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Hello guys,

I was looking around to see if i can see any old updates but I can't access it so I decided to make one. I am going to try to do the updates from the beginning and please be appreciate I am going to try to find all the old videos and write up all the summaries! If I miss any please pm me and there are some that I could not find but if you know could you please help me out!! Your not only helping yourself but others too!!!  



short-forms and who is who?: Anu=Anupama, Chet=Chetanya, Rids=Ridhima, Chet's Mom=Shardha,  Maya = stepmom,  (more will be added!)

May 14


In the title song they show Anupama's wedding with Amit Sarin.

It starts of with some people doing pooja including the step mom. A girl asks for Anupama. A person comes and tells the girl that Anupama is outside. Anupama dances to a song called Choti si asha. Everyone seems happy and all look like a happy family. The girl brings a plate and tells her dad to wish Anupama Happy Birthday. He does and gifts Anupama a diamond necklace. At last we find out that it was all a dream of Anu and when Anu wakes up her step mom gives taane to her. Anu does pooja and gets wishes from Raghu Kaka. Step mom comes there and asks as to what is happening? They say nothing.


Anu comes and looks around to find no one. She says to herself that people warned her to not go in her mom's room but she is going in and she is really scared. Anu goes inside and sees a picture of her. Anu looks around and starts talking o her mom's picture and starts crying.

Someone calls Anu's name and asks Anu to iron her dress. Anu does it. The girl complains to her mom and the step mom screams at Anu. Then the step mom starts smelling something burning. It's the dress with the iron. Then the step mom starts screaming at Anu again and tells her to go.

Anu goes and talks to an idol of ramji. She tells him that whenever she tries to do something good everything goes wrong. She also says she doesn't know anything and keeps on going on about the things that happen wrong with her. Just then the idol starts talking to her as to he always wants to see her happy. A guy comes from behind the idol and wishes Anu a very happy birthday. We come to know that his name is Ved. He sees that Anu's hand got burned and starts applying medicine on it. Step mom comes and asks what is happening? Ved says that it's Anu's birthday and they are going to have a huge birthday party. Anu starts to stop him but he doesn't listen. A phone call comes and it's Anu's dad and he asks if all arrangements have been made? Step mom says yes. She goes back to Anu and Ved and says that they are going to have a b-day party to Anu. After Anu and Ved leave Maya says to herself that Anu's this B-day will be one that Anu will always remember.

Ved closes Anu's eyes and tells her not to open them. Then he opens them and Anu is really happy and Maya wishes Anu a happy birthday. She also tells Anu to cut the cake. Anu says that she will cut it after dad comes but Maya says cut it now. Anu is about to cut the cake when her dad comes.


Her dad comes inside and looks angry and ripes the ballons from the celing. Ved tries to day something but the dad stops him. He says why are they celebrating her birthday? Since her birth only bad things happened and no good things! It also says that when she was born his love Kiran died! He calls her I think a abhishrap! Episode ends on Anupma's face.

May 15

The episode begins with Anupama's father asking her step-mom why isn't the "shradh" preparations done, Veer intervenes and wants to explain but his father doesn't allow him to. He tells everyone to get everything cleared up in five minutes. Anupama is sad, and wonders why her dad did this to her. She picks up a photo frame of her mother, and says "if you had to go, why you brought me into this world and why did you make a daughter a curse to her father."Her father on the other hand is thinking of Kiran his first wife and is upset. He tearfully looks at Kiran's pictures in her room and remembers some memories of her. He touches a piano in the room and remembers how both of them were playing a piano joyfully. He plays a melodramatic tone in agony.


Next scene opens to the shadh ceremony. That is when we are introduced to Maya's mother and Maya greets her and invites her to join the ceremony. She tells Anu's father how she could never miss the shradh and how Kiran's memories still live inside of him. On the other hand, Anupama is standing aside watching it all tearfully. Her father remembers how him and Kiran were talking about their child when she was pregnant, thinking of names. And then remembers another scene where he feeds her food. And then the flashbacks shift to the hospital where he is informed his wife has delivered a daughter, he is happy and then he saddens in shock as he is told they couldn't save his wife. He refuses to see the little child and says in the child's face I see Kiran's death and to take her away from his sight. He reverts back to the present and that is when the priest tells everyone to come forward and offer arti. Anupama tells herself if she goes forward, papa will be upset and curses her fate on how she cannot even be allowed in her own mother's shradh. The pooja is completed and they all get up.

Maya and her mother talk about how Anupama's father still thinks of Kiran and how they got him to agree for a second marriage. Maya tells her mom she saw the hatred in his face for Anupama the first say and decided to ignite his hatred for her even more. Maya further tells how she executed the birthday fiasco to further increase the hatred but is worried about her son Veer. On the other hand, Anupama is standing in her room, beside the window pane, thinking of how her father ruptured her birthday party and told her how she was a curse for him..


Veer tells Anupama to get ready quickly and that he needs to take her somewhere. We are shown they arrive at a temple and Veer tells her to smile and tells her how he prays to God to give her all the happiness in life and a very long life. Anupama is upset and questions him as to why he asked for this, as what is the use of a life such as this. Just then a priest appears and tells Veer the pooja prepaations are ready. Together they perform a pooja. After that, they go to a beach where they sip coconut water (Phoolon ka taro ka, sab ka khena hain, ek hazaaron mein meri behna hain plays) The share some sweet brother-sister moments.The scene shifts to night time, Veer and Anupama come back home to find Maya awaiting them. Maya screams at Anupama asking her where she went and quietness Veer's explanations. Maya's mother to joins her to taunt Anupama on how it is Anupama's mother's shradh and she was out the entire day. Tears flow from Anupama's eyes. Veer tells his nani that it sister's birthday, but Maya's mother tells so what? Maya, Maya's mother and Veer argue back and forth again over Anupama. Anupama is helpless and cries..A man is shown entering a temple, they show a close up of him and he turns out to be Amit Sareen he rings the temple bells.  After offering prayers to God, he walks out of the temple. And helps out a poor man out. The episode ends there.

May 16

The episode begins with Anupama in the garden. Someone covers her eyes with their hands and she says "Viren uncle" (not sure of his name) he wishes her happy birthday and says he was delayed as his flight was delayed, and this is the first time he is not wishing her on her birthday itself. He gives her a wrapped up present. She seeks his blessings and he blesses with the blessing to be happy and to always keep smiling. Inside the mansion, Anupama's father is reading a newspaper and just then Anupama and her uncle enter. Anupama's father and her uncle exchange pleasantries, whilst Anupama stands beside the door watching them. He tells her father that he came to wish Anupama happy birthday, her father's expression transform into a bitter one. Viren tells the servant to not prepare tea, and says instead Anupama will make us tea today. Her father, Maya, Rhidima are all unhappy, whilst Veer and Viren are happy. Anupama serves her Viren uncle tea, whilst fearfully offers tea to her father who is facing away from her. he doesn't take the tea she offers him. Viren says it does not matter; I will drink the second cup as well. He then asks Maya what have you thought about Anupama's wedding . Maya says she thinks of this very fact day and night, and says we need to find the right relation first as after we have raised her up with such love and care. Her uncle says yes a prince should be sent for our Anupama. The scene shifts to Amit Sareen who is seeking blessings from his mother and she asks him if he gave daan to priests, and he says no, he offered it to someone else in need. His mother praises him and says she expected this of him. They both smile.

They show Anupama, wondering if a prince charming will ever enter her life but then says no she doesn't want to destroy anyone's life. Just then a red scarf flies over her, they then show a woman carrying a pooja thaali from which the dupatta flew off. She says whoever gets "maa's chunariya", will get her "saiyaan" and tells Anupama that she's lucky. She says I'm Aachal Sharma, wife of Atul Sharma. She says she did not know when she got married she would shift from Ludhiana. Furhter says she did not know how boring it would be as her husband leaves for office in the morning and she gets bored all alone. She realizes that she has been the only one talking so far, so then she asks about Anupama. Anupama says she has everyone in her life, a father, a mother, a sister, a brother etc. Just then Rhidima comes and taunts her, that so much work is left in the house, and she is roamiing around, as uncle has also come home, and says what a pain and leaves. Aachal says jai mata di and Anupama goes inside sadly. Aachal says trailer something and film  entirely different. Viren uncle asks why he did this to Anupama, why did he not take the tea she had prepared. He says for years, he has done this, does he not identify with the pain on that child's face. Her father says whenever he looks at her, he sees the death of his wife. He says because of her, his Kiran was snatched away from her. On the other hand, Maya asks her mother what she is thinking. She says, why do these friends fret over all old memories. Maya says it does not matter, as his friend will come and go, but she is with him the most and she knows how to take advanted of things.A woman is shown twiddling her mangalsutra, she turns out to be gane uncle's wife. She chides him for being late. The exchange some romantic words. He says she is waiting for her son more than him. Their son is coming back from London. She says she wants her son to be adorned with a shera and then uncle says why don't we bring Anupama as his wife? She refuses, as she believes her to be cursed. Viren tries to explain that Anupama has suffered so much and she needs love and nourishment. She says I was a little carried away in mother's love, that is why, but I agree with you. She says to wait for Ved's opinion as well.

Anupama is praying to the lord. She calls out to Badri kaka, and gives him her father's shoes. Then she prepares tea and sets the kettle on a tray and gives it to him and then gives her father's coat to him. Rhidima arrives at her college, she goes straight to meet her friends. Her friends chide her as to why she is always late. She replies that she sleeps late as she dreams of her prince charming. They joke around over the topic of marriage. A friend then tells them it's time for a class and an important project is due. They all praise their projects but Rhidima interrupts and says my project is the best, she searches around for it, and says she forgot her project at home. She calls her mother, her mother says badri kaka has gone out on some chore, and she has to go to a kitty party. Maya tells Anupama to get Rhidima's project from her room. Anupama asks her she if she can a chutney also that she made for Rhidima, Maya agrees.

Two friends are shown in a car. One guy's face is revealed to us, whilst the other one's eyes and side shots are only shown. They talk about how the guy has broken so many girls hearts in London. On the other hand Rhidima is worried and wonders why her mom didn't send anyone with her file yet. Her friends go to the canteen, whilst she waits outside. Anupama is still on her way travelling in a rickshaw. Her dupatta flies a little out of the ricksha, so whilst she's trying to retrieve it, she bends her head a little outside the rickshaw and the mysterious guy is shown looking at her from his car, as his car is behind the rickshaw that she is in. The rickshaw and the car then stop next to each other, The mysterious guy and Anupama both look at each other and interlock eyes. The screen splits in two with Manoj Bidvai on one side and Anupama on the other side.

May 17

We are shown a recap from yesterday's episode and then the episode begins with Dev and Anupama looking at each other, and then Anupama turns away. Her rickshaw too drives ahead and he is still dazed, his friend clicks his fingers to grab his attention. He tells him we should get going now. Anupama reaches the college and asks someone where Rhudima Kapoor is? The girl asks her who she is? Anupama says she is her sister. The girl replies so you are her house sister? She then says come with me. Rhudima is talking to someone when that girl calls out to her saying look at who has come to meet you. She further says look at the difference between this girl and you Rhudima? What should we call her dear sis or behenji. Rhudima is angry and asks Anupama why she is here. Anupama says mom sent her here. Rhudima says couldn't badri kaka have come instead. Anupama tells her that Badri kaka had gone out on some work, and so she came. Anupama tells her since she didn't have breakfast today, she brought her (Rhudima) some idli. Rhudima rolls her eyes and leaves.

On the other hand, Dev's mother is taking aarti of him. They share some jokes between the family. Dev opens up his bag and gives a gift to his mom and dad. His mother says why did you bring so many gifts? His dad tells Dev we have a gift for you too, that is a girl for you to marry. Dev says what's the hurry? His father tells him I just want you to meet her once, and then you can decide whatever you want to. Dev asks him mom what do you think? She says first you like the girl and then things will proceed, there is no hurry. And even if you don't like the girl, we'ere not going to force you. Dev says mom my choice is whatever you people choose. Dev walks into his room, remembering his mother's words. He tells himself how can I tell you that in a crow I saw someone, which these eyes have sought after forever...She wonders where she lives. And then says I will think of it as beautiful dream since I cannot break my parents dreams because of an unknown dream. He says what could I tell them, that their son is in love with a girl who he doesn't know, and probably never will.

Anupama's father gets up, asking his friend what he is saying. His friend tells him what am I saying? All I'm saying is I want your daughter Anupama's hand in marriage for my son. Anupama's father is happy, and they hug each other. Maya says this is great news, that we got such a good relationship without doing anything. Uncle says he will go and ask Anupama's opinion about this. He finds Anupama in the mandir praying to the lord. Anupama bends down to seek his blessings but he stops her saying don't do this. He says I have fights with lord, as he never gave me a girl and never gave my friend a son. So he told the lord, why I don't bring this daughter to my house as my daughter-in-law. Anupama is shocked. She says me? Even my shadow is curseful ..but he stops her, saying how can a pure and moralistic girl like her be ill-cursed. He tells her that even her father is happy with this alliance; Anupama then says my father's decision is my decision. Veer comes and says so my sister will be a bride now.  Uncle, says now all my fights with you are over, but he also requests god to never have tears fill Anupama's eyes ever again.

Anupama's extremely happy, she says the day a daughter is born, a mother is extremely happy wondering when their daughter's doli will be decorated, and she says even papa is happy and whatever makes him happy is my wish. She says papa never comes in front of me, but when he covers the red chunariya over me on my wedding day he will have to appear before me and I will take that as his blessing, I have been waiting for this ever since.  She says when papa hugs me, tears of joy will flow down from my eyes, as when I leave him, papa's blessings will be with me. She says as people say she is ill-cursed, will this also affect it. And she wonders why her fear never goes away.

On the other hand, someone says we are waiting for Chetanya's decision, as we are ready for this marriage. He is given some shagun money, and they take the elders blessings. A woman says she is very happy as her daughter's life is about to be settled.  (Chetanya - Amit Sareen)

The scene switches to Aachal who is calling out to Anu, and just then she appears. Anupama tells her her mariage has been fixed and Aachal is excited and congratulates her. Anupama says she is afraid, if her shadow will be unlucky for the house she gets married into, Aachal cheers her up. Aachal furhter tells Anu how her husband's post has been shifted to Pune, but she will be here. Aachal says leave all that, you don;t stress yourself.

Maya and her mother, are sititng and thinking. Maya's mother says whatever is happening is not good, if Anupama gets married into Virendra's family, everyone will know she is not "ashub" unlucky. and then everyone will look at us like we're fools. Maya is fed up, and she chides her mother for her talks. She says everything happened so fast, that she didn't get a chance to do anything. Maya's mother says her "baayi" eye is blinking, something bad is about to happen, so do something quickly, before your happiness turns into unhappiness.

Badri kaka enters the kitchen where he sees Anupama doing something. He tells Anupama to stop all this work, and tells her to get ready. He asks what time is everyone coming, Anupama says she does not know. Veer starts singing "sun sun di...tere liye ek rishta aaya hai" Anupama tells him to stop singing, Anupama glares at him. Veer says look didi is about to murder someone today. Veer comes back and starts singing the same song loudly. Anupama tells him to stop it, and Badri kaka tells it's something to be happy about. The phone rings and Anupama answers to find Veer singing doli saje ke on the phone.  Anupama says if he troubles me once more, I will not leave him. Just then te door bell rings and Anupama vows to not leave Veer now. Without looking, she opens the door dumps water over a guy, it turns out to be Dev and she is shocked. Dev says "tum" and Anupama says "aap" The episode ends on their shocked faces!

May 18

Ved and Anupama say TUM? Ved says Hi to Anupama and introduces himself. He takes his hand for Anupama to shake but just then Maya comes. She says to Ved that it's really hot outside but then how did he get wet? Anupama says that she thought Ved was Veer. Maya says it's OK and tells Ved to give his coat for Anupama to iron. Ved says no at first but later agrees. Maya quietly tells Anupamat to iron the coat properly but in a harsh way. Anupama goes. Ved comes in and just then Maya says something about Anupama not being good for Ved's family.  Ved is taken aback.  Just then Anupama comes and Maya tells Ved that she will go and make tea for them.  Ved talks to Anupama but Anupama just shakes her head.  Ved asks her if she likes him? Anupama sweetly answers that her dad's choice is her choice.  Ved says now he gets it! Anupama is a daddy's girl. Anupama gives a sweet smile. Veer comes and introduces him to Ved saying that he is Anupama's brother. Veer says that by seeing Anupama smile like this, it looks like Anupama likes Ved. Ved, Anupama and Veer smile.  

Outside Anupama's neighbor, a Punjabi lady asks Anupama if she knows what Ved likes? Anupama shakes her head in a no. Then the lady asks if Anupama knew what Ved did?  Anupama says no. Then the lady asked if Anupama knew when her roka was? Anupama says tomorrow. The lady says that at least she knows when her engagement is. The two laugh.

Maya in her room with her mom is thinking about how everything happened so quickly and she couldn't even do anything. Maya also says as to what she can do now. Her mom tells her that Ved's mom is coming today. Just then Maya gets an idea and says now Maya will show her Maya.

Ved's mom comes. Maya and her mom welcome her. Ved's mom says that she is very happy that Anupama is going to be the daughter-in-law of their house. Just then Riddhima comes and Maya goes to her. Riddhima says that her day went really bad just cuz she saw Anupama's face today. Riddhima tells Maya that today, her car broke down and she couldn't get any ride to college so she missed a very important exam of hers. Riddhima tells Maya that she might not believe in people bring manhoos but she does. Riddhima says that she feels bad for the people to whom Anupama will go to as a bahu.(. Riddhima also tells her that next time she is going to do any important work Anupama shouldn't come infront of her. Maya tells Riddhima to go inside and she does. Ved's mom is not happy. Maya tells Ved's mom to mind Riddhima's words since she is just a kid. Ved's mom is looking worried.

A guy's mom is shown showing  necklace to him for their new bahu. The guy is not happy. He tells his mom that they should tell the girl's family the truth. The guy's mom tells him not to be bothered about it.

A man and a girl are shown coming into Anupama's house. Veer turns around and is ver happy to see them. He calls the man chachaji and the girl Ria. Maya and her mom are not happy but pretend to be happy. Ria asks about Anupama just when Anupama comes. Anupama hugs Ria and asks her about chachiji. Ria tells her that mama couldn't come because she wasn't feeling well. Ria asks if Anupama did any shopping or not? Maya says that she will do Anupama's shopping for her. Ria says that it is not fair becasue Anupama should get the right to do her shopping by herself. Anupama says that first Ris should rest. Veer takes Ria and her dad's bags inside.

A guy is shown taking something off someone's bike. He goes to Maya's mom and tells her that the work is done. Maya's mom gives him money and the guy goes. Maya's mom smiles.Ved rides the same bike

Ria is shown to get Anupama ready for her engagement. Ria goes to Maya's room. Anupama's dad is shown picking a sherwani to wear. Ria asks Maya if she could borrow a jeweler set for Anupama. Ria takes the same set that Maya and her mom were looking at leaving both of them annoyed. Then Ria leaves.

Ved's dad asks his wife to as if she is ready to go or not? Ved's mom says that she is waiting for VedJust then Ved comes with a plaster on his hand and a bandage on his head. Ved's mom asks him as to what happened? He says that while he was riding his bike, it slipped and he fell down. Ved tells them not to worry. Ved's mom has an audio flashback about what Riddhima said about Anupama being manhoos. Ved's mom says to herself as to look what happened to Ved on his first meeting with Anupama.

All the ladkewale come to Anupama's house where Anupama's dad asks about what happened to Ved? Ved says that he just fell from his bike. Maya and her mom look at each other. All the people go inside except Maya, her mom and Ved's mom. Ved's mom starts to leave when Maya wispers something to her mom but loud enough for Ved's mom to hear. Maya says that how on Ved and Anupama's Roka Ved met with an accident but god knows what will happen after they get married. Ved's mom is worried.

Ria is shown taking family pictures. She asks Maya to come. Maya comes and put her manhoos hands one Ved and Anupama's heads.(.All the people start dancing except Ved's mom. Ved's mom is still thnking about what Riddhima and Maya said about Anupama being manhoos. Suddenly Ved's mom faints! The camera focuses on every main character;s faces. Episode ends on a worried Anupama's face.

May 21

the ep starts off with Ved's mom falling down. Maya's mom starts tauting Anu and blame everything on Anu... Maya pretend to calm her down.

The next sence maya, vik, ved, and his dad take ved's mom to the hospital. doc tells them i'll take a look at her...

The shifts to Anu remembering how happy eveybody was aand stuff. then her stepsister come begin to taut her about being manusi (i love the stepsis earrings they were so pretty...) then chacha comes and say to the stepsis u started tauting her again... then ria and maya's mom cumz... maya's mom begin to taut her again. chacha yelled STOP THIS NON-SENSE (way to go chacha) Anu leaves and lock herself in her room. chacha and ria ran after her and they ask anu to open the door.

The sence shifts to the hospital doc informs everybody that it's serious we have to watch her for the next 12 hrs really carefully. Maya said what can anu do if she's Manos ved's father said no it's not her fault she's not badluck my wife must of forgot to take her medications....

Scene shifts to the house. Veer comes and knock of anu's door (Veer is MINE!!! hehe... ) veer gave her his kasam to open the door. and tells her stop blaming youself didi...

scene changes to the hospital, Maya comes to ved's mom's room. locks the door and takes the oxygen off his mom mouth. ved's mom opens her eyes and looks at her... (i hate maya....)


ved's mom starts laughing, gives maya thumbs up, and shakes her hands. and start thanking her for the plan

Flashback: the lady is begging maya to stop the engagement... Maya pretend by saying no at first but then gives in (how predictiable of maya)

Back to present: ved's mom thank maya again and said god i can't beleive that u included ur doc. in our plan, you musta paid him lots of money to do that for us... (i wanna kill Maya)

The scene shifts to the house. Anu is shown sitting in the house mandir. asking god why did he do that. Why is she badluck. prays for ved's mom and says to god that i will not leave, eat or drink anything till ved's mom is well.... (only if she knew... that ved's mom is faking)

New scene shows hopital plus doc said ved's mom is out of danger... but any kind of shocks may be harmful to her and try to make her happy. then he leaves chacha informs everybody that anu prayed she didnt drink or eat anything and she's sitting in the house mandir...

new scene veer at home receives a call from chacha to inform anu that ved's mom is doing just fine. Veer goes to Anu and said look i haven't eaten anything either... i brought some food for us both... they fed eachother. (cute... brotherly and sissy love... so sweet)

New scene shows the hospital and ved come into his mom room and says i love you i can't see you like this get well soon... his mom said i know u like anu but if u still want to marry her that's not a problem for her... but she's bad luck....


Back to the scene, ved's dad enters and says there's no good or bad luck. i love anu, i know her since she's was little and i want to compete the engagement. and takes ved's to anu's house.

at the house, ved and his dad enters. vikram cums from the dinning table to meet them. ved's dad said i want to compelete the engagement. Maya and her mom are shocked... Ria left to get anu... Maya's mom said Ram ram after alll dis happen you still want to do the engagement. ved's dad said YES! ria cums with anu. Ved walks towards her. then anu put out her hand. shyly... Then Ved remembers doc said not to give shocking news to ved's mom and keep her happy. and also his mom says if u want to you can marry anu. then Ved said "I can't go through with this engagement!!! Anupama" (Stupid Ved)

May 22

 The episode begins with Ved refusing to get engaged to Anupama. He tells his dad, that he's sorry but he can't do this. Maya is snickering on the side, whilst Ved's dad is upset and asks him why he's saying that. He says look at Anupama, and asks what does she lack? He says I think I understand, but I can't believe a new generation's thoughts can be so old. Ved says he can't hurt his mom and do anything, and he can't do the engagement and apologizes. Anupama's father tells Viren that he can't force them, and marriages are connected to hearts and if hearts aren't ready then it's better that this marriage does not take place. Maya says perhaps in our daughter's destiny it wasn't written for her to be your daughter-in-law. Viren apologizes to Anupama's father for not being able to transform their friendship into relationships. Ved apologizes and leaves. Viren goes towards Anupama and says this is not yours, but our unluckiness that you couldn't be our daughter-in-law and my son is very unlucky, but he says he knows one thing that whomever you marry will be the luckiest man. One day a prince charming will come and fill your life with happiness, this is my blessing to you.

It's night time, where Chetanya and his mother are being taunted by some people saying its good we got to know about this before marriiage and hence refuse to make our daughter your daughter-in-law. Saying this those people leave (The very same people who came to fix their daughter's marriage with Chetanya -- the girl's parents) Chetanya says look how much the world is impacted by my bitter truth, his mother says tell me one thing truthfully. Does it really make a difference to you about this truth? chetanya says no, and his mother says me neither, so why join relationships with people whose thoughts are so low and pitiful. Chetanya says he is going to meet Vikram uncle tomorrow in Mumbai.

On the other hand, Maya is laughing witchily. She says Anupama's happiness remained unfulfilled and how she helped out Veena ji break off the engagement. Anupama's father is walking towards the room their in. Anupama's father is coming towards the room. He walks in and Maya's mother stops laughing. She continues with a saddened face, faking sadness she tells Maya look how pathetic you've become, crying for Anupama's unhappiness. Anupama's father places his hands on Maya's shoulders and says what is the use of crying now and that he knows the love that blooms inside of her for Anupama. He consoles her and then leaves the room.

Anupama's chacha tells his daughter how he couldn't do anything for Anupama. He says it's good we can even meet Anupama otherwise after sister's death I fear even exercising any rights over her. She says why don't we take Anupama with us for a few days, but he says Vikram wouldn't let them.

Chetanya and his friend play this wishing game. Chetanya wins the game. Anupama's cousin says let's go outside, but Anupama refuses saying she has a lot of work to do and maa won't allow her. Her cousin asks Maya if she can take didi outside and if she goes outside she will feel better. Maya fakes a smile and says where will you take her outside? Her cousin insists and says Anupama will feel better and compares Anupama to Rhidima and says if Rhidima was in her place would you say the same thing? Maya is startled and allows them hesitantly.

She and Anupama want to eat golas, and that is where Chetanya and his friend are. Anupama and her cousin come there and her cousin asks for two golas. Chetanya and Anupama are next to each other with their backs facing each other. Just then this guy asks for a gola and is eying Chetanya, and steals his wallet. Chetanya runs after the thief and he runs into Anupama who was walking along the same road. He catches hold of her

Chetanya apologizes but her cousin yells at him. Chetanya says he was running after a theif, but her cousin accuses him of being a loafer. Chetanya's friend asks him what he is doing? Chetanya says nothing, they misunderstood me.

Ved tells his mom to take care and he comes sits beside his dad. Ved says he knows Anupama is a good girl and I also like her. Veena on the other hand phones Maya and tells them everything that she heard Ved and her husband discuss. Maya says this is good, but Veena says but Ved didn't say he doesn't like Anupama, she further adds what if he falls in love with her? Maya says why don't you get Ved married to someone else? So that Anupama and Ved's relationship wouldn't be brought up once again. Anupama's chacha overhears their conversation about their plan. They then notice Anupama's chacha and he taunts them and says he will tell jijaji everything that she is the one who named and created situations that showed Anupama as manhoos.

May 23

Anupama's chachaji comes inside Maya's room and says to her that it's enough and now he will tell Vikam everything of how Maya planned to break Anupama's engagement and goes. Maya and her momn are worried and start blaming each other.

Anupama's chachaji tells everything to Ria and Ria says that she can't believe that Maya and her mom were behind everything. Ria also tells Anupama's chachaji to tell Vikram everything. Anupama's chachaji calls Vikram's office, the secetary picks it up and says to Anupama's chachaji that Vikram had told her not to disturb him. Anupams's chachaji hangs up and Ria tells him to tell Vikram the truth when he will come home. Ria's dad says OK.

Ved is sitting beside Veena when his cellphone rings. He picks it up and says to the person on the other end that he can't come, no matter how much lose they get into. Veena takes the phone and says that Ved will come and hangs up. Ved says to Veena that he is waiting fo rher to feel better and she wants him to go to office. Ved says that he will go away but tells Veena to tell dad to stay with her when he gets home.

Anupama comes to Ved's house with an old man and rings the bell. Ved opens the door. Anupama has flashbacks of what Ved said about their engagement. Anupama asks Ved where Veena is and he says in her room.

Anu goes to meet Veena and asks her about her health. Veena says that she is OK in a harsh way. Anupama says that she will always wish the best for Veena and her family. Veena answer's saying that if Anupama wants to see her and her family happy then Anupama shouldn't show her face to them and especially Ved. Anupama runs out of the room crying while she is been watched by Ved's dad.

At Anupama's house Anupama's chachaji is waiting for Vikram to come when he does. Anu's chachaji is about to say something when Riddhima comes yelling that Maya is leaving home. Vikram rushes to Maya. Maya's mom tells Maya that Vikram is comming. When Vikram reaches Maya's room, Maya starts to pretend she is crying. She says to Vikram that everyone is blaming her for the breaking of Anupama's engagement. Vikram says that who is that person and Maya points at Anupama's chachaji.


Anupama's chachiji starts to say about what Maya said is a total lie but Vikram is not ready to listen to anyting. Vikram starts to scream at Anupama's chachaji and says that Maya took care of an orphan child and Anupama's chachaji is blaming Maya. Vikram leaves. After that Ria and Anupama's chachaji leaves. After all of them left Maya's mom starts saying something.

Ria and her dad in their room talk about how clever Maya is. Just then Maya enters and says something. Anupama's chachaji in return says that One day the truth will come out. Maya's face still didn't have a worried expression.

Vikram and Maya are shown sitting on the sofas when Ria and Anupama's chachaji come down the stairs with their bags.


Anupama is shown standing and watching it all. Vikram gets up and tells Anupama's chachaji that they could go tommorow morning. Maya says that even she was saying the same thing. Chachaji says no adn says that they will be going. Ria walks over to Anupama and says that Anupama will not cry again and always be happy. Chachaji comes adn blesses Anupama saying to Be Happy to Anupama. Ria and Chachajij leave leaving Anupama in tears.

Next morning Anupama goes to the mandir, closes her eyes to pray when Chaitanya comes and stands beside Anupama and prays with eyes closed. Chaitanya didn't see Anupama. Anupama opens her eyes and sees Chaitanya. Then Anupama has flashbacks of the first time she met him and what Ria said about him. Then Anupama to herself says that Ria was right and he really is a loafer. Anupama hurries to get away from Chaitanya when her slipper breaks. On the other hand, while Chaitanya is coming down the mandir stairs sprains his ankle. He puts his shoes on and walks in the same direction as Anupama but behind her. Anupama keeps on looking behind her to see where Chaitanya was and says to herself if Chaitanya was following her. Anupama goes and hides behind a stall. When Anupama reaches her house she is suprised to see Chaitanya open the door. Anupama to herself says as to what Chaiitanya was doing in her house. Chaitanya also sees Anupama and looks suprised. Epi ends on Anupama's face.

May 24

The episode begins with yesterday's recap where Anupama enters Veena's room to apologize but she is snubbed rudely by Veena and is told to leave and never come again. On the other hand, Anupama's chacha and cousin are going to leave the next morning, and lastly Anupama running away from Chetanya thinking he is some loafer, only to find him inside her house.

Today -- Badri kaka says you've come Anupama, Chetanya says no one was there, that is why he opened the door. Chetanya goes over to the living room whilst Anupama looks at him. Anupama asks Badri Kaka what is this guy doing here? Kaka says do you know him? Anupama says she doesn't this guy is good. Badri Kaka says but he says he has come to meet your father, says he is her father's friend's son. chetanya greets Anupama's father. Vikram asks about everyone in Chetanya's family, and he says he remembers his friend Ravi seeing him. Vikram asks where his luggage is, Chetanya replies saying his luggage is in the hotel. Vikram says how can you live in the hotel? He then phones Chetanya's mother and tells her how can Chetanya live in a hotel, when his father's friend is there. After ending the call, Vikram orders Chetanya to go to the hotel and bring his luggage. Anupama looks on. Later on she is watering the plants and is lost in her thoughts. Aachal who is outside as well, notices her. She says if you're going to water the plants so sadly, they will be unhappy as well. Aachal asks who that guy is, the handsome one is. Anupama says he is father's friend's son, he's come on some important business and hence will be living with us for a few days. Aachal says that's good, atleast your home will be more lively.

Veena shows uncle some pictures, asking him how this girl will be for Ved. Viren is really upset and says he likes Anupama, which she doesn't like,so it's upto you and Ved now, Just tell me the engagement and wedding date. Maya taunts Anupama saying how much work is left to do, yet she is loafing around. She orders Anupama to clean the room rudely. Anupama obliges and goes away. Maya's mother is upset about Chetanya living in the house since their young daughters in the house. Maya is happy on the other hand, saying how he is such a rich man, his father is no more, but what if Rhidima gets married to Chetanya, she will live like a queen. Maya's mother is really excited and says why she didn't think of this before. At that moment, Chetanya returns with his luggage. He seeks blessings from Maya's mother and she blesses him with a happy life. She further praises him saying how moralistic, traditional he is. They call out to Rhidima and introduce Chetanya to Rhidima. She tells Rhidima to show Chetanya his room. Maya's mother babbles on, saying what a lovely couple Rhidima and Chetanya make.

Anupama is making the bed, and that is when Rhidima brings Chetanya into the room. Rhidima leaves on the pretext of a phone call. Chetanya introduces himself as Chetanya Saxena to Anupama, and Anupama introduces herself. Chetanya says he never knew she works in Vikram uncle's home. Anupama eyes water as Chetanya says this.

Chetanya helps Anupama make the bed. Anupama is upset and is about to move when she finds her dupatta stuck. Chetanya asks her if there is any problem, but she shakes her head. chetanya tells Anupama to iron some clothes, Anupama sadly takes the clothes from him and leaves. Anupama thinks of the names she is called "ashub" "abshaguni" but she says today she is given a new name that of a "naukrani". Chetanya calls out to her just then, and says since you work here, I thought of telling you about the meals I eat. He tells her about what he prefers to eat at different meal times. Chetanya says you must be thinking what type of a guest I am, since he just came and is ordering around, but this has become my routine. Anupama leaves. Anupama has flashbacks of Chetanya telling her he didn't know she worked in vikram uncle's home. Maya's mother watches her and wonders why Anupama is going into her mother's room despite being told not to. Anupama talks to her mother and is in tears. She says where can she find her love, her nurture, her care and says a mother-daughter's relationship is very special and has a different flavor to it altogether.

Maya's mother calls out to Maya, and tells her to come somewhere. She drags her off to the corner of the room. She then tells Maya how she saw Anupama walking into Kiran's room. Maya says he - Vikram shouldn't know as he would be upset, we then are shown vikram to be there. He asks them what they were talking about, she says she saw Anupama getting into Kiran's room and nothing else, she is just a child and hence can make mistakes. Vikram stomps off towards Kiran's room. Anupama is stilling crying in Kiran's room and just then Vikran stares at her angrily. (This is the horriblest thing Vikram can do to his daughter -- not allow her to enter into her own mother's room-- she maybe his love, his wife, but hold on father -- Kiran is that girl's mother -- whether you like it or not)

Vikram burns in fury, Maya and her mother appear behind him as well, Anupama is shaking fearfully. Vikram tells Maya, that he hasn't allowed anyone to enter this room and how did she dare to enter this room. He says no one will come in this room hence forth, saying so he leaves.

Downstairs, Chetanya asks Badri Kaka why Vikram uncle is angry. Upstairs, Maya shakes ANupama and yells at her, and tells her to leave. Anupama picks up a red scarf that is lying on the floor, which she was hugging a few moments ago, places it on the chair and runs crying. Chetanya watches Anupama. Badri Kaka tells him everyone is angry, Chetanya says she must have done something -- that servant. Badri Kaka says who are you talking about? Chetanya says her who just came out running, Badri Kaka tells she is not a servant but the daughter of this house.

May 28

The kaka leaves and Chatanya to himself says " Oh my god! How did I mistake the daughter of the house to be the servent." He has flashbacks of what he dais to Anupama. Chaitanya to himself says that when he called Anupama the servant then why didn't she say she is the daughter.

Anupama is crying and has the picture of Kiran in her hand and talks to it and says that she was only trying to create memories of her then why is dad getting mad at her. Kaka comes and concloses Anupama.

Riddhima is sleeping when Maya and her mom come to wake her up. Maya tells Riddhima that she will take the morning tea to Chaitanya's room. Maya and her mom keep on going on talking about the same thing and at the end Maya calls Riddhima a good girl.

Chaitanya calls his mom and tells her as to what he should do if he has hust someone's heart. His mom says that it can never happen that her son can hurt someone except when it happens unkowingly. His mom also tells Chaitanya to ask for forgiveness from the person he hurt.

Just then Riddhima comes with the tea and Chaitanys asks her as to what was the need. Just then Maya's mom comes and says to Chaitanya as to how sanskari Riddhima is. She also tells him that Riddhima also knows how to sing. Chaitanya asks Riddhima to sing but Riddhima gets out of the sittuation saying later.

Riddhima after getting out of Chaitanya's room tells Maya's mom as to how could she lie that Riddhima is sanskari, does prayers in the morning,does the housework after that and knows how to sing. Maya's mom says something in return which I couldn't quite catch.


Anupama comes in Chaitanya's room with his clothes adn puts them down on his bed. She sees some pillows in the wrong place and puts them back. Just then Chaitanya comes from the bathroom and Anupama tells Chaitanya about what she was just doing. Chaitanya tries to say sorry to her but before he can do that Riddhima calls Anupama and Anupama leaves.

Anupama comes to Riddhima's room where Riddhima complains about the geaser. Anupama goes to see what the problem was.

Anupama is carrying a bucket full of hot water up the stairs when Chaitanya comes. He tries to take the bucket from Anupama just to help her but Anupama says she is OK. They start having a tug - a - war with the bucket when some of the water spills on Chaitanya's hand which gives him a burn. Anupama says she is very sorry and didn't mean it when Maya comes. Maya taunts and screams at Anupama saying that she did something wrong again. Chaitanya tries to stop Maya but Maya isn't ready to stop but finally does. Maya takes Chaitanya's hand into hers and says that she will put the lotion on.

Maya's mom comes to Riddhima's room and gives her the lotion. She tells Riddhima to put it on Chaitanya bcz his hand got burned. Riddhima says as to why she should put the lotion on him but later agrees.

Anupama gives the same lotion to Chaitanya to put on. Chaitanya tries to say sorry to Anupama but before he can do that Riddhima comes. Riddhima comes and says that she heard that Chaitanya got his hand burned so she came to put the lotion on him. Then Riddhima looks at Anupama in an angry way. Anupama leaves.


Chaitanya tires talking to Anupama on the breakfast table. Just then Anupama sees Vikram adn Maya coming downstairs adn goes inside the kitchen. While eating Chaitanya to himself thinks that Anupama is still angry then why isn't she talking to him. He also says that when will he get the chance to talk to her. Vikram distracts Chaitanya to tell him something.


Chaitanya- Anupama cute moments!

Anupama comes to her room to find a letter by Chaitanya. Chaitanya in the letter asks for forgiveness for calling her a servant of the house and tells her to put a lotion on her burns too. Anupama has a smile on her face and she turns around to find Chaitanya. Chaitanya says Friends adn takes his hand out for Anupama to shake. Just then they hear Maya calling for Chaitanya. Anupama gets scared adn tells Chaitanya to go. Chaitanya says he will go but after Anupama shakes his hand. Anupama tells him to go but finally gives in and shakes his hand. She had both her hands on his hand, shaking them and looking at the door for a sight of Maya. Then Anupama finally figures out that she has both her hands on Chaitanya's hand and is surprised while Chaitanya is happy and smiling. Episode ends on Anupama's face.

May 29

Today's episode begins with Maya calling out to Chetanya, he comes down and she asks him where he was. He tells her that he had some important to complete, she tells him to go Vikram (uncle) is waiting for him. Aachal receives a letter that she couldn't be pregnant and is upset that her dream to become a mother would remain incomplete. Anupama comes just then, telling her she has brought some hot gajar ka halva, but sees Aachal upset and distressed.  Anupama concerned, asks her what's wrong.Aachal shows her the letter and says she couldn't become prengnant once again and says I had prayed to mata rani, yet no fruits have been beared. Her husband interrupts her, comes towards her and consoles her lovingly. She introduces Anupama to her husband, Gautam. He takes the gajar ka halva from Anupama and says his mouth is watering and Aachal and him feed each other. Anupama watches them and prays to God that a child is born to them soon.

Veena comes to meet Chetanya's mother and says she hopes their kundalis meet/match. The pundit says this is one of the best matches, their both really happy and offer sweets to him. Next scene has Maya's mother walking sneakily with a bowl in her hand, she sits on a sofa and is about to eat, when Chetanya clears his throat. Maya's mother is startled and she hides the bowl, and she asks him why he's so early, he tells her that he was done early, hence he came early. She calls out to Anupama to prepare the food and make some nice rotis. Maya's mother chides Anupama taunting her why she's so slow and furthers adds how manhoos she is. Maya's mother says in the procees of Chetanya's food orders, my swad has been affected. Anupama is trying to reach for something on the top of a cupboard and Chetanya sees her, comes towards her. Meanwhile, she manages to get hold of the bottle of flour but it slips and it all falls on Chetanya. Anupama is shocked and then starts laughing. Chetanya says he wanted to eat food but he wasn't in that much of a hurry and they share a laugh, but Maya's mother interrupts them. She yells at Anupama, on how she told her to prepare food and this is what she's doing. chetanya tries to explain, but Maya's mother doesn't listen and further yells at her. Maya's mother then goes and tells Maya about this incident. Maya calls for Anupama and shrieks at her. The two make a plan, of Rhidima bringing lunch for Chetanya.

It's night time, Veena tells Viren that Julie (I think that's the name -- not sure) and Ved's kundali's have matched and she is very auspicious for Ved. Viren is disinterested and tells he doesn't know about auspicious/inauspicious and tells her just tell me when and where the wedding is to take place. Veena says why are you still stuck on Anupama's matter, but Viren says he isn't, but how can I tell the world how old fashioned/orthodox my wife is and she didn't do good by hurting an innocent girl's feelings.

On the other hand, Maya's mother is praising Rhidima's pastries and she offers them to everyone. Chetanya bites into the pastry and let's it slip out that it's very tasty just like the bazaar. Everyone is shell-shocked,but corrects himself, saying it's just as tasty as the ones you get in the bazaar. Rhidima asks Chetanya what can she cook for him tomorrow? Chetanya tries to refuse, but Maya's mother and clan insist and he agrees in the end. Later on, Rhidima is fed up and tells her mother she can't pretend to be all goody and shy in front of Chetanya. Maya tells her to get good things, you need to do these things, as you don't get guys like Chetanya often.

In the morning, Anupana is giving Badri Kaka tea for her father and Chetanya watches her. Later on, Anupama is going somewhere and spills something on Maya's mother and that does it to upset her. She taunts Anupama, how she will need to re-bath as Anupama is so inauspicious/unlucky. Chetanya tells Maya's mother these are all old things and nothing is like that. Maya's mother doesn't listen and refutes him. Just then Veer arrives on the scene and taunts Maya's mother, how her thoughts are ill-cursed than Anupama. Veer tells Anupama to get ready, and that to put him a tikka. Anupama refuses saying she can't do this as she can't be the reason of her brother's failure.

Veer tells Anupama, so you're afraid of my failure, so he sits down and says he won't go to the match, and hence he won't win. Chetanya says if he doesn't go, he can't win. Veer says exactly, now I'm going to loose because of Anupama didi. Chetanya further adds it's not good to disobey a brother's wishes. Anupama slightly smiles and puts a tikka on Veer. Veer tells her now look how he wins the match now. saying that, he bids bye them and leaves. In the afternoon, Anupama waters the garden and is wondering if her brother doesn't win the match, she will curse herself as to why she put a tikka on him. Chetanya comes beside her and tells her the flowers are blosoming so well, and that her hands contain magic. He asks her what it takes to get a smile on her face. He says "atta" perhaps he will have to bathe in atta again to make her smile. He calls out to badri kaka, but Anupma stops him. Chetanya says I've already bathed, but for you to smile, it's I would've done it.

Above looking out their window, Maya and her mother are watching the duo, Maya's mother tells Maya to do something before Anupama (yeh manhoos) does something to Chetanya. Maya tells her don't you worry and that she knows what to do.

May 30

Stop mom stop. Now u look at Maya's maya. Anchal's husband and she are talking about the ways to get her wife close to him. They see Anupama adn Chetanya toghter adn say inki khushi ko kisi ki nazaar na lage. Anachal's husband say don't worry they won't. After Anachal's husband leaves Anchal comes to Anupama where Anupama introduces Anchal to Chetanya. After Chetanya leaves, Aancahal remembers something and leaves.

Next Morning Anupama comes to Chetanya's room adn says why is he doing her work. Chetanya says it is always good for a man to do his own work when Maya comes calling out to Chetanya.  Maya tells Chetanya that Vikram is waiting for him adn Chetanya leaves. Maya then taunts Anupama and tells her not to come into Chetanya's room again and tells Anupama to never meet him again.

Ved is working on his laptop when the bell rings. Ved opens it and a guy gives him a packet adn tells Ved that those are his engagement pictures. Ved takes them and looks through them. Just then Veena calls him and Ved hides the pictures.

Anupama sees Chetanya but Chetanya doesn't see Anupama and Anupama hides. Anupama to herself says should see go infront of Chetanya or not.

Riddhima is dancing to some music when Maya's mom comes and turns it off. Maya's mom says that Chetanya is home for lunch and she should go and serve him. Riddhima says that she would make Chetanya dance on her tunes. Maya's mom says Riddhima has gone on her mother.

Riddhima goes to Chetanya and gives him a present. Chetanya opens it to find a CD. Riddhima says that isn't the singer his favourite. Chetanya doesn't say anything and says to himself as to where Anupama could be. Riddhima says that she will serve hm. Chetanya says no need but Riddhima doesn't listen adn serves him. Chetanya asks for some salt. Riddhima tells Badri kaka to bring it. Then Chetanya asks for the pickles. Riddhima give it to him and tells him that she had made them. Chetanya says to himself as to where Anupama could be. After that Riddhima starts talkign to Chetanya. But He is lost in his own thoughts about Anupama and says how could he meet her. After eating Chetanya goes to the stairs adn Riddhima follows adn Anupama is watching it from upstairs. Riddhima is asking as to where he is going. Chetanya makes an excause that he was told by Vikram to bring a file. Chetanya goes upstairs and Anupama goes to her room adn pretends she is asleep.


Chetanya comes to Anupama's room and says Anupama but Anupama doesn't answer. Then he comes in and sees Anupama's eyes closed adn thinks that she is asleep and goes. Anupama gets up adn says she is very sorry and has flashbacks as to what Maya said and says that Ma will get angry if she met him.

At night Veer comes home with a trophy, He calls out Didi! Riddhima and Maya come but Veer first goes to Anupama and tells her that he won. Anupama, Riddhima and Maya smile. Riddhima says WOW! Veer says Wow and says that it only happene cuz didi gave him her well wishes. Riddhima and Maya look angry. Then Veer seeing there expressions says was there neem ke pate for eating cuz nothing like sweet is comming out. Maya says what are u saying to Veer. Veer says nothing and takes Anupama;s hand and takes her away from Maya and Riddhima. Riddhima says to Maya that Veer has started to speak alot. Then Maya says that tommorow is a holiday and she should take Chetanya out cuz nothing would be able to happen at home. Riddhima says she won't be able to go alone cuz what will Chetanya think about them. She says that Chetanya is from a respected family and those guys would never send a girl out with a guy all alone. Maya says then take Veer. Riddhima says she can't cuz Veer has his final match. Riddhima says she will take Anupama. Maya says not at all. Riddhima says if she takes Anupama then she will just make her sit in a corner and who will look at Anupama with Riddhima around. Maya says she will talk to Anupama. Riddhima to herself says she is the mother of her mother.


Chetanya, Riddhima and Anupama are walking on the beach with Riddhima in the middle of Chetanya adn Anupama. They show Anupama talking in mute. Chetanya looks tired adn takes his hankarchief out to wipe the sweat of his forehead when is on porpose dropes it on the ground. Riddhima and Anupama keep on walking. Chetanya pretends he is wipping something of his pants and picks his hankarcheif up. Chetanya runs and stands beside Anupama and starts walking. Anupama sees him. Just then Riddhima's phone rings, picks it up adn says Oh No! Riddhima says she is coming. After hanging up she tells Anupama and Chetanya that she has to go cuz her friend's mom is serious. Anupama says she and Chetanya will go home but Riddhima says to stay there and she will come back. Anupama tries to say something but Chetanya says OK.

Riddhima is shown at her friends home but no one is there. She calls out Hello but no one answers. Then it looks like someone is behind Riddhima and Riddhima turns around to see no one. They show some foot steps coming down the stairs. Riddhima looks worried adn keeps on looking around. Just then the footsteps come near Riddhima and hold her from the back. Riddhima looks scared and episode ends on Riddhima's worried face.

May 31

The episode begins with Rhidima frightened by someone he turns out to be the man Rhidima loves. They both says I love you to each other and she says do you know all my friends know Rhidima is crazy about Mohit. They smile and hug each other. She asks him whose house this is, he says it's his friends house but he wanted to spend some special moments with her, that is why he called her here. Mohit asks her where she was. Rhidima replies by saying she was with a guy, Mohit is startled by this. But Rhidima tells him you know how moms are these days. Whenever they see a guy who is from a good family, they think of linking them together with their daughters.

On the other hand, Chetanya is wondering where did it go and babbling it out loud. Anupama asks what happened? He says found it, it was your voice that had vanished somewhere. At Mohit's friend's house, Mohit and Rhidima are takling about their marriage the other side. Rhidima asks him when he's coming to asks her hand in marriage to her parents? Mhot says not now, at the right time.

Anupama and Chetanya are spending time on the beach and having a nice time and so are Rhidima and Mohit who are shown simultaneously enjoying themselves with each other. Just then, Maya calls up Rhidima who is a little hesitant. Rhidima says she's having a great time with Chetanya. Maya asks to talk to Chetanya but Rhidima wriggles out of it. It's night time and Chetanya is telling Anupama how wrong it is for uncle to blame you for your mother's death. Chetanya asks her whether she tried to get closer to her father? Anupama says she did but..and then they show a lashback of little Anupama who has brought tea for her dad, seeing this her dad is furious and screams for Maya and tells her to take her away from here and calls out to Badri kaka to bring tea for him instead. He also tells him to take her away from his sight. chetanya says is this it, you only tried in childhood? Anupama says no, she has tried many times, but now she has accepted she is not destined to receive a mother and father's love. chetanya vows to himself to bring love in her life and clear the distances between the father and daughter. Anupama says lets go home, but Chetanya says Rhidima told us not to go without her. Anupama says but she will be in deep trouble if she does not go home. After they leave, Rhidima and Mohit arrive in his car, Rhidima is upset and wants to reach home before them. Rhidima is frantically trying to contact them and is woried. At home, Maya welcomes Chetanya and Anupama and asks them how was the day? And then she notices Rhidima isn't there and asks where she is. Anupama is looking down upset.

Chetanya stammers, Rhidima appears just then and tells her mother to rest since she's tired and doesn't let anyone talk and says good night to all and Anupama and Chetanya go. Maya is confused. Later Maya tells Rhidima to wake up and tell her how it went. Rhidima says it went very very well, In fact we both like each other. Maya is satisfied and is very happy hearing this. Anupama is folding a black sweater and thinks it will look good on her father. Chetanya comes into her room just then and hears the last part. She sees him and hides it behind her back, Chetanya asks her what she is hiding? Anupama says she had sown a sweater for her father, but don't know whether he will wear it or not. Chetanya cheers her up by saying look what your friend does for you now, fueling hope inside of Anupama, he leaves. Anupama wonders whether her father will wear the sweater. Next morning, Anupama is scared and walks slowly towards her father who is on the phone and in a good mood. Anupama calls out to her father saying "papa" Vikram is furious and calls out to Badri Kaka angrily. Badri Kaka comes there, vikram asks who gave her the right to bringtea. Anupama is shattered and is crying inconsolably. She tells Chetanya did you see, I told you nothing can happen, every passing moment this distance can increase but not lessen. At Viren's house, Veena is telling Ved you should meet the girl and once you like her, these auspicious things shouldn't wait. Ved gets a phone just then and finds out they lost some property. Veena says but the lawyer had said the case was in our favor? Vren taunts her saying who will you taunt now for this loss? Julie? No, no she is auspicious isn't she? Viren says if this happened now, what will happen later on? Viren taunts her furthermore and tells her to go find a another auspicious girl for Ved.

Chetanya comes into the house carrying some shopping bags. Vikram smiles seeing him. Chetanya says he bought something for him. Vikram says what was the need for this. Chetanya says he saw it in the store and thought it would look good on him, hence he bought it, please try it on once. Anupama is looking at all this from the door and smiles. Vikram praises the sweater and says it's beautiful. Chetanya says it looks like it was made with his name in mind. Vikam says it his favorite color and very nice, thank you. Anupama says to herself thank you, today you have given me a great joy. Chetanya smiles happily. It's night time, Anupama comes outside holding the pole of a swing and talks to herself. She says everything is so changed and everything is so beautiful today. She says papa you have given me every single joy in my life. Chetanya looks at her from behind and says he wants to see you even more joyous than this. Chetanya says you don't even know what you mean to me, I love you unconditionally and want to make you mine. Just then Ved comes striding calling out to Anupama. Anupama is nervous and looks down. She remembers Ved refusing to get engaged to her. Ved is holding a ring in his hand and he says he made a big mistake and his trying to correct this mistake and he is trying to make her his. He wants to marry her, hearing this Anupama is shocked..Chetanya was watching all this along and is shocked and tears sprinkle in his eyes...The episode ends




May 31

Episode starts with vikram shocked to see the black cat crossing

Dadi will say at any cost I'll make anupama as manhoos only

Driver asks that shall we start little late but vikram get into the car and atarts from there.

Anupama goes to chetanya room and says thanks and gives him the card

Chetanya will be impressed by that and says that this is the best card in the whole world ever bcoz it was created by a beautiful girl

Anupama blushes little and says that she is interested in drawings from her childhood.

Chetanya goes to her to see all and will say all are so nice

By that time vikram calls and says that his car broke down and asks chetanya to pick him on the way.

Maya will have done this removing the nut from car engine.

Anupama goes and gives sweet to her friend

Then vikram and chetanya reaches the venue and work was not yet started and the manager will not yet give them the money. Vikram tries to reach him but he'll not attend the call. Then the manager calls from a public phone that he was robbed by some people and all money and his cell phone has been stolen.

The contractor will say that the first day work is halted and it is a ashubh.

Vikram thinks of anupama's dahi sugar and will be angry.

Maya will have appointed a robber to rob the manager. He'll come and give the money to maya and gets his wages.

Maya tells that she will use the money for her.

When vikram returns home in evening maya and maya mom makes all rubbish things and make anupama as Ashubh and manhoos.

Vikram also accepts that all happened bcoz of her.

She runs to her room and start crying. Chetanya comes to met her. She says to him that dreams can never come true and just leave me alone to be in my not so good world. Chetanya leaves calmly.

Then maya come and crabs anupama's hair and will tell her to be the way she is still now ans asks her to not interfere in her husbands life as his good daughter. (she'll talk to anupama as though anupama is a slave.) anupama will be crying.

When maya leaves the room she sees chetanya in the doorstep and will be too much shocked. She will think did he hear what I was talking.

The episode ends here with the shocked face of the both.

June 4

Maya on seeing chetanya pretends that she is doing all this bcoz she was caught in the hands of wrong situations and put a scene that she is so good.

Next day anupama will clean the floor as though she is maid.

Ridima will go out and says that she is going to her friend's house for some proj work

When she goes to meet her boy friend that time that guy's wife will come there.( so ridima's boy friend is married and he hides it to her.)

In viram's office they will face a crusial issue that they need some design of clothes. And if they don't get the next day then there will be a huge loss.

Chetanya comes and meet anupama and get her designs. Next day morning he gives the designs t vikram and tells that he'll introduce the designer in the evening meeting.

Chetanya reach home and plans to take anupama to office without letting her know the reason.

Ridima will go out and maya will be going to club and says chetanya that she goes to the ashram.

Making use of this situation cetanya makes maya itself say that anupama will come with u and takes anupama to the office by telling that he has to do some shopping for his sister.

In the office all will be very much impressed with the designs so will wait to see the designer and time will fly and they get impatient.

On that time chetanya comes and tell he has brought the designer and goes back and takes anupama to the meeting room.

Vikram on seeing anupama and anupama seeing all this will be so much shocked on their shocked faces the episode ends.

June 5

Episode starts with anupama shocked by being there in the meeting room.

All the buyers will appreciate the designs and they say they are all very impressed.

Once meeting over anupamam leaves the place early and says chetanya that she can't work on the project since vikram will not accept it. For that chetanya says that he'll talk to him regarding that.

On reaching home chetanya says this to maya and she becomes shocked but she'll make up and say that she is so happy that her daughter's talent is being acknowledged and appreciated.

Once nani starts saying that she is afraid of the future of the project since anupama is manhoos and so and so veer comes and stops her.

When all leave to their respective room's maya and nani will be sad for all happenings and finds that chetanya's friendship should be cut off from anupama. Maya tells that she'll use her maya.

In the late night all will wait for vikram since he hasn't reached home yet. Veer will try hismobile and chetanya will call office but he couldn't be reached. Nani says all bcoz of anupama's ashubhness.

That time vikram comes home he'll not talk to any one that time chetanya goes near him and apologizes for his behaviours. He'll say he just want to bring out the hidden talent of anupama. Vikram leaves without saying any words.

Then maya goes to chetanya room and says thanks and says that all these years she tried a lot to bring the father and daughter together but always she failed like this and both will be so sad and unhappy after the incident. So she asks cetanya to stop all this so that atleast they two are happy in their own lives.

Chetanya says to himself that he know all her plans and he'll make them both together and he'll not fail in front of maya

Anuapama will b ecrying in room and veer comes and make her smile.

Next day all will be the living room and anupama will be arranging the table, chetanya comes and apologizes once again and asks for anupama working in the project.

Vikram says that anupama can work on the project. All will be shocked. Veer, chetanya, anupama will be happy. Vikram says she works but with one condition

Episode ends here with the shocked face of all on hearing what vikram told.


June 6

Vikram give one day time to anupama to create all designs so that they can show the designs to the buyers and get the order.

Then while getting ready to office Maya asks to vikram as though she is good that if the enimity will turn to affection. For that viram tells that he can never love her daughter and leaves for that maya will think that she'll never let it happen.

When anupama will be drawing her designs Maya comes taunts her and asks her to do all work like mobbing the floor, pressing the clothes and cooking for all family member. She even will not allow the kakka to help anupama.

After all work it will be 12 in the night and anupama will be tired and she will be sleepy. Even though she'll sit and prepare all her designs.

Next day Maya will praise anupama in front of all and gives dahi sugar and wishes her good luck

On the meeting room when anupama gives her file all will be shocked since there where no designs in it. Chetanya takes the blame and will say that he changed the file bcoz he understands that maya has replaced the file since he saw her coming out of anupama's room in the morning with a file in her hand.

Chetanya asks for some time and he calls veer and tells the situation and ask him to look for the file in the home. Mean while maya and nani will be making fun of anupama with the file with them. Ridima comes and gets the file to show off in college.

She'll leave to college with the file and veer will be searching for it. When she opens the car door puts file on seat she gets a call, veer will see it and when she is busy attending the call he comes and takes file out of the car without any nise and leaves from there with the file.

On the meeting room when all get impatient and about to leave veer reaches there and gives the file all will be very much satisfied with the designs and they'll place order to them.

Maya and nani will be very curious to see them all back in home with a flop in the meeting vikram come and goes to his room without saying anything maya thinks that he is angry. Then chetanya and anupama will come and Maya asks what happened, for that chetanya says that ur daughter has proved herself and it is all bcoz of her mother that is ur blessings. Maya and nani will be shocked.

Maya will shout at ridiam that all such things happened bcoz of her missing the file and will wonder who gavet he file to ridima for that veer tell them that he gave it and shout back to them for being so bad to his anupama didi and warns them that if it happens again then he'll not keep quiet. All the 3 will be shocked.

Next day maya will be palying card in her club when all the ladies will see a boy and girl (it is ridima and her boy friend) standing there hugging each other. The Girls face will not visible to all All will comment on them that they where from a family which didn't teach them values in life. Maya says that her daughter is a gem. That time her hand bag falls down and when she turn down to take it she'll see ridima as she is huggeing her boyfriend. On seeing this maya will be shocked.

June 7

Episode starts with Maya shouting at ridima and asks who that guy is. For that she tells He is mohit and a software engineer and she loves him a lot. Maya feels sad as her daughter goes for a middle class guy by leaving a crorepati like cetanya. For which ridima say she wants her love not money. Maya crabs her mobile switch it off and takes it with her.

Anupama goes to office and chetanya takes her to a cabin which is for her. He'll show the name board which says anupama kapoor. She'll be so excited and happy to see the cabin and chetanya leaves. In the office anupama comes with a file and vikram comes and she reminds of him saying that she should not come in front of her and set back her foot and hides herself.

Chetaya discuss the designs with anupama and dreams of kissing her and he is all love struck. In the lunch by seeing her it self he bites a chilly and anupama laughs for it and he will be smiling embarrassingly for it.

In home maya and nani will talk about how to get anupama back to the past life. Maya says she is so sad for ridima only. That time anupama comes home tired and sit in the sofa. Veer comes and asks what can he get for her as a chef. Anupama asks not to kid her. That time her friend comes and veer tells her that any one can meet anupama only with appointment. All laughs and anupama asks veer to stop kidding her more and more. Maya and nani will be jealous of this and they even say veer has gone mad.

Maya and nani will think that whether ridima has made them fool when ever they send her out with chetanya and anupama. So maya goes to anupama and asks whether ridima stayed with them when they went out or not. Ridima comes behind maya and signs not to say anything and anupama will be saying only maa…maa.. and she'll be stabling with the words. She'll not say anything( actually she is scared to hell and also want to save ridima). On seeing ridima maya leaves.

Ridima makes a call to mohit from the home phone and asks him to meet her in a restaurant in half an hour. When he waits there one hand will touches his shoulder when he turns to see it as ridima, maya will be standing there in angry. Mohit will also be shocked.

June 8

Maya warns Mohit to stay out of her daughter else she will make hime go to jail. She will say all tough words to him and leaves the palce.

On reaching home she'll see anupama and chetanya in the dining table discussing about he office work. Nani asks maya to stop all this somehow. That time vikram comes to the table and sits there.

Maya puts up a big scene as though she is having head ache and acts as though she can't do anything in home and forces anupama to say that she'll stay in home.

Anupama will also stay in home Chetanya leaves half heartedly.In the office chetanya thinks how to overcome this since he knows all the evil plans by maya. And will be afraid that by keeping anupama in home for one day will become as always. So he will think about how to safe guard anupama from this.

In home anupama will be mobbing the floor and maya will be talking with some one in the phone. She'll taunt anupama and says in phone that naukar is not working properly. For this anupama will be so shocked.

That time chetanya comes home and all will be shocked. He would have brought two more men with him and says have some doubts to be cleared by anupama. Once anupama starts talking to them maya goes to her room and calls anupama and asks for water. Since anupama is getting disturbed by maya when she calls anupama next time chetanya will go and get her the tablets, for which maya nani will be shoked.

Ridima plans to elope from the house to get her love. She will pack all her clothes and will plan to go out of the house by making her pillows fill her place in the bed. When she comes to the hall and walks without any sound she'll hit in pot which will broke down.

Maya will wake up and reach ridima room. While on way when she sees the hall ridima would have hided below a Window screen. Since there are pillows maya will think ridima is only sleeping. When she turn to leave the room she sees ridima's cloth and goes and take the bed cover and will be shocked to see the pillows.On the mean time ridima would have reached t he main door of the house and will be unlocking it without any sound.

June 11

Episode starts with Maya taking off the bed cover and ridima opens the door and goes out without any noise. When ridima closes the door maya will hear it and ran to catch her.

Meanwhile ridima would have gone to the road and stopped the taxi. Maya also come there and sees ridima trying to get in to the taxi. She goes near and stops her by holding ridima's shoulder.

Back in home maya will slap ridima and shout at her. When ridiam cries for that may a will say why u r crying I have to cry for my fate that I have a daughter who wants to run away from the home. Maya says here after u can't go out of home.

Maya and nani will think about how to keep the incident secret and will decide to keep an eye on ridima. Nani assures that she'll keep her eye on ridima always and will never let her alone.

Next day morning ridima come to the living room and sits there. Badri kaka will be surpriced to see her and will ask what can he get for her. Ridima asks for a coffee and makes badri kaka go away from there and calls mohit.

In mohit house he'll be eating something which his wife gives and will be enjoying much and he'll not attend the call since he willnot hear it properly. When ridima puts down phone and stand up impatiently vikram comes and asks what's wrong with her.

Maya comes there and says that ridima is not feeling well from yesterday. Then vikram joins chetanya in dining table and says they have to go to a party that evening.

Anupama will be too tensed for this and she goes to the garden and will say to herself that she is too tensed. Chetanya comes and askes her to relax since she is not going for any exams she is going for a party.

When anupama gets ready for office she thinks she didn't have any dress to wear. Ridima come and gives her  a good dress and puts up a scene that she also wishes to take part in the party to celebrate anupama's work and acts as a very good sister. Anupama believes and will tell she'll ask ma to take ridima to party.

For that ridima will tell mom will accept only chetanya's word so ask him to talk to mom. Anupama will say ok and leaves the place happily thinking of her sister as so good.

In the office the old designer will come and fight with vikram for replacing him and challenges vikram. He comes out and ask for anupama in the reception desk. Mean while anupama will come in with chetanya and asks him to talk to mom and he'll say think as if it is done.

Chetanya gets a call from his mom and when anupama gets in the old designer rahul will talk so badly to her by saying that the buyers liked the designer than the designs. Anupama goes into her cabin crying.

Chetanya comes and asks what happened and when anupama says all he'll go to the cafeteria. They will argue a lot and rahul teases chetanya by saying that he had seen lotsof girls like this and once when chetanya hold his collar anupama takes chetanya from the place. Rahul says that he'll return it to chetanya for this behaviour

June 12

Anupama will be getting ready for the party. She'll wear her mothers ear rings and will see herself in mirror and tell to her mom that she has only this with her as her mother's last sign. Chetanya comes and knocks the door and on seeing anupama he'll me mesmerized and willnot have any words. Both will be seing each other with out any word but talking through eyes.

Ridima packs a bag and tells anupama to help in getting the bag to car since she wants to giver her cloths to her friend who is poor and getting married to a rich guy. Anupama  denies first and accepts and when they come with bag maya asks whats there and anupama manages to tell that they are design samplaes. Maya  tells anupama to keep ridima always with her and to take care of ridima through out the party.

In the party venue anupama will be always with ridima even infact holding her hand as casually. But some how ridima escapes fron anupama and reaches the reception point of the party venue. When anupama finds ridima missing  she'll also reach the reception to see ridima. Ridima says she wants to go home and she'll go alone and she is not a kid. Then half hertedly anupama leaves the palce and gets in to the party.

Now mohit will come to the same hotel with his wife since that is their anniversary and when he comes near the reception his wife will go to the ladies room and while aiting ridima will call him from the reception desk. On hearing her say the hotel name and that she is in reception he acts and keeps the phone as though he didn't hear her words due to network problems and hides from her vision and escapes from her. When his wife comes he'll forcingly take her out and tellthat they'll go to another hotel. They both leave and confused ridima will also come out of the hotel.

In the party venue chetnaya friends ask him to sing and he sings a song and dreams as though he and anupama alone there and dancing. Once the song is over anupama wishes him and for that he'll say that she is looking stunningly beautiful and her ear rings are so pretty for that anupama say's that is her mothers. Chetnaya will move from there to get them some cool drinks.

That designer rahul will see all this and give money to waiter to tell anupama that chetanya is calling her into the cottage. The waiter also go and say and anupama believes and go tho the cottage in search of him once she enters the room and calls out for chetanya rahul comes from the back and closes the door and will say now I'll show who I'm and anupama will be shocked. Mena while chetanya will be seraching for a anupama in the party venue and will looking out for her.

June 13

Anupama will be scared and the designer rahul will come near anuma and tries to misbehave with her. Mean while chetanya would have reached the cottage and by hearing the noises anupama make he reaches the room hit and opens the door.

On seeing chetanya anupama comes and hugs him and chetanya beats rahul like anything and anupama runs crying chetanya follows her and anupama says she doesn't want all this and she want to have a life without any special happening to her.

For which chetanya says she is not made to normal and once when anupama asks why he is this much cared about her chetenya proposes his love and says I love you to her for which anupama will be schoked. He asks her to say her decision by her eyes itself when she meets his eye the buyer who organized the party will interrupt them and they will be back in the party venue.

Ridima will walk in a road and tries to reach mohit by calling from PCO and he'll not attend the call since he is with his wife for a candle light dinner. So she goes and checks in a hotel which is not a good hotel. When ridima books the hotel in the name of mohit and goes to her room she'll hear noises of pairs from the other rooms. Basically she is into a low class hotel.

From there she calls mohit and now he attends the call since his wife has gone inside by leaving him. Ridima says that she is in hoteland ask him to come and take her since she has left the home and she'll never go back to the home. On hearing this mohit will be shocked.

Chetanya and anupama willb e returning to home and both will be lost in their thoughts.when chetanya stops the car in the middle to say something anupama will say she wants to go home and pleases him to just take her to home. Chetanya and anupama reaches home and maya asks for ridima and anupama says she left the party to reach home.

Since chetanya there maya makes up that ridima has reached home they just want to ask them to see them answer and they ask chetanya and anupama to go their rooms. Once they leave they'll be so sad that ridima had ran from house. Maya come to anupama and slaps her and shout at her for helping ridima. Anupama will be shocked

Even though anupama says that she didn't know anything maya will shout at her and says if anything happens to ridiam then I'll make ur life as hell. And Maya warns anupama that  this should not be known to anyone in the house Anupama will be crying and praying god where ever ridima be let her be safe.

Ridima would have slept in the hotel without even knowing and next mornig there will be knock in the door and when she rans to open it to see mohit, there will be police and they'll shout at her in bad words and they'll consider her also as a bad girl. Ridima will be shocked to hell.


June 14

Episode starts with ridima being shocked by seeing the police. The police aks her to come to station since she is not a good girl. When ridima  says she is not like all the other girls and says she is from a good family the police says if from good family what are u doing in hotel. They take her also with all the girls arrested from the hotel.

Mohit reaches the place and hell see ridima with the police and so hell think that let him leave before any one sees him and hell cover his face with a hetmel and will leave the palce. Ridima says a lot but the police takes her in to the police van.

In home anupama will be so sad regarding ridima and cheteanya comes ans apologizes if she think what he told was wrong. Hell say let them remain as friends. And asks her whether he is the reason for her so confused and disturbed. Without saying anything shell levea the place and thinks to herself that she cant tell him what disturbs her a lot.

All will be gathered in the living room and vikram will say he is going to buy a land next to their office for ridima. Maya and nani will be happy. Chetanys also congrats vikram for a new property. Vikram asks for ridima since the property is going to be in her name and needs her sign. Maya manages the situation by saying that ridima has gone to her friend house for group study.

Chaetanya comes and ask anupama whether thay can leave for office for which anupama says shell be in home today and she had talked with the manager regarding the tasks and asks chetanya to start since it may get late for him. Chetnaya leaves without saying anything. Anupama will be seeing him leaving.

Maya and nani taunts anupama to say whom did ridima meet in the party. Anupama will have tears and shell say she didnt know anything. Then maya asks her to do all household jobs. When nani asks maya why she didnt ask anupama much more and maya says this girl would have told us if she known the person.

Maya and nani takes the ridima mobile and calls mohit. Mohit says that he didnt know anything and he is not the reason for ridima running out the house. Ans he says maya to search for her daughter. Maya even calls a girl who is ridima friend and enquires about ridima and that girl also didnt know anything.

Meanwhile ridiama will be in the police station and police lady will treat all girls so badly and even slap some the girls. Ridima will be scared to hell and she will be crying.

Now on the same time vikram will be coming in his car and one autowala will come in the wrong route and hits vikram car and creates a big scene and asks vikram to come to police station. Vikram argues that his driver was correct and only the autowala is wrong for which the autowala says that he is correct only vikram is only wrong. The traffic police asks both of them to go to the police station

In the police station ridima will be now standing in front of the police lady who is enquiring all and will be so scared & she didnt even get any words. The police lady will be asking her name and she says her name. Now vikram enters and will be shocked to see ridima there. Ridima will not see vikram till now. The police lady asks ridima her fathers name for which shell remain quiet and when the police lady asks again in a stronger tone vikram from say from the back Vikram kapoor. Ridima will be shoked to hear vikrams voice and turns to see and him and will be shocked to the core


June 15

Episode starts with vikram saying vikram kapoor and ridima turning to see him. Fortunately or unfortunately they both will face the opposite direction hence vikram didn't see ridima face to face. Ridima turns and hides her face. She would give a false name to the police lady since she is so scared.

When vikram is about to leave the police lady will say now a days girls from good house is also doing all such bad things.Vikram stops and turns to see all but ridima hides the face with her scarf and once vikram leaves she'll say that if dad see me here then I'll be dead.

In home maya plans to visit all ridima friends. In police station ridima requests a lot and makes a phone call to mohit and when he hears her saying that she is in police station he pretends as though he didn't hear anything and cuts the phone. Then ridima cries and asks permission and calls anupama.

Anupama on hearing ridima voce gathers the info and reaches the police station and ask ridima what happened. Anupama asks the police lady to leave her. The police say ok but asks her get a bail order. Anupama comes out confused and sees a lawyer and asks for help. He says he can get the bail and asks for 15000. He says to bring money before 5'o clock in evening.

Anupama goes home and search all and she'll have only 3000 in hand so she decides on a tough note to sell out her mother ear rings since she has to save her sister and if her father comes to know all this he'll be sad so for her father she has to take the decision

When anupama leaves maya and nani curses and asks where she is goin and anupama says she has some work in office. They stop her and maya puts an order to not to go out of house. Now itself time will be 3'o clock. They give her work and ask her tea, biscuits etc., anupama does all and when the cock ticks 4.30 she will start to leave.

Maya shouts and ask her to stop and anupama will say she has to go today. When maya holds anupama's hand and tries to stop her anupam literally oushes maya's hand and runs out so fast out. Maya will be shocked with confusion


June 18


June 19

June 20

 Veer says to ridima how can she be like this and will say that he is going to tell this to vikram.Ridiam will be scared.

Anupama will stop him from telling saying ridima is also their sisiter. Veer goes without saying but by stareing ridima.

Anupama and ridima hugs and ridima says anupama is too good and smiles in a villainous way and say I'm not that good.

Next day morning maya goes to ridima room and shocked to see an empty bed so when she comes and search for her, ridima comes with a juice and says that is for chetanya and she is going live as maya wish.

Maya will be little confused wheteher to believe ridima or not. Nani asks to believe ridima and tells maya to make anupama life a hell.

Ridima goes to anupama room and gives the juice to her and asks to give it to chetanya. Anupama will go without any other go and chetanya will be happy and says her a good morning. Anupama will be so calm and will not greet him back.

Chetanya comes and block the way and asks her to be his friend if she didn't want to love him. Bye the time maya will call anupama and so since he is blocking she'll say that she forgives him and will be friend with him always ( A cute scene … must watch anupama and chetanya…..I hope they get married )

Every one will be gathered in the living room and ridima signs the paper ans all dotes her like anything as though she is a very good girl. Veer and anupama watch this from the first floor. Veer will be so sad how vikram can behave so lovingly to one daughter and hate one like anything.

Anupama will say that she is happy for ridima since she has got the vikram's love. And will say now all her prayer is let ridima be like this always so happily. Chetanya gets a call from some one and he manages to say buyer want to meet anupama.

Vikram will not leave anupama and somehow he manages to get permission by pulling maya also give permission. When anupama and chetanya comes out ved and his mom will come and anupama will be shocked to see them. They go inside and anupama will also leave.

Ved is getting married and they will give the card and leave. Maya asks them to have dinner in their home after ved's marriage. She'll say that she uses this and make anupama sad.

Ridima asks permission to go to nisha's house. Maya tells to take nani too. She agrees and get ready. Maya goes to her friends and loses all her money and goes to a jeweler and gives her neck chain and asks her to give her 5lakh and make a duplicate which look like real.

Jeweler says he'll do it properly since he is doing this for so many years. In the shop maya will see the ear rings which anupama sold and will think to herself that she'll find out what reason made anupama go out house that day

June 21

June 22

Maya gets the ear rings from the shop and goes home to make anupama in a tough situation

Ridima drives the car and hits on mohit's wife.

Ridiama and nani takes her to the home and thay will be chatting.

Mohit calls home and nani talks and says all and he'll be rushing to home.

Mohit's wife calls him as Varun.

Ridiama miss to see his photo on that wife's purse and she correctly miss to see him when they come out of the house. In a flash of a second ridima misses to see mohit.

Chetanya congratulates anupama for giving good designs which all the buyers are so much satisfied and he says they will get a good order out of this.

When they return home maya asks ridima to get the ear rings and tells her she wants make a complete set so that it will help the daughters in their marriage.

Anupama will be shocked and from her face chetanya understans something wrong.

Anupama goes and bring the box alone and when maya and vikram asks about where the earrings are she will blink like anything and vikram shouts why she is keeping so quiet.

Veer comes and says he has takenthe ear rings to give to her friend who is getting married without saying to anupama since she won't give it. Anupama will be shocked but keep quiet. Vikram says to veer that don't play like this here after.

Anupama goes to room and cries and veer comes and asks what happened when anupama says all he'll say that he is going to say this to vikram and anupama stops him since if ridima's news come out parents will be sad.

She'll say she is so tensed to the fact how she is going to bring back the ear rings. Veer says they will get it from the same shop where he gave it. Next day they both go and ask in the shop and the shopkeeper says he has sold it out. Hearing this anupama will be shocked

June 25

Maya will be so angry.and comes to the room where vikram will be planning for a surprise birthday party.

Anupama goes to chetanya room and gives some corrected designs and ask him to review it so that she can make changes if he wants.

When anupama is saying these things chetanya gets a call from his mom and they both talk to each other so lovingly and his mom will ask him to get married soon.

Chetany mom says that she has sent a girl's photo in mail to him to say whether he likes or not. Anupama will be standing there restlessly. He opens his mail and sees the girl and says to his mom that the girl is so beautiful and he wants such a girl to marry. He says all this to rag anupama.

Once he keeps the phone anupama says goodnight and leaves to her room and verifies her in the mirror and talks to herself remembering the words that chetanya proposed.

Chetenya comes from the back and sees all this and when she turns and see him she will be schoked and blushes. Chetanya says that he is going to call mom to say no to that girl since he likes some one else.

Anupama will be happy and blushes and hides her face in hand. Next day moring she'll take a new dress which she designed for ridiam packs it as a gift and goes to ridiam room and nani stops her on the way and ask her not to show her manhoos face on ridima on her birthday.

Anupama cries and go insisde. All will be gathered in the dining table and ridiam comes there neatly dressed and all will talk to her normally and no  one wishes her. Every one will smile among themselves. Vikram gives her pass to seminor on fashion designing and ask her to attend it and will ask to meet him in the hotel reception after the seminor.

When chetanya encourages to her to attend semior and be designer like anupam vikram interrupts him and says her to be on her own and not be like someone else. Ridima goes to her room and shouts at all since all forget the birthday. On seeing the pass she'll smile in a villainous way.

Anuapama goes to kran room and chetanya sees this. Vikram will come to the room in search of his dairy so chetanya goes inside and both chetanya and  anupama hides behind the wall curtain. Vikram comes inside the room and gets a call and talks to someone and he will turn and see the curtain inside which anupama will be holding chetanya's hands tightly on her fear. Vikram shows a shocked expression on his face on see the curtain.

June 26

June 27

June 28

Ridima fighrs with mohit for cheating her.

Maya to too comes and warns mohit to stay away from her daughter.

Maya tells mohit if he try to interrupt then she'll say all to his wife

Anupama and ridima goes home and anupama will comfort ridima

Maya comes and asks ridima to think about marrying chetanya

Next day morning ridima says that she'll accept maya's word since she wants to have a good life

Ridiama feels sad for making anupama and chetanya come closer.

Maya says that she make all that go away and make him marry ridima

Chetanya leaves for an deal finalization. He'll come and get anupama's wishes and leave. ( A cute scene and must watch both chetanya and anupama)

Maya and ridima get some morden trendy revealing dresses and present to anupama

They will make anupama wear it by fooling her that she has to dress so since she is a designer now.

Chetanya's mother will come to vikram's house as per maya's plan.

Both the daughters come out. And Anupama will be in short skirts and sleeveless lace tops and high heels and ridima will be in salwars.

Anupama will be very much uncomfortable in the dress and ridima will be standing smilingly. Chetanya mom will be shocked on seeing the girls.


June 29

June 30

July 2

Next day morning ridima sing song in front of lord shiva and hearing this chetanya's mom will be impressed.

Ridma invites chetanya mom to a speech by a sprtitual leader for which chetanya mom will be so happy.

Nani will be so happy and says to ridima that all is good. FOr which ridiam says she hates to act like this.

Maya would have given sleeping pills to anupama so she will be sleeping on seeing this chetanya's mom will feel bad

chetanya and vikram comes home and all give surprise to chetanya by showing his mom. chetanya thinks seeing ridima in salwar is a big surprise.

Maya and ridiam talks in such a way that they have requested anupama to wear salwars in front of chetanya mom. Knowing that it was heared by chetanya's mom. ridiama says she will give her diamond set to anupama if she behaves good. they will talk as though anupama is a spoiled brat.

Chetanya mom and anupama comes in front of each other and without knowing anything they will go opposite and chetanaya mom will be think of maya and ridiama's talks and feels bad about anupama

Chetanya mom goes to chetanya and she says she likes the simple girl to be her daughter in law. Chetanya will be happy that his mother too liked anupama and hismom will be happy to have ridima as his daughter in law.


July 3

Anupama gets ready to office when she comes she see vikram telling maya that chetanya can take rest and talk with his mom and reach office lately.

Once vikram leaves maya says anupama to go to office alone since chetanya is not her driver or a body guard.

All will gather for breakfast and ridiama will be like a host to be and serving the food to all.

Chetanay will be in search of missing anupama.

Chetnaya mom will be impressed by the way ridima acts in front of chetnaya

Chetanya enquires for anupama to badri kaka and knows that she left for office.

In the office anupama thinks of all her meeting with chetanya mom and maya's word which said about chetanya.

Chetanya comes and talks to her normally and says that anupama is his lucky charm and gives her a present which anupama wont accept.

Chetanya asks her to accompany to kali mandir. For which anupama shouts at chetanya that there is no need for him to take care of herself bcoz she is happy the way she is. Chetanya will be confused on her behaviour.

In the evening anupama reaches home at first. Maya, ridima, nani and chetanya's mom will be coming in the car after the speech by a spiritual guru and ridima will give a scene as though she enjoyed it most and she loves to be such a good girl

Maya and nani will say that anupama always saw maya as her step mother eventhough when maya treated her as her own daughter. Chetanya mom hates anupama and likes ridima a lot. And all will be happy on seeing her expressions.

While vikram coming home there will some clashes in the road and some how he escapes from all reaches home. Ved father calls anupama and tells the situation in the city.

On reaching home vikram asks for all and he calls maya and they will be hiding in a old house and vikram willg o to get them and anupama says chetanya's name slowly.

Vikram enquires for chetanya in office and he'll not be there also. Vikram goes and get the ladies from the old house where they have hided and calls home toknow whether chetanya has reached home.

Anupama goes to the lord shiva idol and prays for chetanya's safeness. When she lights the dia and prays, some one comes and sticks the door beel and the dia will be disturbed by the wid and anupama will be shocked on the happenings.


July 4

Episode begins with Anupama in the puja room and the door bell ringing continuously. She comes running down the steps so fast and opens the door to see chetanya.

On see him anupama looses all her control and will hug him so tighly and say that she is sorry and she can't bear anything that happens him bcoz she loves him more than her own life.

Chetanya will be shocked and happy for her reactions and he'll also hug her tightly. (Sooooooo nice) They remain in the same stand for sometime and slowly anupama regains her position and comes out his embrace. Chetanya says even he can't bear anything that happens bad to anupama since he too love her more than his life.

When she smiles and turns to go he'll follow her and ask her to say "I Love u Chetanya" she blushes and he grt hold of her hand ask her to say it to him. By the time all will reach home and all chetanya and his mom will talk to each other and knows their well being.

Next day morning anupama will be arranging the plates and chetanaya comes and says  a good morning and will be playing with her by pulling the plates from her and so on. He will say that he want to eat the gheer made by anupama or else he'll go fasting.

When anupama goes to kitchen maya asks her to go out of kitchen and not to do anything in the kitchen. When all are in dining table Sharada (Chetanya's mom) invite anupama also to join them I dining table and she comes and sit next to chetanya. Maya and ridima will hate this. Chetanya announces that he is fasting and he'll end his fasting only if he get some thing. Then thay'll leave to office and even I  office chetanya romances anupama

Mohit calls ridiam and she'll cut the call and will not be talkinhto him and then Maya, ridima and sharada will go to a restaurant and mohit will come and talk and some how maya manages to get him out of the place.

Evening when all come home sharada asks chetanya and he says he is still in fasting. When anupama goes to kithchen maya stops her not to go into kitchen till sharada is in home. Anupama will be sad on chetanya's fasting and goes to kitchen in mid night and makes a gheer.

Chetanya coems there and they will have a cute time together by giving the sweets to each other. Maya wakes up for water and she start to reach the kitchen while she is coming she'll see the light and her bottle will fall down and anupama and chetanya will be shocked. When maya enter the kitchen no one willb e there but the episode ends with a shocked expression of maya


July 5

Maya enters the kitchen and Chetanya and Anupama will be hiding under the table and somehow maya misses them. She sees the gheer and thinks who would have made it. After that she leaves without seeing the both and switches of  the light.

Next day morning ridima will be sad for portraying a good girl image always she goes to the puja room and anupama comes and talks to her and tells her to forget mohit and be happy. Once ridima leaves anupama tells to god if she can she'll give her happiness also to ridima

Ridiama goes and meet sharada and maya and greets the give the puja items and tells that she is going to read gayatri mantra and doesn't want anyone one to disturb her. Sharada will be so happy and asks maya to give ridima as her daughter in law. Maya will be so happy and accepts it.

Sharada gets a phone from someone and she talks to him by calling him as his son and tells that the guy isher drivers son who is very good boy and who is like a son to her and brother to chetanya

On the same time anupama goes to give the puja items to chetanya and he says that he'll gave a great day since she has  seen her first in the morning and he'll say that he'll talk to mom to get married to her. Anupama blushes and will be so happy. (chetanya starts calling her as anu it was so cute)

Mohit will be having a picture of ridima and tells to himself that ridima is always his property and she can't leave him like this so easily.

Sharada meets chetanya and chetanya says he has fallen in love with a girl of this house wh is so soft and ood and who cooks good and who prays god every day morning. Sharada thinks he says ridiam and accepts it and chetanya thinks that his mom has accepted anupama and will be so happy.

Chetanya comes to the living room and takes anupama by holding the hand. Maya sees this and will look at anupama angrily. Anuapma will take her hand out from chetanya's hand and leaves the place and sharada comes down the steps will look at anupama hatredly. When chetanya sits to talk with  hismom regarding anupama one guy comes.

Chetanay goes and hugs him and he is the driver's son who is the police officer who havearrested ridima on the hotel. On seeing the girls he'll confused to see them there and he knows ridima and anupama. On seeing him both girls will also be so shocked and the episode ends with the shocked face of anupama and ridima


July 6

On seeing the police both the girls will be feared and go out from that place and get inside their room.

Maya wonders what has happen to them on seeing him.

Police officer tells don't believe this girl and tells all without taking any names so sharada thinks anupama has gone to jail.

Maya comes and asks ridima where she comes t know about ridima's jail dayout and how aupama saved her.

Maya goes to sharada and cries and apologizes and sharada tells that she won't spoil ridima and chetanya's relationship for anupama's fault.

Maya will be happy and takes the opportunity and makes sharada believe anupama as wrong.

In the office chetanya would have kept los of cards and make anupama happy and will give her a gift and will start romancing to her.

Maya calls vikram and says about ridiama chetanya's marriage and vikram will be happy.

Vikram goes and sees chetanya when he is with anupama and anupama hides he r behind a door. Vikram approachs and hugs him for getting a son in law like him and his daughter is so lucky.

Chetanya and anupama will be happy since they think it about themselves. When anupama is about to leave chetanya will hold her hand in the side even though he is hugging vikram.

Anuapama will be so happy since she thinks vikram  addressed her as his daughter.


July 9

Anupama will be so happy for vikram accepting her as his daughter. She will run and laugh and chetanya will be so happy to se her in such a good state and captures her happiness in his mobile.

Anuapam and chetanya will reach a temple where all will be dropping the coins in the pool and making a wish. Chetanya gives her a coin for which anupama says she has got all that she wanted since her dad accepted her so she didin't want to make any wish. Chetanya makes a wish let the happiness be with anupama always.

Anuapama reaches home in such a happy not even badri kakka will be happy for her. Anupama goes to her mom's room and tells her happiness to her mom and will be having tears in happiness.

Ridiama will be happy and anupama meets her so happily they both talk about being in love and ridima asks who is the person that anupama is in love with. For which anupama says that ridima knows him and will run away. Ridima will say this to maya and they will think that she is in love with some one and let them bring that out after chetanya and ridima engagement.

Chetanay will be watching the clips of anupama and sharada comes and gives a duppata and asks to give it to her bahu so that she'll wear it next day morning to temple.

Scene of the Day

Chetanya goes to anupama room and sees her dreaming about her and puts the dupatta round her head and they both together dream about their life in such a way that they are the man and wife and anupama wakes him up and he wears her some chains, bangles and having nice moments together…


Next day morning anupama gets ready and comes down the steps and sees sharada and goes near her and bends and touches down her feet and even sharada greets her. Once she stands straight she will tell shall we go bahu…when anupama is about to move her duppata will struck in the chair and when she bends to take it properly ridima comes smiling from the back and goes near sharada

Sharada will talk to her as she always wants a bahu like her and will be so happy and they both together and anupama will be shocked and understand that sharada wants anupama as his bahu. Anupama goes out of the house and see them get into the car to temple and will be so shocked to know the truth and will be confused why it happen so and how it happened like this with tears in her eyes……



OMG THIS IS GOING TO TAKE 4EVER.. BUT I AM STILL TRYING!!! IF YOU CAN PLEASE HELP ME OUT….there are some date I am missin so help out if you can!

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