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FF - SuKk ki class! Updated pg 24/25 (Page 9)

Jungli Billi IF-Sizzlerz
Jungli Billi
Jungli Billi

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Posted: 17 May 2008 at 3:02am | IP Logged
LOL LOL Reshuuuu ki entry... LOL

nice piece reshu!

gud gud everyone's getting the drift slowly slowly.. Smile

verni IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 May 2008 at 4:06am | IP Logged
Okk ab koi aur likh raha hai ya main likhun???? LOL

@ reshu : nice one bachcha... Wink Clap Clap yaar ladne mein jo mazaa hai wo aur kahannnn???? LOL LOL LOL

@ henna : haan ab speed to achchi hogi hi... aur usi speed se teri aur ehem ehem ki love story bhi likhungii LOL

okk main baad mein likhungi.... pehle nids aa jaaye... xams khatam karke aur wo likh le... aakhir maine uska naam jo bhula diya tha.. to uska haq banta hai mujhpe gussa karne kaa.... aaja nidsoo LOL
-Silencia- IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 17 May 2008 at 7:14am | IP Logged
@verni - verni ki bachhii... tune mujhe mera hi naam bhula diya Angry LOL...

vaise kya baat hai.. evry1 writing at super speeds Big smile...

chalo ab meri baari.. guys i'm now going to pick up the story from where reshu left Wink. so plz dont continue in between Embarrassed..
-Silencia- IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 17 May 2008 at 8:12am | IP Logged
Anku, Nids, Henna Donny, Verni, Reshu, Saara, Shilpa, Sumit and Kumkum, all head towards the canteen. Since theirs is a huge group, they need to occupy two tables and join them together. But there is no vacant table in the canteen, so all the girls send Donny to make people get up and vacate seats for them. As usual, Donny is successful in this bhaigiri type ka kaam as he's used to doing all such stuff. Then Donny and Sumit, both join the tables so that everyone can sit and eat together. There are 4 benches, two on opposite side of each table, each bench accommodating 3 people.

Henna sits on a bench with Shilpa on the inner side and Nids on the outer side. But before Nids could sit there, Donny squeezes himself on the bench and sits there with Henna. Donny makes a cute face and apologises.

Donny – shorry Mids Didi…

Though Nids is amused, but she pretends to be angry with him. She turns her face and goes towards the bench where Sumit is about to sit. Before anyone else could interrupt her, she goes on to sit with him. On the other side, Kumkum sits on that bench. Anku and Saara share the same bench, while as Reshu and Verni sit together.

Sumit (whispers to Nids) : Tum yahan aake kyun baith gayi…

Nids (whispers back) : meri marzi main kahin bhi baithun.. aur haan tum pe ye yellow color bilkul suit nahi kar raha…

Sumit : mujhe toh lagaa tha achha lag raha hai…

Nids : bilkul bhi achha nahi lag raha…

Reshu : ye kya khusar fusar kar rahe ho tum dono…

Nids : tujh se matlab…

Reshu : achha theek hai… main nahi poochhti tujh se kuch bhi.. vaise bhi tu ab tak bhool gayi hogi ki kya bol rahi thi Sumit ko… apna naam bhi toh bhool gayi thi naa tu..

Everyone laughs.

Nids : oh hello… voh ek baar galti se.. mera dhyan kahin aur tha issliye..

Henna : issliye bolti hoon Nidoo jeej pe itna dhyan matt lagaya kar.. vaise bhi voh abhi shooting mein busy honge..

Donny : bilkul Henna ki tarah…

Henna raises her eyebrows at Donny.

Henna : meri tarah??

Donny : haan.. tum bhi toh shooting kar rahi ho… you are shooting with your eyes… aisi goliyaan jo seedha mere dil pe lag rahi hain…

Meanwhile Saara has found another bakra for her mischievous acts, and this time Anku is her partner in the act.

There is a girl sitting nearby, talking on the phone.

Girl : I know baby… even I wanna come for the movie… but kya karun.. college hai naa… and these tests.. ufffffff….

Saara and Anku begin imitating her. They both hold their cell phones close to their ears and start speaking loudly.

Saara : I knowww… these goddamnn tests.. ufffff…

Anku : yeah baby… I cant even relax… bas I sleep for 10-12 hrs a day during the tests…

Saara : see no sleep at all… aur uske baad I go to gym for 5-6 hrs…

Anku : gym se I get refreshed naa… but after returning from gym I start studying…

Saara : yup… and I study contiiiiiiinuously… I don't get up before full 20 minutes pass….

Everyone has a good laugh over their act, while the turns and looks at them angrily. She snaps her phone shut, comes over there and talks to them.

Girl : oye.. what are you doing??

Shilpa : ermm.. I guess they were imitating you Shabu…

The girl is another member of the gang, Shabu. She is the laziest person of all and hates to work, but loves boasting and using her favourite clauses like "ufff" and many more, which can be seen from the conversation below.

Shabu : "shut up everyone".. why are you all laughing…

Verni : bachha kyunki hum logon ko hassi aa rahi hai.. issliye we all are laughing…

Shabu : you all naa.. wait till I get my AK 47…

Reshu : and from where will you get it??

Shabu : my bro will give it to me.. hai naa Donny Bro??

Donny : Shabu didi.. your act made my Henna laugh… shorry didi but I wont give u my AK 47…

Shabu gets angrier.

Shabu : "getlost" bro..

Henna : Don't get upset shona… u knw naa thy all r joking…

Nids : haan haan lazy bum… just chill.. vaise itni laziness theek nahi hai… you missed the first class of today..

Kumkum : haan … you should have seen our cool dude, Sumit, flirting with the teacher..

Sumit : I didn't flirt with her.. she flirted with me.. aur vaise Shabu relax.. baith jaa… and have something..

No matter how much angry Shabu is, she can never say NO to Sumit. So she immediately calms down and sits besides Reshu and Verni.

Sumit : okk.. toh chalo ab kuch order karein…

Now someone else plz continue Embarrassed....

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*Resham* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 May 2008 at 8:45am | IP Logged
Shabu ki entry LOL LOL ...as usual Nids picked up so well on Shabu LOL ...

Kaash woh hoti yeh padhne mein LOL ...

Waise good write up nids... Clap
Shilpa07 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 May 2008 at 8:49am | IP Logged
Thnks 4 appreciating everyone Tongue Tongue Embarrassed

@reshu : Kya entry hai tumhari LOL .. loved urs yaar Tongue
@ Nidz wow yaar amazing Tongue Big smile.. waise mera sirf ek hi dialog? LOL LOL

@ hennu: yaar bench par jagah miley n miley... par humare dil mein toh bahut jagah haina Wink LOL Embarrassed

now can i continue plz? Embarrassed
Jungli Billi IF-Sizzlerz
Jungli Billi
Jungli Billi

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Posted: 17 May 2008 at 9:11am | IP Logged
hahahah LOL LOL LOLlazy bumbbb LOL

mast write up nidz.. LOL

gangs so big already ki can occupy the whole canteen LOL n uff plz sumone separate donny from me na Ouch Ouch

sab chance maaring with Su in turnsLOL LOL

n shilpa.. yaar don't ask na.. demand to write! Tongue LOL nahi toh aise it makes others uncertain if u will write ya nahi... Embarrassed
Shilpa07 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 May 2008 at 9:25am | IP Logged

Su: toh batao girls... tum sab kya order karna pasand karoge?Big smile

kk: umm..sumit main bas ek cup cold coffee and ek sandwich lungiEmbarrassed

Hennu: umm....mere liye.........

**just when henna was abt to order donny interrupts**

Donny: Hennu kya main tumhare liye order doon?Embarrassed

Henna (rolling her eyes): huh?... main khudh apna order de sakti hoon ok?Cool

Donny: i knw dear..par samjha karo na... i care for uBlushing

Henna: nahin... lemme order...

(to sumit) umm mere liye wiskhey...LOL...oops i mean main soft drink aur pastry lungiEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Donny: mera bhi wohi order hai jo meri hennu ka haiEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Hennu: uff...main toh tang aa gayi hoon is ladke seAngryAngry

Sumit: ek min ek min.... chalo aaj tum sab ke liye main order karta hoon... a cup of coffee and sandwich... ok?

Everyone agrees except shilpa

Shilpa: umm....sumit muje kuch nahi chahiyeEmbarrassed

Su: kyun shilps?....dieting kar rahi ho kya?LOLLOL.. yeh zaroor koi memory badane ya concentration badane ke liye hoga studies par?LOLWink

Shilpa: areh nahin su...Blushing.... koi dieting shieting nahin... bas aise hi man nahi kar raha

Reshu: shilu... aisa nahin kehte yaar...chalo hum sab ke liye toh kam se kam kuch khaaloBig smile

Nidz: haan dekho shilps thoda khaalene se tum weight gain nahi karogiLOLLOLEmbarrassed

Shilps: aisi baat nahin hai nids,reshu... bas man nahi kar raha...

Su: dekho ab bahut hogaya..shilps...jab maine keh diya ki tum khaogi toh bas khaogi..ok?

Shilpa :(obviously as she cant say no to him so agreesEmbarrassed): ok sumit as u sayTongueBlushing

Order is placed...and everyone is having coffee and snacks and having fun.

kk: ab bahut der hogayi..chalo ghar chalte hain...

Su: oh come on kk..abhi toh shaam hui hai... itni bhi kya jaldi hai?

Shilpa: areh shaam hogayi?...muje jaana hoga ab...

Su:(gets lil bit angry tht shez leaving): ab tum bhi shilps?

Shilpa: woh actually sumit....aaj ma'am ne jo assignment diya woh poora karna hai...and maine theek se dhyaan nahi diya aaj class mein so will go thru the books againEmbarrassed

Henna: oh shilps....yaar bas bhi karo..... kar lenge na... kyun tension leti hai?

Nids: waise dhyaan toh maine bhi nahi diya tha..khair haan assignmnt kar lenge ghar chal kar....tu fikar mat kar shilpsisEmbarrassedTongue

Su: acha theek hai shilps...tumhe jaana hai toh theek hai... main force nahi karunga... chalo tumhe drop kardeta hoon...

**Tells everyone tht he'll be right back after fropping shilpa

then su is driving his car n shilpa is sitting with him in front seatWinkBlushing**

Su: (breaking the silence): hmm...toh shilps ek baat batao tum kuch karti ho kya?..

*Shilpa gives a confusd look*

Su: no...i mean tum padai ke alawa bhi kuch karti ho kya?LOLEmbarrassed

Shilpa: oh.. haan bilkul... main...umm....drawing,painting and cooking bhi karti hoon free time meinEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Su: oh acha...toh kab khilaogi muje apne haat ka bana hua khaana?Wink

Shilpa: (blushing)..tum jab chaho sumit... BlushingBlushing

su: wow great...Big smile..so toh abhi ghar jakar u'll do ur assignment na?

Shilpa: haan sumit,.. assignment khatam hojaye fir kuch padne ki sochungi.

Su: theek hai shilps loh tumhara ghar aa gaya....

Shilpa(not realising  tht so soon her home came as she was lost in sumit's thoughtsLOLLOLEmbarrassed until he told her): oh ya... thanks sumit for dropping meEmbarrassed

Su: come'on shilps...no need of formalities yaar... chalo u take care and gudnight...aur haan would you mind if i ring you up incase i hv doubts about assignment?Embarrassed

Shilpa: ofcourse yes... yeh bhi koi mind karne waali baat hai?Embarrassed ok then bye take care goodnight

*shilpa goes and sumit turns his car n goes back to his frnds*

Su: hey guys im back

kk: acha hua tum agaye..dekho yeh sab fir se ladne lag gayiLOLLOLLOL

Su: kya?..fir se?..tum log bhi na....LOLLOL.. ab kis baat par ladai ho rahi hai?

Verni: kuch nahi as usual bina kisi baat ke hii lad rahe theLOL

kk: ok friends ab sachi bahut der hogayi hai... ab hume chalna chahiye.. chale verni?...

Donny: henna chalo i'll drop u and mids didiEmbarrassed

Henna: oh pls... i can go my self... *but then thinks its too late so agrees to go with donnyLOLEmbarrassed*

Everyone leaves........

Thats it frm my side...P.S. I knw ki i hv included more of myselfLOLLOL but kya karun didnt wanted to miss any chance of line maro-ing on suEmbarrassed

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