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Reel & Real life:(RN): 2 remaining updates posted (Page 59)

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Posted: 23 September 2008 at 8:55am | IP Logged
The update is simply superbClap

The situations which u have written are so similar to the real life incidences..people just love to gossip....that malhotra needs to mind his businessAngry..but ghazal behavior is quite fishy..why is she so much involved with malhotra.

Vikas quite rude to pri..maybe because he is heartbroken..even he loves pri a lot....i just hope he accepts the truth and move on in life.

raj was so rude to priCry..why is denying his relationship with pri..pri is right even if he denies people won't stop gossiping.Waise pri behaved quite immature when he expected rajeev to punch Malhotra....i am waiting to see their next step.

aaliya was happy for rajeev..i was surprised by her reaction...i thought she would be upset afterall she loves him...just like ghzal aaliya's character is also mysterious.

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Suddenly a thought strikes Rajeev and he became serious, looking at priyanka he says: pri did we rush through things?

P: why are u asking such a question

R: nehi Pri this was so sudden, things happened so fast, I didn?t evet know if u were ready and I ???.(he sounded guilty, realizing the import of the things)hmmm...kitni jaldi yaad aa gaya......gud going rajeevLOLLOL

P: looked at him adoringly, he cared for her so much:ab vo rajeev hai......itna pyaara ki usse tumhaari fikar hogi hi tumne koi zabardasti thodi kiya? I was equally partner in this (she said shyly)ye lo bechaari ladki ko samjhaana pad raha hai....aur hamaara rajeev sachi mein bhut sharmeela aur bhola haiEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

R: fir bhi Pri??..this shouldn?t have happened like this???u know what I mean??..we didn?t take any protection?.if something happens??..

He was too concerned

P: ok ok chill, don?t worry, I?ll take measures?..

R: par kaise? We have already done it???..isne science nhn padhi lagtiLOLjo aise sawaal pooch raha hai

P: offffho, tum fikr karna bandh karoge? I?ll take a precautionary pill once I get back?ab yeh discussion bandh kare?mujhe to darr hai ki wahaan itni tension mein agar ye pill lena bhool gai to lene ke dene pad jaayenge

R: tum keh rahi ho toh thik hai....oye tum yaad zaroor kara dena warna mujhe to poora shak hai ki pri bhoolne waali hai

P: now smile baba, come on dont look so glum, finally we are together

R: I hope nothing comes between us anymore (he thought to himself as he hugged priyanka with a sigh) kuch nhn aayega beech agar tum pri ka sach jaanne ke baad usse maaf kardo to...i mean vo to tum kar hi doge par mera matlab hai ki jaldi karna....aur plzzzzzzzz uss aliya ka bharosa mat karna mujhe vo bhut hi chaalbaaz lagti hai....aur pata nhn kyun aisaa lagta hai hi uska prachi se bhi kuch lena dena hai...u know wat i mean....



The unit had called up the forest ranger early in the morning

FR: kuchh connection ho raha hai unlogo se?

Aliya: naa, we haven?t heard from them since last evening, please Sir hume jaldi unhe dhoondhne nikal na chahiye

FR: ok, we don?t want many people, just 2 or three of you come with me

Aliya: I?ll go

Vikas: me too

Arjun: main bhi jayoongadekho kitna pakaa dost hai dost ko romance karne ke liye jungle mein rehne ke liye kehta hai aur fir sabke saath shariffon ki tarah anjaan bann kar ghoomne bhi jaa raha haiWink

The jeep set off to the restricted areas of the jungle.


Rajeev and Priyanka were walking hand in hand when they heard voices calling out their name?soon they met the search party

FR: ufffffff finally aaplog mile?.I told you repeatedly, be careful of the restricted areas, fir bhi aaplog bhatak gaayelagta hai iss forest ranger ne kbhi romance nhn kiya aur abhi tak kuwaaara haiLOLLOLdekho kaise bacchon jaise sawaal kar raha hai

Both looked down like errant students

Rajeev: humlogo ko pata bhi nehi chala kab yahan aa gayerajeev kam se kam bahaana to koi dhang ka banaateLOL

FR: come on Mr.Khandelwal, couldn?t you see the sign boards that said restricted area?actually vo kuch aur dekhne mein busy thaWinktumhaara sadaa hua board kyun dekhe ga vo??LOLLOL Anyway, I am glad you guys are safe

They all sat in the jeep. Vikas was looking at Priyanka intensely, trying to find visible signs of what have happened all night?naaa soch zyaada sahaa nhn jaaayegaLOLLOLLOLPri and Arjun exchanged glances, Arjun noticed the look on Pri?s face and smiled, he knew whatever has happened, seeing Arjun smile made Priyanka blush again, she knew he had understoodye arjun bhi naaa aalekh ke character se bhut inspire ho gaya hai aur apna antaryaaami ka role nhn chodegaLOL?.Priyanka looked at Rajeev and smiled shyly, Rajeev looked at her dreamily?.haaae so sweetEmbarrassed


Pri had just changed her clothes when Vikas came to her

Vikas: so?

P: kya?

Vikas: raat kaisi rahi?minus you.....fantastic

P: baapre it was so bad, we were completely lost, raatbhar hum rasta dhoondhte rahe?.priiiiii jhoooth jhoothLOLye kaho ki tum dono chahte the ki raasta kbhi naa mile

Vikas: (smiling sarcastically) kyon jhooth bol rahi hai, bol na Rajeev ke saath kya kiya?rehne de vikas agar usne tujhe bataa diya to tujhe heartattack ho jaayegaLOLLOLLOL

P: kya matlab hai tera? Humlog kho gaye the....

Vikas: zyada bholi mat ban, maza aya uske saath? kamina sahi tone nhn use kar sakta....ghatiya soch

P: Vikaaaaaaas

Vikas: nehi bol na, mujhe ab koi fark nehi padta, was he good?thapad khaane jaise sawaaal kar raha hai kaminaAngry

Priyanka hated the way he asked her that question,even i hate dis tone of him she thought it?s time to put her foot down. She came face to face to him. Staring at him with a stern look she spoke up: Vikas, before you start making any more comments that you?ll be sorry for let me tell you something. Rajeev and I love each other and that?s official. Now I don?t want anybody, and that includes you too, to talk about our private life, now is that clear?wah wah pri.....keep it up i m proud of uClap

Vikas? face looked like a deflated balloon as he saw Priyanka walking out.LOLLOLLOL


Rajeev was reading his script, when he heard two spot boys talking:

SB 1: aapko kya lagta hai Priyanka aur Rajeev ji raat bhar jungle mein?.kuchh hua hoga?bas aur koi kaam nhn hai logon ko

SB2: aur nehi toh kya, raat bhar kya taare gin rahe the dono? bhi sahi hai agar dekha jaaye to

SB1: lekin meine toh suna tha Priyanka ji ke saath Vikas sir ka kuchh hai??.

SB2: haan yaar mujhe bhi yehi pata tha, achanak yeh Rajeev sir kahan se entry mar diyaapna hero hai....dhulaniya to isi ko milegi naaaWink

SB1: shayad woh log sach mein kho gaye the

Sb 2: array rehne de rehne de, yeh heroine type bhi na, kabhi iske saath toh kabhi uske saath, achha mouka mila, Rajeev ji jo fansha liya? tu dekhna Rajeev aur Priyanka ji ke beech mein ab chakkar chalega?.raat ka nasha abhi?kaminaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

They both sing dirtily?

SB1: bechara vikas sir, achanak girlfriend haat se fisal gayiii


Rajeev felt like punching those two guys but thought itarre maaarna chahiye tha naa....par i know rajeev bhut i samjahdaar aur calm banda hai aise chichore logon ki baaton sun kar scene nhn create karega?s best to ignore them, after all he didn?t want him n pri to be the laughing stock of the unit?so this is what they think: Priyanka was steady with Vikas and suddenly she has slept with Rajeev! These people had no idea about the depth of their relationship, their love, their passion??to dikhaayo naaa logon ko.....ise sharmaaane se fursat mile tab naaaa..perhaps it was all Rajeev?s fault, they had behaved like strangers in front of everyone?.and now when they are in relationship suddenly, people are finding it hard to accept?finally dimaag ki baati jaliBig smile


And tabhi the production manager came up to Rajeev and said: congratulations Rajeev, not everybody gets so lucky to spend a night with a beautiful lady in the jungle?ek se badhkar ek ghatiya aadmi hai set parand it?s even better if it?s somebody else?s chick, huh? oyeeee vo usi ki hai not someone else's chick....chhii mujhe to ye chick word bhi indecent lagta haiHe he he he?(he chuckled)

Rajeev got up and left in front of the stunned man.



Uhar Kunal and Arjun had gathered around Pri

Kunal: bol na Priya, kya hua jungle mein

P: array kya hoga? Bas hum kho gaye the

Arjun: bol hi daal, humse kya chhupana

Tabhi Harshad enters: are you all right Priyanka? Did u get to eat something? Raatbhar bhookhi rahi kya?bas harshad ko to hameshaaa khaane ki padi rehti hai....bhukhaddLOL

K: hush hush?come to the point, tell us what happened

P: array fir wohi sawal? Kya hoga? Hum rasta dhoondhte rahe aur fir thak kar baith gaye?aur

All: aur??????????????hahahahahhahahha...dis is d beauty of frndship i sweet

P: aur kuchh nehi?bas (she blushed deep red)

Harshad: come on guys, don?t ask her personal questions


Tabhi Ghazal came to see Priyanka and spotted a red mark on her neck which she had hidden with her dupatta.

G: priya, tere neck pe kya hua?jhali hi hai ghazalEmbarrassed

Arjun was standing there, smiling at her, he decides to play a lil mischief, he came up innocently and said: haan Priya yeh tere neck pe kaisa daag hai?arjun bhut naughty hai pehle khud hi kehta hai ki jungle mein raho aisa mauka fir nhn milega aur ab khud hi bechaari ka jeeena mushkil kar raha haiLOLLOL

Before Priyanka could hide it all were looking at it

Ghazal: oh my God (she suddenly screamed and then shut up, she had understood!!) sab kuch bigaaad ke tab samjhti hai

Kunal: ahem?.ab pata chala

H: kya baat hai, koi batao mujheye sab se bada namuna hai

Ghazal: ahem

H: arrey hua kya?

K: well jab koi bahut passionately kiss karta hai

G: toh?.toh?.toh?. aisa kuchh daag ho jaata hai?(Ghazal finally blurted it out)chalo bachi kuchi kasar bhi poori kar di

H: oh achha, ab samjha, array yeh dekh aur ekpagal banda....yahaan bhi sab ek se badh kar ek namune hainLOL

All this while pri felt like sinking in the ground, tabhi Harshad pointed out another red mark at the back of her neck?and soon the whole group teased her to death, finally pri gave up: okay okay guys, shut up, okay here I confess: Rajeev n I are in lovebechaari dere was no way out...thanx to her wonderful frnds


All clap loudly, ?PARTY PARTY? they all screamed.

Vikas heard the claps and screams from a distance. He felt bad, not so much for losing pri than for not being a part of the celebration?he was pri?s best friend, he should have rejoiced in her happiness?he thought sadlypehle sab kuch khud hi bigaad ta hai fir khud hi pachtata hai

Aliya comes up to Rajeev with a cup of coffee: the reporters are asking for an interview

Ra: noooooooooooooooi can imagine rajeev's reactions haaye kitna cute lag raha hoga naaaEmbarrassed

A: ok, ok, main na bol dungi, par kyon?

R: i am in no mood for an interviewpoocho zaraaa aur kya mood hai janaab ka???Wink

A: well whatever happened yesterday calls for an interview, and celebration

Not again, Rajeev thought irritatedly: what for?detail mein sunega tab shanti milegi kya????????


Tabhi Malhotra came over to Rajeev, he had a very suggestive smile on his face which he didn?t like.

Malhotra: so?

Rajeev: yes?

Malhotra: hope you had a good time, he winked at him dirtilyloo ek aur kaminaa....pata nhn kahan kahna se bharti kiye hain sabAngryAngryAngry

Rajeev felt anger rising in his head but he chose to ignore this horrible man.firse ignore????????god....rajeev to sant haiLOLLOL

Rajeev: I don?t understand what you mean Mr. Malhotra, the jungle wasn?t the most comfortable place on earthjhoothaaa.......iskeliye to sab se khoobsurat jagah hogiWink

Malhotra: come on man, zyada bhole mat bano, mujhe mat sikhao tumdono ne raat bhar kya kiya hai?.come on man, tumhe ishiliye intimate scene se problem tha?.tum apna kismat kisike saath share nehi karna chahte?? the way she is very hot huh?.rajeev yaaar kya kar rahe ho....isss baat pe to dho dena chahiye tumhein isse.....par as we all know rajeeev ji sab kaaam bhut hi soch kar aur thande dimaag se karte hain iss liye inse aisi umeed rakhna bekaar hai


Rajeev looked at him sternly, he tried his best to control his anger: Mr Malhotra I would prefer if you stop this conversation right now. It was just an accident that we got lost, nothing else happened.safeed jhooth


Malhotra nudged him with his elbow: oye hoye, aapko toh bura lag gaya, come on, saaf dikh raha hai raatbhar kya kiya tum dono nekamaal hai ye sab dikh kaise sakta hai???meri to samjh ke bahar hai?ab yeh heroines hote hi aise hai, maine toh suna tha Vikas ke saath iska chakkar chal raha hai, ab aap ke saath raat bitake ayi, not bad haan?.these women can do anything for their profession?kabhi mere saath bhi uska setting?? this is really more dan par to rajeev ko ghuusaa maarna hi chahiye thaAngryAngryAngry


?Shut up Mr.Malhotra?bas sirf shut up?????? Rajeev thundered and walked away. He was fuming and came and sat on a chair, he felt like killing that horrible man?to kya pndit ji se muharat ka wait kar raha haihe hated coming back, he wished he could stay back at the jungle, what a contrast to the lovely time spent there?hahahahahhahapeople are disgusting, he was worried about Pri?how bad wud she feel if she heard these things?she shouldn?t know, not at all?and tabhi he saw Priyanka standing by his sidethink of the pri as the pri is hereLOLab lagegi rajeeev ki waaat......pyar ke side effectsWink...single hote hue kisi ko jawaab jo nhn dena padta tha ab to poora mahayud ho sakta haiLOLLOLbut i guesss ismein bhi apna hi ek mazaa haiBig smileEmbarrassedEmbarrassed



P: wonderful, thanks a lot (Priyanka?s eyes were glowing and het voice thick with sarcasm)

R: what? For what? Why do u look so angry? ( Rajeev was extremely confused)ye dekho abhi bhi samajh nhn aaya inhe

P: I see a man talking such bad things about me and u are doing nothingany woman wuld feeel like that

R: whaat?.what do you want me to do? I did ask him to shut up?hahaaahahahahhaha...lagta hai rajeev apne kiye hue roles se bilkul bhi inspire nhn huaLOLLOLLOL(he was still confused what he should be doing and why Priyanka was so upset)

P: yes what else can you do? Hai na? tumhe toh kuchh nehi jata?after all you denied our relationship?

R: wait a minute, that?s a different issue and I need to talk to you about that but lets settle this one first?why are you upset about me regarding Malhotra? What am I supposed to do? I did protest?.ahaaa chocolate hero....ussse action hero chahiyeLOLLOL

P: by just running away from him? Wonderful Mr.Khandelwal!!!mr.khandelwalLOLab pata chal raha hai ki bhut hi gussa hai

R: toh aur kya karu?that ugly man wouldn?t stop?ugly man????????hhhahhaahhaa...tumaare samne to sab wasie bhi ugly hi dikhte hainEmbarrassed

P: If I were a guy and any guy dared to say anything about my girl, I would have punched him hard in the facehahahahahhahahaha...pri bhut hi filmy hai

R: whaaat?????? Are you crazy????? You want me to punch my producer? And make a scene here? Pri please grow up?.this is not film?rajeeeev koi fayada nhn hai vo bachi hai tumhaaari tarah practical nhn hai.....

P: stop calling me Pri, you have no guts to stand for the person you love vaise agar main iski jagah hoti to mujhe bhi aisa hi lagta ......

R: Pri real life can?t be as dramatic as you think?I can?t believe you can be this immatureab age difference khn to nazar aayega hi naa.....hahahhahahahaha...par fir bhi u too rmade 4 each other

P: oh yeah, this is my immaturity isn?t it? To expect that you will stand for me, people are calling me sluts and you are just running away from them?.(Priyanka chocked on her words, she felt her eyes welling up)bechaari mujhe bhi ronaa aa raha hai....this is how society iss...kuch bhi hota hai sab ka sab ladki ke uppar hi aata hai

Suddenly Rajeev go very angry, he had had enough tension from the morning and now Priyanka bhi? Why is she acting all immature? He felt his temper rising:
I am sorry Ms.Bassichalo pri ka influence ho gaya ye bhi ms.bassi par aa gaya.... if I have disappointed you but let me tell you I am no superman as you might think of me?LOLu can be a superman if u really think about itperhaps you expect me to be real life hero like Captain Rajveer but I am Rajeev Khandelwal, a very ordinary man who can?t possibly be so melodramatic to punch his producerhaahahaha..bechaara samjhta hi nhn ki ek ladki apne pyaar se kya expect karti hai par i guess bhut jaldi samjhne lagega

P looked at him intensely, the anger in her eyes was replaced with sadness: yes Rajeev, perhaps I expected too much from you, when you are not even ready to acknowledge our relationship in public?i really am cryinggg...Cry

With that she left, leaving Rajeev more remorseful

Rajeev regretted saying those words, he has hurt her again, inspite of taking the vow that he will never see another tear in her eye, he has hurt her again?.rajeev felt his eyes burning, he got up to look for her, he can?t lose her with another stupid actdo min pehle dimaaag ki bati jali hoti to ye sab nhn hota


Tabhi Rajeev entered: Pri suno

P: mujhe kuchh nehi sunna, please leave Mr Khandelwalhahahahhaha...abhi bhi mr. khandelwal...waise dis sounds really cool and differentEmbarrassed

R: Pri suno toh??..

P: please Rajeev go away

Rajeev came forward to her and hugged her tight?Pri tried to push him away: ?leave me or I?ll call the whole unit? she cried?.but Rajeev refused to loosen his grip, he just buried his face in pri?s hair, uttering ?sorry??she tried hurting Rajeev, pushing him with all might but finally gave up as Rajeev held her more tightly?she collapsed in his arms and cried silently?Rajeev kissed her hair and then held up her face, looking into her eyes he said: I am sorryhaaaae aise pyaaar se chup to sirf rajeev hi kara sakta haiEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedi must say u really hv exceled in describing emotions in this particular scene....hats off 2 uClap

P was still crying, unable to stop

Rajeev kissed her hands and kneeled down in front of her, then he embraced her waist and rested his head on her bellyhaaaaaaaaae main mar jaawanEmbarrassed

R: I am really sorry dear, really sorry for hurting you? ?it was  just that people were saying bad things since morning?. i love you sweetyso swweet pri yaar jaldi se maan jaaa

P (was still angry): And u can?t do anything when people say bad things about me?!! All you do is deny our love in front of everybody!!!!!!! Look at me I like a fool declared it in front of all that we are in love!!! Huh! How stupid can I get?you just wanted to sleep with me for a night, that?s it, nothing else?it was all false?you don?t love me?.oh god...pri rajeev ke baaare mein aisa soch bhi kaise sakti hai????she couldn?t complete her sentence as fresh bouts of tears came oozing out?..

R: Pri look at me

P looked unwillingly

R: look properly, do I look like a bas***d?rajeeev dont say it like dat....par its all not ur fault...pri ne baat hi aisi kahi hai

P was shocked at his use of this term?me tooo....

R: is this all the trust u have for me? How could u think I don?t love u and I had just exploited u??????how could u think that pri?ya rite

P: tumne fir deny kyon kiya?

R: because ppl aren?t saying nice things about us pri, you heard it yourself, because they didn?t know the depth of our love and they think we have just physically fallen for each otheryaaa rajeeev ye sab bakwaas subah se akele hi bardaast kar raha hai

P: how cud they????

R: well, we behaved like strangers, nobody had any inkling about what was going on in our minds, everybody linked u with Vikas and suddenly we get lost in the jungle and come back and declare our love????????? Will people ever think of it as anything except lust?he is really very mature at dis time...

P kept silent

R came closer and kissed her forehead I can?t bear ppl talking about my love in demeaning terms, we?ll surely declare our love, but ppl should know the depth of ittab tak to mujhe darr hai ki aur koi nayi prob aa jyegi....thanx to our writerWink

P : and how r u going to do that?

R: well we?ll take it slow and ppl will gradually see we are coming closer, then it?ll be easy for them to accepthaan haan rajeeeev aaaram se 4-5 saal lagaao phir 4-5 saaal shaaadi karne mein tak tumhaaare saare baaal jhad jaayenge aur tumhaare saarae daant baahara aa jaaayenge....bas kar yaaar samjhdaari dikhanaa kbhi kbhi pyaaar ke mamlon mein nasamjh hona padta hai...

P: do u know u r equally supid?i agree

R: why?????

P: u think ppl are going to stop gossiping just because u will deny things? point

R: well?.

P: and they?ll believe u that we spent a whole night together n nothing happened just because you say so? again a gu point priRajeev, the more you deny, the more gossips spread

R: but?

P: and then just to prove your point, u?ll start keeping distance from me, n there will be misunderstandings again?.just like the serial story, it?s happening again??.the gossips, the distancing?.dekha jungle se wapas aate hi hamare beech problems suru!!!! ( priyanka panicked)chalo pri ne pehle hi rajeev ko uske agle step ke baaare mein bataa diya....acha hai agar pri nhn bolti to rajeeev exactly aise hi karata,......ab atleast ye sab dekhne ko to nhn milega naa...aur kuch differnt hone ka hum expect kar sakte hain....hud work priClap

R: pri suno toh?.

P: I have had enough of the serial story happening in my life?well it was good till the point we fell in love, but not anymore?rite

R: ok stop stop, nothing is going to happen between us, it?s not the serial story, it?s our lives Priyanka, our real lives..... okay fine, lets break the link between real and reel lives now, but first decide whether you want a hero like captain Rajveer or you are happy with your ordinary Rajeev khandelwal?hmmmmm gud question

P: I love my Rajeev khandelwal, but what? What are u going to do?so sweet of her to say that

R: first punch that stupid malhotra and then you?ll see, come with megoshhhhh rajeeev kya sach mein usse punch karne waala hai?????????i cant wait 4 it...


He held her hand and pulled her out of the van?..ok ab mera coment ho gaya....yaar plzzz rajeev ki mama waali convo dikhaao aur pri ka prachi ke saath koi scene'll be very interesting....afterall pri uski officially mummy banne waaali hai....aur plzzzzzzzzzzz do tell me ki tum next ud kab karne waali ho...i just can't wait 4 it............plzzzzzzzzz apni uds thodi jaldi kiya karo yaaar atleast 2 times a week....i cant force u but still i m requesting.....and yes this time make it a bit longer.....plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Originally posted by sweta2005

awesomeeeeeeeeeee too good very nice part waitingggggggg for next asap.
thaaaaaaaaaaaaankkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuTongue
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Originally posted by Deeya

hey dear
this was sucha cute part... poor pri... dsnt even knw what dirty minds people have...  i wonder what rajeev will do now????? keep it going... coz u rock!!!!
hello dear, thank u so much tumhe achha lagaTongue, yes bechari pri ko lekaar log kya kya baate kar rahe haiCryCryCry lekin Rajeev ab kuchh karne wala hai, dekhte jaoTongueTongueTongue and thank u for ur complimentTongueTongue
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Originally posted by pritib0

HII SWEETY HOPE U R FINE................ A VERY SUPER ROCKING UD DEAR................ AMAZING............... WONDERFUL.............. AND AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOME UD................. I ENJOYED IT A LOT......................... UD SOON..................... WITH LOTS OF LOVE, AND GOOD WISHES, PRITI.
hello dear,
thank u so much
am sooooooooooooooo glad u liked it, tere comments ne dil khush kar diya, lots of love
take care
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Originally posted by suhana_dixit

Update was really gud..Rajveer is so much worried abt Pri...Tongue
thank you dear, yes Raj was very worried EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
now again the controversies have startedAngry seriously girls are blamed for everything ..
isn't it? girls are always blamed by the society no matter what happensCry
Priyanks has confessed her feelings for Rajeev in front of her friends..gosh they were teasing her so much Wink...
yes Pri had no choice but to confess, kitne badmash hai yeh sab ke sab
How cheap every1 is thinking abt Pri.but Rajiv shud have supported her..I know he was right but still Girls are more bold in confessing their feeling..Lets see wat will Rajeeev do now???????
you are so right, girls are much more bold in confessing....but rajeev will live upto her expectation, after all he loves her soo much....just see what happens nextTongueTongueTongue
thanks a loooooooooooooooot for ur comments
lots of love
take care
Do update soon
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Originally posted by ayip

Fantastic update!!!!
lots of thing happened in this episode..
thank u dear, am sooo gald u liked it
Rajveer is so much worried for priyanka...nice to see that...
it is obvious after all he loves her.Big smile Big smile
yes he is too concerned about her, he loves her a loooooooooooooooooootEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Vikas..he ir so irritating...
how did he say something like that to priyanka??Angry Angry Angry
men in love are jealous and mean, please excuse himLOLLOL
gazal , kunal , harshad..they teased pri a lot ..LOL LOL
atleast they r happy for pri unlike others...Smile
poor Pri, she had to confess
that two spot boys...and mr. malhotra ....they r so can they can say such cheap thing about her...Angry Angry Angry
kuchh toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna
pri was right from her own point of view.....rajeev should punch him...
but practically he can't do such a thing...if he punch his will take the matter to another dimension...that won't be better for both of them...
u are absolutely right! u understood their positions so well, both ae right from their points of viewOuchOuch
and this stupid lovers...why they hurt each other every time...Cry Cry Cry
i know, but all couples fight
loved the way Rajeev said sorry to her...Big smile Big smile
hai na dono cute?
What did he say at last??? Is he really going to punch mr. malhotra...
Shocked Shocked Confused Confused
hee hee dekhte jao, aage aage hota hai kya....
why did u stop at such a point....that's not fair...CryCry
Plz update soon....can't wait to know what will happen next.
that's the suspense of the story dear, bas thoda intezaar karo
george eliot Senior Member
george eliot
george eliot

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Posted: 25 September 2008 at 1:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rituka7

damn cool
update soon long asap

thank you a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

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