Michi FF: Yaadein epilogue p-118 20/2 (Page 92)

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yeah where are u darling?please come back to update

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heeba sweetheart, where r u??????????
when r u updating, have you forgotten abt us......plz come back soooooon

miss u and the ff

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heeba where r u ? still busy in office...when r u updating...............plz , plz.  do it soon ,if possible this week end......plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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Hi heeba ,
               Are you alright Confused???? It have been more than 2 months Shocked, no news from you nor any new updatesCryCry .Please come backEmbarrassed. And plz plz do the update.SmileSmileSmile
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heeba, where r U ??????????????Confused
its been like FOREVER that u have updated ur ff
i even pmed u, but no reply hope everything is fine with u
plzzzzz come back and update
really misssss the FF

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hey...i missed a lot kayamath's episodes so was searching for them when i found this ff...i read it all and it's great but i am getting a bit angry at Angad...where are you?????????????plz cont soon it's been months...oh and plz make this story MP not AP.continueeeeeeeeeeee
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Hello EVERYONE...i'm finally on vacation and as promised i got time to FINALLY update. I know its been ages since my last update and i'm REALLY SORRY for the LONG delay...was extremely BUSY with pretty much everything. Also I would like to THANK all my readers who have patiently waited after me...LOVE U ALL VERY MUCH... and thanks for all the pms...

A little Precap Milind surprises Prachi at this hotel...ask for forgiveness and  to give them a chance...and Prachi finally gives in and wants to get back with Milind but as soon as Angad shows her the house he bought for them...Prachi is confused on what to do...

Chapter 17 "Final Decision"

It had already been a few hours that Prachi had left. Milind kept staring at the glass doors. He knew that she was going to come, this time nothing was going to separate them anymore, she had promised to come back and he completely believed in her. He wanted to call her but then decided against it. He had waited all these years; a little more was not going to hurt.

Milind kept pacing around the room and looking at his hand watch; time was passing by and Prachi was still not here. He was about to call her when his cell phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and a smile had automatically formed on his lips. It was her.

"Prachi, tum kahan ho…I've been waiting for so long" he asked. When he didn't hear her say anything he continued "Prachi… you okay…everything alright…"

"Milind…everything is fine…I'm sorry I can't come tonight…but can you meet me tomorrow…" she asked and when he said yes, she gave him the exact location. Milind hanged up and went back to his hotel thinking about Prachi. After all those years, they were finally going to be together. They were going to be a happy family. Only if he knew that destiny had yet something unexpected stored for him, this time it would come as a shock and break him apart.

On the other side, Prachi looked at the phone in her hands. She had told him to meet her tomorrow, but she didn't tell him the reason behind it. She could sense the happiness in his voice when she talked to him but she knew that tomorrow what she was about to do would once again hurt him, but she also knew that it was the right thing to do. She simply hoped he would understand her situation and accept her decision.


The following morning, Milind woke up with a smile on his face. He had dreamt about Prachi and Diya. He had dreamt about them living together, happily like every other family. And in his dream Diya wasn't calling him "Milind uncle", she was calling him "papa".

Lying on the bed, he whispered to himself "Papa". He couldn't wait to hear it from her. Soon he told himself. Soon his dream would become real. Soon everything was going to be like it was suppose to be…like it was meant to be. He would have his family back. With that in mind, he went to freshen up. He had a special day ahead. He could finally be in peace with his heart.

As he came out from the shower whistling, he couldn't stop himself from feeling happy. The thought of being able to take Prachi in his arms in front everyone and tell the world she was his, brought a smile on his face. And Diya, finally he could call her his and she would finally know her real father. He knew there was a lot of explanation to do, but he also knew that she would understand. He would do it the right way. Him and Prachi together would make it work.


Prachi, on the other hand woke up with a heavy heart. She simply couldn't take all this pressure. She knew what she had to do but her heart simply refused to accept her decision. She would have to be strong today. She would have to be strong when she would face him. What she was about to do, would shatter him from inside but she would have to be strong enough to see it happen. It would kill her to see him like this, but it was in everybody's good intention. At least that's what she thought. He would have to understand and she would make him understand.


Milind tried to call Prachi, but for what may be the reason, it was unreachable. He wanted to meet her as soon as possible. Since he couldn't get hold of Prachi, in the mean time, he thought about going shopping. He would get toys and cloths for Diya. Once, he would meet up with Prachi, they would together tell Diya everything today itself, he simply couldn't wait any longer. He was simply too excited and overjoyed.

Taking his coat from the chair, he went to the lobby and waited for the taxi to come. Once it was there, he had asked the driver to bring him to "Toys R Us", the same store where he had bought toys for Ritwick, with Diya. Milind entered the store and at once thought about buying everything. He laughed at his childishness. Walking around the store, he took a few Barbie dolls and then after a long search, he found the perfect gift for Diya. It was a beautiful painting kit. He knew how much she loved painting and she would absolutely love this one. It had all the colors and all sort of pictures she could paint. He, along with Prachi would paint with Diya in their backyard. He already had an image in his mind. 

After the purchase, he went to the flower boutique to buy a beautiful bouquet of roses for Prachi. He looked at his watched, it was already past one in the afternoon, and he had to meet Prachi around two at this caf.


It was almost 2pm when Milind entered the caf. Prachi, who was seated saw him enter with a couple of shopping bags and a big bouquet of roses, her favorite and as soon as he saw Prachi, he smiled at her, only she was not able to do the same. She had simply looked away. Milind, who was far away, did not notice this. He took it as her usual shyness, something he adored in her. Walking up to her, he handed her the roses and she simply took it from him without saying anything. He then put the shopping bags on the table and one by one was showing her the gifts he bought for Diya. Prachi could see the excitement in his eyes. "Prachi, how do you like this painting kit, don't you think she will love it…oh I can't wait to give it to her" he said but Prachi remained silent and this is when Milind understood that there was something wrong.

Taking a seat in front of her, he took her hands in his and asked "Kya hua Prachi" but since she remained silent, he continued "Prachi, main hoon na…you don't have to worry about anything. Now that we are together, nothing will come between our happiness." But she simply remained quiet. "Prachi say something, did something happen with Angad last night when you told him about us, did he say something…" and this is when Prachi slowly took away her hands from his. Milind looked at her not quite understanding what exactly was going in her mind.

After a long moment of silence, Prachi finally said "Milind, if I ask you something will you give it to me" Milind smiled at her, how can he not give her what she wants. He once again took her hands in his and said "Prachi, mang ker tho dekho, I promise I will give it to you"

Prachi was hesitant at the beginning and seeing this Milind told her not to worry, she could ask him anything. Closing all the doors of her heart and hiding all her emotions in her, she said not looking at him "Sign the papers" and he simply looked at her. What papers was she taking about? Looking at his puzzle look she said "Sign the divorce papers" and took them out of her purse.

Milind looked at her all shocked. Was she out of her mind? Last night she had promised to come back to him and today she was asking him to sign the divorce papers. He understood, she was playing with him like she use to. She always enjoyed scaring the hell out of him. "Good one Prachi…it was a nice joke" he said laughing.

"I'm serious Milind…yeh koi mazaaq nahin hai" she said and sounded all serious even if it killed her from inside. "Last night, made me realize how wrong I was. I cannot simply come back to you. I can't forget these past five years and mainly I can't leave Angad in the middle like this after all he has done for me and Diya. I can't be this shellfish"

"What rubbish are you talking Prachi…you can't do this to me…after all we have been through you can't do this to me, to us" He was going crazy by now. She was asking him the impossible. "Prachi, listen to me, last night I dreamt about us, we were together with Diya, we were a happy family, you cant just take that away from me not now..." "And what about Angad's dreams. Doesn't his dreams mean anything" asked Prachi

"I know that he has done a lot for you and Diya and I will forever be indebted for that but that doesn't mean that I will give him my family. I WILL NOT"

"Milind try to understand my situation" she said this time taking his hands in hers but he simply brushed them away, nonetheless she continued "Milind don't make this any harder than it already is…just sign the papers and let me go. We are not meant to be"

"I have not sign the papers all these years, what makes you think I will sign them now" he said pushing them away.

"You have not signed them before because I have never asked you to"

"And you think I will sign them just because you asked me so, then you are wrong"

"If you want my happiness, then you will sign them. If you say that you love me as much as you do and then you will sign them"

"My love for you has nothing to do with this" he said loosing his patience. She was simply being childish.

"Milind do you remember the promise we made each other on our wedding night" she said looking up at him and saw the hurt in his eyes. "We will love each other and never let go unless the one of us demands it because nothing matters more than each others happiness. Last time you have asked for it and I have signed then. Today I'm asking for it"

"Prachi yeh galat hai…you will simply ruin all of our lives. Don't ask me to do this. I was stupid for asking for a divorce all those years ago…and look how miserable my life was. Don't do this Prachi " he said trying to convince her.

"This is my final decision. Sign the papers Milind for my sake, for my happiness. If I really mean something to you then you will sign them. I wish to have them signed by tomorrow" she said and stood up to leave when he caught hold of her hand.

"Do you still love me Prachi" he asked

"Why do you ask a question when you know its answer" Saying this, Prachi rushed out of the caf. Milind put the papers in his pocket and then followed her outside. She was already far from him and every time he called out her name, she walked even faster not paying attention to her surrounding. She simply needed to go away from him.

Prachi, heard him call her, but she did not want to look back. "Prachi, I want to hear it from you. Yes or No" he screamed from behind.

"Prachi…Prachi…PRACHI" she heard him say as she was crossing the road and his change in tone made her look back. But as she turned around, Milind had pushed her aside and placed himself in front of the running car.

"MILIND" she had screamed before she hit her head on the rock as she fell. Everything seemed blurry. This was a nightmare, this couldn't be true. As her eyes closed, she saw him lying in a pool of blood.

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Originally posted by shivgauri

me first

Hey..let me know how it was...i haven;t written in a long time...a bit nervous about it....

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