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The Elegant & Beautiful Sakshi Tanwar (Page 61)

luv_sakshi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 October 2008 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
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The Indian Telly Awards is Here...So Start Voting Members!! We would'nt want to see Sakshi miss out on her Fair Share of Awards This Year...for our Favourite Character - Parvati!
Star  Star

I hope all of you have voted in favour of our Queen & Kahaani for the Indian Television Academy Awards...the link had been put up in this thread...Do make sure you cast your votes for the Indian Telly Awards as well, on the link provided below:

And for all those who have'nt voted at the Indian Television Academy Awards site or would like to do so again, here's the link for you below:

So..Vote to your Heart's content 'coz this is our last chance to vote for Sakshi as our Favourite - Parvati & for our Favourite Show - Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii
Hug  Hug
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Raee_Salvatore IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 October 2008 at 7:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by luv_sakshi

^ Hi Raee! Smile..Hope you are doing fine...
Well i'd second your thoughts Pal..Cry Cry Cry..Believe me, it was'nt easy for any of us to even think about Kahaani bidding Goodbye n that too in such haste! Shocked Confused Ouch Cry...it came as an unacceptable shocker...Shocked Cry..It took me 3 days only to let the fact sink in that  Sakshi won't be coming into our homes as Parvati on Kahaani, Mon thru' Thur!! Cry Hug Cry....i just can't find the words to describe How much i'm missing Sakshi! Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry..dying to hear about her new show n fast! Hug...n that's my only Hope! Stern Smile...i know how hard it is...Ouch...i could barely come around to make my Goodbye Post! Cry Confused
...Yes! that last Episode was very Touching! Cry Cry..n i simply could'nt bear to see those tears in Sakshi's eyes...Ouch Cry..it killed me n left me heart-broken!! Ouch Broken Heart...Missing Sakshi, Parvati n Kahaani Heaps! Cry Hug Ouch...n for Sakshi...Hug...i'll Always Wish the Very Best for Her!! Star Star Star...she was looking absolutely Divine in the last Episode n her performance was Top-Notch n Brilliant as Always!! Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap...Sakshi will Always be the Best!! Star Hug Day Dreaming...Love her Loads! Embarrassed Embarrassed
...Aw, Thank You for all those lovely words you've put in for me yaar! Embarrassed Hug...the pleasure's all mine that we're friends! Hug...really glad to have made real gr8 Buddies on the Forum...Smile...Thanks Raee for all those Amazing sigs n posts you've been putting up! Clap Clap Clap..n for your amazing B'day gift siggy! Embarrassed Embarrassed...n Yes!! We've all decided not to leave Queen Sakshi's thread! Big smile Hug...i really can't!! Cry...n the last thing we wanna see is this Forum going into Archives!! Shocked Confused...that's why we'll be around as often as we can to put up posts, discussions, pics n sigs on our Queen's thread!! Party...so you are'nt going anywhere either Buddy! Wink...we wanna see those Rocking sigs pour in from your end! Thumbs Up...we have to keep this thread n the Forum alive yaar! Approve...n yes, we can discuss all those Rocking janki Episodes all over again! Hug
Take Care n Love
Hi chandrikaBig smileme doing better nowEmbarrassedjust got ur pm n then i saw this msg too sooooo i am quiet cheered upSmilei am sooooooooo happy tht u ppl rnt leaving the forum.........Embarrassedthnk godBig smiletalking about Janki episodes wud b a grt one..i will enjoy it a lotLOLohhhhhhhhhhhhh how i am evr gonna forget themEmbarrassed
sooooooooo sure yaar i will join in any kind of convo related to our Queen...Hug..hoping sh emakes a grand comeback soon....Hug
n checked ur prev post will surely vote Big smilethnxxx for the linkWink
Luv RaeeEmbarrassedBig smile
muaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 October 2008 at 9:55pm | IP Logged
Big smileHi Chandrika how r U ? As always very rocking and touching PostClap.Searously hard to believe that KGGK endCry No More Parvati/SakshiCry.last epi is so emotional CryCryBut Sakshi RocksClap.Eagerly wait any news about Sakshi new show.And ya we all keep alive Queen sakshi thread and discuss Rocking days of KGGKClap.
Big smile Hi Raee how R U? same feeling yaarCrystill can't believe our fav show KGGK END NOT WATCH Queen sakshi mon to thur Cry.But definatly not leaving the Forum and friends like U.winnie ,chandrika,Geeta,ceasia,Shweta, U all so specialBig smile.
 Heart Love U SakshiHeart
Cry Miss u so much Parvati/Janki/sakshiCry

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winner13 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 October 2008 at 7:10am | IP Logged
Hi guys. How are you all???
First things first...
Yest night, 10pm... truly  realised what the word  "Void" really means...Broken Heart SAAKSHI...  Miss you so much...CryCryCry believe me, am not even going to try and put it into words... coz I can't... couldn't believe it... no Kahaani  yest...Cry not seeing Saakshi... Broken Heart Miss u Kahaani...Cry Miss you very, very, very much Saakshi!!!Cry Broken HeartCry
How do I say this...
The Last Episode of Kahaani...Broken Heart
Heartbreak, complete heartbreak...Broken Heart no, am not referring to... and will discuss Kahaani's end later... I'm referring only and only to the tears in Saakshi's eyes...Cry completely heartbreaking...Cry to see Saakshi so upset... so emotional... and in tears...CryCryCryThe last few moments...  when it wasn't Parvati... it was Saakshi... addressing the audience... the words, the emotions and esp with that last bit with the diya...Cry she left me in tears, complete tears...Cry believe me, I don't cry easily... just watching her that day... couldn't stop crying...Broken Heart right from one of the final scenes of the actual episode... when Parvati is giving advice to Pragati... it wasn't really Parvati, was it... it was Saakshi throughout... the bit where she discusses taking out the car, going on a journey, unaware of the destination, unaware of how the journey will itself be, but still taking it head on... the tears were real, her voice had cracked... if she had been on the verge of tears all these days... Cryshe actually cried that day...Cry actually, I felt that way in every scene... even when Parvati was smiling or laughing or happy... just felt that she would cry any moment... and when she did...Broken Heart
That last scene... Saakshi... words aren't enough, so won't even try with them... Embarrassed just say this much, you are very, very, very special, touchwood... Hug the start... when Saakshi makes a reference to the rangoli... and that little flashback of the first, magical scene of Kahaani... Embarrassed the way she kept on referring to her family at Kahaani as a part of every family...Embarrassed  the bit where she says Thank You to the audience on behalf of all concerned at Kahaani... and then says, if we've ever done anything that touched you in anyway, please keep it as a beautiful memory in your heart...Embarrassed every emotion, genuine... Embarrassedevery word she said meant so much...Embarrassed  the killing bit then came... when Saakshi says, "this familiar ritual of meeting you all at 10pm every night will now come to an end...Cry but the feelings and these emotions with which we used to meet will never come to an end... this story today is coming to an end...Cry but one story which will never come to an end is... Kahaani Har Ghar Ki... Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii...Namaskar!!!" Reality hit home pretty hard then...Cry and if that wasn't hard enough...
The final moments of Kahaani...Cry attempted to describe them in my written update... my LAST written update ever for Kahaani... Broken Heart 10th Oct... I completed exactly 2 yrs as written updater for Kahaani on indya... it was also the day I did my last update...Cry heartbreaking... Broken Heartas is and will always be... this scene...Cry have only attempted to try and put it down...that lil bit with the new girl... I wish I could delete it out completely... Unhappy that bit where she picks up that diya... I... well, will just pretend I didn't see all that...Unhappy all that mattered for me was... Saakshi's expressions, her emotions, just everything about her...Embarrassed hope I could do it a little justice at least...
"Then, Saakshi picks up the diya and steps out of the house and goes to a river... she puts the diya into the water and then sets into motion... and watches it flow away... the diya flows away from her and she watches it go, tears in her eyes, a smile on her face... the diya flows off and somewhere, a pair of hands picks it up... the girl who will play the lead in the new show which will replace Kahaani picks it up... (the girl being, Puja Bose who played Radha in Ekta's Mahabharat) the girl picks up the diya and looks at it... back to our Saakshi... the final shot of Kahaani... Saakshi... with tears in those beautiful eyes... and the most innocent, beautiful smile on that angelic face. Episode ends...OUR BELOVED KAHAANI GHAR GHAR KII ENDS!!!"
What else do I say... I cried, cried so much...Broken Heart the expressions on Saakshi's face when that diya flowed away from her...Cry the tears in those beautiful, fiery eyes...Cry and then, that smile on her face in the final shot...Embarrassed Saakshi... sorry, I continue to be speechless... but really, don't know how to express myself...Cry love you loads, Fiery Eyes...Hug miss you loads... just waiting to hear about a brand new, rocking show with you in the lead, very very soon, touchwood...Embarrassed and once again, Thank You So Much For Being So Special!!!Blushing
And back to Kahaani... one final time... I have to say this... I didn't know what to expect from the final episode... all I'd wanted to see was Parvati, Parvati, Parvati...Embarrassed got that wish of mine...Embarrassed thank you for that Creatives...Smile will not question anything that was shown, except one thing... and I'll come to that... yes, there were mistakes, certain glaring ones... already forgiven and forgotten them...but Creatives... how could you guys... How Could You Shoot The Last Episode Of Kahaani... WITHOUT MY KAMAL???Cry How... I was absolutely desperate to see one last, beautiful scene between the best Bhabhi-Devar ever... Embarrassed my Parvati-Kamal...Hug one super cute scene with them... Kamal being his usual "I'm my Bhabhi's best friend, her biggest support and her biggest devotee" self... Embarrassed and Parvati... just being the super cute sweetheart, she's always been...Hug one scene... it didn't come...Cry why... a scene with Saakshi-Ali would have been just so, so special...Embarrassed why didn't it come... Broken Heart missed you my teddy, missed you that day...Cry miss you today... Cry
Saying that... there were certain moments which were very cute...Smile the Parvati-Pallavi interaction... Saakshi-Achint so cute together... Embarrassed when they both gang up on Sasha... the way Pallavi called Sasha a fool... and Parvati laughing and saying, Dump it Sasha, you just aren't good enough for all this... Parvati with Vishwanath Jr...Embarrassed chalo, come with me and I'll give you a toffee...Embarrassed I admit, that kid had me initially baffled... but his lil "Kill Me" was a good pointer at whose protegee, he really was...Wink must admit, I liked Sasha after a really long time that day...Smile the scene when Parvati is 'supporting' Pragati's tantrums... and then when Pragati does what Parvati wanted her to do all along, admits her own mistake... the way Parvati smiles and says, won't you take prasad for your house...Embarrassed aw, she is sooo cute!!!Hug And Pallavi and Chaya's reactions to Parvati's naughty lil trick... boy, albeit very late... Parvati won over them and HOW... loved it!!!Embarrassed 
And the one thing I truly loved about that episode... was the dialogues...ClapClapClap dialogues like, "Parvati, there is truly no one more beautiful than you"...Embarrassed "the indicator that time has passed is the no. of wrinkles on one's face... but with Parvati, time has stood still, it feels like we saw her for the first time, just yesterday..." Embarrassed "there is one person in this world who is perfect... and it is you, Parvati"...Embarrassed I loved them, loved each and every word of them... mainly because, those dialogues weren't really for Parvati... they were being said for Saakshi...Embarrassed and genuinely too...  that's the impression I got and I know its true... I loved them, simply loved them... EmbarrassedThe most special scene, albeit the most heartbreaking scene ever had to Saakshi at the end... but another scene I really loved...
That bit where Parvati explains her relationship with the diya...Embarrassed it was such a beautiful touch...Clap the most significant...Embarrassed and the Symbolic scene for Kahaani always... Parvati with the diya... Day Dreamingand the explanation itself was sooo cute... Blushingits not hard to picture a lil 5 year old baby Parvati with her nani...Embarrassed because, she can't really be too different from this Parvati...Embarrassed just as sweet and just as innocent...Hug Thanks Creatives... you rocked it....Clap my only regret from this episode always will be Kamal's absence...Cry but you did Parvati justice, true and deserved justice...ClapClapClap you are forgiven Creatives... in fact, thank you so much... Embarrassed
And Saakshi in that scene... put it simply, Saakshi in every scene...Embarrassed be it the first scene or the last one... the first episode or the last one of Kahaani... that first scene of Kahaani could be shot today and it would come across just as it did 8 long years ago...Embarrassed and Saakshi, as she said in that talk to the audience... I'm still the same person... Embarrassed you truly are the same person, sweetheart...Embarrassed Beautiful, Innocent and Very Special, touchwood... Hug Miss you Saakshi... CryCryCry love you loads Fiery Eyes!!! Hug

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queen_hetepet Senior Member

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Posted: 14 October 2008 at 7:34am | IP Logged
Winnie Winnie Winnie...how I missed your posts...hon you have summed up entirely n exactly how I feel about the ending of Kahaani - that last episode. 
Honestly I have been avoiding the fact that I have yet to write my feelings on the last episode.  It's just too hard.  Needless to say, like you winnie, I have chosen to ignore the glaring 'negative' points (what the hell were the creatives thinking in all that rush they seem to have forgotten the MAJOR importance of Kamal n Shruti to Kahaani...so very angry and disappointed!) of the penultimate episode n cherish the fact that Saakshi was given an opportunity to say thanks as herself. 
Honestly, I totally agree with what everyone has said previously - you could totally see and tell that Saakshi was very emotional and close to tears during all of her last scenes...and why not?!  I had a huge lump in my throat all thru n of course blurry eyes.
My mum caught the part/scene where om asks parvati to explain the significance of the diya - when Om says that there is no one more perfect in the world than 'His Parvati' my mum just went all gooey - so did I matter of fact.
Totally agree with you winnie, those tongue in cheek jokes put in by the creatives about Paro not having changed...loved every bit of that dialogue.
*sigh*  I just hope and wish that Saakshi comes back to Television (or Cinema) soon - in a role that exemplifies all the reasons we appreciate her as an actor and as a genuine beautiful human being.
P.S. Has anyone had an opportunity to watch those vid posted up by some kind videobie on youtube feat. our Queen? She seems to have been a guest appearance at Navratri and Diwali festivities abroad (cannot figure out if the video's were taken this year - if so...then maybe thats why Saakshi seems awol atm, she's prolly out of the country!). 
Okay just went and checked out Youtube and the kind videobie just let me know that Saakshi was in New Jersey, Edison 2 days ago for Navratri festivities and thats when this video was taken:
Very cute n funny as the people at the festival made Saakshi do an impromptu dance on stage!!!! Big smileBig smileBig smile
And here is the link to the other video for Diwali - I reckon it was taken in the past few days - too bad you have to tilt your head sideways to watch it! Confused Anywhoos, Saakshi actually gives a very sweet and long speech about celebrating Diwali like during her childhood. 
I find it very interesting that Saakshi is out of country atm - she prolly deserves it - nice good holiday before deciding what to do next Wink Just hope she doesn't take too long to come back to acting EmbarrassedBig smile (I know very selfish of me to wish this so, apologies Embarrassed)

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winner13 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 October 2008 at 8:02am | IP Logged
Hi Geeta. Smile How are you yaar??? Yeah, I haven't been regular at all...Cry I've been really busy of late... missed you too yaar... Embarrassed you, Chandrika, Raee, Bushra, Caesie, Shweta... you guys simply rock...Clap your awesome posts have kept this Special thread rocking... thanks so much yaar...Embarrassed I did post as much as I could last week though... toughest week ever, I think that was... Cry the thought that Kahaani's end was coming closer and closer everday... more than that, the thought of not being able to see Saakshi rocking the show everyday was simply killing...Cry  thanks so much for your words and agreement on my lil analysis yaar...it was so hard to write out anything... believe me, I wanted to say so much more... don't think I'll be able to do it... can totally understand what you meant when you said its too hard...Cry Watching Saakshi in tears was just absolutely heartbreaking... Cry she was so emotional, so upset... aw, she's a total sweetheart... Embarrassed
As for Kahaani's end... yeah, there were mistakes, there were bloopers... but I think instead of focussing on all those 'negatives', we should try and give full credit to the Kahaani Creatives... in the last 3 weeks of Kahaani, they did all that was needed to ensure that Kahaani went off on an absolute high...basically, they went all out with their strongest point, the beauty and life of Kahaani... Parvati, Parvati, Parvati...Embarrassed  I just checked the TRP's for Thurs... Kahaani in the 10pm slot at No. 3 and in the 10.30pm slot at No. 2... what more could they have done... yes, Kamal's omission and as you say, for you, Shruti's omission... two characters which truly should have been there...and whose absence was really disappointing... Cry maybe there were reasons we are unaware of... Kahaani's sudden end... from ending on the 16th, to ending on Dusshera, on the 9th... maybe things couldn't work out with Ali and Tina...Cry that's the only reason I can dream up... but honestly, missed Ali... and yes, it would have been great if Tina had been there too... but yes, 'mistakes' and all that... Kahaani has been too special over all these years to worry about all that in the last episode... anyways yaar, all I wanted to really see was... Fiery Eyes... and wow, did she rock...Embarrassed
The dialogues... yes, they were sooo cute...Embarrassed in fact, in the scene where Vandy Masi compliments Parvati on her beauty... Saakshi was blushing... Embarrassed she knew, or had at least guessed,  what was going on alright... Parvati's dialogues were all for her that day... and no one deserves it more... every scene with her... every moment... very special...Embarrassed
Yeah, I'm hoping and praying too that we see Saakshi back in action very soon, touchwood... T.V. just isn't the same without her... nothing is the same actually... she's just become too special a part of life... I know I repeat myself everday... but a fact is a fact... Saakshi, you are the best, touchwood...Embarrassed
As for the videos on youtube... well, I haven't seen them... will defo check them out, thanks for the info yaar... hope to see you here regularly yaar, so we can keep this thread rocking always...Big smile and hopefully, Saakshi will be back in top form very soon, touchwood...Embarrassed
Take care yaar, bye.Smile
Lots of love,Hug

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winner13 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 October 2008 at 8:06am | IP Logged
Hey Geeta, just saw you have put up the links... Big smileThanks yaar... u rock... ClapClapClapmuch appreciated... Embarrassed
winner13 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 October 2008 at 9:00am | IP Logged
 Hi Chandrika. How are  you yaar??? This is for you... ClapClapClapsimply rocking posts yaar, awesome... Thank you so much for putting up all those links yaar, totally appreciate it... Clapand also, thanks for the voting info... have already voted...Embarrassed U rock pal, keep it going always...Embarrassed Take care, bye.
 Hi Raee. How are you yaar??? Aw, just read your post... thanks for such a sweet lil msg...Embarrassed you are a very special pal too...Embarrassed thanks so much for everything...hope you are around here always, to keep rocking this special thread...Clap ClapClaphave replied to your msg on our other forum too... awaiting your reply...Embarrassed Take care, bye.
 Hi Bushra. How are you yaar??? Thanks so much for your lovely words...Embarrassed great to know that you and all other special friends on our thread will always be around to keep it rocking...ClapClapClap Thanks so much yaar... and apologies, I'll reply to your msg tomorrow pal... EmbarrassedTake care, bye.
Hi. How are you yaar??? Apologies to you yaar...Embarrassed I was supposed to give you the date of the episode... I couldn't get around to doing it... will put it up a.s.a.p. Take care, bye. Smile
Lots of love,Hug

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