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Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)

The Elegant & Beautiful Sakshi Tanwar (Page 36)

muaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 July 2008 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by priya555


Saakshi acted very well. Saakshi Tanwar rocks, rocks & rocksClapbut it is soooooooooo troublesome to see Saakshi like thisCry.
Hope Janki devi returns.

Hi PriyaBig smile how r u? Glad to see u hereBig smile.I agree with U Chandrika analsis always RockingClap. Sakshi is simply superb Star.
sakshi is the BestClap.

FollowYourHeart IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 July 2008 at 11:25pm | IP Logged
i am sorry to intrude in here but i feel this intervention was necessary
we have come across some uncanny comments regarding aditi and ashu and their scenes being mare filters and an avoidable stuff
well tell you what there r people here who r only and only present in this show  and in this forum for the sake of raj and priya ie aditi and ashu
i mean we actually sit through the show despite the fact that we invariably get horrible head ache watching the non stop melo drama but still we r ready to bear it all for this one brief moment of magic created by raj and priya as aditi ashu and u all r calling that moment only as a filter?
u know for us the whole show is thissssDeadDeadDead every single cast and crew is untollerable but we never voice our opinin on them coz we know the show belongs to sakshi and we also r too too too overly thankful to ekta for bringing back raj and priya togetehr again and for making our dream come true but that doesnt mean that we believe in the show and what it potrays to us the whole show can be classified a filter an aviodableity infact it should have never been created coz it seriously serves no purpose 
but sitll despite this we very happyly r ready to become patrons of the show to actually praise it and to become its brand ambassedors and to even worship ekta why? only and only coz of raj and priyaa
u all toh should be thnaking them that their mare presance in the show has induced so many people to watch it no matter how bored or disgusted they feel by the other stuff going on in the show we forget everything when raj and priya come on screen and no matter how brief that moment between them is its  nothing short of magic for us nothing but magic
we all remix fans r quite hurt by this attitude of u guys we really wld appreciate if u can give raj and priya their dues or atleast refrian from making such comments coz trust me guys for us this is a dream come true and its quite shattering to see someone talk about ur dream as an avoidable element 
be happy for us na people that we r getting to see them again and pray for us na ki we see more of them i mean a five minute scene would not reduce the grandeur of sakshi or anyone else they have been there in the show since forever the show is theirs but we want our share of the show too and i hope it gets appreciated by one and all it wld be a mutual benifit for all of us everyone getting what they wanted and the show's trps escallating like anything 
hope u understand our sentiments and i appologize in case i have hurt anyone's feelings my intention was never to hurt but to tell u all that we r hurt we all r here to make friends but we also want our raj and priya getting the respect they deserveEmbarrassed

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usharafuddin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 July 2008 at 2:45am | IP Logged

 very well said toons! u left nothing else 2 say frm my side! Hug 

queen_hetepet Senior Member

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Posted: 28 July 2008 at 3:43am | IP Logged
@smritisashi - first of all let me say welcome on behalf of all the Sakshi thread fan regulars.
My dear i have read your interesting viewpoint, and totally understand your sentiment as an aditi/aashu fan (i believe they were an item on a show called remix?).  However I feel the need to remark on a couple of contradictory arguments that you have made in your above postWink.
Firstly, as you must be aware this thread is very much dedicated to the heroine of KGGK - as such it would not be presumptious to say that likely all comments made on this thread will be biased in some degree towards Saakshi aka Parvati.  I am sure all of the comments made towards Aditi/Aashu scenes as being 'fillers' were said in retrospect to the amount of scenes allowed to Saakshi herself. 
Indeed as you so kindly put it - the current KGGK track leaves a lot to be desired thus looking at such scenes from a purely narative point of view the creatives have added in 'filler' scenes (regardless of the the characters in them)  so as to add suspense and melodrama to the bemusement of the regular KGGK viewer. Thus I really do not think most of the comments made towards the whole Aashu Aditi Shivangi love triangle was made on the characters per se but rather on the impact those scenes with them have on the overall KGGK narative.
Also m'dear, you have requested that the people on this forum do not make any further 'derogatory' remarks towards Aashu n Aditi jodi - I say that this is a fair enough point and hopefully forum people will kindly abide by it, however in return I think it would be fair to ask that you do not take your anger out on the rest of us with remarks to the show Kahaani ghar ghar kii as being 'disgusting' and 'boring'  - as many of us still do enjoy and are quite loyal to the show and its storyline.
Really, respect begets respect, no?
Those are my views - as small as they are - they are made with the utmost respect to all KGGK forum users and if anyone finds it inappropriate please PM me and I will edit accordingly.
Once again - welcome to the thread smritisashi - let me just say that aditi aashu do make a very cute couple and best wishes to all of the remix fans out there Smile

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FollowYourHeart IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 July 2008 at 4:07am | IP Logged
hey queenEmbarrassed
i totally agree with what u said that respect begets respectBig smile
i used those words only and only to show how it feels when someone u adore is not respected
but i sincerely applogize for that i am not here to demean any star any any fan ka feelings i know these guys r vetrans and i have no right to demean them just becoz my pov differs
unfact trust me am only and only full of praises for this show and its cast coz its an awesome feeling to see your dream turn reality and that is what this show has brought to us
can u believe i have evn stopped calling ekta "kekta" or "kakadi" after this i mean i swear i don;t like that woman one bit but after what she has given us the least i can do is wish her well in life
we were just upset that they were being pulled down and thats the only reason i reacted that ways i have no wrong intentions in my heart and i really respect Sakshi a lot coz i gues she is form my state Rajasthan and Ali and Kiran are two of my fvt actors form the industry
sorry to have gone off topic but i just wanted to make my point across and i hope neither of u r offended trust me the only reason i used bad words was to tell u all how bad we felt
and yeah queen they were the hottest couple of remix they defined the show remix she with her red hair he with his guitaar and both of them forming the most explosive duo ever love them to bits    
ps....u won't be seeing me here anymore this thread belongs to Sakshi and i appologize for the diviation but i couldn't have helped it

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p_rox Senior Member

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Posted: 28 July 2008 at 4:26am | IP Logged
omggg ive only1 ting 2 sayyy....
m sooo proud f uuu loonssss luuuuv uuu
winner13 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 July 2008 at 9:47am | IP Logged
29th July.
Hi guys.Big smile How are you all??? Well, back again, and its proven that I'm truly as 'regular' as a 'brainwave' by Trashna...ROFL man, Trashna is BACK!!!Big smile And How and Super Rocking!!!Clap Well, will come to that... boy, will I come to that...Wink
First things first... Thank U Kahaani Creatives...Big smile for showing quickly that Parvati isn't dead...always knew it wouldn't be so...Embarrassed but that 'death' scene was bad... Cry boy, those couple of episodes last week... Parvati taking the blame for something she didn't do...Cry just to prove 'husband' innocent...Ouch then making Aditi put those 'proofs' in place... man, I really like Aditi's character very much... but that was rather...Ouch glad that Gunn and Ashu got it out of her quick...Embarrassed then Parvati getting shot... Cry then Parvati 'dying'...Cry  thank God that Mon's episode sorted that out and quickly... and Parvati and the 'memory loss'... nah, I'm pretty sure that Fiery Eyes is faking that one...Wink aw, Saakshi looked sooo cute in the scene...Embarrassed  where she looks up at the 'family' Angry and says, like who are these people, I don't know them... lines, I 've been dying to hear...Wink esp if they come very soon from Queen Janki... Embarrassed man, that 'family ' Angry all doubting Parvati... of course, barring the exceptions as always... my teddy Kamal, Gunn, Aditi, Ashu... Embarrassed surprise, surprise... Shruti!!! Boy, that is quite a shock... nice one though... Wink  and how about another pleasant shock Creatives...Wink like, Suyash coming back very soon... Embarrassed and also, now that Dumb's back...LOL how about Dumber???LOL Man, waiting for Rajeshwari to make her re-entry...Wink and how about Pallavi...Embarrassed boy, now I'm hoping again... Embarrassed and yes,  I honestly think the memory loss is being faked by Parvati... Embarrassed she realised that she wasn't doing right by taking the blame for the killing when she is innocent... Cryand to keep herself out and to expose the killer... she's come up with this one all on her own...Wink but then again, Jaanu always rocks it!!! ClapClapClap
And... "WELCOME BACK TRASHNA!!!" Hug  Welcome Back to Kahaani, Meeta...Embarrassed missed u and its awesome to have u BACK!!!Big smile Oh boy, it was sooo super rocking to see Trashna back... and that too, in her usual full form... Wink which is = total ROFL... boy, she was in her element... that grand entry... man, I honestly thought that the 7.15pm was for a different reason...Wink I thought that was the time that Janki had first shown herself to Trishna as Janki... Embarrassed ah, that magical scene in Jaanu's 50's party...Day Dreaming Trashna had jumped behind my teddy for 'loving care and support'... ROFL yeah, I thought that's why Trashna was obsessed with the 7.15pm mark... never figured on the aarti... I thought Trashna was trying to do a Janki... that's not possible, but damn, I loved the entry... the whole diamond ring and watch...Wink she's probably got  all that on in the hope that if Queen Janki 'loses' her diamond ring again... Trashna won't have to sweep Agarwal house again... ROFL  the Admiring Assistants... LOL me thinks, Trashna is missing Dumber 'honey'...Wink that's why she's got those two girls...LOL man, I've heard of Major Domos... Trashna's assistants could only be... u got it... Major Dumbos...ROFL the way they go 'Badi Madam' with all that awe...LOL  and Badi Mam... Trashna and those 2 guys... boy, the way she stuck that foot out... man, that's  'SUBTLE'ROFL  in True Trashna style...ROFL loved it... and the lil, if I see 50ps. missing from my a/c, you go missing girl...ROFL awesome!!! Aw, Meeta ROCKS!!!ClapClap ClapI'm delighted to see Trashna back...
Man, Trashna the character rocks...Big smile and with her comeback... all hopes for Janki's comeback re-surface...Embarrassed Janki has to come BACK immediately... Day Dreaming Trashna without Janki is impossible... aw, I'm sure Parvati is faking the memory loss... Big smile to expose Tanu's real killer... well, since I'm convinced that Om is fake/negative and with Trashna... its possible that Parvati is aware of Trashna already...Wink Kamal meeting up with her again and again... and Kamal is always on Parvati's side...Embarrassedno matter what plans he seems to be making with Trashna... I actually hope that Kamal is meeting... not Trashna... but Narayanidevi... Hug face isn't shown yet, so anything's possible...Embarrassed and they are all planning Janki's return... Clap Suyash in on the plan too... Embarrassed boy, wouldn't it be awesome if Janki makes her re-entry soon... how about today's episode, Kahaani Creatives...Embarrassed this is one thing I just can't wait for... please handle this track properly Creatives... please!!! Embarrassed
And Saakshi...Hug aw, she simply ROCKS!!! ClapClapClapAbsolutely loved her in that scene where Parvati regains consciousness and announces her 'memory loss'... no dramatics, no screaming and shouting... just a plain, calm, dignified "I don't know who they are... can't figure out who I am... help me"... Embarrassed and the scene where Parvati comes home yest... Big smile that lil bit where Shruti tries to help her... and Parvati is startled...the reaction was just like a normal person... who's suddenly surrounded by total strangers... all claiming to help... aw, she looked so cute and innocent Embarrassed when she kept asking those confused questions...Embarrassed and while doing the puja... Embarrassed she wasn't sure what she was doing, but still did it coz Dadi told her to do it...Embarrassed aw, she's the best, touchwood...Big smile Fiery Eyes, hoping to see u back as Queen Janki... Day Dreaming very, very soon, touchwood... Big smile U Are Awesome!!!Clap ClapClap

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luv_sakshi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 July 2008 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by muaaz

ClapClapHi chandrika, Rocking views Friend Clap?
Simply superbThumbs Up. Not watching last week KGGk so can't comment CryConfused.They show Parvati diedShockedCryCry.Hope its not true NO KGGK for me without Sakshi.Hope ofter all this parvati back As JankiEmbarrassed.
Sakshi is the BestClap.
Hi Bushra! Big smile..Hope you are doing fine yaar! Smile...sorry for this delay in reply ...was'nt keeping well n could'nt be around to make my updates too! Ouch...Thank You very much for all your appreciaiton Pal! Embarrassed Embarrassed...n i'm so glad that Parvati is alive n Trishna's back..Wink...all we need now is Janki's return in Full Form! Big smile..n for Sakshi..she'' always continue to Rock!! Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
Take Care n Cheers

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