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The Elegant & Beautiful Sakshi Tanwar (Page 93)

priya555 Goldie

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Posted: 11 March 2009 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
NICE SIGGY LIPSHA. Love it..........................Love Saakshi

winner13 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 March 2009 at 10:58am | IP Logged

Party  Party 

Hi guys. Big smile  Wish you all a very, very Happy Holi!!! Big smile Hope all had a great day, full of colours, fun and joy!!! Dancing
Lots of love, Hug

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winner13 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 March 2009 at 11:17am | IP Logged
@ Lipshaa.
Hi Lipshaa.Big smile How are you yaar??? Thanks so much for your wishes, wish you the same...Embarrassed  And this is for you yaar... ClapClapClap A BIG thank you for that absolutely gorgeous siggy... Hug aw, its beautiful... Embarrassed thanks for sharing!!! Take care, bye. Big smile
@ Priya.
Hi Priya. Big smile How are you yaar??? Thanks for your wishes, wish you the same.Embarrassed Hope you had a rocking day. Wink Take care yaar, bye. Big smile
@ Geeta.
Hi Geeta. Big smile How are you yaar??? Firstly, thanks a ton for putting up the video of Saakshi's interview... I'd promised to do a written update...Embarrassed its fully done and saved on my PC... just couldn't log in and put it up, was just terribly busy...Ouch  won't put it up now that the video's up... thanks so much for that yaar, much appreciated...Big smile hope to see you around. Take care, bye. Big smile
@ Deepthi.
Hi Deepthi.Big smile How are you yaar??? Thanks so much for that info on Saakshi's performance... unfortunately, logged in today after ages...Ouch  had no idea about this programme, so didn't see it... Ouch missing Saakshi loads...Cry  hope to see her back soon, touchwood. Thanks again. Take care, bye. Big smile
@ Chandrika.
Hi Chandrika. Big smile How are you yaar??? Well, Geeta's confirmed that it was a repeat of last year's performance... didn't get to see it though... Cry hoping to see Saakshi back on T.V. soon yaar... missing her loads...Cry Thanks so much for your lovely words on the cricket episode update yaar...Embarrassed  yeah, will defo be around with more of my 'little' posts... Wink have one planned already... will try to put it up a.s.a.p.Smile Take care, bye and keep rocking... Big smile
Lots of love, Hug

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Exoctica Goldie

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Posted: 13 March 2009 at 7:32pm | IP Logged
Hi all!

Hope everyone's doing well... I'm having probs viewing rajshri epi 470... anyone else having a prob?
winner13 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 March 2009 at 10:01am | IP Logged

Hi guys.Big smile How are you all??? Been a looong time... Embarrassed


Well, back again... Wink with one of my little posts on... The Queen...Day Dreaming Fiery Eyes Saakshi... Hug in an episode that... She Rocked, Rocked and... you guessed it...ROCKED!!! ClapClapClap


This special episode is the Awesome 50's Theme Party... Big smile in which Janki reveals herself to the Agarwal family... esp Trishna and Rajeshwari...Wink for the first time... Saakshi looked...Day Dreaming gorgeous is a very, very, very small word!!!Embarrassed Fiery Eyes's expressions...Big smile her style as Queen Janki... Embarrassed especially, the barbs against Trashna and Rajeshwari... WinkLOLLOL An absolute cracker of an episode... Big smile One of my favs... LOVED IT!!!Embarrassed


Here it comes...Embarrassed


Scene at the party hall and Maithali is busy looking at arrangements. A singer is singing an old song from the 50's, it was 'Aaiye meherbaan'. Outside, a car comes and from it come Suyash, Rajeshwari and Adi. They enter the hall. Rajeshwari flirts with Suyash and tells him that he is looking handsome...Wink Suyash ignores her.LOL (Poor, old Dumber...LOLAdi comes to Rajeshwari and tells him that the party is boring, 50's theme, 50's music and boring crowd too. Rajeshwari tells him to chill and says Trishna has been invited too (which means... there will be plenty of mad antics to enjoy...ROFLso the Agarwals must be arriving.


Just then a car pulls up outside and from it exit, Kamal, Trishna... (wearing a body fitting dress, which I cannot even describe... ROFL and a brown wig.ROFL the get up was...ROFL but the attitude rocked...Wink) Varun and Sonu. Rajeshwari sees Narayanidevi and takes Trishna to meet her. She introduces herself and Narayanidevi shakes hands with her. She then introduces Trishna and says that this is the woman whose house you bought, Agarwal house. Narayanidevi gives Trishna a big stare, shakes her hand reluctantly and ignores her and walks away.LOL Trishna says that this woman looks like a big shot, but where is her daughter Janki? Sameer comes to the venue and tries to enter but the guard refuses to let him in without an invitation. Sameer says he is representing the Agarwal Group. Narayanidevi hears all this and tells the guard to allow Sameer to enter.


Narayanidevi goes onto the stage and makes an announcement that Janki Enterprises is looking to set up base in Mumbai and this is their first step. She tells them that all will play a lil game, since this is a theme party of the 50's, whoever gets the mike in their hand will have to sing a song from the 50's. She says she will start the game and sings a song and dances...Embarrassed

EmbarrassedDay Dreaming
She looked very pretty in a black sari and danced well too.Embarrassed The song was umm... not sure, some 'aap akele nahin duniya mein' or something like that.


She then gives the mike to Rajeshwari who sings, 'Babuji dheere chalna, pyar mein zara sambhalna'...Wink 

(She keeps flirting with poor Suyash... LOLwho keeps looking for all the possible ways to disappear from anywhere near her...ROFL check out his expressions...ROFL)


Then... MY, OH MY...Embarrassed  Suyash sings...Embarrassed (yeah, you heard it... Suyash singing...Wink )'Aye dil hain mushkil jeena yahan, zara hatke zara bachke, yeh hain Bombay meri jaan'. (now really... Mr. Mehra could have done better than that...LOL but what to do... Queen Janki still hadn't featured in the party... Embarrassed no inspiration for him...Wink after all, only Dumb and Dumber were present on the scene till this point...ROFL now that explains the song...ROFLROFLROFL)


The mike then goes to Trishna who sings, "Husn ke laakhon rang' and does an insane dance.ROFL Kamal gets bugged and grabs her and says that this song is from the 60's and Trishna says that she never follows rules, she makes them.ROFL


Kamal then sings and dances on 'Bholi surat dil ke khote' dedicated to Trishna...ROFL


Suyash receives a call on his cell and says he is coming and leaves the party. (really... Suyash's timing was... Ouch)


Just then, the lights go off.

Wink  Wink 
(Didn't need any lights... Embarrassedcoz the entire screen is then lit up by one very, very special person...Embarrassed Fiery Eyes...Day Dreaming) A voice begins to sing, "Tadbeer se bigdi hui taqdeer bana le" and they show Parvati... i.e. Janki... Embarrassed not her face coz its dark, just her eyes, those 'Fiery Eyes'.Day Dreaming She moves through the whole crowd and sings the full song... she has the most adorable smile on her face, while she sings... Embarrassed Then the lights come back on and she is standing with her back to the crowd. Masi announces, "This is my daughter and the owner of Janki Enterprises, Janki"...Embarrassed


Janki turns... with the Mahabharat chant and Kahaani theme playing in the background. They show her face... she is looking absolutely, totally and completely stunning.Embarrassed All are shocked to see her, esp the Agarwal family, particularly Rajeshwari, Trishna and Kamal. Kamal is staring in absolute disbelief and Trishna goes rushing over to him and starts shaking him. (poor teddy...LOL) They show Parvati again.. Trishna starts screaming like a mad person that this is Parvati and she is back. Rajeshwari tries to control her and says to stop acting crazy coz this isn't Parvati, this is Janki and she must behave herself. But Trishna tells all that this is Parvati only. She goes rushing upto Parvati and starts screaming at her to confess that she only is Parvati. Parvati just keeps on smiling at her.(aw, that smile is a killer...EmbarrassedTrishna goes rushing to Sonu and pushes her ahead and tells her to go and see if this isn't her Badi Maa. Sonu is speechless. Kamal is staring blankly at Parvati.


Then, there is a beautiful scene...Embarrassed where they show Parvati coming down the stairs and they show Parvati's changing image... from the bahu of the house... to a widow... to her bruised and battered version in jail... and now... the super gorgeous, stylish, glamorous Queen Janki...Embarrassed  


Trishna goes rushing to Kamal and drags him ahead and screams at him to recognise his Parvati bhabhi. Kamal is absolutely shocked and stumbles backwards silently.


Parvati slowly walks down the rest of the stairs and goes and stands next to Narayanidevi...

Embarrassed  Day Dreaming
and faces Trishna. Trishna screams at her to admit she is Parvati. Parvati smiles and turns around and tells Masi, 'Mummy u were correct, I'm really late, coz some people seem to have already lost their senses after too many drinks'. ROFL Trishna is fuming and Parvati turns around and asks her who this Parvati is, is she some filmstar???ROFL Parvati then says that Trishna is just too drunk and tells her security to escort Trishna home and see that she reaches properly. Rajeshwari steps in between and apologises to Parvati and says that she is Trishna's friend and will see to it that Trishna is taken care off. She drags Trishna outside while Parvati just smiles at the rest of the horrified Agarwal family.Wink


Meanwhile at the party, Masi says that now Janki will announce their first project. Parvati goes to the stage and says that they have been looking at a lot of properties and have finally found the perfect one, Agarwal house for their new project, a casino.Wink All the Agarwals, esp Kamal are horrified. Parvati says this new venture will provide a lot of unemployed people work. She is looking straight at Rajeshwari, who feels very insulted.ROFL Parvati smiles at her and says she wasn't referring to her but to the many unemployed people in the city. She asks all to enjoy the party. She goes down from the stage to Sonu and tells her to help herself to something and enjoy. Sonu is just gaping at her. Parvati then keeps drifting around and talking to people when suddenly Kamal blocks her way and addresses her as Parvati bhabhi. Embarrassed Parvati starts laughing and says tells him that please he should stop this Parvati thing, coz already some woman was calling her that. Kamal says the woman was his wife and Parvati asks him if she is mentally ill.ROFL Kamal says yes.ROFL He also says that he knows now that she cannot be his bhabhi coz Agarwal house was her temple and she would not even think of making a casino there. Parvati smiles at him and says that she is just too curious to know who on earth this Parvati was and says she knows only one Parvati, Lord Shiva's wife, who was a Goddess. Kamal looks at her and says that his bhabhi was also a Goddess...Embarrassed and Agarwal house was her temple. Parvati looks at him and says that for her the house was nothing more than a profitable deal and that's it!!! Kamal looks at her and says that she could just never be his Parvati bhabhi, that's it!!! He walks off from there and Parvati looks at him with silent tears in her eyes.Embarrassed Episode ends.

Wow, oh wow... and WOW!!!Embarrassed What a super rocking episode... and Saakshi...Hug aw, she was brilliance personified, touchwood...Embarrassed as usual, must add...Big smile this was actually a combo of 2 episodes... the party had gone on over 2 episodes... the first of the episodes had concluded with that Very, very special scene... Queen Janki singing...Big smile Narayanidevi introducing her... and then, Janki turning around and revealing herself to the Agarwal family...Wink aw, simply AWESOME...Big smile next epi... Trashna's reactions...LOL her first reaction when she saw Janki was... to jump behind poor, old teddy...LOL Kamal... the way Trashna screamed and shouted...LOL and held onto Rajeshwari for some 'sanity' and support...ROFL the scenes where Janki taunts Trashna and the Agarwals...Wink the attitude was just Mindblowing!!!ClapClapClap And the Parvati-Kamal scene... was just so special...Embarrassed esp the bit where Kamal walks off and Parvati is just staring at him silently...Embarrassed aw, super episode... Saakshi looked just sooo beautiful...Day Dreaming she was  in a white sari... and looked angelic...Day Dreaming
Well unfortunately... couldn't find any pics of Saakshi from that episode...CryCryCry have just put up that one lil "Ma-Beti" siggy I found...Embarrassed many thanks to the person who made that gorgeous siggy...Big smile but luckily, inspite of no pics... Best for the last...Day Dreaming
Many, many thanks to the person who made this absolutely Beautiful Siggy...ClapClapClap from the Queen's pics from this special episode...Embarrassed A BIG thank u...Embarrassed this siggy was with a "Do not use" request... so just posting it here, please don't use it...Embarrassed
Here is...
Embarrassed  Day Dreaming
Embarrassed Queen Fiery Eyes Janki... Super Gorgeous... And Rocking!!!Day Dreaming 
MISS U SAAKSHI...CryCryCry MISS YOU LOADS!!!CryCryCry Fiery Eyes, you are the best, touchwood!!!Hug

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winner13 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 March 2009 at 10:38am | IP Logged
@ Exotica.
Hi.Big smile How are you??? Sorry, can't be of any help yaar, coz I'm not following Kahaani on Rajshri... hope your problem's been sorted out by now.Wink Take care, bye.
winner13 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 March 2009 at 5:42am | IP Logged
Hi guys... Where are you all... CryCryCry  missing everyone... CryCryCry hope to see all back here soon and rocking... Embarrassed

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queen_hetepet Senior Member

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Posted: 24 March 2009 at 7:13pm | IP Logged
Hey Winnie - thx so much for that wonderful written episode guide - loved it buddy!!!!
Sorry for not being around of late - have been heaps busy as you can understand.  On top of it all like Exotica I can't seem to watch any of the Rajshri eps from episode 470 (very upsetting as it's getting to some juicy storyline).  Have spoken to Rajshri admin and they have informed me that this whole buffering problem will be fixed as soon as they launch their new Rajshri website.  So fingers crossed that happens soon!
Am missing all you Saakshi fans and friends heaps too - please continue your fabulous posts and responses. 
As usual once I get a chance to I will try to post some new vids. 
I hope Saakshi comes back to TV land soon - she is missed heaps!!!!

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