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my best friends wedding-prt10(pg105) 11/6 (Page 43)

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Originally posted by sweet=me

Sorry for the laaaate comment!!! OMG what a twist!!! Riddhima n kickboxing,red hair???? OMG I can't waaaait to read the rest!!! Awwww...this line was adorable...Armaan looked down like a shy bride "ma'am, kuch baatein kahi nahi jaati, ab uske dill ka haal main nahi samjhoon ga, to kaun samjhe ga?" Do cont. soon n thnx for the pm....

no stress swthrtWink..ya ridz doin kickboxn...n armaan d shy bride...charactr swapLOL...personality mein bhi twistWink

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hey nice update
sry for the late copmment i was out of station
plzzzzzz continue soon
d101 Goldie

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Posted: 25 May 2008 at 10:37pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by shalika

hey nice update
sry for the late copmment i was out of station
plzzzzzz continue soon

thanxBig smile no stress swthrt. wil post in a whileWink

-Facetious- IF-Sizzlerz

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are u updating today??
d101 Goldie

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thank u guyz soo much Hug Hug Hug

heres d next part..reaallllly long sorry cudnt figure out wat 2 bear wid me Wink Wink Wink


"tunne kya, meri shaadi ka plan cancel karke, kriyakaram ka mood banna leeya hai?"

muskaan, exasperated with the fool she loved, looked to armaan for help "yaar armaan, isko samjha"

rahul turned her face back to him "agar tera sach mein iski girlfriend banne ka mann hai, to bol, mujhe marwane ka kya matlab hai? Aur agar murder karne ka bahut mood kar raha hai, to ridhima ka kar, mere peechhe kyun parhi hai?"

"tum donno,humesha usko marne ki baat kyun karte rehte ho?"

ignoring armaan, muskaan moved closer to rahul and entwined her fingers with his "rahhuuuuuull"

rahul gerked her hand off "mar gaya rahul, agar dr keerti ko patta lag gaya, to ridhima ki doli uthe na uthe, meri arthi zaroor uth jayegi"

muskaan, frustrated with his stubbornness, caught hold of his hair and began pulling as hard as possible, completely unaffected by rahul's screams, she calmly asked him "when do I do this?"

rahul managed to mumble "hamesha" while trying to kick a hysterical armaan.

muskaan just pulled harder in response, rahul finally screamed "jab mein cigarette, daru ya ladki ko dekhta hoon" finally satisfied with his response muskaan let go. "exactly, aur inhi cheezon ko use kar ke, hum usse bhayankar gussa dilayenge, aur muft mein chhutkara payenge" "

armaan nodded, convinced this would work.

muskaan put an arm around each of them "so lets start : operation rahul ki aazaadi, torenge hum shaadi"

rahul quietly removed her arm from armaans shoulder

------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ -----

Armaan almost didn't see her, almost. As he
turned back to the door he'd just passed, he saw her smiling, if you could call it that, can an upward tilt of lips be classified as a smile, if your eyes are brimming with sorrow? In that moment, he forgot about rahul, muskaan, the plan, the only thing he remembered was this woman, his woman???

He followed ridhima's gaze to the woman sitting in her bed, holding on to her daughter. He wanted, no needed, to hold her, to tell her that they would be okay but he knew that his intrusion would not be welcome and so he backed away. He wondered how a woman who felt so much, could hide it all. He finally knew, what they meant by, still waters run deep.

She didn't want him to go, she didn't know when she became aware of his presence, she only knew that it gave her comfort. With his eyes on her, she didn't feel quite as alone. "armaan" she hadn't meant to call out to him.

He was surprised to hear his name, more than that he was surprised at the need in her voice. He turned around with a ready smile, willing to pretend that he'd seen nothing.

She walked towards him, trying to come up with an excuse and failing miserably. That's when she spotted it in his hands. Her slow steps changed to a march , the soft expression on her face, replaced by undiluted rage. She pulled the pack out of his hand. "you smoke?"

"kya? …oh yeh…"finally pulling himself together, he remembered muskaans plan, no time like the present, right? "yeh, tumhare fianc ka hai." Seeing her eyes narrow down to slits, he knew the plan would work, she was already livid. "Hum to usse, sanjeevani ki chimney bulate hain! Uski wajah se to delhi mein itni pollution hai, tumne bahar protest nahi sunna "dilli ko bachana hoga...rahul ko jalaana hoga"


Armaan went on, ignoring her mounting frustration "infact tumhari shaadi pe, mein tumko, oxygen cylinder gift karunga, bahut kaam aayega."

"im not a fool, so can u please drop the act?" she caught hold of his hand and pulled him through the next door, she saw. Shutting the door with a bang, she let him feel the full force of her wrath. "ur a doctor. U know how dangerous it is, u know the risk of lung cancer, ur familiar with the statis…"


"armaan, I don't want to hear a word" she bolted the door "and ur not leaving till u hear me out"

"ridhima, v r…"

"not leaving, dr armaan mallik, till u hear me out, and if u interrupt me once more" she folded her delicate fingers in a fist "I wont hesitate to use force"

An amused armaan, gave in, leaning against the wall, he let her scream to her hearts content. After about 30 minutes of an arduous lecture, she finally stood still.

With what could only be described as a mocking smile armaan looked on at her flushed face, anger like everything else, seemed to suit her "u finished miss mohammad ali?"

He gently caught hold of her shoulders, his smile widening when he felt them stiffen "now look around sweetheart, take a moment, to take in our breathtaking surroundings"

Ridhimas jaw dropped open, how could she have not noticed? As she brought her eyes back to his, she wasn't surprised to see bubbling mirth there.

She was a sight. Her chuckled seeing her obvious discomfort "so dr ridhima, do I have ur permission to leave the mens loo?"

------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ --

As muskaan saw ridhima coming towards the canteen, she quickly ran to their table, after giving rahul, a quick peck on the cheek for luck, she stepped back and saluted both armaan and rahul "operation pe ke daru, mar usko jharu, starts now"

rahul quickly jumped onto the table, snatching the bottle from armaan.

Ridhima entered the canteen lightly massaging her aching head and stopped short seeing the scene created for her benefit. Her first instinct was to turn around and leave but before she could do exactly that, rahul took a swig from the bottle and screamed "oye meri sweetheart…..
wahan kharre ho kar, na mar aankhon se dart
pass to aa, nahi marunga fart….".

Muskaan couldn't help giggling at his perfect dialogue delivery.

Meanwhile, ridhima looked around, highly embarrassed, she walked towards him merely to avoid a scene. She looked towards armaan for help, but was shocked to see him gobbling down food, completely oblivious to his best friend's feet next to his biryani.

She cringed as she smelled the alcohol on him. seeing him waver she went forward "rahul?"

"ri…ri…ridm..ridheeeeeemaaaaaaa, how are u my jaaanuuuuu"

Seeing him reach out for her, ridhima took a step back "ur drunk" the disgust was evident in her voice

"arrrrre nahi yaar, hum donno ki shaadi fix ho gaayee leyay im verrrrrry haapppppy and a leeetle sapppy" he held up his fingers to show how little "but don't get crapppyyy or u'l need a napppppyy" he then proceeded to stick out his tongue.

Suddenly, ridhima felt muskaan fall at her feet, laughing hysterically. she turned to armaan "do something" she then watched in complete stupefaction as armaan went to the canteen and ordered 4 more plates of biryaani.

Before she could decide which one of them she wanted to kill first, rahul jumped down from the table, landing right in front of her. "arz keeya hai, gaur pharmayeay….."

He then turned around and glared at the whispering crowd "arre yaar, review baad mein dena, pehle film to dekhlo"

he took a step towards her "haan, to mein kahan tha?? Haan…Oye nakhrewali………….
Jab se dekhi teri hari- hari aankhon ki haryaali," he poked her eyes to make sure she understood

"Bas banna chahta hoon inka maali" seeing her abuse him under her breath, he continued, more confident than ever

Na de khali- pilli mujhe gaali
Abhi bottle nahi hui khaali"

He grabbed hold of her hand, while going down on one knee

"Jis din se tune meri unglee mein ring daali
Tab se ur stuck in my heart ki naali"

ridhima snatched away her hand and turned to leave.

"Itna batati jaa sister of my salli
Will u be friends with my bahar wali?"

Hearing the last part of this great work of literature, armaan finally lost his composure along with his balance, he tripped throwing 4 plates of biryani in the air.

As the shower of rice fell on armaan and ridhima, she couldn't help but wonder if everyone here was insane.

Just as she was about to storm off, rahul blocked her way "my chotti- motti piddi-ridhi" he pulled her, already red with anger, cheeks "tu, mujhse gussa hai?" he pulled her in a hug, as controlling his laughter was becoming a near impossible task "main abse, bus sunday ko duudh, opps… daru peeyunga, please engagement mat torr" he pushed her away, and put his hand on his forehead, perfectly imitating meenakumari, "mujhe beech majdhar me matt chor"

Ridhima moved away, trying to put distance between them "rahul, I wont interfere with ur life as long as u don't meddle in mine"

rahul had to make sure he hadnt misunderstood "ur not breaking the sagai?"

as ridhima shook her head and left, he looked towards muskaan dejectedly "yeh to bann ke rahegi meri lugai (wife)."

Armaan and muskaan meanwhile were incapable of speech

After 10 minutes of utter silence rahul had had enough "ab tum donno chup kyun ho? Muskaan, tu or tere sarre huyay ideas, main keh raah tha, jitna marzi karlo commotion, uske chehre pe nahi aata ek bhi emotion"

armaan couldn't believe the plan had failed "Oye apni sarri huyee poetry band kar"

rahuls temper was showing now "oye tu jaake mar."

They both stopped short, when they heard muskaan cry "she doesn't give a damn about u, tu…" she hiccuped "tu drunk tha aur…aur usse toh koi farak hi nahi parra."

As Armaan saw rahul take hold of muskaan and console her, he unconsciously smiled fingering the cigarette pack, muskaan had ordered in the morning.

------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ --

It took a long, complicated, drawn out story to convince ridhima, to join them that night, but as usual, there was little that could stand in muskaans way once she made up her mind and so, in the evening at the jazz bar…………..

"you don't mind?"


He pointed towards rahul and muskaan dancing together.

ridhima looked at him with an amused expression "why should i? their friends right?"

With that she went back to cutting precise, neat bites of her chicken.

Looking at her sitting so calm and composed, he wanted to shake her or kiss her, anything, to demolish the wall of reserve, she seemed to have erected around her. She looked so regal, like a queen, no he corrected himself, like a princess, awaiting her prince. A prince, who'd kiss her and bring her back to life….huh? what the hell was he thinking? She had him dreaming up fairy tales now. He had to get away.

"u want to dance?" he couldn't believe he'd just said that, the words had just rolled of his tongue, a tongue he wanted to chop off now.

"no thanks" pat came the reply

That's all the bruising armaans ego could take. "suit ur self". he walked off without a backward glance.

She saw him approach the girl in the red dress, within a minute, she was in his arms, swaying to the sensual music. Ridhima looked down at her stylish yet demure black dress, she thought back on sumits words, had she really changed that much? She laughed at herself, of course she had, isn't that what she had set out to do? She ran her hand over her dress, black was good, black was safe.

He brought the woman closer, leaving no gap between them but his eyes were locked on someone else, he focus so complete, that even in the dim light he hadn't missed a single   emotion that crossed her face. She was upset, that was evident.
Suddenly she got up and began marching towards him, he quickly turned so that his back was facing her.

She'd had enough, she caught hold of his arm and yanked him away from the girl "excuse us" there was nothing polite about her tone. She gave armaan no time to object as she dragged him off the dance floor.

"what the hell do you think ur doing?"

Both were momentarily stunned to hear the same words from each other and then they both started off..

"u have no busine…"again they stopped short, hearing their words mirror each other

Ridhima glared at him and spoke before he could continue "half an hour" her volume went up a level, she seemed to be working up a temper "half an hour, you…you…"

"danced" armaan decided she needed help with her verbs

"it was definitely not dancing , dr armaan mallik" she was yelling now. armaan had wanted emotion, well, he definitely saw it now.

"so, whats your grief? Since when does who I dance with, concern you"

Ridhima was stunned into silence. She looked around for a plausible explanation. She hadn't thought of one, she'd just reacted. She couldn't meet his eyes.

Suddenly she spotted muskaan and rahul "it doesn't concern me, it concerns muskaan"

Armaan couldn't believe his ears, he turned in the general direction of the dance floor, pointing out the woman in question "u mean, that muskaan, the muskaan whose been dancing away with ur fiance for the past 1 hr"

Not one to ever back down ridhima nodded "yes, ur her boyfriend, act like it"

He shot her an incredulous look "why do u care?"

Ridhima knew she had to come up with something fast "she's my friend"

"friend? Are you insane? She tried to kill u this morning"

Ridhima knew she was on thin ice, she tried to shove past him but armaan held on, he guided her further away from the crowd, till she was trapped between him and the wall

"so let me get this straight, your fianc ignores u, dances with someone else for 1 hr, that doesn't bother you but when the boyfriend of the woman in question dances with someone else, u see red. Do i have it right, dr ridhima?"

Ridhima couldn't look up, she needed to get away from him.

"dance with me." It was a statement not a question. He didn't take her too the dance floor. Right there, he placed her arms around him and held onto her possessively.

"love you"


He laughed to lighten the moment "made you look up" but there was something in his eyes an intensity that made ridhima miss a step, which only caused him to tighten his hold.

Ridhima tried to concentrate on breathing, something that required tremendous effort as of now. "ur staring."

"I know"

"well, don't"

"hmm, im just trying to imagine u with red hair, must have gone really well with ur green eyes"

Ridhima just stopped. She stopped dancing, thinking, breathing.

"bhookh lagi hai to khanna mang, moh khol ke kharre rehne ka kya matlab hai?"

"u…what do u…I mean why did u…"

He pulled her closer, whispering in her ear "I heard u n sumit talk"

She pushed him away "how dare u? that was a private conversation. U had no right."

Seeing her go pale, regret washed over him. He'd just wanted to tease her. Clearly, he'd stepped on a raw nerve. Before he could apologize ridhima caught hold of his hand "please, don't mention it again, ever and don't tell anyone"

He jerked her back into his arms. "okay"

the tension left her body, as she heard his whispered promise. Somehow, she knew he'd keep his word.

Armaan smiled as he sensed the change in her, he brought her closer, molding her body to his "On one condition, dr ridhima" he felt her trying to pull away, but couldn't bring himself to let her go.

"what do u want?" armaan cringed at her tone.

"your hand, of course"


he finally let her go, only to catch her delicate hands in his firm grasp " yeh haath mujhe de de kaliya…sorry.. sorry…. Goriya"

she looked down at their joint hands "my hands?"

"haan, meri mohammad ali, if u hav to teach me boxing, inki zaroorat to paregi, nai?"

"what, do u need to learn boxing for"

He bent down, hiding his face in her shoulder "main nahi bata sakta, sharam aati hai"

She tried to keep a check on her temper, something he tested sorely. "armaan?"

Armaan pushed her away "tum bhi?"

Looking at her perplexed expression armaan continued "purre time sab ladkiyaan, armaan, armaan japti rehti hain, tang aa gaya hoon main. Zamana bahut kharab hai. Pata hai kal kya hua? Main jog kar raha tha, ek car mere peeche rukki, aur zorr se ek aawaz aye "chalta hai kya, chikanne" main to wahan se dum dabba ke bhaga" he pulled ridhima in a hug "pata hai main kitana darr gaya tha? Kal to meri izzat lut te -lut te bachi"

Ridhima just shook her head, that's all she was capable of.

Armaan began swaying again, tightening his hold "so kal se mere lesson shurru?"

------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ -----

"yaar kahan hai?"

"oye, mere hote hoye tu kiss ko dhuund rahi hai?"

She twisted her neck trying to get a better view of the bar "teri fianc ko"

Rahul brought her closer, trying to get her complete attention "kyun? phirse usse peetanne ka irada hai kya?"

"nahi yaar, plan bilkul kaam nahi kar raha. Hum ek ghante se dance kar rahein hain, par usko farak hi nahi parta, or ab madam kahi gayab ho gayee hai…"

"to ki farak penda hai?"

"**** ** *****, agar woh gussa nahi hogi, usse yeh nahi lage ga ki to usko cheat kar raha hai, toh who shaadi kyun toregi?"

Rahul bent down and kissed her forehead "tu pagal hai" then corrected himself "meri pagal"

Muskaan put her arms around him and snuggled in closer.

Suddenly rahul pushed her away "oye, current laga"

Muskaan shook her head, wondering how he'd become a doctor "gadhe, current nahi laga, tera phone baja"

"oh" rahul looked down to see dad flashing on his phone "mera baap"

Muskaan sighed as she saw him leave the dance floor "baap nahi hain, yeh sab , mere pichhale janam ke paap hain"

-- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ --
"ridhima, armaan" rahuls paniked voice broke the spell the night had cast, they both turned to see a pale nervous rahul "ridhima, oh god, ridhima…uncle…I mean ur dad..he's had a heart attack"

hope u guyz like it....pls do comment
n silent readers...yaar it only takes a min Wink

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omg....wat a cliffhanger Confused Confused
cont sooooooooon....
i just love the dialogues u put in very much...
simply awesome... Clap Clap

d101 Goldie

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Originally posted by mannyz_1

i luv you deepika!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL lv u 2 sweety

you rock!!!! Wink sach mein kya likthi hoon tum!!! i just love your sense of humour....muskaan and armaan bf and gf!!! LOL LOL bechari ridz! rgt now d one 1 feel sorry 4 is armaan...has to jhelo muskaanWink

she got scratched by muski and armaan got bitten by her"!!! LOL kirti must of had a hard time!!! LOL ya pretty sure keerti wont try 2 boss her arndWink

wow....itresting ending....who dono to tan regaye!! LOL she got arrested and she was laughing!! wow!!! LOL ridz da wild 1Wink

KEEP ROCKING!!!!!!!!!! Embarrassed thanx. Embarrassed Big smile
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Originally posted by $h!V@n!

omg....wat a cliffhanger Confused Confused
cont sooooooooon....
i just love the dialogues u put in very much...
simply awesome... Clap Clap


thanx hun...glad u likd it..thot was toooo longWink

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