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HorcruxHunter Senior Member

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Posted: 18 May 2008 at 6:59am | IP Logged

Hey i hope u all remeber me I had posted this fic here but god knows how it was shifted to the Fanfic forum



I wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart,
and forever it will stay.

- Jessica Blade -

He missed her smile...He missed  her anger

He missed her beauty.....He missed her company

He missed  her restlessness.....He missed her aggressiveness

He missed the way she played with the pencil....He missed the way she punched criminals

In short he missed her existence and missed her.

It had been about a month since Shainna Shergill left Special Squad....but it seemed like ages.They all missed her but he-Aryan Garewal missed her the most.He was going toconfess his feelings for her....but she didnt let him...she said it would make her weak...but now he had become weak...he was lonely....only  if he could meet her once and utter those 3 magical words that he ought to tell her....and she ought to listen to..rather the words that she ought to know....if he would tell her it would atleast relive the burden from his heart...he'd atleast be satisfied that he had told her.But how would he?He didnt even know where she was.He was going to find out...by hook or by crook.He picked up the phone to call one of her friend....when his friend and colleague Boxer walked in,"Aryan, we have a knew case".He got up with a weird thought in his mind....this case was somehow going totake him to his LOVE.

Hey.......I hope you guys remember me....I know its been long since I was on IF or SSforum..But anyways My name is Abha.This is my first Ff in SS forum......I hope u liked it(im sorry if its bad.Dead)......I had this idea since the time Shainna left SS If you peopl like it I will give u a brief Intro on the characters...and sorry for changing few names like Shaina Singh to Shainna Shergill(I like the surname Shergill and no I dont really believe in numerology...but I always liked a seven letter name...and also had a bad idea abt a 6 lettered name starting with S) and Aryan Khanna to Aryan Garewal(Garewal is another favourite surname)......I may also change few other names.And also Can u suggest a name for my FIC?

please give me honest replies about my fic

HorcruxHunter Senior Member

Joined: 22 September 2006
Posts: 417

Posted: 18 May 2008 at 7:05am | IP Logged

All the love that history knows,
is said to be in every rose.
Yet all that could be found in two,
is less than what I feel for you

"Did I do the right thing?",she asked herself another time.This question rang in her mind whenever she felt lonely....her son and her students were always there for her but it was a different type of loneliness which she was filled with.She was happy now that she got to spend more time with her son....but she missed him...and her son missed a father-figure in his life....he never mentioned it...he was a mature kid....but she was his mom she understood him.

It had been a month since she joined since she left her once second home Special Squad to join a school-Mauya High,one of the most prestigious schools in the city,so that she could spend more time with her 3and a half year old son,Ishaan.So that she could be more confident about her security and safety...these didnt matter for her but for her son.She taught psychology and self-defence.The board had decided to start these two new subjects and needed someone able,smart,intelligent and she was the perfect choice.Her students were very nice,they were helpful,sweet but also very naughty....it being a residential school all the students helped her with her son..who was also studying in the same school...well he was in kindergarden...they all loved her and she loved them too,her colleagues also were very helpful,she had made few good freinds also.But still she missed him and remembered him daily.....but today it was different she missed him a lot...her instincts told her that maybe she would meet him soon....she felt a sense of exictement and agony at the same time.Suddenly the door opened to a group of students who had a worried look on their faces......

NOTE-ok Kuljeet only will be Shy and I will introduce Jennifer as a new character(I like her a lot)
and this fic will have even the characters of Remix(I know Shy left to teach somewhere in Pune...But in this fic she is in Mumbai only...she just leaves SS so tht she can spend more time with her son and als because the job in SS is not safe...if something happens to her then there would be no one for her son.)I also changed Sunny to Ishaan (Sunny sounds more of a nick name and a friend has a dog by that name   )
HorcruxHunter Senior Member

Joined: 22 September 2006
Posts: 417

Posted: 18 May 2008 at 7:08am | IP Logged
Aryan and his team reached the crime scene it was in the restroom of a restraunt.A man was killed with a hammer,the team did their work Zubin took photographs,Shotgun took some samples,Aryan,Ajay and Boxer did some enquiry and so on.Aryan told the manager of the pub that he wished to interogate all the people present there.However few people in the pub wanted to leave as early as possible,they were a part of a band they were there to perform,they had sneaked out of school and had to be back as soon as possible,before their warden turned up.This was something that was totaly unexpected.They had to leave.They told the same thing to the manager who spoke to Aryan.
Manager-Sir,i know you told me that everyone must stay back but there are a group of students here who are a part of a band remix...they have to get back to school so if you please allow them.
Ajay-remix?the name sounds familiar.
Aryan-I dont care rules are rules i cant let them go fast because they have to go back...if they want we could speak to their principal or some incharge.
Hearing this the students jump,as they dont want that to happen.
Girl1-Hey bhaggu!is he a police officer or some child care officer or something...(imitating Aryan)"ill talk to their principal" ,Boy1-Dude,Is that guy mad or what he'll speak to jumbo?".Boy2-maein nahi patha banna....ab hum kya kare?.Girl2-Oh Tia's god!what did you do?Please get us out of this trouble.

Scene shifts to the school.

Shy-Guys,will you tell me whats wrong?


Shy-Sid...im listening...Yuvi what?

Sid-Maam YuviAshiTiaand Ranveer havent come back(hes says it fast)

Shy-huh?..What did you say    

Vrinda(beats Sid)-Maam actually...Yuvi,Ashi ,Tia and ranveer havent come back.

Shy-What not yet..oh no....try calling them

Pri-we have but their phones say switched off

Shy-Lets go look for Neil sir or Rhea maam

MP-But they have gone for the coference

Shy-Oh God!

Just then their Principal Jumbo enters

Jumbo-What is happening here?

Back at the restraunt

Aryan(to the manager)-Is there a problem?

Manager-Yes Sir.Actually these kids are insisting they go now and they will meet you tomorrow for the interogation.

Aryan(getting angry but then calming down)-Listen Ive already made it clear that they arent leaving just now...I know that they are students but we cant let them go before we finish our work....Ajay,Boxer..just go talk to the kids ill have a word with Deepika.

Ajay-Hello Guys..Im Ajay Behl..listen I know its difficult but you guys need to manage and stay here for some time.

Girl2-Oh Tia's God..how is it possible?What if Jumbo finds out?

Boxer(cofused)-Who are these Tia's God and Jumbo?(Tia gives a disgusted look)

Boy1-This girl is Tia and Jumbo is our pricy        & amp; amp; nbsp;

Girl2-who is a dumbo


Boxer-By the my name im Abbas Ali Baig:

Aryan (joins them)-Aryan Garewal.

Yuvi,Ashi,Tia andranveer get suspicious after hearing that name...they all have heard the name somewhere

Boy2-Ranveer Sisodia

Girl2-Tia Ahuja

Boy1-Yuvraj Dev

Girl1-Anvesha Ray Banerjee

Aryan signals Ajay and Boxer to leave as he trie to handle the 4.

Aryan-Good!now may I know what the problem is?

Tia-We need to get back to hostel.

Aryan-I know..but dont worry we will inform your principal



The kids look at each other and nod their heads.

Yuvi-We actually sneaked out from school.

Nivi(Neha originally) walks in and overhears the conversation.

Aryan-oh so you break the rules and ask us for our help.

Ashi-We never asked to help us all we wanted you to do is let us go.

Nivi-and that isnt a favour?


Aryan-Intresting and what are you all upto here?

Yuvi-We are a part of a band .....and our principal doesnt encourage all this...so we sneaked out.

Ajay,Boxer come ther...followed by Dipika.

Dipika-Aryan,dont you undestand that this is a very important case..why are you wasting your time her..with these kids?

Ashi(whispers)-I think shes like a Jumbo to them.

Tia laughs,Yuvi just stares and Ranveer asks her to be queit.

Aryan leaves with the others and he discusses with Nivi and Dipika about what has to be done about the kids.

Nivi-i think we should just let them go...you know they are even saying that they would come and meet us tomorow..and they might have been scared by the murder.

Dip-Scared...they didnt look one bit of it.

Aryan-Dont be so rude..I think I agree with Nivi.

Dip-Dont forget im the boss..you are not letting them go untill we finish with the enquiry.And dont forget to call their pricipal and inform him or her.Im going to SS now as the autposy has to be done ..but you guys watch it.(she leaves).Ajay and Boxer come there.

Aryan-What do we do?

Nivi-Let them go

Aryan-But what about Dipika's orders?

Boxer-Well she isnt here now so..........


Ajay-So..send them oh come on now Aryan...how many rules have we broken?...or rather how many have we followed.?..it will actually be easier counting the ones we followed...and they are just kids.

Aryan(smiles)-Ok let them go.


The 4 younsters leave immediately promising to meet the officers the very next day.

HorcruxHunter Senior Member

Joined: 22 September 2006
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Posted: 18 May 2008 at 7:35am | IP Logged
Part 2
"What are you doing here at this time?",asked the Principal
"Nothing Sir,I had just called them to discuss about something",said Shainna.
Pr-So are you done?
Shy-Yes Sir.
Pr-So I think you should all get back to your rooms.
Students-Yes Sir
Shy hints everyone to leave assuring them that she will look after everything.Now they were relieved and they knew she would take care of everything and that was one of the numerous reasons they loved her for.

"oh my god! How long will it take?"
"Shut up timblet!"
"You Punk-
"Please keep quiet both of you,bana why dont you do something?"
"Me?no way dude you take care of these girls anyways we are almost there so just shut them up..ill try calling one of them."
While Yuvi tried calling Sid,Ashi and Tia were still fighting and Ranveer tried to stop them but alas!
Sid managed to contact MP and slowly all the 4 tried to sneak in but were stopped by Shainna.
Shy-Tomorow meet me at 7:30 befor school starts
Tia-But Tia puts her special face pack at that time-
Shainna shot her a glance while the others supressed their smiles.

"God I just hope that.that Hitler doesnt find out",said Boxer as they all left.
Ar-Those four actually reminded me of my college days.
Nivi-Yeah I know
Everyone except Nivi and Aryan had left.
Ar-You know what I have been thinking of lately?
Nivi-Well I dont know WHAT you have been thinking of lately but I know WHO you have been thinking of.
Aryan blushes at this.
Nivi-Shainna right?
Nivi-I knew it anyways...any news about her.
Aryans smile was now replaced by a gloom.
Ar-Not yet but I will soon.
Niv-dont woory we will find her.

She looked at his photo again,she had sneaked it out of his house on the day the whole team had gone to his house.There was something special about this man and as the memories rushed past her mind,tears came down her eyes.She wped them said sorry to the man in the picture,kissed her son who was sleeping by her side and closed her eyes and fell asleep,this was what she did before sleeping everyday.Sometimes she would fall asleep listening to her detail about all the incidents in school about how Ashi and Yuvi fought,about Tia's new make-up kit,about Ranveer's pictures back home in Rajasthan.Or Sometimes she would just have a light chat with her student and her colleagues cum friends Neil and Rhea.
HorcruxHunter Senior Member

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Posted: 18 May 2008 at 7:37am | IP Logged
In the morning

In Shainnas(Shy)room
Knock Knock
Shy-Come in
The students enter.Shy lokks at them and gestures them to sit down.After they are all seated there is a long silence.
Shy-Im waiting
Ashi-Hmmm...Maam Actually-
Shy-Ashi please make sure you dont beat around the bush....Im not that dumb and you cant fool me so you guys better tell me tha truth.
Yuvi-Maam we were performing yesterday
Shy-I know that but what took you so long to come back? (She raises her eyebrows)Were you drunk?
All of them(taken aback)-No! no!
Ashi-there was a murder at the club yesterday...
Yuvi-And Spec-(suddenly he is hit by Ashi)
Ashi-and there was some special bureau investigating..
Shy-Special Bureau?
Ashi-Yeah(the other 3 are confused as to why Ashi is lying and not talking about Special Squad.When something strikes Ranveer and He smiles at Ashi,who understands what he meant and smiles back ,Yuvi and Tia just exchange confused looks)
Shy-Oh so nothing happened to you right?
Ran-No maam we are fine but-
Tia-we need to go to that office of that Special Bureau(making sur she doesnt say Special Squad or else Ashi and Ranveer would definetly kill her.)So-
They all lokk at her and smile..
Shy-NO way im not helping you guys out...not this time
Ashi-But maam we promised them that we would meet them ...it might be important for the case you know..and you are the one who keeps saying that we should not let any criminal go scott-free.
Yuvi-Yes maam how can you do something like this..?We all thought you were aresposbile citizen
Ran-Maam dont forget that you were once a very good police officer..
Tia-That is just not the right thing(Imagine all of them saying this at the same time)
Shy-Ok shut up(closing her ears)...ill do something
All of them exchange smiles.
Shy-You can leave now

maha_prakrti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 May 2008 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
Sorry yaar... Thodi confusion ke karan shift ho gayi... Anyways you have posted again.. Its good... Keh deti to wahan se phir se shift kar deti Smile
Shilpa.Agarwal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 June 2008 at 4:39am | IP Logged
..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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hey abha yar
cont karoo na

kitna time hogaya iss fic ko Cry

ana Embarrassed

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