Michi FF: Yaadein epilogue p-118 20/2 (Page 89)

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^^^Agree with Fahima...have a blast hun... Wink

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I know i always bug you to update, but will wait Smile
Don't worry about it, enjoy and have fun!!!
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thank god !
heeba, at last u left a note,for i was dead worried about u Unhappy .but now i am relax to know that u r fine Smile. Go and have a blast in the party. And when u have time then do the update. Till then i will wait for it. Smile Smile Smile   
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u updating tonite??? Embarrassed
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it is wednesday now!!! plz update heebu!!! Cry
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Hello everyone…I'm soooo sorry for the delay…After the party I was all set to write but this time something unexpected happened…my sister in law who was due in another month…gave birth three days ago…both baby and mother are fine…since it was the first grandchild of the family…we were all very excited with the newborn baby….by the way it was a little boy…we are still debating on the name…

And those who have pm'ed me…I'm sorry I couldn't reply on time…

I have managed to write a small update…hope you will all enjoy it…please ignore the mistakes as I just finished writing and its 2 am over here…and thank you all for waiting…

Chapter 16 "Back at square one"

The room was beautifully decorated. There were flowers and candles everywhere she looked. She could even here the soft music in the background. As she walked over the rose petals to the table in the middle of the room, she heard someone from behind. "I knew you would come…my angel sent from heaven"

Prachi knew that voice, and it was not Angad for sure. She should have known from the beginning. Why didn't it come to her mind that it was him? Who else would know about her favorite color? As she turned around, she saw Milind standing next to the door smiling at her. His eyes full of love. She tried not looking at him, but she simply couldn't help herself.

Unlike everyday, Milind was not wearing his usual business suit. He was in his casuals. He wore a black shirt leaving the top buttons open. His hair gelled back and with his smile on his face, he simply looked gorgeous. She tried averting her eyes but his eyes kept them captivated to his. As he walked up to her with an intense gaze, Prachi suddenly heard the music in the background change. It was their song.

Pal Do Pal Mein Mitta Nahi
Bandhan Dilo Ka Tutta Nahi
Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se
Rishta Purana Hain
In Aankho Se Har Aansu
Mujhko Churana Hain
Mujhko Churana Hain
Mujhko Churana Hain
Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se
Rishta Purana Hain

He came even closer and as Prachi smelled his strong cologne she closed her eyes. She felt his face come closer to hers and as she felt his hot breath on her, she tried to move away, but he held her tied in his arms. She didn't even know when he had slipped his arms around her waist.

"Prachi" he softly whispered and she slowly opened her eyes. "Tum aaj bhi kitni khoobsurat lag rahi ho" [Even today…you look so beautiful] he said placing a kiss on her temple. She closed her eyes once again, and this time tears rolled down her cheeks.

Teri Bechaini Ka Teri Tanhai Ka Ehsaas Hain Mujhko Sun
Main Jo Saath Tere Hu Phir Tujhe Hain Kaisa Gam
Dard Baat Lenge Ham Sun
In Palko Mein Khushiyo Ka Sapna Sajana Hain
Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se Rishta Purana Hain

Milind slowly wiped of the tears with his thumb. Not anymore he told himself, he wouldn't allow tears in her eyes from now on. Things would change for them; he, Prachi along with Diya would be a happy family.

Kaise Main Batau Yeh Tera Is Tarah Rona
Dekha Nahi Jaata Hain Sun
Shaam Jab Dhalti Hain Subah Muskurati Hain
Khushbuye Lutati Hain Sun
Udaasi Ke Lamho Mein Hamein Muskurana Hain
Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se Rishta Purana Hain
In Aankho Se Har Aansu
Mujhko Churana Hain
Mujhko Churana Hain
Mujhko Churana Hain

As Prachi felt Milind's touch, she simply couldn't stop her tears. Whether they were happy or sad tears she didn't know; they simply kept flowing.

"Milind" she whispered placing her hand above his but Milind didn't let her talk. "Aaj tum kuch nai kahogi" [Today, you wont say anything]

"Milind…" she tried again but he simply didn't let her talk. "Nai Prachi…let me talk…I know I screwed up…I should have trusted you…I should have let you explain…I should have listened to my heart…it always kept on saying that you would never betray my love…it was all my fault but its not too late Prachi…we can make everything like before"

"We have a daughter Prachi…Diya voh hamari pyar ki nishani hai [Diya is our symbol of love]…listen to me Prachi…Why do you think I came here after all these years… why do you think I have never signed those divorce papers…Destiny has given us another chance to be together…destiny has brought us together…we can't run away from it…"

"Angad" she tried to explain but he cut her off "I know he did a lot for you and Diya but I'll explain…He will understand Prachi" he said trying to make her understand. When Prachi was still not convinced Milind shook her by the shoulders and said raising his voice "Kyun nai Prachi [Why not Prachi]…tell me…will you ever be able to love him…no…We belong together…"

"Look into my eyes Prachi…tell me that you will be happy with him…Tell me that you love him and I'll go away I promise…Tell me Prachi…" he said once again shaking her by the shoulders. He knew and felt in his heart that she would never love anyone except him.

Prachi looked at Milind and without saying anything, she simply collapsed against his chest. Milind immediately encircled her in his strong arms and so did Prachi. "I love you Prachi…I have always…and I promise I will never let any tear come into our lives…I love you Prachi" he kept repeating as he placed soft kisses across her face.

Milind held her tight in his arms and finally felt the peace in his heart. Prachi, after a long time also felt that same peace. They didn't know how long they had stayed like that. How they wished they could freeze time and stay in each others arms like this forever. But soon they were brought back from their world, when they heard Prachi's phone ring. Breaking apart, Milind looked at Prachi, his eyes telling her not to answer. However, when Prachi saw Angad's name on the caller ID, she suddenly remembered she had to meet him tonight.

As she answered the phone she heard him speak right away. He didn't even give her time to say hello "Prachi tum kahan ho [Prachi, where are you]…I told you not to go anywhere"

"Woh main…" she tried to explain but he continued talking "Anyways…I'm already on my way…write this address down…and come there, I'll be waiting" She took the address and said "I'll be there in half an hour" and hanged up.

She looked up at Milind who looked disappointed but she didn't have a choice, she had to go and meet Angad. "Milind, I have to go…but I'll come" she said trying to cheer him up. Once she would meet up with Angad she would come back to him.

She was about to leave when he took hold of her hand and softly asked "Promise you will come back" When she smiled and nodded, he kissed her hand and slowly let go and watched her disappear behind the glass doors. Nothing was going to separate them anymore. Milind and Prachi were going to be together forever he told himself.

As told, Prachi drove to the address given by Angad. Tonight she would tell Angad everything, he deserved to know. As she parked the car, she saw Angad waiting for her. He came towards her and he said by placing his hand over her eyes "Close your eyes"

Prachi kept her eyes closes and let Angad lead her. After a while, when Angad removed his hands from her eyes, she slowly opened her eyes. "Tumhe pasand aya" [How do you like it] he said

Prachi still kept on staring around her. Angad had brought her to a beautiful house. When she didn't say anything he called out her name "Prachi". She looked at him as she tried to figure out its meaning.

"Prachi, I know you may think that I'm rushing things…but I couldn't help myself" he said and looked over Prachi and continued "I have bought this house long time ago…hoping that one day I would be able to share it with you and Diya…and now that the day has come I simply couldn't stop myself from bringing you here…I decorated everything by myself…just the way you would"

Prachi simply stared at Angad. She simply couldn't form any words. They seemed stuck in her throat. Why did destiny always put her in a situation like this? Angad on the other, not able to hide his excitement took hold of her hand and showed her around.

Bringing her to a small room he said "Look, I even made a pooja room for Ma…you know how she always says there is no prayer room in the house" and Prachi slightly smiled. Pl always complained about not having a prayer room. He then brought her upstairs. Opening the door of one of the rooms, he said "Yeh Diya ka room hai" [This is Diya's room]

As she entered, she was speechless. The walls were painted in shades of pink, Diya's favorite color. There was a princess bed in the middle of the room. There were toys everywhere and at one corner of the room there was even a painting table. Angad knew how much she loved painting. "Angad…" Prachi whispered but before she could say anything he asked "You think she will like it…" Prachi looked at him and simply nodded. Diya would indeed love it.

Once he showed her around the entire house, he asked once again the same question he had asked earlier as she hadn't given him an answer. "Prachi, tumhe pasand aya" [Prachi, do you like it]

Prachi looked at him, tonight she wanted to tell him the entire truth because he deserved to know, but then again he deserved to be happy as well. Angad had always thought of her and her family first. He had always been there for her and today she simply couldn't deprive him from his happiness. She could never be that cruel. She had simply been off track for a while. Now that she was back to reality, she knew that the truth was that it was too late. Prachi and Milind were never to come together again she told herself. The past was the past and that's how it was going to be.

Angad still kept staring at her for an answer and after a while, she said "Its beautiful Angad…very beautiful". Glad that she liked it, he simply hugged her. As Prachi felt his arms around her, she closed her eyes and let her tears fall because she knew that someone else was also waiting to take her in his arms. She had promised to return but she knew now that she was never to return anymore.

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awww no...prachi u cant change ur mind..u and milsi belong together...but yes u cant break angads heart..i love bith angad and milsi so hard to make htem both happy...pls introduce a kripa soon for angad...want to see all of dem happy...
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Oh yeah Heebs this is torture week first Michi now you.... Oh God it was so beautiful the flowers the song their proximity. Oh Milsi wants to put things straight and Prachi loves him too but yeh Angad ka bacha. Get him another girl, who asked him to buy the house.Now he's emotionally blackmailed Prachi. What about Milsi he's Diya's father how can Prachi do this to him? Oh God I'm so touched and unhappy can you see my tears Heebs.... Cry

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