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plz update heebu, you are now making us stressed out! Angry LOL
plz plz update tonigh thanks!!! Smile

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Shaima, Minu and Neelab....I'm so sorry for making you all wait....

I already started writing...if I'm able to finish then I'll post it by tonight...or not by tomorrow morning for sure...and in order to make up for the delay...writing a long chapter...

Thanks guys Smile
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Hey guys...I'm really sorry for making you all wait for that long....was busy with the relatives that came to visit...but here is the next part...its really long...the longest chapter I ever wrote...hope you guys wont be disappointed with the past...and I'm sorry if the past looks a bit rushed...just finished writing, please let me know if there is any mistakes....THANKS

Chapter 11 "Back to the past"

Neev waited for the person to say something but after a while he ended up talking first. "Why are you here" he questioned even if he already knew the answer in advance. This time he was not going to give in. This time he was going to do the right thing.

"You are asking me why am I here…when the main question is why are you here…"

With a half smile, he said "Maybe because destiny sent me…"

"Stop this nonsense…destiny…there is no such thing…it hasn't matter then and it shouldn't matter now…"

Neev laughed again and said "Then why are you here…isn't it your engagement today…you finally got what you wanted…then why are you here Ayesha…you should be getting ready at this moment…you shouldn't be here in my hotel room…"

She looked at him, he was the same Neev Shegill, yet there was something different in him. Something she hadn't seen before "I came to make sure that…"

"That I don't say anything to Milind" finished Neev.


Milind's secretary had found out about Neev's whereabouts. He was staying at the hotel near his office. She even told Milind that he was the architect that came from London to design their up coming hotel project. Thanking her for the information, he left to meet Neev. He didn't know why but today for what may be the reason, he felt something good was going to happen. After all these year, something important was about to happen. Him meeting Neev after all these years was not a simple coincidence, it was meant to be, it was part of destiny. At least that's what he felt or wanted to feel. He was never a strong believer of destiny, but today, at this particular moment, he wanted to believe in it, believe that there was still hope.

Milind had never in his life drove this fast. The only thing he had in mind was Neev trying to tell him something important. Reaching Neev's hotel, he took the elevator and walked straight towards Neev's room. However as he came closer, he could hear voices, voices that was familiar to him.


"Neev just listen to me… what's the use after all these years…what ever happened was in the past and now everyone is happy…"

"HAPPY…" said Neev out loud. "Do you even know what Happy means Ayesha…"

"Neev ab sab kuch theek hai [Neev, now everything is fine]…it took time for Milind to move on but he has…and now everything is fine…we will be happy together"

"And Prachi…what about her…what about her happiness"

"What about her…she is with you" said Ayesha

"With me???" said Neev in disbelieve, was this what everyone thought. Him and Prachi were together. "She is not with me Ayesha…she was never with me…"

"Kya matlab [what do you mean]"

"I mean…she is not with me…I don't know where she is…"

Ayesha looked up to Neev, what did that mean. Didn't they leave together as planed? "Oh Neev stop it…who are you trying to fool…I know she is with you…you guys love each other…"

"No…I loved her…and Milind and Prachi loved each other…" corrected Neev "And we all knew that…we knew how much they loved each other…"

"But they were never meant for each other…they had too many differences between them…we simply helped them realized it…" interrupted Ayesha.

"HELP…Ayesha" he said laughing "We didn't help them…we used them for our own selfishness…you heard me…We used them for our own benefit…"

"Chupe kar…Neev [shut up…Neev]" said Ayesha trying to stop him from saying anything else as she saw the person behind him but Neev was in no mood of shutting up.

"Why should I shut up…the truth is that Milind and Prachi loved each other and both of us, separated them…are you listening to me Ayesha…Me and you, we separated them…we took advantage for their differences for our own purpose…"

"Neev…" she tried once again but he simply went on and on. "Kyun[why] Ayesha…why are you quiet now….can't face the truth…but today no matter what…I'll tell Milind everything…I'll tell him what we did…and this engagement of yours will never take place…" said Neev but when he noticed her staring at something behind, he turned around to find none other then Milind staring at them in disbelieve.

Milind stood there rooted, not able to digest what exactly he heard. Did he hear correct? They separated them. No, this was not possible, Ayesha was his friend, he had known her from childhood and she would have never done what Neev was saying.

Ayesha walked up to Milind and as she was about to say something,  he raised his hand indicating that he didn't want to hear anything from her, at least not at the moment. Looking at Neev, Milind walked to him. Coming face to face, he said "I want to know everything"

"Milind…sit down first" said Neev but Milind had only screamed back at him "Damn it…Neev…don't ask me to sit, just tell me the truth"

Neev backed up a few steps and then looked at Milind. This was not how he wanted him to learn the truth but now that he was here, there was no point in waiting. He had waited enough. Taking a deep breath, he narrated what ever happened all those years ago. It all started with the Dubai deal. A deal that was supposed to make Milind's life.

Ever since Milind had started his new job, he worked day and night. He wanted to give his Prachi everything she deserved. However, in the process, he spent less time with her and this was something Prachi didn't like. She had tried explaining to him many times that she didn't need all this. She was happy the way things were. She was happy with him and his family. All she wanted was him love and support but lately, he was so busy that he didn't even have time for her. Whenever she tried talking to him, he would simply hush her off by saying "its all for you".

Recently, he was working non stop on a Dubai project, a project that would make his life. Prachi knew this was important but she also wanted him close to her. She knew she was acting shellfish, but she couldn't help it. She, herself grew up in a rich family, she saw her father spending most of his time at work and less time at home. Her mother, alone had raised her. Her father was never around whenever she needed him. She loved him but never got to know him properly. He provided her with everything except the one thing that she always wanted, his love, a father's love.

And now Milind was becoming like her father, and she couldn't bear the fear of losing him. She knew she would have to do something before things got worse and there was only one person that could help her in this, Neev, her best friend.

Once Milind left for work, Prachi went to meet Neev at his work. As she entered his office, he was talking on the phone and she took a seat in front of, waiting for him to finish.

Once he finished, he hanged up and looking at her he said "So Madam, what brings you here…what can I do for you"

"Neev…why are you acting like I'm some stranger…"

"Well let me think…maybe because I never see you around any more…"

"Don't worry about that…you will be seeing a lot of me…"

"Kya matlab" [Meaning]

"Meaning…I need you to give me a job…anything"

"A job???" Neev questioned and Prachi nodded. "Why…what happened with Milind…doesn't he have a work…can't he take care of you as promised"

"He can and he is" said Prachi. She knew Neev wasn't a fond of Milind, but that was his problem not hers.

"Then why do you need a job for…" he asked, there was definitely something fishy going in his mind.

She explained him everything, though at the beginning he wasn't sure if he would play along, but then at the end, there was nothing wrong in it. She just wanted Milind to feel how she felt when he was always busy at work, away from home. "Ok then…I'll give you a job…for the moment, since my secretary is not here…you can take her place for the time being…you can start from tomorrow itself"

Thanking him, she went to meet Milind at his work. Like expected, he wasn't fond of her working. What was the need? He was there for that. He hadn't agreed at the beginning when he found out with whom she was going to work, but later on, she had managed to convince him, she always knew how.

The following day, as planed, Neev had come to pick up Prachi, even before Milind left for work. Milind didn't say anything but it didn't mean he liked it either. Once at work, Neev gave Prachi some paper work. "What is this" she asked

"Look over them…and let me know if there is any mistakes…I have to present it later this month…its about the Dubai deal, our company wants to get…"

"Dubai deal…I think Milind is also working on it…" she said and with a smile continued "And I think he will get it"

"Prachi, who are you working for?"

"You…but that doesn't mean I will not support Milind"

Neev smiled back at her. She did love him a lot, but somewhere deep down he felt it was wrong. She deserved better.

For the next couple of weeks everything was going as planed only if Ayesha had not come in between. Ayesha had always loved Milind and she didn't like Prachi, not because she took Milind away from her but because Milind was changing himself because of her. He was becoming like those rich people, never there when you need him. She had heard Neev and Prachi talking and only then did it come to her head. Maybe this was the only way to get things back like before.

Since Prachi was working with Neev, she knew she couldn't meet him there. She called him up and asked him to meet her at the caf. On the other hand, Neev was a bit surprised that Ayesha had called him, he had thought about saying it to Prachi, but then thought against it. If it was something important, he would then share it with her.

Coming at the caf, he spotted her sitting at the end, taking a skip of her coffee. Taking a seat in front of her he asked "So why have you called me here"

"I have a proposal to make"


"Yes Neev…something that will change our lives and will help our loved ones" she said and explained what she had in mind.

Once she finished, Neev stood up to leave, he was never going to do that. He was not going to come between two people, it wasn't right. "I'm not doing it Ayesha" he said and started to walk away when he heard her say "Neev, it's the only way…you love Prachi and don't you think she deserves to be happy…I see them everyday…Milind goes to work and Prachi is home all alone…this in not the lives they deserve…"

"I know you think I'm doing this because I love Milind, but believe me this is the right thing to do…everyone will be happy like this…You can be with Prachi and me with Milind…like it was suppose to be"

He listened to her and somehow it felt right. It was always suppose to be him and Prachi and Milind and Ayesha. Taking once again a seat in front of her, he said "And how exactly do you plan to do this…"

"Milind is working on the Dubai deal…just like you are…I'll give you all the information needed and with that I can guarantee that you will get the deal…this will get Milind suspicious and he will think…"

"That Prachi gave me the information, since she works for me" finished Neev.

"Yes…and then I'll deal with what comes after that"


Just like planed, Ayesha had given Neev inside information about Milind's proposal. Neev was surprise with what he got. Milind was definitely one smart guy. With what he had in hands, he knew Ayesha was right, he was going to get the deal hands down. Prachi and Milind, both were unaware of their best friend's sudden change of interest.

The day of the presentation, Milind had called up Prachi before. "Prachi, today I want to take you out…we have the Dubai deal…and I'm sure we will get it…and after that I don't want you to work for Neev anymore…I noticed how I don't see you anymore"

"And what about you…your always working"

"Its going to change…I promise…now be ready by 7…I'll come and pick you up"

"No Milind…not today…I just don't feel good, I feel all nauseous"

"Everything fine…you want me to come home…"

"No…go do your presentation…I'll be fine…we will celebrate later on" she said and hanged up. With a smile on his face, Milind went to the meeting only to come out defeated.

How did he loose it, how did the other company find out? It simply didn't make any sense to him. He was furious at himself, she should have worked harder. It was only then that Ayesha had come in. "Milind yeh kaise hua [how did this happen]…how did Neev find out everything"

"I don't know…maybe I was predictable"

She remained silent for a while and then said "What if Prach…"

"NO…Ayehsa…don't even think like that…Prachi can and would never do it…"

"Maybe that's what you think because you love her…Milind, think logically…Prachi works for Neev, they are best friends…and even more than that…"

"Shut up Ayesha"

"If you don't believe me…than why don't you ask Neev…"

"I will" he said as he dialed Neev's number. "Neev…this is Milind…just tell me how you ended up getting the deal…"

"Come to the intercontinental hotel…and you will find your answer"


Neev had called Prachi at the hotel. She really didn't want to go, but he has insisted. He said he had something important for her. He asked her to come in room 204. Since it was important, Prachi agreed even if she wasn't feeling well. As she entered, she was surprised with the dcor of the room. When she spotted Neev, she asked him "What is all this…what are you celebrating for…is someone coming to meet you"

He walked up to her and handed her a glass of drink "We are celebrating our friendship"

"Why today" she asked all confuse "Is this what your important thing is…thank you…but I have go home…I don't feel that good and on top of that Milind will be coming home soon…"

"Oh Prachi…just for a few minutes…" he said and made her sit on the bed. Kneeling in front of her, he took her hands in his. Prachi, confused looked at him. Trying to take away her hands she said "What are you doing Neev…"

"Listen to me" said Neev and only then did Milind enter the room. Prachi jerked out seeing Milind.

"Milind…tum yahaan [you here]"said Prachi

"Yes Prachi…don't worry continue what you were doing…I got my answers"

"No Milind…its not what you think…" she said running to him, trying to stop him from leaving. "Don't Prachi…don't you touch me" he said angrily pushing her hand away. "No…Milind listen to me…Neev tell him its not what he is thinking" she said looking at Neev but he simply remained silent.

Milind once again pushed her away and this time Neev came to Prachi and held her back. She tried to free herself and run after Milind but Neev held her strong.

"Let me go Neev…let me go…I need to talk to him" she cried

"Stop it Prachi…stop it...if he doesn't trust you then he doesn't deserve you…Prachi, listen to me…you can get better" he said and Prachi simply slapped him and said "I can never get better than Milind"

"Never…" she said and left the room. She needed to fix things before it was too late. Only when Prachi had left, that Neev had realized what he had done. He might be wrong but the love he saw in her eyes for Milind was not wrong. That same day, he had gone to look for her and found her at the cliff. Her eyes red and puffed up from all the crying she had done. Seeing her in that condition and knowing that he was the one responsible, he had confessed his crime.

"Milind I'm really sorry…but I know that even my sorry is not enough…I got shellfish…but when I saw her heartbroken I realized I was wrong …this is why I told her everything…but I didn't know that she had left without informing you…If I knew, I myself would have come and told you the truth…" said Neev. He still didn't understand why Prachi hadn't gone to Milind after learning the truth.

Neev and Ayesha, both waited for Milind to say something. He was sitting with his dead down looking at the floor. His vision blurry, he tried to digest the truth. Only after a while he said "Woh aya tha Neev…she had come Neev, only I have never listened to her…"


Later that night, Ayesha had come home and announced that the engagement was called off. Now that Milind knew the truth, there was no point. He would hate her forever an she would have to live with it. Once the guests where all gone, she confessed her crime to Milind's mom. Nandani had always loved Ayesha as her own daughter, but then why has she acted like an outsider. She would deal with Ayesha once she knew her son was okay. Knowing her motherly feeling, she knew he must be heart broken. Right now, she needed to find him, and she knew exactly where to look.

Milind felt like his entire world was turning upside down. He didn't know who to be angry with, Neev, Prachi, Ayesha or himself. Sitting in front of the sea, he looked up at the sky as tears rolled down. Even when she had left him, he hadn't cried knowing that she was at fault. But today, he simply couldn't stop his tears. What had he done? He had destroyed his life with his own hands. Destiny had given him another chance, but he had once again screwed up. Even this time, she had tried to talk to him and he had pushed her away. He had mistaken her love for betrayal. And this time, when they met at Mont Royal, he had mistaken her tears for the rain.

Nandini, knew her son very well. Getting of the car, she walked on the shore and after a while, she noticed him sitting near the rocks. As she approached, she slowly called out his name "Milind" He looked up to her, but as she sat beside him, he put his head on her lap and let his heart cry and she didn't stop him. She knew that this was needed. He had kept his pain in him all these years and today he needed to let go.

As his sobbing slowed down, she gently caressed his head. "Its okay beta…sab kuch theek ho jayega [everything will be fine]…"

"No mama…nothing will be fine…maine apne Prachi ko galat samja [I misunderstood my Prachi]…I blamed her for something she has never done…"

"Milind…kabhi kabhi galati ho jata hai…[Sometimes, we make mistakes]" she said trying to make him understand. He was not entirely at fault.

"Yes mom…but it doesn't happen twice…maine iss bar bhi usse galat samja [even this time, I have misunderstood her]"

"Iss bar?? [This time]" she repeated after him, what did that mean.

Milind looked up to his mom and told her how he met Prachi during his trip at Montral. Wiping off his tears she said "Then problem solved…"

"Problem solved???" questioned Milind.

"Haan Milind [Yes Milind]…now that you know where she is…go bring her back…"

"Lekin ma…kya woh mujhe maaf kardegi [But mom…will she forgive me]"

She smiled at him and said "Kya Prachi kabhi tumse naraaz ho sakta hai…woh tumse jaroor maaf kardegi" [Was Prachi ever able to stay mad at you…she will definitely forgive you]

He once again looked at his mom, she always knew how to make him feel better. She was right, Prachi would forgive him. He knew his Prachi, all this time he was blinded from reality, but now he knew that she loved him, she had always loved. He was wrong and he would ask for forgiveness. He would bring her back in his life. Little did he know that destiny had yet again something different stored for him. He had learned the truth, yet there was something else, something more important that he was still unaware of.


Prachi had asked Angad to come over at her house today. She had some important matters to settle with him. Later that day, as Angad entered Prachi's room, he saw her with the same box in her hands. He walked up to her and asked "Prachi…why did you call me…"

Handing him the box she said "Everything related to my past is in this box…You will find out everything from here…"

Angad smiled at her, handing her over the box he said "Prachi, what will I do with your past…it's the past, so let it stay in the past…it's the present and the future that matters"

"Don't you even want to look at it…"

"No I don't…I don't need to…I trust you" he said and suddenly it brought tears in hers. She turned around, not wanting to face him with her tears. At least someone trusted her.

"But Prachi…you must promise me…never to look back at this box"

Wiping off her tears, she turned around and said "I promise Angad...I promise that I will not look back at what happened…but Angad there is something I need to tell you…Diya ke papa…"

"Main hoon" finished Angad and Prachi looked up to him. "Haan Prachi…Diya ke papa main hoon [Yes Prachi…I'm Diya's father]…from the day she was born…I have been there for her…her first step, her first words…everything…I may not have a blood relationship with her but she is more than a daughter to me…" he said and Prachi knew he meant it. She wanted Angad to know about Milind, she didn't want to start a new life with lies, but then again what was the point. It was not like he was ever coming back. Little did she know that not only was he going to come back, but also give her the biggest surprise of her life.


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i m waiting heebs Embarrassed
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Rims, Shabz and Minu...I hope you will like it...after all the suspense...I hope i dint disappoint you guys...
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Heeba i loved it...im so glad everything has been revelaed. poor milsi, he feels so hurt at ayeshas betrayal. Damn ayesha and neev, but i have to admit i really like neev, atleast he had the guts to tell the truth and not run.

i loved the mother and son scene, mothers always know the right thing to say in tough times Smile

looks like prachi is ready to move on and forget her past, but i doubt milsi will let her Embarrassed

now i cant wait for milsi to come and reclaim his love Tongue

just one q Heeba, were michi ever married?

thanks for the update, it was well worth the wait.
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Originally posted by shabzc1

Heeba i loved it thanks...im so glad everything has been revelaed. poor milsi, he feels so hurt at ayeshas betrayal. Damn ayesha and neev, but i have to admit i really like neev, atleast he had the guts to tell the truth and not run. I know...didn;t have the heart to make neev fully responsible....he was shellfish...but i guess that happens...

i loved the mother and son scene, mothers always know the right thing to say in tough times Smile They always do...mother are simply wonderfulSmile

looks like prachi is ready to move on and forget her past, but i doubt milsi will let her Embarrassed he wont...Milind letting go of Prachi...thats impossible right...

now i cant wait for milsi to come and reclaim his love Tongue Oh he WILL...actually I can't wait to write the next chapter...will try to post it by tomorrow nite

just one q Heeba, were michi ever married? I know I didn;t quite make it obvious...but you will find out in the next chapter....

thanks for the update, it was well worth the wait.

Thanks for reading and commenting ShabzSmile
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awwwwwwwww thank u so much my love for doing the update for today because I have been looking for something to read all dayCry Embarrassed Big smilea very big thank u to u sweetheartThumbs Upthank uHugHug

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