HAPPEN WITH THEM...


they will never realize all this is a plan and when they do realize our work will be done" seeing she nodded with a smile while pressing his hand he pinched her nose saying "understood dum dum dumbo"


smiling excitedly "i can't wait to see the expressions on their face, dont u thing it will be something worth seeing" seeing he nodded in reply n looked at his watch she smiled


seeing the time indicating...its duty time kissing her hand slightly he left her cabin while ridz went back to the files




as the sun withdrew his rays from the planet earth and moon came with its beautiful light time came for action...time came for armi's plan...time came for some fun


the day was wonderful for RM as they didn't see AR much


no this wasn't the plan...


since ridz wanted to save her energy for evening she appeared less in front of them plus thanks to the trip she had loads of file work becoz of which most of her day went in her cabin only


and armi was too busy with a surgery in the afternoon and rounds in the morning


walking in the parking alot muski smiled at a news which she heard a couple of hrs back "rahul u know wat" seeing he looked at her curiously she announced "keerti aunty will be back by tomorrow evening"


seeing rahul signed a relief she continued "i think aunty is the only one who can do something now"


a thought popped in rahul's mind...mumbling 'jealousy' he smiled n looking at muski, " muskaan jealousy is the only way we find out they love each other or not"


he further questioned "was armi jealous seeing ridz in angad's arms??"


racking her brain cells she tried to remember but failed "i didn't notice him"


rahul chucked talking hold of her hand "like me u were busy looking at angad-ridz"





phase one was successful...RM found their car punched and AR offered them lift


sitting in the car with RM,AR had a mysterious smile on their face


"ohhk angad...yea we will be there...ofcourse as u say...i will bring muskaan n rahul too...love u too" listening to ridz's one side talk armi smiled while sitting behind RM looked at each other thinking "now wat??"


after lots of pleading by AR, RM agreed going for a dinner tonight with three of them


not knowing they r going into a lion's den which wouldn't be a good place for them AT ALL


seeing the place they have landed RM got shocked


knowing the fact they couldn't back out now they passed a fake smile to them


seeing angad walked towards them gave a hug to ridz shook hands with armi muskaan tried to give a proper fake smile


as angad shook hands with rahul angad mentally noted all the dos and don't ridz told him n announced  "im glad u both could make it...i just wanted thank u guys for the ride yesterday" "nice restaurant naa...this is one of my fav"


all RM could do in return looking at the same restaurant they had brought AR now was smile...a fake smile...




Walking towards on the round shape stylish modern table ridz mentally thought where exactly she should sit


according to her 'a place exactly opposite to RM so that they could see her mind-blowing acting from the perfect angel and between both her bfs would be best'


seeing RM took their seat ofcourse next to each other she grabbed the chair almost opposite to them while indicating armi to sit on the empty seat between her and muski leaving a spare chair between her and rahul for angad who was parking the car




walking towards their table angad smiled ...bending slightly n bringing his hand out "ridz lets Dance"


keeping her hand in his she smiled n winked at armi silently which went unnoticed by RM "as u say"


walking towards the dance floor hand in hand they smiled seeing their plan going very well...holding ridz by her waist angad whispered "this song is for u from armaan"


song played was ek din tere rahon mein from film naqaab


seeing them dancing soo closely RM were shocked...as if someone has just dropped a big rock on their head


while armi was having his glass of wine and enjoying their dance


he knew according to RM  R-AN were dancing very closely but only if they could see with his eyes they would realize they weren't dancing that closely compare to the last two dances he had done with ridz


infact they were very smartly talking quietly which only he could see but for RM they were lost in each others eyes...arms....in a new world where they two were only there


flashes of AR's dance on the same dance floor knocked RM's senses


how much they wished to run from there but they just couldn't


silently watching them from the corner of his eyes plus remembering their dance, their close proximity armi smiled


remembering their parking alot conversation RM looked at armaan


to see if there is any trance of jealousy lying on his face after Seeing ridz-angad's close dance that too on the same dance floor????


seeing there wasn't even even a single trance of jealousy...infact he looked totally chilled out, relaxed and was smiling broadly...looking quiet happy...they frowned


'how could he not be jealous???? If he loves her he should be, atleast slightly' They thought


he wasn't jealous but yes he did wished or wanted to dance with her right now...replace angad right now...


'i can dance with her at home too, away from every1' he thought n smiled sheepishly


plus he knew or rather had seen ridz seeing him from time to time from the corner of eyes


'yes she is in angad's arms but can't friends share a dance together??' well this is wat RM forgot or AR made them forget this reality


getting up from his seat he question RM "I will be bak in a min, I need a glass of wine...u guys need anything" seeing they shook their head negatively he smiled n walked away


ridz had just finished telling angad the whole dance episode of last time after he asked him 2 dozen times in last 2 mins


listening to the whole dance episode he chucked while they danced in each other's arms "whao...it would have been a free show for everyone if all u guys had kissed"


seeing RM were busy talking to each other and armaan was listening to their conversation from behind the pillar she looked at angad mumbling 'free show huh' and next second hit his foot with her high heels smiling cheekily and with innocent look she questioned "do u want to say anything more huh"


trying 2 calm himself as he felt the pain on his poor foot he declared "gosh ur still evil"


"thanks but no thanks for ur compliment" she answered while wondering wat is armi doing behind pillar


"wat r u thinking muski" rahul questioned seeing muski lost somewhere


seeing his husband's concern she smiled holding his hand he said "armaan was not at all jealous...ridz is dancing with angad soo closely seems to be lost in the dance...see she looks soo happy today even more than that day"


remembering muski's words, he also witnessed the pendant today n felt dishearted seeing them dancing infront of his eyes "plus that pendant...i think lets just enjoy the time tomorrow we will speak to her about wat next to do"


seeing they were happy without each other muski signed with little disappointment "or dump this plan if they r happy like this only...tomorrow we three will decide the future of"


hiding behind the pillar armi could hear their conversation but not properly all thanks to the loud music but he did got a confirmation...that his six sense was right once again


how much he wished now to confront them and end this once and for all...he would get the name tonight but he knew RM would refuse all this plan n third person thing


seeing RM stopped talking as he took the seat next to them, innocently he asked "wat were u guys talking about...as u both saw me u guys stopped"


listening 2 armi, muski smiled n rahul in attempt 2 diffuse the situation answered bak "nothing jus"


thinking of giving one more shock 2 hem armi questioned once again "let me guess...about me and dumbo...about the dance we did here last time"


not able 2 stop herself anymore muski asked him in a no non sense tone "u dont love her"


he smiled taking a sip from his wine glass he answered "i love her as a friend ONLY and angad loves her as a lover" emphasizing on the word only n mumbled 'just change the name upside down'


seeing the sad smile on their face he mentally smile n continued "anyways last time here we were going to kiss each other becoz...atmosphere was soo romantic...she is sexy and im hot soo we just got carried away"


looking ahead n back at them he questioned "anyways forget the past dont they look perfect together??...im planning a surprises engagement ceremony for them, isn't it a nice idea??"


now used to the shocks their jaw didn't drop but yea they were taken back "yes its a nice idea" rahul answered for both of them with a fake smile


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 PART 25


As the night became darker...the dinner almost came to an end


the surrounding tables were getting deserted too...the shiny stars was mingling with the smiling moon and the dark clouds stood behind them as a background making them look perfect


armi smiled n excused himself for a min...he had noticed a silent grin on ridz face...as she left saying she needs to go to wash room...that movement it seemed as if she is going to grab a Kohinoor that too at a nothing price


finally finding her he signed opening the passenger door of his car, "wat r u doing here??" she asked seeing him suddenly


gesturing her to let him sit he retorted "this should be my question"


smiling at him she sat in his lap...as armi sat in her place still looking puzzled and confused "i and angad thought of playing their tricks on them only" she informed pointing towards the bug


leaning on him, making herself comfortable she continued while armi wrapped his arms around her waist "hopefully the last trick of all this...gosh im tried of this plus u know it isn't right to fool them, they did soo much for us"


seeing she was hiding the bug in between the pile of CD's he smiled "smart gurl...staying with me even ur brain has started working"


"yea right...anything else" she sarcastically mumbled while closing her eyes, feeling him near her...smelling his toxic perfume "do we really need to go inside" she asked not wanting to let go of this precious movement


he smiled holding her waist more tightly while looking at her face glowing as she was still leaning on him "lets just tell them the facts, all problem will be solved"


shaking her head, opening his eyes suddenly she jerked up "NOO, i wanna who is the sweet stranger, i wanna thank who soo ever he or she is"


"ohhk" kissing her cheeks lightly he smiled seeing she was smiling "come on lets go...or else angad will kill us"





"nice plan guys...hopefully this will end today" sitting in angad's car armi announced while thinking...


...if all RM spell out the person's name while traveling back to their home in his car, all things will be sorted out tomorrow morning


convincing RM to take his car while angad would drop him and ridz was a bit difficult but not impossible


"im tired" ridz mumbled while laying down comfortably on the back seat


"from whom?? armaan??" angad questioned while looking at armi and chucked


seeing she didn't answer back which was unusual they looked back n smiled seeing she fell asleep


"WATT im not getting engaged to ridz at all, not also if its just a fake engagement" angad announced loudly after armi informed him wat he said to RM


patting his shoulder armi shook his head "CHILL DUDE...i just said for fun nothing like that im going to do" throwing his head back armi laughed seeing the sacred look on his face "waise bhi whatever i say will not always happen...if tomorrow i will say im going to be future prime minister...do u think that will also happen??"






as one more hectic day came to an end...AR sat in ridz room holding the bug in their hand while waiting for angad to reach here asap soo that the under cover person could be out for once and for all


opening the door as the bell rang, keerti shook her head seeing angad standing in front of him


remembering the morning conversation with RM at a coffee shop she looked not pleased seeing him over here but somewhere she felt ridz-angad news is fake


hearing "hello aunty" from him she shook her head and welcomed him inside with a smile


still believed something is fishy...something is weird


finally sitting with AR angad switched the TV set on to let the secret out...hopping RM must have atleast said the name once while traveling back



"lets call keerti aunty once we reach home and ask her wat should we do with these stupid people" as muski's voice filled ridz room their eyes grew wide in shock...surprise...amused...amazed...stunned...words were less compare to the latest news they heard

their heart beat jumped up


for the first time in her life she couldn't trust her OWN ears hence ridz replayed it


as she heard it again she got a thunderstruck, dumbstruck shock...her eyes were wide open...face's had paled thinking her aunty did all this...her fast mind and little heart had frozen just couldn't understand it or take it


as she looked at armaan sitting besides her who looked equally taken back


then The room was so silent that you could've heard a pin drop


angad looked at them...to enjoy the precious priceless look...seeing the shook look angad grinned...he surely was having a ball right now or may be more than that


"gosh my mom?? My mom was the head of all this WOWW MAN" armi mumbled under his breath


being the weirdest guy he found the whole thing funny too...picturing how and wat her mother would have done or thought to make her plan successful


as he started picturing her mother and RM's FIRST MEETING he started laughing loudly...deeply...like he has totally lost it...like a maniac nothing else


listening to his loud laugh ridz shook her head nervously who was still trying deal with the facts


as she glanced at him she wondering is he going nuts??? Insane???  seeing he was laying on the bed laughing non-stop...his hands was holding his stomach


angad too looked at armaan with disbelief thinking does he needs to be admitted immediately??


"arm...armaan y r laughing??...ur alright naa??" she asked biting her lips nervously...never in her life she needed 2ask things 4m him as she understood him soo well but 2day her mind was occupied with other thoughts n heart was sinking


"ridz i think usko badhaaaa shock laga hai naa thats y he is confused he should laugh or cry or even try both...i think" as he saw ridz was giving him dirty looks angad left his words hanging there itself n gav a sorry look 2 her


"du...dumbo" seeing colour had disappeared from her face while she looked very tensed, nervous he got up n sat next to her still finally successful in controlling his laughter


"hasson nahi toh kya karu...meri maa meri setting kar wah rahi thi omg just imagine" he said laying in her lap n laughing again


seeing angad too joined armaan and now both were laughing she rolled her eyes mumbling loud enough "y didn't aunty find someone sensible for me??"


as she got up after few mins totally fed becoz of their constant laughing armi pulled her n she landed on his lap


"k ridz think ur muski" pulling her up making her sit back besides angad he and continued pointing one finger at angad "n ur rahul"


pulling a chair he sat down in front of them n continued "n im dr keerti"


"rahul, muskaan mujhe aapne beta ki SETTINGGG karwani hai...will u guys help me??" he dramatically said folding his hands like he was begging in front of them while at the sametime making sure his expressions supported his line properly and mimicking keerti's voice


according to him it sounded as if some match fixing...cricket match


seeing both of them cracking out she hit her forehead she mumbled "DEVILS, MORONS" while wondering 'from which planet r they??' as now their loud laughing sound was bugging hell out of her


n then the two started show casting different style of keerti-RM's first meeting...melodramical style, hitler style, bhaigiri style, business meeting style etc


atlas in the end the room was flooded by one sound only - armi n angad's laughter while ridz sat in middle....seeing armi laughing she couldn't stop herself from smiling finally






After a 30 mins finally armi-angad mission got accomplished...mission of dragging ridz down stairs


knowing keerti was behind all this...she was quiet nervous...embarrassed...or scared


something weird she felt inside her but she couldn't understand wat exactly it is...learning the news that her keerti aunty knew everything about them or rather she planned all this


armi spent soo much energy convincing her...to chill and take things easily


as keerti saw all three entering the kitchen area she smiled as still she couldn't believe wat RM said to her...she had seen the change in AR all these days soo somewhere she felt they were fooling RM but y?? this is wat she still couldn't understand


"i have made ur fav pastas angad its almost ready" she announced seeing angad peering into the pans


"Ur the best mom" armi smiles n saided while giving a sudden warm hug to keerti


keerti looked at him unbelievably thinking wat happ to his son suddenly...she gave a half smile in return while armi continued "and smart too" n grinned in delight


keerti smiled slightly more while getting back to cooking...n soon brushed off her negative thoughts...thought of y sudden hug n sweet words


ridz sat in the dining area quietly seeing armi-keerti hugging...she shook her eye brows as she saw armi winking at her behind the back of keerti


sitting besides the stove on the counter armi chucked seeing ridz still looked uncomfortable and was now biting her nails, "mom ridz wants to thank u"


keerti looked at armi to ridz n questioned "thank me?? For  wat??"


ridz panicked, as armi laughed mentally seeing a new shade of ridz as he never ever seen her like this...soo uncomfortable in front of his mom, armi smiled n decided to answer before ridz "for what u..."


"aunty for making pasta...u know i like them" she interrupted n smiled taking a deep sight of relief


"no not for that for" seeing ridz was holding a glass, almost ready to throw at him he laughed n continued "for everything u see mom...actually she realized how much trouble u take for her or rather becoz of her"


hearing armi ridz mouthed "u have to pay for all this" while angad smiled he really loved their sweet n salty relationship...acc 2 him it was a perfect relationship, sometimes sweet n sometimes salty





(next day canteen)


Ridhima looked at armaan n then ahead at two people whom she was grateful...n 2 whom they jus told the real fact...that she n armi were playing a prank on them....but hided their real intention behind all this prank


the atmosphere seemed as if she has committed some crime...some sin... with armaan and now


they r being interrogated by Dr cum police officer rahul+muskaan


taking a deep breath she signed as muski cleared her throat to start her questioning class


while armi already looked bored knowing next few hrs will go in answering endless questions to RM n rahul looked totally ready to bug them...to seek his revenge


looking at them sitting opposite to him n having their coffee's sip rahul started the interrogation session "K soo tell me where did u guys confessed??"


remembering the beautiful night they smiled...it was still soo fresh in their mind...as fresh as a flower...after all it was the most memorable day of their life, "hotel room" armi said dreamily


pulling her chair around so that she sat just next to armaan she further questioned "ohhk explain in DETAIL the whole confession armaan"


seeing her eagerness to know everything in depth of their new found relationship AR starred at muski unbelievably


reminding himself his conversation with ridz few hrs back where they had decided to keep themselves calm n answer everything as a token of thanks, armi signed "i called her to room and"


listening to this one sentence muski jumped to her endless assumptions...most of them were definitely too filmy for AR "u called?? Good soo u must have decorated the room and all, must have arranged candle light dinner for her naa...thats nice with balloons, music"


ridz's narrows her eye brows thinking y do everyone think of this set up?? She felt really happy seeing armi didn't do such cheeky stuff for her...armi smiled at muski seeing in one second she assumed soo much, "no i did nothing like this at all...we just confessed, i wrapped the pendant around her neck thats it" he said in short not elaborating how they confessed and wat else happened thinking ridz may not like it


listening to him ridz smiled as she really liked his simplicity while RM frowned as they expected something spl done by him but they forgot all AR needed that time was a confirmation...confirmation the love was in both the side...n confess their inner feeling 2 each other


 rahul questioned joining muski "that's it...how rude u didn't do anything special for her"


reaching out ridz took his hand in her n answered back to rahul seeing armi was about to say something "well i don't think i needed those cheesy stuff...im glad he didn't do it...we r different soo was our confession"


seeing armi pressing ridz hand to hold it tightly muski smiled n continued "y were u not jealous when ridz was dancing with angad??"


ridz smiled hearing the question as some how she knew wat answer muski would get in return


rubbing his fingers against her...caressing her fingers slowly with his he smiled at their sweet different relationship "well they r good friends, and i believe if we r carrying on that doesn't mean she can't dance or talk with anyone else...she has her own life soo she can decide wat she wants to do and wat not"


ridz smiled listening to his answer, it was the exact answer which she had in her mind, looking at him she smiled further n added "yea...even he can do whatever he wants"


struggling his shoulder rahul further asked "he can watch gurls now also??"


"well he can't keep his eyes closed all the time" seeing RM frowned she continued ignoring their frowned expression "he was flirting with the air hostess infront of me and i believe healthy flirting is fine plus at the end of the day he is with me only soo wats the problem"


she laughed seeing how taken back they looked n pointed the last thing "yes he knows his limits too soo u see y should i be tensed n add dos and don't for him"


"k next question...." listening 2 muski armi rolled his eyes wondering r they going to write a novel on them


"when did u guys confessed to ur self"

"which places u guys roamed"

"wat r ur future plans"

"wat quality u like n dislike in each other the most"

"how many times u say 'i love u' to each other in a day?"






As morning came up...a new thing knocked at armi's life...which wasn't a nice pleasant one...which would bring a new change in his life and people around him...may be a minor or major...may be a temporary or permanent


seeing his mobile buzzing he addressed the caller without checking the no in his sleepy tone "hello"


"yea this is armaan malik here....yes....no i do remember...." and the not welcome call continued bringing more and more lines of sheer disappointment, tension on his forehead with each passing seconds...while slightly sadness started enveloping his charming face


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As she removed her green cover over her body she looked around to see is he back


from morning she didn't see him nor she knew where he is


"sister lovely" she called out as she saw her walking in the corridor


"Dr armaan came...have u seen her today"


learning from lovely that she saw him talking to Dr keerti when she was in surgery she walked towards keerti's cabin


"dumbo see u at dinner, place ofcourse ur or my room u can choose anyone and dinner prepared by u all exclusively for me good naa?? Actually today is ur test, lets see how nice wife u will be...love u loads, moron"


as she finished reading the letter armi left for her with keerti she smiled slightly but then something caught the attention...armi's traditional smiling smiley wasn't there at the end of the letter...the small letter also said something is wrong which she was feeling from his morning absence


soon she got trapped thinking where is he from morning?? Y didn't he meet her go?? And is everything fine??




as evening came she walked towards the window of her room after getting fresh wearing her new purple tube top and dark blue pair of jeans...looking simply beautiful...she stood there thinking they may go 4 a drive or something 2night


seeing the grill he had attached outside her sliding after she slept on it the other day she laughed but she was


still worried at the corner of her mind for him plus happy too...becoz finally she was meeting him after being away 4 almost a day


"hey" he mumbled while wrapping his arms around her waist...coming suddenly from behind


she tilted her head hearing him n saw him resting his head on her shoulder, SMILING while his eyes were closed...it seemed to her as if he closed them purposely to stop her from reading them


his face looked tired, stressed out, worried and not happy she noticed...his charming smile looked incomplete


"wats wrong??" as she asked directly while placing her hand on his cheeks...he mumbled "nothing just tired"


thinking of asking him later she looked ahead at the white moon and shiny stars who were giving her company in his absence


"how did she find everything in some seconds only??" he thought..."she is such a beautiful part of my life who understands me soo perfectly" he answered to himself n smiled


opening his eyes he saw her looking at the moon...he looked at her trying to memorize every small detail of her face...and he went on starring at her for what seemed like hrs in the end


silence prevailed as they stood together letting themselves just enjoy the current phase of life...she noticed him starring at her from the corner of her eyes numerous times


her shining curls of her long hair and perfume smell was adored by him all this while...her face radiated a glow which made his eyes fixed at her only


while she rested herself on him...leaning on his broad chest and liking his warm strong arms around her small waist...his strong muscular smell...atlas he made her forget everything...all her worries, questions was forgotten by her


as he was still in admiration...admiring her...she titled to look at him...and their eyes meet for a bold long mins...both refused to batter their eye lashes...a warmth rush through their heart...soul...body


tendered love was only thing they felt...time was forgotten by them...and the world around them had faded


as she saw him she saw sheer naughtiness in his eyes and face...no more he looked worried, tired, sad...all these things were transformed into pure love...pure as pearls...pure as love of god towards his devotees


it was then that they couldn't control their raging thoughts, emotions...and all he wanted was to shower her with love becoz soon he would be miles away from her which was a bitter truth he knew but she didn't knew


feeling his lips on her shoulder...kissing her shoulder she looked at him from corner of her eyes as she wasn't the one who closed her eyes and just feel his loving kisses but she also wanted to see the love reflecting on his face while kissing her


his kisses were warm, full of love, magical, passionate pushing her more into the la la land...making her smile more...making her more happy inside


his lips trailing from her shoulder to neck line and then "Ouch" she yelled as she closed her eyes in pain after feeling his love bite


he smiled sheepishly hearing she yelled in pain...feeling his lips were resting on the love bite...kissing it for a brief movement...erasing the pain with his love she smiled


hearing her mumbling "i love u, u moron" while kissing his cheeks in return he smiled...he loved hearing moron from her and knew he will always love it...instead of saying I love u too he jus gave a small sign of love...a peak on her lips n hugging her gently


so that they could hear each other's each breath soo clearly while staying in each other's arms...inhaling and feeling just love






after a little dinner prepared by ridz they sat on hammock chair together, she sat comfortably on his lap while he played with her fingers, rings...both were lost inside themselves


while ridz was worried for him...seeing he was joking, laughing, teasing her but looked disturbed, worried while having the dinner... His disturbed look didn't escape her eyes...she did noticed it


while armi was thinking of how 2 break the unpleasant news 2 her...finally deciding things he called her out 2 hav her attention....seeing she was looking at him "actually dumbo im leaving for states tomorrow" he bluntly and straight-forwardly said...her eyes had widened in surprise and shock


hearing him she couldn't get wat she should do or rather feel...smile and feel happy as he always wanted to work in that hospital and soon he is going to the place he always wanted to be or rather where he belongs to...or cry and feel sad as he is leaving her once again


she felt a mixture of both emotions...happy for him and somewhere sad for herself


but she knew physically he wouldn't be here but mentally he was and will be here only


considering herself lucky as many people find their love besides them physically but mentally they r miles away she smiled slightly


squeezing her soft hand he continued while looking down at their fingers interlocked "im going for two months only...u remember my contract with that hospital naa??"


as she nodded with a smallest smile, he felt relieved thinking atleast she smiled slightly...knowing exactly how to expand it he smiled saying in a serious tone "im going its good naa u can see ur other bf...the ones u couldn't meet as i was here and..."


seeing her smile expanded he continued "and u can flirt with patient also in my absence" he winked and soon smiled pulling her closer while she was now laughing saying she would flirt when he comes back too






seeing he was packing her few clothes, slipper, perfume n watch n all she thought y is he packing her stuff...where am I going she thought hard


"don't u think these clothes wouldn't look good on u or if ur planning 2 give them to ur gf  I think they would kill u realizing it is a used stuff plus I LOVE ALL MY CLOTHES, THEY R PRECIOUS 2 ME" she said while resting her hands on her hips, totally confused still...he chucked listening 2 her


pulling her cheeks he mumbled in her ears "these things will be with me there......" she sat n heard him quietly as he told her he will place her clothes in between his clothes...her perfume n watch in his shelf where his stuff r there...her pair of slippers in his shoes rack


she then noticed he was carrying keerti auntie's fav pens...Muski's  some stuff n a cd which had videos of secret camera RM had planted


giving her a pile of his clothes he smiled...pinching her nose, he continued "see u hav MY soo many stuff n room also where I lived from birth....but I don't hav urs n every1's stuff there...u know these stuff r for.."


"I know" she interrupted n smiled broadly seeing his childish behaviors of taking every1's stuff  while placing his pile of shirts in his bag n thinking of gifting him something spl before he leaves 2morow morning

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as morning came time for him going came more closer...last night they just spend together either laughing, joking, showering each other with love and convincing each other two months will go as fast as train

unknowingly last night they slept on hammock chair together... as she shifted her weight slightly...feeling slightly uncomfortable...she realized or rather analyzed where n in wat position she is sleeping...opening her eyes she saw how she is sleeping leaning on him... his both hands were interlocked around her waist...he was holding her soo tightly... his cheeks brushing her soft cheeks...their legs hanging down...everything was perfect, jus like a dream which came true 4 her just now

as she saw him, she smiled broadly...he looks soo peaceful while sleeping she thought with a babyish innocent smile

tenderly brushing his hair from his forehead, caressing his cheeks, poking his dimples she smiled further seeing as she continued doing her naughty act his smile was gradually increasing

pinching his nose, turning his ears in all direction slightly she laughed as he was now making funny faces while still sleeping

finally whispering "good morning" in his ears...she drew closer to him to plant a soft peak on his lips...as she was about to drew herself away after planting a small peak on his lips he yanked her closer...deeping the kiss...

showering her with morning love...as realization stuck her, she kissed him back while matching his level of passion by kissing him intimately...letting herself drown in his arms, in the ocean of love...making their morning memorable

departing from the kiss of pure love she looked around with a slightly colored face while he starred at her...the sun had spread his light in his room...their shadow was on the wall...on the white flooring...she smiled seeing their shadow also looked one, just like two body one soul

she always wanted her life partner to be like her shadow ie always attached 2 her

but with time she realized shadow leaves ur side in dark, now she knows her love ie armaan is just like the star

who is always there, sometimes she may not be able to see him but he will be around her only...looking at her from far, he will be with her always...FOREVER AND FOREVER...TILL ETERNITY...AS THEIR LIFE IS INCOMPLETE WITHOUT EACH OTHER FROM KINDER GARDEN DAYS

feeling he kissed her cheeks n now his lips were trailing on her face...making her shiver in delight while she walked back to reality, leaving her thoughts aside...smiling at him she kissed left dimple and slowly, trailing her lips made way to his right side dimple...while he grinned in delight

"u were awake?" she asked after awhile getting up the hammock chair

"no i woke up when u were twisting my ear at 360 degree" hearing him she laughed remembering wat mischief she was doing and the funny faces he was making


seeing he stuffed the last bite of his breakfast keerti kept a plate of food besides him "armaan i wonder wat ridz is doing, three times i called her for breakfast all she said in reply was she is busy working n will have breakfast later"

before keerti asked him to take her breakfast upstairs, she heard him mumbling "wat the hell, when will she grow up" n walking upstairs giving her a assurance smile

walking inside her room he saw her with various tools sitting besides her bedroom's air conditioner...and doing something weird with it while looking irritated

walking towards her he wondered wat is she upto??...thinking of checking her up RIGHT NOW he sat next to her with a questionery look

as she glanced at him she smiled n then looked back at the air conditioner, "wats cooking?" he asked finally

"do me a favor" she looked at him again n continued in a pleadingly "plz help me...i want my conditioner to break down...stop working u understood wat i mean"

feeling his hand on her forehead followered by at her neck she looked angrily at him saying "im fine, i have not knocked my senses down till now"

feeling his hand took hold of her wrist she glanced down...seeing he was going 2 check her nerves now (lolz sorry I dunno exactly wat they check holding wrist) she pulled her hand away from him angrily "u moron, i feel u have lost it, not I"

he chucked seeing she was looking soo angrily at him just like a tiger looks at his prey, it looked as if now she would eat him up "ur trying to make ur healthy conditioner sick and worn out and ur saying i have lost it, gr8 man"

pressing all the buttons at once of the small remote she boiled more in anger "agrhh stupid i wanna sleep in ur room" with a soft tone she continued glancing at him 4m corner of her eyes thinking after few hrs later she would be alone "till ur away soo im breaking this conditioner as i need a reason to shift there"

bring up a spoon of food he signaled to have, as she ate he saw the sadness covering her face, "and u think i will give u permission to use my room in my absence" he said in a teasing tone

as she was getting up to leave the room angrily he pulled her down "ohk chill sit aside have ur food i will do ur work"

thinking of using his back as backrest, she leaned on his back having her food quietly while hearing the numerous noise the tools were making as armi tried to make the conditioner sick


"bye mom" he said while departing from the hug, taking one last look around at his living room

"don't forget watever i told u armaan", remembering the one hr lecture keerti gave to armi ridz laughed

while "yea mom" he mumbled in return as he opened the driver's seat car door

the drive was silent, neither one was in mood to speak...they smiled, laughed, showered love and teased each other today too but both knew they were disturbed within slightly

as they parked the car in the parking lot, a unknown guy knocked at the passenger seat

glancing at him through the closed window ridz smiled slightly, n got down while he wondered who he was

he looked at her still confused as ridz handed the guy a envelope n thanked him 10th time, taking a bag from the unknown guy she turned n sat back in the car

"this is for u" seeing she smiled for the first time in last half an hr journey he returned the smile n took hold of the bag as she continued "i was just wondering u needed to buy a laptop for yourself soo i brought one for u"

"thank u" he mumbled n placed a affectionate kiss on her cheeks, smiling at him she continued "now u just go there and buy an internet connection soo at least we can see each other by having video chats"

"wow u think i have soo much time there, i would be busy with those sexy girls" he mumbled in her ears while pinching her nose but deep down he was touched how she would a way thought which atleast he would be able to see her

instead of retorting back teasingly like always back she pulled him in a hug as time was pulling him away from her

patting her back he whispered "sorry did u feel bad or something?"

"no" she replied in a choked voice while struggling not to cry...as she learnt the news of him leaving all her bitter past came back to her making her sad and sacred all together, she thought with him like before all her happiness will go away, all her happiness will get evaporated like earlier

he held her for a while running a hand in her hair reassuring her continuously

while she reminded herself he will be back in two months and more than that nothing can go wrong in her life anymore she heard him saying continuously "don't worry everything is fine, relax...im there with u always"

she smiled sadly as she departed from the hug, "im fine now" she almost whispered glancing once at him meaningfully

armi pushed the trolley with one hand while another one rested around ridz shoulder as she leaned her head on his shoulder...she was much calmer now after talking to him in the car about her fears

while armi was glad that keerti, angad, RM, atul, sapna was there with her

soon they departed, walking opposite sides but then too were together...neither one said miss u or next two months will be little hard as in some relationship don't need words to convey that they feel


things went as planned, just as ridz wanted...complaining her air conditioner is not working, she ended up in his room...room which makes her feel he is here only, just around her...room where he lived all his life...where she had soo many sweet memories with him

wiping the little tears which rested on her cheeks she looked around...glancing at all his belonging...suddenly her eyes stopped at a big gift wrapped in silver paper

opening the big gift she smiled n hugged the big white teddy...teddy which was wearing a red t-shirt...t-shirt on which MORON was written with style with white thread

as she glanced at the teddy more, she discovered a small envelope kept in the small pocket the teddy's t-shirt had on his left hand side, just where one has a heart

opening it she saw a unlimited calling card and a small piece of letter "few nights before i looked up at the stars and matched each one with a reason why i love u...i was doing great, but i ran out of stars... My world is a better place because of you" she smiled broadly as she finished reading it while happiness surrounded or rather graded her heart

while thinking the teddy as armaan she hugged him tightly, while another hand kept caressing her pendant soon she slept on his bed while thinking of seeing him in her dreams

For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you
I'll be forever thankful baby
You're the one who held me up
Never let me fall
You're the one who saw me through through it all

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

You gave me wings and made me fly
You touched my hand I could touch the sky
I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
You said no star was out of reach
You stood by me and I stood tall
I had your love I had it all
I'm grateful for each day you gave me
Maybe I don't know that much
But I know this much is true
I was blessed because I was loved by you

reading the long letter she had displayed on the desktop he smiled n thinking of her he doze off to sleep in the plane...thinking of meeting her in dreams as of now

they never said n wrote cheeky stuff as they believed and thought both knew how much they mean to each other but today she just couldn't stop themselves for expressing their feeling in words though these letters

some lovers are away but then too close all thanks to the shades of love they have in their life...thanks to the unique shades ie colors they have used to paint their love life, their relationship





the two months weren't that bad, they talked, chatted almost every time they were free, timing n work commitment sometimes would create problems but then they tackled it well


sangivni was growing as days were passing and anjali was getting much better slowly showing sign of improvement... Slowly getting out of coma


as a duty of sister ridz had decided to marry off angie her sweet small sister as soon she gets fine thinking a changed life, a new atmosphere will help her to accept harsh reality easily


atul had agreed with her decision...being far then too armi supported her and together they decided to do angie's marriage ie kanyadan


within a month angie was out of coma, first few days were trauma for ridz as she made angie face the reality...reality of their father is no more...reality that she was in coma for soo long


as armi came back ridz felt relieved a month later, then soon angie got married to atul


AR first dropped the idea of get married along AA as ridz wanted to first accomplish her task...her father's wish, making sangivni world's best hospital but then angie forced her...black mailed her while armi just struggled his shoulder saying whatever u want to do, do im fine with both at last she gave up married armaan following day angie got married


6 yrs later


life was more or less the same...there were some minor-major changes in their life but at the same time there were some things which were just the same


they were still the same, fun loving...loved playing pranks together n sometimes alone on each other...keerti still thinks they r kids all thanks to their unchanged behaviors but then her grand daughter dia always reminded her that AR r not kids anymore


shashank's dream was fulfilled by ridz, today sangivni was the biggest and best hospital of the world


and their love or rather relationship was different like before...different totally...they were still certainly not possessive, jealous seeing each other with any1 else...at the end of the day they were together plus both knew where their limits...limits which they would never cross...they hardly STILL said cheeky stuff to each other like i can bring stars for u, i love u more than life nor they exactly said to wat length they can go for each other becoz they believed in doing rather than saying plus love cannot be measured, expressed in words...they were a living example of trust...a couple who hardly addressed each other jaan, sweetheart, etc cheeky words...they loved to call n hear dumbo and moron from each other as these words were more sweet...their life together would surely was a roller coaster ride becoz one thing they still loved doing was playing pranks it may be sometime on each other or sometime together on someone else...they wanted to enjoy their life how much ever they can...becoz u never know wat next thing will happen in ur life, wat turn is planned by god for them...their love was unconditional n less demanding, they gave each other total freedom ie independence as every1 needs space 2 live life fruitfully






keerti looked around, one of the the vase was shattered in more than 1000...ridz was chasing armaan while yelling at him "argh how dare u...u moron...i just wanna kill u" throwing everything which she got while chased him "gosh ur horrible...how could u say that...argh" while armaan was laughing, making funny faces which was like applying salt on ridz's fresh wound


"ridhima wat did he do now" keerti asked them as now armi was using her as barrier


feeling now armi was turning her round and round to safe guard himself, soo now she was stuck between them finally she yelled at two grown up kids "will u both stop it"


A silence followed as she yelled at AR for a while both stood frozen in front of keerti with head bead down...folding her arms she shooted a questionery look at ridz


Pointing finger at him she reported as if keerti was the judge n they were here fighting a case against each other "mom armaan is losing it...he called me hitler and"


Interrupting in between he tried to reason plus teasing her further "mom hitler ko hitler bolna wrong hai kya...pura din hospital mein hitlergiri karti hai"


As he tilted he saw her face turned livid with rage, he chucked as she continued "MOMM...aaj patients, nurses ke samne mujhe hitler bula raha tha"


keerti looked from armaan to ridz as they continued "bumbo truth is bitter i know but u need to accept it" he said dramatically n grinned


"ARMAANN YOU R TOO MUCH" she yelled slightly but mentally laughed at their stupid argument which they both loved doing


glancing one last time keerti decided to take hold of this endless argument, "armaan u called her hitler naa soo now u have to prepare the dinner for all of us" as she finished informing him, she grabbed ridz wrist n marched off leaving armi standing with a frown while ridz laughed slightly thinking wat will he do now


but standing there with a frown he also admired her fighting spirit, he still adored the style with which she till now fights and plays prank with him, "well this was the charm of our relationship" he said to himself while walking inside the kitchen






As she walked out having a shower, she felt better much relaxed now after a hectic day n full of fun argument but loved the food cooked by him and their love-hate argument


Glancing at him while walking towards the dressing table she noticed he was engrossed within his laptop lying comfortable on the hammock bed


As the sound of the hair dryer fell on his ears he looked at her drying her hair and talking to angie on phone


Noticing the small frown on her face as she was finding hard to do both things together he walked towards her


As he kneeled down he grabbed the dryer n slowly started drying her hair with one hand while


His other free hand was caressing her silky hair by combing her hair with his hand, opening the some small knots...smelling the sweet smell of her freshly washed hair all together


She smiled seeing him from the mirror drying her hair she simply adored their sweet-salty relationship


Feeling his fingers now trailing on her slightly exposed back while his warm breath lingering on her neck and back, his sudden action stunned her heart off-beat...off-balance making her mentally lost in him


seconds later feeling his gentle yet passionate kisses on her collar bone she narrowed her eyes as she was loosing herself, taking a deep breath she covered the phone with her palm


and warned him as she turned to face him "stop it im talking on phone"


he chucked mumbling "i will not"


seeing his eyes were piecing her, forcing her, begging her...she hung up the phone making a lamb excuse while giggling as he picks her up in his arms to love her yet again unconditionally


Seeing ridz eyes were roaming around or rather around the door he smiled n informed "dia is sleeping with mom tonight as mom brought a new story book for her n will read for her before she goes to bed"


Almost throwing her on their hammock bed mischievously he asks in a husky voice while covering her gentle body with his muscular body "don't u think dia needs a brother or sister to play along?"


Seeing he winks at her she laughs hesitantly while switching the lights off as they 2gether thought of adding a new shade to their life




LUV, SONIAEmbarrassed

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kdrs Goldie

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Last part??? NO!!!!!!!! You can't finish it!!! Plz!!!

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