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FF: Hamesha Saat Saat -[Update Pg.128]Last Part

Rayanaa Goldie

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Posted: 14 May 2008 at 7:23am | IP Logged

Hi everybody. I'm going to write a new ff. I was so bored so why can't I write a new ff.

Vidya - Think of everybody, good and nature.

Sagar -  Popular and handsome, every girls are after him.

Chapter 1

It's morning and the sun is Shining in a room. Someone is laying on stomach. The alarm clock is ringing. You'll see someone is waking slowly with his six pack body. It's our dashing Sagar.  He sees at the clock.

Sagar - Oh shit I'm going to be late..

Sagar goes to the bathroom taking a shower. After taking a shower he takes his clothes on. He sees on the mirror.

Sagar - Sagar bacchu aaj to tum bohut dashing dekriye.

He goes downstairs and sees Chinu.

Chinu - Chale Sagar. Aab thora aur intezaar kiya toh hume bohut late hoge. Chaliye.

Then Sagar' and Chinu' mum and dad comes. Both sees at each other and says...Sorry..!!!

Both goes to them and take their blessings and leaves. Chinu takes his car and Sagar takes his bike. Both heads to the collage.

                         ~~~~~~~~Scene shift~~~~~~~~

You see a mother calling two names - VIDYA SHALU

Then two girls comes down the stairs. Vidya was wearing a light blue selwar kamiz with simple design with matching earrings and Shalu was wearing a green selwar kamiz with simple designs on it  and matching earrings. ( both are gorgeous) The mother turns her head and sees them.

VS' mum - Kitni sundar aaj tum dono lagrahi ho. Kisiki nazar na lage.

Both looks at each other and take out their nazar.

Vidya - Maa aap bhi na. Oops ( hit her head) main kaisi bhool gaye...She looks at Shalu and then the house temple and both runs to the temple.

Vidya inside - Hume maaf kardijiye Shamboonathji. Hum kaisi bhool gaye yeh sab. Shamboonathji humari parivaar ko salamat rakhna. Koi bura nazar na lage. Kabhi bhi humari parivaar ko koi musibat na hoye. Aab hume ijazat dijiye jaane keliye. Aur aaj humari pehli dhin hai collage hai kuch bura na hone dena.

Then both goes to the kitchen and takes theirs mother' blessing and kiss her on the cheek. They takes their books and heads out. Sagar and Chinu have arrive. Every girls are just starring at Sagar. They are thinking he is very hot. Everyone goes to Sagar like a bunch of peoples are there. Vidya and Shalu arrive too and sees a bunch of girls.

Vidya - Shalu di itni sare larkiye hai waha.

Shalu - Ha tum sahi kerahi ho. Par hume kya lena dena hai.

Vidya - Dal mein kuch toh kala hai. Both start to laugh and was going to their classroom.

Sagar then walks from there and sees his friends there. Sagar gives a high five to them.

Friend - Sagar tum itni sare larki ko kaisi pata sakte ho.

Sagar - Dude this the life.

Tushar (one of his best friend) - Dekho Sagar Surili vaha hai.

Sagar turns his head and sees Surili there. He then start to run from there. Shalu walked to her class. Now was Vidya looking for her classroom .She was looking and Sagar was running and then both bump in to each other. Sagar saved her in right time. Vidya' books flew and fell down. Sagar looked at Vidya. Vidya' hair was blowing and she was looking very cute and gorgeous. Sagar inside "Wow". Vidya then stands up and kneels down to takeher books. Sagar was helping her too.

Vidya - Yaha mujhe dheri borahi hain aur yeh kambak kaha se tapak gaye.

Sagar then gives her the las book.

Sagar - Sorry woh actually I didn't see you.

Vidya - Koi baat nahi. Par aagli baar dekhar jaye. Par humko maaf kardijiyega hum bhi nahi dekha.

Sagar was starring at her and Vidya was little confused with his starring.

Vidya - Aap please humari raste se haat sakte hai...? Sagar then moves and Vidya leaves.

Then his friends - Chalo Sagar hum log dheri horahi hain.

Sagar - Chalo! thinking kaun hai yeh? Maine kabhi iss larki ko yaha nahi dekha. Matlab woh new hai iss collage mein.

Hope you guys liked my first part...

Love S.Rina

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Saniiii Senior Member

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Posted: 14 May 2008 at 7:52am | IP Logged
Woow.. wonderfull start. Clap . i loved it.. please update soon.. Big smile
Rayanaa Goldie

Joined: 04 May 2008
Posts: 1528

Posted: 14 May 2008 at 8:47am | IP Logged
Recap: Sagar bump in to Vidya and he was shocked that she was very beautiful.
Chapter 2

Vidya is waiting for Shalu to come. Shalu arrived. Vidya and Shalu was going home. They were going but two bikes came to them. They took of theirs helmet.
Bike 1 - Kya larkiya hai.
Bike 2 - Ha bohot hot hai.
They were going to touch them but someone stop their hands. It was Chinu. Shalu just stared at him. She thought he was very nice. Both bikes and both guys were running like crazy.
Shalu - Thank you.
Chinu - No problem, by the way are you both new in this collage. I haven't seen you before.
Vidya was annoying with their talking.
Shalu - Ha hum done new hai is collage me.
Chinu - I'm Chinu.
Vidya -Thank you Chinuji and she is Shalu and I'm Vidya bye.
She took Shalus's hand and was walking very fast. Sagar comes.
Sagar - Chinu kya hua. Why are you looking there?
Chinu - Nothing Sagar I just helped someone. Shalu he whispered.
They goes home. When they were at home their mum came.
Sagar's mum - Sagar aur Chinu jaldise fresh hoke aajao dinner ki waqt hogaya.
Sagar and Chinu came down the stairs and were laughing. They was joking and laughing. Their mum saw them and was happy. She thought about their marriage.
After having dinner Sagar and Chinu goes upstairs to their room to sleep. Sagar's mum goes to her room and Sagar's dad was in the room.
Sagar's mum - Suniye, hum sochrahite Chinu ki bareme. Who aab bareh hogayhe aur Shaadi.
Sagar's mum being cut of the word Shaadi.
Sagar's dad - Ha Uma tum thik kehrahiho.
Scene shifts
Vidya and Shalu came home.
Vidya and Shalu's mum - Vidya Shalu jaldi jakar kapre badalke ao. Vidya and Shalu goes upstairs to their room. Vidya take a shower and were a beautiful orange salwar kamiz. She was brushing and she was thinking of Sagar.
Vidya - Kaun tha who? Why was he staring at me? Now go my sense why are I'm thinking about him.
Vidya and Shalu goes downstairs.
Shalu - Maa aaj aapne kya banaya?
Vidya and Shalu's mum - Tum donoki maan pasand chize.
Vidya - Maa kheer. Wow.
They was eating when the telephone was ringing. Shalu and Vidya goes upstair while they was talking. Their mum took the telephone and was very happy.
It's morning Vidya and Shalu comes downstairs.
They was prepared to go to collage.
Vidya and Shalu's mum - Shalu beta hume tumhari shaadi ki bareme socha. Ek rishta ayhe. Tum aur Vidya jaldi aaj aajao.
Vidya looked very happy. Sahlu was little shy but agreed. Sagar and Chinu were going to the collage but Sagar's dad came.
Sagar's dad - Chinu beta mein aur tumhari maa ne socha ki tum aab shaadi karlo. We have chosen. Aaj hum larki dekhne jay. Tumhari maan se koi hai to batado.
Chinu - Nahi baba aap ne aur maa ne humari bareme socha to acha hi socha. Hum aaj dekhne jaenge. Sagar is outside and waiting for Chinu to arrive. Chnu arrived and they both goes to the collage.

Hope you'll enjoyBig smile
Love Rina Heart

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narmz IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 February 2008
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Posted: 14 May 2008 at 10:21am | IP Logged
omg...that was too good...please countinuse soon Big smile
jaanlover IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 November 2005
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Posted: 14 May 2008 at 10:22am | IP Logged
Really nice.. Clap Clap
Please continue soon
Great work Smile
-CharriMango- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 February 2008
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Posted: 14 May 2008 at 10:35am | IP Logged
Veeeeeeeery nice!
Great work! Keep it up! Wink
Cont soon!

        - Charri Embarrassed

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Saniiii Senior Member

Joined: 08 April 2008
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Posted: 14 May 2008 at 10:46am | IP Logged
Awesome Clap .. pleasee update sooon Big smile ..
Rayanaa Goldie

Joined: 04 May 2008
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Posted: 14 May 2008 at 11:17am | IP Logged
Thanks everybody…
I'm going to update one more today.

Recap: Chinu is going to see Shalu. He doesn't know who the girl is.
Chapter 4

Sagar and Chinu goes to the collage. Shalu and Vidya are going to the collage too. Shalu is thinking of today because today is someone going to see her. She is little excited but nervous too. While Vidya is thinking she is going to get jiju. But when they arrived at the collage both came to theirs sense. Vidya goes to her class and Shalu goes to her class. Sagar and Chinu arrived at the collage. Chinu goes to his class while Sagar and his friends are talking.
Sagar – Guys you go ahead I'm coming.
Sagar wanted to see the girl (Vidya). Then Surili camein front of him.
Surili – Hi sweetheart. Why don't you want to be with me.
Sagar – Surili why can't you understand that I don't love. I'm not you boyfriend.
Surili - Sagar you're mine. You're just mine.
Sagar – Surili don't think ever not in you dreams that I'm yours.
Sagar leaves. Surili gets angry
Surili – Me tumko itne asani se nahi janedongi Sagar. You're just mine.
Vidya is waiting for Shalu to arrived. Shalu arrived.
Vidya – Thank god di you'll came. Jaldi chalo aaj larke vale anhe vale.
Both were smiling and joking. Chinu waited for Sagar to arrive. Sagar arrived.
Sagar and Chinu driving home. Sagar's mum and Sagar's dad arrived.
Sagar's mum – Chinu beta jaldi se tayar hoke nishe aajao.
Chinu goes to his room meanwhile Sagar is little confused.
Sagar – Maa hum log kaha jarihiye?
Sagar's mum – Aaj hum Chinu ke liye larki valo ko denkhne jarihiye.
Sagar – Wow.
Sagar goes up and change. He is always looking dashing but today he and Chinu looked more handsome.
Sagar's mum & dad – Aaj tum dono bohot acche lagraheho.
They both smiled.

             Scene shifts to Shalu and Vidya

Shalu is wearing an violet saree with matching earrings and open hair. Vidya is wearing a red gorgeous red salwar kamiz and matching earrings and open hair to. Vidya goes to Shalu's room and is very choked to see her. She comes to her.
Vidya – Di aaj to larke vale hosh urjahenge.
Shalu take her both hand on her face.
Sagar and his family arrived. Vidya's mother came down and welcome them. Sagar and Chinu sat together. They saw the house. The house was very beautiful and good. Vidya came down. Sagar was choked to see her. That was the beautiful girl that he bumped in to. He thought that Vidya was the girl who Chinu is going to marry. Chinu is very happy because he knows that the girl isn't Vidya. He saw Sagar sad. He was thinking that he is going to tease him.
Chinu – Sagar voh bohut khubsoorat hai. Sagar just nod.
I'm going to say yes.
Sagar felt sad.
Vidya's and Shalu's mum – Vidya Shalu ko leao (bring) Vidya bring Shalu and Chinu is very happy.

Hope you'll liked Smile

Love Rina Heart

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