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Reel & Real life:(RN): 2 remaining updates posted (Page 81)

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Originally posted by george eliot

Priyanka stormed off to her van, Rajeev saw a serious Vikas storming off after her too'he stopped'was it just a casual mistake or did Priyanka speak out her heart, Rajeev thought, does she really love me'.somehow Rajeev felt Priyanka DID'


Aliya: Rajeev

Rajeev: haan bolo

Aliya: tum mujhse gussa ho

Rajeev: nehi toh

Aliya: pata nehi Rajeev main kal kya bol gayee'(Aliya looked sad)

Rajeev felt uncomfortable, not again, he thought

Aliya: Rajeev I don't want to lose you as a friend, if you don't love me it's okay but I don't want to lose your friendship

Rajeev: I understand Aliya, I am sorry I don't think of you like that, but yes you are and you will always be my friend'


Vikas: Priyanka aaj tujhe batana hi padega, tu sachmooch Rajeev se pyar karti hai?

Priyanka felt like crying: please Vikas, that was just a mistake

Vikas: don't fool me, sach sach bata?

Priyanka: mujhe kuchh nehi kehna

Tabhi Arjun enters her van: Pri tujhse baat karna hai

Vikas: I think I am talking to her now, can we have some privacy Arjun?

Arjun: ok ok baapre, yahan pe toh temper high hai

He leaves, Priyanka sits down upset, Vikas has tears in his eyes, he says in frustration: Pri your silence said it all, mujhe tera jawab mil gaya

And he left

Priyanka felt like the most miserable person in the world


Next morning, all ready to leave for their jungle shoot. The unit would be staying there for 2 days.

Another sleepless night for Priyanka, as she enters the bus leaving for their jungle shoot, she sees Rajeev sitting in a purple T-Shirt, looking fresh. "Wonderful, someone looks fresh and radiant, and I am dying here," Priyanka thought to herself. "Awww, she looks so worried, my poor baby, I love you shona," Rajeev thought to himself lovingly as he saw Priyanka entering the bus.


They reached the jungle in four hours. It is the only jungle in the surrounding, small but pretty dense. There was a forest bunglow but it was in a bad state, so the unit had decided to stay in caravans and camps that they brought with them.


The ranger welcomed the unit: Thank you for coming here. Just be a little careful about the restricted areas in the jungle, please do not go there as you will find it hard to come out of there. Otherwise the place is pretty safe, hope you have a good time.


Arjun: achha restricted areas mein aisa kya hai?

Harshad: array wahan jungle aur zyada ghana hai

Kunal: aur shayad junglee janwar bhi

Arjun: fir toh tu ja sakta hai wahan

Kunal: kyon?

Arjun: arrey apne rishtedaaro se nehi milna?

Kunal: teri toh main

And he runs after him

The whole unit was in a good mood, it was a lovely place, only Vikas and Priyanka looked glum


Aliya: Yahan pe mentorship programme scenes shoot karna hai, hope barish na aa jaye

Malhotra: by the way tumne Rajeev aur Priyanka se woh bed scenes wali baat kiya?

Aliya: aap hi boliye na, you are the producer  

Malhotra: ahem, well Rajeev we are thinking of adding a few physical scenes between you and Priyanka in the jungle

Rajeev: sorry but this was not in the contract

Malhotra: come on man, it's no big deal, aajkaal sabhi karte hai

Rajeev: karte honge par hum nehi karenge

Malhotra: hum?

Rajeev: yes hum, because I don't think Priyanka will do it too

Malhotra: u guys need to be professional

Rajeev: maine kahan na, agar contract breach hua toh my lawyer will talk to you

Malhotra: ok ok, thik hai, at least thoda pyar bhare intimacy scenes toh kar sakte ho na? dekho Rajeev maine thoda compromise kiya, ab tum bhi karo

Rajeev: ok aap Priyanka ji se pooch lijiye


It takes a while to convince Priyanka, and she agrees to do it'totally nervous how she would be able to hold her control when she's even acting intimate with Rajeev'


After a while of rest, they get back to work, the mentorship programme scenes are being shot, it was exceptionally hot in the jungle and all of them were sweating in their uniforms, uske upaar there were insects climbing on our actors!!


Arjun: kya yaar, jaldi se shooting khatam ho jaaye

Harshad: sahi mein, yeh army wale kaise jhelte hain? hum se acting hi nehi ho pa raha hai

Kunal: I want to go away from the jungle as soon as I can


New actors were working as Dr.Shalini and Major Nair, they remained mostly aloof from most of the gang.


The first set of scenes were shot, everything went off well except that Vikas was stung by some strange insect on the face and his face went red, there were no doctors in the surrounding and the unit only had first aid box

Aliya: ab kya kare? If it gets more serious we have to drive him to the doctor

Rajeev: just a minute, lagta hai sting andaar reh gaya hai, usse nikalta hoon

Before Rajeev could help him out, vikas said: no thanks, I can handle myself

Rajeev: par'

Vikas: I told you I don't need your help, thanks'

Priyanka: yeh kya pagalpan hai Vikas, ruk main nikal deti hoon

Vikas: nehi

Priyanka: stop it, enough drama ho gaya

And she went up to him and started operating on the sting

Rajeev saw how priyanka held up vikas' face closely and helped him'vikas' head almost rested on her belly'he turned away and went to check on Prachi


Evening descended and the unit was shooting night scenes, it was a lovely night, full moon, clear skies and everybody loved this getaway to the jungles.

Priyanka was done for the day, she had a headache again, she checked her bag for disprin, tabhi something fell down, she picked it up: it was the paper the man had given her in the restaurant, it was dark and she couldn't see what was scribbled there'then she thought it's better to give it to Rajeev, after all he doesn't want her to interfere in Prachi's matters'she went off to search for him


Putting Prachi to sleep, Rajeev was exercising, his back was turned towards her, his muscles flexing with each stroke of his movement,'priyanka felt weak in her knees

She gathered control and called him

Priyanka: ahem'.mujhe tumse kuchh important baat kehna hai

Rajeev turned around, surprised: haan bolo na

Tabhi Priyanka realised the people from the unit were walking around that place, it was a pretty crowded place and she didn't want to talk about the paper here: yahan nehi, lets go somewhere else

Rajeev was amazed at her forwardness, and happy too'.finally he has got some time to spend alone with his Priyanka'

They keep walking, silently, away from the unit'

Both of them kept walking, not sure how to start the conversation, Priyanka was all set to talk about Prachi but the moment she came close to Rajeev her words seemed to have dried up'Rajeev looked at Priyanka, so close yet so far'what is it that she wants to tell me'Finally he broke the silence

Rajeev: bolo Priyanka kya bolna chahti ho, his voice thick with expectation

Priyanka: uss din restaurant mein'

Rajeev: bas Priyanka, uss din ki baat mat karo

Priyanka: kyon?

Rajeev: i am sorry for that day

Priyanka: kyon?

Rajeev: Prachi ke wajah se tum logon ka event kharab ho gaya

Priyanka felt anger rising in her head again, is he really that innocent or he's just acting one, usse bilkul bhi pata nehi kya Priyanka ke dil mein kya ho raha hai?

Priyanka: yes, you should have displined Prachi a little better (she said sarcastically)

Now Rajeev felt bad, he had said that just to test Priyanka, but Priyanka sounded so serious, he could make out she was damn angry

Priyanka: don't worry, Vikas and I made up for that later (she said, wanting to hurt him more)

Rajeev felt like his breath slipping out slowly'so he was wrong, it did happen, Priyanka did say yes to Vikas'he can't do anything now, nothing'

Priyanka looked at him intently and he looked evidently upset, she somehow enjoyed seeing him like this, "woh bhi toh jale jis aag mein main jal rahi hoon"

Priyanka: by the way Aliya and you look nice together

Rajeev looked at her with pain in his eyes, why was she hurting him like this? he sounded like a beaten soldier: Aliya and I are just good friends'.anyway congratulations

Rajeev's eyes were heavy, he looked like a man whose soul had been extracted out, the intense pain of loss was so prominently written all over his face that Priyanka's heart melted seeing that'she couldn' hold it anymore

Priyanka: Rajeev'she said with pain in her voice

Rajeev:I am very happy for you

Priyanka: really, are you?

Rajeev: haan'(he could hardly utter that)

Priyanka couldn't stand his pain anymore, he looked so crestfallen, she looked down and blurted out

Priyanka: maine usse na bol diya'

Rajeev couldn't believe his ears! Did he hear she had said no? suddenly his emotions took an about turn and he felt like chocking with excitement and ecstasy

Rajeev: tumne usse na bol diya'.fir yeh ring?

Priyanka: yeh engagement ring nehi hai, main aise hi usse pahenti hoon

Rajeev: par tumne na kyon kahan? He could barely utter those words

Priyanka gave Rajeev one of those piercing looks': aapko pata nehi kyon?

Now it was Rajeev's turn to look at Priyanka intensely :  I think I do

He came closer to Priyanka'Priyanka was looking down now, tears about to flow from her eyes'Rajeev came closer'he held up her chin, he saw her eyes welled up'it's all because of me'.i have tortured her, knowing there was something growing between us, I have hurt her when I should have pulled her closer'he remembered his rude behavior, his shouting at her and felt remorseful'but this time there was no mistake'he saw the love in Priyanka's eyes and felt confident to confess his'there were no more doubts'she did love him'


Time seemed to have stopped for both of them'they kept looking at each other till Rajeev broke the silence: I know'.I know everything

Priyanka (pain in her eyes): what do you know?

Rajeev: that how could you say yes to someone else when you love somebody so much'

Priyanka lowered her eyes

Rajeev came closer: and how could you say yes when that somebody loves you madly too'

Priyanka looked up with surprise, unable to hold her tears anymore'

Rajeev: yes Priyanka, I LOVE YOU'I love you madly,

And with that he pulled Priyanka closer and wrapped her in his strong arms

That was enough for her'all these days of pent up passion seemed to flow out with her tears, she melted in his arms, hugging him back fiercely, her nails almost digging into his back'she could feel the strength of his arms holding her, the smell of his cologne, the feel of his bare skin on his chest where she had hid her face'and she knew this was the moment, she had never been happier in life, "I love you too" she could barely murmur


Rajeev's held her tightly, feeling it's just a dream, how he loved this beautiful woman sobbing in his arms, he promised to protect her for life, never to let another drop of her tears flow, he needed her, how he had almost lost her with his stupid behaviour and clung to her more tightly'no he can't think of a life without her


Rajeev raised her chin and looked at her, then he lowered his face upon her softly kissing her hair, her forehead, her cheeks'.and stopped for a moment'it still seemed like a dream to him and he needed to assure himself that this was reality'but Priyanka couldn't wait more, the pain in her heart was now replaced with ecstacy and she held his handsome face with both her hands and pulled it towards her'

Rajeev bent down and touched her lips'kissing softly'and then passionately as Priyanka kissed back with passion, both were demanding, as if asking for redressal for the pains they had given each other, trying to extract as much happiness from each other as they can now'they kept kissing each other'.they had urged for each other, their bodies had ached to hold each other and now when the time has come they forgot about everything else

Rajeev kissed down to her neck and'went down'but stopped'priyanka had offered no resistance'her eyes closed, her hair had come out of her neatly tied bun'.her dupatta was rolling on the ground'but Rajeev controlled himself'his male passion urged for more yet the tenderness of his love prompted him to stop'he didn't want to taint this moment with anything hasty'there will be a better time


P opened her eyes and looked at him surprised and then she realized the state she was in and felt shy, she picked up her dupatta, shyly looking down, Rajeev observed her with a smile, she looked so adorable'

Rajeev: so?

Priyanka: kya so?

Rajeev: finally somebody confessed, tumne pehle kyon nehi bataya?

Priyanka: tumne bhi toh nehi bataya'.ulta mujhse kitna dur ja rahe the tum

Rajeev: I am so sorry for hurting you sweety, he hugged her again, I am so sorry, I just wanted you to be safe'I wanted to keep you away from danger

Priyanka hid her face in his bare chest: how could you think I'll let you out alone in danger, even if u wanted to keep me out, I would have been by your side

Rajeev: akele kahan, Aliya thi na mere saath

Priyanka looked at him with mock anger and hit him softly: fir jao usike paas

Rajeev: wohi jata par kya karoon mere beti ko yehi mummy pasand hai

Priyanka: oho toh beti ke papa yeh sab apne beti ke liye kar raha hai

Rajeev: usse zyada apne liye, beti ke papa tumhare bina ji nehi payega


Hearing this Priyanka ruffles Rajeev's hair with adoration, "my pagal" she said teasingly


Cut to the rest of the unit:


Vikas was searching for Priyanka, tabhi he saw Aliya coming over

Aliya: hey have you seen Rajeev? Uske script mein kuchh changes discuss karna tha, pata nehi kahan chala gaya woh

Vikas: nehi, lekin tumne Priyanka ko dekha hai kya? Main kabse usse dhoondh raha hoon

Malhotra: array yeh Rajeev kahan chale gaye? Mujhe usse kuchh kaam tha, kisine dekha hai usse?

Tabhi Arjun comes looking for Priyanka: array kab se main Priya ko dhoondh raha hun, kisine dekha hai kya?

Aliya: yahan hum sab Rajeev Khandelwal aur Priyanka Bassi ko dhoondh rahe hai

Arjun: kya matlab

Vikas: matlab dono nehi mil rahe hai, ab sawal yeh hai ki eksaath ya alag alag

Arjun: array koi unka cell phone try karo na'

Aliya tries calling them and then says with a wry face: is either switched off or out of coverage area 

Arjun: kahi mussibat mein toh fansh nehi gaye dono, iss virani jangal mein'


Tabhi a spotboy informs seeing them both walking together towards the jungle, away from the unit


Cut to Rajeev and Priyanka


The two had held hands and walked'they wished they could spend all their lives like this, just the two of them, no one else around'

suddenly Rajeev says : Priyanka ji lagta hai hum kafi ghane jungle mein aa gaye chalte chalte

Priyanka: oh my God, ab wapas kaise jayenge, kafi raat ho chuki hai

Rajeev: looking at Priyanka, mischievously: wapas kaun jana chahta hai, hum aj raat jungle mein hi bitayenge, tum aur main'Embarrassed

ok guys, I have listened to all your requests of bringing Raj and Pri together, hope you all enjoy, TongueTongueTonguethere's more to come on jungle nights in the next update EmbarrassedEmbarrassed 



Tongueye taaliya ye stars aur ye exciting face sirf aur sirf tumhare liye hai sweety...u are hardcore brilliant writer...from up to bottom..each and every word describes what a talented writer this ff section has got...Tongue...update was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuperb not because of only the confession but also u add a ting of spice in the update....everytime i read ur every update...i didn't feel bore...u never write monotonously...that i appreciate very much....and with every update a new freshness and happiness popped in my u for that..SmileSmile..this update was faaaaaaaaaaaabulous...poor pri....she is going through a lot...i love rajeev dialogue when he saw pri entering cuteEmbarrassed...and this god...demanding for a bed scenes in the movieAngry....teacher-student relationship and these scenes.Shocked...thank god rajeev rejected this....ClapClapClap....RP CONFESSION WAS SOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL...SOOOOOOOOO REAL...every word of their convo make a way to my the whole scene.....Clap....last but not the least U R A OUTSTANDING WRITER , INTERMEDIARY , AND A LOVELY CUPID IN MAKING RP JODI ONE FELT LIKE REAL....

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where are you
update soon
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Originally posted by george eliot

Sincere apologies for the delay: sorry for keeping u waiting!!!!Cry
Rajeev says : Priyanka ji lagta hai hum kafi ghane jungle mein aa gaye chalte chalte

Priyanka: oh my God, ab wapas kaise jayenge, kafi raat ho chuki hai

Rajeev: looking at Priyanka, mischievously: wapas kaun jana chahta hai, hum aj raat jungle mein hi bitayenge, tum aur main'

Priyanka blushes: mazak chhodo tum, aur jaldi se rasta dhoondho

Rajeev (still mischievous): ummhmmm mujhe nehi dhoondhna, kal subah dekha jayega

Priyanka: thik hai tum yahan baithe raho, main hi dhoondhti hoon

Rajeev: achha baba dhoondhenge, bas kuchh der baith jao naaaaaa, please''.



Vikas felt like strangling the spot boy: kahan jaate dekha hai tumne undono ko?

Spot boy: pata nehi sir, dono kuchh serious baate karte karte chale gaye

Malhotra: interesting, Rajeev aur Priyanka ek saath, hmmm

Arjun: kahi woh restricted areas mein chale na jaaye, oh my God that can be dangerous

Aliya: arey haan, he bhagwan main forest ranger ko phone karti hoon

Malhotra: abhi 10 baj raha hai Aliya, kal subah taak office nehi khulega



Cut to Rajeev and Priyanka

They are now sitting on a clear ground, surrounded by trees. Priyanka sat leaning on a tree and Rajeev stretched himself on the ground, his head in her lap, Priyanka was running her fingers through his hair, the moonlight glistened on the two lovers'they were mesmerized by the absolute beauty of the full moon night in the jungle, it all seemed like a dream'

Rajeev: Pri

Priyanka: hmmm

Rajeev: kya soch rahi ho

P: ki yeh sab sach hain kya?

R  took her hands and kissed them tenderly: haan yeh sach hai, achha yeh batao tumhe kab mujhse pyaar ho gaya?

P: pata nehi'kab kahan kaise ho gaya...

R: mujhe pata hai, tum serial ke shooting se hi mujhe like karte the, hai na?

P: oye bilkul nehi, tab meri koi feelings nehi thi

R: juth juth, tum man hi man mujhko chahti thi, apna interviews dekho, sab mein mera praises

P: achha, aur aapne kya kahan tha interview mein? Priyanka brings out the best in me?

R: sahi toh kahan tha, tumhare saath mera kuchh toh chemistry tha, ab dekho na anjaane mein tum point 1857 scene mein mujhe Rajeveer ke jagah Rajeev kehkar bulayi thi

P: issh that was just a mistake, yeh dono naam kitne similar hai

R: achha, aur issbar jo tumne kahan I love Rajeev woh kya tha?

P: woh toh sach mein tha

R: toh woh bhi sach mein tha....kuchh toh tha Pri hamare beech, shuru se...shayad hum hi samajh nehi paaye, lekin hamare saare fans ko yeh laga, woh toh hum dono ko lekaar kitne saare fanfics bhi likh chuke...

P: shayad unhi logo ki wishes hai ki aaj hum saath hain...nehi toh shayad tum kisi aur ke saathe hote

R: kiske saath?

P: tumhe pata hai main kiski baat kar rahi hoon.........

R: Priyanka fir se wohi baat, maine kahan na aaj hamare beech kuchh nehi hai....that was past...and the rest is the construct of Rajeev Amna fans...

P: hmm toh aaj RP fans ki jeet hai

R: bilkul'lekin tum agar himmat jutake aaj mujhe na bulati toh shayad main kabhi nehi keh pata...mujhe laga ki tum aur Vikas'.

Tabhi Priyanka remembers the actual purpose of her calling Rajeev

P: oh God main toh bhul hi gayee

R: kya?

P: tumhe kis liye bulane ayi thi, yeh dekho

R: kya hai yeh

Priyanka tells him the whole story'A frown comes over his face as he hears the story

R: Sach mein Pri this is getting more and more mysterious, who's this guy?

P: mujhe nehi pata, he just came and vanished

Rajeev: dikaho toh paper

Pri: yeh lo, par padh payoge?

Rajeev: nah...mujhe na Prachi ki bahut fikr ho raha hai. He springs up on his toes

Pri: don't worry, baki log hai na wahan'chalo wapas jane ki rasta dhoondhte hai

They keep looking for a way out, but the more they tried the more confused they became, finally they got tired and sat down

Rajeev(worried) : ab kya kare? Cell phone pe signal bhi nehi a raha hai...

And tabhi Pri's cell rang!!

P: array signal aa gaya ruko ruko'.hello

It was Arjun calling her'

Haan Arjun bata'hello'hello'

Arjun: arrey kahan hai tu, kab se hum sab dhoondh rahe hai?

Pri: arrey humlog jungle mein kho gaye hai, kuchh pata nehi chal rahai hai kidhar jayoon

Arjun: humlog matlab? Rajeev ji bhi tere saath hai ?

P: haan. Woh bhi hai...

Arjun: tab thik hai, tu wohi reh

P: arrey par hum wapas kaise aye? Prachi akeli hai'

A: tumlog thik ho na?

P: haan par hume wapas ana hai, kuchh kar'

A: Prachi ko mein dekhunga...tu kal subah ana, aisa mouka nehi milega tujhe'.main yahan kuchh nehi batayunga...aur sun....

Tabhi the line snaps'

P:hello'hello'.fir se signal cut? ab hum kya kare?

Thodi der baad

P: Rajeeeeeeeev

R: (rajeev was humming : do pyar karne wale jungle mein kho gaye!!) he stopped and said "bolo meri jaan"

P: mujhe bhookh lagi hai

R: haan wahan pizza ka pedh dikh raha hai na, ruko main todkaar lata hoon

P: pls mazak chhodo, mujhe sach mein bhookh lagi hai

R: ok meri jaan, ruko dekhta hoon yahan kya milta hai

Tabhi they spot a guava tree

R: darling amrud chalega?

P: haaaaaaaaaaaaan

he tries to get some guavas for Priyanka, and tabhi he slips down the slope

P: Rajeeeeeeeeeeev

She comes running after him as he went rolling down'.and finally lands in the mud!!!

R: iiiiiiiiiks

Priyanka is laughing her heart out, 'and before she could realize, she slips down in the mud too'.


Aliya: kuchh pata chala?

Arjun: nah line nehi laga

Aliya: toh fir tum kisse baat kar rahe the?

Arjun: arrey kahan na, line nehi laga, kal subah forest ranger ke saath dhoondhne niklenge

Vikas: tab taak Rajeev aur Priyanka saath mein rahenge?!!

Arjun: arrey rehne de na, jab tak dono safe hai, thik hai na

Vikas: bilkul thik nehi hai

Arjun: oye tu so ja, zyada sochna nehi, bas kal subah dekhenge



Rajeev and Priyanka came out, all smeared in mud. They looked ridiculous'.

P: isskss, jaldi se koi pond dhoondho, o my God I smell so bad

R: sach mein Pri, tum kitna achhi dikh rahi ho

P: apna sakl toh dekho! Chalo utho ab

Thankfully they find a pond nearby, Rajeev goes down first, cleaning himself., taking off his clothes'Priyanka stared as he took of his shirt, his torso glistening in the moonlight'he looked too sexy'

After Rajeev it was Priyanka's turn to clean, she went down the water holding Rajeev;s hand but didn't know how to clean herself in front of Rajeev, so she turned to him'

R: kya hua?

P: tum jao yahan se, main clean kar leti hoon

R: haan toh karo na, mujhse kya sharmana (he said naughtily)

P: ufff, nehi, tum jaao

R: array tum gir jayogi pond mein, main nehi jayoonga

P: Rajeeeeeeeeeeeeev, jaaaaaaaaao

Rajeev left her hand and waited nearby, Priyanka took off her clothes and cleaned herself and came up shyly, her clothes were wet, her hair was let loose'Rajeev couldn't take his eyes off her'.


They came and sat near a tree'Priyanka rested her head on his shoulder and he held her close'and tabhi Priyanka realizes how their real lives were exact replica of the story of the serial'getting lost in the jungle with Rajeev, falling in the mud, romantic time spent at night'.the more she thought about it the more she spotted uncanny similarities'.sach mein jab se shooting shuru hui hai, the serial's story seems to have become their life story: the scenes, meeting real life cadets like the ones in the serial.................. and tabhi she felt a fear running down her spine'.she certainly didn't want their love story to end the way it did in the serial'the thought tortured her'she knew it was a superstition, yet she felt restless, this was too much similar, too much of a coincidence..she looked at his handsome face..she couldn't bear to think of something happening to him'..unconsciously she felt a lump rising in her throat'

Rajeev noticed the look of pain on her face and felt disturbed: kya hua sweety?

P: Raj, tumhe nehi lagta hamare life story serial ke story ke tarah chal raha hai?

R: pata hai Pri main bhi yehi soch raha tha, too similar, hai na?

P: agar sach mein serial jaisa tumhe kuchh ho gaya toh....she couldn't complete it anymore, her voice chocked'Raj mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai


Rajeev rubbed her back to calm her down, he softly kissed her forehead and said: come on Pri, don't be superstitious, kuchh nehi hoga mujhe'.nothing can touch our love'. he said embracing her, as if calming a crying baby'

Priyanka couldn't control her sobs, she hugged Rajeev tight, never to let him go, kissing all over him madly'

Rajeev tried to keep his control but Priyanka's kisses were making him passionate, after all he was a human being too'he looked up at Priyanka'.moonlight was glistening on her fair skin, water droplets hung on her neck and hair'her hair was let loose'she was a sheer beauty'.this time Rajeev couldn't hold himself anymore, he bent down to kiss the water droplet that glistened on her neck'Priyanka felt felt a shiver of ecstasy running down her spine as Rajeev's hands were on the nape of her neck, untying the buttons of her kurta, she tugged at his T-shirt too'.  EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Priyanka is the first one to get up in the morning, she wakes up feeling the warmth of Rajeev's bare skin, he was still sleeping'one hand embracing her waist, his face hiding in the crunch of her neck'she blushes thinking of last night'her whole body bore the marks of his passion, she looked at the handsome face sleeping beside her, like a baby'and went red with love and adoration. She quickly dressed up, her clothes had dried up by now, the whole night seemed like a dream and except the love bites Rajeev had placed all over her body, there was no proof of the reality of the night'


She went up to RAJEEV and tried to wake him up'

P: rajeev'.utho na..ei

R: mmmmmmm

P: sweety utho please, subah ho gayee

R searched for priyanka in his sleep and then came closer to her and snuggled his face in her breasts'

P: oye pagal, utho please, dekho ab wapas jana hai

R opened his eyes slowly, smiled at her and then got up

He felt shy too, thinking about last night, but his heart was content, he was the happiest man on earth.

P: chalo jaldi se dress up karlo, now we can try looking for a way out, hume jaldi wapas jana hai, pata nehi baki log kya soch rahe honge

Rajeev puts on his shirt and then he says: ouch

P: kya hua?

R smiles and takes off the shirt again, then he turns his back to her and shows her: dekho kya halat kar diya hai tumne mera

Shyly Priyanka saw red marks on Rajeev's backs, her nails had wounded him in passion'..she blushed deep'


ahem ahem ahem....superb,marvelous,awesum,hillarios,passionate,rocking,romantic,and many moresClap...truely love this part..Big smile..i laughed when rajeev comment about pizza....LOL...BOLO MERI JAAN COMMENT WAS SOO CUUUUUUUUTE...Embarrassed...Arjun is sooooo much understanding...i love him in every way....truely a great guy in real too....Smile...mud scenes....heheheheheBig smile...and after that scene what i say really very romantic and passionate one....reel and real life story...god...please don't make them like it was in serial....Confused...i have still not overcome with rajveer's death in the serial....i can't be able to bear this in ff.....Confused...anyway asusual my standing ovation and a big hug for this great update....Hug
george eliot Senior Member
george eliot
george eliot

Joined: 13 May 2008
Posts: 521

Posted: 25 November 2008 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shaina_b

Too good!!!!Awesome!!!!!

Nisha ne akhir chugli kar hi di!!!!!!Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove
i know, iski toh main!!!!!Angry
Jab Ranveer ne Nayanika ko accuse kiya toh Nayanika ne kaha ke suspect toh woh bhi ho sakta hai!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueWow!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Clap Clap Clap
nayanika bhi na, kisiko nehi chhodegi, apne teacher ko bhi nehi, kya defense hai!!!LOL
Ranveer is admiring Nayanika and Nayanika also felt shy!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueHaaiiii!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

This is just like Rajveer and Naina!!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

haan kafi kuchh similar hai, par our Raj Naina is the best
At least Nayanika got off easily!!!!!Smile Smile Smile SmileLagta hai Ranveer ko kuch kuch hone laga!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink
woh toh aage ki pata chalegaEmbarrassed
They were in a celebrating mood!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Party Party PartyAfter all Malhotra ko sabak jo sikhaya!!!!Approve Approve Approve Approve Smile Smile Smile Smile

Why is Priyanka feeling guilty when they never were in a relationship!!!!Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy

Priyanka ne Rajeev ko signal deke gayi and Rajeev is slightly jealous!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Smile Smile Smile SmileHow cute!!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Priyanka wants to be friends and Vikas felt he had been selfish!!!Approve Approve Approve ApproveThats good!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile

haan chalo in dono ka problem toh khatam hui, baapre kya tamasha laga rakha tha vIKAS ne
Cadets toh saare Ranveer ko cheer kar rahe hai aur posters bhi banaye hai!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile

Arjun is right ke unhe bhi posters banane chahiye thhe!!!!!Approve Approve Approve Approve Smile Smile Smile

On screen Pooja aur off screen Pooja aur on screen Aalekh aur off screen Aalekh jhagad rahe hai!!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Rajeev ko Priyanka ka intezarr hai!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed EmbarrassedAkhir woh Priyanka ke bagair kaise competition mein part le!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Smile Smile Smile Smile

idiot priyanka ko abhi baat karne jana tha AngryAngryAngry bechara rajeev kab se uska intezaar kar raha hai
Rajeev kehta hai he is waiting for his love and he needs her support!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Smile Smile Smile Smile SmileHaaaiii!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing

Ranveer kehta hai nahi hai!!!Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy UnhappyKaise hogi jab Ranveer ne usse saza de rakkhi hai!!!!!Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove

hahahaha yeh Ranveer bhi na, dil mein jo hai woh batata kyon nehiEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Iqbal kisi ki wait karta hi nahi hai!!!!Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove DisapproveKhud hi judge ban gaya!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueAccha hai Arjun is judging with him!!!!!Approve Approve Approve Approve Smile Smile Smile

Do do Aalekh judge kar rahe hai aur do do Rajveer compete!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueKya baat hai!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Clap Clap Clap Clap

hai na real aur reel life ka tadka LOLLOL
Waise yeh Vikas Priyanka ke shoulder pe roh raha hai!!!!Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove DisapproveLagta hai yeh chance pe dance kar raha hai!!!!!Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry
bechare pe kuchh toh rahm karEmbarrassedLOL

Priyanka is uncomfortable being in the arms of anyone other than her Rajeev!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueWow!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

Accha huya Priyanka ne chhuda liya aur kaha ke Rajeev is waiting for her and she loves him!!!!!!Approve Approve Approve Approve Smile Smile Smile Smile

haan Vikas jitne jaldi sachhai ko maanle utna hi achha
Bechara Rajeev!!!!!Ouch Ouch Ouch OuchUsse Priyanka ke bagair hi start karna padh raha hai!!!!Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy

Rajeev ke co actors itne chilla rahe hai ke they seem to be a team of 100!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueWow!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Deeya aur Tony convince nahi kar paye thhe aur Rajeev ko gun chalana chikhna pada tha!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueThats great!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

chalo shooting ke liye jo training liya tha woh kuchh toh kaam aya, siway that awesome rifle scene in season 1, remember?Embarrassed
In logone gun bhi chura liya!!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueRanveer is really a good shooter!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Clap Clap Clap Clap

Rajeev nervous hai aur upar se Priyanka bhi nahi hai and he is distracted!!!!Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove DisapproveKaise theek hota uska!!!!Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy

Arjun is always fighting for Rajeev!!!!Approve Approve Approve Smile Smile Smile SmileUsne half marks bada bhi diya!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue LOL LOL LOL LOL

arrey half marks bhi kam nehi hote haiEmbarrassed
Rajeev kehta hai ki Priyanka ki wajah se woh yeh round har gaya!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue TonguePriyanka ne kaha uske bagair shuru kardega and good for him!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Rajeev is complaining ke uski grilfriend kisi aur ke saath busy thi!!!!!Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy UnhappyBilkul baccho ki tarah muh fulake kaha!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Smile Smile Smile SmileHe is so cute!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing

he is sooooooooooo cute na, i wish i had a boyfriend like himEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Rajeev ko yaha kiss chahiye!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Smile Smile Smile Smile SmileHe is so naughty!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing
ziddi bhi hai woh bachho ke tarahEmbarrassedLOL

Arjun plan sunane aa gaya toh Rajeev kehta hai ke kiss toh woh leke rahega!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueGood for him!!!!Approve Approve Approve Approve Smile Smile Smile Smile Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Ranveer is nervous ke usse kya karna hoga!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink Smile Smile Smile SmileDoes he really think it will be that easy??Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Ranveer dreaded dancing and had refused when he was asked on Fresher's welcome night!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Smile Smile Smile SmileAb toh phasa!!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

phasa nehi poori tarah se fashaLOLLOL bechara Ranveer
Rajeev ab Priyanka ko sabke saamne jaan bula raha hai!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Smile Smile Smile Smile SmileHaaaiiii!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing
kya badmash ho gaya hai rajeev LOLWink

Ab Ranveer gaya Nayanika se madad maangne!!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueShe is the best dancer in the academy!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile SmileWow!!!!Clap Clap Clap Clap

Rajeev kehta hai ke woh sabke saamne Priyanka ko kiss karega!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Smile Smile Smile SmileWow!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Priyanka kehti hai woh karne degi tab naa toh Rajeev ne kaha ke agar kar diya toh aaj raat uske room mein rahegi!!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

Priyanka ne bhi shart laga li!!!!Smile Smile Smile SmileRajeev kitna badmaash ho gaya hai!!!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink Smile Smile Smile Smile Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

they are just made for each other, in the serial priyanka rajeev ko aise situations mein fasati thi, aur yahan rajeev, yaad hai 1857 challenge scene, rajveer ko kaise embarass kar rahi thi naina, usse toh 1857 jana hi tha, kisi tarah bhiLOLLOL yahan pe bhi is janab ko kiss lena hi hai, kisi tarah bhi
Rajeev kehta hai kiss karne nahi dogi toh pachtaogi!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueWoh aisa kya karne wala hai!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile SmileMujhe lagta hai woh kiss karke hi rahega!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile
dekh na kya hone wala haiLOL

Shukar hai Nayanika dance karne ke liye raazi toh ho gayi!!!!Approve Approve Approve Approve Smile Smile Smile SmileWaise Ranveer ke saath Nayanika ke alawa aur koi dance thode hi kar sakta hai!!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Smile Smile Smile Smile

Rajeev aur Priyanka bahut bura dance karte hai!!!!!Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy UnhappyThey can probably give Hiten and Gauri a competition!!!!!!Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch

hahahahahah i knowwwwwwwwwwwww, par story ke khatir unlogo ko achhi dancer bana diyaLOLLOLLOL
The song is very nice and apt for the situation as well!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile

Rajeev and Priyanka are dancing very well and looking like a hot couple!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed EmbarrassedGreat!!!!!!Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

Ranveer and Nayanika are completely a mismatch!!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueHe is a complete comedy!!!!!!LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

He is too funny!!!!!LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFLPoor Nayanika!!!!Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy UnhappyKya partner mila hai!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Ab actors team cheer kar rahe hai and even Vikas!!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Smile Smile SmileAnd even Aliya is cheering!!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile

good they are united now! finally things are going fine, malhotra ko credit dena padega in logon ko eksaath laane ke liye
Nayanika is teasing Ranveer now!!!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Smile Smile Smile SmileRanveer ab bahut darr gaya hai!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueKyun saari hawa nikal gayi??Wink Wink Wink Wink Smile Smile Smile Smile
hamare raj se takraoge toh mit jayoge LOLLOL

Iqbal ladkiyon ki baat nahi mana aur task diya aur actors team cheer karne lage!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Pooja is right ke ab toh Ranveer gaya aur Rajeev jeet jayega!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

I am waiting to know ke last round mein akhir kya karna hoga aur Rajeev aisa kya karega ke woh sabke saamne Priyanka ko kiss karega!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile

abhi pata chal jayega jaan, dekh na aage aage hoat hai kya 

george eliot Senior Member
george eliot
george eliot

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Posted: 25 November 2008 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by watch rajeev

main to sirf itna kahungi ki mujhe lagat hai ki apna naughty rajeev next round mein ranveer ko kisi ladki ko kiss karne ke liye kehne waala hai....aur vo pri se shart bhi jeete ga...Big smileBig smileBig smile isse kehte hai ek teer se do nishaaaneBig smile
hello dear, arrey wah tu toh badi smart nikliLOL ya fir rajeev ke naughtiness ka andaaza  tujhe bhi ho chuka haiLOL hyaan tu bilkul sahi keh reli hai, aab aage aage dekh chikna kya karta haiWink
george eliot Senior Member
george eliot
george eliot

Joined: 13 May 2008
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Posted: 25 November 2008 at 12:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by hinal60

that was amazing
hopefully rajeev wins the challange
thank you dear for your comment, just wait and see what happens in the challenge and of course who else can win when our rajeev is there
george eliot Senior Member
george eliot
george eliot

Joined: 13 May 2008
Posts: 521

Posted: 25 November 2008 at 12:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by KRIZZY

fantastic update
abhi taK to scores equal hai
but jitenge to hamare actors hi
and i think last task kiss karne ka hoga.
ud fast
i'm eagerly waiting for it.
thank you dear
you are absolutely right, who else can win when our rajeev is there and when i am the writer LOLLOL kisi aur ko jitne dungi tab na LOLLOL
you are very smart, ekdum right guess, par usme bhi thoda twist hai Wink
sorry for teh delay, as a compensation i'll update 2 episodes together now Big smile
lots of love
george eliot Senior Member
george eliot
george eliot

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Posted: 25 November 2008 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mahak Sinha

Kya update tha yaar bilkul maza aa gaya jhakaas tha yaar.Clap

thank you dear , aap khush toh hum bhi khush
Update was really jhakas.Star
Pri ne accha kiya ki Vikas k saath apni saari problems sort out kar li that was good.Big smile
i knowwwwww, chalo un dono ka problems toh thik hua, kabse tension chal raha tha
Loss to Vikas ka bhi hua hai na us ne us ladki ko khoya hai jis se vo sab se jyada pyaar karta thaCry.Pri ne is baat ko samjha aur Vikas ko thoda time de kar samjha diya nice .Tongue
vikas had to face reality, aise idiotic behavior se woh apne dost ko bhi khoenwala tha
Nayanika aur Ranveer bilkul humare Raj aur Naina ki hi tarah haiWink, Nayanika bahut hi implusive hai Naina jaise aur Ranveer bahut calm n cool hai Raj jaisa.LOL
i know, they are very similar, par hamare raj naina rocks, nobody can be compared to them
Jab Nayanika ko dekh raha tha Ranveer,bechari sharma gayiEmbarrassed ; vaah vaah sharmana bhi aata hai us ko.LOL
I can't believe it. Isiliye poor Ranveer us ko punish bhi nahi kar paaya.Tongue
hahahha trueEmbarrassed
What a competition yaar so funny n nice just loved it so much.Thumbs Up
Raj bhi na kitna shaitaan hai Pri k bagair apna compettion start kar diya aur jab first round haar gaya tab excuse banaya ki Pri nahi thi isliye.Day Dreaming
thank you dear, haan hara khud aur ilzam laga raha hai pri par, badmash kahi ka
Thoda bahut jealous bhi hua Vikas se RajLOL, bechara shuru hone tak Pri ko dhoondh raha tha Confusedpar Pri nahi aayi sach me Pri bhi na, itna kyoun tapdpati hai us ko.Unhappy
hahaha haan pri bahut satati hai usseEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Raj ne goli chalai par nishana chook gaya chalo koi baat nahi yaar kam se kam chalai sach kaha Arjun ne.Shocked
Pri k aate hi Raj bhaga us k peeche aur sab k samne kiss maang raha tha besharam ho gaya haiSilly, phir sab k saamne Pri ko jaan bhi bulaya how romantic yaar.Blushing
i knowwwww, mujhe toh laga tha us round mein zero lekar ayega hamara heroLOLLOL
haan bahut romantic hai dono, they look so cute togetherEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Dance waali exercise acchi thi Ranveer ki haalat dekhne layak thi LOLbechare ne kabhi dance to kiya nahi thaOuch; uper se Nayanika ki bhi watt laga di us ne.LOL
achha hua na? aur karega actors ko challenge?
Raj ko to jeetna hi tha is baar Pri jo saath thi us k.Approve
I wish kaash Raj kiss kar le Pri ko aur bet jeet jaaye .................................Wink
Par kaun si drill hai jo itni easy hai ki us ko dekh k Raj smile karne laga?Confused
koi fikr nehi puttar, jitega toh hamara raj hi, bas tu dekhte ja
baki rounds mein kya honewalla hai woh abhi pata chal jayega EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
update soon yaar.

Edited by george eliot - 25 November 2008 at 8:33pm

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