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Reel & Real life:(RN): 2 remaining updates posted (Page 65)

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Posted: 29 September 2008 at 3:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by george eliot

Episode 12:


Rajeev walks in Galaxy jwellers. He had no clue how to proceed with the questioning; cadet Iqbal's information has raised his concerns: there must be some clue hidden in this shop which other people are trying to reach as well'.


'Can I help you Sir,' asked a young salesperson seeing Rajeev standing in the shop.

Rajeev: ahem'actually I need to change this ring, I had ordered a bigger size but galti se shayad mujhe yeh size deliver kiya gaya hai


Salesman: one minute, please let me have a look, ring mein order number likha hoga, main abhi check karke batata hoon


The salesman takes the ring and tries looking for the order number. 'Here it is Sir, order number ALO21, abhi main register check karke batata hoon. The man looks for the entries in the register'''.he doesn't seem to find it 'Sir yeh ring aapne kab order kiya tha?' Rajeev is in a fix, 'a'.actually shayad ek saal pehle.' 'oho tab toh mujhe pichhle saal ka registers dekhna padega'


The man brings down a whole lot of dusty registers. 'Isme se kaise dhoond payange hum' Rajeev thinks. After an hour's work the salesman finally spots the number. 'haan mil gayee, dekhte hain isme kya hai'. They both pour over the register to see this written:


ALO21: size 2m ring: delivered 21st August: payment due Rs. 5285. 50


'arrey yeh kya? Isme toh payment due hai!'


Rajeev: woh main de dunga, aap yeh batao isme address kya likha hai.


Salesman: (searching for it) actually isme address kuchh likha hi nahi hai !!!!

Rajeev: matlab?!!!


Salesman: actually hum sirf home delivery ke addresses likhte hain, baki customers toh dukaan mein aakar hi delivery le jaate hai


Rajeev: achha aapne naam kya likha hai?


Salesman: ek baat bataiye, yeh aapka order hain toh fir aapko name address nahi pata? aap hai kaun? Aapko kahi dekha hua lagta hai....


Rajeev knew he was about to be discovered. Oho yeh chehra! Kash ekbaar ke liye woh iss chehre ko chhupa sakta! He knew what was coming 'aap toh Sujal hai' 'mere biwi aapka bahut bada fan hain' 'ek autograph de dijiye please''aap yaha shooting kar rahe hain?' By now the other customers in the shop had started looking at him and started talking among themselves. He needed to move out fast.


Rajeev: nehi actually mere friend ne order diya tha, mujhe pata nahi kya likh diya usne, dekhiye na payment bhi complete nehi kiya, okay main baad mein ata hoon


Salesman: o achha, ab payment settled hai, oho aapko maine pehchan liya, aap Rajeev Khandelwal ho, hamara 'sujal'!!!!!!


Rajeev: dost aapne thik pehchana, okay main chalta hoon yeh lijiye 6000 rupees, khulle rakh lijiye'and storms out of the shop.


Uff Rajeev didn't know whether to be happy or angry! So many people knew him even in this small town but this is going to be a major obstacle in finding out about Prachi'.dekha jaldi mein usne register pe likhe naam bhi nahi pada, how stupid!!!!! Rajeev felt frustrated, he hasn't done anything apart from drawing public attention'. he really needed an allias to help him, but who can he trust?


Tabhi he spots Priyanka outside the shop peeping inside.

Rajeev: Priyanka tum yahan kya kar rahi ho? Itne raat gaye akele?


Priyanka: woh mujhe kuchh kaam tha toh main chali ayee, mujhe laga maine aapko andar dekha toh wohi dekh rahi thi


Rajeev:  tum yahan itne raat gaye!!!! Woh bhi akele? It's not a very safe place…aisa kya kaam tha tumhe?


Priyanka: (thinking) ab main inhe kaise batau main yahan kya karne ayee hoon

(aloud) haan tha kuchh kaam, anyway chaliye wapas chalte hai


Rajeev: tum mujhse kuchh chhupa rahi ho Priyanka, batao kya baat hai


Priyanka: arrey main kya chhupayoongi?!! Bas kuchh kaam tha


Rajeev: (suspiciously) wohi pooch raha hoon na (thinking) Dukaan mein jhak kar kya dekh rahi thi tum!!!


Priyanka: (irritated) of ho maine kahan na kuchh zaroori kaam tha, sab kuchh aap ko batana padega kya? (thinking) ab yeh sawal poochna bandh karega 


Rajeev: (thinking) aha very suspicious! Aisa kya hai ki Priyanka mujhe batana nehi chahti hai, main toh woh jaankar hi rahoonga (aloud) there is a reason why I am asking, tum batao mujhe itne raat gaye akele tumhe aisi kya zaroorat padh gayi yahan???


Priyanka: (angry) arrey ajeeb admi hai! main bilkul nehi bataungi, zabardasti hai kya?!!! And starts to walk away.


Rajeev runs after her. Tabhi two men pounce on him all of a sudden. Rajeev falls on the ground, Priyanka hears the commotion, turns and stands shocked, "Rajeeeeeeeeev" she lets out a sharp cry……… One of them flashes a sharp knife at him and commands the other guy: Tallashi lo


The other man searches Rajeev's pockets: mobile, purse, key-chain, id card and yes Prachi's ring! They search all the stuff carefully, take away Prachis's ring and throw away the rest on the ground. And they were off in a second on their motorbike. Interestingly, they didn't even look at Priyanka!


Rajeev: aarrey roko roko, chor chor!!


Priyanka comes running to him: aap thik hai na? kahi laga toh nehi, o my god that was so scary!! yahan pe aisa humla ho sakta hai maine kabhi socha bhi nehi tha!!


Rajeev: mujhe nehi lagta yeh humla koi ordinary humla hai…Oh God they took away the ring!!


Priyanka: ring? Haan aapse sirf ring chhin liya!!!!! must be some local goons, baapre kitna dangerous place hain!! Chaliye police station chalte hai


Rajeev: not local goons……unhe sirf ring chahiye tha…unhe zaroor pata tha ki main yahan aanewala hoon…


Priyanka: aap kya bol rahe hai mujhe kuchh samajh nehi aa raha hai!! Kaun hai yeh log……….


Rajeev: wohi toh pata karna hai, kaun mera peecha kar raha tha, aur unhe pata kaise chala main yahan aanewala hoon……..zaroor academy se koi information bheja hoga……ya fir wahan se koi mera peecha kar raha hai……..(turns to Priyanka) ya rahi hai!!


Priyanka: matlab? Aap aise kyon dekh rahe hai mujhe!!


Rajeev: (looking intently at Priyanka) tum mere peechhe peechhe academy se nikle na?


Priyanka: pata nahi…shayad…kyon?


Rajeev: (looking suspiciously at her) tumne bataya nehi tum kya kaam karne ayi thi dukaan ke bahar?


Priyanka: arrey fir wohi baat!! Maine kahan na maine aapko andar dekha ishiliye ruk gayee, mujhe kuchh aur kaam tha


Rajeev: wohi batana padega kya kaam tha


Priyanka: main…..main medicine kharidne aye thi, ab chaliye


Priyanka jane lagti hai, tab Rajeev Priyanka ka haath pakad leta hain. He pulls her closer…….


Priyanka: kya kar rahe hai aap, mera hath chhodiye


Rajeev pulls her towards him. (tightening his jaws) dikhao woh medicine, itne raat gaye tumhe achanak jiski zaroorat padi


Priyanka: it's hurting Rajeev, chhodo


Rajeev pulls her all the more closer, looks straight into her eyes…then he suddenly snatches Priyanka's bag and starts looking into it!


Priyanka: (releasing herself from Rajeev's grip) STOP IT! I SAID STOP IT!

Rajeev doesn't listen to her and pours the bag out. A packet of "Whisper" drops from her bag!!!!!!!!!!!



Priyanka: (extremely angry) What do you think of yourself Mr Rajeev Khandelwal! tab se badtamizi kiye ja rahe hai aur main chupchap sun rahi hoon!! Mujhe pata nehi aapko kya problem hai: kaun aap pe spying kar rahe hai, kaun aap pe humla kar rahe hai that's all your problem, I am least bothered, but how dare you search my bag like this?!!!!!!  Ab dekh liya na kya kharidne ayi thi main?


Ab bataiye main aapko kya batati? Kuchh socha samjha nehi bas mujhpe sak kiye ja rahe hai?!!!!!! There are some things that women cannot share with men, but you need to be a gentleman to understand that, you are so disgusting Rajeev (Priyanka is almost on the verge of tears) and you suspected me!!


Rajeev stands stunned as Priyanka walks off angrily.

 u r a real star do u manage to write these scenes with soooooooooo much expressions....really whole update had just bound me to read on and was full of suspenses....very excellently described....Clap....Raj and Pri...oooo god...i never knew that this will go so far...Rajeev is suspecting Pri....and that WISPER's scene...laughing and angry at the same timeAngry....Pri is right.....something can't be shared with men...and who were those goonsAngry...they had taken only god this Prachi case is really dangerous....everthing has become like a webWackoWacko.....hatts off to u dear for giving such socking and amaaaaaazing update...Hug

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Originally posted by george eliot


Next day morning. Shooting Day 1


Rajeev wakes up with a terrible mood. He remembered everything that happened last night'.Galaxy jwellers''the attack''Prachi's ring stolen and his embarrassing encounter with Priyanka. It was a bad bad day, he thought with a sour heart! He hadn't progressed anywhere in Prachi's case, even lost the ring and all the more, there are dangerous people involved in Prachi's case which scared him all the more'''Why were they after Galaxy jwellers? Why did they want the ring? The records said nothing, fir us ring mein aisi kya khas baat hai? yeh kaun log hai?


He became increasingly worried about Prachi. It was no longer safe to leave her when he's off for shooting. He was sure yahan se hi koi uske upar nazar rakh raha hai'.no it's not Priyanka'.the moment he remembered her name he felt terribly embarrassed! It was so rude on his part, aur fir bag search karna'''.chhi chhi''.Rajeev felt like sinking in the ground with shame and remorse'''the more he thought about it, the worse he felt'.he needed to apologise but how would he explain himself!!! Nothing was going right around him! What can he do now? He felt like shouting out loudly'''.


He reached the sets with a heavy heart. He decided to carry Prachi to the sets, jab tak koi baby sitter nehi mil jata Prachi ko sath mein lana hi padega, he hoped Aaliya understood his situation.Aaliya was busy setting up the set, Priyanka and Vikas stood in one corner, he cast a glance at Priyanka, Priyanka looked at him and turned her face away''' he walks up to Aaliya


Rajeev: Aaliya aaj Prachi ko set pe lana pada, hope it is not a problem

Aaliya looks at Rajeev for 10 seconds and smiles: Rajeev tumhe kya lagta hai main sach mein Hitler hoon!!

Rajeev: nehi actually'

Aaliya keeps her hand on Rajeev's hands assuringly and smiles: it's perfectly okay Rajeev, I never doubt your dedication, Prachi can stay in the sets

Rajeev feels relieved: Thanks Aaliya, you are really an angel

Aaliya: come on tum decide karlo ki tum mujhe apne dost mante ho ya nahi'agar haan toh yeh sab thank you wank you chhodo'

Aaliya pats Rajeev's back lovingly, Rajeev smiles back


In another corner

Vikas: arrey wah dekh dekh Rajeev aur Aaliya ko dekh

Harshad: haan yaar they look nice together

Arjun: chhod Rajeev ka already ek girl friend hai'.kya naam hai uska

Kunal: arrey nehi woh toh sirf unka achhi dost hai

Vikas: not bad, wahan pe ek aur yahan pe ek

Kunal: come on he's not like that

Vikas: yeh lo yeh aur ek hai Rajeev's fan'Priyanka tu kuchh nehi bol rahi hai

Priyanka: shot ready hai, chale?

Vikas: girlfriends ko gussa kyon ata hai

Priyanka: kya?

Vikas: chal shooting ke baad tera mood achha karta hoon, chal ab


Aaliya: alright guys, jaise aap sab ko pata hai, the script is quite similar to the serial's script, we are going to include the main scenes on a cinematic scale, okay so we will start with the first scene : cadets and Rajveer's entry, sirf ek change hai, Priyanka and Rajeev enter together and clash with each other, the rest is same'.okay everybody ready?



Lights! Camera! action! The scenes are shot well, only in a more dramatic way'.Pooja is shown hiding her mangalsutra inside her shirt, she is a married woman! One of the KMA cadets teases Ali's sisters and he takes off his shirt and fights with him! Aalekh is shown with a bearded face, a quadi fresh out of jail, only Huda's entry will be kept unchanged but shot later, Aparna Tilak will reach the set today.


All right, good job guys, now Rajveer and Naina's entry, Rajeev and Priyanka you will start entering separately, each with a separate voice over and you come and clash with each other, you pull her up, look into her eyes, she looks into yours, you say sorry'then she leaves in a hurry aur tum uski scraf jo gir jata hai woh utha lete ho'.all right?


Okay lights! Camera! Action!


Naina is shown entering with a very strict face, she is shown carrying a bottle which contains ashes, the voiceover speaking about her brother, 'badle ki aag mein jalti hui Naina, jab tak apni bhai ke katilon ko saza na de woh asthiya nehi bahayegi'.' The camera zooms on Rajeev simultaneously; he is entering the gates of KMA like Shahrukh Khan in KKHH only in a raincoat instead of an overcoat'..Cut! cut! Cut!


Aaliya shouts. Rajeev's raincoat was not flying like Sharukh's!  

Fans faster, lights, camera, action'camera rolling 1'2'3

Retake: Rajeev runs inside the gates of KMA in a black raincoat, a briefcase in hand, his raincoat flying'Perfect shot!


He enters the building and clashes with Naina near the stairs.

They both look at each other''Cut! Cut! Cut!


Aaliya shouts again: Priyanka tumhare expression amazement ka hona chahiye, not of anger, you are looking so angrily at Rajeev aur Rajeev tum bhi, yeh kya expression hai!?? you are looking so guiltily at Priyanka, as if koi gunah kiye ho, arrey abhi toh Naina ko pata bhi nehi tum uske bhai ka katil ho!!


Take23! Lights! Camera! Action!


They clash, Rajeev picks her up holding her arms,'this time the expressions are more or less okay' they look at each other'.one sec, 2 sec, 3 sec, 4, sec, 5 sec Priyanka looks away'Rajeev keeps looking, ' sorry,' 'really sorry'.. he doesn't release Priyanka' 6 sec, 10 secs, 15 secs, 20 secs'''CUT! CUT!


Aalya: arrey 5 secs is enough, u don't have to look at her for so long! Look for 5 secs and move on, and say just one sorry'Rajeev pick up her scarf'simple sa to shot hai'.okay Retake


The shot is okayed in the next retake.



Aaliya: Alright guys, good job, okay lunch break.


Vikas: tu kya khayegi lunch pe?

Priyanka: mujhe zyada bhukh nehi hai, ek juice bol de mere liye bas'main van mein ja rahi hoon  

Priyanka apni van mein chali jati hai, she is resting in her van when she hears a knock

Rajeev: sorry for disturbing Priyanka, can I talk to you for a moment

Priyanka: I am really tired Rajeev

Rajeev : I know, but I just wanted to apologise for last night

Priyanka: I don't want to talk about it

Rajeev: I am sorry Priyanka'.mujhe sach mein tum par sak nehi karna chahiye tha, par tumne dekha na kya hua mere saath, something is wrong'.

Priyanka: sak toh abhi bhi aap mere upar kar sakte hai! mere bag mein whisper hona yeh toh prove nehi karta ki main aap ka peechha nehi kar rahi thi (Priyanka angrily turns away from him)

Rajeev: please Priyanka'listen to me (woh Priyanka ko apne taraf ghuma leta hai)

Tabhi Vikas enters Priyanka's van. He is stunned to see Rajeev and Priyanka so close to each other face to face

Vikas: aap yahan? (Vikas looks a little irritated)

Rajeev: woh' main Priyanka se kuchh discuss kar raha tha'anyway you guys carry on. He walks out


Vikas: (frowning) kya kar raha tha woh yahan

Priyanka: kuchh nehi

Vikas: tu kuchh chhupa rahi hai

Priyanka: please Vikas, will somebody please leave me alone!

Vikas: achha baba, chal khana kha le

Priyanka: mujhe bhukh nehi hai, tu kha le

Priyanka didn't know why she felt so bad'it was not so much because the contents of her bag was revealed in front of Rajeev'it was something more than embarrassment''it was a feeling of hurt that stuck to her throat'how could he suspect her! Is this the respect he has for her?!!! He took her for a petty spy!


Udhar Rajeev walks out with a heavy heart too'he thought he will apologise properly to Priyanka and tell her everything'.but now he felt a little hurt too'..Priyanka ne khud dekha kaise humla hua uske upar, fir bhi woh situation ko samajhna nehi chahti? Kuchh sunna hi nahi chahti! Itna ego? Itni nasamajh? What can he do to explain his action''.the feeling of remorse overtook him once again, he felt horribly low.





touched by this update...feeling bad for my fav. jodi....i can't see them like usual scenes description was great...ClapPri ka gussa jayaz hai...shooting scene was cool and lovely...pooja is a married hai to toda spicy hona chahiye..Thumbs RN entry scene....and i never knew that for each scene time r  being alloted....thanks for telling this.....TongueTongueand Rajeev watched Pri for atleast 20 reminded me of that eye locking scenes after appraisal.....i love that scene...don't know how that scene too,dono almost 30 secs tak dekhe honge....Embarrassed..sayad us time RP ko cut sunaii nahin diya hoga jaise iss update mein hua.....Embarrassed...last scene was great...oooohhh this vikasAngryAngryAngry...agar aaj wo nahin aata toh sayad thik se Rajeev Pri se maafi maang lete....any the whole update...thats not new...i love ur every doubt about that...a standing ovation for this outstanding updateClap
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Originally posted by george eliot

Episode 14:

That day after shooting


Aaliya: Rajeev are you alright?


Rajeev is still thinking and doesn't answer


Aaliya: Rajeeeeeeeeev


Rajeev: oh sorry tumne kuchh kahan


Aaliya looks at Rajeev for a few minutes


Aliya: chalo coffee peene chale? Fir baat karenge, Prachi ko bhi saath le lo


Rajeev: okay chalo, Prachi ka bhi pizza time ho gaya hai!


Aliya: pizza time? Oh hyaan who toh pizza ke siwa kuchh khati hi nahi!!


Rajeev: tumhe kaise pata?


Aliya: mujhe aur bahut kuchh pata, ab chale?


Dono cafeteria mein jaate hai


Aliya: ab batao tumhe ho kya gaya hai


Rajeev: kuchh nehi, bas aaj mood kuchh thik nehi lag raha hai


Aliya: Rajeev agar problem hai toh batao, akhir friend ke saath share nehi karoge?


Rajeev dilemma mein pad jata hai, usse Prachi ke case ke baare mein batayen ya na batayen? He wanted to share his problems with someone, but didn't know if Aliya was the right person'


Aliya: itna mat socho, batao Rajeev'thik hai chalo main hi batati hoon, tum Prachi ko lekar pareshan ho ya fir Priyanka ke saath tumhara jhagda hua hai!

Rajeev:  (surprised) arrey nehi'.(thinking) baapre yeh toh lady Sherlock holmes hai main ab kya karoon, batau usko ya nehi' (aloud) haan actually tumne sahi samjha, shayad Prachi ko yahan lana thik nehi tha

Aaliya: yeh batao tumne Prachi ko yahan laye kyon?

Rajeev: ahem'woh actually'matlab maine socha Prachi ko yahan ghuma layoon par yahan itna kaam hai ki main usse time nehi de pa raha hoon

Aaliya: hmmm'achha Prachi tumahara adopted daughter hai na? uske family ke baare mein kuchh jante ho tum?

Rajeev: abhi tak toh nahi par dekhte hai kuchh pata chalta hai ya nehi'..actually tum itna guess kar chooki ho toh tumhe bata hi deta hoon, par please yeh baat kisiko mat kehna, woh actually mujhe lagta hai ki Prachi ke sath is jagah ka koi sambandh hai

Aliya: aha'toh tumhe koi clue mila hai

Rajeev: nehi aisa kuchh nehi par haan uske haath mein jo ring tha usme yahan ka koi jwellery shop ka pata tha

Aliya: toh chalo na chalte hai, pata karte hai

Rajeev: woh maine already kar liya, par wahan se koi suraag nehi mila

Aliya: bas wohi clue tha tumhare paas?

Rajeev: haan aur kuchh nehi''..

Aliya: hmmmm''.don't worry Rajeev, zaroor kuchh na kuchh mil jayega, ab mere doosre sawal ka jawab do

Rajeev: (surprised) kaunsa sawal?

Aliya: about Priyanka

Rajeev: arrey tum bhi, nehi aisa kuchh nehi, bas hum dono ladte hi rehte hai

Aliya: (suppressing her smile) off screen ya on screen?

Rajeev: samajh lo both, but it's nothing serious

Aliya: hmm samjhi

Rajeev: tum pagal ho gaye ho Aliya, aisa kuchh bhi nehi hai, mere dil mein Priyanka ke liye aisa koi feelings nehi hai, main kyon pyar karunga usse, woh toh bas mera co star hai''

Aliya: (laughing) Rajeev maine kuchh kahan kya? Tum khud hi bole ja rahe ho! Too much denial is confession

Rajeev feels embarrassed, true Aaliya had not spoken a word about his and Priyanka's relationship, fir woh kya baka ja raha tha!!  

Aaliya: lagta hain dono lovers ko paas lane ke liye kuchh karna padega

Rajeev: (embarrassed) please aisa kuchh nehi hai''..


'Can I take a photo of you?' They turn and see a girl cadet holding her camera phone at them

Aliya: oh sure but why do u want to take our photo?

Girl: aapki nehi mujhe toh bas Rajeev ji ki photo chahiye, haaaaaaaai, main kitini badi fan hoon aapki

Rajeev: oh really' thanks

Girl: haan maine aapke sab sms padh liya hai matlab maine sab serials dekhe hain, pehle pehle left right left ko lekar TV room mein bahut jhagra hota tha, kisi kisi ko kuchh aur dekhna hota tha, aur hume Left Right Left, toh roz hamare network mein clash ho jata tha'sab kehte hai mere saath Pooja ka sim card bahuth milti hai


Rajeev: woh toh dikh hi raha hai, aapka naam kya hai?

Girl: naam bhi same, Pooja!!  

Rajeev: real life Aalekh! Ab real life Pooja! Ab real life Rajveer na mil jaaye!

Aliya: achha Rajeev main chalti hoon, tum apne fan ke saath baat karo

Rajeev: arrey ruko main bhi ata hoon, cadet Pooja, main ab chalta hoon, baad mein baat karenge, bye


Another part of the academy


Priyanka: Vikas just leave me alone please

Vikas: arrey shun na, achha baba nehi poochunga, lekin apni mood toh thik kar

Priyanka: mood thik hi hai, tu sawal karma bandh kar bas

Vikas: (looking intently at Priyanka) tu mujhse pyar karti ya nehi?

Priyanka: yeh kya sawal hai?

Vikas: nehi aaj tujhe batana padega

Priyanka: dekh yeh main tujhe pehle bhi keh chuki hoon, I need to think about it, mere pas ab apne career ke siwah koi concern nehi hai

Vikas (holding her arm) 'look at me Priyanka', Priyanka chhudane ki koshish karti hai'.


'Don't bother the girl, leave her' They are startled and turn to see a stern looking girl cadet staring strictly at Vikas.

Vikas: tu kaun hai mere ma? Aur maine kya kiya hai?

Girl: I am cadet Nayanika and I hate guys who bother women, men have been doing this for ages

Vikas: baapre tum toh pura feminist ho yaar, hi am Vikas and this is my girlfriend

Priyanka: I am not!

Nayanika: zyada hoshiyari dikhane ki koshish mat karo, I know you men very well, ladki dekha nehi ki bother karna shuru

Vikas: (trying to flirt) wow! Wow! U are a red hot chilly! Waise u are very beautiful

Nayanika: stop it

Priyanka: Vikas stop flirting with her, Nayanika thanks for your concern but he's a friend of mine

Nayanika: then it's alright, let me know if any man tries to harass any girl in this campus

Vikas: arrey tum toh sach mein Phoolan ho, chalo ek baar handshake toh kar lo

Nayanika: sure

She comes forward, holds Vikas' hand and presses it too hard

Vikas: aaaaaaaaah aaaah, oh my God, chhod chhod, baapre haath hai ki loha

Nayanika: dekh liya ladkiyan bhi strong ho sakti hai, don't mess with them anymore

She leaves

Priyanka laughs out loudly, Vikas is still nursing his hand, 'baapre ladki hai ya Don! upar se radicle feminist, this is a dangerous campus'


Suddenly they spot some men trying to climb out the academy walls.

Priyanka: arrey arrey, yeh kaun log bhag rahe hai, hello

They run away in haste as they hear Priyanka's voice.

Vikas: very suspicious, kaun hai yeh log?

Priyanka: pata nehi, chal Vikas hume yahan ek authorities ko inform karna chahiye

Vikas: What if they are students sneaking out at night

Priyanka: kuchh bhi ho, hume inform karna chahiye,




They walk towards the guesthouse. As they reach the guesthouse they see Aliya, Harshad and Arjun in the reception, all tensed.

Priyanka and Viaks: kay hua, is everything alright?

Arjun: arrey kahan the tum dono? Yahan Prachi ki tabiyat bahut kharab ho gayi hai, hum child specialist ke number dhoond rahe hai

Priyanka: (worried) kya hua Prachi ko?

Aliya: who ulti kiye ja rahi hai, aur pet pakarke bahut ro rahi hai, poor thing ya, kuchh bol bhi nehi pati

Priyanka: (gets angry) mujhe pata tha, mujhe pata tha aisa hi hoga

They are all stunned, Arjun: kya pata tha? Kya hua?

Priyanka: tu child specialist ko jaldi se call kar, main Prachi ke paas jati hoon

And she walks towards Rajeev's room, leaving the rest gaping in wonder


Priyanka enters Rajeev's room angrily and sees Rajeev trying to soothe her, Gazal and Kunal were sitting too, Gazal was trying to feed some water to her


Priyanka to Rajeev: Do mujhe do bachhi ko, (she takes Prachi from Rajeev's lap, Prachi chali bhi jaati hai! ) tumhare jaisa baap toh kisi ko na mile!


Rajeev: (stunned): kyon'''maine kya kiya'..pata nehi Prachi ko achanak kya ho gaya, sham tak toh thik hi thi, pizza bhi khayi


Priyanka: (angry) wohi toh, wohi reason hai, 3 din se Prachi ko pizza khila rahe ho Rajeev! Kuchh toh sense hona chahiye!


Rajeev: (guiltily) You think that's the reason she fell sick? (looking totally helpless) lekin woh aur kuchh khana hi nehi chahti, u can ask Vikas and Arjun'''.


Priyanka: who bachhi hai Rajeev, woh khana nehi khayegi toh tum khilayoge nehi??!!! Aur bachhi ko khilana janna padta hai, aise nehi hota!


Rajeev: (guilty) I am such a bad father Priyanka'.mujhe Prachi ko yahan lana hi nehi tha

By now Prachi was much calmer in Priyanka's lap, Priyanka was trying to divert her attention, talking to her, singing songs to her''Rajeev dono ko bahut pyar se dekhne lage'

Gazal: arrey wah, tujhe toh bachhe sambhalna bahut ache tarah se ata hai


Priyanka: nehi toh kya, Pranay mere paas hi bara hua hai


By now the doctor had come, he checked Prachi and said it was due to bad food! He writes a prescription for her and asks : who's her mother?

Rajeev: woh actually uski ma nehi ayi hai, aap mujhe hi bata sakte hai

Doctor: apko? aap hi hai na jo usko pizza khilate rahe 3 din se!

Rajeev feels extremely guilty, he keeps quiet.

Doctor: itni chhoti bachhi ko ma ke bina yahan laye hai? uske ma ko bula lijiye, she needs her mother

All look uncomfortable, Harshad bolne lagta hain, 'actually woh Rajeev ji ke ado'.' Priyanak cuts him short, 'aap mujhe bata sakte hai, main hi hoon uski ma' The doctor looks at her with suspicion, 'all right if you insist, yeh lijiye iski diet chart, aur uska khub khayal rakhiyega.' He leaves.

Sab jaane lagte hain, Prachi ab Priyanka ke godh mein so gayi hai,

Priyanka to Rajeev: aj Prachi ko mere paas hi rehne dijiye

Rajeev: (looking at her with a mixed expression of gratitude and adoration) Priyanka thanks a lot, main kaise tumhare shukriya ada karoon'''.

Priyanka: mat kijiye, maine jo bhi kiya Prachi ke liye kiya, ok goodnight, see you tomorrow

Priyanka Prachi ko lekar chali jaate hai, Rajeev keeps staring at both of them'''..




looooooooooooooooooooooovely the way Pri had scolded RajeevEmbarrassed...he deserved that...WinkWinkWink...Pri was behaving like his wife and Prachi's mom at the same time...Embarrassed...great...chalo abhi se hi practice karlo darling...baad bhaut jhelna haiWink and this Aliya...again something fisy fisy...why Rajeev told her everything about Prachi....but at the same i will appreciate Aliya to force Rajeev to confess...Tongueand real life Pooja and Naina..woooooooow...both of them are real lrl characters...laughing when Nayonika shaked hand with Vikas and pressed it hardLOL..rolling on floor....coooool dear....again this update was full of lil suspenses and excitments....Clap...u r a great writer dear....Clap
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Originally posted by george eliot

 episode 15:

Next morning. Rajeev subah subah uthkar Priyanka ke room pe knock karta hai, he missed his daughter terribly!


Priyanka opens the door after his 5th knock, still in sleep, in a white sleeping gown, her hair all tousled'Rajeev looked at her with amazement, she looked stunningly beautiful even in her sleep, more than beauty there was something else in her face, an untouched innocence, an inner beauty''Rajeev ko aise dekhte hue Priyanka sharma jati hai, she quickly covers herself with a shawl and says, 'Prachi bilkul thik thi raatbhar, bas usse aaj kuchh light khilana chahiye.'


Rajeev: tum hi batao kya khilana chahiye

Priyanka: kyon na hum cook se kehkar ek patla sa khichri banwa le, with lots of vegetables

Rajeev: (smiling) woh khayegi tab na?

Priyanka: haan woh toh hai, hamara toh shoot rahega, fir bhi beech mein aake hum ekbar khila denge'aur haan uske liye kuchh cornflakes bhi mangwa lijiye, doodh ke saath achha rahega

Rajeev still smiling

Priyanka: haan aur kuchh fruits bhi'.(uski nazar Rajeev par padhta hai) kya hua? aap hass kyon rahe hai? maine kuchh galat kahan?

Rajeev: nehi'bas ek baat soch raha tha

Priyanka: kya?

Rajeev: kuchh nahi, chalo tum taiyar ho jao, shooting ke liye nikalna hai, aaj baby sitter aanewali hai, wohi Prachi ko dinbhar dekhegi, u get ready, I am waiting for you.


Kuchh der baad dono Prachi ko baby sitter ke paas chhodkar saath saath shooting mein aate hai. They see everybody else had reached the sets'as expected they were greeted with a loud hooting.

Arjun: arrey wah ma baap saath saath aa gaye, bachhe ko kahan chhoda?

Priyanka: stop it Arjun, serious situation ka mazak mat ura

Arjun: haan situation serious hi hai


They were about to shoot some drill scenes today, including the one in which Priyanka hangs from the tree.


Aliya:  ok guys ready everyone, lights!Camera!action!


After an hour of shooting now they had to shoot a scene where they run with sacks and Yudi will beat them all. The spot boys stacked the sacks with paper and thermocol; the sacks would look heavy but with almost no weight inside!


The guys were in a mood for prank and their bakhra of the day was Kunal! Arjun aur Harshad Kunal ke sack mein do chaar patthar bhi bhar dete hai. Wahan bechare Kunal ko Vikas distract kar raha tha!


Aliya calls everybody for shots, everybody needed to pick up the sacks and climb the hill. Everybody does it quite well, including Kunal, who however looks a bit more tired!


Aliya: Kunal you need to be a bit energetic, we are showing u as a strong man who's capable of becoming a real soldier, u will beat everybody in the drill'.


Kunal: that's fine, par sack ka weight thoda kam nehi kiya ja sakta?


The rest of the guys start teasing Kunal

Harshad: kya re tu thermocol bhi carry nehi kar sakta!


Kunal: mujhe toh bahut heavy lag raha hai, kyon tum logon ko nehi lag raha?


Arjun: hahahaha, nehi bhai hum to isse aise hi utha le, yeh dekh kaise mein apna sack utha raha hun


Action choreographer Sher Khan was however a sweet man, he was not too hard on the young guns! 'Ho jayega Aliyaji, no worry, everything alright'


Vikas: Sher Khan ji usse dummy chahiye, lekin tere jaisa dummy milega kahan, tu toh one piece hai

Kunal: shut up guys! I can do the scenes, I'll show you that.( thinking) aaj mujhe kya ho gaya hai, sab kaise apne apne sacks utha rahe hai, sach mein main ekdum bekaar hoon


Aliya was not happy with the scene, afterall the focus was on Kunal and he did it so badly! She orders for a retake after lunch break. Everybody proceeds to their vans,


Rajeev Kunal ke paas jata hai: Kunal I want to tell u something

Rajeev whispers something in Kunals' ears and a broad smile spreads on his face

Tabhi Priyanka comes: I'll go and check on Prachi, jaake dekhti hoon usne khana khaya ki nehi'

Rajeev is touched, 'ruko Priyanka, main bhi saath chalta hoon, okay Kunal tit for tat' and they both leave together.


Vikas looks at them from his van, his jaws tightened.

In the other van, Ghazal smiles to herself, she had been waiting for this day for so long, just today and things will change from tomorrow! The best part is nobody has an inkling about it'.


The team assembles after lunch break.

Retake of the sack carrying scene. Everybody picks up their sacks again'''.and this time Harshad, Vikas and Arjun look at each other the moment they picked up their sacks!!!!!!!!! Their sacks were suddenly much heavier!!!!!!!

Kunal picks up his sack with utmost ease and smiles at them'.LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION!


There was no need to act! Kunal looked the most energetic and the one at ease! Baki teeno ko sach mein bahut dikkat ho raha tha, kitne natural expressions the! Aliya was so happy!


Vikas: baat kya hai, lagta hai hamare plan se hum hi ko ullu banaya


Arjun: chup ho ja Alia ko agar pata chalega na toh hume kachha chaba jayegi

Tabi Kunal comes to the spot and starts laughing

Harshad: tu ruk, dikhata hoon tujhe'.

They all run after Kunal

Aaliya: guys guys, shooting abhi khatam nehi hui, stop acting immature! Chalo the last scene of the day, the tree hanging scene


Aaliya goes to give instruction to the spot boys'.Rajeev will be hanging from the tree, the rope needs to be tied strongly, this is one of the more dangerous scenes to shoot, so extra caution'


Udhar Priyanka looked a bit tensed for the shot'.Rajeev noticed that and came to her

Rajeev: kya hua tensed ho?

Pri: haan? Oh haan'matlab nehi, bas thoda sa tension ho raha hai

Rajeev: arrey tension toh mujhe hona chahiye

Pri: kyon?

Rajeev: tumhe tree se utarkar godh mein jo uthana hai, socho toh, ab tum last time se bhi moti ho gayee ho

Pri: so mean!!! Mein bilkul moti nehi hui hoon!

Rajeev: woh toh jab mein tumhe uthaunga tab pata chalega, kamar na tut jaaye

Priyanka: aap agar mujhe moti kehna bandh nehi karenge toh main abhi aapka sir tod dungi

Both laugh together!

Rajeev: nehi Priyanka sach mein, tension ki koi baat nehi, I am sure tum yeh asani se kar payogi

Priyanka: nehi last time itna chakkar a gaya tha ki main ek din shoot pe hi nehi aa payi'

Rajeev: iss baar kuchh nehi hoga, kamar tutne ka chance sirf mera hai!

Priyanka: fir?!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tabhi Aliya calls them for the shot: The same scene, only a little more action filled, Priyanka will be hanging from the tree and neeche kuchh tuta hua seesha pada hota hai, Rajeev takes her down, she faints and Rajeev picks her up. Okay ready?

Ghazal: Priyanka all the best

Arjun, Vikas, Kunal, Harshad: haan Priyanka thik se karna.

Aliya: spotboys rassi ko check kiya na?

Spotboy 1: haan rassi Rajeev ji ke weight le sakte hain

Aliya: Rajeev ji ka weight?!! Rajeev ji kaunsi rassi se latkega?!! Uff idiot yeh Priyanka ke liye hai

Spotboy: par ma'am aapne kahan ki Rajeev ji'.

Rajeev: (laughing) hahahaha haan bhai fir se check kar lo, Priyanka zyada moti hai


Priyanka: what nonsense! I am ready for the shot, jaldi se mujhe taang do..

Before anyone could say anything Priyanka khud hi rassi pehen leti hai and with the help of Sher Khan, ulta latak jati hai! Sher Khan looked impressed!


The camera rolls, the dialogues are being said''..suddenly Rajeev sees something and jumps to the fore towards Priyanka'everybody is taken aback'.and before Aliya could scream CUT! CUT! all watch the breathtaking sequence of events:


Rajeev runs forward towards Priyanka'.Priyanka's rope snaps from the middle with a jerk'with amazing acrobatic skill Rajeev holds a falling Priyanka'.and they both fall together, a little away from the glass pieces that were strewn under the rope'.two minutes of silence'. All come running towards them, Priyanka lies still in a state of shock, not even in a state to thank Rajeev'. 'tu thik hai na?', 'kuchh bol Priyanka', 'kahin laga toh nehin', 'oh my God this is so shocking' she hears a lot of voices but unable to respond to any'what would have happened if she had fallen on the glass pieces?!! Her face would have been scarred for life! End of her acting career!


Next: Aliya: hume kuchh din shooting bandh rakhna chahiye''''

          Sher Khan: This no ordinary accident, rassi beech mein se kata hua tha!..........

          The guys surround Ghazal: tujhe batana hi padega tune aisa kyon kiya?

          Ghazal: believe me guys maine kuchh nehin kiya

          Harshad: Ghazal dekh, tu khud nehi batayegi toh police bulana padega

just suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuperb.....totally amazed by this update....Claplove u for writing such sweet moments of Raj-Pri in first the way Rajeev was admiring Pri in that part.....just wooooooow.....Arjun teasing was so hilariousLOLarrey wah ma baap saath saath aa gaye, bachhe ko kahan chhoda?ROFL
aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesum dear....that prank playing scene was toooooooooooooooo good....poor Kunal...glad that Rajeev had helped him out.....tit for was a hilarious scenes.....LOLRajeev teasing Pri...oooo god....completely agree with Rajeev...kamar tutne ka chance to uska....such a sweet convo between themEmbarrassedtotally love that scene.....and last god...main toh aapna seat pakar kar bhaith gayi....thank god Rajeev had saved Pri.Clap..phir pata nahin kya ho jata.....PHEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW.....well as always the update was mindblasting and full of excitments and romance too....this is for uClap
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Originally posted by george eliot



Priyanka was in a state of daze'and then she didn't remember anything'.

She opens her eyes to find herself in her van, a doctor was standing by her.

Doctor: bas mamooli si chot hai, woh dar ke mare behosh ho gayi thi!

The rest of the unit was all waiting anxiously by her side'

Doctor: tum toh screen pe kitni bahadur dikhti ho, fir yahan itna dar gayi?!!! Hahahaha, don't worry, you are completely fine, bas tumhe thoda shock laga hai ishiliye ek din ka bed rest!

Priyanka felt ashamed! How stupid of her to faint out of fear! But how did she come here? The possibility of Rajeev carrying her struck her immediately and she desperately prayed to God that it shouldn't be true'

Priyanka: How did I come here? (thinking) he bhagwan koi bhi ho lekin please please please Rajeev nehi''.

Everybody except Vikas starts smiling

Arjun: tere bachhe ke baap ne uthakar laya tujhe

Aliya: haan bhai mera toh shot bhi okay ho gaya, it was so natural!!

Priyanka: matlab? (still holding on to the last ray of hope)

Kunal: matlab our hero Rajeev ji carried you till here!!!!!!!!!!

Priyanka felt extremely ashamed, she remembered all the teasing Rajeev did and how she regretted fainting like this!

Aliya: Anyway now that you are fine, I think you need a little bit of rest, guys lets go from here and let her sleep.

Rajeev: take care Priyanka

And leaves before Priyanka could thank him'.

Arjun, Kunal, Harshad: Apna khayal rakhna Pri

Ghazal comes to her: Baapre Priyanka, main toh dar gayi thi, aaj pehli baar mujhe lag raha hai ki I am so lucky main teri role pe nehi thi!! Lekin don't worry, tu jaldi se thik ho ja

Eveybody leaves except Vikas: kaisa mehsoos kar rahi hai?

Priyanka: tu mujhse baat mat kar

Vikas: kyon kya hua?

Priyanka: khud ko mera boy friend claim karta hai aur wahan se mujhe uthakar nehi la saka?

Vikas: main bhi yehi soch raha tha, mujhe bahot bura laga, tujhe bhi laga na? lekin tera hero kisi ko tere paas aane de tab na? jab tak hum kuchh samjhe tu faint ho gayi, aur woh tujhe jhat se utha liya!!

Priyanka: (smiling to herself) jhat se utha liya?

Vikas: (confused) haan, kyon?

Priyanka: kuchh nehi

Vikas: thik hai tu rest le, main chalta hoon

As everybody leaves Priyanka keeps thinking about the whole event again, ek anjana sa daar dil mein baith jata hai'it was really unexpected, agar Rajeev sahi waqt pe nehi pahoochta toh na jane kya ho jata'


There was quite a commotion outside'sher khan was checking the rope that had snapped'

Sher Khan: This no ordirnary accident, rassi beech mein se kata hua tha!..........

All: matlab?????

Sher Khan: haan yeh dekho, rassi agar tut ti toh iska fibre niklla hua hona chahiye, par yeh bahut safai se kati gayi hai, ki latak te hi admi usse gir pade

Aliya: oh my God!

Vikas: matlab koi jaan bujhkar Priyanka ko hurt karna chahta tha!!

Harshad: kahin tune toh nehi kaat diya Vikas?

Vikas: pagal hai kya tu? main kyon katunga?

Arjun: tere potential girlfriend kisi aur ki bachhe ki ma ban jaaye toh tujhe gussa toh ayega na?

Kunal: hahahaha, sahi kaha

Rajjev: be serious guys, lekin sach mein Priyanka ko hurt karke kis ko kya faida?

Harshad: woh zaroor unit se hi koi hai, baharwale toh the nehi'..

Arjun: (thinking hard) faida sirf ek hi ko ho sakta hai'

Harshad: matlab?

Arjun: socho tum log, aisa koi jo Priyanka agar shooting se hatt jaaye toh khush hogi

Kunal: aisa kaun hai yaar?

Arjun: jo kuchh dino se bahut ajeeb behave kar rahi hai, phone pe chup ke chup ke kisi se baate kar rahi hai''

Harshad, Vikas, Kunal: don't tell me?!!!!!!!!! You mean Ghazal?!!!!!!!!!!

Arjun: (tightening his jaws) yes, yaad hai naina ke role ke liye woh kitni jealous thi Priyanka se  

Harshad: bas itni si baat ke liye woh aisa kaam karegi??

Kunal: hmmm professional jealousy'. Chal ghazal se poochte hai

Rajeev: hold on guys, are you sure u suspect her?!!! Mujhe bahut ajeeb lag raha hai!


Yekin toh kisi ko nehi ho raha tha! But everybody remembered Ghazal's changed behavior for the past few days'woh thik se kisi se baat nehi ki, Priyanka se woh gussa thi role ko lekar aur fir woh definitely kuchh chhupa rahi thi'shak ka kida sab ko andar hi andar khayi ja rahi thi'.aur fir itna bada hadsa ho gaya lekin Ghazal sab ek saath bhi nehi hai..

Arjun couldn't take it anymore'the moment he saw Ghazaal coming he went straight to her

Arjun: tu kahan gayi thi?

Ghazal: ghar pe phone karne, yahan pe signal nehi mil raha tha

Arjun: achha? Hum sab yahan hai, accident ke baare mein baat kar rahe hai aur sirf tujhe koi fikr nehi?!! tujhe abhi jana tha?

Ghazal: kyon? Tujhse permission lena padega kya?

Arjun: tune shuna bhi ki yeh accident nehi tha?

Ghazal: kyaaaa??????

Vikas: kyon tujhe nehi pata?

Ghazal: mujhe kaise pata hoga? Oh my God, fir kisne kiya yeh sab?

Arjun: woh toh tujhe zyada pata hona chahiye

Ghazal: tumlog kya bol rahe ho mujhe kuchh samajh mein nehi aa raha, (looking at everybody) why are u all looking at me like this?

The guys surround Ghazal: tune aisa kyon kiya?

Ghazal: maine kya kiya? Tumlog kya mujhpe sak kar rahe ho?!!!!!!!!!!believe me guys maine kuchh nehin kiya

Arjun: Ghazal dekh, tu khud nehi batayegi toh police bulana padega

Kunal: Unit mein aur koi nehi hai jisse Priyanka ko hurt karke koi faida hoga

Ghazal: (tears in her eyes) tumlog mujhpe sak kar rahe ho??

Vikas: toh fir bata tu chup chup ke uss Choube ke saath kya baate kar rahi thi?


Ghazal: woh toh kuchh alag hi baat hai'Choubey ne bataya ki hamara producer change hone wala hai'.usne kaha ki yeh confidential baat hai, jab tak na ho tab tak kisi se na kahoon'..haan yeh sach hai ki mein naye producer se rapport bada rahi thi ta ki mere role ko zyada importance diya jaaye, par iska matlab yeh nehi ki main Priyanka ko hurt karna chahoongi'''..


Vikas: kahani achhi thi

Ghazal: yeh kahani nehi hai Vikas, sach mein hamare naye producer hoga kal se, tumlog dekh lena, hamare purane producer Mr. Jhoonjhoonwala yeh film chhod rahe hai

Vikas: ek min, Aliya jiiiii

Aliya: haan batao Vikas

Vikas: aapko pata hai ki hamare producer change honewala hai?

Aliya: nehi toh!! mujhe toh Misra ji ne kuchh nehi bataya!! Mujhe toh yehi pata hai ki Mr.Jhoonjhoonwala fund kar rahe hai iss film ko''..

Arjun: ab tu bol Ghazal, director ko pata nehi, poore unit toh pata nahi, sirf tujhe aur Choubey ko pata hai ki producer change honewala hai, aur tu uss imaginary producer ko maska bhi marke ayi!!

Ghazal: (almost crying) believe me, achha Choubey se pooch lo

Rajeev: hold on guys, woh keh rahi hai toh sach bhi ho sakta hai, ek baar Choubey se pooch lete hai, kahan hai woh

Aliya: woh toh Mumbai gaya hua hai, Misrajike saath lautega

Vikas: toh hum Misraji se poochhe?

Aliya: I don't know guys, dekho agar yeh baat sach nehi hai toh isse yehi daba dena chahiye, yeh sab agfawe film ke liye achha nehi hai

Rajeev: sahi baat hai, aur fir hum producer ko lekar kyon lad rahe hai? our botheration is the accident'

Arjun: wohi toh janna hai ki Ghazal secretly kya plan kar rahi thi'

Ghazal: Enough is enough! Kab se mein keh rahi hoon I don't know anything about the whole accident aur tum log hote kaun ho mujhe poochnewale? You are just my co-stars, I am not answerable to you, agar police bulana hai toh bula lo


She walks out in anger

Aliya: I think it's just an accident, Sher Khan ji rassi aise khud tutne ka koi chance nehi?

Sher Khan: nehi khud bhi aise tut sakte hai, par mujhe lagta hai ki kati gayi'


Aliya: bas, let's resolve the matter now, producer agar change hoga toh dekha jayega, aur phir Ghazal ke khilaf hamara koi proof bhi toh nehi hai, kisi ne usse dekha toh nehi rassi kat te hue'so baat ko yehi daba dete hai, press ko agar pata chala toh bahut negative publicity hogi'bas hume thoda careful rehna padega


As they were talking they see two army officers walking towards them. One of them was the principal of the academy Brigadier Suryakant and the other was a young, handsome officer.

Brigadier Suryakant: I just heard about your accident Ms. Bose, I just hope everything is alright


Aliya: oh Thanks, but we think it was just an accident


B.S: Then it's fine, lekin aaplog thoda careful rahiye, as u can understand army academy hai, charo taraf khatra hai, kahi aaplog bhi na usme fansh jaaye'by the way yeh hai capt. Ranveer Singh Rathode, our officer on special duty and a faculty here, if you see anything wrong around here you can inform him


Vikas: (whispering to Arjun) arrey yeh toh real life Rajveer sir hai yaar, sukr hai hamare 'Naina' yahan nehi hai!!


Captain Rathod comes forward and shakes hand with everyone

Cpt. Rathod: I am really concerned about the incidents happening in our academy, last time some of your actors spotted a few men inside the boundary, woh log guard ko ghayal kar ke bhage the,  aur ab yeh accident, aapko humko dono ko hi thoda careful rehna padega'


Rajeev: thanks captain, par hume nehi lagta dono incidents mein koi taluk hai, but yes we'll be careful


Capt Rathod: taluk ho bhi sakta hai, aapke unit mein itne log hai, kaun kahan kya kar raha hai kya pata'pata nehi ek army academy mein kaise shooting ka permission diya jata hai! I really don't trust the film industry


Rajeev: film bhi ek profession hai, aur hum bhi apne profession ko lekar equally serious hai, aur imandaar bhi, aur fir gaddar toh army mein bhi hote hai


Capt.Rathod: I am sorry agar aapko bura laga toh, I was just trying to caution u all, but I like your spirit! anyway, nice meeting you, (to Rajeev) we'll meet again (smiles)


Aliya: ok guys aaj ke liye shooting itna hi, hope Priyanka kal tak thik ho jayegi

Rajeev: hmmm aaj agar pack up ho raha hai toh mujhe kuchh kam ke liye nikalna hai

Aliya: tum kya academy se bahar ja rahe ho, toh mujhe bhi kuchh kaam hai, chalo saath mein chalte hai

Rajeev: nehi Aliya woh mein''..

Aliya: oho samjhi tum Prachi ek case ke silsile mein ja rahe ho! Hmmm chalo mein bhi tumhara help kar doongi

Rajeev: tum kya help karogi?

Aliya: log mujhe tumse kam jante hai Rajeev, I won't draw public attention!

Rajeev: hmmm, good point, chalo fir, tumhe toh sab kuchh pata hi hai'


Rajeev aur Aliya jaane lagte hai, tabhi a spot boy comes and gives him a note. Rajeev reads the note, smiles and tells Aliya: main ek minute mein aya


NEXT UPDATE main jaldi karoongi, I have so many plans for the next episode, mein khud hi excited hoonLOL


thank god Pri is fine....Tongue Rajeev is a real hero....i was laughing on how Pri was wishing that it should not be Rajeev who had carried the dialogue of Vikas   tera hero kisi ko tere paas aane de tab na....haan ye baat toh saach hai..Embarrassed..well alls well that ends well.SmileSmileSmile..feeling bad for Gazal...Confusedhow all have suspected her behind Pri's accident....OuchOuchOuchhoping everything will be fine soon...again this Aliya is interfering soo much...and Pri has sent a note to Rajeev...hmmmm...Embarrassedgreat....and lastly a huge round of appaulause for this great writer.....Clap
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Originally posted by george eliot

Rajeev goes over to his van and reads the note again.

Thanks for everything you have done and a small gift for my saviour so that he doesn't get a back pain



Rajeev looks at the small packet that she had sent, it has a MOOV in it!

Rajeev remembered all the teasing and laughed out loudly. He also writes a note, packs something in a small packet and gives it to the spot boy: yeh Priyankaji ko de dena

Spotboy: (smiling) ji kuchh kehna hai?

Rajeev: nehi bas yeh de dena

Spotboy: (still smiling) aur flowers bhi bhejne hai?

Rajeev: Kumaaaar

Spotboy: sorry sir, ok mein chalta hoon


Aliya: Rajeev tum kya kar rahe ho?

Rajeev: bas aya

Aliya: Kuchh zaroori message tha? Is everything fine?

Rajjev: haan bas mera manager ka message tha, kuchh dates ke baare mein'!!!!!!!!!!!

Aliya looks at him suspiciously, and then says: ok chalo


Aliya and Rajeev reach Galaxy jwellers once again.

Rajeev: order number mujhe yaad hai, ab tum jaake naam pata karo, address nehi hogi

Rajeev waited outside while Aliya walked in the shop with the slip. Rajeev aaj thoda make up lagakar aya hai, a little bit of false beard gave him a completely different look. He looked all around him, people were all busy in their own work, nobody noticed him at all'but somehow he felt somebody was watching him from somewhere'


Priyanka room mein rest kar rahi thi, lekin uska poori dhyan Rajeev ke note par thi, it was so funny! She laughed aloud for some time'

Arjun: tu has kyon rahi hai akele?!!

Priyanka chauk jati hai: arrey tu kab aya?

Arjun: 5 minute se khada hoon idhar, par tujhe dikhe tab na! kya pad rahi hai? love letter?

Priyanka: haan love letter hi soch lo, ya fir insult letter

Arjun: woh kya hai? dikha mujhe

Priyanka: arrey nehi, bas kuchh nehi (she hides the note under her pillow) tu bata kaise ana hua

Arjun: bas tujhe dekhne aya thi, btw tujhe accident ke reason ke baare mein pata hai na?

Priyanka: reason? Nehi toh!

Arjun tells her all that has happened.

Priyanka: oh my God, par tujhe sach mein lagta hai ki Ghazal aisa kar sakti hai?

Arjun: pata nehi yaar, lekin kuchh toh gadbad hai

Priyanka: Arjun chal coffee peene chale, kab se room mein baithi hoon

Arjun: par tera bed rest?

Priyanka: tu chal na


They both come out and start walking towards the caf', tabhi they spot a commotion near the gates. Two cadets were standing there, along with Rachna, Prachi's babysitter.

Arjun: yahan kya ho raha hai?

Priyanka walks upto the group, she recognised one of them, cadet Nayanika.

Priyanka: Hi Nayanika, what's happening here?

The other one was cadet Iqbal

Ct. Iqbal: yeh bachhi aaplogon ki hai na? apoon janta hai isko

Priyanka: haan kyon?

Ct.Iqbal: yeh madam isse gate se bahar lekar ja reili thi, apoon ne isse roka

Ct Nayanika: haan aur isne iss ladki ke saath bahut badtamizi ki, mafi maango isse

Iqbal: kabhi nehi, pehle isse pooch bachhi ko lekar kahan bhag rehi thi

Nayanika: but that doesn't mean tu ek ladki ke saath aisa behave karega

Priyanka: hold on, hold on, ek min (To Rachna) kya hua Rachna, tum Prachi ko kahan lekar ja rahe the?

Rachna: mein toh isse sair karane le ja rahi thi, par isne roka'

Priyanka: Rajeev se poochha?

Rachna: haan unhone ne hi kahan ki Prachi ko thoda ghuma layoon, woh room mein rehna nehi chahti

Iqbal: yeh jhooth bol rahi hai, shakl se hi lagta hai

Nayanika: stop it Iqbal

Iqbal: you stop, feminism ka matlab yeh nehi ki tu har ladki ko sadhu samjhe

Priyanka: oh my God, Rachna tum Prachi ko lekar room mein jao, sahi mein gate se bahar jana thik nehi hoga

Rachna: ok ma'am

Rachna chali jaati hai.

Arjun: tere proposal se yeh ladki kuchh khush nehi hai, lekin woh Prachi ko campus se bahar kyon leke ja rahi thi?

Priyanka: wohi toh pata nehi Arjun, mujhe kuchh thik nehi lag raha hai, ispe thoda nazar rakhna padega (To the cadets) ab tum log jhagarna bandh karo, (to Iqbal) thanks for your concern for prachi

Cd. Iqbal: ek baat bolun? Bachhi ko zara sambhalkar rakhna, kuchh toh garbar hai

He leaves.


Arjun: ek baat bata, tu Prachi ko lekar itna concerned kyon hai?

Priyanka: arrey, chhoti si bachhi hai, bechari ki ma nehi hai, hum sab ko uska khayal rakhna chahiye

Arjun: tu kuchh zyada hi soch rahi hai usko lekar, koi aur baat toh nehi hai Pri?

Priyanka: kya baat

Arjun: tu achhi tarah se janti hai mein kya mean kar raha hoon

Pri: oh ho Arjun, tu bhi


Aliya comes out of the shop.

Rajeev: kuchh mila?

Aliya: very strange! Pehle toh mujhe kuchh batana hi nehi chahta, fir naam poocha toh naam ka bhi record nehi tha!

Rajeev: !!!!!!!!!! strange, iska matlab hamare paas kuchh aur suraag nehi hai! this is disgusting

Aliya: don't worry Rajeev, chalo wapas chalte hai, kuchh baithkar sochenge, achha tumhare paas aur kuchh hai jisse ki Prachi ka kuchh pata chale?

Rajeev: nehi Aliya'''chalo


They reach the academy, Kumar, the spot boy comes to him: Priyanka ji ne aapko bulaya hai Sir

Rajeev: okay

Rajeev goes over to Priyanka's room. 'Shayad Priyanka mujhse gussa hai, usse itna tease nehi karna chahiye tha,'he thinks. He remembered the note he sent her


'Thanks that you remembered my poor back, here's a small gift for you so that when you faint next time I won't sprain my back again!' He had sent her a packet of slim fast tablets!!''' 'kuchh zyada hi ho gaya shayad, ladkiyon ko unke weight ke baare mein tease nehi karna chahiye' he kept thinking'he needed to compensate the damage'he picked up a bunch of flowers from the garden before going to her room'''..


Rajeev: may I come in ma'am?

Priyanka looks at him with mock anger

Rajeev: This is for the lovely lady (gives the flowers to Priyanka)

Priyanka: who's fat too!

Rajeev: arrey nehi nehi, woh toh bas main mazak kar raha tha'

Priyanka: hmmm'toh aap boliye ki main moti nehi hoon

Rajeev: woh actually Priyanka, aaj mera brat hai toh aaj main jhoot nehi bolunga!!!!! hahahaha

Priyanka: achha? yeh kaunsa brat hai??

Rajeev: hai ek brat! Satyabad brat! isiliye aaj mujhse itna bada jhooth mat bulwao !!! hahahaha

Priyanka: oho toh aj aap sirf sach bolenge?!

Rajeev: bilkul!

Priyanka:  achha?!! Toh fir thik hai, main aaj aapse jo kuchh bhi poochungi, apko sach bolna padega!

Rajeev: sure! Poochho na jo puchhna hai

Priyanka: Ekta ji ke baare mein aap kya sochte hai?

Rajeev: very smart haan? Thik hai aaj dil kholke sach bolunga! Ekta bahut hi ziddi, ghamandi, adiyal, aur idiotic hain

Priyanka: baapre aapne toh dil kholke gali de di!

Both laugh loudly!

Priyanka: achha yeh bataiye DJs ke baare mein aapka kya raay hain

Rajeev: woh toh aur bhi gaye guzre hai, satyanash kar diya hamare story ka!

Both laugh louder! Priyanka was rolling on the floor

Priyanka: aur Aamir kaisa film hai?

Rajeev: sach batau? story mein bahut gadbad hai! mujhe toh abi tak samajh mein nehi aya ki mere character ke saath hi itna sab kuchh kyon hua?

Priyanka: hahahaha, seriously Rajeev you are too funny, kash yeh sab koi reporter sun pata

Rajeev: haan Rajeev ka pol khul jata!

Priyanka: Hmm next question: Aamna Shariff se aap sach mein pyar karte ho? Dekho yeh baat sach sach batana, no diplomacy, haan?!

Rajeev: okay sach batata hoon, haan kisi zamane mein main sach mein unse pyar karta tha, par ab nehi, ab hum dost hai, sach mein bahut achhe dost'

Priyanka: achha toh ab aap ke dil ka seat khali hai?

Rajeev looks at her'keeps looking

Priyanka: kya hua bolo?

Rajeev: pata nehi ' koi hai jo mujhe bahut achhi lagne lagi hai'lekin woh pyar hai ki kya hai pata nehi'

He keeps looking at her

Suddenly Priyanka feels a little alarmed'Rajeev's looks were a little disturbing, she regretted asking this question''she couldn't look into his eyes, she had also started feeling strangely about Rajeev off late'woh apne nazren jhuka leti hai

Rajeev: aur ek sach baat bolun Priyanka'.(still looking at her intently)'

Priyanka: (cuts him off in the middle) okay okay, bas aap ka question answer session khatam hua!


Rajeev: thik hai, ab tumhari baari

Priyanka: matlab?

Rajeev: matlab ab iss game mein tumhari bari, ab sawal main poochhonga

Priyanka: aur main jhooth bhi bol sakti hoon, mera toh koi brat wat nehi hai!!!he he

Rajeev: isiliye tumhare liye rules thoda different hai, tum mere sawalon ka alternately sach aur jhooth jawab dena

Priyanka: matlab answer 1 mein sach bolun, toh answer 2 mein intentionally jhooth bolna padega? Wow this is fun!

Rajeev: haan ab tum decide kar lo ki tum sach se shuru karoge ya fir jhooth se

Priyanka: okay I'll start with truth

Rajeev: alright, here we go! Tumhara favorite co-star kaun hai?

Priyanka: sach: Vikas!! Hee hee

Rajeev: hmm ab batao tumhe Naina ka role zyada pasand hain ya fir Ekta ke kisi bahu ka?

Priyanka: okay, Naina ka role!

Rajeev: kyaaa? tumhe saas bahu ke roles zyada achha lagta hain? Ikkkkks

Priyanka: kya ikks ? wahan pe kitne ache ache jwellery aur make up hota hai! Naina bankar main lipstick bhi nehi laga payi!

Rajeev: kyon fresher's ball ke din? Tum sach mein bahut khubsurat lag rahi thi

Priyanka: oho thank you thank you, par aisa mouka roz roz kahan ata tha? Aapko toh kitne achhe achhe dresses diya jata tha, par humare liye wohi uniform L okay next question

Rajeev: Do you like me?


Now it was Priyanka's turn to say the truth but she had completely forgotten about it'!!!!!!


Priyanka: (thinking) oh my God yeh kya question hai? par iss baar toh mujhe jhooth bolna hai na? ok (LOUDLY) bas sirf like? mujhe toh aapse pyar hone laga hai!

Rajeev: (looking serious, but smiling inside) Priyanka tum game ke rules toh nehi bhul rahi ho?'tumhe ek baar sach bolna hai aur ek bar jhooth, alternately

Priyanka: (thinking) aha ab yeh mujhe confuse karna chahte hain (loudly) haan mujhe yaad hai, aur yehi mera answer hai

Rajeev: dekho iss game mein cheating nehi ki jati'

Priyanka feels a little uncomfortable, she tried to cover it up: main cheating nehi kar rahi hoon, promise

Rajeev: (looking straight into her eyes, with his signature expression in Raj-Naina scenes) yeh baat tumne mujhe pehle kyon nehi batayi


Now Priyanka feels evidently embarrassed, she sensed something in Rajeev's eyes and realized something must have gone totally wrong!


Tabhi they heard a knock on her door, they both come out of their trance

Rachna had come to hand over Prachi, she was leaving, she couldn't find Rajeev in his room, so she came straight to Priyanka!


The moment Rachna came, Priyanka remembered she had called Rajeev to talk about Prachi  

Priyanka: arrey dekho baton baton mein bhul hi gayi tumhe kis liye bulayi thi'

She tells him everything that happened concerning Rachna.

Rajeev: oh my god, maine usse Prachi ko guest house se bahar le jane ke liye mana kiya tha aur woh gate ke paas chali gayi? Koi usse dekh leta toh?  

Priyanka: haan Rachna ka behavior thoda ajeeb toh tha par aap itna tensed kyon ho? Aap Pachi ko chhupaa kyon chahte hai?

Rajeev: it's a long story Priyanka'

Priyanka: aap batao na, seems things are pretty serious'

Rajeev tells her everything.

Priyanka: oh my God, iska matlab us din jo apa pe humla hua tha woh bhi Prachi se related kuchh hai?

Rajeev: kuchh pata nehi Priyanka, koi suraag, koi saboot nehi hai mere paas, bas mera intuition keh raha hai ki main Prachi ko thoda sambhalkar rakhoon, shayad uske saath bahut saare raz jure hue hai'

Priyanka: aur aaj Galaxy jwellers mein bhi koi clue nehi mila?

Rajeev: no

Priyanka: achha ek baat batao, tumne kaha ki payment baki thi uss ring ka?

Rajeev: haan toh?

Priyanka: payment poore kiye bina hi ring ka delivery ho gaya?

Rajeev: arrey haan, this is quite strange!

Priyanka: kab ho sakta hai aisa? Socho toh

Priyanka's words struck a chord in Rajeev's head!! Sach mein, he had never thought of this! Priyanka you are a genius! this update.....Day DreamingRaj-Pri ..kya kahun....tumne toh mera dil jeet liya iss update se....IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII   LOOOOOOOOOOVE UUUUUUUU for this beeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaautiful update.....first part was toooooooooooo good....everything was perfect....Clapagain this Aliya is getting on my nerve....i know she is behind all this suspense....scenes were brilliantly described....Clap..last partDay Dreaming..i m reading this part again and again....Rajeev confession is sooooo funnyLOL and romantic.....i m imagining the all scenes of RP....totally ouuuuuuuuuuuuutstanding one.....i m feeling sooooooooooo happy after reading this update....thankuuuuuuuuuuuuu soooooooooooooooooooooo much for this sweetest sweet u
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Originally posted by george eliot

Hello guys, am bacccckkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
missed u all soooooooooooo much! thanks for bearing with me and excusing my absence, here's the new update, hope u like it Tongue

Raj: u r a genius priyanka, sach mein koi bina payment ke delivery kyon dega? Yeh toh tabhi ho sakta hai jab '

Priyanka: haan jab yeh customer koi aisa ho jiske saath malik ka jaan pehchaan hai

Rajeev: correct!

Priyanka: dukaan ke malik ke saath meet karna padega, the salesman won't know anything

Rajeev: right, mujhe abhi jana padega

Priyanka: abhi bahut raat ho chuki hai, kal subah chalenge, thik hai?

Rajeev: hmm, tum thik kehti ho Priyanka, I shouldn't be drawing too much attention, waise hi Prachi ke bare mein shayad kayee aur ko pata chal gaya hai

Priyanka becomes a little unmindful hearing this'.

Rajeev goes on'.: mujhe pata hona chahiye tha I can't hide Prachi like this'agar Prachi ke saath koi raaz chhupa hai toh sabsa zyada danger Prachi ko hai..

Priyanka still keeps on thinking about something:': hmmm

Rajeev: perhaps someone from the unit itself had leaked out Prachi's news'anyway mein chalta hoon aur Aliya ko jaake tumhara idea batata hoon

Priyanka: Aliya?? kyon?!!!

Rajeev: array aaj usine toh mera help kiya

Priyanka: (in a little semi-hurt tone) oh really?! Then u already have help, I don't need to be with u'

Rajeev: main tumhe lekar bhi nehi jata, tumhari tabiyat abhi bhi thik nehi hui hai, u should take rest, aur fir itni si kaam ke liye 3 log jakar kya karenge!!

Priyanka: (hurt) don't worry, main nehi aa rahi hoon

Rajeev: that's like a good girl, tumhe abhi rest ki zyada zaroorat hai, good night


Priyanka stands a little hurt, the conversation left a bitter taste'usse agar Aliya pe zyada bharosa hai toh that's his decision, aur fir sahi bhi toh hai'.but more than hurt it was  guilt that ate her from the core, Rajeev's words were piercing her soul like glass shards'she had indeed broken his trust, and she could never tell him what she had done' 'kyon bharosha kare Rajeev uspar?''With the sudden realization of the gravity of the situation Priyanka feels more guilty'she had really not understood things were so serious'she would have never done it if she had known'


Priyanka grows more restless, she dials a number.


Priyanka: hello, haan main bol rahi hoon


Priyanka: dekho tumlog jo kar rahe ho woh abhi please immediately bandh karo


Priyanka: try to understand, things are pretty serious, main nehi kar sakti, the kid might be harmed


Priyanka: I don't care damn it, main abhi jakar Rajeev ko sab kuchh bata deti hoon


Priyanka slams the phone and starts thinking, she felt more and more guilty about the damage she might have caused'if only Rajeev had told her the whole story a little earlier'it was indeed unethical on her part but if she had known things were like this she would have never agreed to it, never, never, never'..

She needed to tell Rajeev before more damage is done, he should know'Priyanka runs to Rajeev's room'


Priyanka runs in so much hurry that she enters Rajeev's room straight without knocking


Rajeev was shirtless, in his towel, changing'.(remember the Ritu-Rajveer shirtless scene!)

Rajeev: Pri-Priyanka tum?????!!!!!!!!!

Priyanka: oh I am so sorry, (she runs out of the room) aap change kar lijiye


By this time Rajeev had also fled to the bathroom, he changes and comes out'both blushing'

Rajeev: woh'mujhe pata nehi tha darwaja khula hai'

Priyanka: I am sorry maine knock nehi kiya'

Rajeev: lagta hai Naina ka role karte karte tumhe knock na karne ki adaat padh gayi hai!!

Priyanka: (more embarrassed) I am really sorry'

Rajeev: it's okay, I really don't mind a cadet Naina Singh around me, in fact I need one now!

Priyanka looks up at him, surprised

Rajeev: jispe main khud se bhi zyada bharosha kar sakoon, jo iss muskil mein mera saath de'(looks at Priyanka) seriously Priyanka, I was thinking about the whole thing and it seems our real lives are no less happening than the stories in the serial!

Priyanka keeps listening'

Rajeev: ab sach mein agar serials ke achhe characters real life mein aa jaaye toh life thodi easy ho jata hai

Priyanka: (softly) true'

Rajeev: ab dekho na aaj hi tumne itna achha idea diya mujhe, u r like the real 'Naina ah Singh,' in rescue of her captain!

Priyanka feels more guilty, she says softly: perhaps real and reel lives are not similar always, the real life 'Naina' might not be as trustworthy as the reel one'

Rajeev: (looks at Priyanka with adoration)  the real life 'captain' is very ashamed of the one time he suspected his real life 'cadet', please forgive me for that'tum mere liye, Prachi ke liye itna sab kuchh kar rahi ho aur maine'maine tum pe hi sak kiya'how can I not trust you'

Priyanka: par'.

Rajeev: I know you will never break my trust, ab batao itne raat gaye tum kya bolne ayi thi'


Priyanka couldn't bring herself to tell Rajeev what she had planned to confess'some other time perhaps'par aaj nahi, not right after Rajeev had declared his trust in her so much'

Rajeev: Priyanka'.

Priyanka: woh'main'bas kuchh nehi'good night bolne ayi thi

Rajeev: hmmm, tum bina knock kiye raat ke 12 baaje mere room mein daudkar aate ho'SIRF GOODNIGHT BOLNE KE LIYE??????? Tab toh case kuchh gadbad hai (smiling mischievously)

Priyanka: of ho, aap bhi na, nehi bas main'o haan, mujhe ekbaar Prachi ke ring dekhna tha

Rajeev laughs loudly: good, raat ke 12 baaje tumhe jasoosi sujha hai? Lagta hai tum Naina se kuchh zyada hi influenced ho, wahan red box, yahan ring! Great going cadet singh! Bas mujhpe goli mat chalana!

Priyanka: (muttering under her breath) goli toh shayad aap mujhpar chalate agar aapko pata hota toh'.

Rajeev: kya barbara rahi ho?

Priyanka: kuchh nehi'ok Prachi so gayi hai, toh mein chalti hoon, good night

Priyanka leaves

Rajeev: bilkul pagal hai yeh ladki, kuchh bolne ayi thi lekin batayi bhi nehi!!


Priyanka comes out of Rajeev's room and tabhi meets Vikas in the corridor. Dono chauk jaate hai

Priyanka: tu yahan?

Vikas: yehi sawal main tujhse pooch sakta hoon, raat ke 12 baje tu style icon ke room se nikal rahi hai?!!!!

Priyanka: haan mujhe kuchh kaam tha

Vikas: bas kar, hum sab budhdhu nehi hai Priyanka, lekin tu jo kar rahi hai woh sahi nehi hai

Priyanka: dekh Vikas mujhe abhi tujhse koi behs nehi karni, main ja rahi hoon

Vikas: mujhe bhi tujhse koi behs nehi karna, bas tujhe yeh kehne aya tha ki teri ma tujhe phone par try kar rahi hai, tu nehi mili toh mujhe call kiya aunty ne

Priyanka: thik hai main call karti hoon

Vikas: aur aunty ko bata dena ki next time agar tujhe dhoondna ho toh Mr.Khandelwal ke phone par call kare


Next Day at shoot


Everybody is gearing up for their usual shooting schedule. Rajeev performs a stunt that invites loud gapes and applaud from everybody. Sher Khan is exceedingly happy with Rajeev's shot: 'one day you become very big actor I say you see,' he said bubbling with joy


Kunal keeps clapping at Rajeev'.so does Priyanka! Vikas notices that'

Vikas: oye shot khatam ab clapping bandh kar

Kunal: did you guys see how he did it? Wow, amazing, he's a real hero man

Vikas: tu usse itna impressed kyon hai?

Kunal: I really like him, aur fir tumlog jab mere saath pranks khel rahe the toh he was the only one who stood by me, usine mujhe bataya tumlog baste mein stones dal rahe ho

Vikas: aha, tabhi tujhe pata chala aur tune ulta chal chal diya, ab samjha

Kunal: yes, that was really sweet of him

Vikas: ji nehi, that was being a spoilsport

Harshad reaches the sets a little late'the whole unit was waiting for him

Aliya: ayiye, finally aap aaye'lagta hai celebrity symptom lag gaya hai aapko

Harshad: array aaj mera breakfast miss ho gaya tha, isliye thoda late ho gaya

Aliya: thoda late? U r 2 hours late Harshad, adha din yehi pe nikal gaya! Ok guys we need to shoot the next scene, all cadets gather here, but where's Ghazal?

Everybody gathers together and notices Ghazal was missing from the shooting today.

Aliya: yeh kya unprofessionalism hai?  Guptaji please pata kijiye Gazal kahan hai

Arjun: zaroor kuchh plan bana rahi hogi

Rajeev: aisa mat bolo Arjun, woh bimaar bhi pad sakti hai

Gupta : ma'am Ghazal's manager wants to talk to you

Ghazal's manager comes over after sometime: Ghazal is resigning from this film

All: whaaaaat?

G's manager: yes, these are the contract papers, legal formalities, and the rest of the paperwork, also she is suing the cast and the unit for infamy, she wants to resign in a week, please settle her bills as soon as possible

Aliya: what do you mean she wants to resign? Our director Miahraji is joining the unit tomorrow, there seems to be a problem with the producer and Ghazal wants to leave now??

G's manager: we don't know anything about it, she has already decided

Aliya looks evidently upset: ab mein Mishraji ko kya jawab dungi? Law suit bhi file kar rahi hai This was my first assignment'oh God mere saath hi yeh sab kyon hota hai?

Arjun (looking guilty): mein ek baar usse baat karoon, I think woh uss din ke wajah se naraz hai

Harshad: uss din toh hum sab milkar usse ulta sidha kahan tha, chal hum sab chalte hai

Kunal: good idea, chal sab chalte hain


They all come back after a while'all upset.

Arjun: kya ho gaya hai usse, ek newspaper article se woh itna upset hai?

Kunal: lekin media ko pata kaise chata iss incident ke bare mein

Harshad: media ko sab pata hota hai, par haan it is a big blur on her career, the article was really rude

Priyanka: yeh sab mere wajah se hua hai, tum log bhi na, kuchh soche samjhe nehi uspe ilzaam daal diya

Vikas: array par she was the most possible person, ab hume kya pata tha ki poori incident magazine mein chhap jayegi, humlog toh yahan kab se pade hai, press mein kya ho raha hai dekha bhi nehi

Kunal: haan aur kya title hai, 'Is Ghazal the real life villain?' yeh dekh kar koi bhi upset ho jaaye



Aliya: I really can't think of anything now, let Mishraji come, unhiko sambhalna padega'

Kunal: matlab aaj ka shooting cancel?

Aliya: cadets ke group scenes toh cancel karna hi padega, Priyanka, tum rassi wali scene ka retake do fir

Priyanka: aaj hi?

Aliya: haan aur issbar rassi main khud check karoongi, it is an important scene, can't delete it'.chalo fir


The unit prepares for the retake of the scene, the same setting, the rope being hung from the tree'only Priyanka feels a little unnerved'the memory of the previous accident is still fresh in her mind and she shuddered to think of the same shot again'fir se rassi tut gayi toh'


Aliya: all right, Priyanka rassi se latak jao, maine ab khud check kiya hai

Rajeev double checks it for more safety: Priyanka it's absolutely perfect, chalo go ahead


Priyanka comes forward, she feels her legs shaking as she walks near the spot'the accident has really shaken her up'she tries wearing the rope on her feet'.and then stops midway'

Priyanka: I'I can't do it today'

Aliya: what nonsense Priyanka, I told you I checked the rope myself, nothing will happen, go ahead'

Priyanka tries doing it'.

Aliya rolls the camera'.lights, camera, action'. Three seconds and Priyanka lets out a sharp cry'.

Priyanka: mujhe neeche utaro'.pleaseeee

Aliya: cut! Cut! What happened?

Priyanka: (still nervous) I'I am not feeling well, sach mein main nehi kar sakti, kisi aur din karenge please, aaj kuchh doosra shoot kar lijiye

Aliya: (angry) do you think this shooting is a joke? Sab apne man marji kar rahe hai!!

Priyanka: (almost pleading) Aliya I know, i am serious about my job too, but aaj sach mein mujhse nehi hoga'

Aliya: enough! What nonsense is this, I have never seen a more unprofessional cast, koi der se ata hai, koi beech mein shooting chhod ke ja rahi hai, kisi ko shot nehi dena!! Yahan pe koi circus ho raha hai kya?

Rajeev: Aliya please, we can understand you are upset about today's incidents par Priyanka ke situation bhi samjhne ki kosish karo, she must be facing a trauma

Aliya : (hurt) wonderful Rajeev, ab tumlog hi decide karo yeh film kaise chalani hai, resign toh mujhe karna chahiye'let me call up Misraji and tell him I can't handle this anymore'


She storms off

Vikas: aaj shooting ka saytanash ho gaya, ruko mein jakar usse manane ki kosish karta hoon


Udhar Arjun consoles a nervous Priyanka'she squats on the ground, evidently disturbed. Rajeev goes over to her'

Rajeev: Priyanka'

Priyanka looks up, tears in her eyes

Rajeev: yeh kya tum ro rahi ho??????!!!!!!! Silly girl

Priyanka: i know i...i acted like a fool but believe me I really felt so scared doing it

Rajeev: I can understand Priyanka, par you are a brave girl, I know you can do it

Arjun: main bhi tabse usse yehi bol raha tha

Priyanka: I can't'

Rajeev: of course u can, accidents toh bar bar nehi hote, aur rassi maine khud check kiya hai, dekho kuchh nehi hoga

Priyanka looks at him

Rajeev: mujhe tumhare capabilities pe poora bharosha hai, aur fir agar rassi tut bhi jaaye toh main hun na tumhe pakarne ke liye, yeh bharosha hai na mujhpe?

Priyanka: hun

Rajeev: fir? Don't worry, u can do it, now get up and get going, I am standing here, all ready to catch you! Aur fir iss bar toh Moov bhi hai na!

Hearing this Priyanka laughs loudly

Arjun: Moov hai? matlab?

Rajeev: kuchh nehi (winks at her) chalo I'll call Aliya, tumlog bhi na, bilkul bachhe ho sab ke sab










ab toh mere pass words nahin kuch bhi kehne ke usual update rocked...u rocked again....and Pri is soooooo smart....and what Pri is hidding...well i will soon know scene was funny as well as beautiful....LOL..poor Pri...thik se bahana bhi nahin khoj payi aane ka.....perfect scene....and Vikas dialogue aur aunty ko bata dena ki next time agar tujhe dhoondna ho toh Mr.Khandelwal ke phone par call kare...point....really meaningful..ab toh Vikas ko bhi lagta hai ki Pri uski nahin ho sakti tabhi toh usne ye baat kahi....chalo accha hai...again shooting scene was at its best...perfect description....Pri was soo that scene when Rajeev encouraged her which reminded me of that scene when Rajveer has encouraged Naina after fressers ball episode.....suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuperb one....Clap
quietrajpri1623 Goldie

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Originally posted by george eliot

episode 19
The shot is taken, perfect, all the while Raj was standing on his toes in case some accident happens'Aliya calls pack up after the shot, she had too much to handle in a single day and had splitting headache. There were night scenes to shoot tonight, so the unit got a break


The unit split up, all wanted to rest, Rajeev thought of checking on Prachi'tabhi Priyanka comes to him.

Priyanka: Thanks for cheering me up, by the way Prachi ka lunch ho gaya? Kuchh khila dete hai usko

Rajeev: haan main bhi wohi soch raha tha'by the way I hope Rachna ne aur kuchh gadbad nehi kiya

Priyanka: na, woh chup chap Prachi ko lekar baithi hui thi, shots ke beech beech mein unpe nazar rakh rahi thi

A wonderful smile spreads on Rajeev's face: sach Priyanka you are doing so much for me, I don't know how to thank you'.

Priyanka: (murmuring under her breath) soch lijiye prayaschit hai'

Rajeev: kuchh kaha tumne?

Priyanka: na



After feeding Prachi, Rajeev asked Priyanka for a cup of coffee, dono cafeteria chalte hai.

As they entered the caf' they saw Gazal, she was sitting with cadet Pooja, drinking her coffee, Priyanka and Rajeev could hear their conversation'

Priyanka: yeh kaun hai ? (she hadn't met this namuna!!)

Rajeev: shhhhh'onscreen and onscreen Poojas having a conversation!!

Pooja: aapka character mujhe kitna pasand hai, apka aur mera handset aur simcard dono milte hai, main aapke shooting dekhne aa jayoon?

Ghazal: thanks cadet par meri connection kat chuki hai, I mean, main ab iss film mein nehi hoon,

Pooja: hai rabba, kisne apka connection kata? Uski toh main network jam kar doongi

Ghazal: (laughs sadly) thanks for your concern Pooja par sach mein main yeh film chhod rahi hoon, tum apna khayal rakhna

Pooja: par aapke baki dost aapko jaane nehi denge

Ghazal doesn't say anything but smiles sadly..

Pooja: array woh rahe Rajveer Sir aur Naina, real life mein bhi saath saath, so sweet!!

She comes up to them, 'dekhiye na Pooja film chhodke ja rahi hai'

Ghazal turns to them. She looked evidently depressed'her smile was missing, her confidence seemed to have received a massive blow'Rajeev felt bad seeing the sprightly girl like this

'excuse me' she leaves before anybody could say a word

Pooja stands sad: Pooja kyon ja rahi hai? Aaplog rokiye na

Rajeev: kash hum rok paate

Pooja: yeh galat hai, screen mein jaise dikhate hai aaplogo ka unity waisa bilkul nehi hai!! Kisiko koi parwa hi nehi! Sirf Rajveer Naina ke romance same to same hai!

Both blush hearing this

Priyanka: nehi Pooja, hamare beech kuchh nehi hai, bas hum coffee peene aye hai

Pooja: achha? par aap dono saath saath bada cute lagte ho!

Rajeev: ok cadet Pooja, ab hum coffee peeye? aap join karoge hamare saath?

Pooja: na baba, kabab mein haddi, main chalti hun, byee


They both sit sipping their coffee'Priyanka is lost in deep thought.

Rajeev kept looking at her. She looked so pretty in her black churidar, her freshly washed face looked like a flower in full bloom'.there was an intense honesty in her face'strands of her hair were falling on her face but she was too lost to notice that'Rajeev had an almost uncontrollable urge to put them back behind her ears'..

Suddenly he heard a voice again, 'dekha maine kaha tha na in dono ko pyar hai, dekh kaise dekh rahe hai'' it was Pooja explaining to some other cadet!!


Both come out of their respective trances!

Rajeev: kya soch rahi thi tum?

Priyanka: Prachi ke bare mein...

Rajeev felt like hugging her, this girl thought about Prachi more than even he did, such selflessness....

Priyanka went on': ab jab sab ko pata chal hi gaya hai Prachi ek bare mein toh kyon na hum police help le aur jaldi se uske past ke bare mein pata kar le

Rajeev: that's definitely an easy way, par pata nehi Priyanka mujhe kyon Prachi ko expose karne mein bahut dar lagta hai'shayad bahut logo ko abhi tak uske baare mein pata nehi hai'

Priyanka: ya fir sabko pata hai, perhaps they are waiting for the right moment'


Priyanka shuddered at the thought of it'perhaps it was all because of her'why did she do it, why? Agar Prachi ko kuchh bhi ho jayae toh who apne aap ko kabhi maf nehi kar payegi, she can't let anything happen to her'or to Rajeev either'..she felt tremendously restless

'no I can't let it happen'

Rajeev: what can't u let happen?

Priyanka realized she had spoken out the last words loudly!!

Rajeev spoke to her affectionately: Priynaka tum Prachi ko lekar kuchh zyada hi pareshan ho rahe ho, it's okay

Priyanka: we need to find out the shop owner, abhi

Rajeev: array kya ho gaya hai tumhe, ruko toh

Priyanka: abhi chaliye, jitna late karenge utna hi Prachi ke liye khatra bad jayega shayad'.

She felt too restless'perhaps the enemy is making their plans too'

Rajeev: par aaj evening shoot hai na? Aliya ko kya jawab denge?

Priyanka: Aliya ko kuchh bhi bol dijiye, woh zaroor samajh jayegi, woh shooting shuru kare, we'll be back before evening...

Rajeev: ok whatever you say....

He virtually got dragged by Priyanka'.


He waited in his car while Priyanka came in with a big bag.

Rajeev: baapre itne bade bag mein kya hai?

Piyanka: baad mein pata chalega kya hai

He tried calling Aliya on their way, her phone was switched off, so he left a voice message...

Both reach galaxy jwellers again

Rajeev: iss baar fir se ring ke baare mein pooch taachh ki toh woh salesman zaroor police ko bulaye ga!

Priyanka: aap yehi ruko, main malik ka contact address lekar aati hoon


She was back in 5 mintues

Rajeev: wow! Kaise kiya tumne yeh? Woh tumhe address de diya?

Priyanka: jasoosi ke liye kuchh akal chahiye hota hai, maine thodi hi kahan ki mujhe ring ke liye address chahiye?

Rajeev: toh?

Priyanka: I told him I am from the tax department and there was a problem with this shop's tax filing, maine usse id card aur files bhi dikhaya, toh woh darkar mujhe jhat se owner ka naam, pata sab de diya

Rajeev: par id card aur files kahan se mila?

Priyanka: array id card toh mera apna id card hai, dur se dikhaya aur file mein toh mere role ke dialogues hai!!

Rajeev: tum bhi na?!!! agar woh dekhna chahta toh?

Priyanka: kuchh nehi dekhta, tax department ke naam se hi itna dar gaya bechara, acting achhi honi chahiye my dear


She beamed at her own success and Rajeev felt so good seeing her happy!

Rajeev: Achha mila address, ab chale? Finally we are moving beyond galaxy jwellers, kab se yehi chakkar kaat raha hoon'(looks at Priyanka admiringly) it's all because of you'tum na hoti toh'.

Priyanka: bas bas, mujhe bhi Prachi ki fikar hai


'Shantiniketan,' 120 MG Road, Nowgaon


Rajeev: baapre 'shatiniketan, huh? Virani pariwar na nikal aye!

Priyanka: hahaha aap sach mein Ekta gang se bahut darte hai

Rajeev: aur nehi toh kya, jo log 200 saal tak zinda rehte hai, marke bhi wapas aa jaate hai, woh log bahut dangerous hote hai!


Priyanka: ruko, jaane se pehle thoda make up kar lete hai

Rajeev: make up? Make up kahan se ayega?

Priyanka: tumhe kya lagta hai iss bag mein kya hai??

Rajeev: Pri you are brilliant!

Priyanka: Pri??

Rajeev: oh sorry excitement mein keh gaya, fir se nehi bolunga

Priyanka: (smiles) u can call me Pri, ab chale


They dressed up in cotton saree and kurta, Rajeev had an extra beard on his face, and Priyanka had put glasses. They both walk in, it was a large mansion, clearly indicative of the wealth the owner possessed. However, it was quieter than a normal house, covered with large garden and huge trees, the house had an eerie sense to it.

Priyanka felt a little was beginning to get dark and the house didn't seem too welcoming'she unmindfully grabs Rajeev's hand, without even realizing'

Rajeev looks at her with shock, but the expression on her face showed fear clearly written, he pressed her hand back, in re-assurance'


Somebody was reporting:


'Dono Patel ji ke ghar pahooch gaye'

'Let them move in, iss baar koi galti nehi chahiye, un logo ko jitna jaldi ho sake secret ke paas pahuchne do'

'par unhe sab kuchh pata chal gaya toh?'

'yehi toh chahiye, kaam woh karenge, fal hum khayenge...bas in dono ka combo todna padega, dono saath mein bahuth dangerous hai'

'toh fir kya aaj raat hi? Priyanka ko hathau?'

'Nehi we need Priyanka, Rajeev is our target again, I don't want them together, aur iss baar mujhe koi galti nehi chahiye, Rajeen target matlab Rajeev target'



They are stopped at the door by the watchman: kya chahiye?

Rajeev: woh hume Patel ji se milna hai

Watchman: aap kaun?

Priyanka: Mr. and Mrs.Trivedi

Rajeev looks at Priyanka, stunned'Mr and Mrs Trivedi?!!! As the watchman let them in Priyanka whispered her plan to Rajeev'.



Everybody was waiting at the sets for the famous couple. Aliya looked glum, Vikas was pacing up and down, their cell phones were switched off'

Arjun: mujhe ab dar lagne lag raha hai, kahan gaye dono? Kafi raat ho chuki hai, shooting bhi tha...

Kunal: Rajeev ji hai na Priyanka ke saath, tum log fiqar mat karo'


And at that very moment both step in'everybody surround them with questions'

Aliya: bas bas enough, shooting shuru kare?

The shots are being taken, simple night scenes, the ragging scene of seniors, Raj Naina night time conversations, Huda spying on Rajveer'


Priyanka's scene over, she sits down a little away from the sets'Plenty of lights are fixed to lighten up the place, Priyanka looks at them'kash there was some light to disperse this mystery, situations were becoming darker and darker, wish there was some light to brighten up things'.suddenly she sees the light right above Rajeev sliding dangerously! With steady movement, the light slides down towards Rajeev's head, a loose wire dangerously hanging from it'she calls out his name but he's too far away, the sets are too noisy'.with no time to waste with an instant leap Priyanka jumps over to the main switch box near her'.plenty of switches, plenty of handles, a mess of wires inside''..with all her force she pulls down the one handle that seemed right'a bright spark in the switch box and the whole set is engulped on darkness at one go!!! A loud crash is heard before Priyanka faints again from the mild electric shock that the main switch board sent out to her'.    




ooo my god....what an update yaar....again hatts off to u...Clapye sab kya ho gaya....hoping Pri is fine....i was reading this update with my eyes wide open....convo was amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing in the first the lil  sweet moments of RP....and investigation process is sooooooooo cool...idea was too good.....u r a geneous dhamakedaar update ke liye Clap..i can only clap for u...i m feeling loss of words in describing how much u r talented....oooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutstanding....Star

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