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Strings of Fate (Completed!)

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Posted: 16 May 2008 at 7:44pm | IP Logged
Hi, this is the most recent fan fiction I've worked on. Its inspired from the book Irresistible Forces and somewhat from the real lives of these celebrities. I hope you all enjoy Smile


Kareena: Rhia Sharma

Saif: Saagar Malhotra

Vivek Oberoi: Ritesh Sharma

Rhia balanced her files on one arm as she opened her apartment door with the other. It was a crisp December night, and the warmth of her apartment felt like a threshold into heaven. Silently, she tiptoed into the living room, careful not to make a sound. The clock struck 12:00 pm, startling her for a second. Taking a look around, she saw a half eaten plate of curry sitting on the kitchen counter and random plates strewn about the table. Sighing, she smiled to herself and proceeded to clean up the mess left over by her husband, Ritesh. She snuck a glance into their bedroom, and spotted him snoring softly under the covers. This was a typical night for Rhia Sharma. It had been four years since she had married Ritesh, and they had settled into a such a busy routine with their respected careers, that they barely got time to see each other.
She didn't mind though. She liked the hectic schedule she dealth with as an investment banker for one of the top firms in India. Being a woman, she was always a target for prejudice from many narrow minded folks who still thought that a woman's place was at home, not hogging a top postion in a bank. She had gotten used to the sexist attitudes, which motivated her even more to persevere and strive for her goals.
She heard a soft murmur in the room.

Ritesh (from inside): Rhia...?

She put the dishes aside and tiptoed into the room. Ritesh strained at her with half closed eyes, barely conscience.

Ritesh (rubbing his eyes): That you?

She moved around the bed to his side and kissed him on the cheek.

Rhia: Yeah, its me. When did you get home?

Ritesh (attempting to sit up): A few hours ago. Damn, my back hurts. I dont think it went too well sweetheart...

She hushed and pushed him back down. Ruffling his hair, she gave him a reassured smile and coaxed him back to bed. When his eyes closed again, and his chest began to rise and fall with that familiar rhythm, she pulled the covers tightly around him and stood up. She couldn't help but look at Ritesh with a dash of pity. The last few months had been very stressful for him. Ritesh had lost his job six months ago, and the following circumstances had taken a heavy toll on his confidence. On many occasions, Rhia would come home to an empty house, because he would be elsewhere looking for a job. When he would come home, he would fall straight into bed with a grim response to his interviews. The days when he didnt go job hunting were just as bad. Somewhere deep down, it hurt him immensely to see his successful wife supporting the family, while he lived off her earnings. The days would consist of daily quarrels and meaningless fights.
Luckily, today he was too tired to take his frustrations out on her. Even with their stressful conditions, they loved each other. They were as different as a couple could be. While Rhia was a glamorous career oriented woman who was known for dressing well, Ritesh couldnt care less about appearances. Rhia stunned all with her hair straightened and open about her, and sometimes left them breathless with a sophisticated pony tail. Everything she did was impressive. She had definite charisma; the kind you would expect from a model or a movie star. While Ritesh was laid back and chilled, Rhia was filled to the brim with energy and motivation. The sky was the limit for her. Despite their many differences, Rhia knew, in her heart, that there was no one else in this entire world more perfect for her.

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desigal90 IF-Stunnerz

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The next day, Rhia sat patiently in an exquisite restaurant, looking professional and stunning at the same time. (what kareena wore at Head n Shoulders press meet). She was supposed to meet the CEO of a prestigious company for a quick meeting today, since he was her latest client. She quickly scanned his name on her paper work. Saagar Malhotra. Saagar Malhotra, CEO of SM Tech company. An image of a stout man with a surly attitude quickly flashed across her mind. He wasn't the first CEO she had worked with, so she had a minor idea of what these people looked like. This was her first meeting, and he was late. He was supposed to be here already. She looked at her watch, slightly frusterated.
Finally fed up, she looked through the papers for his contact number. She punched in his cell, and waited for him to pick up.

Guy on Phone: Hello?

Rhia: Umm, hi, this is Rhia Sharma, the investment banker you employed.

Guy on Phone: Oh hi, how are you?

Rhia: Fine, thank you. I was wondering, when will you be able to make it?

Guy on Phone (laughs): Actually, I'm looking for you, I'm already here.

Rhia (surprised): Really? I'm sorry, I have no clue where you are. I just came here on the table since we didnt have one reserved.

Guy on Phone: Yes, I must apologize. It completely slipped my mind. Anyways, I'm here now.

Rhia: Where are you? (looking around, confused)

Guy on Phone: I'm in the main banquet. I'm standing up right.

Rhia: I'm there as well.

Now she was on her feet, looking around, trying to hunt down a face that may fit her description. Pretty soon, she saw a middle aged, stout man with spectacles talking on a cell phone. Her suspicions roused, she began to walk towards him slowly.

Guy on Phone: Well, tell me where you are.

Rhia: I think I might have seen you, but I'm not sure. Umm, I know this sounds silly, but can plz you raise your hand?

Guy on Phone: Sure.

Rhia watched the elder man with keen interest, but he continued to talk without any response.

Rhia: Plz Mr. Malhotra, just for a quick second, raise your hand.

Guy on Phone: I have! (laughs)

Puzzled she scanned around the room once more, and halted on a younger looking guy with his hand held high. For a moment, her gaze faltered on him. He was a dashing man, who looked to be around his mid thirties. Sharp features, keen eyes, and a clear complexion coupled with a stylish suit that complimented his persona, he was an impressive sight indeed. He seemed to be looking around as well, looking slightly confused and awkward. She looked back at the older man, who fit her conception, and then back at the younger.

Rhia: Can you give your hand a quick wave?

Guy on Phone (laughs again): Ok...

Her judgment was confirmed when she saw the younger man waving. Feeling slightly conscience of her looks, she approached him more confidently, and announced on the phone, standing right by him.

Rhia: Found you!

He turned, startled to hear her voice coming from teh right along via his cell phone. For a second they stared at each other, then broke out into relieved laughter. Sticking her hand out, she introduced herself.

Rhia: Hi, I'm Rhia Sharma

Saagar (shaking her hand): Very nice to meet you. Come on, lets proceed to our table...finally.

All smiles, the two walked back to a table and made themselves comfortable.

Saagar: Wow, some meeting, eh?

Rhia: Definitely, it doesnt happen often.

Saagar: You looked very surprised when you thought you saw me. How come?

Rhia: Well, my conception of a CEO for such a company was man a little...(pauses)

Saagar: Older? (laughs when she nods) Dont worry, I get that a lot.

The waiter came in between and offered them water. They both refused politely and just asked for coffee.

Rhia: Well, lets get down to business then, shall we?

Saagar (smiles): Definitely. So, as you know, I want SM Tech to go global! I want to sell stocks not only in India, but all over the world, and I'm gonna need a lot of help doing that.

Rhia: Fantastic idea! In today's market, it would only benefit your company to take this step.

Saagar: Yes, but I'm sorta nervous as well. A lot of employees feel this isnt the right move. They feel that by selling stocks we may lose control.

Rhia: Its typical to be nervous when starting out, but really, if you play your cards right, there's nothing to worry about. And I'll make sure you play them right.

Saagar (smiling): You're quite confident, arent you?

Rhia: We have to be. Sometimes, you have to be confident, more so to convince yourself than others. You learn that in my profession.

Saagar: I know exactly how you feel. Its more a matter of image and appearances sometimes. Though its so fickle, it works. In our world, half the job gets done when you have to convince the other person that you're sure of yourself.

Rhia: Exactly! Wow, I've never met someone who understood this complex so well. Usually, people are quick to jump and criticize my believes, but they dont realize how significant appearances become in this profession.

Saagar: Yes, and if I may say so myself, you do it full justice (admiring her looks)

Rhia (laughs): Thanks! Same to you. You look more like a model and less like a businessman.

Saagar: Why thank you, thank you very much. So, how many men have lost their hearts to you during your career?

Rhia: Isnt this a bit offtopic?

Saagar: Yes, but much more interesting.

Rhia: Haha, only one. His name's Ritesh. My one and only soulmate, my husband.

Saagar: Ouch! Now you broke my heart (places hand on heart and puts on exagerated hurt look)

Rhia chuckled and shook her head. Within just a few minutes, they had started chatting like old buddies. They talked about their businesses and their personal life. It was obvious, that they would be seeing quite a lot of each other, since going global meant taking a tour around the world, and as his adviser, Rhia was part of the trip. After a few minutes, they both forgot about appearances and began to converse about business once again. With equal passion towards this venture, Rhia had full confidence that they would take the world by storm.
Dark Love IF-Rockerz
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Extremely well-written! Clap Clap Clap Do continue!
desigal90 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 May 2008 at 10:12pm | IP Logged
Thank you! Smile
I'm glad at least someone likes it, phew, haha. Here's another update:

After lunch with Saagar, Rhia came straight home. Excitement ran through her as she opened her apartment door and let herself in. The light was very faded, and for a moment, she couldn't see.

Rhia: Ritesh? Ritesh are you home?

After adjusting the lights, she saw that the apartment was empty, and there was note attached the to the fridge. Upon drawing closer, she could see a message written in Ritesh's untidy handwriting.

Note: Went for interview. Will be back by afternoon. Love, Ritesh.

For the next few hours, she busied herself with her work, already envisioning the tour she would take with Saagar and the glory his company would achieve. Around 6:00 am, she heard the main door open and then close shut. She heard a zipper, and then shuffling of clothes as Ritesh took his jacket off and hung it onto the rack. He came around and kissed her on the cheek in greeting.

Rhia (kisses back but remains seated on the table): Hey there! How did it go?

Ritesh (excited): Very great actually! I think they may have an opening for me.

Rhia (getting up): Really? Sweetie that's great!

She went up and gave him a firm hug. After so long, everything was getting back in place. He drew and away and grinned.

Ritesh: Tell me about it. But there's a slight catch. They dont have an opening for me in this branch right here, but they may have one in New Delhi.

Rhia (confused): in, not in Mumbai? Another city? Ritesh, how are we gonna...

Ritesh (cuts her off): I know I know! It sounds bad, but really jaan, think of it. Maybe moving to another city may not be such a bad idea after all.

Rhia: No, but what about my job?

Ritesh (after a pause): Oh...well, I mean. Sweetheart, dont take this the wrong way, but after I get a job, you wont even have to work.

Rhia (horrified): What? Ritesh, tell me you didnt say what I think you said...

Ritesh (seeing her response): Ahh, I'm sorry. I dunno why I said that, but...never mind. Forget about it. We'll work something out. Listen, I really need this job Rhia. You dont know how useless one feels in this situation (expression darkens) How utterly meaningless. (shakes his head) But anyways, I'm thinking that for the time being, I'll take it. And then, once I'm settled I'll request the company to somehow transfer me back to Mumbai.

Rhia: So wait, we'll be living separately?

Ritesh (holds her shoulders firmly): I know this sounds bad, but Rhia, its gonna work out, trust me. Just a few months at most, and then as soon as I'm solid at the spot, I'll ask to transfer, I promise.

Rhia (unsure): Ok...if you feel this is the only way, I guess we can try. Months Ritesh? How are we going to manage this?

Ritesh: Dont worry about it, we'll do just fine.

He pulled her close into a hug in reassurance and drew back only after he felt her relax. He was glad to see a small smile on her face when they parted.

Ritesh: That's my girl! Now tell me, how did your meeting with this business tycoon go?

Rhia (lightening up): Oh great! Amazing! Perfect! I think this is gonna get us quite a chunk of cash. (smiles) I'll be taking a tour with the CEO of SG Tech around the world fpr two weeks to help him make his company global.
He moved around and plopped down on the sofa and turned the television on while Rhia continued to type away on her laptop.

Ritesh (unconcerned): Great, that's great sweetie. Who was the guy again? Uhhh, Saagar, something right?

Rhia: Saagar Malhotra

Ritesh: Right right, I've heard about him. The guy's is quite the businessman. His name appears on the newspaper once in a while.

Rhia (matter of factly while typing): Oh yes, he's very impressive. I was actually very surprised by how young he was, and very good looking as well. Total charmer. You would think the guy would be a model or something. Kinda looks like Saif Ali Khan a little bit too.

Suddenly, Ritesh's full attention was focused on this subject. The T.V droned on in the background while he squinted at Rhia typing away.

Ritesh (concerned): Really? Hmm...maybe this tour isnt such a great idea Rhia.

Rhia (looking up at him): What, why?

Ritesh (trying to sound funny): I dunno, a charming guy with my beautiful wife for 2 whole weeks. I mean, men will be men sweetheart (laughs)

She laughed and walked towards him and joined him on the sofa. Cuddling up to him, she kissed his arm and spoke calmly.

Rhia: Since when did you become so insecure, huh?

Ritesh: Since my wife told me she would be touring the world for two weeks with a charming guy.

Rhia: Come on Ritesh, I've done this so many times before. Most of those other CEOs were men as well.

Ritesh: Yeah? But how many of them looked like Saif Ali Khan?

This time, his tone was serious, and Rhia sobered up instantly.

Rhia: Sweetheart, if it makes you feel any better, he's about 10 years older than me, divorced, and has two kids.

Ritesh: Really? (calming down) Well, yeah, I guess I overreacted. Haha, the jealousy beast catches up with me sometimes, especially since I dont get to spend enough time with you as it is. Sometimes I forget that I'm married.

She smiled and snuggled up to him. This was the first time Ritesh had been this insecure, and it intrigued her a little bit. They began to stare at the television screen for a few moments, and Rhia thought that the situation was under control. After a few moment, he spoke very softly.

Ritesh: Does he really look like Saif Ali Khan?

Rhia (laughs): Ritesh! What's wrong with you today?

Ritesh: No really, does he?

Rhia (after a pause): No. No he doesnt, I just exagerated.

Ritesh: Ok

She waited for him to ask more questions, and was relieved when he didnt. This new project was turning out to be very interesting already.
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very interesting, hope you continue soon Tongue
Dark Love IF-Rockerz
Dark Love
Dark Love

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Posted: 17 May 2008 at 10:12am | IP Logged
To be honest, I'm not a Kareena fan at all. But I absolutely love your story and your style of writing! Is this your first time? Embarrassed

Eagerly waiting for the next chapter! Thumbs Up
desigal90 IF-Stunnerz

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Thanks! Smile
No its not my first time, I've been writing for a while now, but I've improved over the years. I'm so glad you like this story, here's the next update! Embarrassed

For the next few days, Rhia continuously worked with Saagar for their future tour. They worked day and night in the conference room drawing up plans, anticipating reactions, mapping the tour, and planning the the entire presentation long after everyone else left. Quite often, the two of them would find themselves alone in each other's company late into the recesses of the night. They didn't mind however, because they felt they worked better without the distraction of other conflicting opinions. They worked together like fire and ice, completing each other's ideas, complementing similar thoughts, coming up with innovative ways that appealed to the other. Sometimes, the vast conference room seemed too huge, to ominous. During such times, Saagar and Rhia chose to work in his personal office, which felt much more secure. It was more convenient and relaxing to converse with each other in the comforting setting on his office anyways.
One night, as they worked like workaholics in his office, Saagar asked Rhia to fetch some papers from his desk. She reluctantly tore herself away from the laptop to grab the papers. Just as she was about to turn back, her eyes caught onto a photograph that she had never noticed before. Saagar's handsome face stared up at her, surrounded by two other smilling faces. One was a little boy around 8 years, while the other was a girl around her pre-teens. Curiosity getting the better of her, she scooped up the photo along with the other papers, and stared at it as she walked back.

Rhia (upon reaching Saagar): Hey, these your kids?

Saagar looked up from his paperwork and caught sight of the photo her hands, Insantly, his face lit up, and motioned for her to come over. She handed him the photgraph and sat down next to him on the carpetted floor.

Saagar: Yeah, these are my kids!

His voice was proud, his eyes shining. The strain on his face had suddenly evaporated, and he looked about ten years younger. Rhia was struck again by how handsome he truly was. The moment lasted a second before she looked back at the picture.

Rhia: They're beautiful Saagar.

Saagar (proud): I know, eh? This is my daughter (pointing to girl) Neha. (Played by Sara Ali Khan) She's my little angel. Sometimes I think she looks after me way more than I look after her (laughs). Whenever I come home, she'll run up and take my jacket off, and then get me a glass of water. (smiles in a daze) She's daddy's little girl, that's what she is. I cant believe how fast she's growing up.

Rhia smiled in response to his descriptions. The way his eyes shone at the sight of the children was nothing less than endearing.

Saagar: And this guy right here (points to boy), that's my little devil, Aryan. My little master! (Played by Ibrahim Ali Khan) He's the prankster in the house, and so clever! He's a piece of work, that he is (laughs again).

Rhia: Just like his daddy (smiles)

Saagar (laughs): Yes, just like his daddy.

Rhia: Let me see (takes picture from his hand and looks carefully) My god Saagar, he looks just like you!

Saagar smiled proudly and stared at the picture again.

Saagar: Does he really? So many people have said that.

Rhia: Yes! He's your carbon copy!

They both laughed and looked at the picture for a few more moments in silence. Wordlessly, Rhia handed it over to him and he continued to gaze at it with an affectionate gaze.

Saagar: You know Rhia, they're the light in my life. They're the only reason I go on. My entire world revolves around these kids. The high point of the day when I go home.

Rhia (softly): You seem like a very devoted father Saagar. They're lucky to have you. Do they spend a lot of time with you? When do they stay with their mother?

Saagar (hesitates): Actually...I have full custody of my kids. They stay with me all the time.

Rhia (surprised): Really? Wow...I must've really fought for them, didnt you?

Saagar (bitterly): Not really. She didnt want them.

He looked at her with sorrow filled eyes. She stared back at him helplessly, unsure of what to say, how to make him feel better. All she could do was look into his eyes and feel the depth of his grief.

Rhia (speechless): What? Why... I mean...I'm sorry, I'm getting too personal.

Saagar: No, no you're not. I dont know why, but I feel like I can share this with you. Not many people know this Rhia but...(pauses) my wife cheated on me.

The words hung in the air, thick with the pugent stench of betrayal. This time, she had no idea how to respond. Instead, she let a few seconds tick away and waited for him to continue.

Saagar: She was having an affiar with this guy whom she had known ever before she met me. I cant say that I had no idea. Sometimes I did catch hints that there was someone else, but I let it slide. Its like I wanted to believe that I was overreacting, that she was faithful. I guess I was wrong. She didnt even want to have kids, you know, but I had to do quite a lot of convincing for her to agree. Pretty pathetic, eh?

Rhia: Saagar, I'm so...

She paused to think before she let the words out. What did she feel? Sorry? Yes, definitely she was sorry, but she felt more than that. Just saying she felt sorry didnt do justice to her feelings at the moment. The fact that he had allowed her to glipmse into his dark past this way had significantly altered their relationship. She felt much closer to him than she did before. In just a few weeks, Saagar had become one of her closest friends, and she didnt have many. He understood her while she understood him. And now, he had shared a piece of his concealed past with her. It was almost like a ritual that solidified their friendship, setting them apart from just collegues.
Without thinking, she covered his hand with hers and gave it a reassured squeeze.

Rhia: Your're a great guy, and any woman would be lucky to have a companion like you. Your wife doesnt know what she's lost out on. And as for your kids, they're much better off with you then with her anyday.

Saagar (smiling sadly): Thanks Rhia. You're amazing.

Rhia (grinning): I know I am!

He laughed, and shook his head.

Saagar: And did I mention crazy?

Rhia: Arent we all?

He smiled wider and nodded slowly, as if agreeing. She put out her hand, and with a deep sigh, he put the picture on her palm. She then walked back to his desk and put it neatly in his drawer. Within a few minutes, they got back to work.
desigal90 IF-Stunnerz

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A week later, both Ritesh and Rhia set out of their cozy apartment with briefcases in hand. They embraced one last time before Rhia caught a cab and Ritesh drove off in the opposite direction in his car. It was the time of parting for the both of the. While Rhia was on her way to the airport to begin her tour with Saagar, Ritesh started on a trip that would eventually lead him to his job interview in New Delhi. Rhia arrived at the airport within an hour and boarded the flight along with Saagar and a few other executives. Saagar and Rhia sat together in one row, while the proceeding members took up the seats behind them. Their first destination was going to be England, and Saagar was quite nervous, though he didn't let anyone know. He was still musing over the presentation, staring out through the window at the dark unseeing sky when he heard Rhia unstrapping her briefcase. Within a minute, she had her laptop out along with a few papers.

Saagar: Oh no, dont tell me. You brought your laptop on board?

Rhia (surprised): Why wouldn't I?

Saagar: This is the time to relax during the flight. We've already covered everything we need to know. Everything else can wait till we get there.

Rhia: Oh I know, but I dont have anything else to do. Besides, its always good to get ahead.

Saagar: Rhia man, you need to rest! You've been working like crazy this past week.

Rhia (laughs): Saagar its really sweet of you to be so concerned, but really, I like to be on top of things.

Saagar (shaking his head): Its official, I've never met such a workaholic in my life!

Rhia (grins): Well now you have. I just love to work, even when I'm sleep deprived. Its like I get a rush, a high, from the feeling of being active. I really dont think I could ever be happy any other way.

Saagar: I understand, work is important, but so's rest. I dont get it, hasnt Ritesh ever said anything about it? Hasn't he ever tried to stop you from overworking yourself?

Rhia (smiles): Ofcourse he has. But I just dont listen! (laughs)

Saagar (with a strange half smile): How sweet

Rhia: Yes very sweet.

Just as she focused her attention back on the screen, Saagar swooped in with a firm grip and wrestled her laptop away from her hands.

Rhia (shocked): What...what are you doing???

Saagar rested the laptop against his right armrest, out of her reach, and shut it down with one hand while she stared dumbfounded.

Rhia: Saagar, what are you doing???

Saagar (while shutting her laptop down): Something which should have been done a while ago.

Rhia (speechless): You're crazy...

Saagar (smiles): I've been told. Anyways, I better not see this laptop out for the remainder of the flight, you got me? And that's an order!

Unable to help herself, Rhia burst out laughing at the absurd situation. Saagar smiled, and shook his head in disbelief.

Rhia: Is this how you behave with your daughter?

Saagar: Actually, yes.

Rhia (smiles): You know, no one's ever been able to boss me around this way, not even Ritesh.

Saagar: Well its about time someone did.

Rhia snickered but finally gave in as she shifted around on her seat, trying to make herself more comfortable. Watching her struggle, Saagar reached under his seat and pulled out a wrapped cushion.

Saagar: Here, try this.

He unwrapped the cushion and placed it beneath her neck. She adjusted it with one free hand and finally leaned back and sighed. Saagar reached up and turned the lights out, bathing the entire section in soft, comforting darkness. Everyone else had also dozed off, and they were the few remaining awake. They pulled out their blankets and warpped tucked themselves in firmly. In the quiet of the aircraft, they stared at each other from beneath their own blankets, and whispered softly.

Rhia (whispering): I feel like a kid at a sleepover! Remember those days when everyone else would be asleep and you'd be the only ones awake with your friends?

Saagar (smiles and whispers back): I know! I havent felt this young since...well, ever.

Rhia (whispering): You're never too old to be a kid again, that's what I believe in. I dont think I ever grew up actually. Apart from working all the time, I'm still a kid at heart.

Saagar (with a hint of sadness): I wish I could say the same for myself.

She gave him a comforting look and the smile returned to his face.

Saagar: But right now, I'm feeling really young. That's quite a feat for an old man like me.

Rhia: You're not old! Saagar, you're only in you're mid thirties. Guys your age are modeling, coming in movies. You just feel this way coz you married early and have kids.

Saagar: Maybe (looks straight up)

A period of silence followed that remark, and within a few minutes, both slipped into a light sleep. Sometime during the night, Saagar woke up, and felt Rhia's rhytmic breathing by his ear. Glacing sideways, he saw that her head was resting on his shoulder. He was surprised by how calm he felt, how strangely at ease with her closeness. It almost felt as if this is how things were always meant to be. Nothing felt out of the ordinary, and so, without giving it much thought, he closed his eyes again and drifted back to sleep.

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