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Unwanted (AK & NP) (completed)

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She never wanted marriage. For her marriage was a boundary, A border, that the one known to be your soul mate would create, becoming your decision maker and that's exactly what she didn't want. She wanted to be independent, not Dependant on someone else, someone who would just use you to gain satisfaction from your body, someone who would use you to produce children and never respect you for what you truly are.

 Her parents were a perfect example for her. Her mother was a complete housewife, always Dependant on her father to make decisions for her. Never, would she go against his decision and that's what she hated, she bowed down to what her father said. She loved her family, and they loved her. Although her father and mother were equally in love, she just didn't like the idea of an ideal housewife, something she felt since maturity took over.

Kripa grew up wanting to be independent, without men dominating women, pressing down the decisions of women. The only way for her to live the way she wanted was never to marry. But she was a loving daughter, she couldn't hold the disappointment in her parents eyes; though there faces would look radiant with there gleaming smiles, except, distress clearly evident through there eyes, with sorrow of there unmarried daughter .

Life didn't go her way, she was too affectionate towards her parents and agreed to get married, but she wasn't going to back out, why would she, she wanted to be free and she would, when would her naughty tactics come to use?

After two years of continuous proposals, she was rejected, which distressed her parents but she would be on cloud nine, with disappointment pasted on her face.

 But she couldn't win every time. When she came face to face with Angad Khanna, who was apparently her eighty fourth proposal, she lost, she tried every possible way but he was way too smart for her and transformed her bratty mind into a mature women's mind with the right thoughts of being an independent women.

I present to you the story of Kripa Sharma, who was challenged by her husband, Angad Khanna to change her thoughts and showed her the positive side of a martial relationship.


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Chapter One

A feminine deadly body lay numb on the creamy white sheets, camouflaging her delicate skin, which once glowed, but now was as pale as a ghost. Her once rosy cheeks, now as white as milk. Her huge dark eyes hidden behind her closed eyelids. Her lips that once smiled, now straight and dry.

She laid on the hospital bed, completely lifeless, with a slight bump across her abdomen, the machines beeping, with dozens of pipes giving her life, whilst her soul remained dead. Her hands lay just above her abdomen where a new life was breathing, preparing to come in the world to end his mothers endless sleep.

She felt the weight of someone's head on her shoulder, her eyes compressed, wrinkled, her lips trembled, with her hands shivering. She felt the head shoot up when her hands quivered.

"Doctor" she heard the man scream

She could feel her breathing become uneven, her body shaking vigorously, whilst she felt machines being pushed onto her chest several times. Once her breathing calmed, she felt pain stab on her upper arm.

"Doctor, is she ok" she heard the man speak again

"She'll be fine. Hopefully she'll be out of coma in the next 48 hours, she's lucky Dr Khanna, not many people survive comas" the doctor sighed "and that too during pregnancy, it's all your effort"

The vaccination showed effect, she started to drift off to sleep, with the voices drowning, sleep overtaking, for hours this time, not months.

She gaped in the darkness behind her closed eyelids, with memories flooding her head. Her smile, her laughter, her anger, her parents, everything was flowing by, within seconds.

The flashes became faster, as the memories flowed, her parents, her marriage, anger, misery, everything.

Then the memories flowed back chronologically, where she sat in a cream and emerald sari, once again stuck in the situation she absolutely hated. Another proposal, god couldn't people understand that after being rejected eighty two times, the proposals were supposed to finish. But no, they had to continue and make her life miserable.

Oh how she wished she could punch the man next to her and tell him to get lost, he was so not amusing, and not at all funny, well that's what he was trying to be.

Neal Mehta, a software engineer, but he didn't have enough of a brain to reach that stage; well thats what it seemed like listening to his ever so stupid words.

"Why aren't you speaking?" he brought her out of her thoughts "I don't bite" he said with that devilish smirk on his face, only if she could break those amazingly gleaming white teeth of his.

"I thought it would be rude to interrupt" she hinted

"Ok, so tell me, kripa, what exactly do you plan to do after our marriage, I mean except all the house work and all"

I'm not your servant, how about you cook and I work she thought "well, I want to train into a law lecturer"

"study, well, I'm going to have to ask mom about that but I'm sure that will be fine and your hobbies, I mean what do you like doing in spare time"

She smiled as she silently mumbled 'Great, goodbye Neal Mehta' she cleared her throat and started "well I read, write and did I forget to mention that I'm lesbian, oh and I have no intentions to stop"

He gave out a shaky laugh "you're joking right" he asked with his eyebrows cocked

She gave a little laugh, not being able to suppress it "no"

"Eeeeewwww" were the next words she heard, watching his horrified expression. At once he stood, walking towards the room, where their parents sat, here we go kripa, start your tears she thought walking behind him.

"What happened, where are you going?" she questioned tearfully

He went straight to his parents "Lets go, I'm not marrying her" he announced

Everyone stood "what's wrong with my daughter?" her father protested

"What's wrong, shame on you, your daughters lesbian and your asking me what's wrong?"

"What" her parents gasped

"Oh, that's it, now don't tell me you don't know anything, your just trying to act innocent, and what kind of upbringing have you given your daughter, I mean-"

He was cut off by kripa"listen, enough is enough, I mean you told me your gay and then you tell me you don't want to marry me and so you go bursting through my house telling my parents I'm lesbian;  now your insulting my parents. Insult me how much you want, but don't you dare say anything to my parents" she said with the tears perfectly flowing down her cheeks.

"What, you, --you liar, you Bitch how dare you"

Before he could say anything further, he was grabbed by his forearm and kicked out of the house by her father. "Get out and don't you dare say anything to my daughter --- disgusting"

To exaggerate, kripa ran upstairs sobbing violently, with her mother following behind, worry clearly written on her face.

"Kripa" her mother said "he didn't deserve you, now stop crying"

"mom, this always happens, I'm getting sick of this, I mean, its heart breaking. I'm humiliated all the time, there's no value of my self respect, and forget me , they always humiliate you, and I wont take anyone insulting you"

"Kripa; I understand but"

"But what mom, I get insulted, you get insulted, dad is insulted, do you enjoy all this?" she questioned

"I'm sorry kripa, I know you feel terrible, but I was" she paused "well ok, I was rejected twelve times and then I found your father, I'm sure you'll get your dream man, don't lose hope"

"Your mother's right kripa" her father said "me and swati want to see you happy and see our luck"

"What luck?" she questioned quizzically

"My best friend, Rajveer is coming to India from America with his wife and son after eighteen years, and there staying with us for three weeks and more if things work out the way they want it to"

"And how does that make you lucky dad" kripa asked getting up and shifting herself in her fathers arms.

"Well, there coming to look for a bride for their son and your their first choice"

Kripa's face dropped, she'd have to make another plan to get rid of another idiot. Plastering a smile on her face "what's his name"

"Angad, Doctor Angad khanna"

A doctor, interesting she thought "Refuse the proposal dad"

"Why" he asked in utter shock

"Dad, he lives all the way in America and we live in India. Imagine the culture difference and dad, I' m going to miss you if I live all the way in America" she said innocently

Her father kissed her forehead taking her into his arms "It will be fine kripa" he brushed his hands down her hair "you can come here every year and we can try once in a while and culture wise, I tell you they may have been living in America, but Indians are Indians after all"

"Damn it" she thought aloud

"What" her father questioned

"Uhh, nothing dad, go ahead, I'm happy" Oh god, it didn't work, oh well there's still a lot more I can do, she thought placing her hands tightly around her fathers waist.


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Chapter Two

Kripa cursed her father under her breath unintentionally, whilst fixing the black scarf in her neck with her Black and white trouser suit. She dressed casually, with nothing more an eye liner, and clear gloss.

Today, to her bad fortune, the Khanna family were to arrive at Mumbai, god, no one could see her happy, she thought as she sat in the car next to her father, whilst her mother as always, like a typical  house wife stayed home and cooked for the guests.

Half the airport was empty after waiting continuously for two and a half hours, with Chinese and Malaysian arrivals starting.

"Dad, forget it, they probably found another girl for him, let's go, it's been almost three hours" she said, tugging at his arm

"Kripa, just a few minutes more, and please, learn to think positive"

"How am I supposed to think positive after being rejected so many times dad"

"Kripa, please don't start again, we've had this discussion so many times before, this time my heart says that he'll be the one for you"

"Dad, you said that last time, actually, you always that and I—"

She was interrupted by her father" Look, there they are" He rushed towards them embracing the two men and shaking hands with the woman.

Kripa went forward to greet them. The lady was beautiful, she had to admit. She was quite fit for her age, not a sign of a wrinkle on her face, well; obviously, foreigners were normally obsessed with the beauty thing. She had huge eyes with a hint of grey evident in her hazel eyes; her nose was long and high, her lips curved. The lady had a good choice though, a cream coloured sari with cream embroidery on the ends, not to flashing, simple but beautiful.

The older man was tall, maybe six one. He was well built with broad shoulders, a broad chest, looking absolutely charming with the creamy white shirt and black casual jeans. He was clean shaved unlike her father, and it suited him, giving him a younger image as well as complimenting his brown eyes.

However, the younger man, who was supposedly the man for her, as her father described was quite short compared to his father. He was five eight at the maximum. He looked nothing like his father, nor his mother, but yes he was handsome, looking nothing like a doctor. He was fairly dark, with small eyes, the colour hardly visible, average nose and for some reason his lips seemed swollen  and his teeth were a little too big and--.

Once again her father interrupted her thoughts "kripa, meet Rajveer, my best friend, his wife saamia"

"Namaste uncle and aunty" now this was one of the things kripa loved her father for, he taught her to hide her true feelings and be good with people.

"Oh and this is neev"

"Neev, but I thought—"

"Oh, no beta" Rajveer cut her off  "Angad is still stuck with the luggage at the baggage collection, actually, our luggage hadn't arrived, so he went looking for it, he'll be here soon. Neev's Angad's best friend, he wanted a vacation so he decided to tag along and I thought I might just tap some sense into him"

"Oh, I'm sorry" she lowered her gaze, embarrassed at her outburst.

"Uncle, aunty, why don't you go home with kripa and vivek uncle, I'll wait for Angad"

"But beta, you'll lose your way. Kripa why don't you stay here to guide them" her father advised

"Yes dad, you go ahead, I'm sure uncle and aunty are tired" tired my foot she thought "I'll stay and wait"

Half an hour later, kripa still stood at the airport, absolutely bored and annoyed with neev's stupid talks.

"When is your friend going to come? My legs are aching standing here for almost four hours" she asked

"He's on his way, he just messaged me" he looked at kripa and asked "Are you always grumpy?"

"Now that wasn't polite at all, and before I get angry, I think it's better for you to keep your mouth shut"

"Chill women, anyways, to your relief, Angad's here and right behind you"

Kripa abruptly turned around to find a tall handsome man. He was slightly taller than his father, maybe six three, his built inherited from his father, broad and strong, with the black fcuk shirt hugging his muscular body. His facial features were inherited from his mother. He had his mother's eyes but slightly smaller, with more of the grey colour, rather than hazel. Oh and his nose absolutely perfect like his mothers, just a little bent, his lips curved in the same way his mothers did, except they looked like his fathers. Heck, who made this man a doctor, he could have become a model and earned much more.

"Hi, I'm Angad" he put his hand forward

"Kripa, I'm kripa" kripa ignored his hand "lets go, moms waiting for you at home" and she walked off.

Angad was amused by her ignorant behaviour, well; he wasn't expecting it, whilst neev patted his shoulder.

Kripa had decided to use the cold treatment; she'd act cold with him, since it was hard for her to handle this one. Firstly because he was her dad's best friend's son and secondly because they were staying at her house. She had to use a technique which would go rather unnoticed by everyone except Angad himself.

All the way, the cold silence remained, well except neev's stupid comments and god knows what. When they reached there destination, her parents were overwhelmed to see Angad. He was welcomed open heartedly. What surprised Angad was Kripa's sweet behaviour in front of her parents.

They all sat on the sofas, spread out evenly, whilst kripa served tea and coffee.

"Angad, son, how's your job going"

"Great, uncle, in fact I just visited a seminar which showed the latest technologies involved in medical science. It helped me and the hospital a lot"

"You're so fit, I mean you could have become a model and earned much more, then why a doctor, I mean"

"Well, yeah I could have gained more money and fame being a model, but then what's the use, wouldn't I rather earn less, helping people, healing people"

Her fathers smile grew wider "I'm proud of you son"

Kripa was awestruck with his logic, but then again, it was a temporary logic to impress her and her parents, she thought. It was all fake.

"Kripa, why don't you show Neev and Angad there rooms, I'm sure there tired, let them rest"

"Yes dad" she obediently led them to there rooms, first to neev's which was three rooms to hers. Then she led Angad to his room, which unfortunately was right next to her room.

She turned to leave, when Angad caught hold of her hand. "Aren't you happy with this marriage?"

"Leave my hand" she protested

"I want the answer to my question"

"Ok, yes, I'm not happy, now leave my hand"

"Can I ask why?"

"Because I don't want to marry you, I'm happily married to someone else, secretly and I don't want my parents to know yet"

His grip loosened and she freed her hand leaving directly towards her room. She closed the door, leaning against it. "Oh my god, what do I do now, how am I meant to prove that I am happily married, that wasn't part of the plan, ok, solution kripa, find a solution" she muttered infuriated at herself for her stupidity, whilst her words leaked into other ears.


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Chapter 3

Kripa was tense all night, why did she have to mention she was married, now where does she get a man from to prove it if he asks, and what if he doesn't ask, what if he's just a thick head and just goes back without questions? Oh god, please help me.

Kripa sat up in her bed, her back aching from sleeplessness, what was she meant to do, she couldn't stop thinking about her stupidity. She pulled the covers off, unlocked the door and stepped outside her room, looking towards the morning darkness.

Climbing up the stairs, she reached the terrace, her favourite place, No matter what the problem, the terrace would soothe her,  the cool breeze of the night air caressing her, calming her down as she tried to get a solution to her problem, as she always did.

Standing against the railing, looking towards the greenery spread out she thought and just kept thinking, until she was approached by a pair of arms, around her slim waist. She jerked at the sudden touch; turning around to face her would be fianc, Angad Khanna.

"You; what the hell are you doing on the terrace?" she questioned pushing him away" and who gave you permission to hold me like that"

"Well, the terrace doesn't have your name on it, and besides, we're getting married, so your all mine, I'm all yours"

What happened to him all of a sudden, shouldn't he be upset she thought in puzzlement "I told you I'm married, so leave me alone, don't you have an bit of shame, your touching a married woman" she barked

"Really, then where's your wedding ring, who's your husband and exactly when did you get married, where did you meet him?" He stepped closer to her "Can you answer my questions?"

Taking a step back she stuttered "I told you-- it's none of your business"

"Ok, its none of my business but it is your parents business, Isn't it?" he said stepping closer again.

"Go ahead tell my parents, they won't believe you" she replied carelessly

"Oh really,  you think I'm a fool"

"Well obviously, you're not the first one telling my parents, they know me well, so they wont believe you, and anyways, I'm happy with my husband so just leave me alone with him"

"Fine kripa, I'll leave but what will you say to your parents when they hear this" He said revealing his mobile phone"

"And what exactly will a mobile prove, just stop with your--" she stopped mid way realizing what he had just shown her "no, you can't, listen you wont tell my parents anything"

"But you're the one who told me to tell your parents" he said turning back towards the stairs

Kripa caught his arm "listen, don't tell my parents, they wont be able to bear it"

"But I will, I don't care what happens" He stepped forward

She tugged onto his arms "look don't tell them, I'll do anything"

"I'm telling them and why should I wait, I'll go and tell them now what there daughters been doing behind there back and how she's been ruining there image and—"

"I haven't done anything, ok, I haven't done anything, there's no husband, I'm not married, it was just a way to get rid of you, simple" she screamed "now go and tell my parents" she exclaimed calmer.

"But you just said your parents wouldn't believe me"

"Huh, but the proof you got"

"What proof, there's nothing in the mobile, nothing" he answered with that disgusting grin wiped across his face whilst his arms folded across his broad chest.

Kripa gasped with shock "you, you tricked me"

"I knew you weren't going to tell me the truth so I thought why not use this way" then he turned towards her digging his fingers into her shoulders "now tell me, why don't you want to marry me?"

"And if I tell you the reason you will refuse to the proposal?" she asked hopeful.

"Not in a million years, I want the truth, if it's reasonable I'll think about it"

"Then I won't tell you" she said pulling out of his arms "why don't you just go and marry someone who's willing to marry you"

"Because you, darling, have captured my heart. You're like a challenge to me and I love challenges. Whereas for the reason, I'll find out myself" he kissed her cheek and left for his room, leaving kripa with her mouth half open.

"What nonsense" she mumbled

Angad looked down at kripa's face, so pale; she hadn't moved for months, oh how he wished he hadn't made that one mistake which got kripa on the hospital bed, in serious condition, why couldn't he stop himself.

Angad drifted away into the memories where he told neev about there first formal meeting on the terrace, Oh she looked so pretty, it was just her stubborn attitude, her cold behavior.

Angad knocked on neev's door at five o clock in the morning. After ten minutes of continuous knocking neev opened the door complaining "what is this man, it's barely five and your knocking on my door"

"Well" he took neev by his shoulders taking him in a circle "thanks man, if you wouldn't have told me about kripa, then I would be sitting depressed in my room"

"So, what happened?" he asked, sitting on his bed.

angad sat next to neev "I got her to admit it in front of me"

"Great, you find out the reason"

"no, but then when will prachi come to use" he playfully hit his shoulder to neev's "You've told her, that your in India right"

"Actually no"

"Neev, you know she's going to be mad"

"Ok, ok, so tell me, how do you like your little miss attitude so far?"

"I liked her from day one, since dad showed me her picture, but I'm going to have to sort her out a little, she's not too easy to handle"

"Then she's going to give you a hard time, I mean she is hot"

"Neev, mind your language, She's my to be wife"

"Ok, fine" he looked at Angad "now can I go back to bed?"

"Oh neev, how does prachi handle you" he sighed walking into his bedroom

Angad woke up moaning as his alarm went off; after all it was his vacation, why wouldn't he moan. After having a quick shower he rushed downstairs for breakfast. He noticed kripa missing, oh how he wished, she'd not be stubborn and be besides him on the breakfast table.

"Uncle, where's kripa" he asked modestly

"She's gone jogging; she has a habit, every morning from eight to ten"

"Nice habit, nice way of keeping healthy"

"Yes, she takes care of her exercise routine"

She's out, good timing, I think I might just check her room out he thought

"Neev, we're going to check her room, hurry up, ten minutes, we've only got forty five minutes, and stop eating like a pig" he whispered

"I'm not eating like a pig, even prachi says that"

"Whatever, just hurry up, I think I'm going to find something in her room" he finished and walked towards the stairs, hoping to find the reason for her so called behaviour.


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Chapter Four

Angad crept to kripa's bedroom, with Neev following closely behind. Opening the door Angad discovered the beautiful interior of her room.

Her walls were painted a rich cream, with the wall opposite the balcony, a royal blue, leaving the room bright. The balcony displayed greenery, with a park located in between, where many children played, enjoying there summer vacations, supposedly.

Strange, she didn't want to get married but she liked children, mysterious. he thought.

Looking around the room he recognized the oak wood furniture positioned on the smooth royal blue carpet. The double bed was large with crme and blue covers set up, whilst matching cushions were placed against the head board with a full-size portrait of kripa positioned above the bed, against the blue wall.

Oh, how cute she looked in the picture with her hair in two loose plaits tied, with pink ribbons, her face cuddled against a huge white teddy bear. To see that smile on her face, he'd do anything.

Her side table was decorated with candles, with the wardrobe situated on the right side of her bed, her washing basket set beside it.

On the left, her dressing table was set with numerous amounts of perfumes on the dresser. Her mirror was designed in a spectacular heart shape, amazing him. Did she believe in love? He wondered.

"Earth to Angad" he heard neev speak, interrupting his thoughts.

"What?" he asked.

"Well, I know you're seeing kripa's room for the first time but now your wasting time, not me" he yelled

"Whatever, lets get to work; you look on the left I'll look at the right"

Angad went towards the wardrobe. Opening it, he found a collection of clothes, with the majority being blue. It must be her favourite colour, he thought. He opened the drawer underneath the clothes, quickly closing it; embarrassed, seeing her undergarments. He hesitated opening the draw beneath. The drawer was locked. He pulled it again but it didn't open "Now where do I find the key?" He mumbled quietly.

Moving to the side, he noticed the washing basket, what could possibly be in that, only clothes, but there might just be something.

His thoughts were interrupted once again by neev. "Angad look at this"

Angad rushed to his side "what happened, you found something"

"Look" he raised a few lip glosses in his hands "Kripa uses the same lip glosses as prachi, she's got the same choice as prachi"

"You called me to see this" Angad asked irritated.

"Yeah, you know this is Prachi's favourite colour and –"

Angad pushed neev a little" neev I'll handle this alone, you go and phone prachi, I'll be there in a minute"

Neev left realizing Angad's annoyance. Angad looked through her side table finding nothing but wires and story books.

His eyes fell on the washing basket again. Something was mysterious about it, it always caught his eye. He went forward looking through it to discover a stone in the washing basket. Strange, he thought, a stone in a washing basket.

Taking the stone in his hands, he discovered a slight crack on it, sliding the stone open, to find the key. He gasped out of shock, this girl was strange, very strange and he knew for sure he was going to have a hard time, but as they say patience is a virtue and virtues lead to heaven. He'd wait for kripa to accept him, make sure she was happy with him.

Unlocking the drawer, he pulled it out to find her diary and a scrap book, with a few important legal documents. He grabbed the scrapbook and diary locking the drawer. He placed the key back into the stone closing it, then securing it in her washing basket.

He rushed out of her room, going towards his room to bang into an exhausted kripa.

Angad chuckled remembering how scared he was seeing kripa at that moment. He had her diary and scrapbook behind his back, whilst creeping out of the room. His chuckle died out seeing kripa's unconscious face.

Whilst kripa remembered her suspicion towards Angad after she came back from jogging on his second day.

She ran into Angad who looked tense, strange, he wasn't tensed last night when I told him I was married, then why now she thought.

"Watch your way"

"Well you can watch it next time as well, by the way you look pretty. Black suits you"

"Whatever" her eyes fell on Angad's arms which were held back "what are you hiding?" she asked curiously.

"Uh, nothing, now if you will excuse me" he walked forward pulling his hands to the front. Kripa looked suspiciously towards Angad. She stepped forward to see what he was hiding, but to her misfortune her father called for her.

Neev put his hand on Angad's shoulder to assure him. "She'll be fine Angad, don't worry"

"Neev this is all my fault only if I hadn't—"

"It was time, not you, not her"

Angad rested his head in his hands drifting off again.

"Neev, look what I found, her diary and a scrap book"

"Diary, bad manners Angad, reading someone else's diary is bad"

"Oh really, and who read Prachi's diary to see why she's so weird, that's according to you" Angad looked at him sternly "that reminds me, have you called prachi?"

"No, you must be mad; she's going to eat me alive"

"For god sake, she can't eat you alive on the phone, now phone her and ask her if she's here"

"Here, what do you mean?" and then it registered him "You called her to India"

"Yes, now phone her and tell her to come where I told her"

"No, I'm not phoning" he replied stubbornly

"Fine, then I'll dial it for you" Angad snatched the phone, dialled the number, pressing it to neev's ear "speak" he demanded.

"I hate you" he said taking the phone from Angad.

"What" he heard prachi scream "you hate me, I came to India all the way from New York and now you tell me you hate me"

"No, no, prachi, I said that to Angad, he was being a pest"

"Stop lying, you said it—"

Neev cut her off "If you love me, you will believe me"

"Ok, I believe you, as long as your not lying"

"Tell me one thing; how the hell did you manage to come all the way to India, that too in a day, your father doesn't like me anywhere near you and he doesn't let you go out the city, forget another country"

"well, I kind of left a note there and Angad had already told me you were going to India, I needed a break from my dad so I thought I'll come along, Its just that I came a day after you. Oh by the way what does Angad want from me, he phoned me last night and asked me to come to some address in India"

"well Angad wants you here, where he told you, Actually the girl he's getting married to, doesn't want this marriage and now you have to---" he heard the phone beep "hello, hello, earth to prachi, damn it" he turned to Angad "the networks not working here"

"Oh, it doesn't matter, we'll tell her what to do when she's here"

"Ok, you want to go for a walk; I need some fresh air, its a little chilly in here"

"Yeah sure, let's see if we can get kripa to go as well"


Angad and neev strolled downstairs, loving the smell of the food. "Hmmm, aunty the food smells good"

"Thank you, do you want some" Swati offered

"Not yet aunty. If you don't mind can someone show us around a close by park or something, we want to go for a walk, you see to keep healthy—"

He was cut off by neev "aunty, why don't you send kripa with us, I'm sure you don't want to listen to Angad's boring doctor's explanation "

Angad gave him a cruel look, signalling to kill him later.

"Sure son, go ahead, Kripa" her father shouted

"Yes dad"

"Why don't you show neev and Angad around the park in front?"

"Sure" she gave an uneasy look to Angad "lets go" she said leading there way.

Neev left towards the children, leaving Angad and kripa alone. They strolled on the greenery, taking in fresh air.

"Look Angad" kripa finally said "I don't want to marry you so just leave me alone, please"

"Kripa there's a reason for everything" he replied stopping "tell me the reason and I'll think about it"

"You see Angad; I can't be with you forever" she said turning away with a grin on her face.

"What do you mean?" he asked turning her towards him, again her grin suppressed.

"Angad, I've got cancer, by the time I found out it was too late, I'm on the last stage now, I haven't told my parents and I don't want to either, it will hurt them" she had tears brimming in her eyes "now tell me, would you like to marry me knowing I only have a few months of my life left, only a few months to spend with you" she questioned.

"Yes" he replied straight shocking her "I'd marry you so I could give you the happiness you deserve, I'd marry you because I love you, I'd marry you because I'd want to spend the few months you had with you, making you mine"
"But-- look Angad, no one can live like that, you have your whole life ahead of you" she said shocked

"I'm not like everyone" he answered stepping forward taking her hand "and I already knew you had cancer"

"What" she exclaimed, confused as well as shocked.

"Uncle told me everything before-- you may think they don't know but they know and they are broken.  I don't care how you are, what you do, how you live, how long you live, as long as we stay together; and there's ways to finish cancer or at least slow the process. Science has improved a lot, we can save you kripa, we can save you and be together" he lifted her hand to his lips.

Snatching her hand away she blurted "It's not possible, I don't even have cancer"

"Exactly" Angad said sliding his hands around her waist "you lied again darling, but don't worry, I don't mind. I'll get to the root of you myself" he kissed the corner of her mouth, leaving a shocked kripa, to join Neev.

"So, how did it go?" Neev asked

"Great, she lied again, she said she had cancer and would be dieing and  I shouldn't waste my time on her"

"How did you know she was lying?" he asked confused.

"Neev, I'm a doctor for a reason, she said she has cancer, there's not a single symptom of cancer, especially if your on your last stages. How could I believe that, so I tricked her again and she fell for it"

"Now I think you being a doctor makes sense"

"yeah sure, that reminds me, prachi was telling me about your very bad eating habits, it's not good you know, it can lead to cholesterol and fat which will cause heart blockage causing so many problems like a stroke, now you wouldn't want a stroke at such a young age and--"

"please" neev screamed "keep me away from your doctors theory" he said running towards the house with kripa in front of him, stomping back, with frustration.

They all arrived to find everyone silent and angry. A girl sat on the sofa with her back towards neev, kripa and Angad. She turned back, showing her beautiful big grey eyes shining; her nose was small and her lips a little puffy. She came running into Angad's arms shocking neev, whilst confusing Angad.

A few seconds later Angad heard his fathers angry voice "what is this Angad, we came to India to get you married to kripa with your consent and now this girl says your in love with her"

"What" Angad replied baffled. Neev looked towards prachi heart broken, whilst she simply winked at him.

Whereas for kripa she looked nothing more than happy, Her eyes glittering with hope, with her cheek bones rising, whilst her teeth bit down on her pink lips suppressing her smile.


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Chapter Five

Angad was bewildered; he had no idea what was going on. He held Prachi's arms pulling her apart from him, looking into her eyes. "Since when was I in love with you?"

"Angad" she said touching his cheek "darling, remember, we met last summer and you confessed two months ago" she winked towards him.

"Prachi, stupid, what happened to neev, quit the joke, it looks like he's going to cry" he replied with a smile on his face, knowing exactly what happened.

"But, but Angad---"

"She was cut off "prachi, quit the joke" he glared at her, then turned towards his parents "mom, dad, meet prachi, neev's girlfriend, In other words the love of his life".

"But, I don't get it, why did she say that you loved her?" his father questioned.

Prachi turned and spoke "Neev told me that the gir----"

Neev interrupted before prachi would blurt everything out "No I didn't, all I said is come here, now that doesn't mean you play such a mean joke on me prachi"

"But neev, you're the one who--"

"Well, it's not my fault you function everything in your brain wrongly"

"Neev, how dare you, I came all the way from New York for you and your teasing me" she pushed him lightly with her hands ", stupid, after having so many bad things in you, I still love you and your treating me like this" she pushed him again "just because I got your words wrongly, it doesn't mean you talk to me like this" she pushed him towards the wall "go to hell, I don't want to talk to you" and she turned, walking out the door, neev shouting her name, running behind her like a maniac.

"see, neev and prachi are in love, actually neev wasn't expecting her, especially now, since she told him she left without telling her dad, so neev just spoke to her stupidly and she played this joke on him, I suppose" he said, his arms crossed against his broad chest, his mouth curved watching kripa's hidden smile turn into a frown.

"I'm sorry son, we shouldn't have doubted you" vivek apologized "but I was just insecure, after all it was for my daughter's sake"

"There's no need to apologize uncle, I'm sure anyone would react like you did" he replied patting his back.

Angad retired to his room, with a grin playing on his face, kripa's facial expressions coming before his eyes. Only if she was happy with the alliance, he would have kissed her full on the mouth, Oh and that reminds me Angad thought, where are prachi and neev? 

After half an hour or so, neev walked into Angad's room devastated. He dropped onto the sofa, looking at Angad grinning towards him. "It wasn't funny you know, It's been an hour I've been chasing her around, and finally she agreed on staying after talking to you"

"Me, why me?" he questioned

He leaned back sprawling on the sofa "Well duh, right now she's angry at me and won't believe what I told her, god, that's why I didn't want her to be here, I knew I would have to chase her like a dog"

"At least you admit you're a dog" Angad joked

Neev threw a cushion towards Angad who caught it, when prachi came in glaring at neev. "Angad, why did you stop me, I did what I was told, I mean you're the one who said your would-be-wife doesn't want to marry you, so I thought I'll help you break the relationship" she said sitting on the right side of the sofa, keeping distance from neev.

"Well I needed help in getting married to her and all of a sudden you appeared almost breaking it" he replied

"What, Oh I'm so sorry, but its neev's fault, he cut the phone"

"No I didn't, the---"

she intervened "You never admit your mistakes"

"Well it' never is my fault; you're the one who never lets me speak"

"Oh shut up, you just can't take the shame of accepting your mistakes"

"And what about—"

"Cut it out will you, prachi it wasn't neev's fault, he lost network connection and neev stop fighting, you're not a kid"

Prachi looked towards neev, making a cute expression "I'm sorry"

"It's ok, I'm sorry too, I was being a jerk"

"I was being stubborn, now come here and give me a hug, it's been two days I haven't seen you properly, I missed you".

She moved forward with neev leaning towards her as well, when they jerked back with the sound of Angad clearing his throat loudly. "You two can carry on later but for now tell me what shall we do?"

"How about we go out" neev suggested

Angad threw a cushion at his head "what do we do about me and kripa? stupid"

"Can you listen to me first, let me finish, we'll go out and since we don't know the places around, we'll ask if kripa goes with us, then prachi can get to know kripa and then just tag around, I mean we'll get somewhere"

"For once you're thinking, and I like it, but I think we'll go tomorrow, I'm sure prachis tired" he spoke suggestively

Angad broke out of his chain of thoughts seeing the cup of coffee being held in front of his face. He looked up to find neev. Neev sat next to him, handling the cup to him, taking a sip of his.

"Angad, go home for a while, kripa will be fine, Prachi's outside, she'll stay"

"no neev, I made a mistake once, I wont make a mistake twice, I wont leave her alone after putting her in this state" Angad said caressing kripa's cheeks.

"Angad, how many times do we have to explain to you, It wasn't you, it wasn't her, it was the situation, I'm sure if prachi did what kripa did I would react the way you did" he said patting his back.

"Its different neev, it was my fault because of me she's suffering, I already knew she wasn't happy with the marriage and knowing that I still reacted in that way and look where I got her?"

Whilst kripa continued with her chain of thoughts.

Kripa stood in front of the mirror, absolutely annoyed, cursing her bad fortune. First she was caught again, oh how irritating it was to see Angad grin that idiotic grin on his face and to add to that he kissed her, how dare he kiss her? Ok it wasn't on the mouth, but still, he kissed her near the  mouth, eeek even the thought disgusted her. She thought she was finally going to get rid of Angad seeing prachi, but no, luck wasn't with her, and now she was stuck again. She had to go show them the beach. Could the day get any worse, she thought putting her earrings on.

Kripa strolled on the beach walking with her shoes in her hands, whilst neev and Angad ran towards the waves, enjoying the cold water of the beach at the time of five.

Prachi walked besides kripa, feeling weird and extremely uncomfortable in her present clothes. Kripa looked towards her smiling knowingly. "Who told you to wear a sari on the beach?" kripa questioned

"Huh, Oh, Um, neev said that my English clothes wouldn't go in India so he gave me aunties sari, but you know, I don't really wear sari's unless it's a wedding or a special occasion"

"Yeah, but you could have worn salwar kameez instead, like me, I mean, a sari on a beach is the hardest thing to handle"

"Well, I blame neev, the stupid monkey doesn't know anything, I'm sure my clothes wouldn't be harmful in India, hasn't he seen bollywod movies, even they wear clothes like us" she complained

"Well, maybe he had something in mind"

"Mind, well does he even have a brain to have a mind, you saw how he treated me when I came"

"Well, yeah, umm, can I ask you something?" she stopped facing prachi

"Go ahead" she stopped as well, watching neev and Angad play in the waves.

"Why did you say you loved Angad when you came I mean you know--"

"Oh that, well neev being stupid, acted all grumpy on the phone with me, I mean I surprised him by coming to India and then he treats me like rubbish, so I thought lets just play around for a while"

"Oh, um, so how long have you known each other?"

"It's been three years, and he proposed me half a year back and I said yes"

"Then why hasn't he married you yet?" she questioned, with a raised brow.

"That's not his fault, my father won't allow it and he doesn't like me anywhere near neev"

"Then you should stay away, I mean he's your father, he has the first right over you"

"All I can say is that he's a little superstitious and weird, he is worse than neev sometimes"

"Maybe he's a little over protective, don't you think marrying neev would be a mistake?"

"Why would that be?" she looked straight into her eyes.

"It's not only neev, its every man, they enslave you after marriage, all they want is your body, to wipe there hunger and someone to do the housework for them" kripa blurted out without realizing.

She saw prachi looking at her a little weirdly "not all men are like that, I mean if you believe in this way, then why are you marrying Angad?"

"Well, uh, I don't really want to marry him, In fact, I don't want to marry anyone, I just cant---"

She was cut off by the sound of neev calling for prachi "prachi, come over here"

"You go and see what he's saying"

"Sure" kripa nodded "ok I'll be back" and she left towards the waves

Kripa was left alone; she turned towards the sky watching the night sky, with the moon surrounded by millions of stars, wondering why she let her tongue slip. Seconds later she felt his warm breath on her cheek. "If you like the moon so much, I wouldn't mind taking you there"

She turned around to face Angad looking extremely gorgeous with his hair wet and tousled, a few strands stuck against his forehead, whilst the rest was brushed back messily with his hands. His chest was evident, with the first few buttons opened to his white kurta, which was stuck to him like second skin, revealing his toned abs.

"You look nice today, white makes you look angelic, and plus we match" he added

"Whatever" she turned around to avoid his gaze "go away; I don't want to talk to you"

"Who's talking, we can do something else instead "he smirked devilishly

"Keep your thoughts to yourself, it will never happen"

"It will, very soon" he brushed his lips over her cheek and pulled her into the waves, pushing and pulling her around, which surprisingly she enjoyed. She felt her childhood return, playing in the water, making sand castles, everything was just so different, so fun.


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Chapter Six

Angad gawked at kripa continuously, her hands in his, his lips pressed against her palms and hovered over his past once again, remembering when he read her diary, finding the answers to his questions.


Angad leaned against the strong polished wood of his bed, with his head resting on a cushion, he opened kripa's diary, with hope of learning the truth.

Dear diary, I'm kripa, and I'm not going to start with all the introduction thing like some people do since I think it's simply pathetic. People tend to be stupid, I mean, today I saw this man and he was practically forcing this women to kiss him in public, now that was embarrassing, the women looked horrified but what could the poor thing do, after all men just know how to command, they never realize the pressure they put on the women, that's why I hate men, selfish ********, they can't keep there hands to there self in public.

"Not all men are selfish kripa" Angad thought to himself, he turned the page reading further.

God, why cant mom understand, she needs to start taking her decisions herself, I mean its so ridiculous, mom takes permission for the smallest things and then dad being the man always commands mom, I mean cant he just ask for once instead of commanding. I know he's my dad and I'm not supposed to even think bad about him because he brought me up and all that stuff but then again, dad is always commanding and its not nice, its irritating.

"I think kripa's dad plays a big part in kripa's hatred to men, could it be that it's her hatred towards men stopping her from the alliance, but then again she could have told her parents she didn't want the marriage, if she was so desperate, oh read on Angad , there might be more to it" he thought aloud.

Oh my god, how can dad do this to me, he told me today that this Rohan Mehra guy is coming to see me today, ughh, I can't believe it, he didn't even ask me if I wanted to get married, Oh god, how am I supposed to get rid of him, after all I've never been in that kind of situation before, I think I'll have to phone sheetal and ask her if she can help me, I don't want to get married, I'm not thick that I push myself into the prison of marriage and then enslave myself for the rest of my life.

"I guess this was her first proposal, but then why couldn't she tell her dad she didn't want more after the one proposal, and what does she mean by enslave, only the old generation use to do that, no one can enslave you now" he pondered and sipped from the water on his side table, and looked back at the diary reading on about her further opinion of men.

I knew it, I knew Mohit was using Manju, I warned her about him, and today she's upset about there broke up, and what's the reason, oh I'm ashamed to even mention it, she's pregnant with his child and he didn't accept it so he broke up with her, men are god damn losers, all they want is a women's body for pleasure, and when they have to take a responsibility, they runaway.

"Hmmm, this hatred towards men is getting me, but yeah, this Mohit guy was wrong, even I'm disgusted with such behaviour"

You know what, there was another alliance today, I think my twenty third one and I couldn't help myself from laughing at Chetan's face, I mean he actually believed that I had schizophrenia, oh come on, the man was stupid anyways, it was so fun watching him run off whilst the elders were totally confused

"Looks like she's very tricky, well even I've experienced that twice, oh well its going to be fun sorting her out" he sighed, closed the book and went outside for some fresh air, when he noticed neev and prachi sitting on the stairs whispering sweet nothings for a change, instead of fighting all the time. However they were, it was actually there small fights which bonded them together so strongly, he wondered, would he and kripa ever share that kind of relationship. Oh well, to get to that point, I need to read more of her diary.

He turned to go back to his room, when he noticed kripa's lights on. He peeked through the door to find her carelessly asleep, her blanket just above her waist, with a book lying on her chest. He quietly stepped into the room, sitting beside her; he picked the book up, closed it and placed it on the side table.

"You know, you think too much" he caressed her hair "You only point out a man's negative points, not all men are like that, you need to know there positive side and I will show you that" he pulled the blanket above her chest, "I love you" he whispered, lowering his mouth to her forehead, he got up, turned the lights off and closed the door.

He lay on his stomach, his head raised, with the diary on his cushion, opening it to where he left it.

Its been almost two weeks since I told my parents that I don't want to get married, since then they haven't talked to me properly, I mean they agreed with me, but I know there upset, I'm upset seeing them upset, I can't see them like this, I know they want me married but I don't want to get married, so I've decided I'm going to agree for marriage, but then I'm not going to refuse to any alliance, it's the man that will, and I'll make sure of that.

"Emotional, she's emotional towards her parents, so she can do anything for her parents; well I'm sure I can use that, no, no Angad, that's wrong, your taking advantage of her weakness, that's completely wrong" he told himself.

He skipped a few pages, turning to the last two.

Today, I got rid of another alliance, what was his name again, aah, Neal Mehta, he believed I was lesbian, now come on I'm totally against the idea of homosexuality, although I hate men, I mean, its so disgusting, eeew, but then again, the idea helped me broke another alliance, and then just as I was taking a sigh of relief, my father bombards me again with another alliance, god when is the list going to finish, for god sake its my Eighty forth alliance and there's still a line of proposals. Now I've got to get rid of this America guy, what's his name again, Angad, he's a doctor, so he's probably going to be easy, because doctors are fools anyways.

"well, this doctor's not a fool kripa, I feel sorry for all those men you've fooled, I mean can it get worse, you actually said your lesbian, god she can make a book on how to broke an alliance without refusing"

Ok, now this doctor Khanna isn't as easy to handle, as I thought, I mean, I don't know but I just blurted out that I'm happily married, god, had I lost my senses, now how was I supposed to prove that, and then Angad came to me and got me say all the stuff, ughh, he's too much, I'm sure he'll get fed up soon enough and just leave, but have to admit, He's the sexiest man I've seen, ok now I'm Losing my mind, how can I even think that a man is sexy, eeek, and that does not mean I think a women would be either. Anyways I've got to get rid of him, and his friend, neev, god, he's so stupid, He doesn't even know how to joke, god.

"Ok, so I do have an impression on her, she thinks I'm handsome, interesting, well she still hasn't lost all her mind, but she soon will, whereas for neev I agree with her, but then again, he's my best friend" Angad closed the book, and decided to read the scrap book, all he found in the scrap book were the pictures of her victims, with a cross on there pictures, with the procedures she used, was she planning to actually publish this, he thought soon drifting off to sleep.

In the morning, as soon as he woke up, he crept into kripa's room, took the keys from the cracked stone and placed the scrap book and diary securely into her drawer, locking it.

At the breakfast table, he rushed his breakfast, and almost forced neev and prachi to go to the park with him.

"What's wrong with you buddy, you could have let us have our breakfast properly" neev complained

"Sorry" he sat on a bench nearby "anyways I read her diary last night"

"What" prachi exclaimed "you read someone else's diary?"

"So, what's so wrong in that, I mean kripa is my-to-be-wife so I have the right to read her diary, the same way neev read your diary" he blurted out leaving prachi and neev horrified. "Did I just say neev read your diary?" Angad asked.

Prachi turned to neev, fuming, "You read my diary?"

"No prachi, look Angad's lost his mind right now, he's talking nonsense" he explained

"Neev you read my diary" she shouted "how could you, it's supposed to be personal"

"I'm part of your personal life so I should have the right to read your diary"

"Neev, its extra personal, I don't want anyone to interfere with it" she screamed

"fine, I won't, you always keep your stuff away, I tell you everything, well, almost everything important, but you, you didn't even tell me when pritam was stalking you, you didn't even tell me when your aunt found out about you and I dating, you don't tell me anything , you don't trust me and that's why I wanted to read your diary, because you don't tell me anything, and you act all weird with me. Oh just go to hell, why am I even telling you this, its not like its going to affect you in any way" he spat out angry, walking off towards the house

"Oh, um, I think I said the wrong thing at the wrong time" Angad stated

"I hurt him" prachi whispered

"Prachi, I think you should go and make up with him first, I'll tell you guys later"

Prachi stood up and walked behind neev to the house, leaving Angad guilty for blurting out the incident. He sat there quietly, drowned in his thoughts, when he caught sight of a familiar figure. He stood up and moved forward to discover kripa jogging around the park, looking absolutely gorgeous with the black pair of tracksuits with a tight fitted white shirt, her hair tied up in a pony, with strands falling to the sides. Her face looked fresh as ever.

She stopped at the play area, by the children, picking a small girl in her arms, cuddling her, playing with her, playing with all the children, laughing, she looked beautiful.

Angad walked up to her "good morning sweetheart" he pecked her cheek, lightly pinching the small girls cheek who was in her arms.

"What the hell Angad, didn't I tell you to keep away, and what's it with you kissing me, I told you I'm not getting married to you so stop with these lovable gestures"

"Kripa, calm down, what's wrong, didn't I tell you I'm going to make sure you marry me since the eighty thee guys before me have suffered enough and I don't want you troubling anyone else"

Kripa's mouth fell open; she placed the girl to her feet, letting her run away. "H-how do you now?" she stuttered

"Simple, I asked your dad, and well the way you've played tricks on me, you sure must have given the rest a hard time" he lied

"You liar, not even my parents know the exact number, only I do and I haven't told you, its only written in my diary and scrap—"and then it registered her mind.

"You read my diary?" she questioned


Kripa took hold of his throat immediately "you idiot, you read my diary, how many times do I have to tell you keep away from me"

"Kripa, let go" he said pulling her hands off his neck "so what, I read your diary, at least I know the reason to your refusal"

"And now that you know, just leave me alone, and go find a girl in America" she replied walking towards the house.

Angad caught up with her "well I don't want anyone from America, I want you, because I love you"

She stopped and turned towards him "Oh come on Angad, that is merely stupid, how can you love me, and even if you do, then its not my fault, you wont get anything from me" and she turned to walk again.

"Like I said, I'll wait, I don't care if it's a lifetime but I'm not leaving you, and I'll make sure you don't leave me as well, because this time if you do anything to stop this wedding I'll tell your parents everything, and you can't stop me since I can simply tell them to read your diary and that big scrap book of yours"

"This is not fair, now you're blackmailing me?"

"Well, you leave me no other choice, do you?" he cocked his eyebrow

"Listen," she pointed her finger towards Angad "I'm not going to marry you in any case and I mean it, go and tell my parents, see if I care, because I know you wont" and saying this she entered the house, running straight upstairs to her room to check on her diary and scrap book

Angad opened his eyes, he had probably fell asleep, he looked down at kripa, still the same, it had been almost four hours since her attack now, why didn't she wake up, ok, he told himself, be patient, don't get emotional, you have to wait, he told himself and looked down at kripa who was still dreaming of her past, which was the reason for her present state.

Kripa rushed inside her room, locking the door, she looked through the washing basket, taking the stone, she opened it, to find the key. She dashed to her wardrobe opening the bottom drawer, to find her diary and scrap book in there, could it be, that he lied she thought, no, he's saying the truth, I mean no one knows about the amount except my diary, that means he came in my room, ughh, he came in my room, how dare he?

She changed into a black and white knee length skirt, with tights underneath, wearing a black half sleeve button down shirt, with the first two buttons open.

She went downstairs, and saw her parents gleaming with smiles. At once, when they spotted her, they embraced her, taking her into there arms.

"Mom, dad, what's happened, why are you so happy?" she asked parting from them.

"We are so happy for you kripa" her father began

"Angad is ready for the marriage, he said he likes you" her mother said emotionally, leaving kripa horrified, she wasn't expecting this so soon, oh, he did it too fast, how am I supposed to refuse now kripa thought appalled watching Angad grin behind her parents back, with his parents patting him proudly.


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Chapter Seven

Prachi came and sat next to Angad placing her hand on top of his. He looked at with tear brimmed eyes. "Prachi I don't know what to do, sooner or later kripa will be awake, how will I face her after ---" he sobbed " I'm ashamed of myself prachi, how will I face her" his head lowered into his hands, with his elbows leaning on his knees.

Prachi's hand moved to his shoulder, "Angad, if you keep blaming yourself, you'll never be able to live in peace—"

She was cut off "I don't deserve peace" he exclaimed "I don't deserve peace" slowly turning into whispers.

"Angad, kripa was equally at fault, she's my friend and I know what you did with her was wrong but what she did was equally wrong, You can't live with this blame all your life and soon you and kripa are going to be parents, you have to comprise with the situation, you have try to work things out, once she's awake"

Prachi stood up and walked to the door where neev was standing with there almost one year old son, Arun in his arms. Prachi embraced neev, whilst he held her waist, both watching Angad stare at a motionless kripa. Whilst Angad drifted off once again with his memories.

Angad smirked, when he saw kripa's shocked expression, now she wasn't expected such a quick response, was she? but she didn't know who she had challenged. Angad may have seemed to be a sensible doctor but he was like a book at collage, he had the solution to everything, like how to make  someone special say I do, how to make an evening special, how to save yourself from the professor, everything. He wasn't as innocent as he seemed.

"Angad, I'm proud of you son, you've made me more than happy today" his father beamed

"Dad, your happiness is my happiness, after all, I have my own selfish reasons for accepting, she's everything I wanted" he said looking at her dreamily while she glared at him.

And then he heard her speak impulsively "I don't want to marry him dad"

Everyone stood there stunned at kripa's rejection. How can she reject me? Angad thought, for that she would have to tell the truth and he was more than a hundred percent sure that she wouldn't make such a mistake.

"But, kripa, what happened, why not him?"

"Uh, um" kripa became nervous all of a sudden, maybe because everyone was gazing at her intently "Dad, uh, he lives all the way in America and my family, friends, relatives, everyone lives over here. How will I cope over there. There's a big difference from India to America, I don't want to take the risk, I mean god forbid, if something happens then how will I reach you"

"Kripa,there's no need to be nervous, I know how difficult it is to settle in a foreign country, we've experienced it, you were only four when we left, and Angad was seven, it took him almost a year to adjust, don't worry, it'll be fine" Angad's father assured her as he caressed her hair lovingly

"But there's still a difference, Angad was a child, but I'm grown up, I've seen the world and I'm mature, it will be much harder for me" kripa replied turning her face from everyone.

Angad's mother placed her hand on kripa's shoulder to comfort her, " Kripa, I understand, my experience may not be exactly like yours but after nine years of marrige I left for America, I left my parents, since then I haven't met them and now there no more, but your lucky, my parents couldn't afford to go abroad and we couldn't come back until we had the green card and when we did Angad became busy with his career, I've missed a lot, but I guarantee you that Angad will take you to India at least once in two years. If he doesn't then you can come to me. As for your parents, they can afford coming to America and they will come to see you, right Swati"

"Yes of course, come on now don't be stubborn, you should be happy your getting such loving in laws and --"her mother was interrupted

"a loving husband" Angad said slipping his arms around kripa's shoulder pulling her closer.

Kripa glared at Angad, pushing her elbow into his waist, while he suppressed his groan from pain, pressing his lips together. "Ok papa, I agree too, I was just concerned" Angad squeezed her in his arms, this time holding her elbow, whilst kripa silently struggled out of his grip.

The elders laughed at the couple, with joy, "Kripa it doesn't matter, there's no need to be shy" rajveer exclaimed.

Whereas, kripa embarrassed rushed up the stairs, straight into her room "She's too shy, she doesn't like me holding her in front of everyone" Angad explained flashing a grin.

Angad sat in front of neev and prachi, both looked depressed "ok, now that's it" Angad commanded "neev you read her diary, that was wrong of you and prachi you reacted stubbornly  that's your fault, now neev why are you being stubborn?"

"I'm not, but whatever I said is true, she doesn't tell me anything, she doesn't share her feelings with me openly, she doesn't trust me, then how can she love me, she screams at me for small things and--"

He was cut off by prachi "neev I do love you and I trust you, I said I'm sorry, please forgive me" she pleaded with tears swimming within her eyes.

"Prachi, you always do that, you always be angry, always hide things, what do you expect me to think"

"neev please, If I didn't love you then I wouldn't come all the way from America for you, I'm sorry, I hurt your feelings and I always do, I don't even deserve you neev but you always---"

"Prachi, you do deserve me, we're both as stubborn as each other, don't ever say you don't deserve me, I'm sorry, I was being stubborn, I love you prachi" he said taking her in his arms

"I love you too, I'm sorry" she sobbed into his chest

"Ok, now if you two are done, let me talk now, I'm sorry, it was all my fault" Angad said looking at his friends.

"It's ok" they said together, wiping there tears, with there arms wrapped around each other.

A few minutes later prachi spoke "Oh Angad, in our fight we forgot about you, what were going to tell us in the morning and what was all that downstairs, I mean--"

"Well, I read kripa's diary and from that the only valid reason I find is her particular hatred towards men" he answered, taking a seat on the bed.

"Really, but then, why does she tolerate her dad?" neev asked foolishly

Prachi hit his head lightly "stupid, he's her father, why would she hate him"

"Yeah but then why is her father excluded, he's a man too and she doesn't---"

"Neev, fathers are different, you never see them like the rest of the world, they always have a special space in our hearts, after all they bring us up" Angad said "and for kripa, well, maybe her father has influenced her hatred but her father still plays an important role in her life that's why she's been lying to her parents, giving other men before me a hard time and kind of forcing them to reject her. That's what she's been trying to do with me" he slumped back and leaned against the headboard of the bed.

"How many men do you reckon she's given a hard time to?" neev popped out joking

"Don't be shocked but I'm her eighty forth one" Angad replied straight

Prachi and neev's mouth were half open "eighty four" they screamed


"Freaking hell how did she mange eighty four guys" prachi exclaimed

"Correction, she managed eighty three guys, I'm the eighty forth and I'm going to manage her and that too for life"


Angad broke out of his thoughts with the feel of movement. He looked towards kripa but she was still. There wasn't a sign of movement. That's when he noticed his hands on top of her abdomen, her abdomen, where his baby was living, where their baby was living, that meant the baby kicked.

Angad got a little excited and spoke"kripa, our baby kicked, my baby, your baby, our baby, it kicked and-"and then reality sinked into him, the baby was the result of kripa's state, it was because of this baby, no, he said to himself, no, he couldn't blame there baby, it was him who was at fault, it was he who was responsible for kripa.

His head slowly lowered down towards kripa's stomach and his quiet, soft sobs, turned in to loud painful sobs.

Kripa felt giddy in her sleep, feeling the wetness of Angad's tears on her skin, whilst her baby sent sensations down her spine kicking her. Tears, that reminded her of her own tears, when she cried.


Kripa silently sobbed, in the corner of her room, how was she to refuse to her marriage, it had been almost two weeks since Angad agreed, just a week ago she went to her father gathering courage to tell him her real intentions, but he suddenly suffered a severe heart attack.

Thank god Angad was a doctor, he took control for a while, and her father survived. But then again, her father requested her marriage as soon as possible; she couldn't refuse her father and promised him to marry Angad. Now she would be imprisoned for life, for the sake of her father, she thought. She didn't want to get married but she didn't want to risk her father's life, she would never be able to face herself.

Today, the Indian priest was coming to fix the wedding date. Oh how she wanted to run away, but her fathers' illness had become her barrier and her defeat in front of Angad.

Kripa quickly washed her face, making sure the tear stains weren't visible. She enhanced her beauty, wearing light pink make up, with a hot pink and black salwar kameez.

As she stepped down the stairs, her eyes lowered, she heard her father call her.

"Yes Dad"

"Kripa, go and call Angad from his room, the priest has arrived, he's here, and he's waiting for you and Angad"

"Ok Dad" she turned herself towards the stairs again, going up the stairs, she turned right, and knocked on the door, there was no response. Again she knocked but there was no response.

What the hell, she thought, I'm not his servant, I'm not waiting for him, and she barged into his room, whilst he walked out the bathroom stripped to the waist, with a towel around his waist.

Kripa became nervous, and turned around to leave when he called "kripa"

"What is it?" she asked coldly, her back still facing him.

"You know, you can talk politely for once" he said rubbing the towel on his bare chest.

"Well, I don't want to, now get to the point"

He wore a black shirt with white and silver lines leaving the first three buttons open "all I wanted to ask is why were you knocking"

Kripa turned around "you mean to say you were" and shrieked, he was wearing his black jeans, thank god he still had the towel around his waist. She turned around once again, embarrassed.

Angad quickly shoved his jeans on, walking to her, he bent down towards her ear "get use to it, you'll see more of me after our marriage" he commented

She turned red with embarrassment "whatever, dads calling you down" and she escaped the uncomfortable atmosphere.

Downstairs, the priest had arrived; he sat in front of kripa, whilst kripa was simply stuck with all the eyes on her. She was just thanking god that Angad hadn't come yet, when he showed his face with that annoying smirk of his. I swear if he doesn't stop smirking I'm going to end up killing him kripa thought.

To her misfortune Angad came and sat right next to her, on the small, beige, two seated sofa. He lightly nudged kripa, who glared in return.

"What's your problem" she angrily whispered

"Hmm" he caught her hands in her lap "nothing, it's just that, you look beautiful, and I can't help myself"

"Oh shut up and keep your hands to yourself" she replied pushing his hands away.

"I don't—"

There small conversation was interrupted by the priest "The engagement will be five days from now and then the wedding a week after" he announced.

Angad grinned with excitement, while kripa felt flabbergasted, she wasn't expecting it this soon, but now that her father's health had pressurized her, she couldn't back out.


Kripa stood at the balcony of the terrace, watching the night sky with prachi blabbering on about how she just hated it in her dad's company since he was over protective.

"Kripa, are you even listening?" she finally asked, seeing a dazed kripa.

"Uh, well yes"

"Ok then tell me what did I just say"

"You were saying that your dad drops you off everywhere and he never leaves you alone"

"You weren't listening; I was talking about neev and my dad, where are you lost madam?"

"Nowhere, I'm just watching the moon, isn't it beautiful, with the stars accompanying it, it's just like a mother with her children scattered around her"

"Whoa, kripa, cool it, aren't you planning children too soon, your not even married yet"

"Prachi, I didn't say that, I still don't feel I'm ready, I'm not ready for marriage, I'm only doing this for my father's sake"

Prachi probably felt bad for kripa; well that's what kripa could see written on her face,

A while later prachi left, her lover boy neev had called for her. Kripa hugged herself trying hard to suppress the falling tears, when she felt someone wipe them.

To her surprise Angad stood besides her with the drops of tears on his forefinger. "Don't waste these, there precious" he said looking towards the tear.

"You're the reason for these tears Angad; I told you at the very start I didn't want marriage"

"trust me kripa, you wont regret this marriage, I know I've been a fool, and practically forced you into this marriage but there's something good behind everything" he turned around and wiped her tears with his thumbs.

Kripa broke down into his arms, sobbing violently "why Angad, why are men so selfish? Even you are, your forcing me into something I don't want and now I cant refuse due to my dad's bad health, why, why does this always happen to me?" she questioned, while Angad patted her back, comforting her.

A few minutes later kripa, realized her position, pulling out of his hold, she walked down the stairs, to her room, giving herself time to suppress her dreams and desires.


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