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SS: Sangam TY note,pg4 (Page 3)


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Dhani, amazing part again!!!
Uff these people are being mean to Bani. PP and JW are getteing their wish but Bani has to accet all the desicions that are being made around her that also involve her. Not Fair

Thanks for the update!!


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hey Dhani,

beautiful update,loved how Jai was Smitten by bani when he saw her for the first time. Embarrassed Embarrassed totally loving the characterization of this Bani, she knows how to stand up.lookin forward to reading how her martial life starts of. Clap

preet Embarrassed
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Hey guys,

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments. I really cherish them all.

You all must be thinking it is unfair towards bani, but don't worry even bani is a tough nut to crack.
I just wanted to emphasize the fact that the parents [not everybody, generally] give more importance to the boy's wish as compared to that of a girl's. Though now-a-days things are drastically changing for the better of course, but still in many communities the girl's decision is not given much due.

Recently there was a wedding in my aunt's sasural; her elder brother-in-law's daughter was getting married. The bride is of the same age as that of my aunt's daughter i.e., my cousin, hardly 21 I guess. She was married to a 33 year-old man, he is not such a good-looker, just because the family was good and blah blah. And guess what within 4 months she was pregnant where as my cousin is completing her MBA. I don't know if she is truly happy or not and I am least bothered though. I think we need to still fight all these social stigmas, I know it's not easy. India has a long way to go, but still we should not loose hope.


Too much of boring stuff, here is the last part…


During the whole flight jai tried talking to bani but she completely ignored him and varun's constant chattering with his new favorite person was not helping jai either. He finally decided to give up and talk to her later.

The never-ending rituals left bani exhausted, she was feeling so sleepy. And much to her dislike tonight was her suhaag raat.

After few minutes jai entered his room, no their room he corrected himself, which was now completely transformed into something different and beautiful with rose petals and lighted scented candles. "Must be bhabhi", he thought. He thought at least now he would be able to talk to her without any interruptions, but much to his amusement his wife was peacefully sleeping on the couch.

"Hard luck", thought jai. Just as he was about to sleep on the bed he saw her shivering due to the A.C. he immediately increased the temperature and covered her with a duvet.
------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
The next few days went like this, nothing changed much. Bani got up early in the morning and went down to help rano with the breakfast preparations. And every night she used to sleep on the couch before jai came. And every night jai used to increase the A.C. and cover her with the duvet.

When one morning, bani suddenly, came and asked him,"Umm… jai do you mind if I work".
"No bani not at all, if you want you can work, just inform ma and papa", said jai feeling glad that she talked to him after so many days.
"Thanks", and she left the room hurriedly.

Bani joined the "TIMES OF INDIA" as a freelance writer. Her job was not a typical 9-5 job; she just had to write articles and send them to the editor. She even wrote for some famous magazines on special issues. So, in the morning she used to help rano, till afternoon she went to her office, and while coming back she picked up varun from his school.
--- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
It was one such lazy summer afternoon. Rano and varun went to rano's parent's house. And Krishna was enjoying her afternoon siesta.

Bani was sitting in her room, just analyzing her new life. She really loved all of them; she could see her own mother and father in Krishna and uday, her brother and bhabhi in ranveer and rano. She completely adored varun and was often his partner in crime in his harmless pranks. But JAI, she didn't expect him to be so nice. The way he increased the A.C. for her, covered her with the duvet, his wonderful relationship with ranveer bhaiyya and rano bhabhi. The way he played cricket, football and boxing with varun, how he spoilt him to death ignoring rano's complaints.

She remembered that incident when jai blatantly lied to rano that he didn't give any chocolates to varun. And rano joking complained," haan! haan! Main sab jaanti hoon! Tumhare saath rehte rehte bani bhi bikul tumhari tarah hogayi hain! She also leaves no chance to spoil him".
Both jai and bani were rendered speechless.

Unknowingly bani was getting attracted towards him day by day. He had this magnetic aura around himself that she just couldn't help but get drawn to him. She often caught herself staring at him shamelessly. Many times he tried to talk to her but she cautiously avoided him, though she felt bad for treating him like this afterwards.

But the moment she remembered the marriage, she fumed with anger. How could she fall for such an unethical, unrighteous man? She just hated all this mess.
--- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
Bani was getting ready to go to a business party with jai, even though she hated these page3 parties, she couldn't say no to Krishna. Just as she turned to leave she saw jai holding the door knob staring at her intently. His piercing gaze sent shivers down her spine. They mutely stood there just observing each other when jai spoke,"chalen".

The drive to the venue was dialogueless, with just the music from the radio playing.

sun zara soniye sun zara...
aaj khamoshiyon se aa rahi hai sadaa
dhadkanen hai diwaanii dil bhii kuchh kah raha hain
sun zara.......
sun sara soniye sun zara
biite lamhon ke saaye to bas yehii tham gaye hain
yaad mujhe aaye teri baatein
palkon ke surkh chaadar pe ashk bhii jam gaye hain
terii aankhon se na haTtii aankhen
bebasii ka yeh aalam kya karuun main bataa
dhadkanen hai diwaanii dil bhii kuchh kah raha hai
sun zara soniye sun zara
aaj khamoshiyon se...
sun zara soniye
chuumke apne honthon se tere gam ko churaa luun
laake tujhe de duun khushiyaan saarii
apnii har beqaraarii ko siine men hii chupa luun
mere chaahaten jaayen tujhpe vaarii
seham sehame labon men ghul gai hain duaa
dhadkanen hai diwaanii dil bhii kuchh kah raha hai
sun zara soniye sun zara...
aaj khamoshiyon se...
sun zara soniye sun zaraa
ooo ohh sun zara soniye sun zara


Listen carefully, darling
Today, a voice is calling out from the silence.
My heart races; it's saying something to you.
Just listen....
Listen, darling....
The shadows of past moments have come to rest here;
memories of what you said come blazing into my mind...
Tears have frozen beneath a red sheet of lashes.
I can't take my eyes off yours.
Tell me: in my helpless state, what can I do?
My heart races; it's saying something to you.
Listen carefully, darling...
Today, from out of the silence...
Just listen, darling...
I'll kiss you and steal your sorrows away.
I'll bring you every happiness,
hide all my restlessness deep in my heart,
focus all my desires onto you.
my prayers have melted on your frightened lips.
My heart races; it's saying something to you.
Listen carefully, darling
Today, from out of the silence...
Listen, darling...listen....]

They just briefly glanced towards each other. And soon bani averted her gaze and concentrated on the outside surroundings. She could sense that jai was desperate to speak to her.

On the other hand jai just wondered what was bothering her, it was almost a month to their marriage but still bani was so aloof; forget about other things she didn't even talk to him properly. Initially he thought, everything was new to her so she would take time to adjust but she was wonderful with everybody except him.
The party went fine, even though they didn't quite enjoy it owing to their share of personal inner conflicts, but they didn't miss people whispering that what a lovely couple they made.

The drive back was also enveloped in silence. But this time jai was determined to talk to her no matter what.
--- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
"Bani, I think we need to talk," said jai concentrating on the road.
"I don't want to talk about anything jai,"bani said in her no nonsense tone.
"It has been nearly a month and we haven't had any proper conversation so far," said jai quite irritated.
"And I seriously don't want to have any proper conversation with you," answered bani.
"Main dekh raha hun, you are just plain avoiding me, sabke saath baat karti ho mere saath nahin,"said jai.
Bani didn't reply.
"I want an answer god damit," nearly shouted jai.
"Stop the car, I said STOP THE CAR JAI," shoutet bani.
The moment the car came to a screechy halt, bani got out of the car and started walking on the deserted road.
Jai just came and forcefully held her arm,"maine aisa kay kar diya hain jo tum mujhse baat bhi nahin karti ho".
"kya kar diya, no need to act so innocent Mr.Walia, kya kiya hain, yeh kaho kya nahin kiya hain", replied bani.
"kya matlab hain tumhara," jai asked who was quite puzzled.
"I have never seen a man more disgusting, unethical and shameless like you. Tum suna chahte hona ki tumne kya kiya hain to suno, because of you I can't talk to my di properly, I feel as if I have betrayed her, tum di ko dekhne aaye the na lekin tumne mujhe pasand kiya, how cheap, tumne di ko mana kiya, she is the most wonderful girl ever, who itni acchi hain and you……," screamed bani.
"So, toh yeh baat hain, iska matlab tumhari pyaari selfish di ne tumhe kuch nahin bataya, of course warna uski shaadi jo tut jaati," said jai finally understanding his wife's problem.
"What do you mean?" hissed bani.
"I thought ki tumhari ACHI DI ne tumhe bataya hoga but of course she is too busy enjoying the marital bliss with her love," stated jai.
"kya bak rahe ho,"
"main bak nahin rahan hoon, sach sunne hi himmat hain tumme bani toh suno, and he narrated the whole incident, main apni family ko disappoint nahin karna chahta tha, so I wanted to marry you,"
"tum jhoot bol rahe ho,"
"agar tumhe yakeen nahin aa raha hain to apni PYAARI DI se kyun nahin poochleti, aur waise bhi tumhare yakeen karne na karne se mujhe koi farak nahin padta, I know that maine kuch galat nahin kiya hain, ab ghar chalen ya aur kuch drama baki hain tumhara".
--- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
That night bani couldn't sleep, jai's words kept echoing in her ears "pia pushkar se pyaar karti hain", "usne mujhe kaha shaadi se mana karne ke liye", "mein apni family ki khatir tumse shaadi ki". All the words kept reverberating in her mind.
And that night jai didn't increase the A.C. neither covered her with the duvet.
--- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
The next morning bani immediately called up pia from her workplace and enquired about the matter.

"Oh God! Maine kya kar diya, Maine jai ko itna bura bhala kaha, I just screwed up everything" bani cursed herself for not listening to him earlier.

If only she had listened to him they would have been like any other normal couple. Even though she was uninterested in marrying so early but nonetheless she could have given this relationship a chance as she had immense respect for this institution of marriage.

She recalled her late dadaji's words, "bani, one of the most valuable lessons, you can ever learn in life is that all your dreams may not come true…You can reach a point in your life when you realize that what you want isn't always what you need…
Life is never fair and probably it is a good thing for most of us that it is not.
So always try and see something beautiful in everything", he had said smilingly showing off his missing teeth and loose gums.
--- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
JB Room
Jai was reading a file sitting on the bed when bani came.
"jai…" said bani.
He didn't bother to look up, after last night he was very upset.
"maine di se baat ki"
"toh mai kya karoon" he sounded very rude.
"mujhe di ne bataaya sab kuch"
"She told me that you are wonderful man and that I am really lucky to be married to you"
"I don't need a character certificate from your DARLING SISTER"
"I am really sorry jai; I behaved very inappropriately with you"
"I don't need your damn sorry bani"
"I know jai I was very rude to you, but I didn't know anything, you should have told me jai"
"Ha! I should have told you, tumne mujhe bolne ka moka kab diya, I tried to talk to you but you and your god damn stubborn attitude"
"I really am sorry jai, please forgive me" bani was almost crying.
"Do hell with your sorry bani, and please can you stop this nonsense I have better things to do" roared jai.
--- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
Bani cried herself to sleep but she was determined to pacify jai, no matter what. She couldn't afford to loose him just because of her foolishness. She wanted this marriage to work.
--- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
Jai finally got up from his disturbed sleep; as usual he didn't see bani. He lazily got up from his bed and went to the bathroom to find SORRY with a smiley beneath written on the mirror with her lipstick. He threw his hands in exasperation.
--- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
Later in the evening in his office he got a bouquet of his favorite white lilies; he was just surprised and wondered about the sender until he read the note whish said "SORRY-bani". She was one stubborn lady he thought, but he was not going to forgive her so easily, he was immensely hurt by her and the way she called him names.
--- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
"Arre jai itni der kar di aane mein" asked Krishna
"haan ma who ek meeting thi" said jai looking very tired.
"jaldi se fresh hoke aaja, aaj sara khana teri pasand ka bana hain, bani ne apne hathon se banaya hain sab kuch" exclaimed Krishna.
And jai just looked at bani watching him nervously from behind. This woman never gives up, does she! Thinking he went to his room to freshen up to find his clothes ironed and laid on the bed.
--- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
While having dinner jai announced that he was going to Dubai for 1 week for finalizing their new deal.
"toh beta bani ko bhi leke jaao na, waise bhi you both didn't go for your honeymoon" suggested Krishna. [Don't ask me why]
"haan jai mom bilkul theek keh rahin hain"rano supported her mother-in-law.
"Par ma main wahan kaam karoonga and she will be bored and I am sure she must be busy with her work" jai said.
"koi bahana nahin jai, bani toh apni articles wahn par bhi likh sakti hain and she can mail it to her editor, kyun bani theek hain na" rano said
"haan bhabhi" bani replied timidly nibbling her food.
"haan jai I think rano is right, you both need a break" said ranveer.
"I am always right veer" said rano smilingly.
"Par bhayyia….." jai intervened.
"No par jai" ranveer said.
"Wow! Chachi mere liye khoob sari toys aur chocolates leke aan, main aapko list banake deta hoon" varun said excitedly.
"Hmm…" bani replied with a smile.
"haan baba promise".
"yeh! Ilove you chachi! You are the best!"
"haan aur jai agar tum dono 2 hafton se pehle aaye toh main tumhe ghar mein ghusne nahin doongi".
"Fine ma" jai gave up.
Within few days they boarded the kingfisher airlines to Dubai.
--- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------

6 days flew by and jai didn't talk to bani, but bani tried every possible method to woo him, sending him different flowers, passing chits saying sorry, deliberately breaking the shirt buttons so that she could sew them, but he was being such an ass.
Jai had forgiven her a couple of days before but he was teasing her. He was enjoying seeing her like this. Even though he was very angry he always found himself laughing at her antics one of which was telling him sorry in 8 different languages-English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Gujrathi, Marathi, Urdu and French. She was looking like a school girl reciting a poem to her class-teacher.
Jai finally realized that he loved this stubborn, short-tempered, spontaneous bani to bits and he planned to tell her that tonight.
--- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
Tonight there was a party organized, in the honor of WALIA CONSTRUCTIONS and ACL CORPORATION [some random Dubai company] for the success of their deal, in the hotel.
Jai and bani walked into the party, bani purposely held on to his arm, while jai pretended to be irritated but secretly he was savoring the feeling of having bani by his side.

He was absolutely mesmerized by her earthy beauty along with her innocent chocolate brown eyes; she was looking divine in the white sequenced sari with light pink border hugging her curvaceous figure. She looked ravishing and was completely unaware of the effect she had on the opposite sex, especially him, and that was what made her even more desirable.

Even bani was left admiring her husband, the black suit was tailor made for his perfect frame, the silk black shirt inside it with the top two buttons open exposing his masculine hair was quite distracting for her senses. His perfectly chiseled jaw line, his ocean deep intoxicating grey eyes, his broad shoulders, and a height of nearly 6 2", he surely did personify the "Greek Gods".

Jai was introducing bani to his business associates when he heard a familiar voice call him.
"Jai, jai walia" a pretty lady wearing a black gown exclaimed.
Jai turned to see his college friend Roshni Chopra approaching him.
"Roshni, hey!" jai greeted her with a hug much to his beautiful wife's irritation.
"So you still remember your first date" said roshni which earned her a throaty laugh from jai.
"Yes of course. How have you been?"
"I have been very well and congratulations for the deal"
"Thank you so much, how come you are here?"
"Oh! Mr.Shiekh invited me, he is a business associate"
"Great! And I would like you to meet someone"
"Meet bani my wife"
"Good god you married and you didn't even invite me, by the way hai bani"
"Bani this is roshni, hum college mein saath padthe the"
"Hi roshni! It's a pleasure meeting you" said bani with a sugary sweet smile.
"I must say jai you have a lovely wife"
"I indeed do" said jai straightly looking at bani.
"So shaadi ki ya nahin" jai asked casually
"tumne toh dhokha de diya, well just kidding, I am just busy assisting dad, mom toh peeche hi pad gayi hain, lets see"
And soon jai and roshni got engaged in their conversation. The glint of jealousy and anger in bani's eyes didn't go unnoticed by jai. And he purposely flirted with roshni just to irritate her further.
"Oh! Jai I am getting late, actually I have a flight within an hour, I must get going" said roshni looking at her watch.
"Bye, see you again then"
"Where is a bani?"
"Oh! She must be here somewhere, kahan gayi"
"It's okay, see you jai, I really had a wonderful time. Bye!!"
"Bye" roshni left slightly pecking his cheek which was very well observed by bani who was returning from the wash room. She just stormed out of the party in a huff.
Jai searched the whole place but there was no sign of bani, he was really getting tensed now, probably he had stretched it too far. He thought he would first go and check in the room.
------------------------------------------------------------ -------------
[The following paragraphs are a bit explicit; people who feel uncomfortable may skip them.
Courtesy: quite inspired form the June 19th episode of Kasamh Se.
And both jai and bani are in their complete senses.]

Jai opened the door to find bani standing at the huge glass window over looking the Jumeirah beach; he quietly locked the door and approached bani.
"Bani tum party chod ke kyun aagayi" asked jai
"mujhe parties pasand nahin hain, mujhe acha nahin lag raha tha issiliye main…" replied bani in a cracking tone.
"You should have told me, hum saath mein aajate, I was so worried jab tum dhikhi nahin" said jai in a concerned tone.
"You were busy with roshni so I thought I should not disturb you, tum jaao na she must be waiting, I am fine" trying not to break down.
"yeh kya boli jaa rahin ho tum, roshni already left the party, and you are not fine"
"nahin jai I am fine"
"bani kay hua" he just turned her around and was shocked to see tears trickling down her rosy cheeks, her eyes were red due the constant sobbing.
"Bani, bani kya hua, tum ro kyun rahin ho" jai reached out to wipe her tears when bani turned away.
"I know jai, maine tumhe bohot pareshaan kiya, main chali jaoongi,aage se I will never bother you, I am sorry jai for hurting you, just tell me that you have forgiven me, I promise I will go away…………….."bani spoke crying and panting like a little child.
Jai cursed himself for being such a nincompoop, he didn't know how to console her, and on an impulse he turned her around and gently kissed her lips, the kiss deepened further with both of them responding equally to their fervent desire.

Neither of them knew how long their first kiss lasted, jai reluctantly ended the kiss and slightly moved back to encounter her flushed face with her eyes closed breathing heavily, he cupped her face and urged her to open her eyes.

He looked into her teary eyes and said those three magical words, "I LOVE YOU BANI" he clearly saw the surprised expression in her eyes. As if reading her mind he continued," I am so sorry bani for doing this to you; I have forgiven you long back, I was just teasing you that's it, trust me bani I love you and only you. Please forgive me for being such a jerk".
Bani could clearly see the sincere love in his eyes and she was so happy that words failed to come out of her mouth and she hugged him with all her might and cried uncontrollably.

"SSHhhhh… bani no more tears, aaj ke baad main tumhari aankhon mein kabhi bhi aason aane nahin doonga, I promise, forget everything bani, jo kuch hua, sab bhooljao, lets start afresh, we are together that's all matters" said jai trying to calm her down.
"I LOVE YOU JAI" bani finally managed to tell that.
"And I am sorry "said bani
"God bani, I am just sick of that word, agar tumne firse sorry kaha toh…"
"toh kya.."
Jai captured her lips into a passionate kiss, his one hand caressing her soft cheek and the other rubbing her back, while her hands gripped his thick jet black hair bringing him more closer to herself, after which seemed like an eternity they both parted trying to contain their erratic breathing still holding on to each other.
Bani mischievously whispered in his ears, "sorry".

Jai grinned shamelessly and effortlessly carried her to the awaiting king-size round bed while she blushed to different shades of crimson and hid her face in the crook of his neck.
--- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
Within no time their respective clothing were scattered on the floor, her jewelry lay abandoned on the side table, while the two of them discovered each other for the very first time.

As jai passionately kissed her feminine curves which were till now alien to him, bani experienced new heights of ecstasy which left her wanting this sweet torture to never come to an end. As he nibbled her earlobe, he couldn't resist himself and he whispered huskily "you are breathtakingly… beautiful bani…I love you so…much…" causing her to blush profusely. Her innocent kisses, her seductive moans, the way she uttered his name every time he kissed her, aroused unknown feelings within him, ransacked his innermost desires which resided deep within him whose presence was completely unknown to him till date, she was igniting the flames of fervor which never existed before.     
--- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
Later close to midnight they lay in each others arms just silently listening to each others' heartbeats quite exhausted by their rigorous sexual rendezvous.
Bani comfortably lay there with her head resting on jai's torso, while he played with her long tresses. Her naked body lay hidden under the white satin sheets, only her mangalsutra kissing her neck, her full lips swollen, her long slender fingers making disoriented geometric patterns on his chest.

A few minutes later she hesitantly asked jai without lifting her head," tum ne mujhse... shaadi...kyon ki…, just to …please your family…" her voice trailed.

Jai smiled hearing her question, for the past few days he was able to read her mind, what she was thinking, and during this 1,1and a month he discovered that she might be strong, independent and stubborn from outside but there was a part inside her which was vulnerable and emotional which yearned for love and care.
"Because I liked you the moment I saw you" jai replied nonchalantly hugging her delicate frame.
"ghar par…" she asked curiously.
"nahin traffic signal par"
Bani looked at him puzzled, "traffic signal par?"
"haan, you were taking pictures of the street children, half-drenched in rain with muddy shoes, fir jab tumhare ghar gaye toh dekha you were pia's sister, I remember cursing my fate"
Bani let out a small giggle.
"phir pia se baat ki and the rest is history… probably this is what is called destiny…" jai said with a smile looking down at her.
"humara sangam toh hona hi tha" bani said smiling at him.

Jai leaned forward and closed the distance between them to taste her lips which were as juicy as ripe plums, she lifted herself above from her position and whispered across his lips "I love you" before loosing herself in the realms of pure passion and pleasure.
And the dark room echoed with the gushing and whistling of the ocean breeze coupled with their gasps, moans and unidentified sounds of love-making till the wee hours of the new bright DAWN.
--- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------

"My sincere apology to MANI RATNAM sir for shamelessly tampering his classic [just a part though], but it was purely unintentional".

God bless

P.S.: Hope I did justice to the ending and the story of course.

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aNsHu_tEjPaL Goldie

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Posted: 16 May 2008 at 8:55am | IP Logged
omg!!! noooooooooooo........u ended it!!!!

pls can we have an epilouge?????????????????????

u have to write another one!! this SS was sooo good!!!

loved how first she ignored him and then he ignored her!!!! loved their fights and trying to talk to one anothr!!!

loved their coming together in dubai!!!!!!!! mindblowing!!!!!!

great ending!!!!! Clap

Joined: 21 August 2007
Posts: 1316

Posted: 16 May 2008 at 9:23am | IP Logged

Dhani!! So cute!! I feel all mushy mushy!!
Haila you even made a footnote for Mani Ratnam. I'm sure he wont mind when he reads this. He will fall in love with JB tooLOL
Bani was so sweet. She said sorry in somany ways.
Jai is mean. He forgave her but didnt tell her and started flirting with RoshniAngry. Well At least Roshni is good as a trigger for most of the 19th June happenings!!

Thanks for the ss. It was really good and so sweet.


janu_2006 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 May 2008 at 9:54am | IP Logged
hey dhani
lovely ending...
hope we get an epilouge
Zaara91 Goldie

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Posted: 16 May 2008 at 10:18am | IP Logged
Hey dhani
just read the whole ss...one word..it is amazing...grate story..loved the idea of bani being jurnalist..that was sweet...nice ending.
Chandani1980 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2008 at 10:41am | IP Logged
ooh my... i think i was blushing

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