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Too Much At Stake // PM, AK // Chp 5 Pg 10! (Page 11)

MS-meghasharma IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 June 2008 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
nice part

prem-mukti#1 Goldie

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Posted: 02 June 2008 at 5:57pm | IP Logged
great part!
SuhanaSafar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2008 at 9:24pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by ~Ouma*n*Ranbir~

~ Thanks for the PM Rabia di (may I call you that?)
~ I could only read the first part and promo and it was really good, what I liked the most was how the baby girl got named 'Mukti' you wrote that diaolgue so beautifully!
~ The promo is great and eerie as well, will Prem save her life or will she have a change of heart and suddenly fall in love with him
~ I'll try read the next part 2moz!
~ Loved it so far, tempted to carry on reading!
~ Great work!


Hey Ouma!  Of course you can call me "di"...well that is, if you are in fact younger than me, which I'm sure you are.  Thanks so much for reading.  I'm glad you liked the first chapter and promo!  I think that has been my best so far...But the story does get interesting as you go on.  Hope you enjoy the next three chapters.  Thanks again!

Originally posted by ^PoocHi^

Omg this FF is soo wonderfull....Well written..Dscriptive...Story line is also very different and offcourse very interesting!!

Billient work...Keep at it hun!!!

Plz cont soon...cant wait to read more!

Thanks PooccHii!  Aww, you find my storyline unique?  Glad to have you as a reader!  Will continue soon.

Originally posted by bheegi

wonderful writing once again Rabia   The best part about your writing is that you get to the point without wasting anytime

Good to see that despite Kripa's clumsimess and mixing up of files, Angad is willing to see the bright side- 'pehle se behter hai' He is willing to give her the benefit of doubt...good sign Angad  

Prem and Mukti seemed to have become more friendly and comfortable with each other since he saved her from the mishap  

I bet Mukti is Angad's lost sibling...Dr Deshmukh is just a foster father??

Awaiting chapter 5 anxiously 

Thanks di!  Once again, I really appreciate your feedback.  I guess the reason I don't waste time is that I'm no good at it.  If I tried to stretch things out, I'd probably end up boring people.  Angad's a nice guy and he knows that Kripa means well.  Besides that, he avoids confrontation and the last thing he would want to do is tell her she's fired.  Mukti realized that Prem is not sleazy like she thought...Of course, the fact that he saved her life was part of it. As far as Mukti and Angad go...keep guessing!  Thanks again! 

Originally posted by mandy07

u sure do no how 2 keep da readers in suspense n wantin more everytime u leave us with a cliffhanger and a very interestin promo  can hardly wait till u update again  can't wait till Mukti finds out everythin bout her "real life" wonder how shez gonna react when she findz out dat Angad is her bro n dat her rentz well her mum was killed n her "real dad" is alive  atleast shez got Prem 2 support her  update soon lik really soon 

Thanks Mandy...I'm really glad I chose to do promos before every chapter.  It works well for a suspenseful story.  Next chapter might not have Mukti finding out about her past, but the one after that will for sure.  Will update within a few days!

Originally posted by iamsmart it's been 3 days since kripa is working in angad's office. Lol..and she keeps on colliding. this scene reminded me of karishma kapoor from chal mere bhai. even though angad did realize that he wont be happy with mishty but still he's avoiding and giving it a name as a fear. Kripa is making so many mistakes in her work but still he didn't fired her..that's sweet. far as I think mukti was staying wid sakshi their maid I guess that's wat her name was then how come she met her father. Or is it something else may be she was adopted later? Can't wait to know.

Good that prem invited mukti. Seems like they like each others company.
I guess prem is already attracted towards her.

Cont soon can't wait to know the mystery behind the pendent.

The promo is a bit I was rite and mukti came to know that Dr. nitin is not her father. ….wonderful part like always.


Yay!  Such a long review from the wonderful Sana!!!  I absolutely loved reading it.  Angad already agreed to marry Mishty, so he doesn't want to break her heart and hurt his parents sentiments by changing his decision.  But he is having trouble with the thought because the never viewed Mishty that way.  About Sakshi...she was definitely the person who took Mukti away, but I haven't revealed where she took her.  Nitin Deshmukh is not her real father...but she believes that he is.  Shocking discoveries coming up!  Thanks for the wonderful review!

misscool Groupbie

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Posted: 03 June 2008 at 11:21am | IP Logged
Clap loved it Clap its super dooper Clap keep it up ur going good n dont say u wont gona writte more ok
best of luck Clap Clap Clap
Dark Love IF-Rockerz
Dark Love
Dark Love

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Posted: 03 June 2008 at 8:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SuhanaSafar

Chapter 4

"pichhle teen din mein aap mujhse paanch baar takra chuki hainDhyaan kahaan rehta hai aapka?" Mr.  Khanna,  your sexiness is intimidating!  Wink

Kripa lowered her eyes guiltily as she adjusted her dupatta.  "I'm sorry sir.  Main papers sambhaal rahi thi, aur…  Dobaara aisa nahin hoga."  She glanced up with innocent eyes. And checking you out :P

Itni bholi ladki se to naraaz rehna bhi namumkin hai, Angad thought to himself.  "Achcha theek haiAap zara un teen naye clients ki files nikaal kar meri table par rakh dijiye.  I'll be back in an hour." 

Kripa returned to her cubicle.  After pulling three folders from the filing cabinet and placing them on Angad's desk, she began to type up a memo.  By the time Angad returned from his meeting, it was five o'clock, the hour when Kripa's work day usually ended.

"Sir, agar aap ko mujhse koyi aur kaam na ho to main ghar jaa sakti hoon?" she asked as he passed her desk.  Nahinn :P

 "Sure," he replied.  "Cabinet ki chaabiyan mere paas chhod jaaiyeShaayad mujhe kisi file ki zaroorat pad jaaye." 

"Aap aaj bahut der tak office mein rahenge?"

Angad nodded.  "Kaafi kaam haiAath ya nau to baj hi jaayenge."   

"Lekin kal to aap ki sagaai haiAap ko us ke liye tayyari nahin karni?" Kripa asked with concern. lol miss apnay kaam say kaam rakho AngryLOL

Abruptly, Angad's expression transformed and he appeared troubled.  "Tayyaari ho jaayegi," he replied.  "See you on Monday, Miss Sharma."  He quickly walked to his office as if attempting to avoid any further conversation.   eek was  that in a slightly rude tone?

Back in his office, Angad rested his elbows on his desk and put his head in his hands.  Mishty tum se pyaar karti hai Angad, he told himself, aur tum uske saath bahut khush rahoge.  Then why didn't it feel right?  because you love someone else! well not yet LOL After a few moments of thought, Angad came to the conclusion that he was probably just fearful of the changes and commitment.  After a few months of married life with Kripa, he'd get over it.  Yes, that had to be it.   

Pushing aside his trepidation, Angad turned to the three files on his table.  It was a good thing he had requested Kripa's keys, as she had messed up yet again. lmao angad needs to start wearing a mask, and is he showing his abs or something? bechari kripaLOL She had left him the 'Mehta' file instead of the 'Mehra' file.  Well, she got two out of three right, Angad thought as he walked to the file cabinet.  Kal se to behtar hi hai


The streets of Andheri were packed with cars, autos and motorbikes.  Mukti swerved through the traffic on her brand new scooter, eager to reach home.  The signal ahead of her turned red and she slowed to a stop.  The blaring horns and shrill shouts were exacerbating her already throbbing headache.   ahh i could totally picture it. shrill shouts and blaring horns when one has a terrible headache is quite hellish :|

The last few days had been a blur.  Mukti couldn't remember ever being so stressed or overworked, even as an IIT Delhi student.  The work environment in her department at Infosys was extremely competitive and fast-paced.  Everyone was aiming to outdo everyone else and prove themselves the most intelligent and resourceful.  Although she was enjoying the thrill of competition, Mukti knew it would take a while before she could adjust to the exhausting effects.  Nerdyy job :PP LOL

When she reached home, Mukti immediately collapsed onto her bed.  Resting her head on one arm, she used the other to pull open her purse and take out her cell phone.  There was a missed call and message from her father.  She dialed the voicemail code and held the phone to her ear.

"Hi Mukti betaLagta hai tum abhi kaam se waapis nahin aayinKoyi khaas baat nahin hai.  Bas khairiyat poochne ke liye phone kiya thaAaj raat ko meri ek surgery scheduled hai to main dus baje tak ghar lautoongaAgar waqt mile to us ke baad call kar lena.  Take care of yourself.  Bye."

Mukti smiled to herself as she ended the call.  She was grateful that her father, Dr. Nitin Deshmukh, despite being a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon, always found time to ensure her well-being.  With his continued presence in her life, the absence of her mother had never disturbed her much.  Aww her dad's sweett!!

Her eyes fell on the calendar above her desk which unceremoniously reminded her that she had scheduled a gym workout for that evening.  Despite her body urging her otherwise, Mukti was able to convince herself to overcome her sluggishness.  Groaning as she rose from the bed, she packed her gym clothes and left her apartment.  Oh wow, I'd prolly just screw the workout and get some sleep! Very dedicated! :D

At the gym, she was pleased to find Prem using one of the elliptical trainers. pleased? oo la la   The past two days she had come there to work out in the mornings, and he had been there both times.  They had shared light conversation, and Mukti felt herself slowly warming up to him. finallyy!! lol  Prem Basu was a newly appointed associate at M.V. Kini & Co., one of Mumbai's most reputable law firms. loo. i thot he'd be something cool and flirty. LOL  He was an only child from a high middle-class Calcutta based family, but had completed his college education in Mumbai.  His time spent away from his parents had caused him to become more and more eager to make friends in order to prevent himself from becoming homesick.  aww that's cute!!

Upon noticing her, Prem smiled and waved.  Mukti returned the wave and chose an adjacent machine. 

"Kya baat hai Mukti?" he asked her as she started her elliptical trainer.  "Main yahaan subah aata hoon tab bhi tum yahin hoti ho, aur ab shyam ko aaya hoon tab bhi aa gayinLagta hai mujh mein tumhen kuch zyaada hi dilchaspi hai."  Dilchaspi to hai, even I agree. Wink

"Don't flatter yourself," she replied with a smile.  "Mere yahaan aane ka ek fixed schedule hai."  Which can't be changed cuz I have to meet you. Don't try to hide it from me Mukti. Madzz catches everything Cool

"Hmm…To phir shaayad mujhe hi tumhaari yaad kheench laati hai."  Shayad. Or Rabia's good mood? LOL

"Prem…" Mukti began in a cautionary tone, "yeh sab chhodoKoyi kaam ki baat karo."  She sounds like a gang leader. Bakwas band karo, kaam ki baat karo! ROFL

Prem sighed.  "Theek haiYeh bataao, tumne Angad Khanna ka naam suna hai?"  She tends to ignore Angad. :\

"Haan, kisi ameer industrialist ka beta haiKyoon?"

"Kyoon ke kal shaam ko uski birthday party hai, jahaan uski engagement bhi hone waali haiUske father humaari company ke puraane client hain, to mere boss ko invitation mila haiAur unhone mujhe chuna hai apne saath aane ke liyeMujhe ek guest ko laane ki permission mili hai to main chaahta hoon ke tum mere saath chalo."

"Main?" she questioned, taken aback.

"Main to wahaan kisi ko jaanta nahinAkele jaaoonga to bore ho jaaoongaTum chalogi to koyi baat karne ko to hoga." Woot!!

"Lekin tumhaare aur bhi to dost hain."  Mukti wasn't very fond of parties.

"Tum se baat karne mein zyaada maza aata haiNayi nayi dosti hai na."  Stopping his machine, Prem wiped his face with a towel.  "Chalo na Mukti.  Agar mazaa na bhi aaye, to free ki biryani to khaane ko milegi."

Mukti laughed.  "Theek hai.  Party kis waqt hai?"

"Saat bajeMain saade chhe baje tumhaare ghar pahunch jaaoonga."

"Sounds good."  Mukti gave Prem her address, and he left to return home.

 Yayy it's a date..with kabab-mein-haddis!

The next evening, Mukti was putting on a pair of pink and silver earrings to match with her new pale pink evening gown when the doorbell rang.  She opened the door to find Prem looking dashing in a suit.

"Der se aaye ho, but I must say, you clean up pretty well," Mukti commented.

"Yaar tumhen tareef karna bhi nahin aata," he replied.  "Yeh suno.  Miss Mukti Deshmukh, aap ki khoobsurati ka aaj koyi jawaab nahinAisa lagta hai ke chand ka saara noor aap mein sama gaya hai.  I will be ever so grateful if you would be my date for tonight."  Ufff! Kya line hai!!! Day Dreaming

"Ab chalo bhi."  Mukti felt her face turning hot as she playfully pushed him out the door.  "Hum late ho jaayenge." 

Half an hour later, they entered the well-lit and tastefully decorated function hall.  After Prem had introduced her to his boss, they both headed to the appetizer table.  As they stood there, sampling some of the delicacies, Prem pointed out to her the soon-to-be-engaged couple, Angad Khanna and Mishty Mittal.

Angad stood in the center of the hall sipping champagne with his friends.  Standing next to him, Mishty glowed with happiness as she kept glancing up at him.  As Angad turned to accept congratulations from a friend who had just joined them, Mukti finally had a clear view of him.

She had to admit that he was a very handsome man.  Dressed in a black tuxedo, his tall figure appeared dignified and confident.  His restrained smile and intense, dark eyes gave him a mysterious look.  He wore an expensive Rolex watch and a golden chain and pendant around his neck.  Hotness! I can totally picture him right nowww!

The pendant caught Mukti's attention as it seemed very familiar.  She took a few steps forward until its design came into focus.  It was a unique symbol.  Within a large circle was embedded a triangle, within that was a star, and within that a circular bright blue colored gem. 

Mukti clutched the identical pendant around her neck in shock.  How could this be possible?  :O suspense!!!!


and she ends the chapter at a cliffhanger. Way to go Rabia! Angry Continue Soon!!

I loved the part, but I wanna see more AK too Embarrassed Prem-Mukti are cute and I'm glad they're not lovey dovey yet cuz it's too soon. Wink Let's see when AK fall for each other. Before the marriage, or afterwards?

Promo 5

"Aap ne aaj tak mujh se yeh baat chhupaayi ke main aap ki beti nahin hoon?" Mukti yelled into the phone.  "Meri zindagi ki saari buniyaad ek jhoot par hai.  How could you do this to me, Papa?"

Dr Deshmukh's voice trembled on the other line.  "Mukti…tum…please samajhne ki koshish karo.  Mujhe tumhaari hifaazat ke liye tum se yeh sachchayi chhupaani padi."

Okay, this doesn't help the suspense. Never mind, I just remembered I already know all of it. Huahahaha! Evil Smile

nuts123 Goldie

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Posted: 04 June 2008 at 11:46am | IP Logged
hey rabia..
i've just caught up with ur ff... its reli good... and i love the fact that everything is happening rather quick and isn't dragging on 2 much LOL

angad is reli sweet 2wards kripa... hope mishti turns evil Dead so he dumps her 4 kripa LOL ... hmmm-- kripa's making more and more mistakes within a day!!... she's quite clumsy, but its sweet 2 c angad forgiving such mistakes and thinking everything positvely... i hope thr attraction starts soonEmbarrassed

prem and mukti haver bcome quite close within the parts..

plz continue soon nd pm me if u can
SuhanaSafar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 June 2008 at 12:35am | IP Logged

Originally posted by jdsean

Great part. I love the story so far. The promo is good now I can't wait to see what happens next. I like how Prem and Mukti are progressing.

Can't wait to see what happens with Mukti, and if she has any relationship with Angad.
Continue soon. Clap Smile

Thank you so much for reading!  Glad you're enjoying the PM track...More interesting stuff coming up!  Will continue within a couple days.

Originally posted by aRohAAnGeL

nice stuff girl!! awesome!! i like the wayyy its all spread out between 4..kripas funnie,..mesing up!! gr8 job!!


Hey Sammy, thanks for the lovely comments.  I'm enjoying writing about Kripa's character. Embarrassed 

Originally posted by monikaseth

awesome dear every word is mindblowing , mukti and prem sooo cute and kripa is sooo funny , i am waiting to read am ka kya relation hai , thank you for pm me Clap

Aww, so sweet of you to compliment.  Glad you like it.  AM's relationship wil start to take shape in the next two chapters.  Please continue reading!

Originally posted by Umam_Paracha_13

hey that was a great update plz continue soon!

Thanks hun!  Will do for sure.

Originally posted by deeya123

nice part

Thank you Deeya!

Bizzykizzy Senior Member

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Posted: 07 June 2008 at 9:05pm | IP Logged
omg sorry for commenting very late actually i had sum stff to do!!

OHHH THE part was awesummm and i was just picturng the whole party engagement thingy in my mind and the pendent was so cutely characterized!!! please continue soon i'm desprately waiting for the next part!!!

thanks for PMing mee!!


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