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*~Love in Calii~* PART 28!pg30!PARTY& intro of AR (Page 30)

indigal07 Goldie

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Posted: 14 February 2009 at 6:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by twinkle94

OMG! i luved it! i have no wordz! u did sch a FANTASTIC jod writin n sch a long prt! MEZMERISING! lolz! cont soon n thnx 4 tha PM/update!
Happy Valentines Day!
Thanks!Smile I'm very happy u enjoyed it!  And your welcome for the pmBig smile

indigal07 Goldie

Joined: 19 May 2007
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Posted: 14 February 2009 at 6:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by vid_hurry

Thanks for this really long update. Only one word comes to my mind when reading this: WOW
I really loved this part. It was awesome.
I'm really glad that at least 3 couples confessed their love to each other. I hope Laksh and KT confess soon.
It was really sweet seeing Laksh and Sujal fighting for their love.
That Simone was so annoying. I hope she doesn't create any problems between Angad and Kripa later on.
The scene between Kavya-Anjali was really nice. They were the only ones who didn't have any problems at the party.
I just hate that JayAngry . How can anyone be so sick. I'm glad that Prem came on time. Hope that everything clear up between Prem and Mukti.
Plzzzzz continue soon. Can't wait to read for more

Awwwwww Thank u for such a long comment!!!Big smileBig smileBig smile  I appreciate it so much, especially since I wanted everyone to leave me long comments this time!WinkBig smileEmbarrassed


I love Laksh-Kt so they'll probably end up confessing soonWink


I'm glad you thought the fighting part was sweet, I added it in for that effect…Smile

Don't worry about Simone, I don't see her anywhere in their near future…unless I somehow get an idea and have to put her in…but at least for the next update u don't have to worry about herSmile


Yea I could'nt have KA deal with troubles, they had enough anxiety about one another for the whole day, so I'm glad they got to relax.Embarrassed


Ugh I kno I hate Jay too, he is a complete psycho, literally!!Dead No offense to anyone who likes himEmbarrassed   I'm glad that Prem came too but it will still take some time for things to clear up between Prem and Mukti…Confusedthey've got a rocky road ahead of them…. And they're going to continue walking on it for some time…but things will get better… just read and see!WinkBig smile


I'll continue as soon as I can.  I can't wait to write more!Big smile

indigal07 Goldie

Joined: 19 May 2007
Posts: 2467

Posted: 14 February 2009 at 6:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Prem#1fan

awsome update
thanks for taking all that time to write
all the scenes were great and the Kripa-Anjali scene at the beginning was really good you should have more of the sister to sister scenes
really romantic scenes
bit of disappointed no PM scenes so plz add more of those
Hey thank u so much! Big smile Your the first one who thanked me for my type and i appreicate that, since it took me so long!Ouch  But i'm glad it was worth it... a little i guess...i only got a couple of comments so far..
Oh i'm so glad u enjoyed the sister to sister scene! I got the idea later on, with the help of some of my readers, i'm glad i was able to post itBig smile
Well i had a little bit of PM scenes, but the next update will have more so you've got alot to look forward toWink, especially since PM have a long way to go in their relationship and Mukti's got her troubled past....Embarrassed
jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 February 2009 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by indigal07


Originally posted by jyothi_cool

wow gr8 part loved the romance cont soon

 Thanks!Smile I hope you like the SK parts and they met ur expectations!Embarrassedlast time u requested more scenes on them so I put in more' did you like them?Embarrassed

i loved them its amazing
Baby S IF-Dazzler
Baby S
Baby S

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Posted: 15 February 2009 at 4:44am | IP Logged

--Kashish and Sujal


This is sooo cute! First time I am reading your FF and I am so impressed by the way you put forward their relationship jaanu! Hehe a little romance from hottie Sujal should decrease the stress don't you think? Ulta ye to nervous ho gayi! Aaw Sujal dreaming about his sweetheart in that lovely blue dress…how cute is that?


--The girls getting ready


I really love the way you have described what they all look like. They sound sooo beautiful…almost like angels! Wish I could see them…the boys will drop dead after seeing their loved ones.


--KT and Laksh


Haha poor KT! So predictable that SHE has to be the only one that calls Laksh! Omg butterflies? Heart attack? Hmm little something going on there, hai na KT? And silly girl doesn't know it's called pyaar. Systems go wild!!! Adorable…

Wow Laksh loves her too? That little heartbeat moment is so lovely, that I had to read on to discover what would happen to the pair of lovebirds.

Omg…omg….OMG!!!!!! KT finally saw Laksh…and that too SHIRTLESS!!! Lucky girl! I know you are dreaming of Pullu jiju doing that to you right now Aali…don't I know you so well? Hehe. Anyways, back to the story...soooo HOT! Right now, I want a glimpse of those lovely blue eyes scanning the gorgeous KT! Arey Va…KT's one and only dream is fulfilled today…to be in Laksh's arms, with no escape! Shoo shweet. And the bit where you mentioned KT wanting to touch Laksh's face so badly…I was waiting for her to actually do it! Aaw! KT loves the sound of his voice so much; she'd do anything to get a little whisper out of him na? Laksh doesn't know what effect he has on KT just by saying how beautiful she looks…lets just say her heart goes so mad, it could reach Aali's level! Just joking, love you really.


--Kripa and Anjali talking


Kripa is such a sweet and kind hearted person. I would love to have a caring sister like that…of course I have you!

He KISSED her? Now I soo have to read all of your episodes so far…Bhagwan Jaane how long that will take me…Can't wait to see what Anjali's going to do now…


--Angad and Kavya talking


Va ji va…as soon as he hears Anjali's coming, he's completely ready to go in two seconds flat huh? I can just imagine his face lighting up at the sound of her name. Angad is also such a nice guy to be around and express to, just like Kripa. Yaar Kavya, stupid! He doesn't even know how much he is in love with Anjali, and Angad managed to realise before him! Angad is so right about being men and making the first move…his advice rocks! At least Kavya's mood got better after saying what was on his mind to Angad…time to party! Wonder what's going to happen…


--Deciding on the cars

Lool Angad comes racing in his Lambourgini before anyone else can get Kripa into their car! This is his ONE chance to impress her with his driving skills! And even before anyone can disturb their moments together in the car, he runs off! Cunning guy…wants Kripa all to himself. 


--At the party

Aaw Angad can't take his eyes off his beloved Kripa for one moment can he? If Kripa found that he was staring at her all along, she'd yell STALKER or something.


Poor KT and Laksh…listening to Kaajal and Dev's bakwas about each other! But the whole time only one person is on their minds…


YES YES YES!!!! Anjali finally realised she is deeply and madly in love with Kavya! Oh thank you, thank you Kavya for kissing her. Hehe. NO girl it's not too fast and not too slow…do your thing and mesmerize the guy NOW! And Kavya finally got the courage to go to Anjali and tell her what is going on in his heart! It's so cute…the teddy and chocolates and all. And that line that Anjali said. "Love Just Happens" Its so true and lovely the way their relationship is building up. Girls can get pretty nervous when it comes to admitting, but Kavya did that part for her. She did it! She told him ki uske dil mein kya hai! I was sooooo happy for her and Kavya when I read this bit. I can just imagine what would be going through Kavya's head the moment when she said those three words to him…he would probably have starting bouncing around, screaming like one of us Pagal Sisters when we have our little moments!!! Kavya is like a dream boyfriend too. Usne apna pyaar to admit kar liya, par abh mujhe pata hai ki voh humesha Anjali ke saath rehega, through thick and thin. Oh my god, if the one guy I loved did that to me, I'd probably have fainted by now, so hats off to Anjali for keeping herself alive and in Kavya's arms all the way through the dance. Kya baat hai…lost in their own little dreamworld hai na? Loving this couple so much


Kashish and Sujal are also very adorable. I really love the way that Kashish reacts to the slightest touch from Sujal, and I know that this is the one feeling that she wants to keep always. Same with Sujal. Being near Kashish sends his body off into tingly mode, and this sensation is something that he will never ever forget. Kashish has one pagal stomach na? Just like one of us pagal sisters when we pass an exam or something. Lol. Oh my goodness, how thoughtless and insensitive can men get? Share her? How can they even think of something so low. Lucky we have amazing men like Sujal, who are always and forever there to save us girls from evil b******ds like this. Kashish is so vulnerable, I can't believe anyone would want to do anything like that to her. And they were LAUGHING!!!!! How dare they? I would personally be much happier if that man DID die. Sujal taught them a good lesson. I loved the way his arms opened up, like they were there for Kashish, and no one else. Like she fitted into them perfectly, and no other girl could ever take that place in Sujal's life. And finally in dono ne bhi ter kar liya ki unki zindagi mein ek doosre ke alava koi bhi nahi hai, aur aghe chal kar bhi koi aur nahi hoga. The love in this party is endless yaar!

Laksh's heart is so wonderfully pure, that he can find the one and only girl he loves from a mile away, it seems! Just watching her…he could do that pretty much the whole day couldn't he? Hey bhagwan how many drunk, inconsiderate men are there at this party? They could do anything just to get their hands anywhere on any beautiful girl they see. And again Laksh to the rescue. He wouldn't let ANYONE injure his KT and get away with it. B***h deserved every single one of the beatings that Laksh gave him. No how can she hate herself? They took advantage of her beauty, it's not her fault! I feel so sorry for her, those selfish, careless men ruined her whole night in the space of two minutes. Laksh is such a nice guy to have around and he would do anything he could to keep KT safe and happy.


Haha Naughty naughty Angad. Kripa ka glass todh diya aur upar se party mein har glass todhne ki dhamki deta hai? Cheeky. Angad has this mesermising effect on Kripa's body. His kiss sends her heart flying, and he knows this so instead of one kiss, he plants millions at the same time! Obviously, sending Kripa's heart into completely mad/unstoppable mode. Hehe I don't want that moment to stop either, let alone those two. Oh nooo! Simone kind of ruined that whole romantic, sexy atmosphere there! Stupid girl. Couldn't she see that they needed a bit of privacy to themselves? And then she goes talking about the days when she was with Angad, and expects Kripa to listen to this comfortably. Oh crap, what a b***h!!! Can't believe she is trying to break up Angad and Kripa for her own selfish motives. And how nasty is that? He only sings for special people…I don't think I could stand there any longer if I was Kripa. But at least the singing has touched her heart, and those words that escaped Angad's mouth in the form of a song were not meant for anyone else but his Kripa. That one song could change everything in their relationship. The purpose of his life, Kripa, was the only reaction he wanted and the only person he desperately wanted to hear from. Even my eyes were filled with tears when the crowd in the hall made a pathway for the couple. Ha at least Simone realized in the end, that she was Angad's past and that after their relationship ended, Angad had moved on and had a fresh start.


Prem has a great way of imagining Mukti and his relationship in his mind. I could also see a clear picture of the couple dancing to Ajab Si in my mind.


That Khuda Jaane dance was so nice. Yaar ye Angad nahi sudhrega na? Naughty Boy. NOW Kashish realizes that Sujal's love for her is true…this song does great miracles na? Laksh's eyes say EVERYTHING! Without words KT got exactly what he meant. And her wish to touch his innocent face, that one thing she was holding herself back from doing…she finally did it today. The best couple in this scene has got to be KT and Laksh.


Now a third incident like this has happened in the party…what do these guys WANT from the girls? Why are they so horrible? Oh God…I'm reading small bits at a time and then commenting so it's just constant suspense…whatever he did in London is so heartless and shameless, both him and his parents. And yet now, he still hasn't realized how disgusting his deeds are, and this selfish man wants Mukti all to himself. OK he loves her fair enough. And his way of showing that was cutting her name into his torso. OK…that shows that his love for her is probably bigger than anyone else's will ever be. But shouldn't he think about Mukti's feelings too? How she sees this relationship? Only thinking of himself isn't going to make anything better. And with all the shock and threats in Jay's voice, Mukti's fainted! Well done, A**h*** boy, you hurt the one you supposedly love. Wooo Prem made it! But he's drunk, hows he going to help her? I really can't wait for the next one now…


Aali you are now officially one of the favourite authors in the world! Your ideas are amazing, the way you write is amazing, and from now on you are my biggest inspiration for all the stories I will write in the future. Seriously, in a fews days or weeks, I am going to start a FF about us Pagal Sisters. And I promise you, you will be my first inspiration. I loved it so much, and I am desperately and impatiently waiting for the next one now. You better release a book soon…or else…lol. I just realized how long and boring my comment is…crap! Anyways enjoy it lol.

Love Shalu x-x-x-x



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indigal07 Goldie

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Posted: 17 February 2009 at 12:31pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by jyothi_cool

Originally posted by indigal07


Originally posted by jyothi_cool

wow gr8 part loved the romance cont soon

 Thanks! SmileI hope you like the SK parts and they met ur expectations! last time u requested more scenes on them so I put in more' did you like them?

i loved them its amazing

That's great thank u! Smile


Originally posted by Baby S



Awww ur choooo chweet my sis!!!  I'll give u time to edit because i kno u havent read my ff so you'll need time to go through it.Big smile


Originally posted by aishu_fan



AISHU!!!!!!!!!!!! as soon as u get a chance, ur editing this samjhi?  LOLAww i love u loads!!! whn u get time of course and make sure its long ok?  definitely comment on the LKT scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ah...Laksh....Embarrassed

khushboo16 Goldie

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Posted: 19 February 2009 at 7:47am | IP Logged
wow that was wonder full plz update soon
angelic shaz IF-Sizzlerz
angelic shaz
angelic shaz

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Posted: 19 February 2009 at 4:22pm | IP Logged
wat an awesum updatee!!!!!!!!!! ClapClapClap
thnx u 4 a long update i really enjoyed itt
totally rockingEmbarrassed
i cnt wait  wats prem goin to say and wats gona happen to jay
continue soonBig smile

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