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*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 May 2008 at 9:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by soap-critic

Originally posted by jnawaz

here is what i think...this may be a bit off topic but i thought id say what i feel anyway...

for me its not about not being allowed to post your views on the current track of ks or you feelings about a character...my issue is that some members are just down right rude...i for one do not mind meera with jai...i actually like her...but i cannot post anything because in the past when i have i have been bashed for being a meera supporter...no one is saying that u cant state your opinion but when members do that by attackin the other member that isnt right...one of my last posts i compared bani to meera and basically how they were similar...i actually had a member post on the topic that i should get my head checked because something was wrong with me since i supported meera...

its fine that she doesnt like meera and she is a JB supporter all the way...good for her...but to bring my mental stability into questiong was totally uncalled for...i have seen that when someone posts a topic that is not the norm, lets say a JM fan or something that says meera is good (for whatever reason) people attack...that is the first thing they do...they dont just state their opinion they force it down others throats...some people feel that if you arent a JB fan then you arent anything...isnt that a bit much...

this is the reason i stopped coming to this forum...it has turned so negative and rude...it was never like this b4...b4 we could joke, have discussions and topics without hurting other members feelings...now i dont see that as much...i come to read the ff (because they are all great) and update my ff's...i have been to so many other forums on IF and none of them are as rude as KS is sometimes...i think some people take things to heart...and they forget that this is a show...i mean come on...if reading a ff makes your physically sick...dont you think u are a bit too involved...its not real life people...its reel life...

when you have a position that varies from the majority here in KS...it is not accepted...i have wanted to post so many topics in these past weeks since the 16yr leap...but i have to stop myself because i know that if i do...people will attack me...because i support meera...i like JM...people wont discuss my ideas...they will discuss ME...the person...jaz...and that is what sucks...


ps: have to put this...these are just my opinions and not intended to hurt anyones feelings... Big smile

Very well said jnawaz - there is no better way of saying it. It is because of all this that the IF Devi Team had to come up with all the rules. There are no boundaries. Also, everyone has a different boundary and members become rude, insulting, personal and verbally abusive. Added to all this is the sarcasm it some posts which had nothing to do with the topic or the serial but was aimed at another fellow member. It was clearly becoming a 'nightmare' for the Dev Team to moderate this forum.

There was a post by a member saying all those who liked Gurdeep had 'no class' for liking a fake Bani. Not only has one got to be a JB supporter (which I am) but one had to support only RK and PD and JB. Since Prachi decided to move on I have no probles accepting Gurdeep as Bani and think she and RK look good as the 'mature' JB.

And, therefore I think that the Dev Team were more or less pushed into a corner to make the rules. After all, someone had to draw the boundaries.

i want you guys to read the above before saying anything!!!!!

once again...  u guys were all off the topic!!!!! u see what i mean!! and then this is how the fights begin!!!!!!....

i said people bash me all u want!! but.... why take things personal?? i meant bash me on the topic that i made!!! not me personally!!!.......

see... this is why... i made this!! everyone went off of this topic and then they are thinking i am trying to be some prime minister???ConfusedConfusedConfused i told u guys to answer the questions.... not stereotype me!!!! now people are gonna put me down.......

u know this is why KS is the worst forum!!! we cant say anything without getting bashed!!......

all of u guys are all saying that "now we cant share our opinions"... u guys share ur opinions but wen others try to share theirs... u guys go and bash them!!! meera supporters cant even say a damn word becuz this forum is about JB!!!! if u cant talk about JB u cant say anything at all???

i am right or wrong????? cuz seriously someone correct me!!!!!!! becuz i asked a few questions... and this whole thing went haywire!! and its not my fault... but i proved my point that people cant say anything on this forum without getting bashed on!!!!

look at the other forums.... their stories are far more twisted than KS and they have people marrying 100 times to other people but not once.... not once are people bashing other people!!!!

why is it in this forum???? and i asked dont mention pachu or mamta and they were brought into it? hello people i made this post!! i didnt tell anyone i was gonna make this post!!... and look at what happen..... all of this!!!

people cant say what they want to say freely!!

right now

if i say...this

meera is damn good!! she's the one that can play it safe!!! she has the best life thier is!!! she killed 2 kids!!! she got what she wanted and she's living the life like a queen!!!!!!

now people are gonna come bash me saying oh ur a meera supporter and i am gonna get cursed at!! and dont say thats not true!!!! becuz it has happened a lot on this forum!!!!!!

this forum has gone way to far! you see why we have the rules!!!!!! there's a reason for it!!!.........

u guys are suppose to talk about the show!!! about the episode!!! bash the character.... bash them!! but.... and i really mean but..... dont get it all personal on them!!! get thier characters!!!!!.... not them as a person!!!

what does Pallavi have to do with Meera????? what?? meera is the character we hate meera!!! but why get into her personal life???

same with me i mentioned this post... and people took it off the topic and now people are cursing me out!!!

and dont think i am picking people!! becuz its everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1/2 of the people we lost becuz if their topics werent supporting JB.... u guys would literally criticize them!! and u guys are saying that we cant voice our opinions????? that makes so sense at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now what do u guys have to say???

mods u still cant post!!!... sorry!!!!!!! becuz this isnt ur guys fault!!!..... its mine becuz i brought it out yet u guys are getting thrashed with me!!!

i dont see the logic in that!!

Sheena_Row IF-Rockerz

Joined: 29 November 2006
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Posted: 16 May 2008 at 10:18pm | IP Logged
Hi All:

First of all, let me take this opportunity to say that 'My' post was not aimed to putting down any of the moderators. I like all of them. Pachu, Mamta, Guli, Sangs, my apologies, if I caused any heartache for you. It was not meant to hurt your feelings, and I went back and looked at my post. Every thing I said was said in general and not meant toward you in any way. I don't have any grouse against any of you in any way, I want to reiterate that. You guys are doing an exemplary job and I only had suggestions for complimenting the good work that you are all ready doing it.

Secondly, I would like to say, the only reason I replied was because 'My' personal feeling was about censoring sensible posts, not all posts.

There was a recent post of mine, which I felt on hindsight was slightly vulgar in it's content. I agreed with the moderator and did not contest when the content was edited.

As far as instigatory or sarcastic comments go, they are done in retaliation, I felt myself retaliating when certain uncalled for actions/posts were posted, and as an individual I knew that my remarks to a certain individual were sarcastic and inflammatory.

We are not perfect people, we do wrong things...being a mother of two, 'because I told you so' never worked with my kids, some people require reasoning, some people require shouting at, some people are just plain incorrigible and nothing works for them except for their own medicine or raising their warning levels.

People in general are all biased one way or the other. Whether they are for JW or Bani or Pronita or AD or Meera, Ekta, BT, ZT, the writers (especially) - Being a 'fan' of their fellow actor/actress/production house/mentor is not a crime. For myself, I have bashed all of them for their artistic talents and their roles, not as individuals.

As far as GK goes, Meera goes, Jai goes, AD goes, or even Pia goes, I do feel that members have a right to state what they like...and shouldn't be driven to shame by fellow members.

Jaz and Guli: I think you guys should be able express your like for Meera and Jai without being shamed into hiding it.

At the same time, if some one bashes your favorite actor/actress don't take it personally. I have seen the wars escalating because of pro/anti JW/AD groups. Now the same people who are telling people to chill are the ones who took this war to a completely different level, where the personal attacking started. 'Hypocrisy?'

Sure...Confused Confused Confused I know the same people who are asking for moderation here, are the people who let their members go amok elsewhere.

I just came out of a business seminar.

The CEO of Jet Airways was talking about 'Confusion', 'Chaos' and 'competition'...it's how you cope with all of them. You can be reactive or you can be pro-active. By shutting down opinions, we are being reactive not by pro-active.

The moderators are not paid individuals, they are good people, who have been our friends and fellow readers. We applaud them for being there, they have been here for a while and I for one have a lot of admiration, because they don't have an easy job. It requires a discerning eye and a keen sense of perception when something does turn into trouble.

Common sense in moderation is good. But unreasonable boundaries are not necessary. Some people are recommending that rules should be arbitrary...I guess that works well in China or Cuba...Not in democracies...not in India, Canada, UK or US. Trigger happy moderation is bad but not reacting to this thread where people are criticizing an individual is worse.

I genuinely feel sorry for posting my opinion on the thread, because some members were unreasonably rude to Guli... Cry

I just want to let every one know, it's not OK to be rude to Guli...

Edited by Sheena_Row - 16 May 2008 at 10:26pm
InduD Goldie

Joined: 18 June 2006
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Posted: 16 May 2008 at 10:39pm | IP Logged
I want to reemphasize on the points made by Shoba di. I was not blaming mods or you. Mods are doing their job to their best however, I am not agreeable to all the rules and restrictions placed in the forum.

The attack on you was uncalled for and that might have been because of the tone of your post. But still, the attack is uncalled for. You guys have every right to express your love for Meera. That is precisely what I have been telling that each and everyone should be able to express their thoughts freely. If ppl go overboard, then the rules can come, otherwise let each person be responsible for their own posts.

Frankly, not only ppl who support Meera or JM were bashed, members who were not able to accept gurdeep were also bashed and that is what I thought I brought up in my post. But if it had to be misunderstood and be considered as being off-topic, then I am sorry I even brought it up.

If only the anguish of ppl who cant seem to express their love for Meera and JM are to be heard, why the request to state ur problems was extended to everyone. Confused I am very sorry that I even expressed my views about the rules of the forum.Again I want to repeat, mods are doing a great job.

Edited by Je_aime - 16 May 2008 at 10:45pm
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 March 2005
Posts: 29461

Posted: 16 May 2008 at 10:43pm | IP Logged

this what it is

people want to voice their opinions.... but they cant

cuz they keep getting bashed for no reason!!!

i even like gurdeep and ram together!!!

but now watch i will get bashed for saying that!!
InduD Goldie

Joined: 18 June 2006
Posts: 2401

Posted: 16 May 2008 at 11:06pm | IP Logged
You are already in the opinion that KS forum is the worst. So you are emphasizing on the fact again and again. But dont tell me that ppl are gonna bash you for saying your like GK and RK together.

Recently, there are quite a number of ppl who like gurdeep and think she is even better than Prachi (in Discuss Gurdeep thread) and there are ppl who like Gurdeep and RK together and have actually expressed that view without being bashed. Probably there was initial friction but for the past few days, there was no bashing. If saying that I still cant accept gurdeep and i dont see any spark between GK and RK is bashing, then yes, KS is the worst forum.

*saakshi_fan* IF-Dazzler

Joined: 15 August 2007
Posts: 3085

Posted: 16 May 2008 at 11:12pm | IP Logged

hey guli, and everyone else

i mite not be active on this forum....but im always around the fanfics commenting....and sometimes go into some topics and read ppls opinions

guli, i totally understand wut ur saying....

in simple words ppl guli is trying to say that we shouldn't be being mean to ppl who like JM as a couple........its there opinions...if they like JM who cares.....its a public forum...they can voice there opinion..

if they like JM.....so be it......if sum ppl say that wow....meera's great....they mite have there own reasons....

they mite call her great cause of her acting, or that she killed two kids, and got married to the father, and had a kid with the father, and the father doesn't even noe that shes the killer of his two children........she living a lavish lifestyle.......

she lived it for about 16 years.....shes pretty lucky

i dun wanna curse anyone or anything...but....it just that i understand wut guli was saying

and this thread itself proves it...

ppl started critisizng against Guli...whereas she wasn't even talking bout herselfConfused

Bhaskar.T IF-Sizzlerz

Retro Podcast Team
Joined: 05 January 2005
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Posted: 16 May 2008 at 11:34pm | IP Logged
Hi Everyone,

I went through all the posts here and thanks to many I found a very matured reasoning by most. Yes some of you went on to personally attack the DT member too but just a message for them. Do check your tone too when you made the post. Don't you think its always better to first check ourselves and our path then go for pointing fingers!!!! Sorry to say but in future such a behaviour would not be entertained.

Now coming to all the points raised here by you all. I'll clear out all the issues one by one so that no more confusion remains.

1. Some of you took up the issue of closing a thread with a message clearing out why its being done. I agree that should be done. And usually followed too by all the Dev Team members. But at times threads are such that anyone reading it would know clearly why it was closed. Still we agree and will see to it that the same is followed.

2. Liking Gurpreet or not. Did the DT member say you cannot post anything negative? But while posting the criticism some of you use indulge into using swear words or even curses. That is something which is being asked by Guli to avoid. Criticism is a part of any serial forum and never do we ask to stop that. But don't cross the line of decency while criticising.

Everyone has their right to say about their preferences. No one is asking you not to. But while doing so when you are criticising the other be careful in what you are expressing. You like Gurpreet or don't you are free to express but within IF CoC.

3. Coming to the issue of Ram Kapoor's weight. Let me make something VERY clear. Making negative remarks against anyone physical attributes is strictly against rules. So remember be it a character or actor, sorry but this is something the Dev Team will NOT allow in any way.

As many of you mentioned it is an open forum TRUE. But when it comes to India Forums and its rules it is not the same as any other forum. We cater to members from the age of 13 to 70+. So the Dev Team here try to see that the family friendly atmosphere can be maintained. For that we need to make sure of the type of posts being made by members. The final call is with the Dev Team of that section. Many a times a thread can be closed keeping in view a potential trouble. You all may cry foul for such a closure but sorry to say this is done in every section mainly to see things run smoothly. Such a decision at times is taken by the Dev Team keeping in view the state of the section. It can't be helped!!!!!

Last. And yes do go through this post. It clearly give out the guidelines that you all need to follow. Again we would tell you all the same. Do follow them and see we are not forced into taking actions against any of you.


Now that everyone has put forth their views and we have replied to them and cleared out all your quieries, this topic is being closed Smile

IF Dev Team

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