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Strings of Fate (Completed!) (Page 5)

desigal90 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 May 2008 at 3:12pm | IP Logged
Saagar: Are you ok?

Rhia: Huh?

She was surprised to see Saagar's face leaning in close to hers, watching her intently and somewhat concerned. She put her hand lightly on her forehead, feeling spells of dizziness pass through her body. Her guilty realization had shook her to the core, and she felt unstable on her feet.

Saagar (concerned): Rhia you dont look so good, what's wrong?

Rhia: Nothing (blinking hard trying to shake that feeling off), nothing, I'm fine, really (smiles)

Saagar (unsure): K, if you're sure...

He moved away and watched her with keen eyes as she wearily made her way to the couch. Within a minute, he had joined her as well and was reaching underneath the couch for something.

Saagar: Btw, its a happy occasion, and I just thought, why not share the joys.

Russling paper was heard, and then Saagar brought up his hand, which held a neatly wrapped present in the palm of his hand. She gasped with surprise causing him to smile at her reaction.

Saagar: I thought you'd react that way, haha.

Rhia: Oh my...Saagar, no. You didnt! You didnt! *he grinned* Omg, you did! You idiot, now you ruined my surprise, I thought I would finally be able to make it up to you for all you've done for me these past few months, but you go ahead and pile on these favors!

Saagar (confused): Huh? What are you talking about?

While he watched in puzzlement, Rhia reached inside her purse and pulled out a wrapped present. After a moment of being expressionless, Saagar's eyes softened with bliss and he held her hand delicately.

Saagar (whispering): What am I gonna do with you?

Rhia: Well, you can make me very happy by accepting the gift and opening it.

Saagar: K, you open urs and I'll open mine at the same time, got it?

With a wink, they exchanged their gifts and then looked back for a signal.

Rhia: And...go!

Paper tore off in strips off of both packages; with excited hands, both cases were pulled open, and a gasp on both sides. Rhia stared at the diamond bracelet in her hand, while Saagar was at loss for words at the exquisite watch placed in the case. They looked back simultaneously, and reached out to embrace each other. The gifts were placed in the side while they held each other securely.

Saagar (while hugging): Thank you, so much. For everything.

Rhia (while in a hug): I should be the one thanking you.

They pulled apart and for a fleeting instant, Saagar's expressions changed drastically. The smile vanished off his lips, and his eyes were replaced with a deeper, more intense gaze as his face moved closer to hers. She didnt know how to react. This had happened before, something warned her, this had happened before, and it was happening again. "Stop it before its too late," some deep part of her screamed in protest, but she couldnt hear that part anymore. Instead, her eyes closed, and she felt the first contact of his lips against hers. Very brief, but significant, this first touch scorched her to the core of her soul, and she felt her heart soar in bliss. Almost as soon as it had started, the soft kiss ended as Saagar pulled back slowly and opened his eyes. His fingers gently framed her face as and sent shivers racing down her spine.

Saagar (whispering): Damn...

A moment of uncertainly passes where he moved in once more, as if for a second kiss, then pulled back before contact. He turned away and stood up.

Saagar: Damn...god damn, Rhia.

Rhia, unable to help herself, followed him and touched his shoulder from behind, causing him to turn back towards her.

Rhia (confused): Saagar?

Saagar (with a nervous smile): I should be saying I'm sorry, but the truth is...I'm not.

This time it was her hand cuping his cheek, holding him steadily close. She didnt hesitate at their proximity, nor at the way his arm wrapped around her waist. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she had known that this would happen. And now that she was living the moment, it felt oddly familiar and relaxing, almost as if it were meant to be.

Rhia: Then what is the truth?

Saagar let out a chocked laugh, hoping to relieve the tension he felt inside.

Saagar (feeling slightly stable): The truth is something which I've been trying to avoid all this time.

She waited silently for him to continue.

Saagar: The truth is...(pauses, then sighs) the truth is...

She tensed up, awaiting him to say what she had known he would say, that she had yearned for him to say.

Saagar (reaches out a hand and touches her cheek, then whispers): I'm in love with you Rhia

Silence. He looked on helplessly, his soft brown eyes a river of emotions, intensity, passion, all for her. She felt emotions welling up inside of her, ready to erupt, and began to tremble. Her vision blurred as a few tears escaped the barriers of her eyes and crept down her cheeks. His hands were instantly upon her, pulling her close, holding her possessively in his embrace.

Saagar: I'm so sorry, plz dont cry. I didnt mean to hurt you. Trust me, it was the last thing I wanted to do...god damn, why did I have to speak. I wish I'd never said anything.

Rhia: No! *she pulls out of his embrace and looks deep into his eyes* no, its not you Saagar. Its just...I'm so confused. I feel so torn, so lost.

Saagar: Why? (wipes her tears)

Rhia: I think I'm falling in love with you too...

He held her face in both hands and rested his forehead against hers. Seconds later, she pulled back a few inches and captured his lips with hers. The kiss that followed was so full of passion and intensity that Rhia felt her knees giving out from beneath her. Saagar caught her right when she felt she would fall and pulled her up into him as he continued the ravaging kiss. They moved till the dropped on the couch. He laid her out and then moved on top of her till she was pinned underneath.

Saagar (whispering): Stop me now, stop me now while you still can. I swear Rhia, if you dont stop me now, no one will.

She moaned and pulled at his shirt. Her arms went around his neck as he nipped at her ear and then moved down the length of her neck. She shivered with delight as he pulled the strap of her blouse aside. When he moved up slightly to kiss her, her eyes opened momentarily and focused on the staircase. A thought struggled to shine through her clouded mind, and she gasped and pushed at his chest.

Rhia (whispering): Saagar, saagar stop!

He couldnt understand at first, and continued to kiss her. She grasped his face firmly and shook his gently.

Rhia: Saagar, your kids! Your kids are home!

Saagar (squinging his eyes): Huh?

Rhia (repeating): Your kids, they might see...

He finally understood and looked back at the empty staircase.

Saagar (pulling her slightly disheveled blouse in place): Come with me

He took her hand and took her up the stairs. When they reached his room, he paused outside holding her hand.

Saagar (looking sideways whispers intensely): I'm giving you one more chance Rhia. Once I have you inside, God damn it, I cant be held accountable for my actions.

In response, she reached out and kissed him again. That was enough incentive for him to scoop her up in his arms and enter his bedroom for a night that would forever remain in their memory

Dark Love IF-Rockerz
Dark Love
Dark Love

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Posted: 30 May 2008 at 3:18pm | IP Logged

Woahh mann intense!

Great part!
umagaurav Senior Member

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Posted: 31 May 2008 at 3:38am | IP Logged
just now I read through all the chapters.
Clap just fantastic.
I like ur way of writing and also some words U wrote.
One among them is from the early chapters where saagar said:
"when a woman refuses to bear a man's child, its coz maybe she doesn' feel that secure with him. Or that she feels her future is uncertain."
I like those lines very much and as the story progresses I could understand tht his words r true.

Gaood work yaar.Keep it up.
Waiting for the next part.
desigal90 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 14 November 2007
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Posted: 31 May 2008 at 7:18pm | IP Logged
Thank you so much!
desigal90 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 14 November 2007
Posts: 37680

Posted: 31 May 2008 at 7:22pm | IP Logged
Rhia was running. Where was she running? Why was she running? She didnt know. There was chaos all around, and then darkness, and then emerging from the darkness, she saw Ritesh's face. She called out to him, reached out to him, she was drowning, and she wanted to be saved. Instead, there was a look of pure disgust on his face. She repulsed him. And she knew. He knew. He knew of her betrayal, because she could feel his hatred. He watched, with hatred and bitterness as she drowned in the darkness and chaos of her life crashing all around her. And then she screamed. From somewhere, Saagar's voice reached her ears.

Saagar: Rhia! Rhia stop!

Rhia: No, oh god know, plz help.

Saagar: Rhia it's ok! Everything's ok, you're fine Rhia, its just a dream. Rhia, its just a dream, I got you sweetheart.

She stopped struggling and for the first time, opened her eyes. She was lying on a bed, with her head resting on Saagar's arm and his other arm wrapped protectively around her. She became aware of his bare chest, and then her own naked body. It was in the latest hours of hte night, and she had just had a nightmare. Saagar was holding her close, so damn close, she could feel his beating heart contrasting with her wild thumps. For a few moments, she lied there, trembling from the nightmare while Saagar caressed her arm and whispered placating words into her ears. I'm right here sweetheart. I love you so much. I got you. Nothing's gonna happen to you. I'll take care of everything jaan. And she became aware of the warmth of his body filtering into hers, calming her nerves, and finally, sleep began to take hold of her. Right before she stumbled into her sweet slumber, she was aware of Saagar still muttering comforting sayings in her ear, and both his arms wrapped comfortably around her in a possessive embrace.
desigal90 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 14 November 2007
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Posted: 31 May 2008 at 7:28pm | IP Logged
Saagar's eyes fluttered open due to the light streaming in from him windows. Instinctively, his hand reached out blindly for her form, but instead he was met with the empty bed. Panicked, he sat up and looked around his bedroom for any signs of Rhia. She's wasnt there. He threw the sheets aside and raced out of the room, calling her name. "No, no," he thought, she was gone. He ran down the main stairway, feeling hopeless when he suddenly halted. There she was, sitting on the dining table with a cup of coffee in her hand, looking dazed and lost in her own thoughts. Relief flooded his body and he wiped the sweat off his forehead. Breathing deeply, he moved behind her and startled her by wrapping his arms around her torso.

Saagar: God, I thought you left.

She didnt say anything, but clutched his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. He moved around and settled down on a chair by her side. He held out his hand, and she grasped it with her left hand. Saagar sandwiched her hand with both of his and gently caressed the back of the palm as he gazed at the woman sitting in front of him.

Saagar (after a pause): Rhia, I need to know this. I need to you regret what happened last night?

She looked into his intent eyes, and the way his piercing gaze stared directly at her, almost into her, and couldnt lie.

Rhia (softly): No

His face broke out into a relieved smile and he brought her hand up to lips and planted soft kisses upon it. Rhia felt like she was removed from the scenario completely. She couldnt believe that this was her life. She had always had control over her life, and prided on the fact that she never let things get out of control. But now, watching Saagar planting kisses over her hand, and feeling the result of his passions quivering within her, she couldnt recognize who this woman was.
Minutes passed, and Saagar was still preoccupied with her hand, holding it steadily in his grasp, as if he was afraid that she would slip away any moment. Finally, he looked up at her.

Saagar: So...what now?

Rhia: What now?

She looked back blankly, like it was the most absurd question she had ever heard, one without any answers.

Rhia: I dunno...for the first time Saagar, I dont have any answers. Do you?

Saagar's eyes roved her face, and then all around, as if searching for the right words to say.

Saagar (beginning slowly): Well, the first step is clear.

Rhia: What's that?

Saagar (looks directly into her eyes): You have to leave Ritesh.

The magnitude of his response hit her with full force and she felt the wind being knocked out of her. She opened her mouth to respond, and no words would come out. She could'nt speak. She couldnt breath.

Saagar (noticing her struggle): Rhia I'm not sharing you with any other man. Not now, not anymore. Not after everything that has happened. No more. (touching her cheek) You're mine now sweetheart...

She felt like she was suffocating. Too much was happening too fast. She couldnt process all that information, it all seemed like a dream and a nightmare at the same time.
Finally, she managed to rasp out a response, barely audible.

Rhia (gasping): What then? What about afterwards?

Saagar (after a pause): You move in with me.

Rhia felt a slight bitterness at his response. That was not what she had expected him to say.

Rhia (irritated): Dont you think you're forgetting one important step in between?

Saagar looked at her, trying to hold her steady glance, so full of questions. Questions he didnt have answers for. For the first time, she saw his weakness clearly visible on his face. He was still afraid of commitment.

Rhia: I move in with you, as your wife?

He looked away, but held her hand more firmly then before.

Saagar: Dont ask for any promises Rhai, I cant give promises. Its just... I cant do it.

Her eyes hardened and she pulled out her hand from his grasp.

Rhia (coldly): I have to go.

She stood up, and he was on his feet within a second, holding her close to him, trying to pull her into his embrace, but she struggled.

Saagar (panicked): Dont leave. You're angry, plz dont be angry. This is not how I wanted this to turn out. Give me a chance Rhia, and I'll make you so happy. The future I have envisioned for us is...

Rhia (cutting in, angry): Nonexistant! That's what it is, nonexistant. (on the verge of tears) We have NO future together Saagar.

Saagar (softly at first): No...

Rhia (crying): There is no us!

Saagar (shouting): NO! Rhia dont do this. (he tried to grab her hand but she evaded his grasp) We can sort this out together, I know we can.

Rhia (trying to push him away): You need to sort out your head first Saagar!

He froze. His hands became limp, allowing Rhia to slip out of his grasp.

Rhia (walking backwards): Before we can sort out our lives, you need to sort out your head. Our lives are a mess, but Saagar, I've never seen a mind as muddled and confused as yours. Decide what you want to do before asking what I want to do.

That said, she turned around and rushed out of his house before her love made her weak. And this time, all Saagar could do was watch helplessly as the love of his life slipped out of his hand.
umagaurav Senior Member

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Posted: 01 June 2008 at 1:46am | IP Logged
why saagar is not willing to accept Rhia as her wife?
Is it because of the reason tht his marriage life turned out as a failure?
Is it coz of his fear?

Ur story has to tell the reason.
desigal90 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 June 2008 at 1:52am | IP Logged
You got it, its coz he fears commitment Smile
He doesnt wanna let his kids down again like with the first marriage. He feels that if something like marriage is put on his relationship with Rhia, just the pressure of commitment will tear them apart.

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