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Chapter 15 "Surprises, surprises and surprises"

Prachi looked at the white sari in her hands and wondered how Angad ended up buying a white sari. It was her favorite color but Angad he didn't like it much, he preferred more colorful colors. Putting the sari back in the box, she placed it on the dresser. She would ask him later tonight.

As Prachi was getting ready, Pl came in and took a seat on the bed. Prachi looked at her mom through the mirror and waited for her to say something. After a while when her mom didn't say anything, she came and sat beside her. Placing gently her head on her mom's shoulder she said "Ma, main kya karoon" [Mom, what shall I do]

Pl softly stroked Prachi's hair and said "Apne dil ki suno Prachi…vohi tumhe sahi raasta dikhayga" [Listen to your heart Prachi…it will show you the right path]

"Yeh itna aasan nahin hai" [It is not that easy]

"Maine kab kahan ki yeh itna aasan hain" [When did I say that it was going to be easy]

"Main jo bhi karoongi, kisi na kisi ka dil tho toothne hi wala hai" [No matter what I do, one of them will get hurt]

"Pehle apne bare main socho, phir dusron ke bare main sochna" [First think about yourself and then think about others] said Pl and Prachi looked at her.

"Haan Prachi, apne khushiyon ki bare main socho…" [Yes Prachi, think about your happiness] she said and placed a soft kiss on her forehead and then continued "Ab yeh sab bhool jao aur apni beti ko ghar le aao" [Now forget all this and go and get your daughter]

Only then did she remember that Diya was with Milind. Prachi got up and thanked her mom. Her mom always knew the right things to say. She had never questioned her for anything. Her mom has always supported her and even this time, she knew no matter what she would do, her mom would agree with it.


Diya sat on the kitchen counter and silently watched Milind making pancakes. As Milind was about to mix the flour and the eggs together he heard Diya scream "Nooo" He turned around and looked at her all confused.

"Milind uncle, its not like that…first you have to mix the water, eggs, sugar and only at the end do you have to mix it with flour"

"Oh…I knew that" he said smiling at his daughter. She definitely knew more than him when it came to cooking. He did as told as he didn't want to make a fool out of himself.

Once the pancakes were done, Milind poured some maple syrup and cut some fresh fruits over them and placed it in front of Diya and said "Here you go"

Milind sat beside Diya and silently watched her eat. He had so much to catch up for. He had missed 5 years of her life. He kept staring at her when he suddenly heard her calling him "Milind uncle"

"Hmm, what is it"

"Wont you have some pancakes too" she asked and he nodded and said "Later"

"Not later, we will eat together" she said. Talking a piece of pancake with her fork, she raised it up to his lips waiting for him to eat it. Milind kept his eyes on her as she slowly ate and fed him as well. And all of sudden, his eyes were filled with tears, he simply couldn't help himself. He turned his face away since he didn't want Diya to see his tears.

However, someone else present in the room noticed his tears. Prachi who had come in some time ago, quietly watched Milind and Diya eating breakfast and she didn't have the heart to disturb them. She owed this much to him.

"Diya" Prachi called out for her daughter

Diya, who was sitting on the kitchen counter, ran up to her mom. "Mama, you know we went to the zoo yesterday and then we even did the boat ride…" she said all excited

"Did you miss your mama" asked Prachi and Diya nodded. Smiling at her daughter she continued "ab tum jaldi se tayar ho jao…nani is waiting for you" [Now you go and get ready…granny is waiting]

Diya did as told; she went inside to get her coat and shoes. Even if Milind stood far from Prachi she could sense his gaze on her. She tried her best to avoid looking at him. Seeing this, Milind simply smiled. "Not for long Prachi" he said to himself. She was his no matter what. He would get her confess her feelings for him.

As Diya put her shoes on, Prachi walked up to her to tie her shoe laces but Diya stopped her. She looked up to Milind and he smiled at her nodding. "Look Mama…I know how to do it by myself…Milind uncle taught me"

"Make two bunny ears and cross them together and pull" she said and continued "Look mama…I did it all by myself"

Smiling at her daughter, she took Diya's hand in hers and started to walk away when Diya stopped mid way. She ran back to Milind and pulled him by his hand. As Milind bent down to her level, Diya kissed him and said "Thank you Milind uncle" and then ran back to her mother.

Milind watched his wife and daughter leave the room. "Soon" he said "Soon, we will all be together." He was confident about it.


Angad was in his office staring at Prachi's and Diya's picture. Today he had planned a surprise for her and hoped she would like it and not think it was too soon. He had been working on it ever since their engagement party. Tonight, he would give it to her, and deep down he knew she would be happy about it. And Diya, she would love it as well, that he knew for sure. Kissing the photo frame, he placed it back on the table.

Picking up the phone, he dialed her number. He wanted to make sure she didn't forget about it. However, no one answered the phone. She must be busy he thought. After all, it was Sunday and Diya was at home. That little girl was energetic and is most probably driving Prachi crazy he told himself. With that thought in mind, he went back to work.


Prachi looked at the clock. It was already 6 pm. The time has passed so fast. Ever since Diya had come back, she was only talking about Milind and what they did together. Prachi didn't know how to feel about it. She was happy and sad at the same time.

Freshening up, she took out the white sari. Even if she wore a sari after a long time, she pretty much felt comfortable in it. Sitting in front of her dresser, she fixed her makeup and when she looked at herself, all of a sudden she remembered his words "You're my angel sent from heaven" She looked at herself in the mirror as his words kept repeating in her mind. She still remembered that day as it was yesterday.

It was right after he had got that job, they hadn't got married yet. Milind had called her and asked her to come and meet him at the park. Without giving her an explanation he hanged up. She tried calling him back, but he simply didn't pick up. She smiled at the receiver in her hands. He loved doing this to her. He knew by doing this, she would definitely show up.

Getting dressed, she took her purse and left for the park. As she arrived, she found him sitting on their favorite spot with a package in his hand. She came and as she sat beside him, he said "Tumhare liye" [For you] giving her the package.

She took it from him and slowly unwrapped it. As she opened, she saw a beautiful white shiffon sari. "Milind" she whispered touching the sari

"You like it" he asked

"It's beautiful Milind" she replied back. "Really beautiful…but Milind why did you get me a sari all of a sudden"

He smiled at her and said "I got my first pay check today…and I wanted to get something for you…I know its not much…" but before he could continue Prachi stopped him by placing her hands on his lips.

"Milind it's the most beautiful gift someone was has ever given me…because it comes with lots of love and hard working" she said and placed a soft kiss on his lips. Milind took her in his arms and whispered against her ears "I love you Prachi"

"I love you too" she said as always.

Breaking apart, he asked "Prachi will you come with me somewhere tonight" and she didn't question him where and simply nodded smiling. She stood up to leave when he took hold of her hand. When she turned around to look at him, he said "Will you wear this sari for me…tonight"

She didn't say anything to him and simply walked away. He would have to wait and see if she would or not.

Later that evening, as she waited for him, she was a bit nervous. It was the first time she wore a sari. She had asked her mom to pin it everywhere. At one point she has even decided not to wear it, but she didn't want to disappoint him. He had bought it with so much love that her being uncomfortable didn't matter too much at the end.

After a while, Milind called her and asked her to come downstairs. Taking her purse, she headed downstairs. Milind, who was waiting for her patiently, wondered if she would wear the sari. As he heard the door open, he looked up to see Prachi walking towards him, in the white sari. She looked more than beautiful. Dresses in white with that angelic warm smile, she looked like an angel, his angel.

Prachi, feeling his intense gaze on her, slowly walked up to him. As she came in front of him, she asked "How do I look"

He kept staring at her and after a while he said "Like an Angel" and she slightly blushed. Placing a soft kiss on her forehead he continued "You're my angel sent from heaven"

Prachi was brought back to from her reverie, when her phone rang. She looked at the caller id and saw Milind's number. She was remembering him and here he was calling her, but she didn't answer it. She would talk to him, only after she met with Angad. Taking her car keys, she left to meet him.

As Prachi entered the building, she was surprised not to find anyone anywhere. She didn't know why but she wasn't having a good feeling about it. At the end of the corridor, she saw a small light coming across the glass door. She walked up to the end and slowly pushed the door open and as she entered she was mesmerized with the surroundings.

The room was beautifully decorated. There were flowers and candles everywhere and a soft music playing in the background. As she walked over the rose petal to the table in the middle of the room, she heard someone from behind "I knew you would come…my angel sent from heaven"

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Yay!!! See I knew it would be Milsi darling. Uff uff uff, kiya setting kiya dialogues "My angel from heaven" Tongue You just made my day Heebs... Big smile I loved the flashback, he brought her a white his first ever gift to her I'm touched. What was touching more still to see Diya with Daddy she feeding him I'm glad Prachi witnessed it. PL you blessed woman keep brain washing Prachi like this... Wink Ooh now I'm all excited to see how the big surprise turns out to be. Heebs why don't you write a part for the Kuch Ankahee Baatein ff I'd love to read your version of it... Smile
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Originally posted by candyfloss

aww it was very beutiful.
mills n diya is so cute.
pls pls write tomorrow.
dont wanna w8 4 long. Embarrassed

Thank you candy...glad u liked itSmile
But I'm really sorry...wont be able to update tomorrow...however, will try not to make you wait for long...
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Originally posted by blind horizon

Yay!!! See I knew it would be Milsi darling. Doesn't that feel gr8Wink   Uff uff uff, kiya setting kiya dialogues "My angel from heaven" Tongue Aww thanks Munee...glad u liked it...You just made my day Heebs... Big smile I loved the flashback, he brought her a white his first ever gift to her I'm touched. I wasn't planning on writing it...but it came in my mind at the last minute....and yes Milind was too sweet...only that one mistake of not trusting her.... What was touching more still to see Diya with Daddy she feeding him I'm glad Prachi witnessed it. I love writing the father daughter scenes....can't wait for them to have a kid in the show...wish serpent was nice enough with us...and make this dream come true... PL you blessed woman keep brain washing Prachi like this... Wink I know...Pl is there for that... Ooh now I'm all excited to see how the big surprise turns out to be. I'm also excited to write it...hope u will enjoy it as well....Heebs why don't you write a part for the Kuch Ankahee Baatein ff I'd love to read your version of it... Smile I will as soon as i get some time...have family that came over...and little cousins running everywhere in the house...

Thanks a lot for your lovely commentsSmile

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thanks a lot...tooo cute. plzz continue soon
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wow thanks for the PM heeba...so it was MIlind...knw he would do it...loved the interaction between him and diya...pls bring prachi and milind together soon...
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OMG it's Milind Mishra who called his wife Mrs.Mishra I knew itBig smile Big smileand thank u sweetheart it was really another wonderful part thanks alotClapI love it and I can not wait to read about Prachi's face when she get to know that it's Milind who had called her there not the other guy LOL LOLme waiting for the next part love please post it soon Embarrassed Embarrassed   
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very cute!!! Diya Milind scenes were awesome! even PL and Prachi scene was really good! "angel send from heaven" part was toooo cute!
waiting to see Prachi's reaction, when she realizes that the gift was from Milind.
pls continue soon

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