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Chapter Fifteen

"Angad" he heard prachi "Juan's calling for you, to update kripa's recent performance" she informed

"Yea, umm, can you stay here, whilst I'm with him"

"Sure, you don't have to ask Angad, kripa's a good friend of mine, I wouldn't refuse"

In the meantime, Kripa dreamed of the start to all their problems. If only she hadn't been stubborn and gave him a chance, she wouldn't be here today. She wouldn't have gone through the hardship, the misery, the pain. If only she hadn't given him a chance


Kripa lay her back cuddled in the cushions, cuddling herself as tears streamed down her eyes onto her graceful cheeks, could it be that Angad had enough of her and he married again. His words flashed back to her 'if I want I can go and get a woman who would respect me as much as I respect you'. Did he really mean that?

Oh how wrong she was to believe him, she thought. How could she forget, he was a man. Men couldn't wait and nor would he, after all he belonged to the same race. How could she afford to forget that he was from those who did nothing but worked for what they wanted, and Angad wanted her love. He didn't have that much patience she thought. He could have waited. He's so selfish; if not me he should thought of our parents.

She pulled her knees to her chest, hiding her face in between, weeping. After the tears had dried out, she decided to become the way she was, the real her, according to her. Kripa Sharma, who knew the disgusting characteristics of men, the one who fought against men, the one who was against marriage, who was against slavery.

Kripa grabbed her coat and a small duffle bag and set out to Prachi's house, just three streets away. She knocked on the door to find an almost six month pregnant Prachi in front of her, with bulk on her stomach, with a box of ice-cream resting in her hands,  the spoon deep inside the ice-cream spooning it.

"Hey Kripa, what a surprise, come in" she gave the way. They made themselves comfortable on the couch "what brings you here after so many day, you know I'm supposed to be angry, I haven't seen you for two weeks"

"Oh, umm I was a little---busy" she said

Prachi went forward, placing her hand on kripa's shoulder "are you alright?" she questioned.

Kripa couldn't hold back, she had to let it out. She had cried before coming to Prachi's house, but she needed a shoulder to cry on, a friend to console. She cried her heart out and prachi let her, rubbing her back to console. When kripa went still, prachi patted her back asking "what happened kripa?" but there was no reply "kripa, are you there?" she turned her face to the side , pulling kripa out of her embrace, to find her unconscious.


Angad watched kripa breathe evenly, her chest going up and down. Seeing her lay there unconscious, it reminded him of the time when there problems started, if only Kripa had never misunderstood him.


Prachi laid kripa on the couch, concerned, she touched her forehead, she picked the phone up, dialling Angad's number. "Hello"

"Hello, prachi, what a surprise, but sorry, I'm in a hurry, I have a meeting with the dean"

"Angad listen, it's an emergency" she said fast before he put the phone down.

"What happened prachi? Are you alright?" he questioned tense.

"I'm fine Angad, its kripa"

"Kripa, what happened to her? Is she alright? Wait I'm coming, where are you?"

"She's at my house" and then Prachi heard the line dead.


As Angad headed for his car, he bumped into the nurse "Oh, doctor Khanna, your wife was here a while ago"

"Really" he looked back at her surprised "you mean kripa"

"Yes doctor"

"Oh I didn't see her" confused, he headed for his car.


Minutes later, there was a thump on the door. Prachi rushed to the door, hitting her knee to the side table, but ignored the pain. She limped to the door, letting Angad in. Angad saw kripa lying on the couch, with a pillow beneath her head, and her body covered with a blanket.

He rushed to her, as prachi closed the door, limping back towards kripa. She looks at Angad's concerned face and asked "Did you two have a fight today?"

Angad turns towards "no, how did this happen?"

"I don't know" she looked towards kripa, caressing her forehead "she came after two weeks and then she just cried her heart out and when I asked what happened, I found her unconscious, that's why I asked if you had a fight" she looked at him again "check what happened to her?"

"Yeah" he opened his small doctor's bag, which he had bought with him, first checking her blood pressure, then checking her with his stethoscope.

"What happened" prachi asked worried

"Umm, yeah, she fainted due to stress, she should be up in a while, and then we'll ask her what happened" he leaned back on the sofa opposite the couch and suddenly questioned "why is she so stressed?"

"I don't know, has she told you anything lately, like, umm, lets see, missing her parents"

"No, she hasn't said anything, infact, the nurse told me she came to meet me as well, but she didn't, she went back without telling me" he rested his head in his hands "what could be wrong"

"Well, I know your going to think that I'm talking like neev but check her diary, you might just find out" she suggested.

"I'll talk to her first, she might just tell me"

"What happened about your meeting with the dean?"

"Oh shit" are the next words she heard "I forgot to inform dean about this"

Angad got up and walked to a corner to inform the dean about the sudden emergency. Whilst prachi went to open the door, as the bell rang. Neev stood at the door, with a grin on his face, handing prachi red roses, but was disappointed seeing they have company. He asked prachi about kripa, who briefly explained what happened.

Angad, neev and prachi were randomly talking, when suddenly Angad mentioned. "Hey guys, you remember nandita"

"Nandita. who nandita?" neev questioned.

"You know, Nandita Patel, she use to go to collage with us"

"Oh you mean the one that had a huge crush on you and always dreamed of being Mrs Khanna"

"Ughh, you don't have to mention that neev" prachi commented

"I agree" Angad said "well her dream did come true, she is Mrs Khanna now"

"What!" prachi and neev exclaimed in unison.

"How could you Angad, didn't you think of kripa once" prachi yelled

"Angad you were already married and what about your parents expectations" neev joined in.

"Oh, Angad your such a cheat"

"Yeah, why did you marry kripa?"

"Actually force into marrying you" prachi commented

Neev interrupted "When you were going to do this to her"

"I mean this proves all her theory right"

"Yea, you're giving a bad name to man hood" neev said angry

"Quit it guys" Angad said shouted "I didnt say she was Mrs Angad Khanna, I said she is Mrs Khanna" he sighed and leaned back "She's married to Aryan Khanna"

"Aryan Khanna!" neev exclaimed. "You mean that geek"

"For your information, he's no longer a geek; he's a well built man, who's an engineer"

"I'm sorry Angad, we doubted" prachi apologised

"It's alright, anyways as I was saying, I met nandita, she's my patient for now, she's pregnant"

"Oh my god, she use to hate children and she's pregnant" neev commented.

"Yea, I was shocked, infact what is even more shocking is she already has two children"

"Really, they must have really—"neev was cut off by the sound of kripa's groaning.

They all looked towards the couch, where kripa held her head groaning, coming back to conscious. Angad ran towards her, whilst neev simply stood up and prachi went to the kitchen to get a fresh glass of water.

Angad helped her up, pulling the pillow a little up, for her to sit. Prachi came with the glass of water and helped her drink it. She gulped down the glass instantly and looked up to find herself surrounded by Angad, neev and prachi.

"What happened kripa? Why are you so upset?" Angad asked

"You don't need to know" she replied sternly

Angad was surprised at the anger evident in her voice. What must have gone wrong? He didn't remember anything going wrong and she hadn't complained of anything lately. She was very sweet now a days. Since she'd come back from California, she was polite, she had change in her and she wasn't the same kripa that went to California. What happened all of a sudden? He decided to discuss it at home, since he didn't want to create a scene in front of prachi and neev.

Prachi and neev must have noticed it as well, since they looked straight at Angad after her answer, but all they found was confusion and concern.

That night after they got home, Angad waited patiently, but she hadn't talked to him since they had come home. In the evening, as she lay on the bed, Angad came and sat next to her. He took her hand in his hand, but she immediately pulled her hand back.

Angad looked up, suddenly feeling awkward and confused, but he ignored and questioned "Kripa, what's wrong, why are you so stressed?"

"I told you, you don't have to know, you have no right to know, I have my own private life" she replied austerely

"What's wrong with you, I've been noticing from the afternoon, your behaviour is different towards me" he said frustrated "what's wrong?" with a hand on her cheek, he asked questioned softly.

She pushed his hand away violently, exclaiming "don't touch me, what's wrong with you, I told you, I don't want to tell you, then why don't you just leave me alone" she said getting up.

Angad caught her hand, pulling her onto the bed "what's wrong with you, I'm being polite, you're not answering my question, what am I supposed to think, I'm worried like hell over here and you don't care. All of a sudden after so many days of being nice, you're all angry, what do you think of me, I'm a human, I cant take it" suddenly he realized tears brimming in kripa's eyes, anger evident on her face "I- I'm sorry kripa, I was taken aback, I didn't mean to say that, I'm sorry, please kripa, please tell me, what's wrong, what went wrong"

She said nothing and silently left the bedroom to living room, leaving Angad devastated, what could possibly have gone wrong after so many days.

Days went by, which turned into weeks and eventually months. Christmas and New years went down the drain. Even after two months, kripa hadn't said a word of why she was stressed, she didn't talk to him. When he did, she would simply ignore him or fight back. She had taken up practice for law to spend her time, but never would she look back and sit with Angad, talk to him like she did a few months back.  It upset Angad further, as well as frustrated him. She wouldn't tell him anything, how was he supposed to find out. Then prachis words dawned to him. Her diary.

He quietly slipped her diary into his bag, when she was in the bathroom and set out for work, informing her, although it didn't make a difference to her.

Angad attended his queries for the day. He was free by two o clocks, so he sat in his office, had his lunch, then took out kripa's diary to see if he could get the answers to his questions, like he did once before. He opened the diary from the page from where he got married to kripa in India. He knew it was wrong of him to read all of her diary, but then again, the more he knew her, the more he would be able to understand her.


Today, I got married to Angad, god he forced me.  now he gave me the option of stopping the marriage, but I know he did this all on purpose, he knows I wouldn't be able to refuse, he knows how possessive I am for my parents and he used it. I cant believe it, he claims to love me, he claims he cares for me and what does he do, he went and used the most important thing in my life against me, is this what he calls love? Is love this selfish?

"No kripa, love isn't selfish, it never was, I really cared and still do, but you just don't seem to understand me" he spoke, grief clearly apparent in his eyes.


I'm going to America tomorrow, I don't want to go, I'm going to miss my family, I'm going miss mom, dad, everyone. I was so close to staying back in my country, but he was too clever. I hate Angad even more for this, I hate him. It's because of him I have to leave my parents, my city, my country. Why couldn't he just leave, but then again he's a man, he's selfish; he'll never leave anything for me, huh, another example of love. If there is such an emotion such as love, then why is it that only the women sacrifices for there love and not the men? Its all bull shit, there is no such thing as love, it's just a word which leads you into the trap of being exploited by males.

Angad sighed "it's impossible to tell you anything. Love is true, but you won't understand, you have a reason for everything. No wonder you chose such a profession as law" he chuckled, which soon died out as he realized the amount of hatred she had developed within her heart for him.


I can't believe this. How could neev do this? He got prachi pregnant, oh, that's why I hate men. Prachi still wants to be neev, I mean after all he's done, after he's partially disgraced her in society she still wants him. I don't understand her, she wants her fathers support and she wants neev as well. She knows her father will never allow neev to get married to her. Oh, well, it's her life; I can't really take her decisions can I. You know what, finally after two weeks of me complaining Angad had a small get-to-gather at home today. Aww, that was so sweet of him. I didn't just write he was sweet, right. Well, he is, but that doesn't change that he forced me into this marriage and I still hate him.

Angad smiled "at least she thought I was sweet, still my stubborn kripa, never accepting what she believes if it's in favour of man"


Angad forced me today, he tried to force me. I thought maybe I'm misunderstanding Angad, maybe I'm wrong, maybe its me who's being selfish and not him, but he prove me wrong, he proved me wrong, he tried to force me today and he simply apologized and started his stupid explanation so I forgive him. It's not going to be easy. Infact I won't forgive him for this ever. How dare he even touch me? No one can touch me. How could he do this to me, just when I started to believe him, he shattered me.

His tears betrayed him and spilled out. He put the book on the desk, then pressed his hands to his face, trying to suppress his tears he hadn't let out for a long time. As tears trickled down his eyes, kissing his cheek, the memories of those three weeks came back. Those three weeks were one of the hardest weeks of his life. His tears represented his grief, sorrow. His pain. He buried his face in his arms, on the desk, crying his heart out.

He was interrupted by the buzzing of his intercom, quickly wiping his tears, he pressed the red button and the nurses voice buzzed through the intercom "Doctor Khanna, your patient in room number 364 needs your immediate attention"

"I'm coming" he left suppressing his distress to save another life.

Angad sighed, he saved the old women. She had no reason to live, she didn't wan to live, but he still saved her. It was his job to save lives, not take lives away, but he felt sorry for the lady, she'd lost her husband nineteen years ago, her sixteen year old daughter committed suicide after being continuously harassed seven years ago and three years ago her son died in an accident. She'd lost hope of life, but Angad being a doctor saved her life again.

He looked towards his desk, where kripa's diary lay. Just a while ago he was crying over his misery, his grief was so small in front of the old lady's sorrow. He was mourning over such a small thing. He could still make kripa believe him, still be with kripa, but the old lady couldn't, she'd have to wait for her death to be free of all her pain.

He picked her diary up and read further.


Oh god, today I told Anjali about what Angad did to me and instead of soothing me, she gives Angad side. I can't believe this. She was supposed to be my friend, not Angad's, then why the hell is she supporting him. I hate him so much; he even took my best friend away from me. She's against me for that Angad, who tried to force me. She thinks it's my entire fault. How's it my fault, I'm not the one who forced him to do everything. It was him who forced me into this marriage, he's the one who brought me to America and now he's the one who tried to force me into, ughh, I'm disgusted. He's done black magic on Anjali, ok, I don't believe in superstitious things, but he's definitely done something to her.

Angad got angry and hit his fist onto the desk "damn it kripa, why didn't you understand, it was just a weak moment. Nothing more than that, I didn't have any bad intentions. Why are you so stubborn?"

Pushing his anger aside, he read on.


I was wrong, I've always misunderstood Angad. He probably was weak in that moment, but I didn't understand. Why can't I just push my logic aside for once? Even before we got married, he offered to back out the marriage, but me, what did I do? I blamed him for that as well. I blamed him for all my mistakes. It was me who was being selfish, not him. He was just trying to make me happy, I'm bad, very bad, I don't deserve him. I'll go back tomorrow; I don't want him to suffer like this because of my mistakes.

"It wasnt your fault kripa, it was just fate, but what happened all of a sudden, why have you become so distant.


How could he? I started to trust him, maybe I was even attracted towards him, but what did he give me in return, I can't believe Angad cheated on me. He's married. Even if he's not married to her, then why did he kiss her, I still remember his words before I left to go to California. He said he could get any girl he wanted and he did. He got that nandita. He cheated me behind my back. I miss mom and dad, I want to go back, but I have to wait. I know if I go back to Anjali, she's just going to disapprove and tell me I'm wrong again. But I'm not. He kissed that woman. I wouldn't believe that, but what about what I heard in the hospital, all the staff were gossiping about there close relationship, what am I supposed to believe. I made a mistake believing him; I won't make the same mistake again. Never.

Angad leaned back in his chair. His hand on his forehead "there's been a misunderstanding kripa. I haven't betrayed you and never would" he stood up, slipping the diary back into the brief case. He quickly informed the nurse he was leaving and left to talk to kripa. She hadn't talked to him because of a misunderstanding and he wouldn't let that happen.


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Chapter Sixteen

Angad drove his car like a maniac. He opened the door with his keys to find silence. She must be at university, he thought. Taking off his coat, he leaned back on the sofa and thought, How can Kripa think I would ever cheat on her? She didn't even clear anything with me. Why can't she just let go of her ego and talk to me, rather than just predicting. God, this girl is so childish.

He decided to read the remaining diary. Taking out her diary, he continued reading the remaining, in hope that she still had a soft corner for him.


God, Angad is getting on my nerves now. First he forced me into marriage, then he tries to force me, then he cheated on me and now he's just bothering me. Now this is totally not me, I really should have told him everything, questioned him, but I couldn't. I don't know, I'm scared. What if he's really married? I mean I don't even know if he's married or not, but I know he cheated on me. How could he, after all the proof I got at once. I know he will try to prove himself innocent if I tell him, but I don't want to be fooled again. I don't want my trust to break again. I started to respect him for his perfection, his tolerance and so much, but he destroyed it all. I can't punish my parents and his parents for his doings can I. He may not respect me or my parents, but I do. I love his parents. There like my parents. I still remember how his mother had consoled mean my arrival and then every weekend, when I go there, I'm so happy. It just makes me feel sorry for them, what did they do to have a son like Angad? Shame on him, he should have at least thought about his parents sentiments. I was still a stranger, but they were the ones who brought him to this world.

He was distracted by the sound of the door opening, followed with a gasp. Kripa stood in front of him furious. Her eyes narrowed her mouth slightly open and her nostrils flaring. She moved forward and snatched the diary from Angad's hands. "How dare you?" she growled "how dare you touch my diary? You have no right on me and my things. I thought you might have some shame left in you after what you did but no, you're the same, so shameless. Disgusting"

Pulling up the falling bag, she walked to the direction of the room, but was stopped by Angad's voice "we need to talk"

"There's nothing to talk about" she turned her face, showing her anger filled eyes, with the many capillaries speeding the process of blood circulation, making her eyes noticeably red. Her lips were quivering, with her nose going a shade of pink.

Angad got up, shouting "we need to talk and I mean it"

Equally angered, kripa shouted "and I don't want to talk, you cant force me to, the way you forced me into everything else"

Her tear brimmed eyes calmed him down, maybe he was speaking to harshly "listen kripa" he took her hand, gripping it tightly "we need to talk, its not just about you or me, its about us. Us kripa, what happened to us, we were so happy, but all of a sudden you decided to be back to your old self"

"Angad, your hurting me" she spoke as he squeezed her hand in between his "and I told you, I don't want to hear anything, no talking, no commands, no explanations, nothing"

"See, your being stubborn again, your being your old self" he loosened his grip, but still held her hand "Why kripa, why?"

"First of all Angad, if you loved me, you'd never want me to change, your supposed to accept a person the way they are, not make them the way you like them" then giving him a stern look, she said "and I'm sure you know the reason after reading my diary, I should have known. Now let go of me, I don't want to talk to you"

His hands left her hand to grip her arms "Why, because you know your wrong?" he questioned with evident anger.

"I know I'm right, after all the proof I got, I don't have a reason to be wrong" She gritted her teeth, using her hand, trying to release his grasp on her arms "leave me".

"No, not until you listen to me"

"You tell me, I'm stubborn, huh. You prove me right every time. You said not all men are selfish, your not selfish, but for your own selfish reasons your commanding me"

"Its need, your being stubborn, not listening to me. What am I supposed to do? Tell me an alternative" silence took over for a few minutes "you don't have one do you, neither do I. Now just listen to me, for which I have two options, you either listen to me, talk to me calmly or I'll have to force you"

"Yea, go ahead, force me again" she spoke in tears "that's all you've ever done, forced me"

"Look kripa, if you had ever done anything without me having no other option but forcing you, then I would never compel you" His hands slid down to hers, dragging her to the sofa "ok, now lets talk properly" he held her hand down to the leather of the brown right cornered sofa "you think I have an affair with nandita and basically I want to know exactly what made you think I could cheat on you"

"Correction, I know you have an affair with nandita and you don't need to know what proof I found" she responded mulishly.

Angad sighed "your starting again, cooperate, we might just get somewhere and how can you be so sure I have an affair. If I had an affair with nandita, I would never force you into marriage in the first place"

"Exactly, why did you force me, if you loved nandita?" she questioned angry

"I haven't got an affair with her, now tell me, how am I am I supposed to prove that?"

"Oh, stop lying, I know you have an affair, if not then what were you doing in the hospital that day with her, hugging her, kissing her" she snatched her hand away with all her power "What was all that I heard from the hospital staff?" she stood up, tears burning her eyes "Why was her name written as Mrs Nandita A Khanna?" she walked a distance and then turned around "What was all the stuff I heard from your class mates, when I enquired about your relationship?" She pressed her hands to her face "find the answer to my questions, then prove yourself" and she left to their room, locking it.

Angad dropped onto the brown leather. She didn't let him speak again. She didn't let him clear himself. She never did. Would she ever give him a chance? First he had to go and find proof and what was all that. Did A Khanna always mean Angad Khanna? Why couldn't she think like that? Why couldn't her brain process anything but a chance to prove him wrong?

Angad was cut out of his thoughts, with a hand on his shoulder. It was neev.  "Angad, your parents are here with kripa's parents" he conveyed.

Angad looked down with shame and guilt falling all over again. His parents were absolutely ashamed of him. If they had a choice, they would abandon him, but parents are parents, they couldn't punish him to that extent. Kripa's parents had cursed him at the start. They had found him guilty and her father still did. He didn't want Angad anywhere near his daughter but Angad wouldn't move. He would stay by her side all the time. Whereas Kripa's mother, she blamed him, cursed him, but soon realized kripa's fault. Anjali and prachi had conveyed what had happened over the past years to her mother. She was a little shocked at first but believed; after all she had a hint of kripa's beliefs before she left for her in laws.

As they entered the room, Angad stood up, his hands sweating profusely. He rounded the bed and sat on the other side of kripa, his head bowed, whilst his hand held onto hers.

Kripa felt the wetness of his hands. He always reminded her of something or the other. Going back to her memories, she thought of the time after her argument with Angad.

Kripa leaned against the door. Her eyes closed, with tears spilling out of her tear glands. Why was she crying again? Hadn't she promised herself two months ago, she wouldn't cry for such a person? Then why? Why was she crying for him? For the person, who gave her nothing but tears? The few moments of laughter were fake. He was fake. He had disguised himself so she would believe him and then he would use her. Is that all he wanted? She thought.

Wiping her tears, she pulled her mobile out to call prachi. Anjali didn't believe her last time. She had misled her, sending her in Angad's trap. She didn't want that to happen again. She had to talk to someone. It had been two months she had kept it within herself and now she had to talk to someone. The only person she could think of was prachi.

After calling her for the third time, she picked the phone up "hello"

"Hello, prachi, I need to talk to you" her voice started to crack again.

"Kripa, are you alright?" she questioned, worried.

"Yea, um, I'm coming down in a few minutes"

"No, you stay, I'll come. You don't seem too good"

"Prachi, please, you're pregnant, I don't want you running around because of me"

"Oh kripa, come on, neev was going to come anyways, so I'll tag along and then we'll talk" she explained.

"You sure"

"Hundred percent, now stop worrying, I'll be there in a few minutes" and she hung up.

Minute's later kripa heard the doorbell ring. She quietly opened her bedroom door, peeping out, in search of prachi. Angad and neev stood at the door, with a fat, well, not exactly fat, but pregnant prachi at the door. Prachi walked towards kripa's bedroom, whilst Angad and neev walked to the living room.

Kripa helped prachi sit on the bed comfortably, with pillows behind her back, then took a seat besides her. "I'm sorry prachi, I shouldn't have called, I didn't realize that I was going to spill everything in front of you, especially when your pregnant, I don't want you to be upset in anyway, but I couldn't help it, I was in need, I had to talk to someone" she said letting the tears slide down her cheeks.

"Kripa" prachi embraced her, consoling her "what's wrong, tell me"

"Angad cheated on me" She stated between sobs.

"What, but, I mean, who, where, ughh, who is it?"

"Nandita Khanna"

"But kripa, she's an old friend of his, you're probably misunderstanding"

"I'm not and I know it, why doesn't anyone believe me. I thought I would tell Anjali, but she supported Angad last time, she didn't side with me, her best friend, everyone gives his side. I can't tell our parents because I know they will be hurt. He doesn't care about them but I do" Kripa took prachis hands in hers "Everyone blames me, everyone thinks I'm wrong, no one looks at what Angad did, first he forced me into marrying him. He knew I wasn't happy, you knew that too prachi. I thought I could escape at that time but I couldn't, I wish could have" releasing prachis hands, she pressed them to her face "then after our marriage, just when I thought, maybe I was being dim-witted and he was right, he proved me wrong. He tried to force me into a physical relationship"

"Wait, when did this happen" prachi interrupted

"On the evening of your wedding" she sobbed

"Oh, I'm so sorry, but are you sure?" She asked taking kripa into her arms.

"Why would I lie about such a thing prachi, he tried to force me into a relationship I didn't want, if he could do that then he can do anything. I don't believe him, I never will, I can't. I'm not a fool, its not the first time he broke my trust, it's the second time and it's unbearable, I was almost attracted towards him, but he finished it, its over, totally over". She cried in Prachi's arms, letting out all the emotions through her tears. Oh, how light she felt after talking to prachi, much light headed.

Kripa's father looked at Angad with bitterness. It was only due to his wife Angad was alive today. If it weren't for her, he would have killed Angad long ago, but his wife didn't let him. She thought Angad was correct in his own perspective, although he blamed himself. How could she think like that? Vivek thought, she was kripa's mother. She gave birth to kripa and she still sided with Angad.

"Angad how is kripa now? We found out she showed some kind of movement from prachi" kripa's mother asked, anxiously.

"She's fine mom, hopefully she'll be stable and awake in a few hours" he reassured, unsure himself.

"Once she's discharged, she's going home with us" Her father announced sternly.

"But, dad—"he was interrupted

"Don't you dare call me dad; I have no relationship with the man who hurt my daughter so much. I'm only tolerating you because you have legal rights on her right now, once she's awake, I'll make sure she's free"

"Please don't punish me to this extent, I know and I admit I was wrong, but I can't lose her, I'll die without her" Angad pleaded with his hands folded.

Vivek took a last look at his daughter, then at Angad and left the room, his wife followed behind to argue, leaving behind Angad's parents.

They looked ashamed seeing him. Although he was there only offspring, there own blood, they were upset with him, disappointed. The son they were once conceited of, who once made them proud of the fact that they were his parents, now did nothing but make them feel so low, so ashamed. They were humiliated by Kripa's father continuously, his eyes, his talks, his face, everything complained about the way there son, his best friends son had treated his beloved daughter.

Angad's parents looked at him, ashamed. There eyes followed to his hand, where he held Kripa's hand ever so possessively. They could see the love clearly in his eyes, then why, why did he do that one thing? Why did he force her, when she was in decline?

"You have no right on her Angad, you lost your right the day you—"his father trailed off choking on his tears. "Come on saamia, lets go, I don't want to see him, I'm only seeing him because of Kripa" and he left through the door.

Angad looked pleadingly at his mother, whilst tears gleamed in her eyes "You should have thought about it before Angad, it's too late" and she left like the others, leaving him drowned in his memories.

"Hmm, you know, you should have told kripa about nandita the day you met her in the hospital" neev advised

"I know neev, but the day I met her, I didn't know kripa saw something which isn't even true and the stupid staff, huh, all they do is gossip?"

Neev sighed "your problems serious, did you tell kripa that Nandita's married?"

"no, she doesn't want to listen to me, she doesn't talk to me, What the hell am I supposed to do?" Angad dropped onto the sofa "She's drifting away neev; I can't let that happen, not now at least, after we've been married for almost half a year, after being so close to gaining her trust, her love, I cant let her go"

"Hmm" neev put his hand on Angad's shoulder "Has kripa told anyone about this?"

"I don't know, normally she tells Anjali, but she didn't this time, since Anjali supported me last time"

"Phone Anjali, maybe she can help us" neev suggested


"Trust me Angad; I won't do anything for your bad"

Angad sat besides neev on the sofa. Dialling Anjali's number, he waited for her to respond, after three bells, she picked it up "hello kripa, what the hell is this, you haven't talked to me for the past two months, you totally forgot me—"

She was cut off by Angad's deep voice "Anjali, its me, Angad"

"Oh, umm, what a surprise, how's kripa?"

"Not so fine, I need your help"

"Help, from me" she asked curiously" and what happened to kripa?"

Angad told Anjali the incidents chronologically, explaining kripa's misunderstandings, her misconceptions and how she wasn't listening to a word of his. "I want you to phone her and explain to her, she always listens to you, please talk to her"

"Hmm, she's still stubborn, god, when will she grow up, ok Angad, I'll talk to her" they talked a little longer and then held up.

Angad turned towards neev "what am I meant to do now, just wait for her to talk to Anjali, I mean what if she doesn't listen, it took her almost a month last time"

"You are going to call Aryan home and clear kripa's misunderstanding" neev simply replied "answer all her questions, after all you are innocent, aren't you?" he asked with a glint of mischief, getting a playful punch in return.

Soon neev and prachi left leaving Angad and kripa alone. Seeing the door open Angad went in to talk to her again. "Kripa, we need to talk, come on" he sat on the bed beside her.

She stood up, but was pulled back "Angad, I told you earlier, there is nothing left to talk about, I don't want you interfering in my life, so just leave me alone"

"Why are you so damn stubborn kripa?" he asked

"I am not stubborn, its you who isn't trustworthy, you don't deserve my trust, actually, you don't deserve anyone's trust, you don't even deserve to be human" she brawled

Angad's anger started to rise again "And what are you kripa, tell me, have you even got a heart in there" he pointed to her chest "what are made of. A person explains once or maybe twice, more than twice is just a nuisance; you have to learn how to respect others for what they are"

"I'm sorry Angad, but I can't respect a person who doesn't respect me, my values, my decisions, my choice, everything. If you think I should respect you then you are very wrong Khanna, I don't want to respect someone, who goes around cheating on people, who uses people"

"What is your god damn problem, when I was nice to you and explained everything so kindly, you had a problem then and now when I'm telling you roughly, explaining to you, you still have a problem. Tell me, how do I satisfy you, How do I make you believe me?"

"Stay away from my life" and she stood up, grabbing her coat and purse and walked out into the breezy air of February.


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Chapter Seventeen

Almost three week later Angad lay, sunken in the brown leather, his hands on his head. God, his wife was impossible, he thought, as the incident of four days before came rushing into his mind.

Four days ago, Angad had bought Aryan home, to prove his innocence. He had already told Aryan the misunderstanding and he was ready to help.

As they entered, he found Kripa busy on the laptop, researching. "Umm, Kripa, someone's—"

He was cut off "listen Angad, I told you before and I'm telling you again, I do not want to talk to you, Mind your own business and keep away"

"But Kripa—"

"Can't you hear damn it, I said I don't want to hear your voice, now you may leave!" she retorted.

"Will you listen to me or not?" he simply asked

"No" is all he heard

After a few moments of silence, he spoke again "I don't care if you want to listen or not, but I'm just going to tell you" she was just about to interrupt, but he continued "someone's come to meet you"

"Oh, umm, I'll be out in a minute" she replied dumbfounded.

Angad silently chuckled and left to host Aryan. After a few minutes Kripa came out to see the unknown guest. "Umm hi, but I don't know you" she spoke unsure, confused.

"I know" Aryan replied "but I know you very well, I'm Aryan, Aryan Khanna" he held his hand out to greet. She kept a firm grip on her hand, leaving Aryan astounded by her attitude; he looked towards Angad, completely sympathized "oh, um" he took his hand back.

"What do I do if you're Aryan Khanna? She said, eyebrows raised.

Aryan cleared his throat, suddenly nervous, facing so much rudeness at once "Um, yes, I'm Nandita Khanna's husband"

Kripa stood in front of him shocked at first, but slowly her slightly aloof lips transformed into a smirk, her almost tearful eyes, looked at him with a glint of anger. "What else did Angad tell you to say?" she questioned

"Huh" Aryan looked confused, why wouldn't he be with so many unexpected encounters at once. "What do you mean? All Angad told me was that you were misunderstanding my wife to be having an affair with him"

"There you go" she pointed out "he told you that it was a misunderstanding. Did he forget to add it's the truth?" she retorted.

"Kripa, what the hell—"

Angad was cut off "I don't want to hear anything Angad, I told you before, I'm only here for the sake of our parents, I didn't want to marry you in the first place and then you just made it worse by betraying me"

"Exactly kripa, you didn't want to marry me, that's why you're blaming all this false stuff on me" he blurted

"Don't try to justify yourself Angad, your wrong that's why you need all these proofs"

"Proof kripa, proof. Choosing the field of a law has made you want proof. You're not being yourself, your being a lawyer, asking for proof and then finding the possibilities of it being wrong"

"I am not, your just saying that so that—"

They were interrupted by Aryan, who was horrified watching the scene "Listen kripa, basically, I've come here to clear your misunderstanding—"

"There is no misunderstanding "she growled.

"Mrs Khanna—"

"I'm kripa, not Mrs Khanna"

"Sorry" he said; his hands in the air "sorry, kripa. I've got proof that I'm married to nandita"

"What proof?" she questioned.

He opened his briefcase, taking out a few pictures, he handed them to kripa "these are our wedding photographs" he informed.

Kripa smirked again "easy, it's very easy to get such pictures made today"

Puzzled, Aryan took the pictures back, then took out his marriage certificate "You can't deny this"

"Of course I can" She replied "It's become common to get forged legal documents, it proves nothing"

"Oh man" Aryan turned towards Angad "Your wife is impossible, she has an answer for everything" he turned back towards kripa "What do you expect, me to go and call all those who attended my wedding to prove Angad's innocence"

"You shouldn't have got involved in the first place" she snapped, letting her anger release, verbally "and besides, even if you are married to this so-called Nandita Khanna, what's the guarantee she isn't cheating behind your back? Huh, tell me. You're all nerdy and it's very rare for people to stay so long with nerds. If not today, then tomorrow she will cheat on you. Understand". Aryan looked at her insulted and flabbergasted "Now you may go" she said with her arms folded across her chest.

Aryan turned towards Angad "I better leave; it wasn't a good idea to come here in the first place" he glanced at kripa and left.

Angad looked back at kripa "what is your problem?" he screamed.

"My problem is you Khanna, I told you before, don't interfere with my life, you have no right to give me an explanation for something that isn't of my concern" she sighed "listen, its simple, your not going to get another chance, I'm not going to trust you because I know I'll just be making another mistake" and she walked off, leaving Angad angry As ever.

"What was that vivek? How can you even think about getting kripa divorced?" Swati questioned her aggravated husband.

"Swati its better you don't talk to me about it. I don't know how you could believe Angad, the person who destroyed your daughter's life"

"How many times do I have to explain, it wasn't entirely his fault, what kripa did was wrong as well"

"Ok, maybe kripa was wrong, maybe she shouldn't have done all that she did with Angad but then it doesn't mean he could go and hurt her. He hurt my daughter Swati, my blood, my only offspring. How else do you expect me to react? Do you expect me to go to him and say that oh, I'm so proud of you?"

"What he did was wrong, I admit, but try to understand him. Tell me, if I were in kripa's place and I did all this with you, then what would you do?"

"I'd take a wise decision; I wouldn't go to an extent of an animal" he exclaimed

"That's what you say now vivek. If you were in his position you would be different" and she walked through the doors to kripa's room.

Meanwhile kripa was lost in the depths of her memories, remembering those moments when the problems could have come to an end, but she didn't give it a chance.

"Listen anju, I'm not giving him another chance, last time I believed him because you convinced me. But what happened? He broke my trust again. I'm not some kind of toy that you play with it and then throw it away"

"Kripa, kripa, listen to me. Why are you taking everything so wrong?"

"I'm not, its you. You listened to what Angad said, you don't trust me, but you trust him."

"Its not that kripa, you're taking the whole thing somewhere else, where did I come from in all this. Its all about you trusting Angad, you've made his life worse than hell, I mean, he hasn't even done anything and your—"

"Listen Anjali, if your going to support him then all I can say is you've changed. Angad didn't only break my trust but he's the cause of making me lose my best friend. Goodbye Anjali"

"But kripa—" and the phone cut when kripa ended the call.

"Goodbye Anjali" she whispered once again, with tears trickling down her rosy cheeks.

That evening when Angad came home, he found kripa sunken in her cushions, her head down, sobbing loudly. Immediately he rushed to her side, taking her into his arms. She pushed him away "Don't touch me, I hate you, I hate you so much Khanna" she screamed moving to the other side of the bed.

Angad looked at her with hurt in his eyes "Why kripa, why don't you ever understand me?"

"Why should I understand you? Why? I know your simply going to take advantage"

"Again, your misunderstanding my love, my friendship, everything, I was just trying to console but you always misinterpret the situation" he retorted, his anger rising to its peaks

"Shut up, just shut up, all you've ever done to me is given me tears, you took everything away from me. Today because of you I lost my best friend, the friend I've had since childhood, Anjali"

"Huh, but--"

"No, no, I don't want an excuse" she pushed her hair back "She misunderstood me again today. She thought I was wrong. She didn't think once about the truth, she believed you, all your lies, I hate you, I hate you" she screamed.

"What is it with you. I'm not god that I'm meant to be cool all the time. I'm human kripa and I'm loosing my patience. You blame me for everything" he moved closer to her on the bed whilst she leaned back to keep the distance "You've always blamed me. Have you ever thought what goes through me. How I feel when you just blame me for all your tears" he barked, moving closer.

Kripa backed away, finally standing up to leave, scared, but Angad took her hand "Angad please, leave me alone, cool your anger down then we'll talk" she spoke struggling to release her wrist

"Really? And how much of that is the truth? You always say the same thing to avoid talking to me, you always run from clearing the misunderstanding" he pulled her towards him, then surrounded his arms around her arms, putting an end to her attempt to escape.

"Angad, Angad, please, your not thinking properly, leave me" she squirmed.

"I don't want to listen to you kripa" he squeezed her in his arms "every time I listen, what happens? You blame me at the end, every time damn it, not once but every time"

"Angad, please, your hurting me, your giving me another reason to hate you" she exclaimed with immense pain.

"I'm hurting you, kripa, I'm hurting you" he shouted, taking her by her arms, shaking her vigorously "And what about me, huh, tell me, how much have you hurt me? how much pain have you caused me?"

"It's all your fault, I told you from the start to stay out of my life, but no, you were to determined to come in my life, ruin my dreams, ruin everything"

Angad pushed her on the soft fluffy cushions, leaning into her "Yes kripa, according to you I ruined your life" he slammed his fist on her side, with his other hand on the bed's headboard "according to you, I'm a villain. If you hated me that much then why didn't you refuse when I offered, huh, tell me" he slammed his hand again, this time harder "Tell me damn it"

"You did it all on purpose Angad, all of it. You asked me when you knew I couldn't refuse and now you've made that time a point against me" she growled, tears streaming down her face.

"Again your misunderstanding me? You never give me a chance, you've never gave me a chance. You've never let me clear myself. Prove that I am capable of you, that I'm the man you've been looking for. But then" he caught her arms in his hands, pinning her down; on the bed "you hated men. For that hatred you destroyed your life, you corrupted your own mind and today nandita is suffering because of you, her husband who gave her freedom, love, compassion, now keeps limits to her liberty. Deep down he still loves her but because of your stupid act he acts all cold with her. You've not only ruined your life but put other people's life at stake and you call me heartless, you call me selfish" he bawled tightening his grip.

"She deserved it, she was cheating her husband the same way you cheated me"

Angad leaned his body weight on kripa, pulling her shirt off her creamy shoulder, she shrieked, fright taking over her courage "You know what your problem is? Your problem is that you've never let a man near you. Your problem is you've never known a man properly. Your problem is that you've always wanted to see man's callous side" he growled, biting into her shoulder, causing her to yelp with pain.

"Angad, leave me, please" she pleaded

"No kripa, not today, last time was a mistake but this time I'll show you what a man can do if you force them to become an animal" he ripped her sleeves, tearing the material away from her skin "now you'll know what helplessness is, what pain is" he forced his face in the curve of her neck, as she cried in misery.

"Angad, let go, Angad, Angad no" kripa screamed in agony as Angad released her body from the boundary of garments, exposing her "Angad you can't do this to me, please" she exclaimed, whilst his lips bruised her soft, tender skin.

"I can and I will" he growled as his face bellowed to her round curves, his hands holding her fists" its time you learn to respect a man. "He pressed his lips to her belly button "I tried to teach you without being violent but it seems you understand violence" his tongue swirled around her naval area.

Angad unzipped his black jeans, whilst he parted his button up shirt from his muscular chest. Kripa gasped at the sight, he wasn't going to leave her today. He would possess her, do what she never wanted, free her of her virginity, her only wealth.

With all her strength she pushed his body off hers, holding the blanket against her bareness. She scuttled to the bathroom, but fate wasn't with her. Angad grabbed her upper arm, digging his finger into her skin. He pulled her against his bare body, furious for her attempt to escape.

She cried as he pulled her hair back "I wont let you escape today kripa, not today" he whispered. In seconds his lips touched her throat, torturing her again. He dropped her onto the bed, dropping on top, blocking her escape, as he tormented her with his rough lustful kisses, expressing his anger, whilst she struggled, crying out for help.

He caught her hands in his, letting his lips linger anywhere. Oh, how venerable kripa felt at that moment. She felt helpless, screaming, shouting, calling for help, but there was no one there. No one could save her, no one could help her.

Then the moment came, when she physically belonged to Angad. No man had touched her, no man had ever disrespected her virginity, but Angad did. He molested her, his own wife, the women he claimed to love. She screamed out in pain as they united in painful union, but physically. She didn't know if it ever would become emotional.

After that moment, she stilled. She was raped, her virginity, her wealth was snatched away from her brutally. She felt torn apart. Her self respect, self esteem everything shattered as she closed her eyes letting Angad play with her further, tears streaming from her eyes.

Kripa's breathe became uneven. She breathed harder, gasping for air, as her eyes opened from her long term sleep.

Whilst, Angad was still lost in those horrible memories, when he had molested his wife. He couldn't and wouldn't ever forgive himself for his mistake.

Hours after the incident, he opened his eyes, breaking his sleep, as the sunshine bothered his eyes. His head ached badly, if only he hadn't drank the wine Juan had offered him at his house. The previous afternoon Angad visited Juan to check up on his health. He hadn't been coming for a few days, he was on sick leave. When he visited he found Juan absolutely fine, well, doctors could only make excuses for a leave. They had dinner together, then shared a few glasses of wine mixed with rum.

He shivered at the feel of the cold breeze, realizing his nakedness. Confused he looked to his side, where kripa sat crouched against the wall, tears falling from her eyes, covering her bare body with the large blanket. Immediately the nights incidents dawned to him, realizing his momentous mistake.

He pulled the bed sheet off the bed, wrapping it around his waist to knee length. He moved forward, his eyes downcast with regret. He silently sat down beside kripa, who pulled her knees closer to her chest, her hands tightened around hers, moving away slightly, wanting to keep distance.

Angad touched her shoulder, but she pushed it away, weeping at the loss of her virginity. Angad sat besides her watching her weep continuously. It hurt him, it hurt a lot. He had brought tears to her eyes and it wasn't the first time, but his time his mistake was real, this time he was at fault and his mistake was unforgivable.

Not being able to watch her cry anymore, he took her into his arms. At first she struggled, fidgeted but soon cried her heart out punching his exposed chest with her small fists, whilst he continuously whispered "I'm sorry kripa"

A week had gone by. Kripa became silent, living like a statue. She ate very little, living her life because she had to. Angad stayed home for the first four days, consoling her, making sure she kept her appetite right; shedding tears himself, guilty for his mistake.

He didn't want to bother neev and prachi, since prachi delivered a healthy baby boy two and a half weeks ago. She was still weak from labour and she needed attention to recover her pregnancy. They had named the baby Arun. The name meant the sun, which they believed was auspicious since the sun brought light to the world, in the same way they wanted Arun to bring light in there lives.

Angad could no longer avoid going to work with the dean's several warnings; therefore on the fifth day he had gone to work leaving kripa alone to shed tears in the silence of the house.

On the evening of the seventh day, when Angad returned home, he found the apartment covered with a veil of deadly silence. Putting his bag down, Angad went to his room to find kripa, but she wasn't there. He checked the bathroom, there was till no sign. Worried, he tossed the whole apartment but she was missing. Where could she have gone? He thought, his hands on his head, as he helplessly sat there.

Minutes later he received a phone call "hello kripa" he spoke worriedly, seeing her name flash on the screen.

Instead he heard a man "Hello sir, this is Officer Barry speaking, um actually there's been an accident at west end avenue, we found your number on the top in the victims phone"

"Victim, accident" Angad sat there horrified as he uttered the words "How is she, is she alright, where is she?"

"She's been sent to New York-Presbyterian; may I know who you are?" he questioned.

"I'm—I'm her husband, I'm on my way" and he disconnected the phone, grabbing his coat, heading for the hospital.

Hours later Angad stood in front of the ICU in tears as he heard the horrific state of his wife. She had fallen into a deep coma, with leg and head injuries, her skull had been fractured, whilst her leg bone was simply cracked with the car accident. She had many cuts and bruises on her body, causing loss of blood, but that wasn't a major issue. The doctors believed her fractured skull and depressed state had caused her slip into a coma, letting her rest for days, months or maybe years.

As the tears slipped down Angad's cheek, he realized kripa breathing heavily in front of him. He immediately called for a doctor unable to think of anything else. "Doctor, doctor, nurse" he shouted across the corridor.

"Doctor Khanna you're not supposed to shout like this in a hospital, there are rules"

"To damn with the rules, something's wrong with kripa, she can't breathe" he informed.

The doctor attended immediately, whilst Angad waited outside, depressed, stressed and worried, with tears staining his face. His heart was in havoc, impatient to know kripa's position.


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Chapter Eighteen

Kripa's mother came rushing to Angad "Angad, what happened? Is she alright?" she questioned in misery.

"I don't know mom" is voice cracked "she started to breathe heavily and—and, mom I don't want to loose her"

"Loose her or the baby" Kripa's father stated sternly

Angad's tear clad eyes looked at his father in law. His eyes lowered in shame. Although he knew it wasn't his entire fault, he didn't ever admit it. He always blamed himself for kripa's state. If it were not for him, she would never be here. 'It was all his fault' his mind screamed 'all his fault'. His heart retaliated 'Stop blaming yourself Angad, it wasn't you, it wasn't her. It was circumstances' 'Circumstances do not force a man to become an animal' the mind fought back. 'It was momentarily. Every person has a animal hidden in them; it just comes out in different forms. After all, we are basically animals' the heart answered. 'Human has been given more understanding, more knowledge, more sensibility as a gift from god, there is no explanation. He was wrong and is wrong for what he did. Kripa only reacted the way she always did. But what happened to you Angad? Why did you loose control?' Angad's inner battle was interrupted when he heard Juan call him.


"Juan How is she?" he asked eagerly

"Well, congratulations, she's finally out of coma. She is one of the few people that have survived a coma"

Angad's face lit up with delight. She was finally out of coma; finally she wasn't struggling for her life, finally. Then reality dawned to him. He would have to face her now. What would he say to her? He was so guilty, how could he face her? Would she even stay with him anymore? No, she wouldn't, and this time he was not going to force her. He would let her decide herself. But what about there baby? He thought, but then again he deserved to be punished. He wasn't legally punished, due to his parents, but he was prepared to be emotionally punished. He was at fault.

"Can we see her?" he heard kripa's father

"Not now, she needs a little time for recovery. Maybe after an hour or so I shall allow you. For now, I advise the nurse to be with her" Juan touched her father's shoulder "I hope you understand Mr Sharma. She's been through a critical phase of her life"

Kripa's father nodded in response, holding back his tears.

"Angad, you had to face her one day, come on, don't give up now" neev consoled.

They sat in Dr Juan's cabin. Juan knew what happened to an extent, but there was no clear proof of Angad raping kripa, since she was taken to the hospital a week later, when she had an accident. The tests didn't show a clear response; therefore no action was taken against Angad. Angad had practically begged and confessed his crime but without proof nothing could be done.

"Neev, I can't"

"You can Angad. You've been strong enough these past nine months. Don't lose your strength now, it's not time now, be strong and prepared"

"Yes Angad, don't loose hope now, as this world relies on hope" prachi added

Angad gave them a half smile, but he was scared, scared of the outcome.  How would he live if she refused to be with him. He sighed and left his fate in the hands of god.

"Kripa" her mother embraced her carefully. She was still weak and would use quite a few weeks to recover properly.

"Mom" she said, her speech a little slurred, her throat absolutely dry

"I'm here, don't worry"

"Mom, my child" she said, touching her abdomen, tears shining in her eyes

Her mother was angry with kripa for her intolerant behaviour, but motherhood took over. She would talk to kripa about this later; right now she was too weak to handle it. "Yes kripa, he's fine" she took her in her arms, letting her tears soak her.

"Kripa, I promise I won't let Angad hurt you again, I won't let him touch you" her father intervened "He was only here until now because of your marriage but I'll make sure he doesn't have that as well"

Kripa trembled hearing Angad's name. Her mother looked down at her daughter. She was fear clad, but the thought of divorce made her uneasy for some reason. She had realized to an extent how unfair she had been towards Angad. She still remembered how he took her in his arms after that horrendous night. How he had consoled her, but then again, his violent actions the night before couldn't be forgotten.

Angad was a silent spectator. He watched kripa and her family unite, as he crumbled. Her silence told him her decision. His heart shattered, with the remaining hoe. H knew this was coming soon. This time he would let things be her way. He wouldn't interfere in her decision. No matter how hurt he was.

He sat outside her room as tears fell from his eyes. He pressed his face, trying to suppress the tears. He was on the verge of a breakdown when he felt a hand on his stubbed cheek. He looked up and found kripa's mother looking down at him. "Mom" he whispered

She took him into her arms, letting him cry his heart out holding her waist. She knew what he had gone through these months. His parent's had left his side, he had no one but her and his friends. He had parted from himself. He still blamed himself and craved for his mothers arms, for the comfort but he was all alone.

Swati sympathized with the lonely soul. He wasn't the only one at fault but only he was left alone. She was so glad he had his friend there to support him. He would have done something he didn't deserve if they were not here to support him.

From a distance, Angad's mother watched her son weep in misery. Oh how she wished she could take him into her arms, console him, soothe him, the way she did when he cried in his childhood, but her husbands firm grip on her hand stopped her.

Neev held saamia's other hand; he looked at her with pleading eyes. His friend was so lonesome, so quiet. He missed the Angad that helped him in time of need. He missed the Angad that was always active, but today he was nothing but miserable.

Seeing neev's earnest eyes towards his wife, rajveer immediately warned "saamia you won't go"

Saamia lowered her eyes. She longed to hold her son but her duty towards her husband became a barrier. "Aunty is Angad's mistake so big that you'll let him cry like that all his life". She looked at neev, her eyes screaming, telling him how shattered she was. "If you love him that much then why are you punishing him? Hasn't he been punished enough?" he questioned and left to console his best friend, whilst she looked at him, her heart swelling from emotions.

In the meantime prachi sat with kripa "How are you feeling?"

"I don't know.   My head is heavy and it feels horrible that I can't move around without help" kripa said

"Kripa, it's momentarily pain, you'll be fine"

"It's not temporarily anymore prachi. It never will be"

Prachi sighed "kripa, I don't think we should talk about this right now"

"Why is everyone avoiding it?" she spoke, agitated.

"Kripa, even if we told you, you wouldn't believe us and I think only Angad has the right to talk about it right now. We've seen how much he's gone through. You never will have an idea kripa, never" she whispered and immediately left.

Kripa lay back lost in her thoughts. She knew she was wrong. She saw her mother's eyes complaining. Prachi complained as well. What made her restless was why Angad hadn't come to see her? Why was she so concerned about Angad?

"Kripa" she heard, coming out of her thoughts.

In front of her stood Anjali. Her eyes were lowered and she seemed distant. "Anjali" she whispered

"How are you? I know I've probably lost the right to ask you but I'm still asking you"

"Anjali, I dint mean—"

"It's alright kripa. I've accepted your decision and I still believe what I did then" she said firmly

Kripa lowered her eyes in shame. The guilt was swimming within her somewhere. It made her realize how wrong she was? "I'm sorry" she whispered "I didn't give you a chance?"

"Why?" Anjali questioned "why didn't you give me a chance? Why didn't you give yourself a chance? Why didn't you give Angad a chance?"

"I couldn't" she whispered "I couldn't, I wasn't ready to listen to anyone then"

"That's why you ended up like this kripa" she sighed "I've just come to see you, maybe the last time. You broke our friendship ties "

"Anjali, please" kripa pleaded, in tears.

"I said the same to you kripa when you broke our friendship. How could you even think that I would deliberately try to harm you" she retorted, tears chocking her voice.

"I was wrong, I know I was wrong, but it was too late. He made another mistake. He—he raped me"

"I know kripa. I know. Everyone blamed him, infact many still do. He was ready for every punishment but why am I Telling you. It wont affect you" Anjali stood up.

"Anjali, what he did was wrong as well"

"I know, I'm not justifying his mistakes, but neither am I going to justify your mistakes. You were wrong to him, all along"

"I wasn't Anjali; I told you what he did to me. He had forced me on every turn of my life instead of supporting me"

"Again kripa, you're looking at his mistakes. Have you ever thought how tolerant he was? How much he went through because you were to stubborn" she sighed "At one point in my life I believed what you believe, but as I went through life, I discovered not everyone is necessarily the way you think, not everyone is what you say they are"

"I'm sorry Anjali, I'm sorry. Cant we sort out our differences"

"I'm not as cold hearted as you kripa. I'm ready to sort our the differences, but I still advise you, think about Angad before taking any decision. He wasn't the only one at fault" and she embraced kripa, assuring her of there friendship. Both friends cherished the moment, as they united again.

A week had gone by. Kripa's mother sat by kripa, feeding her, when kripa asked? "Mom, can I ask you a question?"

"Yeah, go ahead"

"Was I unfair to Angad?"

"Before I answer you, tell me will you listen to what I say?"

"Of course I will mom"

"Then yes, you were unfair. Right know you might be thinking why am I, your mother giving his side, but kripa, I've seen him pain, I've seen him in agony" she sighed "you know, if he wanted he would have never told us about you. He could have kept it a secret but he told us, truthfully. He even justified you for your mistakes. He didn't allow us to think of you to be wrong. But he forgot I am a mother and I knew what you were like"

"Mom, did he tell you what ever did to me?" Did he ever mention how he forced me into things, How he betrayed me?" she said in tears

She smiled "He told us everything kripa, everything? He told us from the very start, what happened. Do you remember when you leaving for America, you expressed your anger for men then?"

Kripa looked down, Deep down in her heart; she knew her mother told the truth. "Yeah, I was angry that day. He was the reason I was going so far from you"

"It's tradition kripa. Every girl has to go one day. You never understood"

"I did mom, but these traditions, all these were made by men, as they dimidiated in the olden days. It's always been the way men want"

"Answer my question kripa; do you hate your dad?"

"No mom" she looked up "of course not. Yes, sometimes I was angry at him for dominating you, but I never hated him"

"Then why are all other men categorized in this? Why is Angad part of this hatred?"

"Mom, you're giving his side"

"I asked you before kripa. Will you listen to me? You said you would and now I'm telling you"

"Mom, Dad's different. He brought me in to this world. He's my father, I don't know"

"Really, you don't know kripa. You've punished Angad all along because he was a man, but you never punished your father"

"Mom, there's a difference in between a father and a husband?"

"There is" she looked at kripa, placed the bowl on the table and took kripa's hands "Your father is the one who brings you into this world, who is by your side when you grow up. Your husband is the one you spend your life with. The one you walk with throughout your life each understanding each other? You didn't do that kripa, he did?"

Kripa gulped, her throat went dry. She felt humiliated as her mistakes were lined up in front of her.

"If you hate Angad so much kripa, you should hate this baby?"

"Mom" kripa retaliated

"I'm telling the truth. Angad's a man, this baby is a boy according to your sonography Reports. The same boy will be a man in the future kripa. Will you hate it then?"

"Mom, How can a mother hate there child?"

"Exactly, I could have hated you for all you did. I blamed Angad at the start, but then I realized that he wouldn't do anything if it wasn't for you"

"Mom, why are blaming me?"

"I'm not, I'm telling you your mistakes" she took her hands back "think about it kripa and you tell me, Have you been fair towards Angad?" and she left the room, leaving kripa deep in her thoughts.

She felt miserable. Was she really to blame? Had she made that many mistakes? Because of her Angad had lost his parent support? Because of her Angad was suffering? Was she that selfish? She questioned herself, trying to figure out the answer.

"Angad, if you don't go then you'll never be able to face her" Anjali said

"No Anjali, I'm sure she doesn't want to see me. I don't wan to ruin things for her"

"Angad, if you don't go then I'll be forced to push you in there" neev warned

Juan cleared his throat "the hospital has rules neev"

"Sorry, I forgot" he sighed and sat next to Angad "tell me one thing. Even if kripa doesn't want to be with you, what about your child. Wouldn't you wan to see it? Don't you have the right?" he questioned

"Neev, I've troubled kripa enough. I'll do what she wants?"

"And what if she wants to be with you?" Anjali retorted

Angad gave her a sad smile "I know she'll never wan to be, especially after what I did with her"

"And until you don't try she'll never want to be with you" Swati said "Don't give up hope Angad, keep trying"

"Mom, I can't, I've hurt her enough"

"Angad" prachi spoke "If you were going to do this in the first place then why did you stay with her all these nine months. You should have just left her to die"

"Prachi" he raised his voice "don't you dare such a word"

"See Angad, if you care for her so much, if you were with her for all these months then why not now?"

He looked away "Prachi, she'll be much happier"

"Angad, please see her, I'm ordering you" kripa's mother said

"Mom I—"

"If you care about me even a bit, you will visit her"

Angad sighed "ok mom"

After four days, Angad stood outside kripa's room for the past fifteen minutes still deciding whether to go in or not when Kripa's father came. "What are you doing?" he questioned sternly.

Angad looked back, lowering his head "He's going to meet kripa, whether you like it or not"

"Swati, how many times have I told you, I don't wan him near my daughter? I couldn't stop him before, but now that kripa is awake I won't allow him"

"Angad, go in, I'm telling you to"

"Don't you dare" vivek protested

"Angad, I'm giving you permission to go, I' m kripa's mother and know what is for her good" she said glaring at her husband.

Vivek took Angad's arm to stop him "you can't go inside"

Angad looked at the couple miserably. Because of him, his father and mother in law were fighting. He was the routes to all troubles. "Mom, don't fight, I wont go—"

He was cut off "Angad, you will, if you don't then you'll be disrespecting me"

"You are not going in" vivek said, pulling Angad

"Mr Sharma" Dr Juan intervened "this is a hospital, we have other patients here too and Mr Khanna has the full right to visit his wife, you can't stop him"

Vivek released his grip on Angad and glowered at his wife, whilst she stood firmly with her decision, challenging him with her eyes.

Inside kripa heard the commotion. She wondered what was happening. Ignoring the noise, she touched her stomach, where the baby lay and smiled. What Angad did to her was wrong, but she would never regret her baby. Although it wasn't the symbol of there love, she would always love the baby, her baby.

She looked up, realizing someone's presence in the room. Her eyes filled seeing Angad. He stood there in front of her; his eyes were lowered out of shame, as was his head. He looked terrible. She had always seen him decently dressed, whether he dressed for special occasions or whether it was simple home wear. He seemed to have put on weight; his eyes were puffy and red. His stubble was overgrown, he looked dreadful.

Other than his appearance, fear overtook her. She knew Angad wouldn't do anything again, but fear was something that couldn't be controlled. She trembled, but kept her nerves in control.

Angad walked forward, each step heavy for him. He noticed kripa trembling as he walked closer. Seeing kripa uncomfortable, he turned away. Swati watched him from the door. She as disappointed. He needed to talk to her, but he was loosing his strength, he couldn't do it.

"Angad" kripa called weakly.

Angad turned back, stunned. He didn't expect kripa to stop him. He looked at her with a ray of hope "umm, yeah" he replied.

"I'm sorry" she looked down, as he looked at her shocked.

Swati smiled. Maybe kripa finally understood, after hearing her mother's lesson. She moved back, out of the door, leaving the two to resolve their problems.

"Why are you sorry? It was me who did everything. If it weren't for me you would never be here kripa, never" he whispered.

"I can't blame you for it Angad" she whispered "I had put myself in the situation, I never understood"

"You didnt kripa, you did. It was me, I wasn't patient enough. I lost my patience when I shouldn't have"

"But one cant stay patient all the time Angad, you tolerated me so much. No one would"

"Kripa, you were right. Men are selfish. That night I –I became selfish, I thought about how you hurt me; I forgot how I was hurting you"

"You know Angad, even I was selfish. I went over the board. I forced my opinion on you, taunted you, never wanted to get married, troubled you. It was all for selfish reasons. It wasn't you, it wasn't anyone, it was my selfishness, my so called self respect, I kept. It became a barrier, I forgot that opinions are opinions and facts are facts"

"Will you ever be able to forgive me, kripa?"

She looked away "I know I was wrong Angad, but I can't forgive you.  Even if I do, it's not know, I need time Angad, I need some time"

"I'll give all my time kripa, till my last breathe"


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Chapter Nineteen

"Saamia, you're not only hurting Angad, your hurting yourself as well" Swati said "Don't punish yourself and Angad, you've been through enough"

"I can't. I'm ashamed. When I met kripa, her eyes complained to me. She said nothing but her eyes complained"

"Why are you thinking about kripa? Why don't you think about your son? What he went through all these months"

Tears spilled out of her eyes "Why did he do this?"

"It was destiny, think of it as his fate. No one on this earth is perfect and Angad is amongst them"

"Swati, you have a big heart" saamia looked towards her "after all the things Angad has done to your daughter, you're still supporting him"

"It's not about having a big heart. It's about the truth. I know the truth, you know the truth. I've accepted my daughter's mistakes. What Angad did wasn't right as well but kripa provoked him"

"She may have but Angad had no right to touch her inappropriately, to act so violently, to rape her" her voice cracked as she said the last words

"In the same way kripa had no right to provoke Angad, to make his life hell"

"Please Swati; stop giving his side, stop trying to prove him an innocent soul. What he did; I can't forgive him for it, unless Kripa does and his father, there my first priority in this case" and she walked away.

"How are you feeling now?" Anjali asked, nearly three weeks later

"Tired and bored"

Anjali smiled, this was Kripa being herself, complaining about something or the other "well, you have to cope with it for now, your still physically unfit and there going to keep you here at least two weeks more after your baby is born, well depending on your condition"

"That means there's still a whole month" she exclaimed "please, I'm human, not a machine to bear another month"

"What about Angad. He wasn't a machine either that he had to bear all he did" she blurted.

"Anjali" she looked away, a little uncomfortable with the situation "please, I know it was my fault and I'm guilty for it but it's not necessary for you to blame me and make me feel guiltier"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that, but shall I say something" she paused "What do you think Angad has been feeling all these months?"

"Anjali, please, I don't want to talk about it"

"You never will want to, for all these months Angad's been hearing everyone blame him. His own parents have emotionally disowned him because of you, do you know how lonely he was all these months. If it was not for your mother and his friends, god knows what he would have done to himself; you've still got everyone to support you"

Kripa looked down, culpable. Why couldn't she get rid of the guilt?

Angad watched Kripa sleep soundly. She must have been tired, he thought. He would never come when she was awake. He still didn't have the courage to face her. But he couldn't stay without seeing her as well. His fingers caressed her rosy cheeks. She looked beautiful. She was smiling, whilst she slept, her hand cuddling her bloated stomach. He leaned down o kiss her forehead when he heard her fathers voice "don't you dare touch her"

Angad stood up immediately. He looked down at Kripa; she shifted and stirred but fell into a deep slumber again.  He looked back at his father in law, who stood in front of him furious.

Vivek walked forward "stay away from my daughter" he pointed his finger towards him "Today Swati isn't here to back you up, I'm warning you, don't come near her. You have no right on her after all the pain you caused her"

Angad looked down "Dad --"

"Don't" he put his hand up "don't call me dad, we have no relation"

Embarrassed Angad's already descended head, descended more. "I-I wont hurt her" he uttered.

"I don't believe you; I just know that I don't want you anywhere near my daughter" he retorted

"Please, I won't do anything; I just want to see her everyday"

"You've lost your right. You should have thought about it the day you harmed my daughter"

Tears trickled down his cheek "I'm sorry; I was wrong but please, please let me see her when she's asleep at least"

"I said no, don't you understand"

"Please" he pleaded

"You wont listen to me, will you?" Angad looked down "Fine, then I'll just have to do what I've been willing to do for a long time and no body can stop me"

Angad looked up, his eyes questioning. "What—what are you going to do?" he asked hesitantly

"I'm going to visit the lawyer and finally release my daughter from this legal commitment" he glared at Angad "then nobody can stop me from stopping you to meet her"

"No" Angad suddenly spoke "no, you wont do anything, please"

"I don't care anymore" vivek walked out of the room, with Angad following behind "I've had enough of this, I'm going to make sure kripa divorces you"

"Listen" Angad held onto his arm, vivek turned and glared at Angad glancing at his arm "I'm sorry" he moved his hand back.

"You better be" he huffed and walked to the exit.

"Dad, what's this?" kripa asked four days later, as he handed her some papers.

"Divorce papers"

Angad stood outside the room, watching his relationship end. He had decided, if she was happy with it, he wouldn't protest, after all, Kripa's father was right, he had harmed her and he deserved to be punished.

"Divorce papers" kripa repeated horrified "but dad"

"Come on kripa. There's no use of this relationship"

"There is no use" she whispered

Angad's heart shrunk. She wanted a divorce. She didn't want to give there marriage another chance. He quickly wiped the tears framing his eyes and walked to the bathroom with a heavy heart.

"Exactly, even you agree. Sign the papers, then I'll submit them for you so they can send him a legal notice"

"Dad" she took his hand "I don't want a divorce"

Her father looked at her stunned "Kripa, he destroyed your life"

"He did, but at the same time he gave me something I cherish, my baby" her hands held onto her swollen stomach "and what I did with him was wrong, I cant punish him to this extent and—and" she hesitated

"And what?" her father demanded

She looked up "I'm willing to give my marriage another chance"

He looked at her in disbelief "I will not let you be anywhere near that beast"

"Dad" she spoke "listen to me" she held her stomach "It will take me time to forgive him and maybe I'll never be comfortable with him ever again but I need to give this marriage a chance, for my baby" She sighed "please dad, don't take me wrong but if I ever feel I need to take such decisions, I'll do it myself, this matter is between me and Angad"

Frustrated, her father took the papers from her hand "fine" he ripped the costly papers in half "do what you want" and he stomped out of the room, with kripa calling behind him.

"You took the right decision kripa" her mother assured.

"I know, but now dad's angry with me" she said as tears welled her eyes "what shall I do?" She spoke helplessly

"If you keep your dad in mind, you'll never be able to do anything" kripa looked towards her mother "I'm right" Swati wiped kripa's tears "Your dad is against Angad, he'll never allow you to build up your relationship"

"Mom, I'm only doing this for my son and to lessen my guilt, not to build a relationship"

"Kripa" her mother held her chin "until you don't try, you'll never be able to forgive him"

"Mom, he doesn't care" she blurted "he's only concerned about his child, nothing else, that's why he never comes to meet me"

"He does"

"Mom" she replied incredulously "I'm not blind; I know what's going on around me. I've never seen Angad come and visit me, he's never here"

"He's always here. He hardly leaves the hospital. Its only your fathers several warnings and his shame and guilt which has caused him not to face you" she held kripa's hand "He's here, next to you when your asleep"

Kripa looked into her mother's brown eyes. She saw the truth. Is Angad really this ashamed and guilty? She thought

"Mom, if kripa wants to give me a divorce I'm ready" Angad informed

Swati looked at Angad in surprise "Who said she wants a divorce?"

"Mom, she's unhappy with me, with my doings. She admitted there's no point of our relationship"

"Angad" she lifted his face "she doesn't want a divorce"

"Mom, your just trying to soothe me, please don't hide the truth, I know the truth"

"I'm not lying, would I lie to you?"

He looked into her smiling eyes "mom, does she really not want a divorce?"

"Yes" she spoke honestly "she told me herself. She refused her father and now he's angry. She was upset but she didn't want a divorce"

"Really?" he said with hope in his eyes

"Yes" she smiled. He smiled after so long, it seemed he had forgotten how to smile. Tears of happiness shimmered in his eyes "Angad, I don't want your hopes shattering but for now her decision is for your baby. She doesn't want her son to suffer"

His smile weakened a little "It's a start mom, at least she's thinking about our child. She'll be a good mother" kripa's mother smiled and took him into her arms.

Angad was startled as kripa caught his hand and opened her eyes "I-I just came to see you"

"If you want to see me, then see me when I'm awake, why do you always come when I'm asleep"

"How do you know?" he questioned "I mean, I don't"

"Don't lie Angad" taking support from the bed, she sat up "mom told me everything"

Angad lowered his eyes "I'm sorry, I can't help seeing you. I know you don't like to see me"

"I told you before Angad, I can't forgive you now, but it doesn't mean I'm stopping you to see me"

"I don't want to hurt you, I've hurt you enough"

"So have I Angad, why are you always blaming yourself? It's wrong to blame yourself all the time"

"Then forgive me" he looked at her, taking her hand "forgive me and I'll stop blaming myself"

She looked away "I can't" she looked at him "please Angad, don't force me, it wont be from my heart it will only be in say"

Angad closed his eyes tightly, then opened them and looked down, avoiding her eyes "I understand, I know, that's why I blame myself because I know I was wrong" tears started to form "I was wrong, that's why you cant forgive me, even if you do I'll never be able to forgive myself—never" he whispered as tears choked his voice "excuse me" he stood up and quickly walked out, whilst kripa called his name.

It hurt her; it hurt a lot seeing him so broken, so weak. He was never this weak. His guilt was making her guilty and she hated the feeling. Why did she feel this? Why did he affect her? Why did she want to comfort him in her arms, when she hadn't forgiven him? It was guilt, she decided as she sat wiping her tears

Angad drove in New York's evening traffic, tears dissolving in his skin. Why couldn't he control those tears in front of kripa? He never cried when he was younger but his loneliness, his guilt, everything forced him to cry. To distract himself he switched on the radio, playing Lonely.

Lonely I'm so lonely,
I have nobody,
To call my owwnnn
I'm so lonely, I'm mr. Lonely
I have nobody,
To call my owwnnn
Im so lonely,

Yo this one here goes out to all my playas out there ya kno got to have one good girl whose always been there like ya.

Kno took all the bullshit then one day she cant take it no more and decides to leave 

I woke up in the middle of the night and I noticed my girl wasn't by my side, coulda sworn I was dreamin, for her I was

Feenin, so I hadda take a little ride, back tracking ova these few years, tryna figure out wat I do to make it go bad, cuz

Ever since my girl left me, my whole left life came crashin 

Im so lonely (so lonely),
Im mr. Lonely (mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own) girl 
Im so lonely (so lonely)
Im mr. Lonely (mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own) girl 

Angad parked his car at the central park. He had to stop driving; otherwise he would get himself into an accident. He had already upset everyone; he didn't want to add to it. He kept the music playing. It was so similar to his life. He was lonely, left alone. His mother in law and friends were the only ones he could call his own. Everyone else was strangers. His own parents had disowned him emotionally. Kripa, he couldn't call her his own. After all he did, he had no right to call her his own. 

Cant belive I hadda girl like you and I just let you walk right outta my life, after all I put u thru u still stuck

Around and stayed by my side, what really hurt me is I broke ur heart, baby you were a good girl and I had no right, I

Really wanna make things right, cuz without u in my life girl

 Im so lonely (so lonely)
Im mr. Lonely (mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody to call my own)
To call my own (to call my own) girl
Im so lonely (so lonely)
Im mr. Lonely (mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own) girl 

It was true, without kripa, his life was so lonely. Those few months were so hard to spend without her. He was still lonely, but he satisfied himself, telling himself, kripa is safe now. He wondered would he live the rest of his life like this. Would he be a lonely soul all his life? 

Been all about the world ain't neva met a girl that can take the things that you been through

Never thought the day would come where you would get up and run and I would be out chasing u

Cuz aint nowhere in the globe id rather be, aint noone in the globe id rather see then the girl of my dreams that made me

Be so happy but now so lonely
So lonely (so lonely)
Im mr. Lonely (mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own)
Im so lonely (so lonely)
Im mr. Lonely (mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own) girrll

Kripa had given him happiness. She was so open and so wifely with him after she had returned from California, almost one and a half years ago. Those days were his happiest, so blissful and idyllic. They may have not been together in full terms but she was with him emotionally and that was enough for him. Now, he had lost her. His one act had him tumbling down, being left alone, being so lonely in this world. 

Never thought that id be alone, I didnt hope you'd be gone this long, I jus want u to come home, so stop playing girl and

Come on home (come on home), baby girl I didn't mean to shout, I want me and you to work it out, I never wished Id ever

Hurt my baby, and its drivin me crazy cuz... 
Im so lonely (so lonely)
Im mr. Lonely (mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own)
Im so lonely (so lonely)
Im mr. Lonely (mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own) girll
Lonely, so lonely
So lonely, (so lonely),
Mr. Lonely, so lonely
So lonely, so lonely, (so lonely), Mr. Lonely

Every word was true. He had never thought he would be left so lonely, so forlorn in this world. If he hadn't committed that one mistake, he wouldn't be they way he was today. He really wanted to hold kripa in his arms, to give there marriage another chance, but he didn't deserve it. He had hurt her. Not only physically but emotionally and he would never forgive himself for his grave sin. He immediately switched the radio off before another morose song started to play. His head lowered to the steering wheel, as his hands held it, crying his heart out. He was left alone and it was all his fault. Only his fault.

"How's Arun doing? He must have grown. He was tiny when he was born"

"He's fine. Neev really hates him these days. You know neev, he's very childish at times" prachi replied

"Yeah" kripa shifted uncomfortably.

"what's wrong?" prachi asked concerned.

"Nothing, I just feel a little uneasy"

"Its normal, especially in your last month of pregnancy. You feel uneasy and uncomfortable all the time"

"yeah" she sighed "I guess" she paused "I want some rest, can you help me lower the bed, My back is aching sitting up all day"

"sure" prachi lowered the level of the bed and left, leaving kripa to sleep.

The minute kripa fell asleep, Angad walked in. There was only two weeks left and she would be sitting there with there baby in her arms, His baby. Would he ever get a chance to hold his baby? He thought. His hands caressed her bulky stomach, where the baby lay. The baby kicked. He smiled affectionately. It kicked again and continued. Kripa started moaning in pain as she clutched Angad's hand on her stomach. Angad looked down at her as her eyes opened and closed, whilst she moaned in pain.

"Kripa" he spoke alarmed "are you alright?"

"Angad" she moaned "Angad"

"Nurse" Angad called "Nurse" he shouted louder this time, holding kripa's hand tighter.

Kripa's parents came running in with prachi behind them "what happened?" prachi asked.


Before he could reply, kripa's father pushed Angad's hand out of kripa's "What have you done to her? I told you to stay away" he accused

Angad moved back, watching kripa cry in pain, uttering words which were incomprehensible. His heart pounded in his chest, watching her so miserably. If only he could take her pain away.

The nurse rushed in for her aid, immediately sending all attendants outside. Juan joined the nurse a few minutes later. They moved her to the labour room and he called for Dr ridimaa. She arrived instantly and took over.

"What happened?" Vivek asked

"Her contractions have started; we're going to have to deliver her baby now"

"But—but there's two weeks till she's due, Juan" Angad intervened, ignoring the glare of his father in law

"I was expecting it; she's been in coma and hasn't really been on her feet, so there hasn't been a lot of exercise. It was likely to happen"

"She'll be alright, wont she?"

"She'll be fine, relax. Dr ridimaa will tell you further, I'm not a gynaecologist"

"I'm sorry, I'm just a little nervous seeing her in pain"

"I understand "Juan pressed his shoulder "she'll be just fine, now relax"

"Congratulations Angad, It's a boy" ridimaa informed, after four hours.

Angad smiled broadly "How is kripa feeling?"

"She's fine, asleep for now. She's really tired"

"How's my baby?"

"He's fine, very cute though. He's had a premature birth so he's going to be placed in the incubator as soon as he's cleaned up"

"Thank you ridi, I'm very thankful"

"what are friends for" she patted him, then turned towards Swati and prachi "You can meet her in a while. We just need to shift her back into her room"

"Thank you ridi, you're a good person"

"No aunty, kripa is my friend and as a doctor it was my responsibility" She smiled genuinely and left to take care of the arrangements.

"Mama, where's my baby?" kripa asked as soon as she gained conscious.

"He's in the incubator, He'll be here in a few moments for you to see, don't worry"

Kripa's eyes sparkled with delight, but being a mother worry took over "Is he alright?"

"yes, don't worry, he's premature so they have to keep him in there"

Everyone met her one by one, congratulating her, but her eyes searched for Angad. Where was he? She remembered her father accusing him, but what happened after that? "Mom" she asked hesitantly "Is Angad here?"

"he is" she sighed "He's outside, your father doesn't want him anywhere near you or the baby" she whispered

Just then the nurse came inside with the baby packed with the white woollen cover. Kripa smiled widely, sitting up with all her strength,  then stretching her hands out for her baby. The nurse smiled, she handed the bundle of joy in her arms and left to give the family a little privacy. Kripa looked down at her son. He was handsome like his dad, she thought. His face was red and eyes were beautiful, inheriting the colour and size from his father. His face was swollen but the thick mop of hair was still enough to cover his head. Kripa held him close and kissed his cheek, welcoming him into her life.

The family rushed into the room, gathering around her trying to catch a glimpse of the newborn. They stretched there hands here and there, wanting to hold the baby, whilst kripa giggled at there eagerness. Suddenly her eyes caught sight of Angad, who secretly watched them with a smile playing on his lips. His eyes were stuck on tiny bundle in her arms. She smiled tenderly and called out "Angad"

The room filled with silence. Some smiled with delight, whilst some looked angry at her call. Angad's face flushed with embarrassment. He had been caught. Looking down, he walked into the room. Seconds later the nurse returned "Sorry to interrupt you but only two people are allowed to stay, it's rules I'm afraid, your disturbing other patients"

"Sorry nurse" Swati apologized

"It's alright, I know your all excited, its natural but rules are rules, I'll be back to take the baby back in half an hour" and she left them to decide.

"Mom, please stay" kripa requested


The others looked at kripa expectantly, whilst Angad still gazed at the floor with a weak smile playing on his manly lips. "Angad, don't you want to see our baby?" she asked.

Understanding, the rest of the family walked out, with her father frowning. Angad looked up and walked to her bedside. Kripa's mother smiled and made him space to sit. Kripa handed him the baby carefully as he looked at his son with glee. Oh, how vunerable he felt holding his baby with kripa next to him. "He looks like you" he heard her say. He looked towards her and smiled tearfully. Holding the baby to his chest, he leaned down and kissed his fleshy cheeks.

"Thank you kripa, thank you" he whispered as he showered his son with kisses.

Kripa smiled back, tearful herself, watching her husband and her son. Her family. She moved forward, holding the baby's cheek "His got your eyes Angad"

"He indeed does, but that nose is definitely yours, so cute" he said, gently pulling it, causing the baby to cry "Oh, I'm so sorry"

"Angad" kripa complained "you made him cry" she took the baby in her arms, patting "your not supposed to pull his nose"

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it"

"I know, but still, your not supposed to pull his nose, your hands are massive, it must have hurt"

"come on kripa, I didn't mean to" Angad replied, caressing the babies head.

They continued to argue, whilst Swati looked down at the couple. This baby would be lucky for them. They looked so perfect arguing like a normal couple. This baby had come to help his parents bond, she thought and silently walked out with a broad smile.


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Chapter Twenty

Almost a month had gone by. Kripa's delivery had relaxed her, allowing her recover much faster. She still couldn't walk without support, but was more than glad that she was going home in a few days.

Angad and kripa still had awkward moments but ignored them. They had decided to disregard those moments and live in the present, although she still hadn't forgiven him. They were more like on friendly terms. They would talk but never get close. The past incidents were still fresh in there minds.

They had named there son Abeer. It meant colour. They hoped he would spread the colours of happiness in there lives, making them proud parents. His colours would spread light in there lives. They may have not had a happy married life so far, but they wanted to be great parents and proud parents. This blessing would bring new colours to there life. They would learn the importance of colour. It was just like relationships, the darker the colour the more likely the relationship is to be disastrous, the brighter the healthier the relationship.

On one hand, kripa was happy about her discharge, which was four days later, but her father had been bugging her about where to live. Yes, she loved her father, but she didn't want to separate Abeer from his father for there mistakes. Her father always coaxed her, trying to persuade her to go with him to India. It was again one of those days.

"Look kripa, there's no use of staying here. What has angad given you? Pain, torture"

"Dad, I know you love me, but I can't punish Abeer for our doings"

"What do you mean by our doings? It wasn't your fault, it was his"

"Dad, we've talked about this before. I know what I did was wrong, so please don't try to mislead me"

"Mislead you, I'm not misleading, I'm trying to guide you, take you away from trouble. I don't trust that boy. He'll hurt you again and I won't take it"

"Dad, he wont, I won't give him the chance to. Last time I went to the extent that he committed the sin but this time I won't let him complain"

"No, it was him, he was bad, and that's why he hurt you"

"Dad please"

"What please, its final kripa, you and Abeer are coming back to India with us"

"No dad, I'm not and so isn't Abeer. Abeer has the full right to live his father"

"Then leave him here, give him to angad, but your not staying here"

"Dad, I'm his mother, I can't leave him alone—"

"Exactly, then your both coming"

"No dad, I'm a grown up woman now. I have a right to make my own decisions"

"Kripa, I'm your father"

"And dad, I'm a married woman, your responsibilities have been handled to angad and I will stay by my husband's side"

"He lost his right to those responsibilities the day he harmed you"

"Dad, it's my final decision, I'm not going back with you and I mean it, I don't care what you think but I'm staying here"

"Fine, don't run back to me when he hurts you again" he screamed and left in anger

"Mom is dad really not going to see me?" kripa asked a week later. She was getting discharged, but her dad hadn't returned to see her again. He didn't come and visit her once since that day.

"He's just angry kripa. He'll come as soon as his anger has melted and it won't be too long"

"But mom, why doesn't he understand? I don't want Abeer to be deprived of fatherhood and I can't punish Angad more"

"I agree with you. Your fathers just stubborn, as time goes past he'll accept everything and so will you" she said with a hand on kripa's cheek.

"Mom, I feel bad"

"Don't" she said "don't feel bad, otherwise your going to ruin your life again"

"Your right" she sighed "what's taking Angad so long"

"He's probably stuck in formalities"

 "Yeah" she looked towards her mother "mom, can I request something?"

"Of course you can, what is it?"

"Can you stay with me for a few days? I mean, I know I have to stay with Angad but just a few days. I still feel, ughh, I can't explain"

"I understand" Swati replied, she held kripa's hand "its not easy kripa, I'll be with you for the time being, until I don't go back to India"

"Thanks mom" kripa said in tears

"Thanks for what, I'm your mother, I don't want you thanking me for things like this"

"Yes mom" she hugged her mother.

"Are you ready kripa?" Angad asked entering her room with a wheelchair.

"Yeah, what's the wheel chair for?"

"Kripa, you still can't walk properly and I don't think you will be able to walk around without moms support"

"Yeah kripa, he's right" Swati supported


Swati helped kripa onto the wheel chair, whilst Angad picked Abeer up in his arms, cuddling him. He kissed his cheeks "you want to hold him or should I?" he asked kripa.

Kripa gestured with her hands out "give him to me"

He handed Abeer to kripa and pushed the wheelchair. Swati walked by his side, helping him every moment. Once they reached outside, kripa breathed in the medicated air around the hospital. Finally, she thought.

Kripa looked around the house. Flashes of that horrific memory came back. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to ignore those memories but they wouldn't go. She looked down at Abeer's smiling face.

Angad also looked around. This house was so empty, so quiet without kripa, he thought. He'd never make such a big mistake again, never.

He pushed the wheelchair, leading her to the sofa. Swati helped her onto the sofa, whilst Angad held Abeer in his hands. He kissed his round cheeks, hoping he wouldn't think of those moments.

"Um, I'll go and sort the guest room out, you can move in there" Angad said, handing Abeer to kripa

"Yeah, that will be better" she said, all of a sudden feeling weird.

As soon as Angad left, Swati sat beside kripa. She held her chin, looking into her eyes "I know it's hard for you to face, but be strong, try to ignore it"

"Yes mom" she lowered her eyes "I'll try my best"

"Now come on, smile"

She smiled.

"Shhh, Abeer, what's wrong?" kripa said, whilst cradling him in her arms. He cried louder, whilst she tried to calm him down. Her mother had gone to collect a few clothes from Angad's parent's house. Kripa heard a faint knock on her door "come in" she said. She looked up to find Angad. "Oh, um Angad, anything wrong?"

"No, I juts came to check. What's wrong with Abeer?"

"Oh" she looked down at her crying baby "I don't know, he's been crying for quite a while, I don't know what's wrong?"

"Can I?" he asked, with his hands stretched.

"Oh, sure" she handed Abeer to Angad.

He cupped Abeer in his arms "what's wrong?" he asked "why's my baby crying?" he said cuddling his cheek. Abeer continued to cry louder. Angad tried his best but he wouldn't stop crying. He sat next to kripa "Have you checked his diaper"  

"Yeah, let me check again" she took Abeer, checked his diaper "there's nothing"

"I don't know, he's going red"

"Constipation" kripa said all of a sudden

"What?" Angad asked confused

"I think he has constipation"

"Constipation, when was the last time he—"

"No, it's not that, I think I've been feeding him too much" she patted Abeer's back "Angad, have you got any brown sugar at home?"

"Kripa, I don't keep drugs"

"Stupid, why would I tell you to get drugs" she sighed "I mean the other brown sugar"

"Oh, no, actually I've got to go shopping for the groceries"

"Oh, is there any place close by where you get brown sugar"

"Yeah, I'll go and get it, I'll be back"

"Where's Angad?" Swati asked

"He just left to get brown sugar"

"What for?"

"Abeer's got constipation, I sent him"

Swati smiled, she leaned down and kissed kripa's forehead "thank you for taking my advice"

"Mom" she lowered her eyes "if I want to make things better, I have to live like this"

"I'm sure the next time I see you, this have to, will be a want to"

"The next time you see me" her head shot up "what do you mean?"

"Your father got our tickets booked for next Thursday"

"But--but that's barely a week"

"Kripa, don't worry, I'll keep in contact"

"Dad's still angry, isn't he?" she asked in tears

"No kripa, he loves you, his just being stubborn"

"Mom, don't lie to me"

"I'm not. I assure you, one day he will come back and take you in his arms"

"I know him; he won't--"

She was interrupted "kripa, what shall I do with the brown sugar?" Angad asked coming in to the room. He looked up to see tears in kripa's eyes "did I disturb something?"

"No" kripa quickly wiped her tears "mix the brown sugar in water and pour it in Abeer's bottle"

"Ok" he smiled a little tightly, sensing the tense atmosphere and walked to the kitchen.

"I'll go help him" Swati said "he'll end up doing it wrong"

"I'll miss you mom" kripa said, sobbing in her mothers arms. This whole incident had brought her closer to her mother. She had never been close to her mother as her father. Her father had always listened to every demand, allowing her to do what she desired. Her mother had stopped her, but today she understood why her mother had stopped her at that time. She understood the importance of the things her mother had told her.

"I'll miss you too, I'll phone you as soon as I'm there" then she turned to Angad who held the pushchair securely "take care my of my daughter and grandson" she demanded, then she put her hand on his cheek "and yourself, if you ever want to talk to someone then talk to kripa, but if you need a mother, I'm always there"

Angad smiled, he hugged his mother in law with one hand "I'll make sure this time, don't worry"

"I don't have to, I trust you"

"If you're done with goodbye's can we go?" vivek said irritated

"wait dad" kripa went forward "no matter how angry you are I know you still love me" he turned his face away "I'll miss you" she hugged her father, but got no response "bye dad" she kissed his cheek and moved back.

"Abeer, very bad" kripa sighed. Abeer was a cute six month baby. His features were more evident. His eyes had grown wider, whilst his skin seemed to be brighter.  Abeer laughed in response "very naughty, come on, sit still" she held his legs, trying to stop his kicking but he continuously wiggled them "Abeer, come on baby, I've got to change your diaper"

He giggled again. Kripa smiled watching her son giggle. He was adorable at times, but when he was naughty, he was too naughty. After several minutes of struggling with Abeer, kripa sat down, nursing him.

Kripa had decided to stop practicing law for the time being. Abeer needed her attention and she couldn't ignore her baby for her ambitions. He was more precious. She had realized why many Asian women would stop there career after marriage, she now understood the importance of a family. The family was incomplete without all members.

Angad had started working again. Kripa had forced him to. He had left the hospital when kripa had fallen into coma, but his colleagues supported him in front of the dean and soon he was allowed to work after reapplying his job.  It had been almost four months he had started working and kripa was happy about it. It made her feel less guilty. She still thought about the time, but it was rarely. The way Angad cared for her and Abeer made her proud. They were more comfortable around each other.

"How was your day?" kripa asked an exhausted Angad, taking his bag.

"Tiring" he sighed "you know that patient I told you about, what's her name, lavanya, thank god she's discharged"

"You sure you glad or you going to miss her" kripa joked

"Oh please, I'm thanking god she's gone. She was a pain in the neck" he said rubbing his neck

"Hmm" kripa handled him a glass of water "it seems you've got the pain in the neck"

"Yeah, I have, where's Abeer?"

"He's asleep. He's become very naughty you know"

"Cute. That's what kids are there for? They take the stress away"

"Yeah, yeah, did dad talk to you today?"

"No, he turned away again"

"I'll visit him tomorrow"

"There's no point kripa"

"There is. If mom can talk to you then so can dad. How's he feeling anyways?"

"He's recovering; his glucose levels are still low but much higher than before" he replied. Angad's father had been admitted into the hospital for his sudden diabetic attack. His sugar levels had suddenly decreased. After five months Angad saw his parents. Kripa would visit them once in a while, but Angad was still ashamed, he couldn't face them. Kripa pleaded him to talk to his parents and he did but his dad didn't melt, he stayed firm on his decision. A mother being softer at heart, allowed his mother to overcome the thin barrier between them.

"Uhmm" she nodded "you hungry?"


"Help yourself; it's on the dining table"

"God, everyone should get a wife like you" he said sardonically

"Thank you, I'll take that as a compliment" kripa smiled and walked into her bedroom

"Dad, please, for my sake talk to Angad"

"Kripa, after all he's done to you, you want me to talk to him. Because of him I can't lift my head up proudly. I feel so ashamed"

"Dad if I can forgive him so can you, please"

"Kripa, you don't understand. It's not about forgiveness, it's about what he did and we all know he was wrong"

"No one is justifying him, but humans are humans, they make mistakes" she answered

"Kripa, please, I don't want to—"

"Dad, for me and Abeer, please. If you love me and Abeer you'll talk to him, the decisions on you" she kissed his cheek and left.

"Prachi, where have you been all these days" kripa questioned settling on the sofa with prachi.

"You know, kids and all"

"Yeah" she looked at Arun "his teeth are like neev and I don't really think that is a good idea"

Prachi laughed "yeah, but it holds its own cuteness"

"Yeah, true. Where's neev? Haven't seen him in a while"

"Busy" she sighed "actually, I just fought with him"


"Because he's been busy with his work so much that I feel ignored and I hate every bit of it"

"Come on prachi. He's doing it for you"

"Yeah but I want his time"

"You two need some time alone basically"

"Well yeah, I mean no" prachi said turning away "I didn't mean that"

"I'll keep Arun tonight. You two have your own time"

"Kripa" prachi looked embarrassed "I didn't mean it that way"

"Prachi" she sighed "I've known you long enough, no need to be shy"

"Dad talked to me today" Angad exclaimed, entering the apartment.

Kripa smiled. He had listened to her "great" she took his bag "go and get changed, I'll lay dinner"

"Ok" he turned towards his bedroom to find Arun playing with Abeer, he frowned "they fought again"


"And as always Arun's staying down"

"Yeah, now don't frown" she said pressing his forehead to straighten the lines "Abeer gets company"

"Yeah" he sighed and left to change

"Angad, I'm going to California"

"Why? I haven't done anything"

"Did I say you did anything?" kripa asked annoyed "not so surprisingly, Anjali's pregnant again"

"Really, congratulations"

"Why are you congratulating me. I'm not pregnant"

"Sorry, wrong words"

"I'm leaving tomorrow. You coming"

"I can't, deans a little strict on me" he took her hands in his "how long you going for?"

"To the most, a week"

"I'll come and get you, I've got three days off for Christmas"

"Ok, but you're not going to eat out, ok. You're going to eat down moms and if you don't do as I say I'm going to get dad on you again"

"Yeah, I know. You always have dad ready to batter me if I do something wrong"

"Well, If, I've got dad, then why shouldn't I?"

"Yeah, yeah. Why's the house so quiet"

"Because Abeer is asleep. If he was awake, all you can hear is him trying to say some word or the other"

"Yeah" Angad sighed. Abeer was almost two years of age. He still remembered his first birthday, he walked and kripa was too happy to say anything. For a second he thought she was dead, when she just stared at him. Abeer was very talkative, but very cute. Kripa loved him to bits. When he requested, Angad and kripa would often lie in one bed, they couldn't refuse there son. It had become a habit so kripa had shifted back to Angad's room. She was hesitant the first few days but it went as the days went by.

"Hmm, seems like your going well"

"Huh" kripa turned around to find Anjali "what are you talking about?"

"Oh, nothing. I said it to you last time, but you being the stubborn person you are; protested"

"Anjali, lets not start again"

"Why? Because I make you realize"

"Shut up anju, I'm not in the mood"

"Why, what's wrong?"

"He hasn't called today, it's almost eleven"

"You're still thinking about him kripa"

"So, he's my husband, I have a right to think about him"

"Are you sure you're not in love with him?"

"Anjali, I just told you to stop this topic and your bringing it again"

"Ok, ok, I won't irritate you. Angad's on his way, kavya's gone to the train station to collect him. He wanted to surprise you—"

"And your not supposed to ruin surprises Anjali" Angad retorted angrily

"Well I just did. Now don't argue. It's bad to argue with a pregnant woman"

"Yeah right"

"Very bad Angad, not a very nice way to greet me"

"Ok, congratulations Anjali, you've got another intruder coming on its way" he joked

Kripa and Kavya laughed whilst Anjali gave him a grumpy look "come on Anjali, go to sleep, it's late" Kavya said taking her  by the waist.

"It's alright Kavya, I understand, you want some time alone with your wife" Angad winked

Kavya winked back and left with a fretting anjali

"How was your journey?" kripa asked loosening his tie "and why did you come straight from work, you could have changed and then come"

"I'd miss the train, besides, if I had to wait more then I'd just be bored. I wouldn't have you to annoy"

"Yeah" then she realized what he said and hit his chest "you're so evil"

"That I am" he said kissing her forehead "but seriously, I missed annoying you" She pouted "cute" he held her chin and moved it "where's my boy?"

"You know he can't stay awake after eight"

"Yeah" he sighed "so, how's it been so far?"

"Fine, but god, Anjali's been annoying me all week"

"For what"

She looked up into his eyes and hesitated "umm, nothing, it's in between me and anju"

"Fine then, don't tell me" he turned his face away

"Hey" she turned his face back "come on, don't get angry"

"I'm not" he said turning his face

"Doesn't seem like it"

"Well tough luck I'm not, if that's what you wanted"

"And you're still not angry" she teased

"Kripa" he whined

"Ok, ok, how many days you staying?"

"Two, we'll go back after that" he took her by the waist and walked to there room "and since I missed you so much, I'll take you to dinner tomorrow"

"Hmm, nice idea, but what about Abeer"

"Well, Anjali and Kavya can keep him for some time, we won't be long"

"Why can't we take him with us?"

"Well, I was thinking, how about a date with me, rather than a family dinner"

Kripa looked up at him "ok, but then we will bring something back for Abeer"

"Yes ma'am. Now that its sorted, is there anything in the kitchen, I could eat a cow right now"

"Yeah, I can tell. But you need to loose weight, your growing fat" she said poking his belly

"No, I'm absolutely fine"

"Yeah, yeah, you'll never admit it. Go sit in the room, Abeer's alone. I'll get you something to eat" she kissed his cheek and left towards the kitchen, leaving Angad dazed. He sighed and walked towards the room to see Abeer. Things were going just the way he wanted.


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Chapter Twenty One

"That took an awful lot of time" Angad said whilst driving Kavya's car.

"Yeah, it did" she looked at him from the corner of her eye "You know Abeer doesn't like staying without one of us"

"True, but he'd be an intrusion for my plan tonight"

"Plan?" she asked with her eyebrow cocked

"Yes, which is for me to know and you too see"

"Oh come on Angad, I want to know now"


"Please" she saw no response "pretty please with a cherry on top"

"Ok" he watched her smile "but you have to tell me why Anjali was bugging you"

"That's not fair" she complained "you can't use that against me"

"Oh yes I can. The ball is in your court"

"Fine, don't tell me, I'm not telling you"

"As you say" he shrugged his shoulders "you'll find out soon anyways"

"Exactly, so there's no harm in saying it now"

"There isn't but I want it my way" he pinched her cheek "now stop trying to find out, my mouth is zipped for now"

"Fine" she leaned back onto the leather "be stubborn".

Angad smirked watching his petite wife, leaning back, all grumpy. She looked cute. The blue dress already had his mind rambling. She looked beautiful with the midnight blue material stuck to her like second skin. She seemed to wear darker colours all the time. Whatever be the reason, he loved it. It made her look sensuous.

It had been almost a month he decided to confess his feelings. He loved the way there relationship had built. He had received emotional support, her friendship. It was enough for him, but he wanted more. He wouldn't force her, he'd ask her. He wanted to live like other couples. They lived like a couple to an extent but then again, they still were not the same.

"Angad, I'm not eating here"

"Why?" he asked, his fingers linked with hers

"It's too expensive, have you seen the prices?"

"Like I said, it's for me to see. We rarely go out, so don't complain"

"I'm not complaining, but it is really—"

He pressed his finger to her lips "I don't want a word from you" he took her hand "We won't get a chance like this so often. Enjoy your time; don't even think about the price"

Kripa sighed. There was no use of her arguing. It was going to go down the drain. She leaned back onto the comfortable chair and ordered the cheapest she could find.

"Angad, isn't that Aryan" kripa asked minutes later, nibbling the green vegetables.

Angad looked to where she pointed "it is. He's with his son"

"Oh, umm, I'll be back" she said standing up

"Where are you going?" he asked

"I need to apologize, I still feel guilty"

"Kripa, you don't have to" he said taking her hand

"I do" she looked at him pleadingly "please"

He looked at her earnestly, but as always she got things her way "ok, but after dinner" first eat, then we'll go"

"But Angad—"

"I'm being fair"


"Can we join you Aryan?" Angad asked

Aryan looked at him a little sternly, but replied "sure"

"So, how have you been?"

"Fine" he answered shortly

"Actually Aryan, I forced Angad to join you" kripa informed "I wanted to apologize"

"Apologize?" he asked with a raised brow "There's no need"

"There is" she linked her fingers with Angad's because she felt the need to "I was wrong all along. I was just being stubborn"

"Kripa" Angad interrupted"

"No Angad, you wont say anything. You won't justify me" she looked towards Aryan "Whatever I said to you that day was a misunderstanding. I didn't want to understand" she looked down "I had never let anyone make me understand. I insulted you when Angad brought you home, I—I was rude with you and I apologize for it" she spoke as tears threatened to fall.

Angad's hands left hers and held her shoulders, squeezing her to comfort her "Aryan, we simply want to apologize to you and nandita. Because of our personal problems we caused conflict in you and nandita"

Aryan looked up, his hands holding his son "What's the point now?"

Kripa looked into his eyes "there is a point. I would have come and apologized earlier but you were no longer in New York"

"Yes, we moved to California two years ago"

"Do you forgive me?" kripa asked insistently

Aryan sighed "yeah"

She beamed "where's nandita? I want to ask her for forgiveness"

"She's in India. She's gone to visit her grandparents"

"Oh" she looked at Angad, then back at Aryan "I'm sorry again, I insulted you that day"

"It's alright. There's no use in keeping a grudge. I'm glad you and Angad worked it out"

"Yeah" she looked at Angad again

"We'll take a leave for now" Angad said "and we'll keep in contact, no complaints, ok"

Aryan smiled "yeah"

Angad kissed kripa's forehead "thank you"

She looked at him surprised "for what?"

"Nothing. You just make me feel more proud everyday. I'm so glad you're my wife" he said taking her into his arms

"And I'm glad you forced me to be your wife" she snuggled into him.

They sat on a bench, watching the Christmas parades from a distance. It seemed so peaceful. Kripa looked up. Angad was staring at her intently. Her eyes lowered out of timidity. Angad smiled. He held her face in his hands, analysing her expressions. He kissed her cheeks and whispered "I love you". Kripa looked into his eyes. They were shining. Emotions were swimming within. Her own eyes sparkled. He had never said the three words. He never had the courage to, but today, he did. He said the three words she had wanted to hear. "You know, its weird really, I never said these words to you in the past two years" he looked away "I was scared. I had just got you back after those many months. I had got your friendship back with our child. I didn't want to loose you. I didn't want to loose your friendship". Kripa's eyes were framed with tears, as she gave a watery smile. "Hey" he wiped the tear trickling down hr cheek "don't cry. If you don't love me, it doesn't matter; I love you, always have and always will"

"Do you know what Anjali was bugging me about?"

Angad looked at her confused "umm, no"

Her eyes lowered "she kept asking me if I –I was sure I wasn't" she turned away, shy all of a sudden "In love with you"

Angad's lips formed into a grin. He cupped her cheek and came face to face with her, kneeling in front of her "What's your answer kripa? You sure you not in love with me?" he asked rather mischievously

She looked into his eyes "I don't know"

He sat beside her "its enough for me" he kissed her temple "I like it when you blush" he smiled seeing her cheeks turn a deeper shade of pink.

"So?" Anjali questioned "what did you say?"

"I don't know"

"What? What do you mean by I don't know"

"I mean I don't know. What else was I supposed to say, yes I love you"

"Yeah, that's exactly what you should have said"

"I couldn't, I was too shy too"

"Aha, so you do love him?"

"Well yes, actually, no, actually I don't know"

"Confused? Don't worry, what am I here for"

"That's the problem" kripa sighed and stood up "You're going to bug me till I don't accept"

"True, you know me too well" Anjali said, grinning.

"No need to grin so widely. Is Abeer asleep?"

"Yes, he's in your room"

"I'll see you tomorrow, I'm tired"

Anjali sighed "go ahead, I won't stop bothering you"

"And I wont let you" and she left to check on Abeer.

Angad kissed Abeer's round cheeks "what's the special word?"

"Please" Abeer replied, whilst trying to grab onto his present.

"Now say it properly"

"I did, please dad"

"That's better, now give me a kiss, then you'll get your gift" Abeer kissed Angad's stubble cheeks and grabbed his present, running to a corner "He's like you, impatient"

"Shut up Angad" kripa replied "your spoiling him, you're not supposed to give him gifts every other day"

"Then what else am I supposed to do with my money" he kissed her cheeks "and what's wrong? Why are you so upset?"


He turned her face "you're not going to tell me?"

She looked into his eyes, soon letting her hidden tears slip. She hugged Angad tightly, sobbing in his arms. "Its dad's birthday today and he still doesn't want to talk to me"

Angad patted her back, consoling her "don't worry sweetheart, he will one day"

"It's been almost three years Angad. Doesn't he love me?"

He cupped her face "He loves you a lot kripa. He always has, He's angry with me. He still hasn't forgotten the pain I caused you"

"But the past has gone. If I can accept you why cant he? I've forgiven you. I'm happy with you then why is he still stubborn"

"Kripa" he kissed her forehead "You trust me?" he asked

"Of course I do honey"

"Then believe me, Dad will talk to you one day. Now come on smile. You look horrible crying" She smiled, but her tears still spilled "hey not like that, that looks funny, smile, no tears" he wiped her tears and took he in his arms.

"I love you Angad, I don't know what I would do without you"

"I love you too, now come on lets go and see what Abeer's doing? He must have torn the present apart by now"

She smiled and kissed his cheek, whilst walking arm in arm with her husband towards her little prince. It had been almost half a year she had confessed her feelings. Her mother was the happiest woman when she came to know.

Abeer was a healthy two year old. He was a handsome kid, with just as much of a handsome brain. Angad and kripa had to chase him around, trying to stop his naughty tricks. However he was he was still the apple of there eyes.

"Happy anniversary darling"

"Same to you, I cant believe its been five years" kripa sighed, snuggling closer

"Yeah, no one could put up with you"

"Ha ha ha, that was so not funny" kripa replied pulling out of his arms

Angad pulled her back "hey, where are you going? Don't you want your anniversary present?"

"No" she tried to pull out of his arms again "go away"

"Are you sure?" he asked pushing her onto the bed.

"Yes, very sure" she retorted, putting her hands on his chest

He leaned forward and pecked her lips "You'll love it" he whispered

"Angad, Abeer is in the room" kripa warned

"I know" he said rubbing his lips to her throat.

"Angad, don't" she giggled as his hands touched her skin "Abeer is in the room. Its not the right time"

His lips lowered to her collar bone "hmm" he sat up "ok"

"So?" she asked

"So what?"

"Where's my present?" she questioned with her hands out.

He took her hands in his and pressed them to his lips "Well, Dean's allowed me a months vacation"

"Really?" she asked excited "can we go to California then? Anjali's due anytime soon"

"Hmm, you really want to go, because I planned somewhere else" he asked with raised brows.

"Where?" she asked confused

He kissed her full on the mouth "India"

Her eyes grew wide, then softened "India" she asked unsure

"Yeah, we're going to India as soon as I get our visa sorted"

"Oh, I love you" she exclaimed hugging him "I love you so much"

"I love you too" he replied, tightening his arms around her "Why don't you show me how much you love me. I've been thinking for a few days that we should give Abeer a sibling"

She pulled out of his arms "Angad, Abeer's in the room, not now"

"Well, I'm sure we can shift Abeer to his room for tonight" he answered, pressing his lips to her bare shoulder

"Why should we disturb Abeer?"

"I like it" he scrunched his nose "Why not try the guest room then?"

"Angad" she hit his chest "you are no less than Abeer"

"Thank you" he scooped her in his arms "after, all I am his father, where else will his inheritance come from"

"True" she kissed his nose "Prachi's coming down tomorrow"

"Not again, we're not keeping Arun"

She sighed "why do you always think that she's going to drop Arun down ours? Cant she come without a reason" she groaned as his lips played havoc with her senses.

"Hmm" he lay her on the bed after closing the door "Well simply because she always turns up when she wants to drop Arun down?" he said trailing kisses down her chest.

"Angad, your forgetting, its our anniversary. She might just be coming to wish us" she moaned as he freed them of clothing "Angad, do you believe ridi is getting married to Armaan? They were never the best of friends"

Angad lifted his face from her chest "why are you talking about others? Why don't we discuss about us?" his lips pressed hers.

She groaned into his mouth, gasping for breathe "What about us?"

"Hmm, lets see" his lips travelled across her collar bone "like how many more siblings do you want to give Abeer?"

"One more"

"Why one, I'm sure three more would be fine" he pressed his lips to her belly

"Simply because I'm not a machine" she arched giving him more space "Abeer is more than trouble, I only want one more"

"Hmm, I'll convince you later" his tongue swirled her belly button making her giggle.

"Yeah right" she closed her eyes in pleasure "I don't want more than two"

He trailed kisses back up until he found her mouth "you want a boy or a girl?"

"I want a girl"

"Even me" he groaned as her hands travelled up and down his body "you're going to kill me one day"

"I've been trying for the past five years" she moaned as his lips stroked her chest

"Keep trying. I won't leave you so soon" and with that he slipped into her. She arched and cried in pain. Angad took her mouth to suppress the cry until she relaxed.

"She's beautiful, she looks just like you anju" kripa said holding Anjali's new born.

"Thank you" she sighed "when are you giving us new?" she asked with her eyebrows cocked mischievously.

Kripa blushed prettily "very soon" Angad confirmed, holding kripa in his arms, cuddling the baby.

Kripa's eyes lowered further. Anjali laughed out aloud "kripa you never need to do make up. All you have to do is get Angad by your side and its enough"

"Anjali" she whined "please don't start"

"Ok, ok. So are you people really going to India?"

"Yeah. Our flight is for this Friday" Angad informed

"Friday?" Anjali exclaimed "you could have told me earlier"

"Well, I'm telling you know, no need to shout" he exclaimed "women"

"What about women?" kripa asked curiously, looking up at him.

"Oh come on kripa I didn't mean that?"

"What did you mean then?"

"What I was saying was that—"

He was cut off "what were you saying?"

"Well if you stop—"

He was interrupted again "if I stop what?" she questioned, handling the baby to Anjali

"I was saying that if you"

"If I what?"

He sighed and pressed her mouth with his hand "I was saying shut up so I say something"

She pulled his hand "what? You mean to say that I talk too much"

Angad hit his forehead with his palm "Anjali can I use a bit if help here?"

Anjali giggled "Help yourself this time"

"Angad I'm nervous, will dad talk to me?" kripa questioned.

They were on there way to India. Kripa was very excited but nervous at the same time. She had told her mother. She was scared of facing her father. He hadn't talked to her for the past two years and she was scared of his rejection. He was once the father who would fulfil her wish before she wished and now he was so ignorant.

"Yes he will" he caressed her hair "don't worry, I'll ask for forgiveness, do anything but I'll make sure he talks to us"

"Hmm, Abeer's very excited about seeing his grandparents"

"I know, maybe he might just help, after all he is just to cute to resist" he pinched his cheek.

Kripa slapped Angad's hand away "leave him alone, you'll wake him up"

"I won't" he moved his hand back to his cheek

"Angad, don't" kripa pushed his hand away "I don't want to chase him around the plane"

He placed his arm around her shoulder "ok, fine" and kissed her cheek "happy?"

"Very" she kissed him back and looked down at there son peacefully sleeping in her lap.

"I missed you mom"

"Me too" Swati replied embracing her daughter

"What about me?" Angad questioned with Abeer in one arm as his other hand pushed the trolley

"You too" she embraced again, taking Abeer into her arms "I'm so happy to see you"

"Mom" kripa questioned "didn't dad come?"

Her mother sighed "he has. He's waiting out side in the car, still the stubborn man he is"

"I guess" kripa replied following her mother, whilst Angad pushed the fully loaded trolley to the car.

"Dad, I missed you" kripa exclaimed hugging her father around the waist. He stayed quiet and stiff, but his eyes said something different. Kripa looked up towards her father "dad, don't you love me?" Her father looked down at her.

Swati interrupted "lets go home first, we'll discuss everything when we get there"

Angad loaded the suitcases in the car and silently watched his father in law trying his best to maintain a cold silence. For some reason it reminded him of his first meeting with kripa. Both father and daughter were equally stubborn.

"Mom, why do you keep avoiding the topic around dad?" kripa questioned. It had been three days since she had arrived but her mother always diverted there attention somewhere or the other to avoid the topic. She was annoyed. She wanted to talk to her dad but her mother avoided it every time.

"Kripa its better you dont. I dont want anything going wrong whilst you're here" she replied firmly

"mom" Angad intervened "when I was left alone three years ago you helped me, you helped me gain the trust that kripa will forgive me and we will be a happy family" kripa and Angad looked at each other and smiled "and look at us today, we are indeed a happy family" he held kripa's shoulders "have trust mom, we will all work it out and make sure dad talks to us" he reassured.

"I trust you Angad" she smiled "but vivek isn't very easy to handle. He's always been firm on his decisions"

"And so am I" kripa said "If dad's stubborn then even I am, I'll make sure he talks to me"

"Kripa" her mother held her cheek "don't do anything stupid"

"I wont mom" she squeezed her hand "trust me"

"Dad" kripa called "here hold Abeer" she forcefully handled Abeer to him "me, mom and Angad are going to the temple, look after him, his milk is in the fridge and If he's hungry give him a fruit" she kissed his cheek "have fun" and left smiling.

Vivek looked at the closed door baffled, then at Abeer who stared at his grandfather confused. Vivek cleared his throat and put Abeer on the floor.

Meanwhile, kripa sat on the beach with Angad. Swati had gone to visit a near by temple, kripa had decided to go a little later after spending some time with her husband.

"Are you sure about this?" Angad asked

"Of course I am, Let dad handle Abeer first, then he'll handle me"

He kissed her cheek "your becoming smarter day by day"

"I was born smart"

"Yeah right" he mumbled and received kripa's painless punches in response.

"Grandpa I need a toilet" Abeer said looking up

"Then go" he replied

"But I need a toilet, help me"

"Help you?" he asked horrified "Go do it yourself"

"But mom always helps me"

"But I'm not your mom"

"Moms not here and if I don't go I'm going to wet myself" he said innocently

"Oh god" he held his head "lets go" he said picking him up.

Abeer kissed his creased skin "thanks grandpa"

Vivek smiled "your welcomed son"

"Kripa, we've been in the temple for the past hour. How long are we going to stay?" Angad asked

"Stay quiet. Lets go to maasi's house"

"But what about Abeer?"

"Later, he's busy with his granddad for now?"

Swati sighed and patted Angad's shoulder "Just listen to her; she's not going to listen to anyone right now?"

Angad looked at kripa's back "Yeah, no one can win in front of her"

"Grandpa, I want to play hide and seek not this game"

"What's wrong with this game?" he asked

"It's for old people" he said looking at the black and white board

"Its not, chess is very good. You learn the game of life"

He frowned "but grandpa, I don't know how to play it"

Vivek sighed. He had been trying to entertain his grandson for the past hour but the kid didn't like anything "Ok, let's play hide and seek"

"ok, I'm going to hide, count up to ten and then come and look for me" Abeer ordered

"Ok son, so lets start" he covered his eyes "one, two, three, four five six, seven, eight nine and ten" He peeked through his fingers and saw Abeer was gone. He smiled. The kid was just like kripa. He searched the entire house but it all went in vain. "Abeer" he shouted but there was no response "Abeer, game over" he walked to the front door to check in the patio when kripa walked inside along with Angad and her mother.

Abeer hugged his grandfathers legs "I'm here grandpa, you lost, you couldn't find me" he said "now I want a chocolate because I won"

Vivek looked everywhere but at kripa. He cleared his throat, picked Abeer up and handled him to Swati and immediately headed for his room.

Kripa smiled. It wouldn't take a lot of time she thought. He would talk to her and very soon. Angad pressed her palm, smiling supportively.

Days passed by quickly. Kripa would leave Abeer with vivek often and order her father Authorativly. They still hadn't talked properly but her father watched her secretly, avoiding her eyes when ever he was caught. There was only week left for there return. Kripa yearned to talk to her father. Her mother being the understanding person she was took Angad and Abeer to a close by park.

Kripa and her father stood face to face. Kripa's eyes filled with tears whilst he simply avoided hers. "Dad you're still not going to talk to me?" she questioned

"There's nothing left to talk about. You made your decision and I've made mine"

"And I'm happy dad. My decision was right. He never harmed me"

"It's the past, it was your decision, there's no use of talking about it now"

"Exactly, it's the past, then why keep grudges for something that that happened in the past. I'm happy presently. If I listened to you, I would never realize what Angad was for me; Abeer would be deprived of fatherhood"

Her father was speechless so he turned to leave. She caught his hand "don't you love me?" he didn't answer "please dad, tell me, don't I hold any importance for you. Is your decision stronger than your love for me?" he still didn't answer. She turned him by the shoulder and hugged his waist "please dad, answer my question" He turned his face away. Suddenly angry kripa said "fine, if you don't love me then why I am even in this house. I have no right to stay here. This your is house and I won't stay in a place where I am hated" She left her father and ran upstairs, leaving him stunned.

Angad held Abeer in his arms as Swati opened the door. They were shocked to see kripa coming down the stairs with her suitcase. Angad immediately put Abeer to his feet "kripa what's—"

He was cut off "Angad, help me with the stuff, we'll stay in a hotel for the next week" she replied sternly looking at her father

"But kripa, what—"

"I'll tell you later, listen to me for now" she said

"Kripa you wont go" Swati ordered

"Mom, I'm not staying here a minute more. If he's stubborn" she looked at her dad "so am I. He doesn't want me here so why am I here?"

"I'm here; you're my daughter as well"

"Mom, please, I'll visit you but I'm not going to stay here a minute more"

"Kripa don't take hasty decisions" Angad replied

"I'm not"

"You are" her father replied "you're not going anywhere and I mean it" She turned to look at her father. His eyes were welled with tears "How can you say that I don't love you?" He asked. She looked at him tearful herself "How could you?"

"I—I didn't mean to—"

"You did, how can you even think I hate you? I was just angry. It doesn't mean I don't love you. It doesn't mean you decide to leave me"

"I'm sorry dad"

"What sorry? I don't want to hear a word.  Now come and give me a hug. I missed you too" he said with his hands stretched.

Kripa moved forward, embracing her father "I'm sorry" she whispered

"I'm sorry, it was all my fault, I never understood"

She sobbed in his arms, feeling the big burden in her heart being removed. Soon Angad also asked forgiveness, with vivek happily accepting him. Kripa felt complete. Her whole family was complete without any complaints. She gained the emotional support she always wanted.

On vivek's request, kripa and Abeer had there tickets postponed. Angad left half-heartedly. He had to go back to work. He would talk to kripa everyday, missing his family. Kripa equally missed him, her love growing for him even more.

"Oh, these two weeks were a little too long" Angad exclaimed as he held kripa and Abeer in his arms.

Kripa had her eyes closed with a smile playing her lips, whilst Abeer watched his parents, looking up and down "dad, I'm squashed" he complained.

They both looked at there son and smiled. Angad put him to the ground, holding his hand "sorry son, but I missed you too much"

"Really, then wheres my chocolate. I should get a chocolate or a present if you missed me so much"

"Abeer you're not getting anything" kripa said "you're getting naughtier day by day" she scolded

"Oh come on kripa, that's what kids are for"

"Hmm, and when he becomes a spoilt sport don't come complaining to me"

"I won't sweetheart" he kissed her cheeks "Now come on smile"

She smiled "I have news for you"

"Which Is?"

"Abeer's sibling is on its way"

"Really?" he asked happily surprised.

"Yeah" she looked down flushed "it's been three weeks"

"Oh I love you" exclaimed embracing her

"I love you too" she said smiling into his chest.

Kripa Sharma, the girl who thought marriage was a prison, who thought men were captors, today had different views. There was a time she hated men. Marriage was something she never wanted. It was a boundary where a soul mate would use and abuse there rights on there wife wrongly, preventing a woman's freedom. She was wrong. Marriage didn't limit freedom. There was still freedom but in a different way. The freedom was used differently.

She had always wanted to be independent, not Dependant on someone else, someone who would just use you to gain satisfaction from your body, someone who would use you to produce children and never respect you for what you truly are. Her belief was firm when she married Angad Khanna, but she soon learned that marriage never makes you dependant on someone else. If the women was dependant on the man for income, then the man was dependant on the woman for love, family. Both man and women were incomplete without each other.

Kripa had always seen her parents. She had loved them both but the pressure of the man on the woman was something she didn't ignore. She never saw the equality in the man and woman but always noticed the inequality.

She had fooled many men to avoid the unwanted but she couldn't always win. When she came face to face with Angad Khanna she lost the battle. Angad gradually showed her the positive side of a marital relationship. She was reluctant at first but consequences changed her, forced her to believe that being biased is no solution. She learned that her opinion wouldn't change the world; her belief wouldn't affect anyone but her.

The unwanted relationship, unwanted boundaries and unwanted opinion became wanted. It isn't necessary what you want others want. In the same way kripa didn't realize, what she unwanted was what she needed from the start of her life. A family can never be perfect until wanted. Kripa's reluctance forced other to do the unwanted but there action made her realize that everything unwanted is what you really want.


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Kripa sat in front of the plasma TV with her ten month baby Kamil. He was cute baby who looked more like her, but she still wished she had a daughter, it was a personal wish, but then again, it's up to god and she was thankful for the three boys she had.

Abeer was now a healthy ten year old. He was fair and handsome, with just as much of a brain. Sometimes kripa thought he had too much of a brain. God knew where he got so many tricks from. Someone or the other would complain about him, but then again he was precious for her. Without him she wouldn't be where she was.

Sahil was quieter compared to Abeer. He was clever but an innocent six year old. Abeer often used him for his dirty tricks. Sahil worried her sometimes; he was too quiet and aloof from the family. He preferred staying in quiet places; where nature brought its own noise. However he was, kripa loved him. His innocence and honesty made him special and lovable.

Angad had taken Abeer and Sahil to the park along with Neev and Arun. It was New Years Eve and Abeer demanded of his father's time. He hardly had the time being a doctor with a tight schedule, but when ever he did, he'd use it for his children and wife, giving them what they demanded.

"Kripa, where's the milk?" prachi questioned from the kitchen

"It should be in the fridge" she shouted

"It's not kripa, there's no sign of it"

"Give me a minute" she placed her sleeping baby in the white bassinet and walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge "Oh that boy" she mumbled

"What's wrong?" prachi asked

"What else can it be, Abeer probably took the milk and did something with it and the chocolate cake I bought yesterday is missing with the yogurts" she sighed and sat at the breakfast table "God, he's going make sure I end up locking the fridge by the end of it"

"Calm down" prachi spoke "I'll tell neev to bring some on the way back"

"No you won't. Its Abeer's fault and he is going to tell me what he did with it and then he can go and get it with his dad. It's all Angad's fault. I told him to stop pampering Abeer so much, but no, he never listens"

Prachi sighed "its fine kripa, it might just be something else"

"No its not, I know it's Abeer"

"Ok, ok. But kids are meant to do that, aren't they"

"No there not. Look at Sahil, he's so innocent and quiet and Abeer" she said raising her voice "god, he is the naughtiest kid you can get"

"Ok, ok" prachi replied "he'll learn, he's too small"

"He's ten, not a one year old"

Prachi held her head "ok, maybe he is that way but—"

"Prachi you're not giving his side" she heard a crash in the living room "looks like there here" she stood up and walked out, with prachi following to see Abeer and Arun running all over the place. Abeer was standing on the sofa with his muddy shoes whilst Arun had just dropped the plastic vase over "stop" she shouted "Abeer off the sofa and stop making so much noise Kamil is asleep"

"Oh come on mom"

"Don't use that on me" she warned "and what happened to the milk? What did you do with it now?"

"Milk, what milk?" he questioned, but the glint in his eyes held mischief

"Don't you dare lie to me. Where is it?"

"I didn't take it, dad did" and just then Angad walked in with Sahil and neev.

"What did I take?" he questioned confused

Kripa looked at Abeer. She was very well aware of his dirty tricks "Oh yeah and what happened to the chocolate cake and yogurts?" she asked, ignoring Angad.

"What?" Abeer said as his mother looked at him accusingly "Ok, yeah, I took them"

"How many times have I told you to not touch the fridge. Whenever there's a guest down, I'm always embarrassed because you seem to empty the fridge every time"

"Will anyone tell me what's going on?" Angad spoke.

"It's all your fault" kripa argued, walking into the bedroom.

"Huh" he looked at her confused "now what have I done?" he said following.

Prachi and neev sighed. These two were never going to change. They sat on the chairs, avoiding the muddy sofa, waiting for the two to come out as always, whilst Sahil simply watched them.

"Kripa, what's wrong?" Angad questioned sitting next to her

"You" she looked at him angrily "Your spoiling Abeer"

"Oh come on kripa, don't start again"

"You always say that. Its wrong Angad, he's getting out of hand"

"Are you sure it's Abeer?" he asked looking at her "what is it?"

She looked up at him. He understood her too well "I don't know. I just miss you" she said embracing him

"I'm sorry, I haven't been giving you the quality time, have I?"

"Just ignore what I say right now. It's the time of the month and I'm just being an emotional fool"

"No your not. I think we should have that holiday we've been thinking about" he said, caressing her back.

"Hmm, yeah. Take us where Sahil wants to go this time. He never gives his opinion and we always end up going where Abeer wants"

"Ok, I'll do as you say" he pulled away "now cheer up" He smiled and pressed his mouth to hers when she smiled "Do you want to stay at home for New Year or go out?" he asked

"I want to go out. It's been ages, I haven't been out with you for a while"

"As you say" he said before possessing her mouth again.

"Hurry up Abeer, get your coat on" kripa shouted

"I am mom" he replied "I can't find my gloves"

"Oh not again" she handled Kamil to Angad and walked to Abeer "where did you put them last time?" she said searching his pockets.

"In my pockets"

"Well there not in here. Where did you put them?" she questioned looking into his eyes

"In the bin" he said looking away

"What, but why?"

"Because I had ice cream on it"

"Oh, you" she rushed up the stairs and gave him a new pair of gloves "if anything happens with these you can freeze in the cold"

"You say that every time" he said with a grin

"Stop grinning at me and hurry up"

"I can't see dad" Abeer complained, as he tried to peek through the crowd to see the performers.

"Abeer, I'm holding Sahil"

"But dad—ok mom, pick me up"

"I'm holding the push chair and your too heavy, stop complaining"

"That's not fair" he complained.

Angad and kripa looked at each other. They sighed and Angad picked him up in his strong arms "now don't say a word and watch"

The family watched the several performers pass by, as they waited for the clock to strike twelve. There was one minute to twelve. They heard the countdown and looked towards each other. "What's your resolution?" kripa asked Angad.

"I don't have one"

"Then make one, your going to make sure you dont spoil Abeer"

"Mom" she heard Abeer whine "I'm not spoilt"

She sighed "ok, sorry" she turned back.

The countdown was just finishing "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one and happy new years" she heard.

She turned to Angad and kissed his cheek "happy new year"

He smiled and pressed his lips to hers lightly "happy new years to you too"

"Mom" she heard Abeer yell "what about me?"

She kissed her children one by one and wished "happy new year" and then she leaned onto Angad, as he struggled to hold her, with the two children grabbing onto him watching the illuminating fireworks light up in different colours and patterns.

The girl that once hated male existence, now lived with males. Angad, Abeer, Sahil and Kamil brought a difference to her existence and now she felt the importance of the unwanted, now what she once never wanted was what she felt she always wanted.


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