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SS: Sangam TY note,pg4 (Page 2)

vardhani Senior Member

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Posted: 15 May 2008 at 10:04am | IP Logged
Hey guys,
Thanks for all the lovely comments. And thanks for not throwing jootas and chapals. Here is part-2. Hope you like it.


Bani was getting really irritated with her mother who was trying to put all the available jewelry sets on her as if she was modeling for a Tanishq ad film.
"maa please, mujhe ita sara jewelry pehena acha nahin lagta hain," sulked bani like a little child.
"aaj teri shaadi hain beta, aaj nahin pehenegi to kab pehenegi," pacified kiran.
"apne matam par pehenungi," muttered bani under her breath not quite audible to kiran's ears.
"maa aap jaake di ko tayaar karo, mein tayaar ho jaaungi," suggested bani.
"thik hain baab main jaati hun," agreed kiran "par jaldi karna ladke wale ate hi honge".
Hearing "ladke wale", her mood got even worse.
Presently she hated her dad for putting her through so much; she was not ready for marriage yet. But her dad was being unreasonably stubborn and high-handed. Her dad did love her a lot but what he did was simply unbearable for her.
She cursed the whole walia clan for this situation.
She clearly remembered that night, his father sternly telling her she was going to get married and that was final.
"Par dad, woh…," she triedto reason out but her mother cut her in between.
"Beta hum samajh sakte hain, par itna acha rishta hain, aur who to tujhe pasand bhi karta hain", kiran stated as a matter of fact.
"usse pasand hain to kya, meri pasand zaroori nahin hain",bani cried in desperation.
"Bani I am not listening to any of this, you are getting married that's it, I have given my word", thundered nishikant.
------------------------------------------------------------ -------------
"Barat aagayi", the loud screams of her cousins and friends brought her back to reality.
She slowly went to the window and peeped down; she could clearly see him wearing a cream color heavy zardozi sherwani with bronze coloured stroll sitting on the white horse with varun.
He was looking like a prince!! And varun was looking so cute and adorable, she felt like pinching his chubby cheeks.
She saw him getting down the horse and touching her mother's feet, as her mother did the aarati while he removed his sehra. He was extremely handsome no doubt, her heart flustered and she unconsciously blushed at this thought.
"Bani control yourself! Don't think about him! He is the ugliest man on the face of the earth! I hate him! I hate him!" bani repeated to herself for the nth number of time.
While from the window of the adjoining room pia was blushing really hard seeing him. Oh man! He looked really handsome, she thought.
------------------------------------------------------------ -------------

During his flight jai was really apprehensive about the whole thing. After all what happened was unusual and strange. He seriously didn't expect that, but somehow in the depths of his heart he felt everything to be so right and wonderful. He reminisced the day, that one day which changed his life forever.
The walia family was going to the Kapoor residence. It was raining slightly. Their car stopped at the signal, when he saw her, wearing a blue Capri, black top, sneakers, with the latest digital camera hanging around her neck. She was half drenched, her shoes were all muddy. She was taking pictures of children working in the dhaba, the little boy covered under plastic sheet selling flowers, the boy working in the garage and was questioning them intermittently. Even though she did not present a wonderful sight to look at, but there was something unique about her personality. Her enthusiastic spirit was worth applauding, even in this rain she was doing her job and unlike other girls she hardly bothered about her attire. But before he could probe further, he reprimanded himself for thinking like that and their car zoomed away to their destination.
The walias were warmly welcomed in the kapoor household. Anamika served them with tea, sweets and snacks. Nishikant introduced his family members to the walias.
"Walia sahib meri patni kiran ko toh aap jaante hi honge, yeh mere beta hain daksh, meri bahu anamika, yeh bani aur pari kahan hain bahu", nishikant enquired.
"upar honge, mein abhi bulake layi papa", replied anamika.
"bani meri doosri beti aur pari meri poti", said nishikant with a smile.
Uday did the same, introducing Krishna, ranveer, rano, jai and varun.
In the meantime bani comes down the stairs wearing a simple pink salwar kameez holding pari's hand and talking to her.
"yeh lo aagaye", said kiran.
"bani beta yeh uday ji hain aur krishan ji," said nishikant.
"namaste uncle, namaste aunty", said bani with a smile, giving others a smile acknowledging them.
"aur yeh nanhe se mehman kaun hain", said bani looking at varun.
After being nudged by rano varun went to her, extending his small hand he said,"hi! Mein varun ranveer walia, 1st standard, St.Xaviers School".
Everybody giggled at his antics.
Bani smiled sweetly, shaking his hand and said,"Hi! Mein bani nishikant kapoor, journalist, Delhi times".
Quite amused by this new word varun asked," aap kay hain, jour…."
"Journalist, jo newspapers mein likhte hain,"said bani.
"acha", said varun trying to understand.
"chaliye aap humare sath khelenge, in sabko baatein karni hain na", asked bani.
"haan chalo, mujhe bore nahin hona hain, mama mein jaoon" said varun innocently.
"haan jao, par aunty ko jyada tang mat karna," warned rano.
And bani took varun and pari to the garden and they were playing throw ball.
While everybody was talking amongst themselves, only one person's eyes were fixed on bani. Yes she was the same girl he saw just few hours ago, the girl who made his heart skip a beat.
Jai was cursing his fate, in the whole wide world she was pia's sister, god dam it! But she was indeed pretty, the way she was talking to varun and others, he was just getting drawn to her. She had a magnetic pull and he was getting attracted to her like an iron nail.
Jai stopped himself, jai shut up!! She is pia's sister! Control yourself!!
"pia ko bulaiye na kiranji, hum bhi to mile usse," said krishan.
"haan haan, abhi leke aati hun," said kiran.
And within few minutes kiran brought down pia with her. Everybody liked her very much.
"mujhe lagta hain humein in dono ko akela mein baat karne de, akhir shaadi toh inhe hi karni ahin na," said uday.
"haan bilkul, pia beta jai ko aapne kamre mein le jao," said nishikant.
------------------------------------------------------------ -------------
"J… I mean Mr.Walia," said pia nervously.
"Its okay aap mujhe jai bula sakti hain," said jai sensing her nervousness.
"Main … I mean main," pia was desperately trying to sound normal.
"haan…," replied jai quite amused by her.
"Main pushkar se pyaar karti hoon aur usse shaadi karna chahti hoon, aap se nahin, I am sorry, but….," pia blurted out in one breath.
"UHH!" was all jai could manage.
"aap apne papa se kyun nahin kehti,"jai asked her.
"maine baat ki papa se, par pushkar Punjabi nahin hain na toh who mane nahin," pia said almost on the verge of crying.
"toh ab kya Karen," said jai who was absolutely clueless.
"aap please iss rishte se inkar kardijie, shaayad papa maan jaye kuch dino bad, mein jaanti hun I am being selfish, aapke saath bohot galat kar rahin hoon par……," stated pia now tears falling from her eyes.
"look pia, please stop crying, I can understand, no need to feel guilty, in fact I appreciate your honesty, acha hua aapne pehle hi bata diya warna teen zindagiyan barbad ho jaati," said jai.
"main mana toh kar doonga par ma is desperate to get me married, I just can't disappoint her," reasoned jai looking down the window pane, and suddenly he saw bani running in the garden to collect the ball.
"Main sambhal loonga, you just don't worry," said jai.
"Jai, you are a wonderful man, the girl who will marry you will be very lucky, I can never thank you enough," said pia with a watery smile which was returned by a sweet smile from jai.
------------------------------------------------------------ -------------

"Jai yeh kya keh rahe ho tum, tum aise kaise keh sakte ho," uday almost screamed.
"Papa, please, aap sab chahte the ki main shaadi karoon toh kar raha hoon na main shaadi," said jai trying to be calm.
"yeh koi mazaak nahin hai jai," retorted Krishna.
"mein mazaak nahin kar raha hoon, mujhe bani zyadaa pasand hain pia se and I want to marry her," told jai.
"Jai….," before uday could complete ranveer intervened.
"Papa, please shant ho jaayiye," ranveer tried to reason out.
"shant hojaoon ranveer, iss ladke ne itna sab kuch keh diya aur tum kehte ho shant ho jaoon," uday was fuming with anger.
"Papa main baat karta hoon, rano, jai chalo mere saath," raveer dragged both of them outside the house.
"Jai yeh kya bachpana hain, pia ko dekhne aaye aur bani ko pasand kiya, this is very unethical,"ranveer was disgusted.
"bhaiyya meri baat toh suniye," jai tried to tell him.
"mujhe kuch nahin sunna, abhi tum andar jaaoge aur sabse maafi mangoge," ranveer told him.
"Veer [rano pyaar se usse veer bulati hain! So cute Na!] Just listen to what he has to say," rano suggested.
And jai narrated the whole incident.
"God jai!, tum seedhe mana kar dete," said ranveer.
"haan seedhe mana kardeta aur phir aap sabka lecture suntan, aur waise bhi I seriously like bani," said jai.
"Fine, main sambhalta hoon," finally ranveer gave in.
------------------------------------------------------------ -------------
Finally after much coaxing from ranveer and rano both the parties agreed, that jai and bani will get married.
But poor bani was unaware of all these developments and was merrily playing with the kids.
"Par ek baar bani se zaroor puchlijiega," said krishna.
"uski fikar mat kijie main khud bani se baat karoonga," nishikant replied.
"acha to hume ijazat dijie," said uday ready to leave.
"ji namaste," replied kiran and nishikant.
"Varun chalo," called out rano.
Varun came running followed by bani and pari who were all looking tired.
Before leaving varun kissed bani on her cheek and said "good bye!"
"Good bye!" replied bani ruffling his hair.
------------------------------------------------------------ -------------
And later ranveer explained everything about pia and uday and Krishna were quite proud of both their sons.
The landing announcement brought jai back to reality. He just wished whatever the future had in store it was going to be good.
------------------------------------------------------------ -------------
Kiran convined nishikant that since jai and bani are getting married, he should accept pia and pushakr's relationship. Dono shaadi ek hi saath kar denge. Waise bhi pia pushkar ko pasand kartin hain. Nishikant had no choice but to agree, but he had a mammoth task ahead, to convine bani. Bani was so stubborn just like his father, she would never agree, but he had to convince her. Itna acha rishta fir kabhi nahin milega.
Pia who was eavesdropping on her parents' conversation was delighted on hearing this piece of news. She was shocked this morning hearing jai announce that he would marry bani instead. A sense of guilt engulfed her, she was hiding all this from her little sister, but she was helpless, but she was sure jai would definitely keep her happy, she was lucky indeed.
------------------------------------------------------------ -------------

Both the weddings took place in the same mandap. Pia and pushkar's and jai and bani's. Even the reception next day was a lavish affair, all the relatives, near and distant, media, business associates et al.
Time flew by and it was time for bani to leave for Mumbai to her new house. After a tearful send off, bani boarded her plane along with her new family.
------------------------------------------------------------ -------------
Will continue soon………….
God bless

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.NJ. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2008 at 10:35am | IP Logged
Dhani, just read both parts.....very interesting.....reminds me of Maniratnam's Roja a little....I like it a lot......please continue......
AMAL722 Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2008 at 11:00am | IP Logged
I like the speed of the ff
who am i??? IF-Dazzler
who am i???
who am i???

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Posted: 15 May 2008 at 11:14am | IP Logged
Nice story,liked the char sketch and both families look so good ,happy nd contended. Big smile
The plot so reminds me of film Roja.
Bani is journalist now that will give her ample opportunity to snoop around LOL
BTW Infosys doesnt operate in Delhi, Infy doesnt have any office at Mumbai,Kokatta and Delhi.
amiee IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2008 at 11:25am | IP Logged
nice parts loved it reminded me of the movie Roja a little pls cont soon..........
aNsHu_tEjPaL Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2008 at 11:37am | IP Logged
great part!!!! really interesting!!!

hope JB have a good marriage!!! i hope there's not a lot of "dont touch me...dont come near me" drama!!! they should both accept the reality they they're married and move on forward from here!!!

hope she's nice to him!!!!

can't wait for the next part!!!! Clap
janu_2006 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2008 at 11:51am | IP Logged
hey dhani
gr8 part...
vardhani Senior Member

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Posted: 15 May 2008 at 11:51am | IP Logged
Hey guys,

Thanks for the lovely comments, sorry for not replying to them personally.

Yes it is quite inspired from Mani Ratnam's classic and my personal favorite ROJA, but if you see the characterization of bani is different from roja, and some other characters are also included. But this story just deals with jai and bani and has nothing to do with nationalism and patriotism. I can't even think of attempting something on those lines as of now. This might end in the next part.
I personally love journalism and the likes of barkha dutt, pronob roy et al, I really admire them. So, I thought of making bani a journalist. Probably in my next FF I will make her a full-fledged reporter. I seriously want to write something on those lines. Lets see!!!

who am i??? wrote:
Nice story,liked the char sketch and both families look so good ,happy nd contended.
The plot so reminds me of film Roja.
Bani is journalist now that will give her ample opportunity to snoop around
BTW Infosys doesnt operate in Delhi, Infy doesnt have any office at Mumbai,Kokatta and Delhi.

Is that, I never knew it. I thought its branches are spread over India. So it only operates in Bangalore, thanks for informing me and sorry for the blooper.

God bless

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