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Originally posted by george eliot

Priyanka comes back to her senses in the infirmary'she looks around to see Arjun and Vikas talking to the doctor' she gets up slowly

All three turn to her: 'kaisi feel ka rahi hai?' Vikas and Arjun asked her jointly

Doc: keep lying, u are still unstable, shukr hai electric shock zyada nehi laga

Priyanka's eyes looked around for Rajeev, she had seen the lights go off and a loud crash'but what happened to Rajeev, is he alright? This time he's not the one who brought her here'she was scared to think about any mishap, unconsciously her heart let out a silent prayer for him'

Arjun noticed the look on her face: Priyanka tu rest le

Priyanka: (in a whisper) sab thik hai na Arjun?

Vikas: haan tu bilkul thik hai, bas rest le

But Arjun perfectly understood what she meant: haan thik hai, tu rest le


Doctor: Priyankaji aap rest lijiye, please itni baate mat kijiye, guys leave her alone

Before anyone else could say anything, the doctor drove them out of the infirmary and put off the light: aap rest lijiye'.


Priyanka lay wide awake. Her mind was restless, nobody told her anything about Rajeev'did her efforts fail then? Was it all in vain? It can't be an accident again, the experience at the Patel house was enough to prove something was fishy' She recounted their experiences in the evening


They walked inside the house dressed as Mr. And Mrs. Trivedi, Prachi's mousa and maasi'

The servant made them sit in a large living room, the room was decorated with expensive artifacts but everything had a gloomy look around them, it is as if some mishap had happened in the house'.

A young gentleman comes out after while:Kahiye main aap ki kya madad kar sakta hoon

Priyanka: namaste hum Guriya ke mousa masi hai

Young man: Guriya?

Priyanka: haan ji Guriya, aapke dost ke bachhi

Young man: I am sorry par main samjha nehi, kaun se dost?


Priyanka: array aap ka dost, jisne apni bachhi ke liye aapke dukaan se angoothi mangwaya tha, ajeeb admi hai aap, payment bhi nehi liya aur angoothi delivery kar di! aap kya sab ko aise delivery dete hai?  Toh Guriya ke mummy papa ne kaha, tumlog usi side se ja rahe ho toh payment poori kar do, kab se due hai'. yeh lijiye 6000 rupaye, ab register mein enter kar lijiye, laiye na register, wahan sab records hoga


Suddenly the young man's face grew stern, he narrowed his eyes with suspicion: achha aap uske masi-mousa hai? Aur aap paise dene mere ghar tak chale aaye?


Rajeev: oh actually'..hum ne socha itne achhe admi se mil bhi lete hai, aaj ke zamane mein payment poore kiye bina koi kahan delivery deta hai'toh hum dukaan se sidha aap ek ghar chale aaye


The young man's face grows sterner, he tightened his jaws and told them: achha?abhi  nikal jaiye yahan se, ya fir main police ko bulayoon?


Both Priyanka and Rajeev were flustered, they had not anticipated this!


The man: Fools! What do you want from us? Jhooth pe jhooth bole ja rahe ho! Pehle apne admi bhejkar papa pe humla karte ho, aur aab doosra tarika dhoondh ke aye ho?!! Guriya ke mummy papa ne bheja hai, ha?? Then u are messengers from the dead, huh? I don't know captain Sharma ke saath iss ring ka kya connection hai par aur ek baar agar aap hume ring ke liye pareshaan kiya toh main aap logo ko jail bhejwakar rahunga'.ab ek second mein yahan se nikal jaiye ya main police ko phone karta hoon'


Rajeev had literally dragged Priyanka out of the house, they breathed heavily after reaching the streets, they held each others hands tightly out of tension'dono 5 minute tak chup rehte hai, and then

Pri: Prachi's parents are dead

Raj: Captain sharma

Pri: somebody attacked them

Raj: captain sharma ke saath ring ka connection hai

and then together

Raj, Pri: they are dangerous people


A sense of fear runs through both of them and yet both felt comfortable in each other's company'both shared the same concerns, both went through the same dangers and it built a strong camaraderie between the two'Rajeev's gratefulness knew no bounds for whatever Priyanka was doing, yet he felt a sense of relief to have her beside him'Priyanka felt content that she could do something for the man who had saved her, the man she has harmed perhaps beyond repairs'.  


Priyanka infirmary mein lete lete yehi soch rahi thi, there's a lot more to this case than just a simple ring, Rajeev was right, shayad sab se zyada khatra Prachi ko hi hai'Priyanka felt her pangs of guilt again'kash she had not contributed in it in her small way'

The lights go on and to her surprise Ghazal was standing with her food.

Pri: array tum

Ghazal: jaldi se khana kha lo

Pri: Arjun kahan hai?

Harshad: Arjun Prachi ke paas hai, Rajeev ji ka operation...

Pri lets out a sharp cry: Rajeev's operation?

Ghazal:haan, woh light Rajeev ji ke upar gir pada tha, thank God tumne power off kar diya tha

Pri's heart sank, she asked in apprehension: usse bahut chot aya hai kya?

Ghazal: nehi zyada serious nehi, bas kuchh glass pieces unke shoulder pe ghus gaya hai, usika operation ho raha hai'

Priyanka let out a sharp cry of pain imagining how it might have felt' she said in a weak voice: can I meet him?

Ghazall: abhi toh nehi, tum jaldi se thik ho jao fir milna

Saying this she sits by her bed. She holds her hand affectionately'Priyanka felt like tears coming to her eyes, she really missed her friend for all these days'Ghazal!

She doesn't say a word, then she softly says: take care

and leaves.

Priyanka felt like crying, she had indeed been so careless about Ghazal in all these days, she was never there in her pain, in her difficulties and yet when Ghazal stood beside her today she realized how much she missed her'


Rajeev comes back to his senses, he felt a sharp pain on his left shoulder, as he opened his eyes she saw Aliya standing by his bed


Aliya: uhun, lete raho, baapre maut ke muh se lautke aaye ho tum

Rajeev remembered the horrifying events one by one, the lights going off, the heavy light crashing on him, the sharp pain in his shoulder'a couple of people in the set had run towards the main switch box, there was a bright spark seen'


Rajeev looked around and was a little disappointed, he couldn't see any other co-star, especially Priyanka'he felt a little hurt


Aliya went on: aaj agar Priyanka na hoti toh'and she tells him how Priyanka had saved him'. 'array tum kahan chale?' she asked surprised, as she saw Rajeev getting down from his bed and wearing his slippers'

Rajeev: mujhe Priyanka ke paas jana hai

Aliya: woh abhi rest le rahi hai, tum let jao

She forcibly lays him down and sits beside him

Rajeev is extremely restless: Priyanka thik hai na? kuchh serious toh nehi? Mujhe milna hai usse

Aliya: nehi baba, tumhara chot zyada gehra hai, ab so jao tum, Arjun Prachi ke paas hai


Yeh kehte hue Aliya Rajeev ke sar par haath rakhti hai aur dhire dhire apne oongliyan Rajeev ke baalo mein chalane lagti hai'


Rajeev felt too uncomfortable, he felt like a stranger was touching him,'he wriggled out of her grasp'ahem Aliya it's okay, tum jao rest lo, mujhe Priyanka ke paas jana hai,

Aliya: (hurt) kyon main massage kar rahi hoon tumhe achha nehi lag raha hai?


Rajeev: dekho'actually I am not so comfortable with a woman touching me, unless she's too close to me'don't mind please


Aliya: (leaning over to him) now Iam close to you, amn't I? Rajeev tum mujhse bhi sharmate ho?

Rajeev: Aliya listen, you are a very good friend of mine, but it's my fault that I am not so physically comfortable with girls, perhaps my conservative upbringing'ab please main jayoon?

Aliya: (laughing) aur perhaps you are gay Rajeev, you are too cute, achha chalo tum rest lo, main chalti hoon, good night (she kisses him on the cheek just to tease him again)


Rajeev couldn't shake her away this time as his gaze froze on the door'Priyanka was standing at the door

He got up as if he had got an electric shock: Pri-Priyanka tum????????


Aliya: Hi Priyanka,good to see u in a good state, take care Rajeev chalo main chalti hoon, byee( and she winks at Rajeev)

Priyanka: main bhi chalti hoon

Rajeev jumps down from his bed and hugs her instantly: I am so happy to see you safe, main toh daar hi gaya tha


Rajeev's hug sent shivers into Priyanka's spine! It was completely startling and yet she didn't want to release herself from his grasp'his genuine concern moved her, so did the protectiveness of his arms, and the intensity of his passion touched her to the core'after the initial shock she hugged him back too, realizing how happy she was to see him alright'..Being in his arms gave her an inexplicable pleasure that she didn't want to let go, yet her heart ached with a strange sense of jealousy as she remembered Aliya kissing him 


Priyanka: I am sorry Rajeev, (she said releasing herself) shayad main galat waqt pe aa gayi, I just came to see if you are alright, but you seem to be doing perfectly fine


 Rajeev was quick to sense her tone this time and he could sense the reason for that too :please Priyanka, tum kuchh galat mat sochna, woh toh aise hi mujhe tease kar rahi thi

(while he was eager to clarify his position he almost felt happy that Priyanka did mind Aliya's kiss!)

Priyanka: it's ok, u don't have to explain it to me, it's your life, you are not answerable to me, main kaun hoti hoon'

Rajeev: (looking at her seriously) if I am answerable to anyone here it's only you, I owe my life to you. Lekin tum pagal ho gaye the kya? I am sure yeh unlogo ka hi kaam hai'.lekin tumhe kuchh ho jata toh?


Priyanka couldn't resist asking the obvious question: mujhe kuchh ho jata toh?


Rajeev: toh I would have never forgiven myself (takes her hand and looks at her meaningfully) do u know how much u mean to me, the way you are by my side in this crisis'tumhe dene ke liye thanks bhi kam pad jaaye


Priyanka felt her heart will burst out'she wanted to hug this man tightly, wanted to confess what she had done and cry out loud'she was sure he would forgive her and console her like a child'and everything will be fine


She came closer to him and looked up at him: Rajeev'.mujhe tumse kuchh kehna hai'

Rajeev: haan bolo na (Rajeev could see the pain in her eyes)

They were so close that they could sense each other's breath'while Priyanka felt like hiding her face in his chest and confessing, Rajeev wanted to wrap her in his arms and throw away the pain that was troubling her'.


'excuse me, did I leave my purse here!' both start to turn and see Aliya barging into the room'Aliya stood stunned to see them so close and then a mischievous smile spread on her face' 'aha, I think I came at a wrong time''(looking at Rajeev): 'after all 'conservative people' are not conservative all the time!' Rajeev blushed hearing this'Priyanka looked at both questioningly

Tabhi the doctor came in to check on Rajeev: Priyanka tum yahan kya kar rahi ho? Jao rest lo, jao abhi'

She sent her back, priyanka gave a long parting look to Rajeev and had to go.  


'Ma'am captain Ranveer wants to talk to you for a moment' declared the nurse to Priyanka. Vikas was feeding her soup when captain Ranveer walked in. Vikas had stayed up almost all night to look after Priyanka and Priyanka felt bad for him, she knew he loved her'and yet she had no answer for her'.her confused mind didn't want to admit the irresistible attraction she felt for Rajeev, and yet she couldn't ignore how she felt everytime she's close to him'..


Captain Ranveer walked in with a couple of his cadets and they recognized Nayanika and Huda among them'Ranveer was a young handsome man, but too serious looking and her face showed a complete no-nonsense attitude.


Ranveer: Hello, I hope you are feeling much better now, bas mujhe aapse kuchh sawal poochna hai

Priyanka: haan poochhiye na

Ranveer: dekhiye this is the second accident in a row and since it's all happening inside the campus, we are all worried about its security, aap bataiye, kya aapko yeh accident lagta hai?

Priyanka was about to say yes when she remembered it's better to keep mum about the information they had gathered so far': p-pata nehi'shayad haan

Ranveer looked at her intently: are you sure? Waise u are quite brave for a girl, u shouldn't be afraid to tell me the truth

Nayanika: aapko kyon lagta hai ki normal ladkiyan brave nehi hote?

Ranveer: well, she is definitely braver than most girls

Nayanika: yehi toh aap mardo ki problem hai, aap samajhte kya hai ladkiyon ko?

Ranveer: (looking at her sternly) main baki ladkiyon ki baat nehi janta, par yeh bol sakta hoon ki tumse bad mannered ladki maine aaj tak nehi dekha

Huda: (nervously) chup ho ja na Nayanika, sir se jhagra mat kar

Nayanika is furious now: tu chup reh, yeh hai mard na namoona, aur aap ladkiyon ke baare mein comment kar rahe hai!

Ranveer: cadet, can I please do my work?

Nayanika: please do, but don't make such generalized comments about women

Ranveer: okay, can we please proceed? So Ms Bassi, you are sure u don't suspect anybody?

Priyanka: no

Ranveer: hmm'.jab se yeh shooting unit aya hai tabse yeh sab ho raha hai'(sarcastically) but the shooting has to go on, right?'okay I have built a task force with some of our cadets, they are going to be on vigil for extra security n the head of this team in cadet Nayanika'

Nayanika: who's a woman for your kind information

Ranveer: cadet tum apna bakwaas bandh karoge? So just let them know if you spot anything unusual, I'll go and meet Mr Khandelwal now, take rest.


Priyanka panicked'she hoped Rajeev was not that na've to spill out all their doubts about the accident'she wished Ranveer had met them both together'


Rajeev was lost in deep thought'something troubled Priyanka from the day she has actively got involved in Prachi's case'and she has been harmed twice physically too'the poor girl is going through all this just to help him out' 'no, I can't let her be in this, this is too dangerous'I can't be so selfish' Rajeev thought to himself' he made up his mind' ' I have to keep her away from this, anyhow'I can't let her in danger just for me, chahe uske liye mujhe kuchh bhi karna pade...'


A week has gone by after this, they were all back to the sets, Priyanka was in a depressed mood'she had hardly seen Rajeev after ther first meeting in the infirmary'the doctor had strictly asked her not to get up from bed'.but what surprised her was that Rajeev had never come to check on her'.nor could she go to meet him, he had given instructions to the nurse that nobody disturbs him!!! She had sent a couple of get well soon cards to Rajeev but there was no response'she wondered what was up with him'


Priyanka had been greeted in the sets with a loud applause of welcome'an elderly gentleman had come forward and praised her for her bravery'.he was Misraji, the director of the film. He had a fatherly attitude and looked like the most calm man in the world.

There were a couple of new people on the sets, Arjun told her one of them was the new producer, Mr. Malhotra

Priyanka looked at him with surprise!: matlab sach mein new producer aa gaya?

Arjun (lookinh guilty) haan Ghazal usdin jhooth nehi bol rahi thi'usne shayad woh rassi nehi kati thi'  

Priyanka (thinking hard): no it was not Ghazal's doing

Arjun: haan shayad accident tha, but we misbehaved with her so much

Priyanka: poor her! Misraji usko convince kar paya? Woh film chhod rahi hai finally?

Arjun: shayad nehi, dekh na naye producer ke saath uska kuchh zyada hi rapport hai, shayad usne mana liya


Priyanka saw Mr.Malhotra talking animatedly with Ghazal, somehow she didn't like the look of Malhotra, he looked like a shrewd man, the way he was measuring each part of Ghazal's body was certainly uncomfortable'but Ghazal hardly noticed


Her attention was diverted by a loud applause again, this time it was Rajeev who had entered the sets! Everybody went to greet him, Priyanka was relieved to see him fit and fine, she went forward to talk to him'

'Welcome back,' she said warmly but a little hurt that he hadn't responded to her 'get well' note

'oh thanks' Rajeev said coldly, ' if you don't mind excuse me, I need to talk to Misraji'

To Priyanka's surprise Rajeev ignored and walked past her, leaving her standing there stunned!!Cry


totally oooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuutstanding...........well well well...sooooooo much happened in this update....convo was sooooooooooo funny in the first part....both real life cadet and god....Nayonika toh ek jhagrallu billi ki tarah ladti hai....Big smile....very nice dear....again Raj-Pri scene was at its best....only i can say that this update was mindblasting,amazing,superb,cool.....Clap

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Originally posted by george eliot

Priyanka stood there rapt in surprise! Is this a bad dream or something? She thought to herself as she kept looking at Rajeev talking to Misraji'it took some time for her for the reality to sink in'Rajeev had indeed behaved rudely to her'but why? What happened all of a sudden?

Vikas: Priiiiiiiiiii'..

Priyanka got out of her trance: haan bol

Vikas: kya soch rahi hai, kab se tujhe bula raha hoon'achha bata lunch mein soup piyegi?

Priyanka: nehi bol'.

Vikas: PRIYANKA'..tu sun bhi rahi hai kya bol raha hoon? Tu soup piyegi? Layoon?

Priyanka: haan'..

Vikas comes back with a soup bowl and some sandwitches'he really didn't know what was wrong with Priyanka but she seemed evidently upset'.

Priyanka khane lagti hai tabhi usse yaad ata hai: Vikas, main ek minute mein ayi'she got up abruptly

Vikas: kahan ja rahi hai?

Pri: Prachi ke lunch ka waqt ho gaya hai, usse khilana hoga...and she left to talk to Rajeev


She was not sure if Rajeev will be normal this time, she kept her fingers crossed'but the more she approached him the more she felt her heart beating loudly'


Rajeev was reading his script with attention'his shoulder was left bare with the bandage on and Priyanka saw drops of blood oozing out'she felt an overwhelming desire to dress his broad shoulders and ease his pain'but'


Priyanka went close to him and said nervously: Prachi ke lunch ka waqt ho gaya hai'

Rajeev looked up from his script, looked at Pri with a straight face and concentrated on the script again: thanks par maine usse khila diya hai

Priyanka's heart beats increased'.so that was just not one instance'Rajeev has seriously started behaving with her differently'


Pri couldn't hide the hurt in her voice: tumne ekbaar mujhe bataya bhi nehi? Roz toh main hi khilati hoon'


Rajeev gave her a long stare this time and said with a stern voice: Thanks for caring about Prachi par shayad Prachi ke liye tumhe itni fikr karne ki zaroorat nehi hai'


Priyanka couldn't believe her ears!!!!!!!!!! Is it the same Rajeev who would consult her about everything single thing about Prachi?!!!!!!! She couldn't say anything, she could just let out a feeble 'what'?


Rajeev: I think I made myself very clear Ms.Bassi, I m really thankful the way you took care of my daughter but I think I can handle her now, she's my responsibility and now I would appreciate if you leave me and my daughter alone'now if you excuse me, I have some work.


Rajeev went back to his script, completely ignoring a stunned Priyanka, tears streaming down her eyes'

Rajeev had been a little too loud, the people around had turned to see what was going on between them'Aliya had come forward to them


Aliya: is everything alright guys? She said with a frown, intently observing both of them.


Rajeev: Thank God Aliya tum aa gayi, main tumhe hi dhoondh raha tha, Prachi ko lunch karwana hai, chale? (he completely ignored Priyanka)


Priyanka felt like sinking in the ground'she ran away from the place, covering her face to hide the tears that had started to well up in her eyes uncontrollably'.


She ran into her van and slammed the door tight, it's been years since she had cried like this, Rajeev's words piercing her heart like a thousand knives'she could hardly breathe as she remembered Rajeev's insult'why is Rajeev behaving like this? And especially after all the softer emotions he showed for her'was she wrong then? Did Rajeev never mean what she understood'

As she remembered the mutual attraction she thought they shared, she felt like her heart bursting out'how could he, how could he do this to her'she thought as she cried'and suddenly it struck her'was it because he knew what Priyanka had done? The thought filled her up with guilt more than hurt' 'it must be that'nehi toh achanak aisa behavior' Things seem to fall in place now 'but now that he knows I must apologise'' 'someday he'll understand I didn't mean to harm him''she thought to herself as she wiped her tears'


Knock knock'.knock knock'there was a loud knock at her van door'she got up, wiped her face and opened the door'Arjun was standing there.


Rajeev was lost in deep thought as he walked with Aliya towards the guesthouse. It's tough to be a man, he knew Priyanka had cried at his rude behavior and he almost had tears in his eyes too, but he couldn't cry' 'someday she'll understand I didn't mean to hurt her''he thought to himself as he wiped his tears that had started to come up in his eyes inspite of his strong resolve'


Arjun: kya hua tere aur Khandelwal ke beech?

Pri: kuchh'.kuchh bhi toh nehi'

Arjun: dekh Priyanka jhooth mat bol, maine sab dekha, bata mujhe

Pri (looking down): woh mujhse gussa hai

Arjun: kyon?

Pri: shayad maine jo kiya hai ishliye'

Arjun: kya kiya hai tune?

Priyanka couldn't hold it anymore'she hugged Arjun tightly and started crying, tears of remorse streaming down her face'

Arjun patted her like a small kid and let her cry'he and Priyanka had always shared a special bond like their on screen characters and all knew Arjun was no different from Alekh when it came to caring for his 'Naina'.


'tum khana bhi khayoge ya fir sochte hi rahoge?' Rajeev startled as he heard Aliya's voice. He had not touched a bit of the food they had ordered for lunch'

Aliya leaned forward: dekho Rajeev tum decide kar lo tumhe kya karna hai

Rajeev: (depressed) nehi, maine decide kar liya hai

Aliya: toh fir don't look so depressed, see u r doing it for Priyanka right?

Rajeev: hmmm'..nothing should happen to her Aliya, this is too dangerous

Aliya: toh fir? Kitna sochte ho tum uske baare mein, kash mere liye bhi koi aisa sochta'(she gave Rajeev one of those love lorn looks)

But Rajeev was in no mood for jokes

Rajeev: shayad usse itne rudely baat nehi karna chahiye tha''

Aliya: achha? aur tum sochte ho tum agar pyar se samjhate toh woh maan jati? Pagal ho tum Rajeev dekha nehi how much involoved she was in the case? tumhe agar usse iss sab se dur rakhna hai toh aise hi behave karte raho, bas investigation khatam ho jaaye toh usse sab kuchh bata dena

Rajeev: woh samajh jayegi na?

Aliya: haan baba, any girl who sees a guy going this far to keep her out of danger will be outrightly impressed with the guy! 

Rajeev: I don't want to impress her, I just want her to be safe'.



Naina recounted everything to Arjun'.


The day before she  left for Nawgaon, her cousin Kushal had called her up. Kushal had been working as a freelance reporter for some film magazine, but it was going tough for him, he was always late for scoops and the boss was not happy.


Kushal had called up excitedly.

Kushal: Pri this is Kushal, tumlog shooting ke liye ja rahe ho na Nawgaon?

Priyanka: haan

Kushal: suno mera ek kaam karna padega please

Pri: haan bolo

Kushal: we are making an exclusive feature on Rajeev Khandelwal, mujhe uske saare news chahiye

Pri: array toh usse interview lelo na, I can give you his number

Kushal: hush Pri, listen, this is a bit secretive, we have news that Rajeev is going to take his daughter along

Priyanka had met the kid outside the restaurant and she had even given a ride to both of them, she didn't know what interested him so much about the kid!! She was normal kid, adopted by Rajeev, and there was nothing extraordinary in this'


Priyanka: tumlog uske beti ke peechhe kyon pade ho?

Kushal: array the secret lies there, there is a buzz in the industry that she's his real daughter, a relationship that Rajeev has kept away from the industry!!!!


Priyanka was shocked to hear this'are you sure?

Kushal: haan bhai, aur iss bachhi ka Nawgaon ke saath koi connection hai, nehi toh tum hi socho who takes such a young kid for shooting?


Kushal went on: I am sure he's going to meet the kid's mother, his old flame or something, can be his secret wife too! Just imagine Pri, if I can get this scoop mera toh life ban jayega!


Priyanka: toh mujhe kya karna hai?

Kushal: ohho abhi tak samjhe nehi, I need you to do a little bit of spying on Rajeev and his daughter, just keep reporting me wherever he goes and who he meets'


Priyanka: are you crazy Kushal! You want me to spy on other people's private lives????

Kushal: please Pri, mana mat karna, please, it's a question of my career, Pri please, won't you help me in this? Dekho agar Rajeev ka koi secret nehi hai toh bas baat khatam, aur agar kuchh hai toh I think we sould expose it to the whole world


Priyanka was not comfortable with the idea, yet Kushal was almost like her own brother Pranay, and she was too close to him, not only that her first project Bombay Talking went to her because of Kushal, it was Kushal's contacts that had helped this struggling young model to usher into the small screen'how could she forget that'when she left Delhi alone, it was Kushal who helped her settle down, he was her only refuge in her early days in Mumbai'


And then the bus fight happened'Priyanka was upset about the article in TOI about her, Rajeev and Prachi'and Rajeev had taken it too lightly 'tum famous ho toh media mein yeh sab hota hi rehta hai''.his don't care attitude had angered Priyanka and she had sent her first report to Kushal that day'and then she got into it, she almost got caught while she followed him to the jwellery shop'she had to cook up a lie and Rajeev believed it too'but she had actually followed him out of the academy on Kushal's instructions'


She had felt bad about it and she wished she could stop, however she has to admit that she herself was curious about Rajeev's past relationship and his daughter's supposed mother''so while the whole industry was buzzing with gossip about him and Amna, this is what was happening behind the limelight'


And yet as the days went by Priyanka was more and more convinced that Kushal's hunch was wrong, and finally the day when Rajeev told her everything about Prachi'that he needed to keep Prachi out of limelight because he feared she might be in danger'.and that day Priyanka felt the pangs of guilt gripping her tightly, perhaps if she had not leaked out so much information Prachi and Rajeev would not have been in danger'she had wanted to tell Rajeev all about this, again and again, and yet it never happened till perhaps now when Rajeev knows all about it'


Arjun's face grew serious as he heard the whole story: tune thik nehi kiya Priyanka

Pri (more guilty): I know, par believe me mujhe agar pata hota ki this is so serious I would have never done it at any cost'

Arjun: toh article chhap gaya hai?

Pri: shayad nehi, because Kushal was asking for more information the other day also

Arjun: toh fir things are better, Kushal ke siwa yeh sab information kisiko pata nehi'

Priyanka felt a lot better'true, Kushal said the article was still not out, that means none of her spying had been reported outside'she felt a burden go down her shoulders'

Thanks Arjun, fir bhi main usse phone karke ekbar poochti hoon

Priyanka's jolliness came back as she dialed Kushal's number'but as she spoke over the phone her face became serious again.

'Kushal said he had passed all the information to his boss and his team'.there are almost 6 people in his team and he doesn't know what each had been doing with the information'' Priyanka declared with a shaky voice'

Crywhy this is all happening....poor Pri....Rajeev is sooooooo much concerned about keep her safe...he insulted her....Confusedsoooo bad yaar...well situation was again brilliantly described....Clap....thank god...Pri told everything to i m feeling relieved too...but what will happen when Rajeev will come to know....anyways very sad and excellent update....Clapit was at its best doubt
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Originally posted by george eliot

episode 22:
Arjun: tu information de rahi thi yeh bhi usne bata diya kya?
Pri: nehi usne source ka naam secret rakha, lekin usse kya fark padta hai...information toh leak out ho gaya na?

Knock knock, Priyanka and Arjun turn and see Vikas entering the van. He looks surpisingly at both of them'they had to stop their conversation abruptly'

Arjun: Priyanka main chalta hoon, u take care we'll talk later'.

Priyanka: ok

They make eye signals at each other'seeing this Vikas becomes serious.

Vikas: Pri aaj shaam ko tu free hai?

Pri: haan'kyon?

Vikas: tujhe dinner pe le jayoonga, ek bahut achha restaurant hai yahan

Pri: woh thik hai, shaam ko dekhenge

Vikas looks at her with determination: mana mat karna Pri, tujhse zaroori baat karna hai



The team gathers for a post lunch session shooting, Rajeev was still thinking about his rude behavior to Priyanka, 'usse kitna bura laga hoga' Rajeev thought with a heavy heart'he remembered their conversation in the infirmary when he had hugged her seeing her unhurt'

Rajeev: Priyanka tum mujhse ek promise karo

Pri: kya...

Rajeev: please keep yourself from all these...this is too dangerous

Priyanka had looked up and looked into his eyes'then smiled

Priyanka: Rajeev tum bhi toh khatre mein ho, main kaise tumhara saath chhod dun?

Rajeev: par Pri'

Priyanka: kuchh par nehi, khatro se akela larne se achha hai hum saath mein lade''.


His reminiscence is broken when he heard Aliya getting scolded by Mr.Malhotra

Malhotra: action scenes ke liye actors ka actual paramilitary training kyon nehi ho raha hai?

Aliya: woh actually actors ke liye training zyada bhari pad raha tha'

Malhotra: what nonsense! I want the training to begin from tomorrow'kal se roz ek ghante ke liye the actors should learn the actual military techniques along with the cadets of this academy'I'll take Br.Suryakant's permission

Aliya: okay sir'



Aliya looked evidently disgusted, Rajeev comes up to her

Rajeev: Malhotra scolded you, why didn't you tell him that it was me who asked you to stop the training

Aliya: please Rajeev, tum already itne pareshaan ho

Rajeev: fir bhi mere liye tumhe daant khane ki kya zaroorat thi?

Aliya looked at him with meaningful eyes: some day you'll understand that'

Rajeev felt uncomfortable'Aliya had been trying to convey something to him for quite some days'he didn't know if was her way of joking but whatever it is he didn't want to hear it'he quickly changed the topic.

Rajeev: ok ok'achha aur kya bol raha tha Malhotra

Aliya flared up: bas poochho mat'Malhotra apne tarike se film chalana chahta hai'usse lagta hai script zyada filmi nehi hai, usse aur filmy cheez chahiye!!!

Rajeev: jaise?

Aliya: jaise Raj Naina romance mein filmy dance, ek do semi bed scenes''..

Rajeev: kyaaaaaaaa??????????

Aliya: aur nehi toh kya!!!! Unka kehna hai Raj Naina mentorship program mein camp mein saath saath rehte hai, ek doosre se pyaar karte hai, aur kuchh hota nehi hai??????

Rajeev: what nonsense! Please Aliya don't kill the story, isse Ekta ke serial jaisa mat banao!!

Aliya: main kya karoon, aage aage dekho na story mein kya kya twists ata hai! Huda ke saath Naina ka shaadi ho jata hai, Raj ki yaddash chali jaati hai, fir dono ekdin milte hai, he needs twists in the story''oh God'disgusting'I really need a break'achha suno aaj shaam ko kya kar rahe ho?

Rajeev: kuchh khaas nehi, kyon?

Aliya: great! Toh hum dinner ke liye chalenge, yahan pe ek bahut achha restaurant hai

Rajeev: array par'

Aliya: kuchh par war nehi'we are going


Priyanka was dying to talk to Arjun'their conversation was left incomplete'she had wanted to ask for advice'should she go and apologise to Rajeev now? Of course she needed to say sorry'she will explain why she did it'and perhaps things will be alright'

But no! no she didn't dare to meet him again'perhaps she should write a letter to him'

Priyanka thinks of doing it right then when Arjun comes to her, taking her to the corner of the sets

Arjun: mujhe nehi lagta Rajeev ko tere spying ke baare mein pata hai (he said in a whisper)

Priyanka is utterly surpised: nehi pata? How do u know?

Arjun: sun jisko pata hai uske upar spying ho raha hai woh aise behave karta hai kya? Dekh tu usse, is there any effort on his side to keep Prachi away from the limelight?


Priyanka looks at Rajeev and Prachi''.true, there was no effort of hiding Prachi, in fact many people in the sets were playing with Prachi, taking her for a short walk and Rajeev showed no intention to hide her!! There are so many people around: the spotboys, the cameramen, lightsmen, makeup men, electricians, technicians, the director, producer'.anyone can report about Prachi, anyone!!

Priyanka felt a little irritated with Rajeev's unconcerned attitude'how could he be so careless with Prachi?!!!!!

Priyanka: usse toh yeh pata hai ki Prachi ko khatra hai (she said angrily)


Arjun: lekin dekh ke toh lagta nehi... perhaps he trusts the people in his set'nehi Pri mujhe bilkul nehi lagta usse zara bhi sak hai ki uske upar yahan se hi spying ho raha tha'aur fir usse batayega kaun??

Priyanka: shayad tu thik keh raha hai (she said unmindfully) yeh baat toh kisi aur ko pata bhi nehi'.

And then the big question strikes her again: then why is he behaving like this? Toh fir kuchh aur baat hai kya? ''

Arjun: sun Pri, usne khud tujhe kuchh nehi bola na? toh fir tu bhi abhi kuchh mat batana, pehle Prachi ka case solve ho jaye fir bata dena'

Priyanka was still thinking of another reason why Rajeev might be angry with her'


'This is disgusting' a fuming Kunal came storming up to them.

Priynka: tujhe kya hua?

Kunal: iss naye producer ko toh main'.

Arjun: array hua kya?

Kunal: kya yaar, mere character ka kachumbar bana raha hai, bolta hai Yudi ko gay dikhana padega! Can you beat that?!! I have to play a gay role now?????

Priyanka: par kyon? Tere role toh macho honewala tha na?

Kunal: that's what Aliya had told me, but this ****** is changing it all, uska kehna hai ab har film mein ek gay character ka hona zaroori hai, he wants one in this film too, toh Bobby darling ko bulao na, mujhe hi kyon????

Arjun: hahahaha

Priyanka: tu usse itna seriously kyon le raha hai, it's just another role

Kunal: (voice thick with frustration) u won't understand, jab se industry mein aya hun sab sissy roles hi mil raha hai L koi toh mujhe ek achha macusline role de! Ab sakl bhi feminine hai, aur ab gay ka role bhi karna padega, mera toh future ka kabada ho gaya'


Tabhi Harshad came in, smirking'

Harshad: hey tumlogo ne ek baat notice kiya? dekha hai woh Malhotra kaise dekhta rehta hai Ghazal ko? Usse bahut pasand hai Ghazal J

Priyanka: mujhe uske looks bilkul achhe nehi lagte, may be we should caution her

Harshad: arrey chhod na, Ghazal ki aasique Ghazal samjhe, lets not get into this'main ek sandwitch lekar ata hoon

Priyanka: please Harshad, kabhi toh khana chhodkar kisi dusre ke baare mein bhi soch? Perhaps she might be in danger'.

Harshad: array maine kya kiya? I just don't want to interfere in people's private life'and take my advice, tu bhi logo ke privacy mein interefere mat kar, nehi toh sab ke samne log aise hi insult kar dete hai'didn't mean to hurt you, it's just a friendly advice'

Arjun: Harshad!!!

Harshad: kyon maine kuchh galat kahan? Mujhe bhi achha nehi laga jab Rajeev ne Priyanka ke upar chillaya, woh bhi sab ke samne'she should really mind her own business

Arjun: jo tu samajhta nehi uske baare mein comment mat kar...


'Guys can I have you all on the sets,' Aliya's voice boomed across and they all walked there.

Yes cadet singh

Sir main aapse yeh poochna chahti hoon ki aap mere mentor hoke bhi mujhse baat kyon nehi kar rahe hai?

Cadet singh aapko aur kuchh poochhna hai toh puchhiye nehi toh bhul jaiye

Kya kya bhul jayoon sir? Apne dosto ke beech ke jhagre ko ya fir yeh bhul jayoon ke aap mere mentor hai?

Cadet singh sit down


Rajveer walks with a sad heart and Naina cries over Alekh's shoulder: 'sab log mujhse dur kyon chale jaate hai?'

Problem tujhe nehi Rajveer sir ki hai'

Usse lagta hai tujhe usse pyar ho gaya hai...



'Wow great shot, that was so natural,' all clapped after the shot

Misraji: tum dono ke expressions bahut hi achhe the, it looked so real

'It has to be natural, after all that's what's exactly happening in real life too,' Priyanka thought with a sigh and suddenly the thought strikes her'.is that the reason for Rajeev's behaviour too? Is he avoiding me because he thinks I am in love with him?


It's 7 o clock, Priyanka gets ready for the dinner, she had felt like staying in her room but Vikas was too insistent. He also wanted her to wear the new dress she had bought but she just wore her casuals. 'Fir kabhi, jab mood achha hoga,' she thought as she slipped in her jeans n kurta. Vikas came all dressed to pick her up

Pri: kya baat hai, aaj bada saj dhajke
Vikas: it's a special day for me, chale?

Knock knock. Rajeev was ready in his casuals for dinner, he tried his best to dissuade Aliya but she was adamant'he opened the door to see Aliya dressed in a red saree, her hair open and wearing a special perfume. 'chale?' she said with a smile.

Rajeev: red saree??

Aliya: kyon koi problem hai? Tumhe red saree pasand nehi hai kya?

Rajeev: (khoye huye) nehi'red saree se kuchh yaad a gaya'

Aliya: ofho ab kya sochne lag gaye?  chale?

Rajeev: ek min, Prach bhi ready hai, usse lata hoon

Aliya looked disappointed: hum Prachi ko saath le ja rahe hai?

Rajeev: (innocent expression) haan usse kahan rakh ke jayoon, usse bhi saath le chalte hai na, kyon tumhe koi problem hai?

Aliya: (disappointed) nehi''chaloLOLLOLLOL

Tongue totally love this gave me relief of joy...TongueTongueTonguepeeeeeeeeeeeeeerfect....whole update was aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeesum....and this Aliya is getting soo closed to RajeevAngry...i hate her....poor Kunal...this new producer is disgusting....i have enjoyed alot while reading....splendid update.....every word is pitty for u dear....Clap
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Originally posted by george eliot

Vikas keeps looking at Priyanka as they both sit in the car

Priyanka: kya hua? Chalna nehi hai?

Vikas smiles

Pri: array!!!!!

Vikas: tu bhul gayi na? Bilkul?

Priyanka: kya? Kya bhula maine?

Vikas: aaj date kya hai bata

Priyanka: kyon?

Vikas: tu bata na, khud hi pata chal jayega

Priyanka: hmm, aaj shayad february 10th hai, hai na?

Vikas is still looking at her and smiling

Priyanka: toh kya hua?................oh my God! Oh my God!

Vikas: yaad aya?

Priyanka: goshhhh Vikas, how can I forget it?!!!!!!!! It's your birthday!!

Vikas: yes darling


Priyanka felt extremely bad, how could she forget his birthday?!! Last time Vikas had arranged a midnight party on her birthday, she was woken up from sleep with flowers and cakes, it was such a pleasant surprise'aur usse yaad bhi nahi aaj Vikas ka birthday hai! Na koi gift na kuchh, sara din beet gaya ek birthday wish bhi nehi kiya usne'she felt like disappearing with shame


Pri: I am so sorry Vikas, she said with a genuine regret in her voice, pata nehi kaise bhul gayee'

Vikas looked sadly at her: it's okay Priyanka, pata hai tu kisi cheez ko lekar pareshaan hai, par tu toh mujhe kuchh batati hi nehi...tu mujhse dur hoti ja rahi hai Priyanka


Pri: aisi koi baat nehi hai, hum abhi bhi best friends hai na?


Vikas: mujhe nehi lagta'.tu mujhse dur hoti ja rahi hai Pri'aaj toh bol kya baat hai, aisa kya ho gaya tere aur mere beech?


Priyanka felt very uncomfortable, Vikas's questions made her think of things she tried to forget'and perhaps she was scared to face'she felt guilty too, it's true Vikas had been more than a friend to her, at least before the shooting started'but now? Does she care about him in the same way?


Vikas smiled again seeing her silent: chhod, tu nehi batayegi na? dekh tu kitni kam khayal rakhti hai mera'maine kaun sa shirt pehna hai yeh bhi notice nehi kiya, na?


Priyanka noticed his red shirt and remembered, it was the same shirt she had gifted him for his last birthday''she heaved out a sigh'things are certainly not the same between them'


Udhar jaise hi Aliya and Rajeev came out of the academy gate, a car went by, splashing muddy water at Aliya's red saree!

Aliya: ewwwww, he bhagwan poori bheeg gayee

Rajeev: are you okay? Of ho yeh log bhi na, ab kya karoge? Change karna padega na?

Aliya: of course change karna padega, this is disgusting, tum car mein ruko main change karke aati hun

Rajeev: hmmmmm ab koi doosri color ki saree pehenke ana

Aliya: haan, sab tumhare wajah se hua hai, mere lal saree pe nazar dal diya tumne

Rajeev: hahahaha, ab yaad rakhna, mere samne kabhi lal saree mat pehen na

Aliya: kyon? Saand ho kya? bewaja der ho gayi, tum ruko main abhi ayi

Aliya rushed inside the gates...Rajeev man hi man sochta hain

'Sach mein Aliya, shayad sach mein tumhare red saree par nazar lag gaya, kyon ki red saree sirf ek pe hi jachta hai, hai na Prachi?'

Kucch samjhe na samjhe, Prachi yeh sunkar khilkhilar haas uthti hain! Prachi has been in a great mood today'this was the first time Rajeev had taken her out of the guest house and the sets and she had enjoyed every bit of it'Prachi grew excited as they passed through the academy garden and gates, she was almost jumping in his lap'poor kid, how she must have died to go out'



Priyanka and Vikas reach a five star restaurant in the outskirts of the town. Jaise hi dono gaari se utarte hai, they are taken inside with special treatment

Priyanka: kya baat hai Vikas, in logo ko bhi pata hai kya ki aaj tera birthday hai?

Vikas just smiles and doesn't say anything

They are taken inside and given a special table at the 2nd floor of the restuarant; Priyanka could see all the other people sitting there in the floor below them, only theirs was a special table decked with flowers and candles in a floor above everybody else.


Priyanka: tune itna sab kuchh arrangement kiya hai? Mujhe laga hum aise ki ja rahe hai dinner ke liye'

Vikas: kya karoon bol, kisiko agar mera birthday yaad nehi toh khud hi yeh sab karna padta hai..

Priyanka: please Vikas, mujhe aur guilty feel mat karwa, I am reaaaaly sorry, achha bata tujhe kya gift chahiye bol, let that be my compensation

Vikas: mujhe jo chahiye tu degi mujhe?

Priyanka: bilkul, anything for you, tu bolke toh dekh

Vikas: thik hai, aaj hi maang lunga...achha filhal toh khana ka order dete hai, tere liye woh penne with vodka sauce and capicola bol doon? Yahan milta hai

Priyanka: tujhe yaad hai?

Vikas: haan yaad nehi hoga? Mr. aur Miss TV ke shooting pe uss Italian restaurant se roz khati thi, fir kisi aur restaurant mein itna achha nehi mila

Priyanka: array haan usi show ke dauran tere girlfriend tujhe chhod diya than a? hee hee

Vikas: tere wajah se...I don't regret that, he keeps his hand on hers, and kisses it, 'I am glad I got you''


Before Priyanka could take her hand away she sees Rajeev and Aliya entering the restaurant...and she freezes there...


Rajeev: aha, good choice, I like this place, chalo upaar jaake baithe?

Waiter: sorry sir, that floor is booked, we have a special place for you  too Sir

Rajeev: achha? upar bhi special guests?

Waiter: haan bada hi romantic couple hai, waise aaplogo ki bhi bahut sweet family hai

Rajeev: hmm, ok chalo baithte hain

He sits facing the top floor and then...suddenly he spots Priyanka and Vikas sitting there...


Priyanka's heart started thumping loudly as she saw Rajeev, Vikas was sitting with his back to the entrance, only she could see them...Aliya had dressed up in a gorgeous black salwar, they had also brought Prachi and looked like a happy family.


Rajeev couldn't take his eyes off them'romantic couple huh? They have booked the entire floor just for themselves'Vikas seemed like kissing Priyanka's hand and she was sitting there without protest...Rajeev felt a pain in his heart'


"kaise dekh raha hai Rajeev Aliya ko..." Priyanka thought...she was indeed looking too beautiful, "Rajeev seemed to be oblivious of his surroundings, his whole attention was directed towards Aliya" Priyanka felt a sharp pain in her chest


Vikas: tu kya soch rahi hai? Achha ek baat sach sach batayegi please? What do you think of me as a person?

Priyanka was feeling a mixture of emotions: anger, frustration, jealousy..she kept looking at Rajeev with the corner of her eye: IDIOT she said aloud

Vikas: kyaa?

Pri: kya kyaa?

Vikas: aaj mere birthday ke din tu mujhe idiot bula rahi hai?

Pri felt embarrassed: nehi nehi tujhe nehi'

Vikas: mujhe nehi toh kya tu apne aap ko idiot bol rahi thi?



Cut to Rajeev-Aliya:

Waiter: okay madam, aur kuchh?

Aliya: nehi bas, dessert baad mein order karenge

As the waiter left Rajeev muttered under his breath: smart boy huh? Man kar raha hai ek punch maroo

he was still fuming over the sight of Vikas kissing Priyanka's hands..

Aliya: kyaaaaa? Bechare waiter ko kyon marna chahte ho? Kya kiya usne?

Rajeev comes back to his senses: array nahi waiter nehi'mera matlab...

Aliya(laughing): kisko ghusa marne ka man kar raha hai janab?

Rajeev: kuchh nehi, jaldi se khana khakar chalo chalte hai

Aliya: arrey tumhare mood ko kya hua?

Rajeev: uff Aliya, tum bahut sawal karte ho, kya kya order kiya?



"Aha..Aliya was laughing out ...zaroor kuchh funny hua hoga, very good, enjoy your dinner, sirf mere upar chillana mat bhoolna" Priyanka thought angrily. She felt stupid to feel jealous and it made her more angry..."toh mujhe avoid karke woh Aliya ke saath rehna chahta hai, very good, go ahead, I don't give a damn"

Sochte sochte Priyanka suddenly gets up

Vikas: kya hua tujhe?

Priyanka: chal dance karte hain

Vikas: wow, my pleasure, thanks dear

Priyanka pulls Vikas up and hold his shoulder and hand'the whole floor is theirs and she takes him to an area where the lights are dim'but all the while facing Rajeev's table, looking at him from the corner of her eye'



A couple of people recognized Rajeev and asked for his autograph, but his whole attention was directed towards the upper floor'

"Hmm ab "romantic couple' dance karne lage! Dono kitne paas paas dance kar rahe hai...idhar toh media se bolte ho "we are just good friends"Rajeev thought. He had seen Priyanka asking Vikas for a dance and he felt miserable..."kya yeh sab woh mujhse gussa hokar kar rahi hai? itna bhi nehi samajhti ki main kyon tumhe dur rakhna chahta tha...ab tum sach mein mujhse dur ja rahe ho" suddenly Rajeev's jealousy was replaced my a sense of sadness...he doesn't even know Priyanka's could he even presume things...what has happened between them? Nothing...she had just helped him, nothing else....perhaps she loves Vikas.....


"All Rajeev's niceties were perhaps because she had helped him and Prachi...perhaps it was just gratitude...nothing else"Priyanka thought with a heavy heart

Ouch ouch, Priiiiiiiiii, Vikas screamed out

Pri: kya, kya hua?

Vikas: tu apne high heel se mere pair ka satyanash kar diya'ouch

Pri: oh I am sorry, I didn't realize I was stepping on you'

Vikas: baapre what a birthday gift, chal baba baithte hai'abhi 8.30 bajnewale hai

Pri: kyon 8.30 baje kya hai?

Vikas: a surprise for you and time for my birthday gift


The clock strikes 8.30 and suddenly all the lights in the hall go off'then a light blue light falls from above just on Pri and Vikas' table, everybody turned around to look at them with surprise and tabhi we hear a voice:


Ladies and gentlemen'we are pleased to inform you about a special event being held here. We have among us the famos actors Vikas Manaktala and Priyanka Bassi, who are the special guests of the evening, we have another celebrity guest too'however it's Vikas' birthday today and what makes it more special is this big event coming up'.


Priyanka looks in utter surprise at Vikas sitting on his knees in front of her'he held out a ring for her and said:

"I love you Priyanka, will you be mine?"

Priyanka hides her face with her hands in utter shock


Everybody claps thinking that it's Priyanka's way of saying yes and tabhi the whole hall hears a child crying out loudly as if it had been attacked by someone


Lights are put on immediately, Prachi is screaming out loudly, her hands stretched out towards Priyanka!!

She had seen Priyanka the moment the lights were put off and the blue light had been focused on her...she had stretched out her hands for her, cooed out at her and Rajeev had tried to shut her up, holding her hands down tightly and finally scolded her...but that was too much for her...she loved Priyanka and she had missed her for the last few days and now with Rajeev's scolding she wanted to go to Priyanka, now....


All eyes were turned to Prachi now, she was crying her lungs out, Rajeev tried in vain to stop her...the whole hall was looking at her'the manager and some of the staff came to attend them, some people who hadn't noticed Rajeev, Priyanka and Vikas till now, surrounded them Prachi was inconsolable; she wanted Priyanka, right now!


Priyanka got over her shock and she came down to Prachi'she didn't care what Rajeev would say to her'she loved the child immensely and couldn't bear to watch the child crying like that for her'indeed they had grown a deep bond: feeding her, playing with her, putting her to sleep, she had almost become her daughter too as much as she was Rajeev's'Priyanka walked down boldly in front of a gaping Vikas, the people and an embarrassed Rajeev and took Prachi in her lap! And Prachi stopped crying immediately!!


Priyanka took Prachi to the terrace adjoining the restaurant, Vikas had wanted to join but she had asked him to sit'she wanted some time alone'she held Prachi close to her and felt like crying"oh God what is all this happening, kya trouble kafi nehi tha ki Vikas achanak serious sawal poochne lage...aur Rajeev ne sab dekha"


Suddenly she felt someone standing behind her...she turned around and saw a rugged looking old man, looking at her intently: who's this kid? He asked in a gruff voice

Priyanka felt a little scared, she was alone with Prachi'she could see Rajeev through the glass door, looking at her'she tried to signal him'

Priyanka: mere dost ke beti hai

Man: jhooth mat bolo, sach sach batao, yeh bachhi tumhe kahan mili?

Priyanka was evidently scared now: I am telling you, she's my friends daughter'she said in a nervous voice

The man scribbled something on a piece of paper and gave it to her: I know what you are looking for, keep this, and don't show this to anybody'and yes keep the kid safe

He said and went away from the terrace


A terrified Priyanka came back to her table. Prachi refused to leave Priyanka for the rest of the time they were there'Priyanka and Vikas ate their food quietly with Prachi by their side'people had congratulated them but she had not spoken a word about his proposal after getting back to their table, and Vikas sulked immensely'he looked at Priyanka's face and didn't dare to ask her anything'


Rajeev and Aliya ate their food in silence too'Aliya tried to crack some jokes but Rajeev was non responsive'he was angry with himself for bringing Prachi and making himself a public nuisance'and yet he could not help feeling relieved too'after all only his daughter knew his innermost desires'


After an hour both the pairs were leaving'Priyanka passed over a sleeping Prachi to Rajeev, he could only utter a feeble thank you, Priyanka didn't answer him'Rajeev kept looking at a Priyanka's grave face'he did mess up the evening for her'he also wanted to ask her about the old man he had seen talking to her, she did seem like signalling him something through the glass door, but before he could go, she was back to her table'


Vikas pulled the car in front of the academy gates and looked at Priyanka': please Priyanka, aaj ke din toh mujhse gussa mat ho

Priyanka: do you even know what you have done (she said coldly)

Vikas: I love you Priyanka and I wanted to make it the most romantic proposal

Priyanka: without even asking me before??? A public drama like that??? Mujhse toh pehle pooch liya hota ki main tumse pyar karti hoon ya nehi!!!

Vikas: wohi toh poochha

Priyanka: aise? Sab logo ke samne tamasha karke? Vikas tum shayad bhul jaate ho ki humlog public figures hai, hamare har ek harkat par media ki nazar hai

Vikas: thik haai, ab toh public nehi hai, sirf tu aur main, ab toh mere sawal ka jawab de

Priyanka: tumhare sawal ka jawab nehi hai mere paas, i am too angry now, yun sabke saamne...Rajeev bhi wahan the...

Vikas: toh yehi asli baat hai, real life mein ab reel life ka influence ho raha hai

Priyanka: please Vikas mujhe tumse kuchh behs nehi karni, raat ho chuki hai, good night and a very happy birthday

Vikas: (smiling sadly) sahi mein happy birthday hi hai, mujhe mera gift bhi mil gaya


Now Priyanka felt bad, perhaps she was too rude to him, she lowers her voice and said softly: Vikas I am sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you but trust me main sach mein tujhe abhi koi answer nehi de payoongi

Vikas: chal thik hai, kam se kam tu poora na toh nehi kar rahi hai'

Priyanka: i don't know Vikas what to say

Vikas: you don't have to tell me anything now, just look into your heart and see, I'll wait for your answer'



Rajeev Prachi ko room mein sulakar Aliya ko darwaze tak chodne aate hai'he saw both Vikas and Priyanka's room locked, that means they are still out, spending time with each other'and perhaps Priyanka will properly say yes to Vikas now that there's no Prachi to disturb their moment'he felt the sharp pain in his heart again


Aliya: goodnight Rajeev

Rajeev: goodnight Aliya

Aliya: by the way ek baat poochhoo tumhe Rajeev?

Rajeev: haan bolo na

Aliya: tumhe kya main zyada chipku lagti hoon? Ki yeh ladki hamesha gale pad jaati hai

Rajeev felt uncomfortable: aisa kyon bol rahi ho Aliya?

Aliya: (looking at him intently) nehi Rajeev I don't want to impose myself on you'yes it's true I have fallen in love with you,I want you, but I will never force myself on you'at least take me as your good friend, I want nothing else'goodnight

And she shut the door on a stunned Rajeev's face!!

  guys just a small request, if you are a silent reader of my fic and you don't's okay...bas just let me know at least one time that you r reading my fic, bas ek baar let me know if u are a reader, i won't ask you to comment again....
 i see many views but lesser n lesser responses n it confuses me whether the same people r reading it or r there more people tooConfusedConfused
also i should also know if i m doing an awful job in trying my hand in fanficsLOLLOLLOL
love u alllllllllll

Clap....i have only one word...OUTSTANDING.....u rocked god....this update was a perfect treat for RP fans....mixture of jealousy,love,care,hatred...everything.....aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesum one....aur ye VIKAS aur ALIYA....kabab mein haddi....Angry...Prachi was toooooooo good.....LOL...she knows everything....again one suspense....suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuperb,miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiindblowing,beeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaatiful update.....u r a star manClap
nihatri IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 October 2008 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
update soon yaar pls
varshita Goldie

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Posted: 03 October 2008 at 2:57am | IP Logged

Hey hello, update was really cool.Clap

I really liked the way jab Raj ne sab k saamne confess kiya ki vo pyaar karta hai Pri se.Tongue

Next thing i like the most is Raj's teasing to Pri , Prachi k liye.Wink

Superb fic yaar cont soon.Smile

Edited by varshita - 03 October 2008 at 2:58am
Shaina_b IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 October 2008 at 2:47pm | IP Logged

Too good!!!!Awesome!!!!!

Accha huya Priyanka ne Rajeev ko rok liya!!!!!Approve Approve Approve ApproveBut he made her promise never to doubt his love again!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Smile Smile Smile SmileHaaiii!!!!!Wink Wink Wink Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Rajeev is now going to create a story different from the serial!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile SmileGood for him!!!!Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up 

Rajeev ne sab ke saamne announce kar diya that they are going around!!!!!Clap Clap Clap Clap

Aur usne yeh bhi kaha that they went to the jungle intentionally!!!!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue

It was a really daring act of his!!!!!Clap Clap Clap Clap 

He kissed Priyanka on her cheeks in front of everyone!!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Smile Smile Smile SmileWow!!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Clap Clap Clap Clap

Nothing can come between them now bas ek baar Rajeev usse ush baat ke liye maaf karde!!!!Smile Smile Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy

Vikas is also staying away from her!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueIt just couldn't get better!!!!Approve Approve Approve Approve

Kumar aake Priyanka ko congratulate karke sab kuch bol raha tha!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOLMagar Rajeev ne aake usse daatke bhej diya kyunki uske saare pol jo khol raha tha!!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL

Prachi ko godh mein lekar Priyanka ne Prachi ko kiss kiya toh ab Rajeev ko bhi kiss chahiye!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueHe is so naughty!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing

Rajeev kehta hai ke mummy pasand aayi toh Prachi is squealing in joy!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Smile Smile SmileYeh Prachi sab samajti hai!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink Smile Smile Smile Smile

Priyanka said mummy Prachi k liye booked hai magar can't guarantee that about Prachi's papa!!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Rajeev kehta hai ke zor ka punch marega jo bhi Priyanka ke paas aayega!!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOLWow!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Wink Wink Wink Wink LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

He is actually offering to go and punch Malhotra!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue 

Rajeev Prachi se kehta hai ke buttons ko chhod ,woh kaam apne papa ke liye hi chhod de!!!!Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOLKitna besharm ho gaya hai!!!!Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing

Vikas yeh sab dekh raha hai aur jal raha hai!!!!!Approve Approve Approve Approve Approve

Mud scenes mein inki hasi ruk hi nahi rahi hai!!!!LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFLHaan real life mein bhi toh yehi huya tha naa!!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink

Waise normally jab shooting karte hai naa tab bhi inko bahut hasi aati hai takes mein!!!!!Smile Smile Smile SmileBut here they have a special reason!!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink

Itna haasenge toh Arjun samaj hi jayega naa ke jungle mein aisa kuch huya tha!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueHe is so intelligent!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Yeh lo!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueRajeev does not mind lying on the mud as long as Priyanka is with him!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink

Intimate scenes sabko dekhna hai ke kya karte hai!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueKunal and Ghazal are teasing Priyanka so much!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Arjun actually suggested shouting control control!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueAisa suggestion sirf wohi de sakta hai!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink Smile Smile Smile Smile LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Yeh Malhotra bhi supervise kar raha hai!!!!!Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove DisapproveHaan woh yeh chance thode hi chhodega!!!!!Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy

Rajeev is feeling so uncomfortable!!!!ISmile Smile Smile

Rajeev is so uncomfortable and conscious in a kissing scene aur theek se kar hi nahi paa raha hai!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Smile Smile Smile SmileSo cute!!!!Smile Smile Smile Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Arjun is actually doing that!!!!!Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueAnd everyone is giggling!!!!!Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch

Now Priyanka is also teasing him!!!!!!!LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOLBut she is right ke agar unhe pata nahi hota toh these smiles would have been different!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile

Priyanka ne aise kaha toh gussa ho gaya and he kissed her strongly and properly!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed EmbarrassedHaaiii!!!!!Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing

On the way back Rajeev and Priyanka and sitting together with Prachi!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Smile Smile Smile SmileHappy Family!!!!Smile Smile Smile Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Blushing Blushing Blushing BlushingBeautiful!!!!Clap Clap Clap Clap

Vikas is sitting alone away from everyone!!!!Smile Smile Smile SmileHaan tum wahi raho!!!!Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry

Harshad thinks they are filmy!!!!Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy UnhappyYeh Harshad ko har baat se problem kyun hoti hai??Confused Confused Confused Confused

Harshad ne phir se apni favourite line boli!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue TongueArjun is right!!!Smile Smile Smile SmileYeh uska naya nara hai kya??Wink Wink Wink Wink

Harshad likes to keep his personal and professional life separate!!!Smile Smile Smile SmileThat is a very good thing!!!!Approve Approve Approve Approve

Ghazal is really getting quite close to Malhotra!!!Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove DisapproveAur ish Malhotra ke irade definately theek nahi hai!!!!Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry

Ab yeh Arjun aur Kunal bhi Harshad ka nara bolna lage!!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink LOL LOL LOL LOL  LOL

Rajeev is right ke Ghazal will misunderstand Priyanka but even I hope she understands herself soon!!!!Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy 

Why is Priyanka still upset about Vikas??Confused Confused Confused ConfusedWhy doesnt she just forget about him??Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy

Jab uski jholi mein itni khusiyan aayi hai tab usse aisi baatein bhool jana chahiye!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile

Rajeev thinks that Aliya is so mature and understanding!!!!!Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy UnhappyBut I think Priyanka is right that Aliya does not behave like a woman in love!!!!Confused Confused Confused Confused

I think this Capt Arun Sharma is Prachi's dad!!!!Smile Smile SmileBut they should keep this a secret!!!!!Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy

But Rajeev is wrong!!!!Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy UnhappyYeh baat Aliya ko nahi batani chahiye!!!!!Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove

Priyanka should stop him from blabbing everything out to Aliya!!!!Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove

Possessive girlfriend or no possessive girlfriend, Priyanka just has to keep Aliya away from Rajeev!!!!!Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry

There's something about Aliya!!!!!Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy UnhappyShe is definately involved in this!!!!Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove

I hope Rajeev and Priyanka solve this mystery soon!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile

Ranveer aur Nayanika ka pyaar bhi ab aage badhna chahiye!!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

indivara Newbie

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Posted: 08 October 2008 at 7:00am | IP Logged
update please we r waiting.....

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