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mods plz close it (Page 67)

tazy_rahul IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2008 at 11:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Junaid<3

Originally posted by sweety_rajveer

Originally posted by Junaid<3

Originally posted by sweety_rajveer

Hey guys found this link so thought to share wid u all



it is to know which age u act n u know wat i got

tht i behave like  13 year old girl axactly true

I act like an 18 year old EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

ah u r 15 rytEmbarrassed

yupp. but hey it makes sence. since im the youngest in my family.. i act like them they are all 18-23 (well most of them)

ok btw i m going now bye good night

tazy_rahul IF-Rockerz

Joined: 22 July 2007
Posts: 5881

Posted: 02 June 2008 at 11:11am | IP Logged

Originally posted by Junaid<3

Yup :)
and i replied to your PM!
lol but i think i made a mistake. its 2 n's not one. :)

ah thanx for replyingEmbarrassed

x-zarqa-x IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2008 at 1:25pm | IP Logged

Weekends With Mahira - UPDATE!

guest: ALI ZAFAR! Dancing

guys i hve rephrased stuff...since they were talking in urdu aswell...and yeh my urdu isnt goodEmbarrassed

*my comments in purple*


show starts! - mahira welcomes viewers!

Mahira - "How you doing Ali?"

Ali - "Am good, how are you?"

Mahira - "I'm good...i'm good

    its been more than a year since ave interviewed you..."

Ali - "really?"

Mahira - "you were my 1st guest on my show..."

Ali - "Acha...you've grown up since then..."

Mahira - "i hve grown up since then? - HUH"

*both laugh*

Mahira - "so have you..."

Ali - "thnx...yaar..."

[talking about getting white hair....Ali says he has one...Mahira says she also has one....]

- Mahira puts her head down... - trying to show Ali her white hair... - she asks Ali if he can see it... - hahahahahah she was showing ali her white hair!LOL

Ali - "nahi"


Mahira - "Do you like coming to karachi?"

Ali - "I do.......(big pause).......


I do like coming to karachi...."

[he also says he loved the beach's in karachi]

Mahira - "Do you go to the beach often?"

Ali - "yeh, well it's been awhile now

- i'm a water person...."[he says loves to be around water]

[He can swim, but couldnt save anyone if they were drowning...] - ok note to myself!...never going to pretend am drowning,,so he can cme and save me...coz yeh i dnt think he'll come!ErmmLOL

Recently in Dubia, at 3am.... Ali and Haroon..went to a beach,,,and went to swim in the sea... - oooh koolEmbarrassed

Ali - it was pitch dark/black he says "we couldn't see women" Shockedhahaha


(mahira...looks at him...then looks around and *laughs*)

Ali then said...that him and Haroon..planned at day time to go to a beach that had women.... ShockedLOLhahahahhaaha wats he like!LOL

Mahira *laughs* turns to Ali and says!

 - "LISTEN! this is a PG...13 rated show... - its a family show!" - lolLOL

Mahira - "why hvent you brought out any new Albums"

Ali - "it takes time!.....you need run after people...and plus and travelling and touring..."

Mahira - "Yeh...you just came bck from England"

Mahira - "i read it....i mean i saw a pic of Ali Zafar wearing a shirt saying "i like girls...that like girls" " - lolzz... so did we allLOL

*Ali laughs*

Mahira - "so what does that mean?" - woooohooo she asked him!!!LOL

Ali - "it only has one meaning..." - Tau...exactly wat u said!!! - only has one meaning!LOLLOLLOL

Mahira - "wat is the meaning?"

Ali - "coz usualy girls dnt like each other...so i started a campaign in which...i want girls to like girls..." - ermmmm ok!Embarrassedhmmmm....

Mahira - "True...girls usualy dnt like actresses..."

Ali - "I dnt knw what girls want,,, --- infact they dnt knw what they want themselfs"


Mahira - "ok, lets take a call"

caller number 1 - asked Ali, where he had disappeared too

Ali - "was busy with work...."

(he used the word "zyati" - dnt hve a clue wat it meansConfused)

the caller also asked about his nxt album...Ali said it will either be out at the end of the year...or the start of nxt year! - thats like ages away!Stern Smile

the caller tells Ali to act in serials...Ali says "wat about films" - WOW that would be awsome!Day Dreaming

the caller then asks Ali to do a concert in her town...but only for girls...

Ali - "Do you like girls?" - hahahahahaha ROFLLOL


Mahira asks Ali - will you actually do a film?.... - i can see you doing one...

Ali - "mmmmmhmmmm" *laughs*



[Ali puts his feet up on a table - mahira looks at him]

Ali - "Thought i would sit with style on your show!

- then puts his sunglasses on... - and sits with his arms crossed" - was looking koooolWinkEmbarrassed

Mahira - "Ali this isn't your house, living room....

- wats wrong with you?"

Ali - "your the one that said to me...."

Mahira - "yeh i did.... a'll put my feet up too"

[mahira puts her feet up]

[puts them bck dwn...said it doesnt look good]

Mahira - "so...we were talking about films..."

Ali - "hmmmm...." Ali wants to do his own project,,, - wants to create it/direct/screenplay/music everythng himself!

he says he more intrested in the creating part than "chicks in the film"

*stops talking* - then says "actualy not really? - ShockedhahahahaLOL



caller number 2

[caller talks to mahira and ali]

caller asks Ali if hes coming to manchester.... shes says "please say yes"

Ali - "yeh.... yeh baby!" - i was laughing my head off..wen he said this!ROFL funny the way he said it!LOLLOLLOL

uhhhhhh! - hes going to England again!Cry - wishes he takes a trip to Scotland too...

[Ali talks about his site and blog]

caller tells ali her mum wants to speak to ali...

Ali - "yeh sure, hope she doesnt ask for a rishta" - lolzzzLOL

caller requests Ali to sing chano


Mahira - "sing chano"

Ali - "right now!

- you cnt just sit and sing chano....like this..."

Mahira - "well wat can you sing?"

Ali - "you sing,,,,,,"

*ali sings*

soojaa rajkumari


soojaa rajkumariiiii....


*stops singing*

"you sing this!"  - heheLOL


*Ali laughs*

Ali - "that was an awkard moment between me and mahira..."

Mahira - "Ali sing somethng!!!"

Ali - "yaaaar...paisee lagte hai --- entertainment costs money!"

Mahira - "you knw wat am gonna sing a song...and you dance!"

*mahira sings*

wat is your flavour of choice...

*ali stops her* and says - wats you behaviour of choice...

*she starts singing again*

*ali joins in abit,,,,*

Mahira tell him to dance

Ali - "yaar...i'm a bad dancer..." ShockedTOTALY disagree with him!

Mahira - "THATS IT!

i've lost all faith in Ali Zafar...thats it!" - uuuuh!

Ali -" i'm such a flop...hain naa?....i'm such a flop!...your shows not going to sell at all..." Shockedhe cnt say that about himself!!!! - but was funny...the way he said itLOL

Mahira says - she gonna play a song! - Dekha

Mahira - "did you hve fun shooting this?"

Ali - "yeh... i had lots of fun.."

Mahira - asks him to chose one of the 3 in the video

Ali - "i cant.... i dnt hve the right to choose..."

Ali - "the good thing about the video is...all 3 of them liked each other..." - hahahahahaLOLLOLLOLbck to the girls liking girlsWinkLOL

*mahira laughs*

[Dekha video plays!]

Mahria - "ok will you sing?"

Ali -" no, not so easily..." - was waiting for him to sing!Cry

Mahira - "easily? woooooooooooooaaaah!" (mahira nmes all the stuff the team did for him,,,i.e accomodation - travelling, etc....)



they say they need to get abit serious...coz the director said they were going abit over...and off topic...

Next caller! (caller number 3)

caller - talks to mahira and Ali....Tells Ali how mch she respects his work!...talks about his paintings,,,,

caller number 4

talks.... - thnx mahira for getting Ali on her show...

Mahira - "am getting abit angry with him...he not singing!"

caller - "why is he not singing"

Mahira - "i dnt knw..."

Ali - "i can't sing..... i always use the computers help doing that,,,"

[the caller requests a song]

Ali FINALY sings sajania - YAAAAY! Clapfinaly!Dancing

Ali asks the caller if shes watching live...

caller - "yes.."

Ali puts on his sunglasses...fixes his hair and posses! - and asks the caller how he looks! - awwwwDay Dreamingwishes the camera stayed there....Embarrassed

Ali then signs his CD for the caller...adding a mustache and a baird to his picture on the album cover.... - lolLOL


Mahira - "ok lets get serious.... wat do you want to do next?"

Ali - *talks in urdu* - he was talking really serious.... - would hve told you wat he said...but yeh it was in urduConfusedEmbarrassed

another BREAK!

after the break!

(Ali is standing)

Ali - *holds on to the chair* - "this chair is the worlds most uncomfortable chair....wen you sit here you get,,, backpain...headaches,,,,"etc.... - awwww.... they should hve gve him a comfy sofaAngry

Mahira - "dard-d-disco.....will you sing now!"

Ali - "nahi...." - really wondering why he wouldnt sing!CryCryCry


Caller number 5

(talks to ali)

Ali asks - "do i look good standing or sitting?"

caller -" you look good... either way,,," - perfect answer!Clap

Ali - *says somethng* (i couldnt understand him..was in urdu again! had completly NO CLUE!Confused wat he said)


caller number 6

*ali takes nxt call*

caller asks Ali wat his fav food is...

Ali - "do you know how to mke  'aloo palik' "

caller - *laughs* "no!"

Ali -" how are going to be a house wife?.... do u knw how to mke 'teenday' "

Mahira/Ali - argue over about it being called 'teenday' or 'tinday' - i think i hve the spelling totaly wrong!..i dnt even knw wat their talking about!Confusedsome sort of food i guess....

caller ask ali - "what can you mke best"

Ali - "aloo kay paratey........." - oooooooooooEmbarrassed

caller - "wah!...after ur wedding - you'll do all the work...and ur wife wont need to do anythng!" - lolLOL

Ali - "i wont do any work!"



Mahira (sitting on the floor....) - says "ali is away!"

Ali (who was hiding behind a table --- pops his head up) and starts talking!.. - wonder is hes feeling ok!ConfusedLOL

Mahira - "sing somethng,,,,"

Ali - "no..lets finish the show... how many songs do u want me to sing...." - WAAAAACry...he only sang one song!Cry

[Mahira starts reading SMS's]

[Ali starts reading them aswell....]

Ali reads afew then says - "Mahira do u like girls?" - hahahahaROFL - ok am guessing now! ALOT of ppl asked him about his shirt!Embarrassed

*mahira laughs*

Mahira - "we'r going to end this show now.... - i had fun!"

Ali -" i had fun too"


Ali Stands up.... i hve no clue wat he was trying to doConfused...fly? or jump on one legConfused or crawl away?Confused....


will get pics too use soon!... maybe on Thursday....

and will also try to upload the video!



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x-zarqa-x IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 March 2006
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Posted: 02 June 2008 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweety_rajveer

Hey guys found this link so thought to share wid u all



it is to know which age u act n u know wat i got

tht i behave like  13 year old girl axactly true

hahahaha says am 15.... but am 16 - but its close enough!Embarrassed

"You're quite rebellious, and you don't like being told what to do. You like to do things your way.
You have your own unique style, taste in music, and outlook on life. "

ShockedWOOOAAAAOH! thats quite true....

x-zarqa-x IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 March 2006
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Posted: 02 June 2008 at 2:00pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by Junaid<3

I saw it on the channel: THE MUSIK. :):)

The Musik!Cry - arrrrg....AngryAngryAngry i HATE ARY D... soo mch!Angry

we use to get the musik here... - and i luved the channel!!!Embarrassed

and OMG! wat do ARY decide to do...change it into a 24hour news channel!Cry - whos gonna watch the new 24hours?..thats soo boring!...plus there plenty of other news channels about!Angry

x-zarqa-x IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2008 at 2:04pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by sweety_rajveer

here is the link to telenor ad

oooooo the super man ad Big smile

luved it!ClapEmbarrassed

x-zarqa-x IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2008 at 2:07pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by Junaid<3

Am great Zarqa!
just saww ali zafar on tv. of course im great :) haha



x-zarqa-x IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 March 2006
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Posted: 02 June 2008 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
hey guys!

jst to let you knw...i wont be mch active 2mrw! Stern Smile

but will be bck active on wedens...after my last exam! Embarrassed


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