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Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi-Brief Story!!!

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Hi Friends!!! This will help u out to get a brief sketh of the show 'Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi' Smile. Sorry if it is posted before.

WEEK ONE : Ananya ki Kahani...

This is the story of Ananya, a small town girl from Kanpur with big dreams. Just like all of us, kuch kar dikhana hai, kuch ban na hai. But life's not easy and even though Mumbai is the city of dreams, it comes with its own share of nightmares.

Ananya lands up in Mumbai with her mother, sister (aka Chill Pill) and younger brother Ranvir. While they are here to sell the farmhouse, Ananya auditions to be an RJ at one of Mumbai's leading radio stations. Here she meets childhood friend Jyoti, now called 'Jo', who helps her with the audition process. After the audition, Ananya tumbles into the boss Arnav's cabin and gets fired for it. Later, the girls talk about their dreams and Jo tells Ananya how even tho she's working in a radio station, she still hopes to be an actress someday.

Jo knows that Ananya might not make it through the auditions, and so cooks up a plan with the help of colleague and cutie pie Udita. With the help of their scheming, Ananya gets called to the radio station the next day. Nave as she is, Ananya assumes she has a job. But sadly, her name is not even on the finalists' list! Reality hits hard when Jo tells Ananya that the only job on offer is that of an assistant. To make matters worse, Arnav, the station manager yells at Ananya again. But Ananya has her own principles and walks out of the office after telling Arnav exactly what she thinks of him.

Later Jo meets Ananya's family for dinner and Arnav meets Ananya's family as well. He does not make a good impression on Ananya's mother. We also find out that Udita breaks up with her boyfriend. Turns out, he's already married!

There's a party at work and Ananya gets all dressed up with Udita's help. At the party, she looks like she has come to a fancy dress coz she's dressed so outrageously. On being laughed at, she runs off from the party, and collides with her boss who's back from Singapore.

WEEK TWO : Kya Ananya Ka Sapna Poora Hua?

Sameera is essentially a good person. She consoles Ananya when she makes a fool of herself at the party, and then gets Udita to stop making a fool of herself at the very same party!

Ananya gets introduced to the big boss, but he recognizes her as the rude girl who bumped into him in the hallway, and doesn't want to be introduced to her.

Ananya thinks that her boss Arnav is hitting on her but he makes it very clear to her that even if she was the last woman on earth, he wouldn't want her.

On the work front her radio scripts are brilliant, but only Arnav doesn't like them, and when they send them to the clients, the scripts get rejected. Arnav is very smug that his prediction about the scripts turned out to be true.

Ananya is forced to go to a club with Jo and Udita. Near the end of the evening Jo requests Ananya to take a lift from Arnav. There is tension in the air.

The cops catch Jo and Rajat arguing in the car. They assume that they were making out. Since Rajat has no license or registration they decide to put him in the lock up. Arnav and Ananya exit the club at that moment, and Arnav intervenes. He calls his boss who settles the matter in no time.

Aanya's mother has selected her sister Nitya's life partner. He is an established doctor but Nitya doesn't want to get married. She thinks marriage is a farce.

Once they were at loggerheads, but now Ananya and Arnav have become good friends and he keeps teasing her about her dislike for coffee. This morning, the RJ refused to do the traffic update. Ananya steps up to the challenge and reads the script like a pro. The traffic update is a hit and that segment is alloted to Ananya.

Ananya is now
WEEK 3 : Ananya and Arnav - ek duje ke liye?

Things are getting super exciting on KMHZ. Ananya takes the big leap and goes from girl to woman when she sleeps with boss Arnav. Here's how it all happens.

Jo and Sameera fight coz Jo's boyfriend Rajat spends the night at the girls' house with Jo and makes a nuisance of himself. Rajat asks Jo to move in with him, or else, he won't leave the house. Jo packs her bag and leaves.

At work, Ananya has a sore throat and can't do the traffic update. But she goes on air, and fumbles and coughs. The big boss hears her bad performance and warns her to stay at home if she's ill or has a sore throat. So, she leaves work and heads home.

Meanwhile, Ananya's mother is visited by the real estate agent whose advice is to stay on in Mumbai for another six months coz an expressway will be built near their farmhouse. This will increase the value of the farmhouse. She agrees to this and takes up writing again so that she is occupied.

The editor who reviews her work praises her for her style, which is different and vibrant. She has herself a job. Ranvir gets his portfolio shot so that he can become a model.

At work, Arnav is restless coz he doesn't know where Ananya has disappeared. He sends her a mushy sms, but her mother reads it. Ananya tries to cover it up, but does not succeed.

Arnav and the rest of the gang from work go to Panvel to eat biryani and decide to visit Ananya after dinner coz she lives near by.

Predictably, the car won't start, so they can't leave. They crash at her house for the night, and Ananya has her first sip of coffee and nearly kisses Arnav, but her mother walks in on them.

After a couple of weeks of living with Rajat, Jo moves back with her old flat mates and discovers that Udita has a new love - Power Yoga. And Arnav has a new love as well - Ananya!

The entire gang goes to Goa for a workshop that is sponsored by the radio station and Ananya's mother lets her go. But Ananya refuses a ride with her friends and waits for Arnav instead. She cannot ride alone with Arnav - Udita keeps them company and gets carsick! Perfect kabab mein haddi.

On the first day of the workshop, they play a game by which they gauge how much they trust their partners when blindfolded. Ananya is Arnav's partner, and they win the game.

In the evening, she goes to return Arnav's phone, and drinks Irish coffee with him. She does not know that the coffee contains brandy and passes out on the sofa. He picks her up and puts her to bed. When she discovers she's in his bed the next morning, she is maha pissed at him and yells.

The rest of the gang leaves and heads back to town when the course ends abruptly. Arnav and Ananya are stranded coz their car won't start.

They get caught in a downpour and need a place to spend the night. Not a single room is free. At the last place they are lucky and get one room. Ananya refuses to stay in the same room as Arnav. After a fight, a misunderstanding and then reconciling, they go back to their room and end up having sex.

Ananya doesn't know how do deal with her feelings. But her mom tells her that one shouldn't hide love. Love is open.

Will Ananya confide in her mother? Watch Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi, four days a week - Monday to Thursday 8 pm, only on MTV.

WEEK 4: Ananya Ki Kahani

Ananya wants to introduce Arnav to her mother coz she wants to tell her mother about him and stop all the secrecy. She hopes he can come over for dinner but he has other plans as he has to visit friends.

The next day she goes over to his house for dinner after lying to her mother again that she'll be with friends from work. Arnav's ex-girlfriend Kittu sees them when he goes to drop Ananya home late at night. Thankfully, Kittu does not see Ananya in the car coz Arnav does not stop to talk to her.

The next afternoon, Ananya cooks lunch for Arnav at his house, but he gets held up in a meeting with Samit (the boss). As a result, he gets home rather late and has to face Ananya's wrath. Before dropping her back to work, he gives her a pack of contraceptive pills. According to him, 'Its better to be safe than sorry'.

Kittu and Samit see them in the car and this time Kittu vows to take revenge. She tells the whole office about Ananya and Arnav and confronts Ananya in the canteen while Jo is present. Ananya lies about meeting Arnav and says she went to visit her doctor.

At home, Ananya's mother sees the contraceptive pills when they accidentally fall out of her bag. She is shocked and speechless. Ananya covers it up with more lies.

Ranvir has his first modeling contract - he has to model boxer shorts. He does not want to do it, but the director convinces him that this will be his stepping stone to super-model stardom.

Ananya gets calls at the radio station from fans who absolutely love her traffic updates.

Kittu thinks up a rather nasty plan to expose the secret relationship between Arnav and Ananya. She plans on executing it at the surprise party they are planning to throw Arnav for his birthday.

She contacts all his ex girlfriends who land up at the party and create a scene in front of all the guests. The highlight of the evening was not the women quarreling over Arnav, but the spectacular kiss between Arnav and Ananya, which was witnessed by everyone!

Ananya is embarrassed and leaves the party. For the first time she talks to her mother and tells her nearly everything that's bothering her. But she still doesn't reveal anything about Arnav.

The next morning, she doesn't want to go to work. Jo calls her and tells her to be brave. 'Aaj nahi to kal unse milna hi padega na? Also, one shouldn't mix professional life with personal life'.

So, she goes to work, meets Arnav, and goes to lunch with him after he apologizes. While they are out to lunch, Ranvir comes to meet Ananya and overhears Kittu talking about the party and Ananya's romantic kiss with Arnav. He confronts Ananya about her affair with Arnav.

After work, Kittu comes to Ananya's house with incriminating pictures from the party. Ananya tries to tell her mother again about her feelings for Arnav, but can't.

This week, Ananya's debate continues - to tell or not to tell… Catch all the masti on Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi, four days a week - Monday to Thursday 8 pm, only on MTV.

WEEK 5: Ananya and Arnav - Relationship on the rocks?

Ananya goes over to Arnav's house to cook him a meal (again) and also cleans up the place - sweeps, mops, etc. Arnav's sister - Chanel decides to drop into his house right in the midst of Ananya's household activities and assumes that she is Arnav's secretary. Ananya doesn't correct her. Chanel takes Ananya shopping coz Arnav had no time to accompany her.

Arnav storms into his house and is very rude with Ananya. He refuses to eat the lunch she has cooked for him. He is more upset that she has tidied up his house. He won't talk and he won't eat. The rest of the afternoon is spent in silence. She tries telling him about his sister's visit, but that only irritates him further.

Arnav goes to Delhi to attend a wedding. She can't call him and she is upset and irritated. Chanel comes to work to take Ananya jewelry shopping. Ananya has to do her traffic update and asks Udita to accompany her to the cafeteria. Udita blurts out to Chanel that Ananya is Arnav's girlfriend and not his secretary like she thought. Chanel is pissed off coz she thinks Ananya lied to her and refuses to go shopping with her. Samit offers Chanel his car to go shopping and averts Chanel's crisis.

In the meanwhile, Udita has managed to lose both her boyfriends and Ranvir stays glued to the television with his mother and sister coz his underwear advertisement is supposed to be aired on MTV. They finally see the advertisement but don't like it.

All Ananya can think of is Arnav. In the midst of all the turmoil in her life, she also knows that she can't forget her friends. So they make a pact - Udita, Jo, Sameera and Ananya swear to always keep in touch even if they get married.

At work, auditions are on for a new show of which Jo is the Producer. Ananya wants to audition for that show and is hurt that Jo has not told her this before. She is in a good mood and is about to give her audition, but is stopped by the receptionist - Cynthia, who tells her that Arnav will be paired off at the wedding he is attending as per his mother's wishes. Ananya hears this and is crushed. She can't focus and messes up her audition. In her mindless haste, she calls up Chanel who yells at her over the phone and calls her a liar who is not meant to be Arnav's girlfriend.

The next day Ananya requests Samit to give her another chance at the auditions, but he is firm with his choice. He tells her that he has already selected a talented girl for the show. Ananya made a mess of the audition, and it is totally her fault. He tells her again that she should not let her personal life interfere with her professional life.

Predictably, Ananya is upset - with her life, with the auditions, and with her boyfriend. When Arnav comes back from Delhi, she confronts him and wants to speak to him, but work keeps both of them busy.

Chanel speaks to Arnav and tells him that Ananya is not the girl for him. His friends at the gym say the same thing. The entire office is talking about both of them getting married, and this is scaring him, coz he is not ready for commitment yet.

He asks her to dinner and she decides to bring her mother along. This is the final straw for him, and he yells at her. He wants to dine alone with her. Ananya can't refuse, but her mother calls her and asks her to come to dinner with her and her colleagues. Ananya lies again and declines.

Will Ananya be able to deal with so much pressure? She loves her mother and yet she lies constantly. Will she tell her mother the truth about Arnav? Watch this space.

Catch Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi, four days a week - Monday to Thursday 8 pm, only on MTV.

Week 6: Udita aur Arnav - ek duje ke liye

Ananya and her mother land up at the same restaurant to have dinner. Ananya's mother sees her with Arnav when she is leaving the restaurant and confronts her daughter when she gets home.

Samit and Arnav are in a bar, and he tries to talk to Arnav about his relationship. Arnav makes up his mind to take a break from Ananya, and speaks to her about it. She breaks up with him coz he won't commit.

Ananya's mother wants to meet Arnav and tells Ananya to invite him over for dinner. She is firm about wanting to meet Arnav, coz otherwise, she won't let Ananya work at the radio station.

Arnav and Udita hook up at a pub, and Udita gets a ride home with Arnav. She ends up sleeping with him, and promises him that no one will ever know about it.

Unfortunately, Sameera and Jo overhear a conversation with Udita and Arnav, and want to know details. After much persuasion she tells them everything, but gets absolutely no sympathy from them.

Ananya mucks up her traffic update again! Samit gives her a final warning. But Ananya is preoccupied with more important matters. She goes to Arnav's place to return the keys to his house and the gift Chanel bought her. She finds Udita's earring on Arnav's bed and confronts Udita in the restaurant with Jo and Sam.

At work, Samit overhears Ananya ranting to Sam and Jo about Arnav. He calls Arnav into his cabin and tells him that everything seems to center around his personal life, and it has to stop.

Udita informs Arnav that Ananya knows about their liaison. Sameera tells Udita that it is she who is to blame. Her innocence is a farce.

Ananya's mother is saddened that Arnav has not come to dinner. Ananya says that he will never come over, ever. Her mother can identify with what Ananya is going through coz she faced the same thing when her husband walked out on their marriage.

Kya Ananya Arnav ko maaf karegi? Watch Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi Mon - Thu 8 pm only on MTV to find out.

Week 7: Ananya ka sapna adhura reh gaya

Arnav confronts Ananya in the middle of the office and she slaps him. The entire office witnesses this. Samit orders her to apologize to him coz Arnav is her boss. She refuses to coz it was not her fault. Jo and Sam attempt to salvage the situation, but Samit silences them.

Samit decides that Ananya and Arnav can't possibly work in the same office coz the trouble will keep escalating. So, Arnav is transferred to manage the affairs of the Singapore office.

Ananya loses her spot on air, and another RJ now does her traffic update. She is very upset and heads home. Udita calls her after taking a pill overdose and apologizes for messing up her life.

But Udita being the dumb blonde that she is takes an overdose of 'julaab ki goli!' Ananya rushes to her aid just as Sam and Jo walk in to the apartment. Ananya forgives Udita, but can't stop worrying about her elder sister who keeps consuming pills for every little ailment.

Ananya is invited to lunch at Sameera and Jo's place. She doesn't want to go coz she'll have to meet Udita again, but she goes coz Udita and she have made up.

Meanwhile, Arnav is trying to drown his sorrow in a pub, and meets an ex who suggests a one-night stand, but he refuses. He is still thinking about Ananya.

The people in the office throw Arnav a going away party and as a parting gift, they make a tape on which they record their good bye messages to him, all of which are scathing. Arnav is hurt, and Samit is annoyed by this display of negativity. Samit yells at Ananya at the party, and she resigns on the spot.

Ananya is tired of the city and of its people. She wants to go back to Kanpur, but her mother won't let her give up so easily. Ananya resigns from Radio Masti the next day. Her mother has a contract to write a book, and the entire family pools in to complete it before the deadline.

Ananya starts job hunting from the classifieds and finds herself a job in a bookstore. Her mother's book launch is to be held in the same bookstore. At the launch, Ananya's mother announces that she will write her autobiography, so that it will be an inspiration to every woman.

Samit, Ananya's boss from Radio Masti comes to the bookstore to pick up some books and spots Ananya in the store. He does not speak to her, and she does not know that he has visited the store.

Ananya's mother has a daunting task ahead of her. Find out if she does write her autobiography. And will Ananya never forgive Arnav? Watch Watch Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi Mon - Thu 8 pm only on MTV.

Week 8: Ananya ka sapna poora hua - again!

Samit asks Jo about Ananya and her new job. Jo tells him that Ananya is happy with her new job.

Ananya's new boss comes to dinner and hits it off with Ananya's elder sister. Ananya's mother and her sister attend midnight mass while Ananya and Ranvir go partying on Christmas eve, but before she goes to the party, she goes to the orphanage (which is patronized by Samit), and drops off the excess books for the kids.

Arnav calls Samit from Singapore to find out about Ananya. Samit doesn't tell Arnav anything about her, except that she's ok.

At the Radio Masti party, Ananya is haunted by memories of Arnav. She is upset and leaves the party, but meets Samit at the gates. He offers to drop her home, but she refuses any help from him. At his party, Ranvir gets signed to do yet another underwear modeling job for an international company.

On Christmas day, Ananya visits the orphanage and reads to the kids. Samit sees her there but observes her from afar and leaves after dropping off the chocolates he bought the kids.

Jo and Sam trick Ananya into reading a script for a new show to be launched on Radio Masti. They record her voice and play it back for Samit who likes her voice. He gives the show to Ananya. Jo informs Ananya about this stroke of good luck, but Ananya refuses the offer coz she believes that there are no U-turns in life. She is upset by the unfairness of her life, and tells her mother of her predicament. Her mother reasons with her and convinces her to take up the offer. So, she calls Jo, and agrees to do the show, but demands a contract immediately.

Ananya wants to work in the bookstore as well, so she speaks to her boss in the bookstore as well as Samit. They agree to let her work part time in both the places.

Sameera has an illegitimate child who is a part of the orphanage Samit patronizes. He comes to know this fact when he sees Sam at the orphanage. Her child is up for adoption and she doesn't want that to happen, but she can't do anything to stop it.

At work, Ananya is frustrated with the show and with the number of times Samit has made her rework the first cut. It finally goes to Singapore to get approved, and Arnav listens to the tape.

At the bookstore, Samit asks for Ananya's mother's autograph coz he loves her book. The publishing house refuses to publish her autobiography, coz they have received a legal notice stating immediate litigation if they do go ahead with its publication.

Why is the autobiography a problem and why will it face litigation? Watch Watch Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi Mon - Thu 8 pm only on MTV to find out.

Week 9: Sameera's dark secret

Ranvir's career is taking off and he is now modeling underwear for nearly all the top brands. Ananya's bookstore boss - Abhinav, drops Ananya and Ranvir home and mother tells them about the legal notice. Abhinav offers to publish her book coz he believes that the truth should not be hidden, especially if one has proof.

Samit brings Sam's daughter to the office and tells his staff that he is adopting her. Sameera is shocked by this news and decides to tell Samit her secret. Samit decides to let the kid live with him and tells Sam that she can visit her whenever she wants.

Ananya's mother gets threatening phone calls, which warn her against publishing her book, but she is determined to tell the world her story.

In Singapore, Arnav's secretary is trying hard to seduce him, but is unsuccessful. He tells her about Ananya and how much he loves her. He admits that it is his fault that Ananya left and regrets it.

Sam goes regularly to Samit's place on the pretext of having dinner with him, but refuses to tell Jo or Udita about her daughter. As a result, Jo and Ananya speculate about her having an affair with Samit and jump to the wrong conclusion.

Samit tells Ananya to work on the script of her new show. He applauds Sameera's script and Ananya hates him even more.

Jo stays up late one night and confronts Sam when she returns from Samit's house. Sam refuses to tell her anything coz she's worried about her friends opinion of her.

Samit wants Ananya to be a part of all the road shows and promos for her new show. The travelling might even take her abroad. Ananya surprises Samit by accepting his offer.

Sameera finally tells Jo, Ananya and Udita about her illegitimate child and how Samit has helped her. They are shocked but welcome the girl into their lives and house.

Ananya's life has changed dramatically. She now has her own radio show, but will she be a successful RJ? Watch Watch Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi Mon - Thu 8 pm only on MTV to find out.

Week 10: Arnav still loves Ananya

Sameera has adopted Palak and Ajay still loves Sam knowing that she has a child. Sam invites all her friends and colleagues to dinner at Samit's place and introduces the newest member of her family - Palak.

In Singapore, Arnav is still thinking about Ananya and is hesitant about coming back to India. He calls Samit at work and Ananya takes his call. She recognizes his voice but does not speak to him. Arnav is hurt by her behaviour.

At the Radio Masti New Year's party, singer and VJ Sophie, VJ Ramona and Rabbi perform much to the delight of everyone. VJ Cyrus brings in the New Year with a lot of jokes. The party is a hit.

Arnav calls Ananya to wish her a Happy New Year. Ananya speaks to Samit and apologizes for judging him.

Ananya's didi and Abhinav hit it off and go to a movie. Ananya's mother is happy that things are working out between the two lovebirds.

Ananya goes to work on New Year's day. Samit is working late and notices her in the office and tells her to go home. They have dinner together - cafeteria food.

Ananya's career is back on track and she has finally learnt to be professional. What else is in store for this girl? To find out, watch Watch Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi Mon - Thu 8 pm only on MTV to find out.

Week 11: Samit aur Ananya… ek dooje ke liye?

Abhinav (Ananya's bookstore boss), is in love with her sister Nitya. He visits them regularly and their love is growing.

Sameera can't get Palak admitted in any school coz she refuses to fill in Palak's father's name in the necessary box. Ajit volunteers to have his name put in that vacant box, but Sam refuses. She eventually gets Palak enrolled in a school, but only after she threatened to go to the media with her problem.

Ananya's roadshows have begun and they cover all the major cities - Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore. The schedule for the roadshows is upset coz Udita books the wrong dates with the event management company. Samit comes to the venue and clears up the confusion but has to spend the night at the hotel, as he is ill.

Ananya goes to give Samit his medication and sees him lying unconscious on his bed. So, with a little help from the bellboy, she makes him comfortable and accidentally ends up spending the night in his room while trying to keep vigil. Samit is very upset at Ananya for having spent the night in his room without his knowledge. Ananya updates Jo and Udita about these happenings and Jo yells at her as well.

The roadshows are a huge success and Ananya is a big hit with the crowds. Samit oversees the show and is pleased with the results. She goes up to him and apologizes. He drops his haughty demeanor and extends a hand of friendship. His concern for Ananya is evident when she is knocked unconscious when her car is rammed by another car.

She does not sustain any major injury, just a minor head wound, but Samit is very concerned and forbids her from doing the roadshows. She goes and works the crowd and Samit yells at Jo for letting Ananya out of bed.

The roadshows are done and they have to head home, but Samit has already gone without informing anyone, not even Ananya. Is Samit falling in love with Ananya? To Arnav ka kya hoga? Watch Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi Monday to Thursday 8 pm, on MTV to find out.

Week 12: Who is Ananya's soulmate? Samit or Arnav?

Ananya invites Samit to lunch at the cafeteria, but he doesn't go. So she takes the food to his office and they have lunch together.

Ananya's computer crashes and all her data (including scripts for her show) are lost. She panics and informs Samit who is equally worried, but keeps calm and calls a person who is able to retrieve data. Both of them stay back at work the whole night and Ananya falls asleep in his office on his couch after they do dinner together.

The next morning, when she rushes to her desk, she finds Samit at her comp and all her data has been retrieved. The secretary sees Ananya exiting Samit's cabin in the morning and starts gossiping about Ananya having a relationship with the boss. Ananya overhears her and is very upset. Samit tries to placate Ananya and yells at the nosey secretary.

The entire team including Ananya and Samit go to the venue of the launch party. Ananya gets trapped on the podium when the place catches fire and Samit dashes in to rescue her. He blurts out his true feelings for her and tells her that she means the world to him, and he can't lose her. She burns her right hand in the blaze but the doctor says it's not serious at all. She spends the night at Sam's place.

The launch of her show - Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi takes place at the office. Ananya confronts Samit and asks him if he likes her coz she definitely likes him, and is certain that some chemistry exists between them. Samit is about to respond, when Arnav enters and her question is left unanswered. Arnav tries talking to Ananya and Udita, but both ignore him.

The next morning, the Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi team has to attend a seminar on finance and they are bored to death! Ananya tries talking to Samit on a notepad, and he ignores her, she in turn, ignores Arnav's attempts to talk to her in a similar fashion.

Her first broadcast is a success and the entire office is celebrating. She asks Samit to drop her home coz she wants to speak to him. Arnav offers to drop her, Samit overhears and leaves. Ananya refuses his offer and takes a cab home.

Arnav tells Samit that he still loves Ananya and will do anything to have her back in his life. Samit promises to help him. He gives Arnav complete responsibility of Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi, thus making Arnav Ananya's boss. She is very pissed off with Samit's decision.

Will Arnav be able to win back Ananya's trust? Watch Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi Monday to Thursday 8 pm, on MTV to find out.

Week 13: Ananya's complicated zindagi

Arnav wants to get back with Ananya and is trying really hard but Ananya's friends refuse to help him. After much begging and pleading they agree to play cupid.

Udita is now dateless and decides to become a Sanyasan. Jo and Sam find her and dissuade her from carrying out this latest scatterbrained scheme.

Arnav shows up at Ananya's house and tries to talk to her mother. He is trying to win back Ananya's affection for him but it seems to be futile.

Ananya buys Samit a yellow shirt. She has to go to the radio awards with Samit and she is very excited about it. But Samit goes with an old friend who is a supermodel and Ananya is compelled to go with Arnav.

Sam is worried about Palak. She needs a dad and Sam knows that. Ananya confronts Samit and meets Jia - his supermodel friend. Ananya is jealous.

Will Ananya never forgive Arnav? Watch Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi Monday to Thursday 8 pm, on MTV to find out.

Week 14: Ananya will never forgive Arnav

Jo's little sister comes to Mumbai from Kanpur. She has left home and wants to be an independent woman like her sister. She meets Rajat - Jo's boyfriend at the party and hits on him.
Samit is still trying to play cupid and forces Ananya to get back with Arnav. She gets drunk and dances the night away. Arnav takes her to his house and spends the night just looking at her sleep. Ananya is very angry and leaves. Samit drops her home.

Ajay proposes to Sameera. It is very romantic and Sam is touched. Mansi and Rajat go out on a date after Rajat borrows some money from Jo.

Samit confesses his true feelings for Ananya to Jia. He can't profess his love for her coz he's already married.

Ananya takes Arnav to meet three of his ex-girlfriends. She will forgive him if they forgive him as well. Two of the three women forgive him, but one wants to kill him!

Back at work, Ananya and Jia have a confrontation and Jia tells Ananya to stop thinking that she's having an affair with Samit.

Will Sameera accept Ajay's proposal? Watch Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi Monday to Thursday 8 pm, on MTV to find out.

Week 15: Sameera says yes to Ajit

Ananya receives her first letter from a fan. Samit reads it out to her at her desk with Arnav listening as well. He leaves the paper on her desk for her to read, but she finds it blank. She realizes Samit was voicing his feelings for her and not reading out fan mail. She is confused and irritated.

Samit decides to talk to his wife and end his marriage. Ananya knows nothing about Samit. So she confronts him in the broadcast room, and tells him how she feels. Arnav hears her confession. He is heartbroken and maha pissed at Samit. He goes to a bar and gets drunk. Ajay advises him to let her go if he really loves her. Arnav refuses to listen to him and swears vengeance on Samit.

The next day when Ananya enters his office to give him a script, he tells her that he knows about her new 'love'. She is upset and hates Arnav more. The very same day, Samit visits his lawyer and files for a divorce. He is leaving to go abroad on an assignment and wants to tell Ananya how much he loves her, but can't meet her.

Sam accepts Ajit's proposal and will marry him in a couple of months. Ranvir comes home after a long shoot, but is robbed on the way by a wily chick!

Vijay proposes to Udita and she accepts! She is enthusiastic and wants to have a white wedding. Vijay is obsessed with Udita, and this makes her a little unsure about the wedding, but she goes ahead with her plans anyway.

Udita ki hogi shaadi. Ananya ki kab hogi? Watch Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi Monday to Thursday 8 pm, on MTV to find out.

Week 16: Udita's White Wedding

Ananya is worried about her mother's autobiography and wonders if she will be able to deal with old memories and pressures. She tries talking to her mother about her father, but her mother evades her questions.

Udita isn't sure about getting married anymore. She has hired an obnoxious wedding planner, who keeps irritating Sam. Yadu won't come to her wedding coz he's in love with her, but he can't tell her.

Jo is in Kanpur and can't make it to the wedding, but Sam turns on her speakerphone so that Jo can listen in.

Arnav confronts Ananya in the church, but Ananya brushes him off and goes to placate Yadu who's creating a scene at the gates.

Udita leaves Vijay standing alone by the altar when she runs away without an explanation. He is heartbroken. Yadu is happy. Ananya chases after Udita but can't keep up. Udita escapes in the wedding car. Ananya gets a lift from Shonali, who is Vijay's friend. They attempt to follow Udita, but Udita has dumped the car and is now making a getaway in a rick!

Udita knows she needs to talk to Vijay and apologize for her behaviour. Shonali and Ananya manage to get the nearly married couple together and they talk, apologize, and forgive.

Ananya doesn't know that Shonali is Samit's wife. They get along famously, each respecting each other for being independent women. Ananya gets a rude shock when Arnav informs her that Shonali is Samit's wife.

Samit has betrayed her love just like Arnav had. Ab Ananya kya karegi? Watch Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi Monday to Thursday 8 pm, on MTV to find out.

Ananya and KMHZ Wraps Up

Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi has completed over a 100 episodes and has shut shop for now. Over the past few months, you snuck a peek into the life of small-town girl Ananya. She was ambitious, hardworking and kept mixing her personal life with her professional. Kiss rah chali Ananya? Well she had her share of relationships, friendships and she's come out stronger. Just like most of us do.

For now Ananya accepted Zor's proposal coz she realizes she loves him. So all his efforts of asking her twice finally helped!

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-simi- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 January 2007
Posts: 14315

Posted: 16 May 2008 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
aww thanks so much for providing the brief story Big smile sounds quite interesting...
do u know where i can find the videos? and btw arnav is KSG right?
lavenderskies IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 June 2007
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Posted: 16 May 2008 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
Thanks Big smile Is arnav KSG? Confused I hope we can't videos too Embarrassed

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nikki09 Senior Member

Joined: 09 April 2008
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Posted: 16 May 2008 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH...i used to watch this show but didnt remember the story LOL
nikki09 Senior Member

Joined: 09 April 2008
Posts: 288

Posted: 16 May 2008 at 12:50pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by preksha490

Thanks Big smile Is arnav KSG? Confused I hope we can't videos too Embarrassed

yes arnav is KSG..his acting has improved sooooo much..hez a LOT BETTER in DMGBig smile

..Khushi.. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 November 2006
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Posted: 16 May 2008 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
Ya, Arnav is KSG Wink...I really dont know where to get videos, even I want the videos.
Karan.T IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 March 2008
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Posted: 16 May 2008 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
Thanks for providing a brief description
sournsweet Goldie

Joined: 28 February 2008
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Posted: 16 May 2008 at 1:42pm | IP Logged
whus zor tho??..so neither arnav nor samit gets her...gud!!...agr woh arnav ki nahin hui toh samit ko bhi nahin milni chahiye!!!..

n oh yh..arnav is Karan Singh grover...so d show went on for liek 7 months ro so only???..dint really understand d ending tho...or did it go off air???...oh well...

thnax for d story...I really wanted 2 snek a peek ind at one...n hav bn trying 2get hood od atleast vat it was all abt...but u hav given d whoe story..bt do explain d ending...

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