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 Chapter Eight

Angad sat in front of his colleague, Dr Juan, face to face discussing kripa's case. "Hopefully, as we have observed, she shall be in her full senses within the next seventy two hours, and then depending on the time she takes to respond she shall be discharged"

"Thanks Juan, you've done a lot for me, I mean you took up my duties as well, I can't possibly thank you enough"

"There's no need, after all, before you're my colleague, you're my friend, I still remember our days in medical school, they were so fun, I never really thought you'd marry, you were so reserved, so busy in your studies, you didn't look at a single girl"

"Times change, I still remember how stubborn she was when I met her, I can't forget our engagement, she was unhappy but her stubbornness attracted me towards her, sometimes, I wish I could go back and change things"


It was the day of there engagement, the days went fast, Angad could still remember when kripa refused to marry him and today she stood besides him, in the pretty lavender lengha with silver and purple work embroidered at the ends. The silver choker with purple beads looking absolutely lavishing on her long, slender neck. The chandeliers enhancing her beauty, whilst the small tikka on her forehead did nothing more than increasing her beauty.

Her lengha was looking beautiful around her petite body. Her blouse tied with strings, leaving her back almost bare, with her flat stomach left bare, just under her waist.

Angad couldn't help but stare at her, she was gorgeous, no one could deny the fact. He grinned thinking; this gorgeous piece of stubbornness was going to belong to him very soon.

He took her hand in his, whilst they greeted the guests at the door.

"Angad" he heard her angry whisper "let go of my hand"

"Hmm" he moaned taking her hand to his lips "I don't feel like it"

"Angad please, just because you're marrying me, it does not mean you have the right to touch me, now take your hands off my hand before you regret it"

"Fine" he freed her hand, instead placing his hand around her waist bringing her closer.

"What the hell? what's this Angad, I said let go of me" she struggled to get out of his arms "not hold me"

"You told me to keep your hands away from your hands, not you" he said, naughtiness glinting in his eyes.

"Hey guys, enjoying yourself" neev said hanging his arm around Angad's neck, nearly making him fall.

"Neev, watch your steps, I could have fallen"

"Well, wouldn't that feel like peace to my soul" kripa mumbled

"I heard that" Angad replied, pulling her closer "so, where's prachi?"

"Prachi? Oh prachi, that reminds me, uncle and aunty are calling both of you" saying that, he walked towards prachi, who waited for neev in her lovely, angelic, white lengha.

Angad and kripa walked towards there parents, who were bustling with smiles. Kripa was still struggling, nudging him to let her self free, but it all went in vain.

"Mom, dad, you called us" Angad enquired

"Yeah, we were wondering, shall we start the ceremony now?"

"Sure" Angad said delighted whilst kripa remained expressionless

Angad and kripa stood face to face to each other, Angad's hand in kripa's. She pushed the silver band in his finger, her long nails, unintentionally caressing his fingers.

Then Angad took her hand into his, lightly squeezing it with his. He slipped the dazzling oval centre diamond with two blazing trillions ring into her delicate fingers. On impulse, he lifted her hand to his lips, then to his heart, watching kripa, who tried hard not to break down.

Everyone around them cheered, while the couple's parents looked at them with everlasting smiles. The joy on there faces were so lively, he could see kripa gaze at it, wanting to shed tears. Was he wrong to force her? He thought.

Through out the engagement, Angad examined kripa's depressed mood, with a smile wiped across her face. They danced, due to force and looking like a couple made in heaven, but that was not the case.

Later that night, Angad paced his room, with neev and prachi watching him. "Guys, I was wrong to force her" he finally said sitting on his bed.

"Angad what's the point in thinking of all this now, there's only a week to your wedding" neev exclaimed

"I know, but I feel guilty, she was going to cry any second in the engagement, prachi can you do me a favour?" he asked

"Sure, go ahead"

"Please go and check on her, I know she must be crying, I feel responsible, I was calling her stubborn but I'm a hundred times worse, I made her cry, I was supposed to bring happiness to her life not sorrow"

"I'll be back" prachi left the room, feeling bad for both Angad and kripa.

"Neev what do I do?"

Neev looked at his best friend; this was the Angad Khanna who always supported him. Today, he needed support. "Angad, I think you should talk to her, that's the only solution I find right now" he said patting his broad shoulder.

Angad heard her soft but cold voice behind him "you called, what's wrong now? Haven't tortured me enough"

He turned around, "kripa, I wanted to ask you something?"

"Hurry up" she said "I haven't got time"

"Are you happy with this marriage?" he asked unsure of his words.

Kripa stared at him in disbelief "first you force me into a marriage, which you know I'm not willing to do and now you ask me if I'm happy" she looked at him coldly "you know I've been unhappy from the start"

"I know, I realized I've been unfair towards you" he looked at her "and if you want" he turned towards the railing of the balcony, unable to hide his feelings "I'm ready to break off this marriage"

"what" she looked shocked "first you force me into this marriage, you bring it to the extent that my father has high hopes and then soon" her voice cracked down "soon, he lands in the hospital due to the excitement, and now" she turned around furious "now, you tell me" she pulled the collar of his beige shirt, pulling him closer "now you say to me, I'm ready to break off the relationship, when were a week away from the wedding, when my father is in no such condition to bear all this, now you want to break off the marriage" she cried.

Angad felt culpable, it was all because of him, if he hadn't forced her, today, her brimming eyes with spilling tears would twinkle. Her lips would smile.

He cupped her face in his strong big hands, wiping away her tears with his thumbs. "I'm sorry" he whispered, his voice heavy, tears threatening to fall.

Kripa eyes widened by surprise, she looked straight into those pleading eyes, with so much innocence. Maybe her heart had begun to melt, that's why she hugged Angad in response sobbing against his chest, seeking comfort.

But things changed the very next day, the night before she had cried in his arms, feeling his warmth but the very next day she was avoiding Angad.

Angad was confused all day, why, why was she ignoring him, now what had he done? He questioned himself.


The nurse checked kripa pulse rate the fourth time in the passing hour. Going in and out, checking her blood pressure every hour.

Prachi sat besides kripa, in Angad's absence. Neev and prachi forced him to go home and freshen up. It had been almost three weeks he hadn't gone home. He had arrangement for himself within the hospital since he was a member of staff in the hospital, but he would be sick if he didn't take care.

Prachi looked down at kripa's pale face. To an extent prachi was responsible, if she hadn't helped Angad force kripa into the marriage, she wouldn't be lying here today.

Whilst kripa was still immersed in her memories linked to her wedding.


It had been two days she had avoiding Angad. She could tell he was concerned. She knew it by heart, he was a good man, but her mind wouldn't agree, He could be the best man on earth but being a man he would do what was in a typical mans nature, dominate a woman.

That night she found comfort in his arms but later when she sat in her bedroom reviewing what happened, her mind wouldn't allow her to accept, he was different. That not all men are selfish. She mentally kicked herself for even thinking he could be the right one.

All the guests had started to arrive. Her annoying aunties and uncles taunting her in between that kripa finally got the right man. Whilst her cousins teased her for such stupid things. Her father arranged there living in his friends houses who openly welcomed them.

Kripa had to share her bedroom with prachi and neev with Angad as there wasn't a lot of room. All of Angad's relatives stayed out of Mumbai, that's why half of them were staying at her fathers friends' places.  Whereas kripa's fathers sisters stayed with them at her house with her large family which was more than infuriating.

There was a day before the wedding rituals would start, but being the loud family she had, her cousins and Angad's cousins didn't let the night go plain.

She was enforced to stay awake, whilst she sat amongst the big group of cousins and Angad. She was more than uncomfortable sitting next to Angad, so close and to add to it, they all sat in her room, intruding her privacy, as she would put it.

The room she hardly let anyone enter was now overloaded with rubbish and their rubbish cousins. She wasn't really fond of her family. Being the person she was. She stayed immersed in her own world, keeping contact with friends and her cousin Anjali.

Anjali was a year older to kripa, married with a son, ishaan. Well, tell you the truth, kripa didn't really like the idea of Anjali being married, but that was her thoughts. Anjali had a right to choose who she wanted.

Anjali was her mothers, sister's youngest daughter. Being the youngest she was pampered. There was a time when Anjali believed exactly what kripa believes. However, when she met Kavya nanda, she couldn't resist his charms and fell for him.

"Kripa, I'm so happy, you finally decided to get married" she beamed, once they were left alone.

Kripa lowered her eyes. "I'm not happy Anjali"

Anjali looked somewhat shocked "but, why, I mean, kripa, Angad's a good man, well that's what he seems till now. I think its time you forget that stupid belief of yours, I mean after knowing Kavya, I know that I was so wrong to believe in the theory of men being jerks and all. Trust me, give him a chance"

"Anjali, you know I wont change my beliefs, he knows that I'm not happy, Infact the other night he told me he was ready to broke the alliance, but he said that a week before our wedding when he knew I couldn't refuse".

"Kripa, why do you think so negative? You thought about the fact that he did all this a week before the marriage but you didn't think about the reason behind it. Maybe he was guilty, not all men are selfish" she looked at kripa's sulking face "you know what forget all that, why waste time. I've got news for you"

"Let me guess, you're pregnant" she said carelessly

"No, Kavya is moving to California, so I'll be in America with you, we'll keep in touch". Kripa whined and looked annoyed whilst Anjali looked on with confusion. "What, you're not happy?"

"It's not that, why can't you move to New York? I'm going to live in New York"

"Kripa, his business links to California, I'm sure we'll keep in touch, I'll make sure Angad brings you at least once in six months"

"Yeah yea, ok tell me how's—"she was interrupted by Angad's husky voice.

"Kripa can I talk to you a minute" realizing Anjali's presence, he spoke "Oh I'm sorry, did I disturb you"

"No, no, it's fine; I was just about to leave" she got up and left, leaving kripa ever so annoyed.

"What is it" she asked coldly.

"I just want to know, why you're avoiding me."

"You know clearly why, now get lost"

"Kripa, why can't you understand me, I love you, why do you always think I'll hurt you, I won't, I promise" he assured holding her hand to his chest

Pulling her hand back, "keep your hands off me, leave me alone, I don't want to see you, leave me" she screamed.

"Kripa, what's wrong, why are acting so callously all of a sudden?" he questioned

"Didn't you hear me, I said leave, I'm not in the mood, go away, I'm only tolerating you for my parents"

"What the hell" Angad shouted, holding her arms "he pulled her closer to him, whilst she struggled "I'm being nice, trying to sort out things peacefully, but you, you aren't even giving me a chance to explain myself, I told you if your not happy, I'll leave but then you shout at me and when I'm concerned, you shout at me, tell me, please tell me , what am I supposed to do, huh, what am I supposed to do when you don't co operate" he screamed, leaving the room with a shivering kripa.

She slid down on the floor against the wall, tears streaming down her eyes. The thing that bothered her was, did she cry because he was violent or was it because she had hurt him. She closed her eyes, fighting with her thoughts, soon drifting off to sleep.


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Chapter Nine

Kripa sat in her heavy salwar kameez camouflaging her emerald green embroidery, with hints of bronze in between. Lately she had been feeling guilty about her rude behaviour towards Angad. However, as always, her ego came in between again.  She was on the verge of tears watching him ignore her incessantly. if she ever caught him glance at her, he would glare in response.

"God, she had to mess with him. Why the hell did she yell at him?" She thought. But her self esteem came in between, "remember, he's the one who got you in all this mess, he's marrying you without your will". The voice was interrupted, "why did he give up a few days ago, why was he ready to broke off the alliance". "He's selfish" the other voice screamed, "He's a man, don't forget all men are selfish, he knew you couldn't refuse a week before, so he did this to gain your trust". "Trust, yes trust, he wanted your trust that's why he asked you, he was ready to give up his happiness for you, because he loves you". "Love, there is no such thing as love, its another way to enslave a women to do what the man wants". "Love is pure; love isn't slavery, if that was the case, why is Anjali still happy married. After three years of marriage". The other voice retorted "simple, Kavya has her wrapped around his finger; she is ready to do anything because he cast the spell of love on her". "You're wrong, he doesn't have her wrapped around his finger, he loves her, he has the special heart to heart bonding with her, he cares for her, the way Angad cares for you, he loves her, the way Angad loves you". "It's a lie, don't listen". "Listen to your heart kripa". "Don't listen to your heart it will lead you to nothing but pain".

Kripa cut out of her thoughts as she heard the women going crazy. Her old chachi's and maami's were going wild, whilst her maasi, stood to a side with her mother. Kripa loved her maasi, well the reason could be because she was Anjali's mother, but more than that, she was sincere and loving, she didn't show off, unlike others.

Suddenly kripa shuddered, when she was pulled up by neev. He dragged her to the centre, where all the aunties gathered around Angad. He shoved kripa through the crowd, right into Angad's broad chest, covered with the emerald green fabric, of his kurta.

She looked up towards his amused but obtrusive eyes, trying to find a pathway, unknowingly, for forgiveness. Kripa's pleading sparkling eyes were enough for him to understand. His eyes softened looking into her beautiful brown eyes. He blinked reassuring her, he had forgiven her and strangely kripa understood him.

Was her heart right, did Angad understand her that well, did they have such a bonding? She questioned herself.

The ladies surrounding the lost couple giggled like silly teenagers. They pulled kripa out of Angad's arms, into their huddle. "What's the hurry Angad, get lost into each other another time, for now, sing"

Angad looked away embarrassed "Chachi, I can't sing"

"So what, its your sangeet, sing, if you don't then we wont let you near kripa for a minute" his bua screamed in excitement.

"But bua, I don't know, how to sing, I'm not singing" he responded like a stubborn child.

Kripa's heart craved to touch his pouted lips with hers, to pull his cheeks for looking so cute, but she was wise, and fought battle again to stop such cravings.

"Hmm, never mind" kripa's maami spoke sadly "we carry no importance for you"

"I didn't say that" he replied

"Well then prove it and sing for us. If not for us then for kripa" his cousins giggled.


"Please kripa you request him" Anjali begged.

Now, this is one thing kripa hated, she never denied Anjali's requests and now that a dozen ladies looked at her pleadingly, she couldn't help but turn red with embarrassment, resembled to blushing. "Angad sing, I request you" she softly said, looking into his hopeful eyes.

He reluctantly agreed, again protesting "But I don't know what to sing"

"Ughh, now don't start again" Anjali groaned, she neared his ear and whispered a song.

"She won't mind will she" he asked.

"Of course not, now go on" Anjali pushed him to the centre, diverting everyone's attention. The stares did nothing but discourage him. He closed his eyes and started the song, with his heavy, deep voice.

You're my love, my love, jaanejaan you are my love
You're my love, my love, jaanejaan you are my love
You're my love, my love, jaanejaan you are my love
You're my love, my love, jaanejaan you are my love

Kripa looked towards him slightly shocked at his choice, not knowing it was Anjali's mischievous act. Her face went red, eyes lowered in embarrassment, knowing several eyes gawked at her, along with Angad's.

 You're my love, my love, jaanejaan you are my love
You're my love, my love, jaanejaan you are my love
maine dekha jab se tujhko dekha
kuch bhi na socha na samjha dil de diya re
gaya re ho gaya haan iss dil ka kaam re
gaya re ho gaya ho dil tere naam re
You're my love, my love, jaanejaan you are my love
You're my love, my love, jaanejaan you are my love

Angad took steps backwards and forward, forming a little dance, whilst everyone watched him in excitement; kripa watching in complete discomfiture.

maahi ve, o mere maahi ve
sona sona mera maahi sona sona
sona sona mera maahi sona sona

Kripa and Angad's cousins sang and danced along with Angad, as the young one's couldn't stop there feet, with the song being sung.

tauba meri tauba tera nakhra kamaal hai
tauba meri tauba tera nakhra kamaal hai
taarif karne mein to bada bemishaal hai
soone soone mukhde pe zulfon ka jaal hai
mera naseeb hai tu yeh mera khayaal hai
gaya re ho gaya mujhko bhi pyaar re
gaya re ho gaya haan deewaana yaar
You're my love, my love, jaanejaan you are my love
You're my love, my love, jaanejaan you are my love

Kripa could feel the heat rising, was it her, or was it the actually hot? Angad danced around her touching her cheeks, her hair and her arms occasionally, totally flushing kripa.

bada hi puraana love ka takiyakalaam hai
bada hi puraana love ka takiyakalaam hai
main hi teri tu hai mera charcha-e-aam hai
chal hat jane bhi de mujhse bada kaam hai
tu hi subah hai meri tu hi meri shaam hai
gaya re ho gaya mujhko bhi pyaar re
gaya re ho gaya haan deewaana yaar
You're my love, my love, jaanejaan you are my love
You're my love, my love, jaanejaan you are my love

Kripa's parents looked on happily, watching there to-be-son-in-law dance around kripa, whilst kripa blushed. If only they knew it was anger arising, which for now she had to repress, as Angad held her close, by her waist.

dekha mene dekha jab se tujhko dekha
kuch bhi na socha na samjha dil de diya re
gaya re ho gaya re is dil ka kaam re
gaya re ho gaya re dil tere naam re
You're my love, my love, jaanejaan you are my love
You're my love, my love, jaanejaan you are my love
You're my love, my love, jaanejaan you are my love

Everyone applauded wildly, hearing his husky voice. his mother came forward and kissed his forehead, lovingly, whilst his father patted his back. whereas kripa's parents blessed him in delight

"see, now that wasn't hard, was it" prachi exclaimed in pure glee "you sing so well" pulling kripa along with her.

"yeah man" neev shouted "And you never told me, you never sang to me" he sulked

"I'm not interested in it, what's the whole point" he replied carelessly

"Oh but you could have—"

 Neev was interrupted "Ok, now cut it out, change the topic"

"Ok, let's ask Kripa, what she thought of the song" Neev asked playfully.

"Yeah, come on Kripa, how was it tell us" Prachi intervened

All Kripa could possibly do was turn a dark shade of pink, which may have seemed like she was shy, but Angad understood her too well, he knew it was the anger rising and that's why he changed the subject.


Kripa felt good that night, obviously not because he sang for her, but deep inside she was happy he had forgiven her, it felt like someone had taken a heavy stone off her.

"Kripa, I need your help" Anjali spoke coming through her bedroom door.

"What happened?" Kripa questioned.

"Can you look after ishaan for a while?" she requested

"Sure" Kripa smiled at ishaan as Anjali passed him over to her.

Anjali left. Kripa played with ishaan, cuddling and tickling him. Now here's a thing about Kripa, she didn't want marriage, hated men, but was absolutely in love with kids, be a boy or a girl.

After half an hour, there was a knock on the door, "come in" Kripa shouted, whilst ishaan held her shoulders trying to grab hold of her hair.

"Kripa, I'm so sorry about—"Angad noticed Kripa busy with ishaan "Oh, um, did I disturb you"

"Oh, no, it's just that, Anjali wanted me to look after ishaan so"

"Yea, I understand" he said, sitting next to her

"What brings you here, at this hour" she asked, whilst he cuddled ishaans chubby cheeks.

"Oh, I actually came to apologize" he hesitated "Anjali requested me to sing the song, I'm sorry and whereas dancing around you, I couldn't help it, you looked beautiful"

Kripa heart melted hearing his words of apology, but he just had to add the last comment, normally a girl would take it as a compliment but he was teasing her.


"Aww ishaan, look at kripa aunty, doesn't she look cute angry" he mocked

Kripa pouted her lips; "Ishaan isn't Angad uncle hideous?" ishaan clapped his hands in response.

"Actually, I'm quite handsome, you know I'm known as a handsome doctor in the hospital" he said taking ishaan into his lap.

"Well, go marry one of them who believe that; I don't think you're anywhere near handsome"

"Oh well, sorry madam, you'll have to spend your life with this sexy doctor"

"Oh please, sexy is an insult to the word itself, for you, so don't even think about it" she replied hastily

"Really, then what is sexy, you?" his eyes glinted impishly, whilst kripa sat there speechless at the sudden compliment. Oh, kripa couldn't love ishaan more for the sudden interruption, as he started crying out loud all of a sudden.

Kripa took ishaan into her arms, rocking him, whilst Angad stared at her lovingly.


"Wow, kripa your mehndi is beautiful" prachi exclaimed

"Thank you" kripa replied.

Today was her mehndi, two days away from the wedding. She dressed decently into a yellow lengha, with the golden, bronze embroidery shimmering on it. She wore a short sleeve top with the blouse just covering half her stomach.

Kripa's mother came forward in delight, "You look beautiful" kripa blushed "Angad come here" all of a sudden she looked up at a smirking Angad; she hadn't talked to him after last night. He spoke naughty comments making her discomfort increase every time.

Angad came and sat forward, in front of kripa, all of a sudden taking her hands in his "it's beautiful, just as beautiful as you" he whispered huskily

"Angad quit with the flirting and find your name in her hands" he smiled and gazed intently into her hands.

Hang on a minute, kripa thought, when was his name written on her palms, oh crap, she didn't want that, and now she definitely didn't want the mehndi dark, as she heard the older women whispering what dark colours of mehndi symbolized.

"Found it" she heard him, he pointed just under her fingers where his name was written.

"Bless you son" her father blessed, patting his back.

"That means Angad will have the upper hand in the marriage" Angad's cousin informed.

No way, kripa thought, she wouldn't let him rule her; she was no way going to live in a patriarchy relationship with him. Oh no, no way, she thought, as everyone giggled at Angad's wicked looks towards kripa, while she reddened in fury.


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Chapter Ten

Kripa's interview date had been issued. she would go to the embassy two days after her wedding to find out if she got the visa to her beloved, no, her horrendous husband's country, America, which she was wishing would be rejected because she knew one thing, no human would leave there job and that too a good job for a tatty job in India. That did definitely not mean India was bad, it was better than America, but for American Indians, it seemed they forgot how important there home country is.

For now, kripa sat in between the old ladies being smeared with the yellow haldi, oh it smelled bad kripa thought. How was she supposed to look beautiful if she was being covered with the orangey, yellow paste? Oh well, why would she want to look beautiful for Angad in the first place.

Angad sat directly in front of her grinning at her, if that habit of smirking did not go, then he would regret it. His smirk was the most noteworthy thing about him but then again it only infuriated kripa.

He sat in a White vest with his black jeans, everyone spreading the same paste on him. It suited him, well that is because he deserved everything horrible. But then why was he leering, don't tell me he likes that stuff, she thought.


"Oh kripa, you look great" Anjali squealed in excitement, seeing kripa in her Bridal attire.

Kripa couldn't help admire herself; she never thought she could look so beautiful. But why did she look beautiful. She didn't want to be beautiful. She wished she looked like an ugly hideous monster, so Angad would run away. But then again she had her own responsibilities.

She was dressed in poison katan silk, a jamawar lengha style in Midnight black and pink. Her clothes decorated with fine stones, beads, sequins, dabka and cut Dana work. Her blouse was short just below her midriff, with a wide neckline. Her lengha started below her navel, with her dupatta perfectly styled covering her exposed skin. The dupatta covered half her head, leaving the rest decorated with the heavy antique jewellery embellished with stones.

Her make up was preformed by professional artists. They highlighted her eyes with light colours beneath the heavy bridal shades. The black and silver colour blended making her eyes look magnificent, with the heavy top liner, her eyeliner slightly smudged, enhancing the beauty of her dark brown eyes. Her lips were tinted in a coral pink with a darker shade lip liner. Her blush coloured her cheeks perfectly, displaying the high cheekbones.

Anjali squealed in delight, hearing the sounds of drums and bangra. "The baarat has arrived, oh this is going to be fun" she exclaimed, looking over the balcony.

The wedding was to take place in a marriage hall. Kripa had protested but it went in futile, she didn't want her father to stress in such a condition.


Angad was back, he held onto kripa's hand, still remembering how beautiful, how unique she looked on their wedding day, she was ravishing. It was a memorable day for him, it was the day she became his soul mate, although only by name, but after all she was his soul mate legally.


He stood in front of his mother in law who rounded the silver tray in front of his face god knows how many times. She rubbed her thumb vertically across his forehead leaving the red mark of kum kum.  Anjali stood next to her. Kripa's mother moved aside giving Angad space to walk in with his baarat. However, it seemed Anjali didn't want that.

She blocked the way. "What happened" Angad asked worried. Anjali moved forward reaching for his nose, when he jerked back. "What are you doing?" he exclaimed horrified.

Anjali laughed, "We won't let you have kripa that easily"

Neev interrupted "why, and what has this got to do with kripa" he asked confused

Angad's mother came forward, wearing a beautiful beaded work white sari "beta, this is Indian rituals, cope with it" she laughed, whilst Angad looked somewhat confused, when he felt his nose being pinched.

He let out a yelp, standing there embarrassed. "now you can come in" Anjali said giving him the way.

Kripa's father led Angad towards the mandap, where the wedding was to take place. Angad sat on a small stool in front of the sacred fire, whilst the priest babbled on something.

Minutes later, kripa was descended to the wedding hall, into the mandir, with her mother and Anjali by her side, whilst the guests whispered compliments on the arrival of the bride.

Angad stared at her in awe, she looked beautiful, the colour black and pink suited her. It made her fair complexion fairer, enhancing her beauty. Her eyes were lowered, and she wouldn't dare look up. If he knew her well, she wouldn't want to embarrass herself more; she knew all the eyes were on her.

She lifted her heavily embroidered lengha and sat on the stool next to Angad. She stole glances towards him which Angad caught and grinned. The priest placed there palms into each others as he read the wordings for the wedding, occasionally dropping flowers or something in there hands to drop in the fire.

As Angad was the only child of rajveer and saamia, prachi came forward, taking the place of his sister, tying a knot of the scarves of the bride and groom. Angad and kripa stood up, holding hands as told and took seven rounds of the fire, with kripa in front in four of the rounds.

They sat down again, whilst the priest spoke the sacred words of the wedding. Angad's mother handed him the mangalsutra. He took it and tied it around her neck, his arms brushing her arms, whilst he rounded her in his arms." You look beautiful" he whispered and moved back.

Maybe it was anger arising, she turned red. The priest gave Angad the sindoor; taking a pinch of it, he rubbed it on her upper forehead, lifting the tikka. The priest blabbered on for a while and then kripa's parents performed the kanyadan, soon announcing them man and wife.

Angad and kripa stood up. He held her hand, pressing it in his broad palm, whilst they took the blessings of the elders and hugged the younger.

Angad looked around for his shoes, while kripa's cousins giggled. "Does anyone know where my shoes are?"

Once again, Anjali came forward "I have them"

"Oh, not again" Angad groaned "what happened now?"

"Hmm, well, you see, we want some money if you want to take kripa home" she said carelessly

"Huh, well, no need, she's my wife and I have a right to take her" he answered, his hands circling her waist.

"Well" Anjali pulled kripa to her side "she's our cousin before your wife, so you can't take her, until, you pay us"

"Ok, how much?" he asked.

"Angad, come on fight for her, why give money" neev intervened"


"Think about it, kripa or the money--"

After a sweet argument, Angad handed over the money, taking kripa by the waist. He wore his shoes, then headed towards the seating area. Angad and kripa were lawfully married, after the magistrate took there signatures. They were legally certified husband and wife with the marriage certificate.

There were a few pictures taken with the guests and soon the time for the departure arrived. Nothing was really organized in the departure style since kripa would be going home.

On the arrival of the newly wedded couple, Angad's mother did the same as his mother in law, then helped kripa tip over a bowl with rice and then kripa laid her feet in red liquid spreading it across the floor, in form of her foot prints.


Kripa's felt pain, but delight in her abdomen. She could feel the continuous kicking of the baby. It gave her a chilling sensation, the feel of motherhood, the feel of bonding.

It reminded her of the day she was legally bonded with Angad. How could she leave the night behind? She'd tried once again to win the battle in between her and her husband.


How could kripa forget her wedding night, the night she was restless for? Well all girls are restless but she had different reasons to be restless. She sat in the centre of the bed, with flower garlands draped around the bed.

She heard his footsteps and looked up at once. Knowing it was Angad; she crossed her legs, sitting with her arms folded across her chest. Angad sat next to her on the bed and spoke "you haven't changed yet, I was expecting you to be in bed by now".

This was kind of shocking for her, she expected him to be a little cheeky for a starter, but he wasn't. He spoke what she wanted, great, she thought, it wouldn't have to be discussed.

"I was waiting for you" she saw him look at her with hope " no, not because I'm excited its our first night, which I definitely am not excited about, I was just going to clear things up with you"

"Uhuh, go ahead" he replied intently

"You are not going to touch me and don't intrude my privacy. Now start talking, tell me about your hobbies, interests and all that, then I'll tell you mine" she demanded

"I wasn't going to either, I won't until you learn that not all men are the same" she pouted her lips "and why do we need to share all that stuff" he asked

"Simple, because we have our interviews at the embassy, so I need to know everything correctly so I can pass the interview and get the visa" she retorted

"Ya right" she heard him.

"Did you say something?" she questioned

"No, why don't we change first, you see this is kind of uncomfortable" he said unbuttoning the sherwani.

"Khanna, keep the clothes on in front of me" she exclaimed, stopping him from unbuttoning further "I'll go and change in the bathroom; give me a shout when your done changing" and she left.

Kripa took off the heavy jewellery, with the dupatta. Setting it aside she undressed herself feeling lighter. She slid into the night dress her mother had brought for her. To her bad luck, her mother had packed all her night dresses, leaving her night suits in her bedroom. She draped the black robe around her body, covering her short night dress, waiting for Angad to give her a shout.

She waited ten minutes, which turned into twenty, no sooner thirty. What the hell, she thought; she didn't have all day too wait for him. "What are you doing in there, strip dancing" she shouted sardonically.

He simply answered "no, you can come out"

She picked her accessories and dress, placing them safely in the cupboard "what the hell took so long, all you had to do was change" she asked turning around.

"I know, it took five minutes" he replied

"What, then why didn't you give me a shout" she asked angry.

"Oh" he opened his eyes and grinned sheepishly "I couldn't be bothered to call you so I lay down, relaxing myself"

"Ughh, you are so lazy" she snapped sitting in front of the mirror removing the heavy makeup on her skin.

"Thanks" the silence came in between the two as she sat in front of the mirror removing the makeup, with him simply watching.

"Quit the staring" she commanded.

"Hmm, not in the mood"

She walked over towards the bed and simply sat down. "Whatever. Now move, your sleeping on the floor" she stated.

"Who said that? I'm sleeping on the bed, and you can't stop me"

"You mean I'm going to sleep on the floor" she asked horrified

"I didn't say that either" he simply answered, she turned to get off the bed, grumpily, when Angad caught her hand, causing her to fall back to place. "Are you scared?"

"Scared, what would I be scared of" she vacillated

"Then you'll sleep right here, besides me, trust me, I wont do anything" he spoke ever so calmly

"Yeah, um shall we start, I need two days to memorise all about you" she said, changing the topic


The next morning, kripa's eyelids fluttered opened to the strong sunlight, filtering through the lavender curtains. She found Angad missing, he wasn't beside her. Maybe he wasn't that bad after all, but that does not mean she accepted him.

She lifted her body up lazily, leaning on the wooden headboard. Seconds later Angad came out of the bathroom, whistling, wearing blue jeans, with his white polo shirt. Oh it suited him so much, he looked so fresh, Snap it kripa, she thought, your not supposed to think like this.

"Good morning" he greeted casually, placing a quick kiss on her cheek

"Didn't I tell you to keep your hands off me" she said

"Well, it wont harm you in any way, this is for my satisfaction" he said and left out of the door.

That night the reception went well, with the theme being red, kripa had worn a red halter, knee length dress, with silver earrings and a simple bracelet. Whilst Angad wore his grey suit, with a silky red shirt to match with kripa.

The night went well for Angad, as he got to hold kripa close, but kripa was nothing more than grumpy, having to dance ever so close to him, with a fake smiled wiped on her face.


Angad looked down at Kripa's radiant face. It seemed much brighter today, with the rosy cheeks returning. It made him feel less guilty.

As gleaming as it looked, the more the dull she would be after her defeat.

He could still recall the day kripa went to the embassy for her visa. Oh boy, she was mad when rejection became confirmation.


Angad could still remember when kripa came out of the room after her interview, looking ever so satisfied. She was probably a hundred percent sure the visa was to be rejected, but Angad was no less. He silently went and gave his interview. Minutes later, they sat outside waiting patiently for the results.

The old man, Mr Luthra, came out with a smile on his face "congratulations Mr and Mrs Khanna, she got the visa". He said shaking their hands.

"What, but how's that possible" kripa barked, gaining unwanted attention.

Angad held onto kripa's arm as Mr Luthra looked confused "She's just a little excited, excuse me, umm, I'll come and collect the papers tonight then" Angad said

"Yes, before 10 pm please"

"Thank you" once again Angad shook hands with Mr Luthra, leaving with an ever so confused kripa.

"How is it possible" she mumbled, throughout the drive.

Angad stopped at a distance from the house, holding her face to face him, "Kripa, I know you too good, that's why I told you my likes as my dislikes and dislikes as likes, I knew you would screw it up, I cant trust you in this case so I tricked you"

"What" kripa pushed him back "you tricked me, but still, I told you everything falsely, then how—"

"Your diary was handy again, and well, so was your mother and Anjali" he replied cheekily.

"Oh you, I'll get you for this" she pouted her lips, leaning back into the seat, very fractious.

"well you can get back to me later" he replied, kissing her cheek " for now lets go and give the good news to our parents" he laughed watching her sulk as she rubbed the cheek, he kissed.


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Chapter Eleven

Angad kissed kripa's forehead "I'm sorry kripa, It was because of me your in this state today, but I promise, I'll take care this time, I wont do anything to disappoint you, I promise" he whispered, tears falling from his eyes, landing on kripa's closed eyelids.

She shuddered with the feel of the warm tears. Tears reminded her of her tearful departure. The departure that hadn't become an arrival yet.


The day kripa didn't want to come, came. She was leaving for America; only her heart knew how she felt leaving her parents, leaving her home, leaving her country, to be with the man, she never wanted to be with. Infact, she never wanted to be with any man. She could live alone, but no one understood her perspective, even Anjali had changed.

After two weeks of Angad and kripa's marriage, kripa was to leave for America. Angad's parents had left a week before, due to business and other problems. Neev left with prachi two days ago. He may have loved his friend to bits, but his boss would have fired him if he didn't get back to work. However, on kripa's insistence, Angad stayed back another week, although he was supposed to be back at his own job.

There flight was at seven twenty in the evening. Kripa lay in her mother's lap crying, refusing to leave. "Mom, I'm not going, I don't want to leave, please, tell Angad he can go himself"

"Beta, even I don't want you to leave, but it's in a women's fate, they have to leave there parents one day to make their own family" her mother consoled, stroking her hair.

"Mom, Why can't Angad live here instead, I can't leave you" she sobbed "I'll miss you"

"I'll miss you too, beta, but as per traditions, women leave their houses and live with there husbands"

"Why mom, why? Don't women have the right to choose where they want to be"

"They do" she simply replied "they do, but a man does as well, and the man has always ruled"

"That's the problem mom, men have always ruled, no one lets the women take power" she raised her voice.

Maybe for the first time in so many years kripa's mother recognized kripa's certain hatred towards men "kripa, is this the way to talk to your elders" she asked holding her face, concerned but frustration was clearly heeded in her voice.

"I'm sorry mom" kripa's eyes at once lowered, "I'm, I'm just upset and depressed, I don't want to leave you" she spoke, going straight into her mothers arms.


Kripa hugged her father tightly at his waist, hiding her face into his chest, not wanting to leave. She hated Angad even more for this, because of him, she had to leave her parents, every man makes a women suffer, they make the women leave their parents, why couldn't men for once.

"Kripa, its time to go" Angad said placing his hand on her shoulder, as there flight number was announced for the third time.

"I'm not going anywhere" she said stuck to her father like glue.

Her father, vivek, lifted her face, his eyes brimmed with tears he had held back for so long, "kripa, you had to go one day, now listen to Angad"

"I don't want to go dad" she said tightening her grip.

"You love me, don't you?" he asked.

"Of course I do dad" she leaned her head on his chest sobbing silently.

"Then go, for my sake, I promise I'll come to meet you as soon as I can" he promised solemnly

"I'll miss you" she snivelled in between tears.

"Me too kripa, me too" he replied, with just as much of a cracky voice as hers.

He pulled her away, taking her by her shoulder and handled her to Angad, "I trust you Angad, Keep my daughter happy"

"I will dad, I'll love her as much as  you have" the two men hugged, then kripa and Angad departed for America, a new place, new people, leaving behind her childhood memories. She looked back at her father pleadingly, not knowing if she would ever be able to see him again or not.


Neev and Angad's mother, saamia came to collect Angad and kripa. Kripa wasn't very excited on the plane; she simply stared out the window, cursing her destiny, hoping she would land back in India, her home country rather than America.

Saamia greeted kripa lovingly, with motherly gestures. She held kripa in her arms, as once again tears streamed out of kripa's eyes, in remembrance of her parents.

"Kripa, calm down, did Angad say anything to you? Are you alright?" saamia asked repeatedly as kripa broke into violent bawls in the car.

"Mom, I didn't do anything, I think she's missing her parents" Angad replied for kripa.

"Angad you're moving in with us"

"But Mom"

he was interrupted "Angad, look at the poor soul, now you're not only responsible for yourself, your responsible for her, give her a week or two and then you can go back, but for now she needs emotional support which you wont be able to give with your busy schedule" she retorted

Kripa lifted her tear stained face from her mother-in-laws shoulder "we live separately" she asked confused

"Yeah, I live separate, I stay down my parent's house on the weekends or maybe vacations, sorry, I forgot to tell you" he replied looking at her with puppy eyes.

"How irresponsible" his mother spoke strictly, "Angad your becoming careless day by day, you should have told kripa this long before"

"Sorry mom, I forgot, maybe because of all the excitement and all" he explained

"Ughh, ok, I'll let you off this time" she said hitting his head.

He wrapped his arms around his mother, "I love you mom" whilst kripa looked on, desperately wanting her mother.


Angad pulled his head up, as he heard his mobile beep. He must have fallen asleep. He looked down at kripa's face. She looked at peace now. Maybe she knew she wouldn't have to face him in her dreams. She wouldn't face the pain and misery she went through that night.

She was indeed a chatter box, but seeing her sound asleep made him feel bad. He'd discovered this habit after his marriage, especially after their return to his apartment.


"I hate you" Angad caught another pillow in his hands "It's all your fault" she threw another pillow "because of you I had to leave and now I'm living here, it's been three weeks since we're here and you just left me bored in the house for a whole week" she picked the candle stand on her side table "A whole week"

"Not that kripa" Angad came and held kripa's hands to stop her from throwing it. He took the candle stand, placing it at a safe distance, at least out of kripa's reach, for the time being. "Ok, I'm sorry, I know I've been unfair and I admit it, I gave you Prachi's number, why didn't you contact her?" he asked out of the blue, again.

She simply hit his head with her right hand "well, the day you give me anyone's number but yours, I'll surely call her" pushing him aside, she stood and walked in the direction of the kitchen. "I'm hungry and I'm not cooking, you've made me your servant since I've come, You were supposed to show me that men aren't all the way I think, but no your just making my belief stronger" she complained

"Sorry kripa, ok, how about I cook tonight and then we'll sit and discuss what you want to do on the week end, right?" he asked with a lifted brow.

"Fine, it better be good, or I'm going to be more than frustrated" and she walked out of the kitchen, into her bedroom to watch television in the warmth of her blanket.


"Dinners ready" Angad shouted, but there was no response. He went inside his room to find her engrossed into the television watching high school musical. Now that was a pathetic movie according to Angad. Absolutely pathetic, all they did was sing the story out; well that's what it seemed to him. But he wouldn't dare say that to kripa. He had already upset her.

Minutes later, he entered the room, with a tray of food, sitting besides kripa, placing the tray on her lap; She looked down to see cheese pasta mixed with broccoli, with a jug of fresh orange juice, beside it were two cups, with two plates.

"Not bad" she fixed the pasta into two plates decently and placed the tray besides her on the side table, handling one plate to Angad. They leaned back and ate there food serenely, whilst kripa stared at the screen with Angad trying to be attentive watching the boring movie.

All of sudden kripa spoke "why don't you cook everyday, instead of making me your servant?"

"Come on kripa, I work, I can't do this everyday" he explained

"Exactly, you work I don't, so you make me the slave, I'm a women so I have a responsibility of cooking for you as your wife, but a husband doesn't have the responsibility towards his wife"

"Kripa, listen I didn't--" he was cut off

"Yea, explanation, now you'll start with explanations trying to make me forget, but I'm not amongst the weak Angad—"

Here we go again, Angad thought. It had been a week they had moved into his apartment and not a single day had gone without kripa giving her big lectures on how selfish men are and all. Every small point, she would take, every small damn point. she was definitely a radical feminist. Oh, he was just glad she had decided to become a law lecturer, rather than a sociologist.

Once she was calm, he sat besides her, taking her hand. "Ok, I'm sorry kripa, this was all my fault, know don't take it over the head" he said

"I do not take it over the head, it's you, you always start it" she began again

"ok, ok, fine, I do it, alright, I'll cook as well, from now on, but to make it fair, we'll divide it up, One day you, then the next day me and then you, and then me , etc"

"Hmm, ok" she said much calmer "but that still doesn't bring a solution to my boredom" she yelled, getting up, folding her arms across her chest. It seemed a teacher stood teaching her students. Oh, her poor students, he thought.

"Ok, umm, how about we go down mom and dad's" he asked

"No, I want to do something else" she sat down besides him, absolutely annoyed.

"ok, this weekend, we'll call neev and prachi down, for dinner and some more of my colleagues, so you meet new people and get company, as it is, you seem to hate my company" he stated the last words with humour.

"that is so true" she replied seriously "you are so boring, you have no time, you make me your servant, making me do all your dirty work for you and you haven't even asked me since you've come back from work, kripa, how are you, or, are alright, or, do you want to go out, nothing"

"Oh please kripa, don't start again" he whined

"Start again, what do you mean, I never start anything, it's you and your lazy---"and she continued, whilst Angad held his head, hoping she would shut up anytime soon, but the anytime soon came no sooner than three hours later.


"Angad, how are you doing?" Armaan asked, sitting next to him

"How can a man be without his life" he replied short, but deep.

"Angad, don't be dejected, Juan even said she'll be fine" he rested his hands on his shoulder "come on, have lunch with me, I know you haven't eaten since last night" and he pulled him up, leaving a lonely kripa, on the hospital bed still quivering over her past.


Kripa stood greeting Angad's colleagues at the door of their apartment, oh, where was Angad, he was supposed to be here, and these are his colleagues not hers, ughh.

Mention the devil and here he comes, she thought. Behind him, she saw a man and a women fighting continuously, they were worse than her, she thought.

"Oh please, that patient complimented me not you, your not even worth it, I mean you don't even know how to treat a patient" the girl teased him

"Oh and you're the greatest doctor on earth, aren't you and what happened when we were in medical collage, who was the one who gave the diabetes patient a tetanus vaccination"

"Oh shut up Armaan, you say another word and that long nose of yours will be down the drain"

"Ridz, if you think you'll be able to do that then keep dreaming"

"Its not ridz, its ridimaa"

Angad interrupted "ok, ridimaa, can you quit with the boasting"

"Absolutely correct" Armaan replied, "That's all she does, boast. But does nothing to deserve to boast"

"Oh forget it" she went forward greeting kripa "you must be kripa, hi, I'm ridimaa, for friends, ridi" she pulled her hand.

"Oh, um, yea, I'm kripa, nice to meet you, ridi" she replied, taking her hand.

Angad slid besides kripa, sliding his arms around her shoulder "kripa, this is Armaan" he pointed towards Armaan "and ridimaa, they work with me, we went to medical collage together" he introduced. "Guys this is kripa, my wife and life, from India"

"You don't have to mention it again Angad, we know, you didn't want to invite us" Armaan taunted

"Oh come on guys, that's why, I called you to this small dinner of ours, I'm sure boss wouldn't give us all vacations at once" he reasoned

"Ok, we believe you. So kripa, where are you from in India?" Ridimaa asked, starting a conversation. Ridimaa and kripa became fast friends, maybe because ridimaa wasn't particularly keen of men either. They had much in common, reminding kripa of Anjali, oh Anjali, when would she arrive.

Just then neev and prachi arrived through the doors; kripa excused herself to attend them "you guys are late" she remarked. "And what is this prachi; you haven't contacted me since I've come here. Am I that bad?"

"No, no, not at all, just been busy"

"So kripa, how's it going?" neev asked

"Boring, that stupid friend of yours does nothing but keeps me locked in the house, I haven't been anywhere" she replied annoyed.

"Kripa, I'll take you somewhere, I promise, now stop complaining" Angad said, sliding his arm behind her neck.

"Ok, now take your hands off me, your going to strangle me" she said pushing his arms away, ever so annoyed with Angad continuously taking advantage of them being amongst his colleagues.

"Angad we need a favour" neev said

"What's the matter neev, where have you been? I haven't seen you for over a week now"

"Well, I've been trying to convince prachis father, but the old man doesn't understand, so we kind of need help. Will you help us?" he questioned, with hope and something near guilt.


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Chapter Twelve

Angad and kripa sat in front of prachi and neev with serious expressions after everyone left. Why wouldn't they be serious, after all, what they heard was very serious. They had to convince Prachi's father without letting him know, and boy the old man was hard to handle.

"Neev, how could you, I mean, couldn't you two wait? when did this happen, I mean you two were at my wedding, with me in India, two whole months and you got her pregnant, disgusting!" Angad exclaimed appalled.

"I'm sorry" neev's eyes were lowered "I know I was wrong, but it all happened four months ago and circumstances were such, we couldn't control our urges"

"Neev, just tell me one thing" kripa asked "if your daughter was in this situation, what would you feel? Do you understand what humiliation it is to a women being pregnant before her marriage" she sighed and sat next to Angad on the sofa's arm "How many weeks prachi? "She asked

"Nine weeks" she answered feeling exposed.

"Nine weeks" kripa said horrified "when did you find out?" she asked sickened

"I found out after my return to America, I- I had my doubts, but they were confirmed on reaching here" tears spilled out of her eyes immediately.  "What shall I do, I shouldn't have—"her voice cracked as she sobbed, pressing her hands to her face.

Kripa stood up and sat beside prachi, taking her into her embrace, rubbing her back to soothe her. "Kripa" she heard Angad say "take her to our room, its better if you talk to her alone" kripa obediently listened, taking her to her room understanding the situation.


Angad stared at kripa's face. Had there ever been a time she had listened to him? He questioned himself. Maybe if she had listened to him, let him explain, she wouldn't be lying here. But again, why was he blaming her, she did listen, she obeyed many times. He couldn't blame her. He remembered when she obeyed him, taking prachi into there room. Oh, he felt so shameful, seeing prachi at that time. She was like a sister to him.


"Neev, this is so wrong, how could you, now what are you two planning, what if her dad disagrees, we all know what he's like, he'll never agree unless he knows the truth"

"I know, but prachi doesn't want to tell her father, she's too ashamed…"

"Give me a reason why she shouldn't be ashamed, you've taken her dignity away" Angad yelled

Neev rubbed his palms on his face, feeling ever so mortified "I'll marry prachi, even if her fathers against it, Court marriage" he said straight "again, Prachi's the problem, she wants her fathers permission" he said helplessly. He pushed his hands through his hair, trying to release the tension.

Angad placed his hand on his shoulder "I'll help you, but we're going to talk to her father tomorrow, if he doesn't agree, we're going to have to convince prachi into marrying you against her fathers will" Angad explained, relaxing the atmosphere.


Prachi had always been a good friend of kripa's. She could still recollect the times she had cried in front of her, when she was unhappy, when she needed support, when she was in pain.

She only remembered her crying once in front of her. Only once, she had asked for help and she gave it.


Prachi's sobs had died out; she lay on the bed, whilst kripa stroked her head. "Prachi, what have you thought, what are you going to do?" she asked.

"Kripa, I can't tell my father, he'll be disappointed in me, but I need his permission, I can't marry neev without my fathers consent, but I have to marry neev soon. He'll never agree marrying me off to neev. He's already against me being friends, that's what my dad thinks, that we're friends, I haven't told him about our love and all, what shall I do?" she groaned weakly.

"Prachi, you should have told your father, he has a right to know, what about your mother, does she—"

"She's not in this world anymore; she died of cancer, seven years ago"

Not knowing what to say, kripa simply apologised "oh umm, I'm sorry"

"Sorry about what, it happened long ago, and now I'm over it, she would be so ashamed of me today" she began again. Kripa took her into her arms comforting her, whilst prachi cried fresh tears.


Angad's patience was flying away. It had been almost eighteen hours, since kripa's sudden movement. He stood up to ask Juan why she wasn't awake. Being a doctor, he had learnt to be patient, but seeing kripa's position, he couldn't help but be impatient.

He stopped in his steps, when he felt something pull back. He looked towards kripa with optimism, but it was useless. His shirt had been caught into the beds railing.

He sat down beside her, tears falling from his eyes, remembering their first argument after there marriage.


Angad and kripa lay in bed, thinking of how to help their friends. It was true, they were wrong, but they couldn't just leave them alone. "Angad" kripa said "neev is wrong, he needs to respect prachis feelings, he can't just marry her in court" she spoke lifting her body up, to lean against the head board.

"But kripa, there is no other solution. We all know prachis father will never agree. What do you expect, that prachi goes around without marriage pregnant?" he shifted beside her "that will only humiliate her more"

"It's all neev's fault, he, ughh, he probably seduced her, as all men do, all they ever want is the women's body. When it comes to responsibilities, it's a tension for them" she said sternly.

"For god sake kripa, don't start with your women and men theories, this is serious" Angad spoke, trying to suppress his arising anger.

"I know it's serious and I'm talking serious, it's all true, that's what men do, and that's what neev did" she argued.

"And what about prachi, huh, if women are so superior and altruistic then why is she tense?" He questioned

"Neev gave her the reason" kripa sat completely looking at Angad as anger flared in her eyes "because of neev she is in tension. He hasn't only undignified her but also made her feel inferior, he's made her feel ashamed in front of her parents"

"Forget it, you won't understand me kripa, all you ever care of is, finding a way of humiliating me in some way or the other, using the theories of bad men. For god sake, not all men are selfish, think about all the past saints, Gandhi, was he selfish too?" he questioned furiously.

"Yes he was, he was bad, he was selfish that's why his protests ended up in furious battles and bloodshed, of course he was selfish, because of him many lost there life" and she continued with her theories again, annoying Angad to hell. He sighed, she found a point in everything, couldn't she leave the theories aside for once, he thought, laying down, totally ignoring her presence, trying to fall asleep.


The next morning, Angad left without speaking a word to kripa, after all, how long was he supposed to listen to her taunts? she wouldn't even keep them aside for Neev and Prachi's problem. Yes, he may have forced her but why does she forget he gave her the chance to break the marriage. But he still loved her, she may be immature, but he wasn't. He would make sure she changed her views and he had to start working on that soon.

He entered his cabin, checked how many patients he had to attend. There were two on the list, Michael woods, case of severe food poisoning, he had been in the hospital for the past three days, hopefully he would be discharged today. The second was Laura Mitchell's. Now she was hell of an annoying patient, she had been in the hospital for the past ten days. She was seriously retarded flirting with her doctor, ughh, he hated handling such patients.

He attended his patients and to his relief he was free for the rest of the day, well unless he had an emergency. He headed straight to neev's apartment. Neev lived alone, well one of the reasons was because he was orphan, besides that, he didn't like to see the rest of his family; it reminded him of his lonely childhood.


"You ready" Angad asked, as neev breathed heavily, preparing for the upcoming situation.

"Yeah, I'm nervous" he rang the door bell once again, waiting for the old man to open the door.

"Hmm, just keep praying"

Neev was just about to reply, when the door opened, revealing a tall, round man. He had a small moustache with a light stubble displayed on his fleshy skin. He wore a white shirt and black tracksuits, which did nothing more than help him look rounder.

His eye's flared with anger upon seeing neev. Neev flinched back, loosing courage, but Prachi's teary eyes encouraged him to go forward "Uncle, I've come to ask for Prachi's hand in marriage" he said bravely

"How dare you?" they heard his roaring voice "how dare you even think like this after using my daughter?"  Prachi tugged at her fathers arm.

"Dad, don't start here, please, lets go inside" she requested. Her father moved aside letting them in, then slamming the door, he moved towards them.

"How dare you, how could you get my daughter pregnant" he screamed, whilst neev and Angad stood there stunned.

"H—how do you know?"  Neev questioned, shocked.

"I told him neev" he heard prachi.

"But you didn't want to, I mean, I--" he was interrupted.

"I told prachi to tell her father the truth" kripa said coming out of the living room. what was she doing here, Angad thought. "You being a man would never encourage her to tell the truth, but the truth is very important, what if Prachi's father agreed, tell me, wouldn't the relationship be almost based on a lie" she questioned.

"yeah" he lowered his eyes, then looked straight at Prachi's father "I'm sorry uncle, I know I'm probably the worst choice for a son in law" neev got onto his knees in front of Prachi's dad "but I love prachi, and cant live without her, I'm ready to take the responsibility, I can't see her in pain, I beg you please accept me and Prachi's relationship, please, it wont be only humiliating but heart broking if you see prachi being taunted by her neighbours for an unmarried pregnancy. I realise it's my mistake, its not prachis fault, but please give me prachi" he was almost in tears, begging for there happiness.

Prachi's father sat down on the sofa helplessly, "have you left me with a choice?" he questioned

Neev lowered his eyes, "I'm sorry uncle, I disgraced you"

"It's alright son, its destiny" he patted his back "I accept your and Prachi's relationship, but it's purely because I have no other choice" he said strictly

Neev out of joy embraced his to be father in law, but backed away, knowing his fierce behaviour. Prachi hugged her father, thanking him, whilst Angad and kripa stood to a side watching them.


Sorry was a word kripa could never say. Even if she did, it would never be for a man besides her father, of course. She remained in memories, recalling the time she apologized to Angad. Oh, it was so hard, but it was necessary.


Angad worked on his laptop, going threw reports whilst kripa fixed the already tidy bedroom. "Kripa, quit cleaning, the bedroom is clean" he finally said, shutting his laptop.

He watched her drop onto the bed, fumbling with her fingers, whilst her eyes were veiled behind her eyelids. He stood up, placing the laptop on the side table and sat besides her on the bed, holding her hands in his grip. "Do you want to say something?" he asked knowingly.

Kripa sighed, he knew her too well and she still had a grudge against him, why couldn't she just put it aside for once, she thought. "Umm, no, actually, yes, no, forget it"

"Kripa nothing of yours will go if you say what you want to?" he teased.

"Ok, fine, I'm sorry" she said stubbornly

"Sorry, am I hearing right, your apologizing" he asked surprised

"Angad now don't mock me, all I want to say is I'm sorry, I realized that I was wrong to shout at you, but I just can't control it Angad, it just comes out. I try my best to keep it out of mind but I can't seem to stop myself when such situations appear" she said in one breath.

Angad turned towards her completely, cupping her face in his large hands "kripa, I think its time you realize that not all men are like your mentality, I mean tell me, have you seen that in me" he paused "well, yea, but come on, everyone in this world is selfish, the way I had my selfish reason to have this marriage, you had your own selfish reasons to stop this marriage, you cant just blame it all on the me and your experiences. They do show the negative side, but look at the positive side of it, try to figure out the positive side and then you'll realize" he softly kissed her forehead, leaving her in a chain of thoughts. Maybe, just maybe it was time she realized how correct Angad was.


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Chapter Thirteen

Kripa took two whole days thinking over her selfish behaviour. "Was she really that unfair she thought. But he was unfair, he forced her, but then again how unfair had she been to the proposals before Angad. All of them had a whole lot of demands before the alliance. Angad didn't" a side of her said. "But Angad hasn't said anything yet because he knows youu will do anything for your loved ones, you would never harm them" the other side Fought "Why do you always misunderstand Angad?" She thought, then again her thoughts debated, "you have never misunderstood, didn't you see how he supported neev" The other part fought back "it was the need of time". "Yeah right, Angad is being nice for his own reasons, he's a devil"  "but then again, you were selfish kripa, didn't you try to push him away. When you couldn't refuse you merely refused to his soft hearted offer".

Kripa snapped out of her thoughts, when she heard Angad speak "kripa, tomorrow neev and prachi are getting married, so be ready for eleven in the morning. It's a court marriage; they don't want a flashy wedding". He sat beside her, holding her hands, looking straight into her eyes. "Are you upset with me" he asked.

"Uhh, no, should I be?"

"Well, no, but I thought you would be, but I was merely trying to get you to understand my point kripa, its not very pleasant knowing that your wife doesn't like you, but I've accepted it, but that does not mean I will stop trying. I'll try to my last breath, making sure our marriage works" he looked into her eyes briefly for a second, then kissed her forehead. For some strange reason, kripa admired that gesture; it showed his true love towards her, his affection, his care, everything, it was just so serene.


Prachi and neev looked perfect in there simple wedding gowns, sitting besides eachother, as the magistrate put the papers in front of them. Neev signed the papers, then eagerly watched prachi sign the papers with her delicate fingers. As soon as she signed the marriage certificate, he screamed out of joy, "yaaaaay" which fell short, seeing his father in law's stern stare.

Angad and kripa looked on amused, whilst it was hard to tell if prachi was blushing or flushed from embarrassment. "Boy, aren't you excited" the magistrate laughed, lightening the atmosphere. Thereafter, Angad and kripa signed as witnesses on there marriage certificate.

"Congratulations" Angad said embracing neev "congrats prachi" he hugged her in a brotherly manner, "and good luck, you'll have a hard time handling neev" he winked, laughing out loud.

"Ouch" neev commented frostily "that was so nice of you Angad"

Kripa came forward, embracing prachi "congratulations, have a happy life, and don't at all forget that I'm always there when you need help" she said Authorativly.

Prachi's eyes filled," I'll never forget you; you did me a big favour, helping me take a big burden off my heart"

Kripa wiped her tears,"ok, no tears, now you should be happy, come on smile" she said through tears herself.

The next thing they heard from neev's big mouth "women"

"Women, what about women?" prachi asked irritated.

"Oh, umm, nothing" neev said, a little scared, "just a little emotional"

"So, what's so wrong in that?" prachi blurted

"Nothing" he saw her fuming face "come on prachi, lets not start with a fight, I mean we just got married and--"

They were interrupted by Prachi's father, "now shall we move on" he asked irritated, causing everyone to shut up and proceed with the formalities.


Angad remembered kripa looking ever so beautiful at neev and Prachi's marriage. If he hadn't made that mistake, maybe, just maybe, she might have listened to him the second time, but she didn't. It was all his fault, why did he forget everything, when he made his first mistake?


Angad's eyes lingered onto kripa. For some reason he couldn't take his eyes off kripa, very much unnoticed by kripa, thanks to his occasional and quick glances. Kripa had dressed into a pretty, hot pink sari, with light antique work decorated on the ends, her pink sleeveless top, revealing her cleavage slightly, with a deep back, arousing hidden desires.

She stood in front of the dresser, removing her jewellery exposing her neck, her hands working swiftly removing the cold antique jewellery from her soft, warm skin.

Angad stared at her through the mirror; her creamy white skin looked brighter under the hot pink chiffon sari, intoxicating his mind, rather causing him to lose his senses. He got up, slowly crossing the distance between him and kripa.

How could kripa forget his first touch? It was the first time he had ever touched her so sensually, combining his love and lust in a ball of unnerving desire. The same hands that cared for her, touched for the first time, crating an uncomfortable atmosphere.

Kripa froze, as she felt his lips rub to the side of her neck, his hand sliding and caressing her stomach, whilst his other hand stroked her hip, his body completely pressing into hers. She looked up to witness the moments in the mirror, it was a horrendous moment. How could he touch her without her consent and that too knowing her opinion?

She felt his lips parting, sucking onto her skin, she spoke "Angad, leave me" there was no response, instead his hands slid upwards, whilst his lips moved towards her bare shoulder blade, biting into it, causing her to hiss in pain. "Angad, I said leave me" she said louder, struggling, but his lips wouldn't part from her skin.

She pushed him away with all her force, as soon as his roaming hands cupped her swell. She was fuming, but a part of her was hurt. Her heart ached for some reason; he tried to go against her will. Her eyes filled with unwanted tears, as she glared at Angad with anger and pain clearly evident in her eyes.


Angad remembered her reaction clearly. Why wouldn't she react in such a way? He had lost his senses, but she didn't. He could have controlled himself, but he was too lost. He remembered clearly how she responded.


Angad gawked back stupidly, registering what had just happened. When he registered, it was too late; kripa had locked herself in the bathroom. Angad cursed himself. How selfish of him. What would she be thinking about him now?

He knocked on the bathroom door, "I'm sorry kripa, I got carried away, I won't do it again, kripa open the door, please, I won't come near you, I promise" but his pleading went in vain. After an hour he stopped knowing exactly how stubborn his wife was. A little later Angad left to visit Armaan, maybe by then kripa would decide to get out the bathroom.

The memory of that incident encouraged her memory further. She felt so relieved, when she heard him leave. It gave her time to think and react.


Once kripa heard the front door click, she unlocked the door, peeping outside. The coast was clear. She fell on her bed letting the tears take over.

She didn't expect this from Angad; a part of her had started to believe him. She may have lectured him everyday, but even after five weeks of their marriage, he didn't do anything wrong. Her trust upon him was building, but his greed, she saw a minutes before, had that trust crumbling.

She sobbed quietly, feeling need of support, when the phone rang. She quickly wiped her tears and picked the phone up. "Hello"

"Hi kripa, this is ridimaa, remember me" she heard

"Oh, ya, how are you?"

"I'm fine, I was wondering, since Angad isn't giving you the time, me and Armaan got permission from the dean, he's let us off for five days, so we were wondering, you want to go camping and then with the spare three days, I'm going to California, to visit my cousin" she paused, "don't I talk a little too much?"

The last statement had kripa laughing, this girl sure was good company, "I'd love to, who's going?"

"Well, obviously, you and Angad" Angad, kripa thought, would she really want to face him for a few days, she was interrupted "me and Armaan, I invited my friends Troy and Gabriella, umm and my cousin kanan is coming along and I don't know who Armaan has invited"

"Yeah, can I come with you when you go to California" she asked.

"Sure" she beamed "I'm ready, just make sure Angad doesn't miss you too much, well unless he's coming as well" she added mischievously, whilst kripa felt tears burn at the back of her eyes, as she was reminded of his unpredictable behaviour.


"Angad, Angad, earth to Angad" neev interrupted

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was lost" he replied solemnly

"I understand, now come on, let's eat"

"I've eaten"

"And you think I'll believe you?" neev questioned, eyebrows raised.

"Ask Armaan" he answered, still looking down.

He remembered, when Armaan had told him about there small trip. It would have been much more fun if kripa wasn't upset, but he couldn't help it. Oh, how he wished, he could have fresh, joyful memories of his early married life.


Angad was updated by Armaan about their camping plans. He thanked Armaan for the proposal. "Thanks, man, but since when have you and ridimaa teamed up?" he winked

"Me and ridimaa" he laughed hysterically "you must be joking, I wanted my holidays and so did she and we all know that the dean would never give us a holiday if we say it once, so we decided to trouble him and you know what trouble we bring together"

"Yeah, yeah" he stood up "ok, I'll take a leave now, don't disturb neev and prachi, leave them alone for a few days, so their excluded from the camping"

"We don't mind excluding you, I mean after all, you and kripa haven't had the time" he grinned

"Well, we'll think about that later, for now, we're coming, even if you decide to drop us out" he joked, concerned about kripa's reaction.


When Angad came home, he found kripa sleeping. She had changed out of the sari into her black silk night suit. He could hear her breathing lightly. He came and sat close to her, his hand reaching to touch her cheek. He bent down and planted a kiss on her forehead.

"I'm sorry" he whispered "I'm very sorry, I promise to control next time, but I'm helpless, what can I do? How long is this going to happen? I love you kripa, I wont hurt you, please don't hurt me" he leaned down kissing her cheek, when her eyes opened to the feel of his wet lips on her skin.


As kripa felt, wet lips kiss her right cheek. It reminded her of the night of that incident. She was so glad he had woken her up, since she found a source of comfort, from the information she received.

She jerked up straight away, moving a distance from Angad. "Don't touch me, I don't want you anywhere near me, I almost started to trust you" she paused and looked into his eyes "but you broke it" her voice shivered with tears choking her.

"I'm sorry kripa, I know it's all my fault, I admit it but please forget it, I don't want to complicate things between us"

"Angad, just leave me alone I need time to think, I don't want to talk about it" she answered lowering her eyes.

"Ok, I'm sorry again, oh um, Anjali called" Angad informed

"Ok, I'll call her" kripa answered coldly.

"I'll sleep outside on the sofa, till you're comfortable" he stated walking into the bathroom, to change.


"Anju, you called" kripa said once Angad left to sleep.

"Yeah, guess what, I'm in California" she screamed in excitement.

"Really" kripa replied equally excited "give me your address I'm coming to meet you"

"Ok, ok, be patient" she replied, knowing kripa's eagerness.

"Ok, I will, I'm going to California after three days anyways, so I'll meet you"

"Really, with who?" Anjali questioned

"She's one of Angad's colleagues, but now my friend"

"Really, she better not be closer than me and—"and the girls continued gossiping for a while, with kripa excluding her scene with Angad today.


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Chapter Fourteen

To Angad's fortune kripa had agreed to come to the camping trip with him. Well that was only because ridimaa had requested, she wasn't in the mood to listen to Angad, but of course, how could she leave her sharp tongued taunts behind.

Armaan had hired a mini bus, kanan accompanied Nishant, her fianc, whilst ridimaa sat towards the back chatting with kripa, troy and Gabriella. To kripa's relief, Angad sat with Armaan at the front, discussing there careers.

Troy entertained them all with his melodious voice, with Gabriella joining in between. Everyone appreciated his singing, whilst troy and Gabriella did nothing more than blossom out of gratitude.

"you sing so well" kripa exclaimed "but Gabriella has the better voice" she added, that was so like kripa, Angad thought, she'd appreciate the quality of the male, but she'd never leave females behind.

"Well, I agree, but I'm not that bad" he replied teasingly, and they all laughed.

Angad was cut out of his thoughts, with the voice of the doctor. "Will you excuse us for a while Doctor Khanna, I need to check the patient"

"Yea, sure, go ahead" and he left, to stand outside.

Meanwhile, kripa drifted back to dream land.

Kripa stepped onto the desiccated grass. The grass looked ever so dry, it needed rain, but then again it was tracking track, it was better off the way it was, Ughh, kripa thought, why couldn't she get Angad off her mind, that horrid moment off her mind. She was making these stupid comments about the grass to keep him off her mind and he still haunted her, why wouldn't he, after all She was standing in front of him.

She walked along with ridi, lost in her own world, when she was interrupted,"hey kripa, why are you so quiet, tell us about yourself, I mean, we hardly know you, how was it in India?"

"Oh um, yeah, India was a better living for me, since I had my daily routines there but then again , I haven't been given the chance to make a proper daily routine"

And the next thing she heard was "ooooaaaaah" now she should have not mentioned about 'not given a chance'.

She sighed, "What's wrong?" she asked innocently.

"Nothing, it just seems Angad doesn't give you the chance, as his always busy with you" ridimaa replied in a rather mischievous tone.

Kripa stayed silent, turning red in embarrassment, whilst everyone laughed at the petite figure turning red. Angad glanced at her, whilst kripa kept her eyes lowered, avoiding his gaze.

Soon ridimaa started complaining of her aching limbs. "Stop, I can't walk more, it's almost dawn let's take the tents out and stay here for the night"

"Aww, poor ridz, already tired, not a lot of exercise is there" Armaan teased

"Pul-leez, keep your comments to yourself, I'm a normal person and get tired after walking continuously for" she lifted her wrist to see the time on her silver Emporio Armani watch " three and a half hours, that too on the hill tracks"

"You mean to say all of us are abnormal" Armaan said sarcastically

"I did not say that" she exclaimed, standing up

"Oh please stop lying, you're the one that said a few moments ago, 'I'm a normal person and get tired after walking continuously three and a half hours, that too on the hill tracks', and here no one else is tired but you so your calling us abnormal" he said taking a step forward.

"well, mr Armaan for your information, I'm not the only one tired here, kanan and kripa are very much tired and we want to rest, now, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted" she said eyeing Armaan "guys, can we set up the tents and rest, I'm tired, there's lake down there" she pointed to the far right" and we'll get something to eat, my stomachs grumbling"

Kripa and Angad flowed out of earth, in remembrance of the first night of the camping trip. They both enjoyed to the most, but there still something depressing about it. They both thought in unison

Soon, two medium sized tents were set up with Armaan and Angad fixing one tent and troy and Nishant busy with the other. The men settled in the grey tent, whilst the girls settled in the green tent.

Shortly after, kanan and kripa were busy grilling the red meat and vegetables, whilst Angad, Gabriella and troy went to fetch water from the nearby lake. Armaan and ridimaa were too busy bothering each other, whereas Nishant took the time to rest.

Once everything was settled, everyone sat around the fire burnt in the middle, which thanks to Angad was lit, since no one remembered to bring  the matches. He rubbed two stones together to light the fire, which was hard according to kripa.

Troy entertained the group with his musical voice, whilst Gabriella told everyone in between his songs, how they met and how they fell in love. Bull shit kripa thought, love is bull shit, no one loves, its all about lust.

"Hey troy, please sing you are the music in me" kanan requested "it's so romantic"

"More like noisy" Armaan interrupted                                                                                                                 
"Well, well, Armaan, if you've got a problem why don't you sing for us" ridimaa said sardonically "please troy, ignore him, he doesn't know how to appreciate talent"

"Ok, Gabriella, why don't you join me" he said cuddling her.


Na na na na
Na na na na yeah
You are the music in me
You know the words
"Once Upon A Time"
Make you listen?
There's a reason. 

Angad eyes fell on kripa, she hadn't talked to him all day, it did frustrate him, but he knew kripa was stubborn, and no one could ever change that, when he heard the words 'once upon a time', he wondered, would there ever be a time when kripa would forget her so called theory and  become his by heart and soul.

When you dream there's a chance you'll find
A little laughter
or happy ever after
your harmony to the melody
It's echoing inside my head
A single voice (Single voice)
Above the noise
And like a common thread
Hmm, you're pulling me 

'happy ever after' kripa thought bitterly, there is no such word, no one can live happily ever after, with males dominating the world, causing nothing but corruption.

When I hear my favourite song
I know that we belong
Oh, you are the music in me
Yeah it's living in all of us
And it's brought us here because
Because you are the music in me
Na na na na (Ohh)
Na na na na na
Yeah yeah yeah
You Are The Music In Me  (Na na na na)
You are the music in me 

Let alone music, Angad thought, kripa wouldn't ever become part of me, why cant she just understand that I wont harm her, all I did was I got a little tipsy, I mean, lost control, but, she would never understand.

It's like I knew you before we met (Before we met)
Can't explain it (Ohh ohh)
There's no name for it (No name for it)
I'm saying words I never said
And it was easy (So easy)
Because you see the real me (I see)
As I am You understand
And that's more than I've ever known
To hear your voice (Hear your voice)
Above the noise (Ohh ohh)
And no, I'm not alone
Oh you're singing to me (Ohh yeah)

Oh how I wish I was alone and single, she thought. Why did she have to get married in the first place, couldn't god see she was happy alone, without Angad, without male dominancy on her.

When I hear my favorite song
I know that we belong (Yeah ohh)
You are the music in me
It's living in all of us
And it's brought us here because
You are the music in me
Together we're gonna sing (Yeah)
We got the power to sing what we feel (What we feel)
Connected and real
Can't keep it all inside (Ohh)
Na na na na (Ohh yeah)
Na na na na na (Ohh yeah)
Yeah yeah yeah (Na na na na)
You are the music in me (In me)
Na na na na (Ohh yeah)
Na na na na na (Ohh yeah)
Na na na na
You are the music in me

I wish I had a connection with kripa, a heart to heart connection, I mean at least as friends, at least she would understand me, Like troy understands Gabriella and Nishant understands kanan. Angad sighed, listening to the remaining song.

When I hear my favorite song (Favorite song)
I know that we belong (We belong)
You are the music in me
Yeah it's living in all of us
It's brought us here because (Here because)
You are the music in me
Na na na na (Ohh yeah)
Na na na na (Ohh yeah)
Na na na na
You are the music in me (Yeah)

"Great, that was so good, a perfect song before going to sleep" ridimaa commented.

"Hey guys, looks like ridz loves to listen to lullaby's" Armaan teased. Everyone laughed whilst ridimaa fumed.

Kripa felt the doctor place the cold stethoscope against her skin. It bought back memories of the midnight incident. Oh, what a fool she made of her self, but it was fun, in the cold night.

In the darkness of the night, they all fell in a deep slumber, kripa's eyes crinkled, feeling something warm on her skin, moving up and down her skin. She pressed her hand down her shoulder to stop the movement, but to her dismay, she caught hold of something hairy. Opening her eyes, kripa screamed seeing a big hairy spider on her shoulder, waking everyone up from there deep sleep.

"Kripa, why are you screaming?" kanan asked half asleep

Kripa shoved her hand on her shoulder pushing the spider to the ground "sp-spi-spider" she pointed towards the ground snuggling to a corner, whilst the other girls jumped back calling for the boys.

Armaan cracked up; seeing the spider "you screamed because of that" he turned towards Angad "can you believe it? They disturbed our precious sleep for that" and he walked away to the other tent.

Nishant and troy being the big tough men for their life partners went forward to pick the spider up. All of a sudden the spider crawled, they jerked back, with the sudden movement. They all heard a giggle and looked behind to find Angad chuckling at the two men with there so called brave fronts.

"Move out of the way" Angad said, coming forward, he picked the spider by the leg and threw it outside "now are you at peace?" he asked kripa grinning.

Oh, he just had to grin, kripa thought. She nodded her head and went to sleep. Minutes later, she heard the roaring laughter of all the men from the other tent. They just can't help laughing at the weakness of women she thought, drifting off into a peaceful slumber with her bitter thoughts.

The three days in camping went well, it was enjoyable, making new friends, knowing new people. The men took advantage knowing the ladies fears. To an extent kripa was proud Angad didn't do any of that, but then again kripa and her stubborn mind, no one could convince her.

Angad saw kripa packing a small duffel bag. Confused, he went to their room "kripa, why are you packing your bag?"

"I'm going to California, to meet Anjali, I don't know when I'll be back, or if I even want to come back, so don't wait for me" she replied coldly

"Kripa listen" he held her arm, turning her around, her cold glare causing him to release her arm "I'm sorry about that day, I shouldn't have done it, but it's the limit kripa, your over reacting, every person has desires, anyone in my place would have done what I did and--"

"Please Angad, there's no need to give me an explanation, I don't want to hear anything, and I mean it"

Angad's anger rised, he caught hold of her shoulders "what the hell is your problem, I've been trying to convince you for the past four days, but no you and your stubborn mind come in between all the time, for once think about me from a normal persons view, not a women's, infact a feminists view, just, just" his fist tightened "listen kripa, if I want I can go and get a women who would respect me as much as I respect you, but I haven't because I know you need time to think about our relationship, to get over your hatred towards men, but kripa, why do you blame the whole race. Why don't you see each person as an individual?" He signed, he knew one thing, his lecture was going to go to waste. "Forget it; I'll drop you to the train station".

"I'm not going on train" kripa said quietly "I'm going with ridimaa"

Kripa enjoyed her first day in California with ridimaa, who showed her tourist's sites. In the evening she dropped kripa off at Anjali's address.

Kripa stood outside Anjali's house, waiting for someone to open the door. Anjali opened the door, with her sari tucked in; her hair was held up with a clip whilst she held a big wooden spoon in her hand.

"Kripa" she squealed in excitement, she moved forward to hug her, "I'm so happy to see you, come in" she gave the way.

Kripa walked in to see Kavya sitting on the sofa with ishaan sprawled all over him. "Hi" kripa greeted

"Oh, kripa, what a pleasant surprise, nice to see you" Kavya replied, he tried to get up, but ishaan yelled and sat back down "I'm sorry, umm, ishaans being a bit stubborn" he said.

"It's alright, Kavya" she replied sweetly.

It had been two weeks kripa was staying with Anjali, always avoiding to go back home, Angad had called her thrice, where she simply replied, not yet. Anjali noticed something wrong, she knew kripa more than herself, she would never stay down more than a week and now it had been two weeks. She was determined and she would find out tonight.

"Kripa, can I come in" Anjali asked after knocking on the door.

"Sure, you don't need to ask anju"

Anjali came in and sat down next to her on the bed, whilst kripa folded the page of her book, "kripa, is there something you want to tell me?" Anjali asked

She looked at Anjali and sighed, Anjali knew her too well "yea, actually I do"

"Ok, so I'm waiting, actually, you never stay more than a week even if I insist, what's wrong kripa? Did you fight with Angad?"

"Actually Anjali, Angad tried to force me?" she spat out, almost in tears.

"Tell me clearly, what do you mean, Angad wouldn't do that, I'm sure, I can recognize a person" she replied confused

"Anjali, now don't take his side, he tried to force me, and when I questioned him he apologized giving his stupid explanations "she exclaimed.

"Kripa, tell me everything from the start, I mean from when you moved to America"

Kripa briefly explained the incidents to Anjali, whilst Anjali listened intently.

"It's all your fault kripa; no man would tolerate your behaviour. How many times do I have to explain to you, not everyone is the way you think they are, quit misunderstanding him. Now your married, you have to spend the rest of your life with him and--"

She was cut off "please Anjali, don't give his side, are you my friend or his"

"Kripa, I'm your friend that's why I don't want you to do anything wrong before it's too late, come on, try to understand him—"

"Anjali, forget it, if you give his side I'll leave and go somewhere else, I don't want to live with him and I won't"

"Kripa, don't you dare say that, you wont leave, ok, but I'll still advise you, go to Angad, understand him, he's not what you think of him he's different and he loves you, he doesn't desire your body, he wants you, from heart, not physically, he wants you with him emotionally, please think about it, I mean, be friendly, you haven't even been friendly, what do you expect him to do?" and Anjali left kripa in a turmoil of thoughts.

Angad was lost in his own thoughts, as the doctor checked kripa. Those three weeks came to his mind. The three weeks kripa had left him, punishing him for his unintentional sin.

A few days past by, it had been almost three and a half weeks kripa had gone. She would avoid his calls whenever he called, she only answered it thrice. God she was stubborn, He had to bring her home.

He sat down in his car with a small back pack, when his phone rang "hello"

"Hello, Doctor Khanna, there's an emergency case, we need you"

"Isn't anyone else there?"

"There is but it's urgent, the other doctors are busy, please come quickly, these a lack of doctors today because of Christmas"

As a doctor, it was Angad's responsibility to fulfil his duty, "I'm coming nurse" he would see kripa after, this was important.

"You can go in Angad" Juan called

"Oh, umm thanks" he replied, breaking out of the train of thoughts.

Meanwhile, inside, kripa dreamt of her good moments with Angad. Those moments that she'd cherish for life, as well as he.

Angad joint his hands with kripa, as they both thought in harmony, about there perfect moments.

After so many days of Anjali explaining to kripa, she finally succeeded, kripa had started to understand and she was ready to go back to New York to give Angad a chance.

She bid goodbye to Anjali and left for New York on train. The streets were silent as it was Christmas, everyone was busy within there homes. As soon as kripa entered the house, she called for Angad. But there was no reply.

She settled down, unpacking, she cooked and cleaned up. It was quite late and Angad still hadn't arrived. Finally, at half eleven, the doors opened and an exhausted Angad entered his apartment.

He was surprised to find the lights on. He rushed to his room to find kripa lying in bed watching television. A smile spread across his face, finally she came back home.

Kripa noticed him and straightened up, "umm, you must be hungry, I'll warm the food up" and she left.

She returned to the room to find Angad had changed, sitting on the sofa, lost in his thoughts. 

Sitting down with the tray in her lap, she spoke "I'm sorry Angad"

Angad turned towards her surprised, she had just apologized to him, was he dreaming "It's ok, I'm sorry as well, because of my behaviour you were away for so many days, I was meant to keep you happy, but gave you sorrow"

"No Angad, it's all my fault, I was being stubborn and didn't understand, I'm sorry. I didn't think once about you, I just thought about my self. It was me who was selfish, not you"

"Don't blame yourself kripa, it was me, I didn't prove myself to you, I was supposed to show you the straight path, instead I lead you farer, sorry"

"Stop apologizing, you weren't wrong. I made you suffer all along, I'm such a bad person, I'm sorry you have to spend your life with me, you could have got someone much better"

"Don't say that" he placed his finger on her lips "you do deserve me, Ok, now if we stop saying sorry we might get somewhere, I'm hungry" and to seal the moment, his stomach grumbled.

Since kripa's return from California, she hadn't let Angad touch the kitchen. She cooked herself, serving, enjoying her meals with him.

Surely Angad enjoyed it, but he saw it to be unfair. He didn't want her to serve him all the time. He should do that sometimes, after all, a husband had a duty towards his wife as well and he didn't want to give her another chance to complain.

Angad had a Sunday off, so he decided he would cook. He looked at kripa, oh how cute she looked; for now they were friends and he appreciated it. He wanted to give her all his happiness, never tears. He'd make sure she forgot what tears are. Slipping out of bed, he showered and set off to make breakfast.

Kripa woke up to the smell of food. Hmm, she thought. Then it hit her, who was making breakfast so early in the morning? Oh, it's Sunday, she reminded herself. Angad was home.

Lazily lifting her body, she got up, tying the pink robe around her. She walked to the kitchen to find Angad in front of the coffee machine, preparing coffee. She looked towards the oven, where cheese toast grilled. How sweet, she thought. "Angad" she called.

Startled he turned "oh, its you" he heaved, then frowned "I was going to surprise you"

Smiling, kripa walked towards his direction. She kissed his cheek "thank you, its very nice of you, by the way, what do you want to eat today?" she questioned

"Breakfast" he simply answered, turning towards the coffee maker

She hit his head lightly "no, duh, I'm talking about lunch" she spoke

"No need to worry madam" he replied, sliding his arm behind her nape "I'll cook"

"No you won't, you're probably tired, after breakfast go back to sleep. You only get one day free" she replied handling him the coffee mugs.

"Come on kripa, I'm cooking and its final and then we'll go out for dinner tonight" he took her hand "besides, I'm sure you can assist me, it'll be more fun"

"How about, you go to bed and I cook, perfect, thanks" she kissed his cheek again.

"Thanks, for what?" He questioned following her.

"For letting me cook, now hurry up, or we'll have burnt cheese toast for breakfast, which I don't fancy right now"

"Oh, I almost forgot" he walked towards the oven, taking each toast out, one by one "hey kripa, I'm still cooking, please"

"No" she replied, pouring the coffee

"Please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top, is that how you like it?"

"No, no and no, you're not cooking, I am. How about I cook lunch and then we go for dinner?" she gave him his coffee

He sighed "ok, you win, but next week I'm cooking"

"We'll see to that next week" she replied taking a bite of her breakfast "hmmm, tasty, thanks" and she finished breakfast with Angad stealing glances in between.

Days went by quite well, Angad was happy with the change in kripa, but at the same time his schedule became busier. He wasn't able to give her enough time.

Kripa also understood, but she was getting irritated with his busy schedule. She decided to pop in for lunch, one of the days. She went to the hospital, waiting in his cabin for him. Getting fed up; she asked the nurse where he was.

As she proceeded to the private ward, she heard gossiping about the new patient doctor Khanna was very attentive towards.

She was shocked to see her husband, Angad Khanna, taking a woman in his arms with a smile wiped across his face. She stood there a little longer in case it was a misunderstanding, but it wasn't, he kissed her cheek as she kissed his, then he leaned into her doing something, which some what looked like he was kissing her. She quickly changed her footsteps, when she bumped into a nurse.

"Oh Mrs Khanna, nice to see you, doctor Khanna is with a patient, he'll be out in a few minutes"

She hesitated but asked "who is he with?"

"Oh He's with Mrs Nandita Khanna" and she left for her duty, leaving kripa shocked.


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