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Strings of Fate (Completed!) (Page 9)

desigal90 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 14 November 2007
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Posted: 07 June 2008 at 3:49pm | IP Logged
Thanks! More coming soon Wink

Dark Love IF-Rockerz
Dark Love
Dark Love

Joined: 19 June 2006
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Posted: 07 June 2008 at 3:51pm | IP Logged
Oh woww! Great part! I wonder what's gonna happen now =\
desigal90 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 14 November 2007
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Posted: 07 June 2008 at 4:11pm | IP Logged
Saagar didnt have time to react. His breathing froze when her lips crushed onto his with such intensity that he was left stunned. The sudden passion caught him off guard, and he was thrown back in surprise. His back hit the wall first and she was upon him within an instant, all sanity abandoned. "Oh god..." he barely had time to mutter, before she pulled him back into another breathtaking kiss. Her hands were in his hair, making him lose the last bit of control he had been hanging onto. Then her fingers were undoing the buttons of his shirt, pushing it aside, trembling over his hard chest, feeling the wild beating of his heart underneath. With a repressed growl, he pushed her away. The force caused her to stumble back against his desk. She was frustrated at first, but then her eyes widened when she saw him approach the table with determined steps, and with lust clouding his eyes. With one hand, he hoisted her up onto the top, while the other hand swept across the desk, clearing the area. He climbed on top and pinned her body down.
He was shaking with the sheer intensity of his repressed emotions. The sexual frustration had mounted to a point of no return. There was no holding back as his shirt was discarded onto the floor and his lips journeyed into the crevices of her neck, enticing countless moans to escape her mouth. If their first encounter had been slow and soft, this was anything but. Hard and fast, rough and passionate, the office melted away into nothingness under the manipulations of Saagar's lips and hands. The barriers were breaking apart, and they had all but joined into one when...

Saagar: Shit!

The knock was loud enough to shatter everything. For a moment, all they could do was hold onto each other and stare breathlessly at the door. Then the panic crashed in.

Saagar (whispering louder): SHIT!

He scrambled off Rhia, who instantly began to fix up her shirt. He picked up his shirt from the floor and threw it on.

Saagar (while dressing): Just a minute, I'll be right out.

Rhia picked up all the papers on the floor and hastily put them back onto the table, then seated herself on a chair near his desk, almost as if she were working there. Right as Saagar rushed to the door, he paused and glanced back at Rhia. She made a few last attempts to collect her disheveled hair, fixed her collar, and nodded. With a deep breath, he pulled the door open. It was the secretary from the front desk with a stack of files in her hand.

Secretary: These are for you sir.

Her eyes caught onto his shirt, and her eyes narrowed. Saagar followed her gaze and looked down. What he saw almost made him cuss out loud.

Secretary: Uhh...i dont know if you know this sir, but you're shirt is buttoned up all wrong.

Saagar (feeling his face burn): I'm aware of that, thank you. You can go now.

Before leaving however, her eyes swept behind him, and fixed onto Rhia. With a knowing glint in her eye, she smiled at the two of them and left. Saagar waited till she was gone, then shut the door slowly, almost as if afraid of attracting more attention. When they heard the click of the lock, they both relaxed. Saagar slid down, and collapsed onto the floor in exhaustion while Rhia put her face in her hands.

Saagar : Saagar: See Rhia? We cant go on like this...we have to talk.
desigal90 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 14 November 2007
Posts: 37523

Posted: 07 June 2008 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
Saagar: Rhia are you listening to me?

She finally withdrew her face from the shelter of her palm and looked up. For the first time he noticed that her eyes were slightly puffy, as if from exhaustion and her skin looked pale. He was instantly hit by pangs of guilt. He was responsible for all this stress she was going through. With a sickening jolt, he realized that his very existance had complicated her life. If she had never met him, her life would've remained the same. Blissful and stress free. Now it was her turn to look concerned. His expressions must've given his inner termoil away, because her brows tensed up. He quickly masked his pained thoughts.

Saagar: Did you listen to what I said?

Rhia: Yeah I did (sighs). What do you want to do?

Saagar (after a deep pause): Something which I never thought I'd say. Rhia...we cant work together.

Rhia: Huh?

She didnt understand what he was trying to say. What was he trying to accomplish by that phrase? There were so many interpretations that her mind wheeled into many dizzying possibilities. Before she could come up wtih her own conclusion, Saagar intervened.

Saagar: We shouldn't see each other anymore...permanently.

This time the effect was like the sting of freezing water hitting skin.

Saagar: We were great as a team once, but not anymore. Everything's changed. We just make each other miserable now. This cant go on.

He was unaware of the anguish on her face due to the immense amout of pain he was feeling himself. It was like the words were coming out rehearsed, but held no emotion. Rhia was in denial. She couldnt believe what Saagar was proposing. The idea itself was so proposterous that a certain part of her felt compelled to laugh. The other side was horrified.

Rhia (numbly): You want me to quit?

Saagar: No

Rhia: You want to fire me then?

Saagar (frustrated): No! What do you think of me huh? I hired you Rhia, not just because of our friendship, but because of your capabilities. You are a great addition to the team, and firing you will only damage this company.

Rhia: Then how else are we going to do this?

Saagar: Our stocks were a success. And I'm informed that we're opening a branch overseas now. So we need someone to manage everything there, in California.

Rhia knew what was coming, but she still wasnt prepared to listen to the next part.

Saagar: I'm leaving Rhia.

Rhia (stunned): What?

Saagar: Yeah, I'm leaving. I guess the sooner the better. I'll start up on these plans as soon as possible. Then I'll shift to the U.S. I guess we can keep in touch occasionally for business purposes, but nothing more.

Rhia: When did you decide this?

Saagar (staring intently): Honestly? Just now.

He continued staring at her, waiting for her to respond.

Rhia: When are you leaving?

Saagar: When is Ritesh getting here?

Rhia: Tonight...

Saagar: Then I'm leaving tomorrow

Rhia (after a deep silence): Whatever you say...

He nodded, and looked away. In the following silence, there was another conversation taking place in their minds. A conversation that consisted of all the things they wished they could say, but couldnt. "The sooner I shift the better...the sooner I get out of her life the better," Saagar thought. He looked her way again, at her beautiful face radiating innocence, at her slender body that incited sinful thoughts, and closed his eyes. He wanted to store the memories they had shared forever in his mind. She wrapped her arms around her shoulders stole a glance in his direction. "Saagar if only you knew how much I love you. If only you knew how much I hurt right now, you would never even dream of going away."
Sometime during the prolonged silence, Saagar excused himself and left the office, leaving Rhia alone to face the undeniable truth. Saagar was leaving her forever.
..kashish.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 June 2008 at 12:42am | IP Logged
hey excellent comcpet..jstu read it keep up the good wrk.
desigal90 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 June 2008 at 12:49am | IP Logged
Thank you! Smile
Next part:

The emptiness was overwhelming. Rhia couldnt recall another time where she felt so utterly fickle and hollow. Saagar had left without any good byes, which made it seem as if this entire situation was a horrible nightmare, that she would wake up the next morning and Saagar would greet her with his smiling eyes. But she knew that was not so. The last bonds that she shared with him had been severed, broken by Saagar himself. She remembered his words all too clearly. "Then I'm leaving tomorrow..." he had said. If that was true, then this had been their last meeting. He wouldnt be there tomorrow.
She moaned in agony. How was it possible to miss someone to such an extent that she was hurting physically? She had just got home from work, and Ritesh was coming in a few hours, yet all she could think about was HIM. The man who had entered her life just a few months ago and completely turned it upside down. Rhia was wrapped up in a blanket on her couch feeling depressed. She never thought that the pain of parting would be so intense. It hurt when she remembered his charming face, or when she recalled his voice, so velvety, so smooth and charismatic. It even hurt when she thought of his name. Saagar. Her safe harbor...gone.
She moaned again and felt the first tear slide down her cheek. Did he know the about the pain she was going through? Would he even care if he saw her writhing in his memories?
She repressed a sob and covered her face with the blanket. Die...she wanted to die. Death would be relief compared to this torture. The seconds changed to minutes, and the minutes changed to hours, and she was jolted by the bell. She realized that she had fallen asleep sometime. At first she remained stationary on the couch, then stirred unwillingly when the second bell rang. She gave herself a quick look in the mirror and groaned. She looked terrible. Her eyes were bloodshot from crying for the past hours, and her hair was a disheveled mess. It was too late now. She fixed herself up as best as possible, then opened the door.
A cold gust of air blew past her, and time froze momentarily. The face standing before her was so familiar, yet so strange. Ritesh viewed her in silence as well, as if he was having trouble scanning her from his memories. In only six months, the two had grown so apart that they almost felt like strangers.

Ritesh (with a weak smile): Hey Rhia...

Rhia (feeling strange): Hi...

Ritesh: Wont you let me in?

Rhia: Oh (blinking when she realized she was blocking the doorway) sorry.

She moved aside and he shuffled in with his bag. She proceeded to pick up the ones stacked outside and he was back in an instant by her side.

Ritesh: Its ok, I got them.

Rhia: No no, let me take one.

He let her pick up one of the lighter bags and smiled uncertainly. Rather than feeling like husband and wife, it felt like they were meeting for the first time. When the door closed behind them, they stood awkwardly in the main lounge feeling uncomfortable with the uncanny silence. Ritesh pretended to look around, but Rhia didnt even make an effort. She rubbed her arms and flashed a glance in his direction. He caught her look, then looked away. So much had changed. They didnt even know each other anymore over these past few months. It felt as if a wall had formed between them while they had been too busy with their respected lives, and now they could no longer reach out to each other anymore. In truth, Rhia felt completely detached from Ritesh. She felt about as close to him as she felt to some of her colleagues. At this point, there was not trace of intimacy left.

Ritesh (rubbling his hands together): Its good to be back

He scanned around the room and his eyes were focused. To Rhia, it felt like Ritesh was a visitor at her house. She was still trying to get used to the idea of them staying together. Again, she was surprised by how quickly their relationship had changed.

Rhia: You should make yourself more comfortable. Why dont you change and I'll fix up some dinner?

Ritesh (with a soft smile): You're cooking?

This time she had to smile as well. Ritesh knew Rhia's limitations in the kitchen all too well. Atleast something felt familiar.

Rhia: Well, its just some leftover daal from the restaurant, but its still somewhat home food.

Ritesh (smiling): Yeah, somewhat...I'll go change.

With another smile he was off to the bathroom. With a guitly conscience, she wished that Ritesh had been a friend instead. He was a great guy, and someone she could always rely on, but now, anything more more seemed unnatural. Rhia sighed and proceeded to move his bags to their room. Their room. She shuddered when she saw the bed. The last time she had shared a bed with someone was when she had slept with Saagar. She had slept with another man. This realization jolted her to the core and she felt dizzy. "Oh no, not his name...not the memories," she grabbed at her head desperately. The guilt and intimate memories mixed together and swarmed her mind. She was gonna fall!
She grabbed onto the wall and forced her eyes closed, forced her breathing to relax and her heart to return to normal. Just then her phone rang. Feeling somewhat shaken, she made her way to the phone and picked up.

Rhia: Hello?

Silence greeted her on the other line.

Rhia: Hello? Hello?

This time, she could hear someone breathing. SHe lowered her voice and focused.

Rhia: Is someone there?

Her eyes narrowed, and she concentrated on the breathing. The realization struck hard.

Rhia (breathlessly): Saagar?

The breathing stopped on the other line, yet she could still feel him there.

Rhia (heart beating faster): Saagar! Saagar is that you?

She looked behind her shoulder at the bathroom door, and was comforted by the sound of the shower running. Ritesh couldnt hear. She gripped the phone harder till her knuckles turned white.

Rhia (in a fierce whisper): Saagar talk to me plz...say something...

His breathing was irregular now, like he was trying to hold back.

Rhia (crying softly): Dont do this. Plz dont do this. Saagar we can work this out. We can work something out, just talk to me.

She though she heard a whisper, but she couldnt catch it properly, and the phone went dead.

Rhia (whispering): Saagar? Damn it!

What had he whispered? With a stab of pain, she realized that he had whispered three words. "I love you."
umagaurav IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 June 2008 at 11:15am | IP Logged
heart is paining
Dark Love IF-Rockerz
Dark Love
Dark Love

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Posted: 08 June 2008 at 11:32am | IP Logged
Ouch. This is so sad. Ouch

Continue soon. Embarrassed

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