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*~Love in Calii~* PART 28!pg30!PARTY& intro of AR (Page 8)

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Hey guys! I haven't update in a REALLY LONG TIME and i'm so so so so soooooooooooooo SORRY!!!! I have the latest part, part 25 written up, i just need to type it when i get enough time. I've got about 7 pages written so far and i'm not even done! I just need to write a little more, type it and then post it. Thanks for all your patience guys and i'll try to have the next part posted up by next week if all goes well. Smile

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will be w8in
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will wait:)
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It's ok honey take ure time. I understand. Smile

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Recap: The girls help the guys with their paper. The girls attempt to prank the guys by setting their alarms to 4 am....

Part 25

At 11:00 pm, the girls kicked the guys out of Kripa's room, sick of doing the paper. The girls had all finished and managed to get to bed by 11:30. The guys…well…the poor dudes went to bed at 2:00 am! Even Kavya who finished his paper had to stay up to help his brothers.

At 4:00 am, the guys' alarms rang. Of course, none of them looked at the time! Angad, Prem and Laksh were the laziest, tho everyone was feeling tired. They tossed and turned for 15 minutes, groaning, thinking that it was too early to get up. But since the alarm rang as it rang every morning at 7, they finally got up and hit the showers.   As soon as they were done, each one of them got dressed and ready and headed down for breakfast, all except one.

In the dining room:

A: Laksh! Laksh come on hurry up! He yelled, tired
K: Yeh ladkiyaan bhi na, jane kab ayengi…
S: Who knows? Sujal shrugged, popping a piece of toast into his mouth.

Laksh's room:

Laksh was trying to hurry up but he was so tired from the night b4. He kept tripping over things since he hadn't cleaned his room for 2 days. In his rush and clumsiness his foot got caught in the wire of his alarm clock. When he yanked his foot out, the alarm clock crashed to the floor. "S***" Laksh groaned and picked up the clock. What he saw next surprised him. Instead of saying something like 7:30, the clock read 4:30!!

L: 4:30!!! Yea rt! Laksh rubbed his eyes, thinking tht he was just too tired…when he opened his eyes the clock still read 4:30! He chkd his wrist watch which also said 4:30! Omg!

Laksh sprinted down the steps and into the dining room.

L: Did anyone chk the time? He said rapidly, breathing heavily.
A: No need! Its 7:30
L: chk the time!
A: But- (gets cut off)
L: chk the time… he said, now getting annoyed
A: Alright alright he said, holding up both his hands. Angad chkd. His mouth immediately took the shape of a small "o" whn he saw wut laksh was talking about.
A: 4…..30? he whispered, collapsing into a chair
L: Yea… laksh said dropping into a chair beside Angad.
Sujal dropped his toast.
S: What??
Kavya looked at Angad in shock and then looked at his own watch. He gazed at his brothers and saw Prem sleeping next to his cereal, head down using his arms as a cover. Kavya slapped him on the back of the head saying "aye duffer! Wake up!"
P: (groaning) whaaaaaatt….he then snapped awake… omg are we late?
K: no idiot we're early!
S: Too early…
P: what r u talking about?
L: It's 4:30…..laksh said tiredly
P: 4….30? 4:30? Give me tht! He said, reaching out for angad's watch. How can it be 4:30? Our alarms ring at 7:00 each day!!
S: That's wut I'm thinking….sujal said, narrowing his eyes and stroking his chin thoughtfully.
L: How can all of our alarms ring at 4:30 whn we nvr said it like tht?
A: Well…what if it wasn't us who set it like tht? Angad says, thinking bak to last night. I remember kripa went to the bathroom…
K: Anjali suddenly started coughing out of nowhere! He says remembering suddenly.
P: Yeah…and Mukhti went w/her! He says, slamming his hand down on the table w/this realization.
L: Kt went to eat….
S: Kashish went with her
A: Yea and you thought she listened to you when you told her eat Angad chuckled.
Sujal threw Angad a dirty look. All the guys realized what the girls must've been doing when they left the room. Looking at S and A Kavya says…
K: Alright alright guys, relax. I know it's early and we're all cranky…but don't get mad at eachother! The girls did this! It's their fault we're up at this hour.
P: It's also their fault that I LOST MY SLEEP!
L: chill dude, we all lost our sleep
A: Usse toh main chorunga nahin…Angad says, pushing his chair back and getting up.
All the guys stand up.
S: What r u going to do?
A: I think if we're up at this hour, they should be too. Let's ruin their precious beauty sleep he said, mocking the last words.
P: Yea they should be taught a lesson
K: No one messes with the Khanna brothers!
L and S: Absolutely right!
A: wut are we waiting for? Come on!
All the guys high five each other and make their way up the stairs to the girls rooms


Angad turns toward Kripa's room and stops outside her door. He knocks gently. He then sees the door knob and tries tht. Click it opens! Angad smiles to himself and goes in, gently closing the door behind him. His eyes eagerly scan the room for kripa. He sees her sleeping peacefully, her face innocent and beautiful. Her light pink spaghetti strap tank top of her PJ's is clearly visible. Angad goes closer and runs his hand over her fair skin, her shoulder…her neck…her cheeks…    kash yeh meri hoti…he thinks…isse main apna bana kar hi roonga.   He just keeps staring at her, mesmerized for about 5 minutes until he remembers wut he has to do.
Angad clears his throat loudly. Kripa doesn't wake. He sighs.
I guess you'll be a tough one…u rly love ur sleep don't u? so do i….. u didn't exactly let me hve mind now did u? o well…
Suddenly Angad jumps on to Kripa's bed, shocking her and waking her up. He looks at her shocked expression and lays down next to her, arms behind his head, laughing.
K: ANGAD?! How dare you? Tumhe ek ladki ki kamre main aane ki himmat kaise hui? Aur woh bhi knock kare bighar? You're sick! Get out! NOW!
A: whoa whoa! Chill babe! You shouldn't've left the door unlocked! Who knows who could've come into ur room in the dark! It's good tht it was only me…and no one else.. he whispered, stroking her arm.
K: ugh! Kripa said snatching her arm away. What do u mean dark? Isn't it morning?
A: Oh of course it's morning darling. Hmmmmmmmm let's see…he chkd his watch…its 4:50 am. Oh jeez we must be running late for college….hurry up!!! He said sarcastically and with tht he snatched the covers from kripa leaving her completely exposed, with her light pink spaghetti strap top to her light pink rly short shorts…….and her smooth fair legs. Kripa's face turned extremely red as she looked at herself in shame and embarrassment. Angad on the other hand just stred, his eyes hungrily looking over her, wishing she were his and nobody else's…
K: wth r u looking at? Give me tht! Kripa reached for the covers.
Angad snapped out of his trance and pulled the covers out of kripa's reach
A: Nope! Sry hun! No can do!
K: Angad give me tht! Plz! It's too early for ur stupid tricks!
A: Too early huh? Hmmmmmmmm I wonder who's fault tht is? Kripa glared at him, a wide smile playing about his lips. She stopped and reached for the covers. She grabbed one end and pulled it towards her. Angad pulled it bak to his side. Kripa pulled it bak. And on and on the pulling went until-
K: Ahhh   Kripa fell into Angad's lap whn he pulled the blanket with extra force. She looked up at him into his eyes as he gazed down at her. **staring session**

Finally kripa pulled herself up a little and put her hands around her arms and looked down, her cheeks pink, as if feeling uncomfortable. Angad took the blanket and wrapped it around his vulnerable kripa. She looked up at him, surprised tht he would do tht. She just thought he was a disrespectful flirt. Angad saw the question in his eyes and answered.

A: Main tumhe hamesha flirt hi dikta hoon na? Who has nvr heard of respect? I know what respect is Kripa, mujhe maloom hai ke   ek ladki ki izaat uske liye kya maynai rakti hai, I would nvr try to take tht away frm u…….

Wth tht, he layed her down, taking the blankets and neatly wrapping them around her. He bent down nxt to her forehead about to kiss her, Kripa closed her eyes expecting the kiss.. but the last second, he decided against it, not wanting to lose the trust he knew he had just gained. He silently walked towards the door, keeping his eyes on her while kripa kept her eyes on him. He blew a kiss toward her and silently shut the door. In the dark….where no one could see…kripa blew a return kiss bak and blushed, shutting her eyes and dreaming peacefully…


Laksh knocked on the door silently but no one answered. He knew the door was locked but turned the door knob anyway. A little click and the door gave way to the inside of the room.
Kt lock karke nahin soti? It's good she doesn't sleep in a dorm….he thought thinking of wut could happento her if she left the door unlocked in a public place whre any goon can come and…Laksh shivered, pushing the bad thoughts out of his head. He looked over at Kt, turned over in her sleep, she looked so peaceful, so angelic……wearing a light blue satin night gown with thin straps…the blankets covering her waist down to her fee. Laksh walked towards kt, removing her hair frm her face. He kneeled down besiderher and just stared, listening to her steady breathing, smelling the sweet scent of jasmine as it drifted towards him from kt's still figure. He leaned in closer, the smell even more prominent. His hair brushed against her chin as he settled his face rt nxt to her shoulder, now sitting beside her bed.
Kt slowly opened her eyes, feeling another presence in the room. As her eyes began to adjust to the dim light, she saw a head right below hers. Her eyes turned wide in fear and she screamed.

Kt: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Kt sits up. Laksh gets shocked and starts screaming too.
L: Ahhhhh! He looks up at Kt
Kt: Tum?
L: Main? Uh uh I mean huh ha main! He sits up on the bed
Kt: Tumhari himmat kaise hui yahan aane ki? You don't even knock! Youre so shameless! How could you? What were u trying to do huh? Ek akeli ladki kahan dekhli toh-
L: laksh places his hand on her mouth, "Chup!" "Shhhhhhhhhhhh" (he holds up one finger)
Kt: mmmmmmm (struggling)
L: Shhhhh bas Kt!

Kt looked at laksh, his eyes clearly showing how upset he felt for Kt accusing him. Kt looked down, embarrassed, her cheeks turning rosy pink. When laksh was sure she wasn't going to have another outburst, he took his hand from Kt's mouth and placed it on the headboard of the bed, just like his other arm on the other side, thereby enclosing Kt in one small space where she can't get out from. Kt raises her eyes slowly and looks into laksh's handsome blue eyes thinking his eyes…
they're so innocent…how can he ever do something wrong? I can't believe I yelled at him….

Kt whispers: I'm sorry…

Laksh places one finger on her lips and slowly shakes his head, indicating tht its okay.
Woh Kisna hai song begins to play in the background. ***staring session***
Finally a breeze drifts in through the open window and moves Kt's hair over her left eye. Kt's hand moves up toward her face to tuck in her hair. At the same time Laksh also lifts his hand to remove Kt's hair from her face. Their hands touch. Laksh drops his hand and looks away, smiling. Kt faces the other way, smiling and blushing. She finally tucks in her hair behind her ear and clears her throat softly, not knowing what else to do.
L: Kt...
Kt: (looks at laksh) hmmmm?
L: I nvr meant to hurt u or even scare you. When I first came in here - I thought I'd teach u a lesson for messing with laksh khanna, but then I saw you and how pret- peaceful u looked and I didnt feel like disturbing you. I was to leave but u caught me....
Kt oh...I'm sry laksh for thinking tht way. Will u forgive me? She looks at him with pleading eyes.
Laksh smiles and says "sure y not?"
Kt smiles
L: ummmm Kt?
Kt: yes?
L: May I suggest something?
Kt: ummmmmm ok
L: When u go to sleep try locking ur door. It's ok if u don't do it here but I mean, say if u were in apublic place like a dorm or something, remember to lock it okay? It will keep u safe tht way...
Kt: oh... she blushes, looking down..I usually do...I must've forgotten today
L: Ok..thts ok he gets up and goes to the door. Btw Kt
Kt: (looking up) huh?
L: You've messed with me today, changing my alarm setting but u won't be able to do any such thing again. Besides I'm Lakshya Khanna and no one messes with laksh!
Kt: (smiles) we'll see about tht! And she throws a pillow at laksh as he shuts the door. (Laughs freely now) duffer!
Laksh laughs outside the door hearing Kt I love u too... he thinks..and leaves.

P and M

Prem started banging on the door
P: Mukhti! Mukhti! Open the door! Mukhti!
The door flew open
M: (rubbing her eyes and narrowing them when seeing Prem) What? What are u doing here?
Prem stepped forward and banged the door wide open. He went into the room and looked around, spotting the bed with disheveled covers.
P: Ah, thts a nice comfy bed! He went over to the bed and bounced onto it and layed down, stretching himself out. Hmmm u must've been getting such a nice sleep...too bad tht cant happen anymore.
Mukti quickly walked over to the bed putting her hands on her hips and glaring at Prem.
P: whoa whoa Ms. Basanti, calm down...chilla kyun rahi ho?
M: Chilla kyun rahi hoon? Because u won't answer me!
P: (sits up) Oh so u get annoyed when someone doesn't answer u huh? Ok then I won't answer u, he says shrugging. Suddenly he starts to act all scared   oh no oh no, I've annoyed Ms. Basanti, oh no plz someone save me save me! He bursts out into laughter
M: You! Mukti raises her hand, about to hit prem when she steps forward and trips on a hairbrush and falls directly onto Prem, pushing him bak down on the bed. Now prem is staring at mukti who is on top of him and mukti is staring at prem. The beginning music of kabhi na sukoon aaya plays.

They are gazing into eachother's eyes, silently whn mukti realizes wut she's doing and sits up at the edge of the bed. She stares into space. The image of prem loking up at her replaying in her mind over and over again. What was tht in his eyes? Was it lo- no no! Wut am I thinking? But then y was he staring at me like tht?
Suddenly she breaks out of her thoughts.
M: Get out. Now. Prem breaks out of his thoughts now too, looking sideways at mukti.
P: Excuse me? Did u say something?
M: Maine kaha chale jao yahan se
P: gets up and slides next to mukti, Kyun? Tumhe koi problem hai kya? Waise yeh toh mera ghar hai. Mai jidhar chahoon udhar ja sakhta hoon
M: lekin yeh mera kamra hai and I have the right to kick u out!
P: oooo Ms. Basanti's annoyed! She'll kick me out! O no someone help me! Help! He starts laughing
Mukti thinks about hitting prem but then remembers wut happen last time she tried doing that. So she just crosses her arms over her chest and looks the other way. "Hmph"
P: Aye Basanti! He grabs her arm and pulls her toward him but she doesnt budge. He gives up and goes on. Amazing how there are so many things tht get u annoyed na? Like me coming into ur room, laying on my-excuse me- now ur bed... but ur not the only one who gets irritated ms. Basanti. I get irritated too. Lets see, wut irritates me? Hmmmm oh oh I kno! Losing my sleep by waking up at 4! (He says this thru clenched teeth, screams out the 4) seeing the culprit at this hr of the morning sleeping peacefully when she ruined my sleep and NOW ( he pulls erh to look at him and she does, he leans closer to her face) she wont even admit she did it!! ( lets her go) Now thts wut annoys me!!
M: I did it to teach u a lesson! U boys think ur so smart and cool, making us girls ur freakin slaves! Well one thing's for sure mr. Prem khanna! I will nvr be ur slave! I'll nvr do anything for u! Forget about it! Nothing! I'll nvr be obedient to the likes of u! Go find urself someone else because I can careless!
P: Awww u did all this to teach me? How sweet! Too bad I didnt learn anything!! (he yells at her and stands up) You think u've just defeated me? You're not even close! Keep trying Ms. Basanti! You'll nvr win! You'll always be my slave! And with tht he walks out slamming the door shut!
Mukti screams out the door "I hate u!!" she picks up the hairbrush and throws it at the door.
From the other side prem hears the bang of something hitting the door. He chuckles. "Haha I'm glad I ruined ur sleep!" and walks away.


Kavya knocked on the door and called out Anjali's name a bit above a whisper.
K: Anjali….Anjali! (knocks louder) Anjali! He turned the lock loudly but it didn't open. Anjali!
Inside Anjali woke up ot a tapping noise on her door. She rolled over and chkd the alarm clock and groaned. Who would be up at this time? She thought. Kahin yeh kripa tho nahin ho sakti? She likes borrowing my makeup…but y would she be up at this hour? Hmmm getting up extra early to look nice for angad? She giggled to herself and decided to ignore the person outside her door who she thought was her sister.

The tapping noise continued. She groaned and yelled GO AWAY! The tapping noise continued.

A: kripa plz yaar go away! Let me sleep!
The tapping now got rly loud
Anjali let out a huge breath, furious, and stomped over to the door. Seriously kripa, waking me up this early in the morning for what? So u can look good for- she opened th e door and froze. She gaped at the person standing in front of her. A guy with a black button down shirt untucked with baggy blue jeans, one hand in mid-air, the sleeve of which was pulled up with a nice big silver watch dangling from his wrist.

A: k k kavya? Tum? Is waqt? She couldn't stop staring at him…his handsome features…his styled hair…
K: Haan! Main! He said shrugging and walking into the room. I came to chk on how ur feeling. R u feeling better? Look I brought so much medication for u (he held up a bag tht he was carrying inone of his hands. I got rly worried last night. Now u hve to take all these medicines rt in front of me or else I;m not leaving frm here. He sat down in the chair by her desk.

Anjali gaped at him, remembering hre prank from last night. She looked at her alarm clock again and realized y kavya was up so early. She stared, horrified, atht he bag kavya held and thought o no he'll make me take all those? Oh god I'm not sick! O no help! While Anjali was looking at the bag kavya looked at anjali's expresseion and smirked thinking
I've rly got her fooled. Good thing I ran into my room and filled a bag with my old socks so it looks like something's in there. She thinks its medicine, hah! LOL

Anjali snapped bak to reality.

A: ummmm kavya, woh fikhar karni ki koi zaroorat nahin hai, im fine now, rly.
K: fine? No non anjali. U feel like ur fine. But these sicknesses (shakes his head) their vry tricky. They fool u into thinking tht ur fine whn ur rly not. Then they come bak even worse than b4. trust me anjali. Take this medication. Its rly good for u. I got the extremely powerful medication tht will rip the sickness and tear it rt out of u. I mean u might get a high fever for a while as a result as well as dizziness and extreme muscle pain but hey at least it saves u frm something worse.

Anjali gulped.

A: n n n nahin nahin kavya rly its ok. It was only a little cough, no need for all those, plz listen.
K: little cough? Anjali how many times do I explain this to u? it's going to get worse! Now what say we destroy tht cough with some of this killer medicine? Kavya got up and walked towards her.
Anjali started sweating, panicked, nervous. She started walking backwards.
A: no no plz kavya its ok.
K: wut r u kidding me? Its not ok! I cant stand to see u sick!
A: ook! Ok then, just leave the medicine here and I'll take it later.
K: nope! I know u wont take it. Jab tak tum mere samne yeh dawai nahin leti tab tak main yahan se nahin jaonga!
A: Kavya plz! She reached for the bag and grabbed it, pulling it towards her.
K: Anjali zidh mat karo! He pulled the bag toward him.
A: Main zidh kar rahi hoon ya tum? She pulled th e bag
K: tum kar rahi ho!
A: nahin tum kar rahe ho
K: Anjali!
A: kavya!
K: Anj- Anjali pulled the bag hard and since it was already open, the socks flung out of the bag and all over Anjali's bed. The bag dropped to the floor. Anjali stared, open mouthed at the socks on her bed and the socks silling out of the bag. Kavya saw her expression and started laughing, pointing to her face. Anjali turned to him, livid, and snatched a pillow from her bed and whacked him with it.
A: You! Whack tricked me! Whack idiot!
Kavya grabbed antoher pillow and started hitting bak.
K: So? Whack youre the one who started it! Whack
A: start wut? Whack
K: u changed our alarm setting!
A: u made us work like slaves! Wack wack
K: thts wut u r! whack, slave!
A: am not! Wack
K: are too! Wack
A: shut up! Wack
K: no u! wack
Their pillows met, crushing into the other. Kavya pushed harder. Anjali lost her strength and her grip weakend, her pillow fell to the floor. Kavya's pillow pushed Anjali down onto the bed. Kavya lost his balance and fell on top of her, a pillow between them. They stared at one another. Kavya looked down into anjali's chocolate brown eyes while anjali stared up into his. Both thought of how the other was so mischevious but so…adorable at the same time. They kept looking at one another. Kavya reached over to touch anjali's soft cheeks. She looked at his hand and pushed it away, saying abruptly
A: wut do u think ur doing?
Kavya snapped out of his little reverie and answered
K: temperature chk kar raha tha. There's something wrong with u. is tara se ghur ghur ke dekh rahi ho.
Anjali defended herself: main ghur ghur ke dekh rahi hoon ya tum dekh rahe ho?
K: tum. Obviously. Main kyun dekhhonga, maine toh tum jaise bahaut dekhe hai.
A: You! Get out! She got up and so did kavya. He walked to the door.
K: Itna kyun ghussa ho rahi ho? You'll get a high fever without even taking the killer medicine! He chuckled.
A: That's it! Out!
Kavya went out and peeked bak in. maine tum jaisi ladkiyaan dekhi hai, who toh kuch kaas nahin thi, lekin tumhe maine kabhi nahin dekha…jis tarah se aaj dekha…aur tumhare bare me…kuch kaas baat…hai (he whispered the last word and shut the door) Anjali sat at the edge of her bed, her hugging her heart shaped pillow and blushing furiously.


Kashish rolled around in bed. She'd been awake for about an hour now, unable to sleep. Itni bhook lagi hai… she thought, restless. She hadn't eaten much the night before, so she was really hungry. But she was afraid tht she'd wake someone up if she left the room, so she stay put where she was. A while later, she did hear people shuffling around outside and silent taps on doors, but still, she didn't go out. Just then tho, there was a tap on her door also. At first, she hesitated, not knowing who would be up at this hour. She chkd her clock and it was around 4. "Kashish" she heard someone whisper sharply. She silently exhaled, nervous. Who would kno tht I'm awake rt now? She thought. She tiptoed to the door and opened it silently. She looked and saw- Sujal!! And he was carrying a tray….of food?

K: (yawning fakely) tum? Yahan kya kar rahe ho? Aur yeh sab kya hai?
S: Hey sweetie!! Good morning! How's my angel? (he rubbed her cheek with one hand and then walked to her night table and put down the tray)
Kashish blushed.
K: sweetie? Angel? Wut's wrong with u? r u alright?
S: of course I'm alright sweetheart! Who wouldn't be at this time of the morning? He winked and smirked at her.
K: acha teek hai chodo. Now wut is all this? She said, gesturing to the tray.
S: oh this? Not much really. Just a gourmet breakfast tht I've cooked up for u! You know I was so happy last night tht u actually listened to me and went to eat something tht I made u a big breakfast!
K: ……but I told u tht I didn't go to eat…
S: yea rt! Of course u went to eat! If u didn't then wut else would u go to do? He looked at her intensely now. She looked bak at him, fear clouding her eyes…
oh no wut if he finds out it was me? Does he kno?...he probably does….should I admit it? Omg wut do I do?
K: ummm…voh…i…ummm….well…kuch kaam tha….thts y I left..
S: kaam? Kis tarah ka kaam? Kaunsa kaam?
K: uhhhhh…. Kashish started sweating a bit…rly nervous.
S: alright chodo abhi. Wutever.   You know, ur acting strangely. Actually, many things have been strange….u telling me u didn't go to eat….now ur not telling me wut u went to do…. And u kno wuts rly weird? My alarm rang at 4 am today!! Hah 4 am!! I could've sworn I nvr set it like tht. Plus my brothers' alarms rang at tht time also….so odd…

Kashish looked at sujal wide-eyed, while he had his hand on his chin, as if he was so penseive in thought.

S: wait a second…. (now looking at kashish and stepping towards her) do u kno anything about this?
K: (stepping bak) a a about wut?
S: About the alarm clocks going off at 4
K: ummmmm…..jee…tht does sound strange…
S: (walks up to her and grabs hold of her shoulders) kashish!!! U kno something!! Tumhari aakhon main likha hai ke tumhe kuch maloom hai!
K: (looks at him fearfully) meri aakhon main?
S: yes! Such such batao kashish! Yeh sab kisne kara? Now he pretends to be angry! Usse toh main chodo ga nahin. Just tell me who tht person is kashish, and I'll nvr let tht person go….. I'll make tht person pay dearly….

Kashish seems really scared now. Sujal is intensely looking at her and then gasps.

S: tum!!! Kahin tumne toh nahin kiya yeh?
K: m m main? Main yeh sab kuch kyun karu?
S: Acha, toh aisi baat hai…no matter…come and eat this huge breakfast….its loaded with fats…fried eggs..bacon… delicious! Since u didn't eat anything last night and lied to me, now u better eat this!!!
K: What? I mean- uh- I cant! Not now! I didn't even brush!

Its true tht kashish was hungry but after hearing about the fat content..her heart dropped. Sujal meanwhile   heheeheee, she thinks I've cooked her breakfast! Heck I don't even kno how to cook! Its good tht some leftovers were in the fridge. Acha kiya sujal ke bache jo sab khanna cover kar liya…now she'll nvr kno wuts inside each plate on this tray..all she can do is smell the food!

S: then go brush!! Here, I'll sit rt here and wait for u. (he sat on her bed)
K: but its so early…
S: is tht my fault? He said, looking sternly at her.
K: n n no…
S: Then go!
K: ok

Kashish went to the bathroom to brush. She closed the door and started brushing. She talked to herself while rinsing her mouth.

K: ugh…I cant believe he's making me do this…. Its so weird tho…how he came in with the food…as if he knew I'd be hungry…does he kno I didn't eat much for dinner last night? No…cant be….thank god he doesn't kno tht I wake up from hunger to….he'd nvr let me go hungry!! He's so swee-
Just then the door to the bathroom banged wide open and there was sujal standing right there, looking straight at kashish!! Little did kashish kno, while she was brushing, the breeze from the open window in the bathroom had made the door open slightly, so anyone outside could listen to the person inside if he/she listened carefully….like sujal was doing. Hey the guy was getting bored! Wut else would he do in a girl's room? WinkBig smile

S: kya kaha abhi tumne? You didn't eat much for dinner last night? You wake up from hunger? Ok tht's it kashish!! This is the last u did tht! Now ur nvr going to go hungry I promise! You better nvr do tht to urself!!! Understand me?? Now I'll make sure u eat a good breakfast! I'll see u at the table and if u don't feed urself, I'll do it for u!!
K: but wut about the breakfast u made…..
S: tht was only a joke! To get u to speak up for ur prank…but I saw tht u weren't going to…at least ur eyes told me the truth! I cant believe I didn't see it b4….u starving urself like this. (he shook his head, angry at himself)
K: it was only a joke? U idiot! She dropped her toothbrush and hit his arm. I'm not going anywhere or eating anything! Forget about it! U tricked m-

Sujal put his finger on her lips: Shhhhhhhhh

Kashish looked at him, his eyes….they had so much kindness…so much concern…all for her… she started feeling bad for rejecting him all the time…he cared so much for her….. Sujal looked at kashish…her beautiful rosy soft cheeks he yearned to touch…but didn't….he looked into her eyes tht were deeply gazing into his own…. He leaned closer and into her ear he whispered "I'll see u downstairs…"   and left.   Kashish watched him go and blushed, in her mind, agreeing to wut he just said…. Downstairs….she thought dreamily….

Pre-cap: College scenes!! Big smile


Here's the update u guys!! i rly hope it was worth the wait! i expect at least 12 commments this time everyone!!!Big smile so plz do comment! it took alot to write all of tht, i want to kno if u guys enjoyed. feel free to comment criticize, suggest...anything tht floats ur boat!!Big smileLOL

Also, just a little side note, i was typing all this quickly so there might be many typos...sry about tht!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Edited by indigal07 - 04 July 2008 at 1:27pm
**esha** Goldie

Joined: 15 April 2008
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Posted: 04 July 2008 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
yay u updated
loved all da scenes so cute n sweet n funni lol
esp lkt scenes as i am dere fan
loved all of da others as well
pm were funni
cant w8 for da nxt part
update soon plz
indigal07 Goldie

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Posted: 04 July 2008 at 1:53pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by **esha**

yay u updated  yup, finally lolBig smile
loved all da scenes so cute n sweet n funni lol thank youEmbarrassed
esp lkt scenes as i am dere fan  me 2!! LKT rock!
loved all of da others as well  thanks!
pm were funni  lol yea tht was fun to write, i love em!
cant w8 for da nxt part
update soon plz   as soon as i get a chanceSmile

thanks for the lovely comment. my comments r in red. glad u enjoyed!!Big smile  and btw, i KNEW tht u would be the first to comment!! lolzLOL thank you so much!

indigal07 Goldie

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Posted: 04 July 2008 at 1:56pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by sweet_n_spicy

It's ok honey take ure time. I understand. Smile


 LOLAre u even done reading the parts tht sabrina wrote? i hope so...if ur not its ok but plz catch up soon!! i updated part 25!Big smile

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