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!!~Rajeev Khandelwal Fc- A journey ~!! (Page 16)

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Posted: 17 May 2008 at 4:25am | IP Logged
@ vaishu di n M3: mee tooo mishhedd allllllCryCryCry but now me back... finally 1 n half month ke papers ke baaad...OuchOuch but nowww

@ preeti di..: diii no thankooo for the article.....Embarrassed

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Posted: 17 May 2008 at 5:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nidhi2013

varu gif t for u ...i hv choried frm my motw posted by raksha di LOL

Where do you live ? musafir hu mai yaro na ghar hai na thikanaWink

Do you read newspapers?... which section of the paper do you read first? yeh.. i love reading news paper my fav sect is piliticsTongue

What are your quidelines for comments? nothing as such depends on my moodSmile

Do you have a policy about responding to email? nah actually i hate writing mails,,so m really lazy bt responding to themWink

What are your top picks for health and wellness for the body, mind and spirit?just be happy  

Do you believe in Ghosts? i do bt am nt scared of them

Would you choose love or money and why? i wud definately choose love coz money can be earned bt love cannot be earned

If you were a monster, what would you be? Quetzalcoatl

What makes you a little bit of a monster? my temper....

What would you do if your worst enemy did something unspeakable to you? i dunno actually m a very unpredictable person...my reactions are generally spontaneous..so it depends

What primal emotions or drive you most often experience? a kind of depression...that nothing in this world is meant 4 meLOL

How is your self steem? times its really high while times its goes really down.u cn say that it keeps fluctuatingOuch

You and your guy have to go out tonight, but he calls you at the last minute to say he's too tired...What would be your reaction? i guess i will feel bad...not bad actually i will be a bit disappointed but its nt his fault right so i'll tell him to rest we can go out some other time

What is your main consideration when ordering food out? anythng i feel lik eating at that moment

You prefer not to be friend with someone who is... doesnt understand the situation n problems of others

In group projects, you are the one who...  decides the paln of action..you can say m the dictator there

What career would you most like to try out for a while? ah i have my career option pretty decided..i dunt wnt to try ny other

Your friend just lost a loved one,how would you help her cope? being with her listening to her

If you became a multi-millionaire what would you attribute to your sccess? i actually dunno never thought bt it

When you fall in love, you feel it in... dunno

You know someone loves you when they... goes away

Talking about the weather is a... stupid excuse to start a convo

You enjoy helping... ny one who needs my help

If someone you have just met talks about their feelings, it makes you feel... nothing am pretty used to of it plus m nt the type to react on ever thing

Shopping is something you..... really enjoy

When it comes to risks, you prefer.... taking it

You prefer to focus on one.... thing at a time

You tend to keep things in... a organised manner

When you talk, you choose your words... i dunt choose words its all that i feel

You tend to seek out new... electronics
You would say you are more... stoic

You base your important decision on...its future prospects and effects 

In your opinion, gossip is a... waste of time

If you find out someone is gossiping about you, you... choose to ignore them...n then when alone i sit back to think wht hav i done to be a matter of gossip..or where was i wrong

When someone's upset with you, you tend to listen to what... he has to say

When are you tend to have your best ideas, is it when you are setting up or laying down? depends

What do you think in, pictures or words? words

Are you more mathematical or musical? musical

How do you like to spend your holiday? home

What do you look forward to most each year? durga puja

What gifts are you most likely to give to your friends? books

What are you better at remembering, names or faces? faces

How violent are you? not at all

Do you give people complements? yup

Do you often catch yourself day dreaming? no

Do you listen to music while you work? no

When you have a lot to do, what do you do first? toughest one

How Sweet are you? i dunt thnk m sweet

Which one of the following statement reflects your beliefs more?
-Have a strong sense of right and wrong.
-What is right (or wrong) depends on the situation.

When going somewhere you have only been to a couple of times, do you go with your instincts on finding the way or map out directions where you are going.

What if you had to spend 24 hours by yourself - without emailing, phoning, instant mssaging, or talking to anyone else? am a kind of loner so it wont make much diff to me

What do you think is your most attractive non-physical quality? my strenghth to handle tough situations

If your sweetie had a bad day, what would you do to cheer him up? hmmm dunno my b smile at him n bear all his irritation

You are going to a fancy party with your guy, describe the out fit you would wear...dunt hv much fashion sense so i wud pick up nythng 

If you just won new car, what colour would you pick? white

If you get jealous in a relationship, is it a sign that you are truly in love? nopes

If someone is right for you, does it take you much time to figure it out? no idea yr

Is love something you cannot define, predict, or even truly understand? yeh to sum extent

Is a lot of compatibility (Education, Religion, Social class) superficial if you are truly in love? i dunt thnk so..coz even if they dunt mattr 4 u at tht time there definately wud b a day when u will actually consider these thngs...n tht wud be too late

Physical atraction is very important for everyone in relationships, could you over look some flaws if the chemistry is there? yes

Would you do any thing for someone you love/loved? no..there are few thngs i wud never leave 4 him
Is your work best, with deadlines or without deadlines? with deadlines

Do you consider yourself more rational or compassionate? rational

In thirty words or less what makes you angry? i really dunt have ny criteria set for that..i mean it depends...waise to i dunt gt angry easily bt what makes me angry i really cnt say

In thirty words or less what makes you laugh? ny stupid thing...ny joke or any act...

In thirty words or less what makes you cry? thts a secretWink

In thirty words or less what makes you happy? being with my frnds and family

In thirty words or less what makes you sad? thts again a secretWink

Have you ever sued anyone?no bt m heading towards a career where i wud be doing tht more often 

Avtivities that you enjoy... reading/writing/driving/tp on fc/roaming wid frnds/sleeping

Activities that you don't like... nothng as such

If you were to to spend a day with whom you love...who with...and how would you like to spend? pehle to i wud like to be with him pura din talkinh thn a long drive..n thn may b a candle light dinner

Do you know any other language besides English? i no hindi bengoli n maithli

In thirty words or less tell us something about IFs... i dunno wht to say..its a place i enjoy being...it actually feels good to be here

In thirty words or less tell us something about SP...

Which other forum did you visit beside SP?

Which other forum did you do updates beside SP?

What are the rules you live your life by?

Do you work?...What do you do? m a student

Did you go to college/university? i still do

What did you study at college/university? law

What do you do a normal day after school/work? sleepLOL

If you could have any occupation at all what would it be? IAS

How would you describe yourself... i wud prefer if u do tht 4 me

Your best personal quality...my optimism
First thing/s that you do when you wake up... brush

Last thing/s that you do before you go to sleep... turn off my lappy

If you could be anyone else, you would be... my dad

Greatest gift that you have ever received...call frm someone spl on my birthday this yr

Your strength... optimism

Your weakness... my temper

Your favorite type of movie... dunno nythng gud

Your favorite actors/actresses... srk/raj/sushmita

What do you want to do with your life? i dunt hv ny dreams 4 myself m living my parents dreams

What do you look for in a man? i dunno

What occurrencies happen to make your day a good one? hmmmm..it being a busy one

Do you live in an apartment or house? house

What do you like to eat for breakfasts? i prefer to skip that

Your favorite food... simple indian food

Your favorite drink vodka nah takeela he he he kidding...its nimbu pani

Your favorite fruit/s... mango

Your vavorite vegetable/s... ladyfinger

Your favorite meat... chicken

Your favorite colour... white

Your favorite style of dressing... jeans top

Your favorite hair style...simple pony 

Your favorite jewelry... rings(i love wearing thm..rightnow i hv 5)LOL

Your favorite perfume... m illiterate when it cums to perfumes

Your favorite cream... vanilla

Your favorite music/songs... kahin dor jab din dhal jaye

Your favorite relaxation... sleeping

Your favorite sport/s... basket ball

Your next favorite holiday destination... varanasi

Countries you have visited.... nepalLOL

If they are too personal or you don't want to answer them, pls don't. I respect that.       

Ok, so that should keep you busy for a while anyway.       

More on the way

Varallikka IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by *Dakoo_Minzy*

Awww!Big smile Here We go! Hug

Three Wishez u will ask on seeing an Angel! Tongue

1.i wanna fulfil each n every dream of my parents

2.mekko millonire banna hai

3.amir hit ho jaye plz plz plz

Select three Celebz u would like to invite for PartyTongue



3.kiran bedi

The 3 Dishez tat make Dinner a succez Tongue

1.alu paratha



The last 3 things u ate! Tongue




The last three Shops u visited Tongue




The last three things u bought Tongue




The 3 favourite actors on Tellywood Tongue




Favourite Vacation spots Tongue




The three Touchy movies Tongue


2.kal ho na ho

3.veer zara

The Three Masth Comedyy movies Tongue

1.hera pheri,



Most fav 3 songs Tongue

1.kahin door jab din dhal jaye

2.rahein na rahein hum

3.ek sathi aur bhi tha 

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'There is no formula for success'

TV actor Rajeev Khandelwal, talks to Swati R Chaudhary about his debut film Aamir, a psychological thriller

How would you describe your debut film Aamir?

Rajeev Khandelwal
Rajeev Khandelwal

Aamir is a complete Bollywood commercial thriller. It is not one of those run-of-the-mill thrillers. You would be forced to think. It's a battle of ideologies. It's a psychological thriller. There are no superstars, larger than life locations or supporting cast to sell the film. Aamir is the story of an average middle class Indian.

What is your role in the film?

The film is about the problems average Indians face. It's the story of Aamir Ali who lands in Mumbai and is oblivious to the trap that is awaiting him. He is sucked deeper and deeper into it but eventually fights his way out. Aamir is an ordinary guy caught in extraordinary circumstances. He is no hero but becomes a hero.

How did Aamir happen?

After I quit my last television show, Left Right Left, I was offered Aamir. The script completely floored me. I think I was born to play Aamir. I have more than 25 bound scripts with me none of them excited me enough. I was not asked for any auditions or screen tests. Anurag Kashyap and his team showed a lot of confidence.

Chor bazaar, Nagpada, Crawford market, mutton market'85Why was the film shot at such congested locations?

The film is very real in terms of story telling. There are no larger than life portrayals in Aamir. To make it authentic, it was important for the film to be shot realistically. Mumbai is an integral part of the story line.

A first-time director (Rajkumar Gupta), no heroine, no item numbers, no exotic locales'85Why this chancy debut?

There is only one item in the film and that's me. (Laughs). My first film has to leave an impact and prove that I can deliver as an actor. Being an outsider, I knew no one would launch me in a Rs 35-cr magnum opus. Nobody would make a Saawariya with me. I know I have to make it on my own. As far as making a romantic, conventional debut is concerned, tell me which is the safest debut? There is no fixed formula to success. How many actors, who have made a romantic debut, have managed to stay back? There is no way to device a safe launch vehicle.

In retrospective, what do you feel about your decision of quitting television?

I was unhappy with the way things were happening. I am not much bothered about the zeroes on my paychecks than the script. Television was becoming mundane and unexciting. Besides, when is the right time to quit? When the show shuts down or people get bored of the show? The love and adulation is tempting but I believe you should leave things when you're at the helm of it. It takes a lot to detach and walk away at that peak time. But I have always believed in my decisions. It was difficult for me to walk out on the streets with everyone looking at me, smiling, blowing kisses especially when I knew I wasn't doing anything in the show (Kahinn to Hoga). I was doing something that was making absolutely no sense to me. That's when I decided to quit. I thought I wasn't worthy of all that adulation. I had to deliver. So I chose to walk out.

Any big banners or production houses lining up?

Big banners like YRF and Karan Johar haven't approached me. But some people who make a difference to the industry have approached me. I am just holding myself back. I am just doing another romantic film with UTV presently. I won't sign any more films until Aamir releases. I want people to see my work first.

Do people connect to you as 'Sujal' or Rajeev Khandelwal?

I am recognised more as Rajeev Khandelwal though Sujal is an intrinsic part of my life. When I walk out today, there are a lot of women who call me Sujal. There are plenty of people who call me Capt. Rajveer Shekhawat from Left Right Left. I feel very humbled. It's amazing feeling because every time someone walks up to me, I feel that they have decided to give me a couple of minutes out of their lives without expecting anything in return so the least I can do is make them feel special.

Apart from acting, what else are you passionate about?

I am passionate about life. I like cooking and love outdoor sports like mountaineering and river rafting. I like meeting people. My nariyal pani wala and the girl living down the slums are the most interesting people in my life. Whenever I return her smile, she blushes which makes me happy.

Your final take on Aamir?

I am proud of Aamir. I was destined to play Aamir. It had to happen to me. As far as the box office success of the film is concerned, I can't anything about it. — TWF

lnk http://www.tribuneindia.com/2008/20080517/saturday/main2.htm

courtsey- initial info and scanned article by ammu

Edited by varallika - 17 May 2008 at 6:32am
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Awww! Big smile Well Answered Varuu! Hug Dakoo is so pleased tat i cannot help but givv ya one more Garam Garam set! LOL

1.I wanna slap '_________'

2.I wanna hug '__________'

3.I wanna go for a party at '_________'

4.I wanna dance on '___________'

5.I wanna eat '____________'

6.I wanna visit '___________'

7.I wanna see '__________'

8.I wanna buy '___________'

9.I wanna celebrate '__________'

10.I wanna hate '___________'

Nowww!!!!!! Tongue

1.I love '_______'

2.I am best in '_______'

3.Last time i danced on '______'

4.Last song i sang is '_________'

5.Last movie i saw is '___________'

6.Last shop i visited is '__________'

7.Last thing i bought home is '_________'

8.Last word i typed is '________'

9.Last person to whom i chated is '_______'

10.Last time i got angry is on '________'

Njooyy! Big smile Hug
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Originally posted by *Dakoo_Minzy*

Awww! Big smile Well Answered Varuu! Hug Dakoo is so pleased tat i cannot help but givv ya one more Garam Garam set! LOL

1.I wanna slap '___saheli 4 making me rotw______'

2.I wanna hug '____filhal to no body______'

3.I wanna go for a party at '____ah i dunt party re_____'

4.I wanna dance on '_____i hate dancing______'

5.I wanna eat '_____awww dairy milk(leke dooooCry)_______'

6.I wanna visit '_____museumLOL______'

7.I wanna see '___aamirBig smile_______'

8.I wanna buy '___a beach house_______'

9.I wanna celebrate '____amir's success______'

10.I wanna hate '___none ya________'

Nowww!!!!!! Tongue

1.I love '__Embarrassed_____'

2.I am best in '__irritating pplLOL_____'

3.Last time i danced on '___are was a kid i guess i was in 3rd tht time so i really dunt rem the song___'

4.Last song i sang is '___panchi nadiya pawan ke jhoke______'

5.Last movie i saw is '___jodha akbar________'

6.Last shop i visited is '___levis_______'

7.Last thing i bought home is '__tailor's billWink_______'

8.Last word i typed is '___l_____'

9.Last person to whom i chated is '____frhu___'

10.Last time i got angry is on '___dad_____'

Njooyy! Big smile Hug
*Dakoo_Minzy* IF-Sizzlerz

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awww! Big smile U replyy shoooooo fast!!...Tongue
Chal man kush....ek aur set!!...LOLHug

Choose one! Big smile

Mention 10 CelebZ whom u Respect and write each best quality of each of them! Embarrassed
Varallikka IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 May 2008 at 7:11am | IP Logged

Originally posted by *Dakoo_Minzy*

awww! Big smile U replyy shoooooo fast!!...Tongue
Chal man kush....ek aur set!!...LOLHug

Choose one! Big smile

Mention 10 CelebZ whom u Respect and write each best quality of each of them! Embarrassed

yar my list of favourites is really less..so i cnt promise you a list of 10 still m listing all whom i admire...lets c if it reaches 10LOL

1.Rajeev:- i guess i like his simple down to earth nature and the way he gives imp to all his fans is sumthng i love bt him

2.srk: he is too witty plus the energy level he has is something admirable bt him

3.sushmita sen: i love her confidence

4.kiran bedi: i love her attitude

5.A.B.Bajpayee: i love the way he handels situation

6.pramod mahajan: i loved his concept of modernization of politics...


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