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Strings of Fate (Completed!) (Page 7)

superstar15 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 June 2008 at 4:08pm | IP Logged
grt job plz cont soon

desigal90 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 June 2008 at 4:30pm | IP Logged
Thank you for reading it Smile
Continuing soon Smile
desigal90 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 June 2008 at 4:32pm | IP Logged
In the following months, Rhia devoted her full time and attention to Saagar's recovery. While she managed to catch up on her office work, she spent the majority of her time at the hospital with Saagar. She was there when he was first able to sit up, and she was there to feed him his meals. She was also with him when he took his first steps, holding his hand tightly, and almost shouting with excitement when he was able to move on his own. Rhia found herself a constant support for not only Saagar, but his kids as well. Neha and Aryan grew ever more closer to Rhia over these months. SHe was their best friend as well as a mother. Even though Aryan didnt understand the severity of Saagar's injuries, he was well aware that his father was hurt. Neha dealt with the harshest blow. Seeing her normally healthy father bed-ridden hadnt been easy, and it took Rhia every bit of energy to console her.
She took on the responsibility of his home as well. THe maids were instructed to follow Rhia's every order to ensure that the house remained functional. In all this time, Rhia had all but forgotten that she was married to another man. Her mind, heart, and soul all belonged to Saagar, and she had finally accepted that. She didnt bother calling Ritesh up anymore. She was tired of doing the chasing, and with time, their calls stopped entirely. Rhia was amused to discover that she didnt even care all that much anymore. In fact, the entire hospital staff took her to be Saagar's wife, and she played the part almost as if she had always been his life partner.
They had grown so used to this routine that one evening, after the kids had just left for home, Saagar whispered almost as if thinking aloud.

Saagar: You know, I feel as if we share one soul.

Rhia smiled. It was true in a sense. She felt so deeply and intricately connected to him, that it was sometimes a hassle to wrap her mind around the fact that they werent married.

And so, her days continued. Saagar's health improved day after day until they were told by an exuberant doctor that Saagar could go home within a week or two.

Rhia (after the doctor had left): That's great! Saagar I cant believe we made it. (hugs him).

He smiled, but Rhia noticed that it didnt reach his eyes.

Rhia (frowning): What's wrong?

Saagar (with a laugh): Nothing. I'm happy and all...but I'd kinda grown used to us being together this way.

Rhia's smile faded away as his statement sunk him. He was right. There was no way they could continue on living this way after a week.

Saagar (cutting through her thoughts): But it doesnt matter. Because we're gonna be together even after this...right?

She didnt answer, and turned to walk away. He grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

Saagar (urgently): Right?

She didnt have an answer, not yet anyways. Instead of answering, she sat by him on the bed and kissed him deeply. It worked. Saagar became distracted, and Rhia was spared an answer. Just then, there was a knock at the door, and they both pulled apart, slightly breathless. A doctor walked in to check up on Saagar, giving Rhia the opportunity to slip away.

While she tried to catch her breath outside in the lobby, her phone rang. This was strange, she thought. Who would be calling her nowadays?

She gasped when she head the all familiar voice that she had almost forgotten.

Ritesh: Hey Rhia...

superstar15 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 June 2008 at 4:42pm | IP Logged
uh oh i wonder wat is going to happen cont soon
Dark Love IF-Rockerz
Dark Love
Dark Love

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Posted: 04 June 2008 at 5:44pm | IP Logged
O.o Ritesh! I hope he's cheating on her so it's even LOL

Very well-written! And these parts are so quick! Amazing! Continue Soon!
desigal90 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 June 2008 at 11:55pm | IP Logged
For a moment she was floored. His voice had shattered a mirage that she had been living in, this life in which no one existed but her and Saagar. So she was unable to say anything, but stand in the lobby looking lost listening to her phone.

Ritesh: Rhia are you there? Rhia?

This time she snapped out of her trance.

Rhia (weakly): Yeah I'm here...

Ritesh: Rhia where have you been?

Rhia: Me? (speechless) Where have I been? Did you ever think of asking urself this question Ritesh?

Her words began to flow faster with a sharper edge, clearly displaying her rage.

Ritesh: Rhia listen to me, I know you're angry, but just sit down, and talk to me. This is really important.

His voice seemed controlled yet urgent, giving no emotion away. She had grown used to this tone after a few months. With a sign, she approached a bench nearby and sat down.

Rhia: What?

Ritesh (after a pause): What's happening to us Rhia?

Rhia (clueless): What?

Ritesh (a sigh): If you havent noticed, we've drifted apart.

She gave a bitter laugh, and clenched her fist.

Rhia (sarcastically): Oh you just noticed?

Ritesh: Come on Rhia, cut the sarcasm.

Rhia: How about you cut the drama? Why do you act as if you care all of a sudden huh?

Ritesh: Rhia, how could you say that? I do care about you...

She paused. Something in his voice triggered a part that she had been holding back. He meant it. There was no denying it, he had meant what he said. And he was genuinely hurt by her accusations. Now she truly felt torn, and the tough facade crumbled away.

Rhia (in a small voice): That's what I've been saying to you for the past months Ritesh. We're drifting apart...we're drifting apart, but you? Argh, forget i!

Ritesh: No Rhia, I wont forget. Listen, I dont know what happened to us, but I do know, we shared something very special, and I'm not ready to give up on it...not yet I'm not. Rhia, plz, lets try again, lets start over. Lets give our relationship another chance.

Rhia was too overwhelmed to say anything. Too much was happening too fast. In between listening to his words, she kept seeing images of Saagar. Saagar with his promises, Saagar with his passion, Saagar with "their" new future.

Ritesh (begging) Come on Rhia, why are you silent? I know I messed up, but plz, give me another chance. I want to save our marriage, I want us to stay together. Rhia, help me help us. Lets give our marriage another chance. Are you with me?

Rhia (speechless): Ritesh I...

Ritesh: Rhia, we have to do this. For old time's sake, we have to try. I'm coming back in about two weeks. Rhia, we're gonna get through this, I know we will! And we'll come out stronger than ever. Rhia do you hear me? Rhia do you?

Rhia (stammering): Y..yah..i hear you.
She felt breathless, but there was nothing else she could manage to say. Ritesh sounded overjoyed. He made more promises on the phone, while Rhia sat there, feeling vacuous, hollow and lost, and finally, after what seemed like eons, he hung up. She put her phone away slowly, dazed and confused. She was sitting immobile when she felt a hand on her shoulder, and another voice, one that made her heart race up and her thoughts melt.

Saagar: Rhia? Everything ok?

She looked up to see his intense eyes looking down at her full of concern. She nodded, hoping that he wouldnt sense her distress. His eyes narrowed, piercing her gaze, digging deeper into her mind until she looked away. And then he was by her side and had her wrapped within his comforting embrace, his arms rubbing her back as he murmured softly in her ear.

Saagar (whispering): I love you

Rhia began to shake as tears streamed down her cheek. She managed to wipe them away before they dripped on his neck, and so he had no idea she was crying, but felt her body shaking.

Saagar (with a sexy smirk): Do I really have such a strong affect on you jaan?

She tightened her hold on his and buried her face in the crook of his neck, inhaling his scent, memorizing every elegent chiseled feature of his body.

Saagar (sensing something was wrong): Hey jaan, what's wrong?

Rhia (managing to control her voice): with me Saagar. Dont leave.

Confused by her reaction, Saagar smoothed her hair and kissed her cheek, and held her tighter still. Rhia wanted to melt in his arms and never emerge, never speak, never think. No matter how much she tried, she couldnt get herself to tell him what had just happened. "God, what have I gotten myself into?"
umagaurav IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 June 2008 at 12:39am | IP Logged
Ritesh r Saagar?
continue soon.
desigal90 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 June 2008 at 6:02pm | IP Logged
A week went by in a blur, and still Rhia was unable to enlighten Saagar to Ritesh's plans. What made reality all the more difficult to comprehend was the fact that Saagar spent every waking moment at her apartment. His kids understood that he was still weak and needed to be taken care of, so no questions were asked when he was absent from home until midnight sometimes. She took care of him like caring for a child, and he enjoyed every minute of the attention Rhia showered on him. One particular night, everything shattered.
The light was faded in Rhia's bedroom, throwing countless shadows around the walls. In the middle of the bed, Rhia sat with her legs partially crossed while Saagar stretched out with his head resting on her lap. She unconsciencely ruffled hair gently as she looked straight ahead immersed in deep thoughts. His eyes were closed in content and bliss as he felt the magic of her fingers on his scalp. He had forgotten how good it felt to be loved with such intensity. In fact, now that he thought about it, he hadn't been loved this way at all. What he felt with Rhia was so different. It was so intense and strong that he couldn't stand the thought of her absence in his life for even a minute.

Rhia (emotionless): Ritesh is coming back

Saagar stiffened momentarily, but no further response arose. She waited for him to speak, to question her, to respond, but he remained as still as a stone. She sensed the change in his manner instantly. His breathing had slowed, and his muscles stood out against his neck, tense.

Rhia (continuing): He's coming in a week.

Again, no response from Saagar. He continued to lay in her lap, wanting time to freeze at that moment.

Rhia: Saagar, are you listening to me?

Finally, he opened his eyes, and looked up at her steadily. Something had changed. His eyes, which usually looked playful looked hollow and hard, like he was holding back.

Saagar: Yeah, I'm listening.

Rhia: What are we going to do?

She had asked the inevitable question, which had been haunting both minds since their confession, but which had been purposely pushed to the back of their minds.
He continued to gaze at her in a strange way. She shifted uneasily and touched his cheek.

Rhia: Saagar, did you hear me?

With a deep sigh, he pushed himself off her lap and sat up.

Saagar: I think the question is, what do YOU want?

She averted his gaze and pursed her lips. She knew what he was asking. It wasn't what she was who. Never in her life had she thought that she would be faced with such a dilemma, where her heart would be screaming two names simultaneously. He waited patiently looking as grim as if the life were being squeezed out of him.

Saagar: Rhia, it all rests on you. Nothing I want, or Ritesh wants, will go. This is about you, and your decision.

She felt a tightness in her throat and gulped it down. Clenching her fists, she willed her heart to toughen up, willed her tears to stay back. Saagar held her chin and turned her face around to face him.

Saagar (whispering): Do you love me?

Rhia (instantly): Yes...

Saagar (firmly): Then you have to tell him.

Cold harsh words poured into her like a rapid flood. Nothing made sense. He was talking about her husband. She had to tell her husband. Taking another breath, for it seemed that the room had suddenly run out of air, she spoke breathlessly.

Rhia: I cant...

Saagar's eyes hardened, and she saw his jaw clench.

Saagar (getting angry): What do you mean you cant? That's not an option, damn it.

Rhia: I said I cant, ok? I cant do this to him Saagar, I just cant. He's my husband, we've been together for 4 years now, I cant just tell him its over without a reason. That's cruel and heartless, and he doesn't deserve it.

Saagar (after a pause): And I do?

She pulled away and stood up, unable to sit next to him, to stare into his intense gaze. He was on his feet in an instant, now fully worked up, shaking with controlled fury, and a subtle hidden fear. He was losing her. She was leaving him. He couldn't think, he couldn't talk, he couldn't breathe. Saagar Malhotra had not lost very often, and now he was losing the most dear thing in his life. Desperately, he turned her around and pulled her close while forcing her to look right at him. Like a man lunging for his last lifeline, he pleaded with her.

Saagar (begging): Come on Rhia, we go so well together. We're so compatible, I mean, our mentality, attitude, everything goes together. Come on, dont throw this away, its too special.

Rhia (crying softly): Stop, plz look away, look away. Dont look at me like that. I said LOOK AWAY! (breaks away from him and moves away) I was never yours Saagar, dont you realize that? What we shared was never meant to happen. We dont have a right to love each other. We live in two separate worlds, and our relationship has already been defined by society, by laws of decency. I'm a married woman, and you're not my husband. I dont have a choice. I have to give Ritesh another chance.

Saagar (angry): Why? Why does he deserve another chance? That man takes you for granted, he stopped caring for you when you needed him the most. He doesnt realize what a lucky bas***d he is, and takes advantage of the fact that fate rewarded him with an angel for a wife. Why, if I were in his place, I would...

He advanced aggresively towards her and she moved back till she hit the wall. Her eyes closed, waiting for a blow, a slap, something to stun her so she could also feel the pain she knew she was causing him. Instead, she felt a gentle carass on her cheek, and upon opening her eyes, she saw Saagar looking at her with such tenderness and wonder she wanted to break apart.

Saagar (whispering): I would cherish you like the jewel you are.

He paused and stared at her, suddenly confused, as if thinking. After a deep sigh, he walked back to bed and sat down uncertainly, his face held in his hands. Rhia stood rooted to her spot, afraid to move.

Saagar (face still in hands): I suppose its fair. You never were mine to begin with. I did borrow you for a while (laughs bitterly) but I guess that wasn't a right either.

Countless seconds passed in silence before Saagar regained his composure, and spoke with the proper ettiquette he was known for.

Saagar: Its funny really. My wife cheated on me, and I always blamed her for ruining my life. And today, I was asking you to do the exact same thing. But you didnt yield. (looking up at her with admiration) That's what I love about you. I'm proud of you Rhia, for sticking by your principals (forces a smile)

She walked to him and knelt by his knees. This time, there was no barrier to keep her tears from spilling over. In a subtle, hesitant gesture, she cupped his cheeks with his hand and placed a gentle kiss on his lips.

Rhia: Its not fair. I love you.

Saagar (bitterly): Life's not fair.

Rhia (all but holding back): Give me one promise Saagar, just one. If not as a lover, I still want to keep you close to me, even as a friend. Just dont take that friendship away Saagar. I want you to always be a friend, can we do that?

Her words sounded hollow, even to her. He scanned her face silently for a moment, and then turned away without any answer. She rested her forehead on his shoulder and began to sob. Saagar closed his eyes, and savored his last moments with the one woman that he would never forget.

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