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*Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na FC* (Page 53)

patroclus IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey...I made sum JTYJN sigs...

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nice sigs rohini
naadanmasakalli IF-Achieverz

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here enjoy


Exclusive Look at the characters in Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na  Click here to add this article to My Clips

By Bollywood Hungama News Network, June 12, 2008 - 17:42 IST


Exclusive Look at the characters in Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na


One of the most anticipated flicks this season is the teeny-bopper love story Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na. The film, which is being produced by none other than Aamir Khan along with cousin Mansoor Khan marks the debut of Aamir's good-looking nephew Imran Khan. Abbas Tyrewala makes his directorial debut with this flick and the vivacious Genelia D'Souza plays Imran's co-star in the film. The film also stars a host of character artists, each with their own peculiar traits. With curiosity about the film's premise and characters building day by day, Bollywood Hungama brings you this exclusive character sketch of the various characters in the film. So read on and enjoy!!!

Imran Khan as Jai Singh Rathore ('Rats')

Hailing from the town of Ranjhore in Rajasthan, Jai Singh Rathore is everything a Rathore from Ranjhore is not supposed to be- pleasant, warm, funny, kind, sensitive and pathologically non-violent.

Jai's father passed away when he was still an infant, and he has been brought up by his mother Savitri. The few years she endured as the bahu of a Rajput joint-family remain a nauseating memory for Jai's mother. After her husband passed away, Savitri ran away from this insane clan and came to Mumbai, where she now works as a professional social worker struggling with human rights issues.

Savitri's upbringing has ensured that Jai is the most unlikely Rathore either sides of the Aravallis. Her staunch belief is that Indian mothers are responsible for their sons turning out to be such jerks- so she has never pampered Jai. Everything, from preparing breakfast to doing laundry, Jai does himself. They share a great friendship, but also completely respect each other's space.

The most important thing in Jai's life is Aditi. They connected the first day they met, and nobody has ever seen them apart since. When they are not together, they are on the phone. And so, to friends and family, it is simply a question of time before the two get married.

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naadanmasakalli IF-Achieverz

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Exclusive Look at the characters in Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na


Genelia as Aditi ('Meow')

Aditi had once, in a fit of honesty, admitted to Jai as a child, she had been teased Kali Billi by her neighborhood friends. Jai upgrades this to 'Meow' and the name sticks. While Aditi will murder anyone else who tries calling her Meow, she also feels a flinch if anyone, especially another woman, calls Jai 'Rats'.

Aditi is high on life. She loves everything to do with life and living. She laughs easy, cries easy, gets into scraps, adopts stray kittens, will try everything at least once and loves good scrap. In spite of all this, she is not exactly a tomboy. She dresses with a stylish disregard for style. She is quite attractive; the only problem is that she intimidates men too much, for them to do anything about it.

An interaction with Aditi is exhausting, a friendship just barely possible and an affair would be murder. And the world wonders how Jai survives.

But no one doubts this. Should someone else trouble or hurt Jai, that person would have made a vicious, vengeful and foul-mouthed enemy for life!


Exclusive Look at the characters in Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na


Karan as Ravindra ('Rotlu')

Rotlu as the name suggests, is the whiner of the group. Show him a silver lining and Rotlu will find you a dark cloud. Show him a light at the end of the tunnel and he'll think it's a train- never mind that there are no tracks. The saving grace however is that Rotlu is the first person to admit that he is a pessimist. He thrives on sympathy. He knows he whines. He knows he cribs and complaints, and that some times he tries their patience. But the thing that makes Rotlu special is that his love and friendship knows no bounds. He will do any thing for a friend, especially for Aditi, whom he secretly pines for.

Alishka as Sandhya ('Bombs')

Bombs is slow on the uptake. If she was any slower, she would be backward on the uptake. As Aditi once remarks, her plane needs two runways to take off.

Bombs can drive you insane with her naivet and innocence. She wears playboy 'Bunny' T-shirts and accessories because she thinks rabbits are cute. She is always the last to laugh at a joke, often without quite getting it. She also thinks it's very funny that they call her Bombs. Her capacity to miss compliments or smile casually over flattery makes her a pretty frustrating girl to woo, second only to Aditi.

Bombs is in love with Jai. So obviously, she doesn't like Aditi too much. Mainly because she won't let Bombs call him 'Rats' but also because she is always the center of attraction, exactly where Bombs wants to be.


Exclusive Look at the characters in Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na


Nirav as Jignesh Patel ('Jiggy')

Jiggy is a complete miser. A rich Gujju boy with a taste for all things loud and colorful, he is constantly complaining about being broke and hates paying for anything.

Jiggy always forgets birthdays but hates anyone forgetting his. He will start reminding people a week in advance on a daily basis, along with 'subtle' hints as to what gifts he might like to receive.

However, his friends have figured him out and there is very little sympathy extended towards Jiggy for his perpetual 'poverty'. The thing that Jiggy hates most is that he is automatically expected to pay for Rotlu, and he hates Rotlu for it. However, Rotlu is such a masochist that he makes himself feel terrible about this before Jiggy can even start, and sometimes Jiggy is happy to pay just to have Rotlu shut up.

For some unfathomable reason, Jiggy gets very upset when he hears about someone getting an American Visa.

Sughanda as Shaleen

Shaleen is so normal, you wonder what she is doing with this lot. She is clever, perceptive, warm, and somehow free of the hormonal angst that seems to characterize others' lives.

She is very, very close to Aditi; they often stay over with each other and talk long in to the night. The only reason Aditi doesn't share all her secrets with her is that Aditi has no secrets. In any case, it is very difficult to keep a secret from Shaleen. She often sees things that others have missed, and can see the course friendships and relationships will take.

The coolest girl in college, she also adores Jiggy and his silliness for some reason- presumably a premature maternal instinct.

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Did anyone knw that Imran played Junior Aamir in Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar???

Watch him in this song:


He is the younger one....Looks soooooooooo cute

Just before the song starts here in the link I posted, theres a scene where Imran's on the cycle when the other guy pulls his pant down and Imran starts hitting him for that LOL

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Nika_d IF-Dazzler

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Aamir launches nephew!
23 May 2008, 0000 hrs IST, TNN
   Write to Editor
They don't look too much like family.

At least, not to me. Imran Khan is taller at 5'11, and he's got a leaner, softer and dreamier look. Whereas Aamir Khan, his famous uncle, well if you've seen him lately, gives every indication of going the Mike Tyson way. He's raw energy and all chunky, rippling muscle; very intense, yet without Iron Mike's crazy killer expression. But Aamir has got into the skin of a role. He's in character for his new action film Ghajini. And as nephew Imran, a keen follower of the Aamir Khan method of acting, puts it, "Maamu doesn't act, he understands the character, gets a grasp on what he's supposed to do, and then just flows."

I am at 24, Pali Hill, Imran's bungalow, having biscuits and tea with the uncle and nephew. Aamir, who injured his hamstring while shooting for Ghajini in Hyderabad, has found his feet again. Today, after a four-week layoff, he returns to action. "Well, not action scenes, but back to shooting," Aamir clarifies. "On June 1, I will resume action, there's still three days of the climax pending in Hyderabad." He was told to take bed rest, but soon got bored, and instead hobbled over to Imran's home to take his nephew through the countdown on his debut film Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na.

Aamir has produced the film, but he's not acting in it, and nor is he launching Imran through Jaane Tu... "If I wanted to present Imran with anything, I'd give him a car, not a film," says Aamir with a touch of exasperation. But, yes, Aamir is very interested in how Imran's role is shaping up. He was generous enough to share Imran's first photograph with his fans on his blog recently. Till then, nobody outside Bollywood had seen his nephew. "I thought I'd introduce him to my fans," says Aamir. The response was instantaneous. "Go check it out," Aamir tells me, "it ranges from 'Imran's a hot hunk' to 'My God, he looks so much like you'."
I ask Aamir what he sees in young Imran. And the nephew quips, tongue firmly in cheek, "A return in investment!"

But Aamir says, "He has an unusual personality on screen, the camera likes him, he's got a lot of screen presence, his personality suits the script and his character." Jaane Tu... will release on July 4, but Imran has two more films coming up soon after, Kidnap with Sanjay Dutt and Luck. How does it feel to be an actor, I ask him. "I don't feel like a star, if that's what you mean," he replies. "For me, acting is just another day at work. I like my work, but acting is in the family, making films is our business."

He's grown up watching his Maamu evolve as an actor. "In his first film, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, he wasn't so good I thought. But now, he's Bollywood's best actor. What impresses me is Maamu does it with such ease, he's not really acting, but he applies himself, he gives everything he's got, there's no compromise." So, is Aamir his favourite actor? "Hrithik also is," admits Imran, "I study everything he does, even his ads, he knows what sells, he's sincere to his craft, he has a connect with the audience, and talent — that Hrithik has 110 per cent, what a winning combo!"

I struggle to find the resemblance between them again. One film magazine had famously run a picture of both at a family Eid dinner in the 1990s claiming Imran was Aamir's son! Incidentally, Imran has played the young Aamir in films like Qayamat Se... and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander. "You can see his butt on screen," Aamir laughs, "the scene in Jo Jeeta... has him riding a cycle and somebody pulls down his shorts!" "Maamu was a royal pain when I was growing up," remembers Imran. "He shaved me bald in my mother's absence. She was furious." LOL LOL And Aamir smirks, "I used him to get dates with girls. They would find him cute and come up to pinch his cheeks. And I would chat them up!"

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Nika_d IF-Dazzler

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Awww he is a fan of Hrithik too .. 1 more reason to love him Hug
::Prem$_Priya:: IF-Rockerz

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^ LOL LOL..agreed!!!!

Thankss for the articles guys!! Love Genelia!! chosweet!! Big smile Embarrassed

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