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FF: Hamesha Saat Saat -[Update Pg.128]Last Part (Page 111)

Rayanaa Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2008 at 2:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jaanlover

Originally posted by LoveBMTD

Originally posted by jaanlover

Originally posted by LoveBMTD

Originally posted by jaanlover

Originally posted by LoveBMTD

Originally posted by jaanlover

Originally posted by LoveBMTD

Originally posted by jaanlover

My sweet little sister,
Kaise hoon tum..Mein tumhe bahot miss kar rahi hoon. Yesterday mein ghar pe nahin tha iseliye mein apni sweet little sister se baath nahin kar saka...I really miss you
aap ke dhin kaise tha...?
I hope you are not angry at me..I'm so sorry that I haven't talk to you yesterday...Lekhin aap meri yaadon mein har pal tha...mein tumhaari saath hamesha hoon....I really miss you..Mein tumse kehe nahin sakti hoon ke mein tumhe kitni miss karti hoon. I hope you are fine...aap ki arm kaise hai ab...? Mein tumhaari liye dua kiya hai...Smile
Can't wait for your next part...Take your time..mein intezaar karongi
Hamesha khush rehna aur apna khayal rakhna Smile
aap ki Di
My sweet and lovely di..Main theek hoon..Aap kaisi hai?
Yesterday I wasn't at home...I was in the shopping mall...
You know next week on Sunday I'm coming back to Sweden. But I will come in 19th August to Sweden..Di so I will update soon but you know I'm busy with other things but I have promise that I will update...
Di main bhi aapse bohut pyar kartihoon aur main bhi aapko miss karahihoon. Di I have read your update and I'm going to write comment...Wait!!!
Mera aarm aab theek hai aur main bikul theek hoon. I will not waste my time..Kasamh Se when I get some time the strait to the computer...
Di main aapko bohut  intezaar nahi karne dngi para thora aur intezaar.
Aap humsesha khush rehna aur humesha safal hona. Main aapke saat ek minte nahi aapke saat humesha hoon...
Love you di and take care!!!
Tumhari choti behen S.Rina
Jo tumko bohut miss karahihe
Mein bilhkul thiek hoon...kyon ki mein aap ki sweet reply parha hai. Thanks for those sweet and ovely words...You are the sweetest sister of the whole world.Mein samajh thi hoon ke tum ab todho busy hoon...Fikhar math karo...jab bhi tumhe waqt mile tum update karna...Koi jhaldi nahin hai...
I really miss you my sweet little sister...I hope you will like the new part of my FF...Smile
Hamesha khush rehna aur apna khayal rakhna...Mein tumhaari saath hamesha hoon...
Aur tum jahan pe hoon..mein aapse hamesha pyaar karti rahongi aur tumhaari saath rehengi
Take care and keep smiling
Aap ki Di jho tumse bahot pyaar karti hai
Mujhe bohut accha laga ke tum acchi ho. Main dua karongi ke aap humesha aisi hi theek rahe. Aapko koi parishan ya koi dhook na mile. Aapki choti behen S.Rina yeh kehrahihe. Thanx di aap understand kiya mujhe bohut kaam hai.
Di your update was mindblowing...I have left my comment. Hope you like my comment.
Main aapke saat humesha hoon aur rahongi bhi. Aap yaha kahi bhi ho main aapke saat humesha hoon. Main kabhi aapko chorongi nahi. Main humesha aapko aisi hi pyar karte rahongi.
Take care and keep smiling.
Tumhari choti behen S.Rina
Jo tumse bohut pyar karte hai
I have no words to thank you for all your sweet words...Mein tumse bahot pyaar karti hoon my sweet little sister. Mein bhi hamesha apni sweet little sister ke liye dua karongi ke tum hamesha khush rahongi aur hamesha safal hogi apni zindagi mein. Tumhaari har sapna puri hogi...Jab bhi mein tumse baath karti hoon I feel so good. Thanks for being such a great and sweet little sister.
Mein bahot khush ke tum thiek hoon...I will always pray for you...
I have read your sweet and lovely comments...I'm really happy that you liked it. Thank you so much...I ahve write also my comments there fopr you special...I hope you will like it...when you havesome time you can read it. I will update really soon. I promise...Shayad today in the evening.
Hamesha khush rehna aur apna khayal rakhna...Take care and keep smiling
Bahot zaara pyaar aur hugs for my sweet little sister Hug Hug
Aap ki Di ReenaHug
Aww di aap itni pyari aur itni sweet hai ke main bhi kuch nahi keh sakti. Mera paas koi shabd nahi hai. I'm speechless. You are the best and thanx for being my best sister. Main humesha aapke liye dua karongi. Aap bhi meri family ki ek member ho na...I will now going to read your sweet comments. Ok I will be waiting...Have a great time and keep smiling. You look very good.
Humesha khush rehna aur humesha muskurana..
Tumhari chot behen S.Rina
Jo tuse bohut pyar kartehe
Aap ki pyaari baathein meri aankhein aanson se bhar diya...You are too sweet. Mein tumse bahot zyaada pyaar karti hoon aur hamesha karengi. Mein hamesha tumhaari liye dua karongi ketum hamesha khush rahongi aur tum hamesha safal hogi apni zindagi mein. Tumhaari har sapna aur har kwahish puri hogi...Yo uare the best my sweet little sister.
Thanks for being such a great sweet little sister for me...You are really special for me...Meri dil ke bahot kareeb hoon tum.
I have read your sweet comments at my FF...kya kaho tumse ab...Meri paas shabd nahin hai tumhe thanks kehne ke liye..kyon ki thanks bahot chota hai...Mein aapse bahot pyaar karti hoon. I have also left my comments there for you on your sweet comments...and I have also post the next part. So when you have some time you can read it if you want....Koi jhaldi nahin hai...take your time.
Hamesha khush rehna aur apna khayal rakhna
I wish you a great and wonderful time there....Take care and keep smiling
aap ki Di
Di how sweet...Di sorry I haven't talked you two days. I have two reasons. My first reason is I was sleeping over my cousin and the second reason is I couldn't chit chat with you because they hadn't internet. I hope you'll understand what I wanted to explain. Di aap kaisi ho? Di main theek hoon aur aaj hi laut aye hoon aur di next week I'm going back to Sweden..Yay!!!Di I will not be able to update today because I have come back and I'm tired. But tomorrow when I get time then I will update. I promise when I get some time...Di aap bohut sweet ho. Main bata nahi sakti aap kitni sweet ho. Di I will take my time and I will update. I thought my ff will not be so good. But I have read my whole ff and I think it's not so bad. But really maine meri sapno mein nahi socha ke meri ff itni acchi hogi. Mujhe laga meri ff acchi nahi hogi par jo main dekhrahi hoon woh mujhe sach nahi lagta. Par yeh toh sapna nahi hai.Yeh haqiqat hai. Di I love your ff very much. You have the talent and the expression in your ff. Di take care and keep smiling. You look very cute!!!Di main dua karongi ke aap humesha khush rahenge aur aapko safalta mile. Have a great time and enjoy!!!I will try my best to update...
Tumhari choti behen S.Rina
My sweet little sister,
Mein tumhe bahot miss kiya hai...Tum kaise hoon..? waha pe sab kaise hai...? Sab ko meri pyaar dena. Don't say sorry my sweet little sister. Mein samajh thi hoon. Mein jaanti hoon ke agar tumhe waqt milta hai to aap mujhe baath karti hai...aur agar possible nahin hai to mein samajh thi hoon ke tum busy hoon..ya ghar pe nahin hoon, ya tum kahin aur pe hoon jahan se tum hamse baath nahin kar sakti hoon. Fikar math karo..mein tumhaari saath hamesha hoon aur hamesha rehengi.
Tum araam karo aur kal tum update karna jab bhi tumhe waqt mile...Mein intezaar karongi. Tumhaari FF is really good. I loved it from the first episode..You have talent for this all...Great storyline...You are doing a wonderful and awesome job...Keep it up with your great work.I have update also my FF...jab hi tumhe waqt hai tum araam se parhna...Take your time.
Jaanti hoon when I was reading the first parts of your FF mein tabse jaanta tha ke woh ladkhi jho yeh FF likh thi hoon bahot sweet hoon...Jaise swwet uski kahan hai waise woh ghud hoga...
You are really sweet and important for me...Mein tumse bahot zyaada pyaar karti hoon.
Hamesha khush rehna aur apna khayal rakhna. Mein dua karongi ki tumhaari har sapna aur khwahish puri hogi...Tum hamesha safal hogi apni zindagi mein.
Take care and keep smiling
Aap ki Di jho tumse bahot pyaar karti hai aur tumhe bahot miss kar rahi hoon
Didi it's so sweet of you. I was very busy yesterday and I'm busy today too but but I promised you and Charri sis that I'm going to update today and I will. I don't have any words to describe how sweet you are. You are the sweetest and lovely sister in the world. You a very good and talented sister.
My three sisters are very talented. Di I will always be in your side. I will always support you in every ways. I will be with you everytime every minute. Mera dua aapke saat hai humesha. Di how are you? What are you doing? How was the day? Di jaldh se jaldh meri prashni ki uttar dejiyega. Main aapki jawab ki intezaar karongi. By the way I'm fine and I'm busy. Aap humesha safal hona aur humesha khush rehna.
Tumhari choti behen S.Rina

Rayanaa Goldie

Joined: 04 May 2008
Posts: 1528

Posted: 09 August 2008 at 8:56am | IP Logged
Guys I'm really very sorry for not updat. I was very busy. Now I get some time to write the next part...But but I hope you'll enjoy the part so enjoy and have a great time.
The part is dedicated to everyone who reads my FF and likes my FF. I hope you aren't piss of.
Recap:Everyones comes back home.

Chapter 55


Sagar and Tushar look at the light and looks at each other. They look around the house with beautiful decoration. Everyone comes out where they were hiding and wish their friendship to live long. Sagar and Tushar give a big hug. Everyone congrats them.

Vidya - Aap dono sochrahihe yeh sab kaisi. Woh darasal hum log ne yeh sab aap dono keliye karna chaha. Hum aur Sangeeta ne yeh socha kyun na hum yeh dosti celebrate kare.

Sangeeta -  Jab tum dono ghar main aye tab hum log baatein karahithi issi bareme. Itni jaldi kaisi sochrahiho na tum dono.

Sagar and Tushar looks very confuse but just listen to everything.


Shalu - Hum sab log ne saman vagera sab kuch le aye.

Chinu - Toh main socha kyun na ek celebration party tum dono keliye kardo.Shalu step on Chinu'toe.

Chinu - Main nahi sab log.

Sangeeta - Hum bhi superman se kaam nahi hai. Hai na Vidya.

Vidya -Ha.

Tushar - Maan gaye tum donoko. Tum superman nahi ho tum ladyman ho.

Sagar - Hume maaf kardiye ladyman.

Vidya - Theek hai par party shuro kab karenge. Do saal baad ya aab?


Eveyone starts to laugh and enjoy.Everyone was dancing and having fun. But the Sindoora came home with Aniket. They were very shock like heaven. They didn't know why everyone having a party plus no one has said anything to them about the party.

Sindoora - Yeh kya hai?? The music stops.

Everyone looks at Sindoora and seems like they are caught. Sangeeta and Vidya looks at each other and then Sindoora. Chinu hides under Shalu' anchal. Vidya looks like she will stand by everything.

Vidya -  Woh darasal didi hum sab log Tushar aur unki dosti ki naye shuruwat karo. Didi sab kuch maine kiya aur koi aur nahi.

Aniket - Vidya tumne ek din mein mujhe paraya kardiya. That's not good Vidya.

Vidya - Nahi Jijaji woh?

Aniket - Aab juhi khara rahenge sab log. Kyun party enjoy nahi karna chatiho. Music please.

The music starts to play and everyone starts to dance. Shalu gives Khushi to Mahua and takes Chinu to the dance floor where everyone was dancing. Vidya was holding Sanvi and Suraj. Both of them were crying because it was very high volume. She doesn't want to disturb anyone so she decides to go upstairs. Finally she came to her room and laid the babies on the bed. Her mobile phone started to ring. She picked her mobile phone but couldn't recognize the number.

Vidya -Hello.

Private - Vidya aaj tumhari pati ki maut honewale. Chao toh usse bachalo ya uski maut ka intezaar karlo.

Vidya gets scared. - Kaun ho aap?

Private -Jo koi bhi hoon tumhe kya matlab. Usse bachalo. Bye!

Vidya - Hello?Hello?Yeh jo koi bhi ho kya yeh sach kehrahithi. Yeh sach bhi hosakte. Mujhe nishe jakar dekhna hoga kya haal hai. She goes to out of the room and hears someones voice. Someone is talking to someone. She follows the sound of someone. She sees Sindoora talking to someone.

Sindoora - Aaj Sagar ko khatam kardo. Yaad rakhna koi garbar nahi hona chaiye. Varna tum janteho Sindoora Singh kya karsakte.

Vidya runs down the stairs. She was looking after Sagar but didn't find him. She saw a waiter walks with fresh drinks to someone. She follows her eyes where the waiter goes and sees Sagar. But she isn't 100% sure if something is mixed with the fresh drink. But she thinks of Sindoora' conversation with someone. She then in time comes to Sagar and stops him drinking the fresh drink.

Vidya -Aap yeh drink pijiye maat. Aapko thand lag jaenge. Dijiye hume yeh glass. Hum dusra juice leate hai aapke liye. She sees a glass without ice but with someone putting something in it.

Then the waiter goes with the drink to Sagar. But in the middle Vidya takes the glass and says-Aap yeh juice kisse dene jarahithi.

Waiter - Woh main Sagar Singh ko dene jarahthi.

Vidya saw something in the waiter' hand. He was hiding something.

Vidya -Yeh aap kya chupa rahi hai?

Then someone switch of the light and it becomes dark. The waiter pushed so he could go from her. But Vidya was not fool. The waiter fell down and he screams of pain. Then someone switches the light on and saw a waiter on the floor.

Vidya - Main aaj kuch zaroori baat kehna chati hoon. Yeh admi aaj meri pati ko marna chaha. Yeh chako aab sab log dekhrahi hai na aur meri haat me ek juice. Yeh admi yeh juice ke andar kuch milaya hai aur yeh chako meri pati ko marna chaha.

Everyone starts to laugh. Vidya is confused to see everyone was laughing.

Vidya - Aap sab log kyun haas rahi hein.

Chinu -Woh actually Vidya hum log ne socha hum kuch mazak kare tumhari saat. Woh phone call tumhari pyari sirf tumhari pati dev ne kiya.

Tushar - Maine kuch nahi kiya bhabi maine sirf idea diya.

Vidya -Yeh sab kuch theek nahi kiya aap sab log ne. Aur ha aapko kya laga humko yeh sab kuch accha lagenge.

Vidya then leaves from there. She was scared and she was not happy. She goes to the room and locks the door. Everyone looks at Sagar.

SV's mum -  Sagar yeh tumne kya kiya. Tumne dulhann ko roladiya. Janteho who bechari kitna pyar karte hein tumse.

Sagar - Maine meri pyar ki pariksha liya hai. Main janti hoon Vidya mujhese bohut pyar karte hein. Iss duniya main Vidya jaisi patni nahi hai.

Sangeeta - Sagar go then. Hum bhi dekhte hein tumhari pyar kitni mazbod hai...


Will Sagar convince Vidya or not? Will Sagar win his love or will he not?

Hope you'll like the part...
Love you all and take care...
HSS ki writer S.Rina

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Tariii IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 March 2008
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Posted: 09 August 2008 at 9:12am | IP Logged
i read it it was GREAT, continue soon
neha fan1 IF-Dazzler
neha fan1
neha fan1

Joined: 02 December 2005
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Posted: 09 August 2008 at 9:27am | IP Logged
continue soon
bmtd11 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 13 April 2008
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Posted: 09 August 2008 at 9:35am | IP Logged
Awesome update! Loved it!
continue soon!
jaanlover IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 November 2005
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Posted: 09 August 2008 at 9:45am | IP Logged
My sweet little sister,
It was was really good as always..I really loved it.
Kya baath hai...You have talent for this all...Keep it up with your great and wonderful work. Jab bhi tumhe waqt mili tum update karna. Mein intezaar karongi.
Kaise hoon tum my sweet little sister...? Aap ke dhin kaise tha...? Mein tumhe bahot zyaada miss kar rahi hoon...I hope everything is fine. Waha pe sab kaise hai..? Sab ko meri pyaar dena..I have received your sweet and lovely comments at my FF..Thank you very much for the sweet comments..I have also left there sweet comments for you...Jab bhi tumhe waqt mili tum araam se parhna...I will update today or else tomorrow. I promise you my sweet little sister.
Mein tumse bahot zyaada pyaar karti hoon aur tumhe bahot miss karti hoon...mein dua karongi ki tum hamesha khush rahongi aur tumhaari har sapna puri hogi...Mein bahot khushkismat hoon ke mujhe tum mili apni choti behan ke roop mein...You are the sweetest little sister of the whole world.
I wish you all the best and luck in life...Mein tumse bahot zyaada pyaar karti hoon
Take care and keep smiling
Hamesha khush rehna aur apna khayal rakhna
Aao ki Di jho tumse bahot pyaar karti hai
narmz IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 February 2008
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Posted: 09 August 2008 at 9:46am | IP Logged
amazing update lil sis...u have to update soon Embarrassed
Rayanaa Goldie

Joined: 04 May 2008
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Posted: 09 August 2008 at 9:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mushtari

i read it it was GREAT, continue soon
Thank you so much Mushtari for your comment..
I will continue soon and if I can then I will update again today but later...
Love S.Rina

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