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Hey guys. I'm back with another fic. I know I haven't continued my other fic, but I had the idea of this fic and I just had to write it so here you go..its an a-r fic.i'm not giving any intro..will directly write the first part. and here's a hint for the first part.i'll continue if I get atlest three comments. I know it's hard to comment since I haven't even given the intro, but still.


"Rahul, jaldi aao na.bohot wait karva liya.plz aa jao." Sighed riddhima.


Comment and I'll write the first part. Hehe .






She was sitting by the window sill, book in hand.but she wasn't reading.she was lost in her thoughts.thoughts of the past, of the future and thoughts of him.


"Rahul, jaldi aao na.bohot wait karva liya.plz aa jao." Sighed riddhima.


"Are you having an affair with my best friend behind my back?"


"not that rahul.this one." And she showed him the book she was reading.


"DRAVID". he groaned. "riddhima please yaar, this is the thousandth time you are reading this book"


" so?"


"I think you have a slight obsession  with him"


" I am not"


" I can prove it"


" go ahead"


"you'll have to answer my questions"




"what is Rahul Dravid's full name?"


"Padma shri Rahul Sharad Dravid."


"Date of birth?"


"11th January 1973."




"Dr. Vijeeta Rahul Dravid"




"Samit Rahul Dravid"


"His date of birth?"


"11th October 2005"


"who wrote the book you are reading."


"Vedam jaishankar wrote Rahul's biography"


"When did Rahul get married?"


"May 2003"


'Where does he live?"


"Indiranagar, bengaluru"


"Gosh. How I can you like the thingu ( short statured)?'


"For your kind information, he is a six footer"


"Is not"


"Its written in the last para on page 26 of this book. The exact line is when rahul shot up to be a six footer in his late teens."


"and I have proved my point."


"I am not obsessed."


"You so are"


She glared at him. If looks could kill, ridz would be in jail for murdering her husband.


"Look, I am not against your being  his fan. But calling my princess, Rahul is too much."


"It'll be a boy."


"I want a daughter", saying this he stroked her tummy.


She removed his hand and glared at him. He didn't say anything. He knew her temper and in the ninth month of pregnancy, it would be suicidal to make her angry.


"Ok biwi, I'll be happy even it's a boy. As long as it's mine and you don't call him Rahul. one rahul is enough already, I won't be able to handle another. "

"Armaan. We'll have a healthy baby na? Will I be able to see her?"


"You will be able to see her." He lied knowing that it was a complicated pregnancy,. Chances of their both surviving were less or atleast the baby might be handicapped.but he couldn't say it loud. He believed in god. Believed in the power of love and he knew everything would be fine.


"Everything would be fine "           ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;           ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;           ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;           ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;           ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;           ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;           ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;           ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;          





"Armaan, I know what the Dr. Keerti told you."


He was shocked, but didn't say anything as talking about it brought back bad memories. 


"I'm sorry."


"It's not your fault. Baby, it's not your fault. You don't have to say sorry."

Unwillingly, his mind swept him back to that unfateful day, nine months ago.




Riddhima had been unwell since the past few days. She used to vomit a lot. She thought that it might be due to exhaustion, so that day she had taken a leave from sanjeevani. But in the evening when she was doing the household work, she felt as if the room had started spinning. Being a doctor, she knew it wasn't a good thing to happen. So she went to a clinic nearby. She didn't go to Sanjeevani, as she knew her husband would worry unnecessarily. At the doctor's she got to know the reason for her vomiting was not some disease but morning sickness. It meant that she was pregnant. It was time for her husband to return fro the hospital. Since she knew how much he loved surprises, she decided to hurry back home and decorate their home romantically so that she could give him the good news.

He would be ecstatic she thought. She knew he loved kids. And as a birthday gift, he wanted to be a father within a year. And he had made sure that enough opportunities arrived so that they could make a baby. She blushed thinking of the days and nights they had spent at their family vacation home in the outskirts of Mumbai, trying to make armaan's birthday wish come true.

She got in the car, her home was only 15 minutes away. And she wanted to get back as soon as possible. She knew she was driving recklessly, "but what the hell" ,she thought, " I can act responsibly after I become a mother".Armaan called from the hospital to check on her, she couldn't tell him where she had been so she picked up the phone.

" hi baby, kya kar rahi ho? Where are you , there's a lot of disturbance in the background."


" I .. um .. came to do do some shopping. I'll be reaching home in five minutes"she lied. She was feeling so guilty for having lied to him, that she didn't notice the Scorpio coming towards her.


" oh. Don't talk while driving"




" hello? Riddhima? what happened? Hello? Hello?


Never in his life had Armaan been so scared. he was praying to god hat she was fine. he immediately left Sanjeevani. on the way he saw that an  accident had taken place. It can't be her. She said she had gone to the market and the market is not this way.he got down to see who the person was, and was shocked to see his wife, unconscious in the car. Her head had hit the steering and she was bleeding… a lot. he took her to sanjeevani, where tests revelaed she was pregnant. "this would have been the happiest moment of our life, he thought, only if this accident had not taken place."


Dr. keerti told him that Riddhima was out of danger, but her pregnancy might be very complicated. He thought of getting the abortion done, but that too wasn't possible as Riddhima had a risk of dying. His baby was something you couldn't keep and something you couldn't get rid of. The first few months were very traumatic for Armaan and Riddhima. She had sudden severe pains, which weren't normal. And armaan couldn't be happy when his wife suffered. He couldn't tell her the truth as he knew; she wouldn't be able to bear it.


For days he didn't leave her side, she would find his behaviour very weird. He had been told that her temper would be very fierce. She would do things, which she never did. Her body didn't know how to cope with the accident and the baby together.


But she was also a doctor; she consulted a gyanecologist one day after Armaan had resumed work at the hospital. The doctor told her the complications in her pregnancy. Riddhima didn't tell Armaan this. Earlier when he used to sit and stare into space, she used to find it weird, but after finding the truth she understood.






With ninth months having past since the accident, and ten days left for her delivery date, she decided to tell him the truth. To tell him that she knew. So she apologised. He hugged her tight. And after nine months they cried. Cried for the baby, and for each other.




It took a long while for them to stop crying. For months both of them had bottled their emotions, their tears. And when they had let the tears flow, stopping them wasn't easy. Not at all.


Armaan stopped crying first. He looked at his wife. Her eyes red and puffy. She was sobbing his arms. Silent but strong sobs. Her entire body was shaking. Slowly she stopped crying. And she looked up to find Armaan staring at her. He was admiring her beauty.  She looked beautiful even when she was crying. But it didn't mean that he wanted her to cry or that he liked to see her crying. He hated it when those big pearly drops fell from her what he called ' super-expressive' eyes. She had a glow on her face. Pregnancy had some advantages. It what your wife looked irresistible. It was such a shame that he couldn't –


"armaan. Why are you staring at me?"


" you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen"


Even after three years of marriage and nine years of courtship, a compliment from Armaan made Riddhima blush.


" thanks" she giggled and for a second she forgot all her problems. It was just Armaan and his Riddhima.


" ab jaldi se meri biwi mujhe ek lambi si pyaari si kiss degi"

"later". He looked unhappy as he was in the mood for some romance as nothing more than that was possible.

"Armaan, mujhe ek baat  promise karo"

 "pehle bolo kya baat hai."

 "Tum mere baad doosri shaadi karoge."

 Hearing this Armaan looked at her as if she had gone insane.the look on his face clearly stated that he wasn't going to promise any such thing.

 "Armaan, plz apne liye na sahi, atleast humare bache ke liye."

 At this his face softened. He realized how hard it must be for her. He didn't argue with her, but he wasn't going to promise anything also. Even Riddhima knew this, so she dropped this matter for the time being.

 " ek kaam aur karna hoga tumhe"

 " nahi"

 " arre pehle sun toh lo"

 " bolo"

 " yeh diary hai meri. I want our baby to know me. So jab voh badi ho jaye, give it to her. It has all the stuff which I want her to know about me, about us."

 He took the diary from her hand and opened it. It was empty.he looked at her questioningly.

 " khaali hai. I'll start filling it aaj se"

 " I told you not to watch kuch kuch hota hai last night."

 " shut up. It's an excellent idea". He knew arguing with her was pointless. So he agreed with her 'inspired' idea.


" but ismein likhogi kya?"

"nothing much"

Armaan knew by now that her " nothing much" meant " a lot of stuff which I am not going to tell you so don't bother asking".

"aur kuch?" She shaked her head to say no.

" Fine. So where was I?" saying this he bent to gently kiss his wife. His Riddhima,  Mrs Riddhima Armaan Malik . It had been difficult to woo her. But she was worth the chase.




Hi baby,


I am Riddhima Armaan Malik. Your mom. I know that I could have just written Riddhima, but Armaan Malik is the person why you are in this world. And When I write my entire name, i.e. when I write you dad's name with mine, I feel complete. Every girl has certain dreams regarding the person she wants to spend her life with. Even I had several dreams. Your dad fulfilled each and every dream. Together we saw a dream, the dream of you. Maybe now you won't be able to realize what I am trying to say, but that's the reason why I wrote this diary. I want to introduce you to your mother, to me.


I don't remember much about the first few years of my childhood. I was born to Dr. Shashank Gupta and Dr.Padma Gupta on 9th January 1980.

From what my parents tell me, I was a simple girl I was naughty but never destructive or disobedient. But I was never afraid of anyone. I could hit a guy if he asked for it, but I never picked fights deliberately.


I joined Amity ( a/n this is my school's name. It didn't exist so many years ago. ) at the age of three years in 1983. I studied in the delhi branch till the first semester of class fourth. In the summer vacations, I shifted to the bombay branch  (there isn't any branch of amity in Bombay but who cares). Dad had joined the sanjeevani hospital there as a senior doctor. Mom had joined too. i wasn't upset to leave my friends or my city. The Bombay school was bigger, and I was happy to go to a bigger school.


2nd August 1988, Monday. It was my first day at my new school. it was pretty uneventful. I didn't talk to any one more than exchanging of a few hi's and hello's .My class teacher taught us English. It was difficult adjusting in the new class, but she was really nice and by the third period, I loved my new school. The entire day passed very smoothly, except once. During our games period, we had gone to the field. As I didn't now anyone that well, I sat on the bench and watched everybody play. Suddenly a basketball came and landed near my feet. After it came running, a boy. I just glanced at him once. He wasn't bad looking, but I didn't know if he was good looking either as I felt very uncomfortable in his presence and didn't really check him out, as they say nowadays. While picking up the ball, his finger brushed my leg and a shiver ran down my spine. He stood up and put his hand forward.


" hi. I'm Armaan malik."


"Riddhima gupta." I said shaking his hand. His friends called him. He winked at me and said his friends were calling him so he had to go. I just nodded. It was my first meeting with your dad.





After that games period I didn't see him again. Atleast for a year and a half. You must be thinking why I didn't see him? During our times, boys and girls at the age of 8 and 9 were thought of as enemies. Any signs of friendships between the opposition parties were frowned upon. I was a new student and I really wanted to make some friends, so I didn't mention to anyone about that incident again. Atleast not till I went to Class 6th. No, I didn't tell anyone about that incident to anyone even then. But I didn't have to. Armaan Malik was in my class. He was sitting right behind me .I knew he didn't sit behind me purposefully as the seats had been allocated by the class teacher. As I went to sit at my seat, I smiled at him. He looked at me, puzzled. He didn't remember our first meeting. I wasn't affected much, since I was in middle school, had a lot to study and didn't have time for boys.


After the first six months, the animosity between the boys and girls decreased. Yes it meant that your dad had become friends. But I didn't have a crush on him and neither did he.


We were classmates. We exchanged homework, played together and even sat together in class at times. But love had no plans of blooming so soon.

Three years, 6th, 7th and 8th, we were in the same class. But nothing happened in the romantic front. By the end of class 8th he had a girlfriend, and I was the first person he told .I was happy for him. But I felt jealous and I didn't know why.


Class 9th and 10th saw us in different sections. We stopped talking to each other. He changed girlfriends every two months. I'd see girls crying in the loo and I decided that I hated him and would never talk to him ever again, even if he pleaded to me.


But destiny had other plans. Once again we were thrown in the same section in class 11th. We both wanted to be doctors. And the school had only one section of biology.


His girlfriend was also in the same class. They had been going around since four months. But in June, they broke up. I was unaffected. Then he started hanging around with my best friend. They would sit together. So I had to talk to him when I went to talk to my best friend. Gradually I realized that he hadn't changed a bit. He was the same classmate he had been five years ago.


We became friends. Then best friends. We sat together, played together, ate together. We were inseparable except when one of us had to go to the loo. People started spreading a lot of rumours, but I didn't care. He was my friend and I liked his company. But you know what, by the end of first semester of class 12th, love had bloomed. Equally on both sides.

But nobody said anything. Till I let it slip to my best friend that I liked him. She immediately called him up. He told her that he felt the same. And after that she called me up. In school we behaved normally. As if nothing had happened. For a week we didn't show anything. But then I had a fight with my friend and I hugged him and cried. He realized what I felt for him. Still he just consoled me, we didn't discuss feelings. In class once, our sir told us not to look in each other's eyes but to look at the board. We felt embarrassed and couldn't talk that day.


In the evening he messaged me that he was going to watch a movie with a female friend. I told him not to go. He asked why. I said nothing. He went for the movie. At night he messaged that he loved the movie and that the girl was looking hot. I told him that id didn't like it when he spoke about other girls. He asked why. This time I answered properly. I said I felt jealous.


The next day the entire class abandoned the two of in the class. I had brought my phone to school that day. I was feeling nervous, so I was pacing around in the class. I had been told not to leave the class so I didn't leave. Suddenly my phone beeped. He had messaged. He wanted me to sit beside him. I did as I was told. I was shaking with fear. He messaged again, " please smile". I thought he was crazy, why should I smile without a reason? I didn't smile. Another message. " If I ask you out in the next 10 seconds, then will you smile?" And another message " I love you". My heart was beating at ten times its normal speed. After what seemed like an hour, I replied. " itna time kyyun laga diya?. I love you too". After reading my message, he smiled. A lot. I ran out of the class, into the loo. I was happy. But not once did I smile that day. Not even when he walked me to my bus and said I love you before I boarded the bus. No, I didn't smile. But I was happy. Very very happy








The day your parents confessed their feelings for each other was the 16th of November 1997. The first four months of our relationship have been by far, the best days of my life. This doesn't mean that he didn't treat me well later. He is the best husband in the world. But those were our last months in school and we made most of the time we had.


Going back to that day, as soon as I boarded the bus, my phone beeped. (guys the mobile wasn't even introduced in 1997 in India, but do you care about such facts? If you do then I'll have to remind you that all this is fictional.. so sab chalta hai.) I checked my phone. I had received a message and guess from whom? Your dad messaged " I'm missing you" only after a minute of what he called " extremely painful separation" . I couldn't help smile. He was so romantic. And I felt so lucky. What followed was a series of mushy messages. We kept on messaging till late at night. It was a Friday so we weren't going to meet till Monday. The two days of holidays helped me realize that I had a boyfriend. And I loved him.


The first thing he said to me when I entered the class on Monday was that he'd missed me a lot. It is made me blush. And still does. He troubled me a lot the entire day. He knew I felt shy and he took advantage of the situation. Our entire batch knew about us and they all were really happy for us. I remember, during a substitution class, the teacher had gone to the staff room. Armaan was sitting beside me. As soon as the teacher left the room, he pulled his chair close to mine. I moved away. He pulled me closer. This continued for a few minutes till I gave up and let him sit close to me. Then he took my hand in his, I literally stopped breathing. He asked me to look at him but I didn't. he kept staring at me. I feel really weird when he stares at me. He doesn't even blink. Finally I looked at him and asked " what?". He, being the sort of person he is answered " nothing". You can't say nothing when you are staring at someone. It's so bloody infuriating. I was constantly looking at my lap. A strand of hair fell on my face, he pushed it behind my ear. It was difficult for him initially. But he has perfected this ' art' over the years. Once after marriage he even tried tying my hair, my hair had never looked so messier. He said I looked sexy with messy hair. I told him that it was a bad excuse to not be able to tie your wife's hair. Sorry I strayed from the topic. The entire day in school he didn't let go of my hand. Not even when I pleaded him to let go of it. He said he'd let go of it only when I kissed him in front of everybody. I let him hold my hand.


That day he told me that his dog had given birth to four pups. He was so proud of those pups. Small, cute and very sweet. Late night he called. Said two of the pups had died, and the rest may also not survive. He was crying. Sobbing loudly. I tried to comfort him, but I knew that nothing I said would help. So I just said " I love you". He said that he loved me too and kept the phone. I cried a lot that day. His face looked really sad the next day, but it brightened when he saw me. He realized after seeing my red puffy eyes that I too had been crying. This made him even more upset. I really hugged him tight and sobbed loudly. I had forgotten that we were in class. thankfully no teacher came in class at that time or else I would have been in serious trouble. He consoled me and then to make the atmosphere lighter started cracking his really lame jokes. That incident was our 'bonding moment'. It laid the foundation of our relationship by developing a strong understanding between us. It also made me feel more comfortable with him. I now, looked at him. At times I would even hold his hand. On his lucky days, I'd kiss him on the cheeks when he said something really nice and romantic.


People told me that my face had started to glow. I was good looking, but when you are in love, then the entire world looks beautiful. And the world's beauty reflected on my face. I had certainly no objections.




Armaan was in Sanjeevani, but his mind was at home with his wife, Riddhima. He was really worried as her delivery date was nearing and he knew what the doctors had said. He was sitting in his cabin, remembering all the moments he had shared with her. He remembered the first time he saw her, sitting at a bench during the games period. She was only eight then, but even at that young age she was so beautiful. He was playing with his friends and deliberately threw the ball in her direction so as to get a closer glimpse of her. He was totally captured by her beauty and kept on staring at her till his friends called him. Then he didn't see her for the past one and a half year. In class sixth they were in the same class and he felt very happy when he was assigned the seat behind her. She had smiled at him, but he was so lost in her thoughts that he didn't smile back. Class 12th was when he realized that he loved her. He had dated many girls but none rose up to her standard. He couldn't have been happier when they confessed their feelings to each other. He had never known that she would love someone like him, but as they say, matches are made in heaven. He felt a sense of completion when they got married. It was as if he was born only to marry her, love her, protect her and be with her forever. The problems he faced in life had not prepared him for the tragedy that was waiting for him ahead. The happiest moment in his life had turned into a nightmare. He was going to become a father, but he might lose his wife in that process. God couldn't have given him a bigger hurdle to face in life.


" Kyun bhagwan? Kyun? Maine aur riddhima ne kasam khayi thi ki saath janam tak ek doosre ka saath nibhayenge. Aap itni jaldi kyun humein alag karna chahte hai?"


 This was the only question in his mind since Dr. keerti had told him about the complications. He loved her like hell, he was incomplete without her. It was really unfair for them.


Kahin toh, kahin toh,, hogi voh,

Duniya jahan tu mere saath ho

Jahaan main jahaan tu,

Aur jahaan bas tere mere jazbaat ho

Hoti jahaan subah teri, palkon ki kirno mein

Lori jahaan sune chand ki, teri baahon mein


Jaanne na kahan voh duniya hai

Jaane voh hai ya nahi

Jahaan meri zindagi mujhse

Itni khafa nahi


Saasein kho gayi hai kiski aahon mein

Main kho gayi hoon jaane kiski baahon mein

Manzilon se raahein dhoodhti chali

Kho gayi hai manzil kahin raahon mein


Kahin toh, kahin toh,

Hai nasha tere mere har mulaqaat mein

Hooton se hooton ko choomte rehte hum har baat pe

Kehti hai fiza, jahaan, teri zameen aasman

Jahaan tu hai meri hasi, meri khushi, meri jaan


Jaanne na kahan voh duniya hai

Jaane voh hai ya nahi

Jahaan meri zindagi mujhse

Itni khafa nahi


Thinking these thoughts he decided that he couldn't give up hope. It was a question of Riddhima's life. His Riddhima. He had to do something to save her. he couldn't bear to lose her. he needed her.


" I love you riddhima. I need you with me forever. I won't give up. I promise."






Hey baby,


Sorry I had to go have some ice-cream. You know pregnancy cravings . Oh, I didn't realise that I was writing all this. It felt like I was talking to you.but never mind, wherever I will be, I'll make sure that I'm there with you when you feel like talking to me.


My first date with your dad was a double date. We had gone with Sapna and Amit. Sapna is my best friend and we were neighbours aftere I moved to Mumbai. We went to the same tuition. She met Amit through Armaan as Armaan and Amit went to the same tuition. You must be wondering why I am telling you that we went to the same tuition. It is cause we all bunked our tuitions to meet each other. don't tell dad that I told you this, he wouldn't approve of your bunking classes.


Coming back to the topic, sapna and Amit had been dating for quite some time then whereas it had been only six days since your parents had been dating. I had never met Amit so we bunked class to go meet him. I asked Armaan if he would come but he refused. he said that he didn't want to miss his class. I was so pissed, but didn't show.


So I went with Sapna to caf coffee day. We were standing outside waiting for Amit. Finally Amit arrived after making us wait for like ten minutes. When you are waiting for someone and you weren't really excited about being there, time passes slowly. And I felt like kicking myself for having agreed to come. Even after amit came, the two of them didn't enter the caf. We were standing outside doing nothing. I wasn't talking to sapna as it was her stupid plan. And well, I didn't know amit. Suddenly someone came from somewhere and closed my eyes  with his/ her hands. And I realised that it was Armaan as he has the softest hands in this world. I removed his hands and looked at him. More like glared at him. He just grinned at me sheepishly. I was so mad that I started hitting him.

"tuitions. Can't miss classes. Now what happened. No classes anymore? Feel this very funny, huh? Smiling at me"


"stop it ridz, he wanted to give you a surprise" said sapna.


 And I immediately stopped hitting him, and also mumbled an apology. But I was so embarrassed at my behaviour. Hitting someone in a market. that's not my normal behaviour. But that's what your dad does to me. He makes me behave most unexpectedly.


Finally, we went inside. Sapna chose our favourite corner table. I realized that I hadn't spoken to Amit much, so I started talking to him. He was reserved but once he started talking, he just won't stop. And he's a very big flirt. Not as big as Armaan though who was busy eyeing the manager. That is inspite of the fact that his girlfriend was sitting beside him. Only when the rest of us stopped taliking and loked at him, did he realise his mistake. Actually, he didn't realise his mistake. When it comes to women he never realizes his mistake, trust me. He just stopped staring at her. It might also be due to the fact that the waiter had appeared to take our order, blocking his view.


After the waiter went, he sensed that I was angry with him . He is a tubelight I must tell you. He apologized but I ignored him. What else should I have done? How can you stare at someone when you are with your girlfriend?


" maine us manager ko dekha toh mujhe tum nazar aayi. Ab kya karoon har ladki mein tum hi tum nazar aati ho. I can't help it. I love you soo much." And he kissed me on the cheek, in front f everybody. " I'm shoooo sowie baby. Pleej forgive me"


whenever you dad behaves like this, I forget that I am angry with him, and start blushing.


" oye hoyye" Armaan says that I look really cute when I blush. And he never wastes a moment to make me blush even more.the way he says oye hoyye takes my breath away.


" sapna I think we should leave.waiter bill please"


Armaan didn't let me pay the bill. He thinks that when on a date a guy should always pay the bill. So he paid the bill.


I glanced at Sapna only once to signal that I'm leaving and left the caf.

Armaan was constantly apologizing but I was in no mood to listen. Then Amit left us as he had to go somewhere while the rest of us sat in one Auto to go home. Armaan's home was only a kilometer away from my home. and Sapna was my neighbour. In the auto I was sitting in the middle and had to tolerate his stupid attempts at making me talk to him. I wasn't really angry with him but I just wanted to see what he could do to make me talk to him.


We left the auto earlier so that we could walk back home and make it look as if we were coming from our tuition. We were walking through one of the colonies when Armaan had a brainwave that if he irritated me, then I would talk to him.

" Riddhima main tumhe kabse manaane ki koshish kar raha hoon but tum ho ki maan nai rahi ho. Isliye main gadi ke neeche aake apni jaan de raha hoon" saying this he lied down on the road.


" honestly Armaan ek reserved parking lot mein gadiyon ke beech mein leetne se tum mar nahi jaoge. Yahan koi gadi bhi nai aa rahi that you'll be crushed to death. Get up and behave yourself"


we had almost reached home and it was time for Armaan to leave.but then he started another natak.


" fine. Then I'll pick you up and carry you to your house till you talk to me"


Seeing that I was unfazed he changed his plan.


" ya I'll getdown on one knee and PROPOSE TO YOU HERE IN THE MDDLE OF THE ROAD." he started shouting


he knew that I hated public displays of attention so I asked him not to do any such thing. Plus it was also time for him to leave. So I forgave him. Gave him a quick peck on the cheek when Sapna acted as if she wasn't looking and ran back home.


So this was my first date. wasn't really romantic. But the romance hadn't even started yet. This date taught me that I was dating a total hopeless case.





I don't know how things are in your times but when we were in school the class 11th used to throw a party to the 12th class students. It used to be a very happening party and was the most awaited event of the year. More so coz it was organized by the students in a pub and we got to very lovely dresses. It was generally held in December or January. My first dance with armaan was during this party .


The party was really an event to look forward to. Outside the school in the absence of teachers, one could do whatever one wanted. Well within limits, since we were still minors. there wasn't any drinking but you could go with your partners and have fun dancing. I had even more fun as Armaan totally loved dancing. Though his favourite form of dancing was the nagin dance but he also knew how to dance on slow songs. This was something I had no clue about, but got to know at the party. By the way, the party was held at night and no grown ups were allowed.


The shopping for the party started months in advanced. Even the guys shopped for this event very enthusiastically. The dress code was suits for boys and dresses for girls. Everybody had to look nice. It was like this unspoken rule.


The pub we had to go to was in a mall and the party was from 7 till 12 but nobody reached there till 8. Armaan had told me that he would come by 8.30 so before the party I went to Sapna's house with Anjali ( your chachi) and Muskaan. Sapna was wearing this royal blue off shoulder knee-length dress. It highlighted her figure really well. Anjali was wearing a backless dark green dress. And muskaan was wearing a red dress. We all had matching shoes and earrings.


At around 8.20 we all reached the mall, but as usual the guys were late.  Really don't know why people blame girls for taking too much time to get ready, every man I know takes more time than I do. Armaan takes the longest time.


Finally at 8.45 they arrived. We all were really angry with he guys cause it's really embarrassing, group of girls, dressed for a party, standing in a mall. People were smiling at us. Obviously we felt really out of place as people in the mall were dressed casually and we were heavily decked up.   


When we asked what took them so time, they all pointed towards the person, I already knew, would be the reason for such a delay. i hadn't seen him clearly and when I went forward to talk to him.. I couldn't shout since people would find it weird, and I had enough attention for a day. But as soon as I saw him I stopped in my path. He saw me and stared at me. Somebody nudged me so we came out of our dazes. Armaan was looking breathtakingly handsome. He was looking really very sexy. He was wearing a black tuxedo with a dark purple shirt.  The colours matched mine. My dress was plain black. Made of satin, it clung to my body. Not in a bad way though. And I had a dark purple belt. I knew that armaan had chosen his clothes so that they matched with mine. but I hadn't told him what I was going to wear, it was meant to be a secret. Nobody could have told him as I hadn't told a soul.


" how" was all I managed to say. I guess he understood me, but he didn't answer. And till date he has never told me how he got to know about my dress. In response to my question, he winked at me and took my hand and led me to the party.


The party was awesome. Everybody was looking good. They were all having fun. Loud music. Perfect ambience. It had everything needed for a happening party. I was, on the other hand sitting on a sofa…alone.


My boyfriend had ditched me to dance with the guys on a really famous Punjabi song. He had danced with me, but I didn't quite like the tracks that were being played so I sat down.


Finally after having abandoned me half an hour ago, armaan remembered that I too existed. He came and sat sown on the sofa beside me. The sofa was really big but he had too sit right next to me, just to annoy me. I moved away. He came closer. This continued till I reached the edge of the sofa, then I got up from there and went to stand in a corner. He knew I was angry and followed me there. He asked me for a dance, they had started playing slow numbers, but I refused. So he went away


Wise men say only fools rush in
But I cant help falling in love with you
Shall I stay
Would it be a sin
If I cant help falling in love with you

Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be
Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I cant help falling in love with you

Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be
Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I cant help falling in love with you
For I cant help falling in love with you


I knew that he had requested this song. I remembered telling him that this was one of my favourite songs. And this elvis presley song never got old. As the spotlight fell on him, standing on the centre of the stage. I moved forward towards him. He put my hands on his shoulder, his were around my waist. Slowly, we swayed to the music. Enjoying the moment.


How did I fall in love with you?How did I fall in love with you? Remember when, we never needed each otherThe best of friends likeSister and BrotherWe understood, we'd never be,Alone Those days are gone, and I want so muchThe night is long and I need your touchDon't know what to sayI never meant to feel this wayDon't want to beAlone tonight What can I do, to make it rightFalling so hard so fast this timeWhat did I say, what did you do?How did I fall in love with you? I hear your voiceAnd I start to trembleBrings back the child that, I resemble I cannot pretend, that we can still be friendsDon't want to be,Alone tonight Oh I want to say this rightAnd it has to be tonightJust need you to know, oh yeah I don't want to live this lifeI don't want to say goodbyeWith you I wanna spendThe rest of my life  What can I do, to make it rightFalling so hard so fast this timeEverything's changed, we never knew How did I fall,in love ,with you? 

Dancing to the song, my mind replayed every moment that I had spent with armaan, starting from our first meeting in the games period. Eyes closed, body swaying to the music. It was then I realized that I had found my man… in him.


Time flew as we danced, both engrossed in thoughts. Thoughts about each other. as my mind replayed, for the thousandth time that evening, the memory of our first meeting. I smiled when I heard the song. It was the last song, and the song that described my thoughts perfectly.


 The first time ever I saw your face
I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and stars were the gifts you gave
To the dark and the empty skies, my love,
To the dark and the empty skies.

The first time ever I kissed your mouth
And felt your heart beat close to mine
Like the trembling heart of a captive bird
That was there at my command, my love
That was there at my command.

And the first time ever I lay with you
I felt your heart so close to mine
And I knew our joy would fill the earth
And last till the end of time my love
It would last till the end of time my love

The first time ever I saw your face, your face,
your face, your face




One of the most special moments of my life, is of my first kiss. It's special not only cause I waited for it 17 years, but also cause my first kiss was with Armaan.


I remember that day as if it was only yesterday, but many years have passed since then. It was the month of February, we had come to school to practice for our board practicals. Since the course had been finished, no teacher used to come in class and we used to roam around in the school after doing our practicals.


On the 16th February, it was anjali's birthday. The entire class was celebrating her birthday. After cutting the cake that atul had brought for her, we left the class to go for a walk in the corridors. Walking in the corridors wasn't permitted, but since we were going to pass out, nobody cared about the rules. In our school, near the labs, there used to be a deserted classroom. It was very big, but due to water leakage, it wasn't being used. The lights of this room were always switched off. While walking through the corridor, we heard our chemistry teacher. She was very strict and didn't like students who broke school rules. We were standing outside that room when we heard her. armaan pulled me inside that room, so that we could hide till she left. I don't know if god had planned all this, but she stood right outside the classroom to talk to some student.


I had some papers in my hand, which I was crushing out of nervousness. Armaan asked me to keep the papers down on the table as they were making a lot of noise. I did as I was told. Ma'am wasn't leaving, and I imagined a shadow near the door of the room. I felt really scared and hugged Armaan tight. I left him only after ma'am left. When I moved back, then I realized that we were standing really close to each other in an empty classroom. I didn't get to think anything further as Armaan gently kissed me on the lips. At first I was quite surprised, but I didn't move. I couldn't dare to look at him, so I was looking at the floor. he held my chin and made me look at him. Then he kissed me again on the lips. This time, I kissed him back. My first kiss was exactly like I had wanted it to be. And till date it remains the best kiss of my life.


After our kiss, I really didn't know what to do. But armaan knew what I was going through; so he kissed me on the forehead. As soon as his lips touched my forehead, a huge smile crept to my face. I love it when he kissed my forehead, and that's how he apologises after a fight. After that he took my hand in his, and we went back to he class. Nobody noticed that we had been missing. And I was really glad that they didn't notice or else someone or the other would have realized that something had happened between us, since I couldn't stop smiling. And my cheeks were totally pink. Later when I hugged anjali to wish her, and told her that I wont ever forget this birthday of hers, she found it strange. But nothing was strange, everything was perfect. I knew it from the smile on Armaan's face when I had said those words to Anjali.


You must be thinking that my life is perfect; I have everything that I ever wanted. And that I have no problems in life. It's not true. I've had to face problems. A lot of them. Some problems broke me emotionally. But I faced all of them. Never did I turn my back towards the problems. Even now as I am writing this, I have a problem. It's the biggest I have ever faced. But I'm dealing with it. Life teaches you a lot of lessons, and I learnt my first lesson in March 2008.


Life for me had always been a smooth sailing. I had all that I wanted. And I was really grateful to god for it. But just the board exams were all it took to make my life a complete disaster.


My board exams started from 3rd March. Since school had ended, I couldn't meet Armaan there. Bunking tuitions was totally out of the question before the boards. I hadn't met Armaan since 2oth February when I had my last board practical. We used to talk on the phone for five minutes everyday. But during those five minutes we only used to fight. Maybe it was due to the frustration of not meeting each other. Whatever the reason be, our relationship was going through a bad phase. When we met during the Boards, we couldn't talk as Armaan's mom didn't like me and I didn't want to hurt her feelings by talking to him infront of her.


As the exams proceeded, our tension increased so we stopped talking to each other on a regular basis. Conditions became so bad that we didn't talk to each other at all during the exams. I used to feel really bad, but I couldn't do anything about it. I tried calling him but his phone was always switched off.


Exams ended on the 20th. That day armaan's mom hadn't come to pick him up, so I went to talk to him.


" hi Armaan"


" hey ridz"

" tumhara phone switched off kyun hain? I tried calling you so may times."


" oh it's with mom"


"ok. Are you angry with me?"


" nope"


" fir kya hua hai? I mean you ignore me always, have I done something wrong?"


" you haven't done anything "


" then why are you being so formal with me? Pehle toh you couldn't keep your hands off me, now you aren't even talking to me properly"


" this is a public place and I don't like public displays of affection."


" oh really? I don't think that's the matter."


" then please enlighten me as to what's the matter"


" you don't love me anymore"


" I don't think I can reply to what you said. I have to go. I'm leaving for London tomorrow morning. Will return in a month or so. Bye. take care".


Saying that he sat in his car and asked the driver to take him home. I knew I had hurt him, but he had no clue what I had to go through when he had been ignoring me. After I reached home, I texted him, apologizing for having over reacted, he didn't reply.


 At around 10 I got a message from him. That message broke me down totally.


" Today when you said that I don't love you anymore, I was hurt. You couldn't have said anything more hurtful than that. After four months of our relationship, I don't think that I have to make you believe that I love you…. You should no that. If I didn't love you, then I would have left you in a week. The truth is I have never loved anyone more than I love you. I can't be with someone who thinks that I don't love her. I think we should break up…"



An "ok" was all I could write in reply before I started crying. I didn't sleep that night, nor did I stop crying for even a second. His phone was switched off as usual. And by morning he had left for London.


He wasn't going to return for atleast a month. That month was the most horrible period of my life. People said that he had found himself another girl; some said that he was always a player and I was a fool to have loved him. I couldn't bear to hear all this. So I stopped talking to everybody. Only Sapna, anjali, Muskaan, Atul and rahul were the people I spoke to as they were our common friends. The worst part about all of this was that he didn't tell me why he ignored me. At times I used to believe what people said. But when I thought of the time we spent together, then I thought that he must have had a reason. Whatsoever the reason might be, the truth was that he had broken up with me. And had left me to deal with it, all by myself.


Oceans apart day after day
And I slowly go insane
I hear your voice on the line
But it doesn't stop the pain
If I see you next to never
Then how can we say forever

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you

I took for granted all the times
That I thought would last somehow
I hear the laughter
I taste the tears
But I can't get near you now
Oh can't you see it baby
You got me going crazy

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you

I wonder how we can survive this romance
But in the end if I'm with you
I'll take the chance

Oh can't you see it baby
You've got me going crazy

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you

Waiting for you




Well, since my baby left me,
I found a new place to dwell.
Its down at the end of lonely street
At heartbreak hotel.

You make me so lonely baby,
I get so lonely,
I get so lonely I could die.

And although its always crowded,
You still can find some room.
Where broken hearted lovers
Do cry away their gloom.

You make me so lonely baby,
I get so lonely,
I get so lonely I could die.

Well, the bell hops tears keep flowin,
And the desk clerks dressed in black.
Well they been so long on lonely street
They aint ever gonna look back.

You make me so lonely baby,
I get so lonely,
I get so lonely I could die.

Hey now, if your baby leaves you,
And you got a tale to tell.
Just take a walk down lonely street
To heartbreak hotel


I had always been a huge Elvis Presley fan but since Armaan left me, Heartbreak Hotel had been one of the few songs that I listened to.


It had been almost two months since he had sent the message and I hadn't met him since then. We had no contact, no message, no calls, nothing. My friends used to give me news about him when I met, that was like really, really rarely. We all had got into Sanjeevani Medical College. It was like a miracle. Atul, Anjali, Rahul ,muskaan, me, all of us. Well Armaan wasn't there but I tried not to think about him . when we saw the results, we were really overjoyed.


College started in August. Rahul came to pick Sapna and me up the first day, with Muskan. We reached college half an hour before our first class started. Atul also arrived with Anjali. Like in school we didn't have all the classes in the same room. There were different lecture halls for different lectures. So we decided to roam around the college to see all the halls.


Our first lecture that day was of botany. Dr. Saxena was our lecturer. We had seen all our rooms, the botany lecture room was the last one. We entered the class just as the bell rang. The six of us went to the last benches to sit. None of us liked to sit in the front and we couldn't sit in the middle as the seats there were within hearing range of the lecturer. Being Muskan's friend you learn one thing that when you are with muskan, you cannot sit within hearing range of the teacher. She is so loud.


So the class was really crowded, the teacher hadn't come yet, but everybody wanted to get the best seat. We all waited as anjali shouted at someone to get up from the last seat. Then they were talking to someone, maybe convincing him to get up, I thought. From where I was standing, I couldn't see his face, and the chaos didn't let me hear his voice. So you can imagine how shocked I was that when I went to sit, I realized that the last seat was occupied by Armaan.


After what happened, I couldn't bear to tolerate him, sitting near him was out of the question. So I went to sit in front. I know it was really bold of me, sitting in the front, especially during botany without any friend. The lecture was very boring, I would have died out of boredom had I been paying attention, but my mind was on the person sitting at the corner of the last bench. I came out of my daze when the bell had rung. As soon as sir left the room, I ran out to avoid bumping into any of my friends, or him. I knew what my friends wanted me to do and I wasn't ready to face him yet.


The entire day passed the same way. And so did a month. I avoided my friends, but there was just 1 problem. I had to go home with Rahul. I had been going home alone, but mom was be furious when she got to know that I travelled alone. So almost a month after our college started, one day when finally all the classes ended I went to meet my friends at 5 who were chatting with, who else but Armaan. I decided to ignore him, and that's what I did. He tried talking to me, but I acted as if he didn't exist.  He had kicked me out of his life and I wasn't forgiving enough to talk to him, or even listen to him. I didn't even look at him once, as I knew that as soon as I looked into those eyes, I would start crying. Not wanting to make a spectacle of myself, I stared at the ground.



I was waiting for rahul to start the car but he was busy talking to Muskan and I didn't want to interrupt. I was happy staring at the ground, that is till when someone came and stood right infront of me. I knew because I could see his shoes. And these shoes didn't belong to anyone of my friends, so I turned around to leave.


Armaan held my wrist and pulled me towards him. He made me look at him. I could have freed of my wrist easily but I didn't. There was a look in his eyes that said he was upset, and near to tears. So that's how we ended up sitting in a park, minus our friends.


In the park, he told me that he was really hurt when I said that I didn't think he loved me anymore. He told me that he wanted to tell his mom that he loved me and wanted to be with me, even if he had to go against his wishes. During our boards, he had a major fight with his mom. She had somehow sensed that we were more than friends and wanted Armaan to stop talking to me. She even took his phone. Armaan's mom was a divorcee; her husband had left her for his secretary. Armaan was all she had, so she was very possessive about him. She feared that our being together would drive him apart from her. she wanted her son to be with someone who was very meek and couldn't protest against Mrs. Malik. I , to her, was far from meek, and definitely not someone who would let her husband be a mumma's boy. So she wanted Armaan to stay away from me. Armaan had tried to make her understand that I wasn't a headstrong, conniving person, and that I would love her as I loved my mom. But she didn't listen to him.


After our fight, Armaan went and cried in his mother's lap. She told him that someone who didn't respect his feelings, didn't deserve him. She said that after few years I too would desert him, like his father. Armaan knew what his felt losing someone who was very dear to you, so he agreed when his mother asked him to leave India for a month.


During the one month, he realized that our love was too precious to let go of it without a struggle. After returning to India, he spoke to our friends, who told him what I had gone through. When he saw me, he knew that I still loved him. He tried calling me, but I had changed my number. Being the gentleman he is, he refused to take my new number without my permission. A month he tried to talk to me, but I always avoided him. So Muskan took things in her hands and ' accidently' let it slip before mom that I used to travel alone. I was going to kill her, but I first had to say something as armaan had finished his 'recitation' five minutes ago, was waiting for me to react. When I didn't, he asked for my new cell number. A minute later I received a message on my cell. It was difficult for me to read as I had been crying while listening to his story


"you look ok when you are crying, but you look awesome when you smile. So stop crying and smile"


I glared at him, how could I smile after listening to what he said? But then I hadn't guessed what was coming as my phone beeped again.


" If I ask you out in the next 10 seconds, then will you smile?" And another message " I love you".


My hands were shivering, hence I was incapable of writing anything. So I got up I hugged him really tight. Letting my actions, speak for once. I didn't care about the kids playing in the park, who had stopped their game to stare at us. I didn't care about the old aunties and uncles who nodded their heads in disagreement. And I didn't care about my stupid friends, who had emerged from the bush they were hiding in, and were wolf whistling. I cared about nothing, except about the man, whose arms I was in.





Life in Sanjeevani medical college was difficult, more so for me as dad was the dean there. He was a strict disciplinarian. Mom on the other hand, was very approachable and easygoing. We did our internship under Dr.keerti, whom we fondly called Hitler or Gabbar, as she was really particular about everything. Shubhankar sir was funny and really cool. We all had so much fun in college that we didn't realize how soon the five years passed. We had to do our share off slogging too, but we knew that all of it guaranteed a place in one of India's best hospitals.


Graduation was a big event for us. Hard work of so many years was finally going to be paid off. The students had left no stone unturned to make this event as memorable as possible.


First we had our convocation ceremony were some of the students gave speeches along with the faculty. All the speeches were really emotional. Most of the girls were crying, and so was Atul. Even Armaan and Rahul cried but none of them didn't admitted it.


Armaan's speech was a really sweet one. It's video is kept in the drawer in my cupboard.


He said " hey everybody, I am Armaan Malik, this years' student board leader. Today is a very special occasion for all of the students and I, on behalf of all of them, would like to thank you all for being present to share our happiness. It's been five long years since I first stepped into this college, and today as I graduate, I look back and can see each and every moment spent here. Every single person associated with Sanjeevani holds a special place in my heart. The staff, specially Omar bhai, are the best in the world. The food here is awesome. Our professors, Dr.Shashank, Dr. Padma, Dr. Keerti and Dr. Shubhankar have been excellent mentors and guides. I would like to thank them for their patience, as tolerating our batch must have been a really difficult task. I feel overwhelmed to see their belief in us. A special thanks for Hitl.. I mean Dr. keerti, as internship under her was something I had never even dreamt of. When I'll return home two years after living in the hostel, I'll miss college. I'll miss its buildings. Every corner of this building is associated with a memory. Most of all I'll miss my friends, my fellow students. People who hold special places in my heart THANK YOU GUYS. THANK YOU SANJEEVANI, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING ."



Then led by Atul, some students sang a song.


In these moments, moments of our lives
All the world is ours
And this world is so right
You and I sharing this time together
Sharing the same dream
As the time goes by we will find

These are the special times
Times we'll remember
These are the precious times
The tender times we'll hold in our hearts forever
These are the sweetest times
These times together
And through it all, one thing will always be true
The special times are the times I share with you

With each moment, moment passing by
We'll make memories that will last all our lives
As you and I travel through time together
Living this sweet dream
And every day we can say

These are the special times
Times we'll remember
These are the precious times
The tender times we'll hold in our hearts forever
These are the sweetest times
These times together
And through it all, one thing will always be true
The special times are the times I share with you

These tender moments
When heaven is so close
These are the moments that I know

These are the special times
Times we'll remember
These are the precious times
The tender times we'll hold in our hearts forever
These are the sweetest times
These times together
And through it all, one thing will always be true
The special times are the times I share
Are the times we share, are the times I share... with you
Special times I share with you.


The song was followed by a loud bang, where we all threw our hats in the air and posed for photographs.


In the evening there was a party to celebrate our success. I was wearing a navy blue dress, gifted to me by Armaan. Rahul came to pick me up. He was dressed in a pink shirt and black trousers. When I got down from the car, Rahul didn't come with me, mumbling some excuse of having forgotten something in the car. I moved forward, there were two trees, one on each side at the entrance. On one there was a note stuck, " come inside, there's a surprise for you, love Armaan" . being my curious self, I went inside. My eyes literally came out when I saw the scene before me, it was beautiful. On the single table in the beach was a another note.  " you'll have to wait some more time. If you like what you see then move towards the sea".


I had


I had been shocked by the beauty of the settings, but the sight before my eyes, totally swept me off my feet



written with several diyas, was will you marry me? My eyes began to water, I searched around me for Armaan, and he emerged from behind one of the rocks. As he came near me, he got down on one knee and asked me what was written on the ground right before me.

" Riddhima, will you marry me?"


I was so touched that I started crying, Armaan took me to the table and made me sit. He took my hand in his and said "umm..ok…. Does it mean a yes or no?"

" yes" I whispered.   I really enjoyed that day a lot. We danced to some slow songs (Armaan has specially made a cd for it), ate lovely food, and spent a lot of memorable moments with each other. He dropped me home at 10. That day when I finally went to bed, after narrating every thing to Sapna, Anjali and Muskaan, I was happy. I thanked god for bringing Armaan into my life. And I thanked him for making my day so memorable.


Hey guys, do you like it? Do tell me. I made this part a little long as I hadn't updated in such a looooooooooooooong time.i'm nt pming ne1 nw as I'm writing another part. Will pm soon.





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ridz raoooooooooooooooool ko kyun bula rahi hai Shocked
plz start d 1st part
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very nice FF.
Just written it sooooooooooooooooooooooo well.
Good work,
Continue soon,
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jaldi continue karo
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Hey Sagarika!
I'm commenting but I don't know what to say...there's hardly anything to comment on atm LOL
So all I can say is continue soon! (and could u pm me when u update please? Tongue )
Take care

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Author: *~sneha~*   Replies: 76   Views: 33286

*~sneha~* 76 33286 30 August 2008 at 8:34am by teenorchid
Laksh and Kt FanFic..LAST PART (PART 44)

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Author: zinny.xo   Replies: 216   Views: 34154

zinny.xo 216 34154 06 June 2007 at 3:06pm by zinny.xo

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