Michi FF: Yaadein epilogue p-118 20/2 (Page 19)

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whooo hooo Smile

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Chapter 4 "The bond of nature"

After giving a serious thought to his boss' proposal, Neev finally decided to go back to India. It wouldn't be that bad he thought. When destiny was giving him another chance to see her, why shouldn't he take it? On top of that, there was some unfinished business left for him. Last time, he had just left without looking back, he had told her the truth and left.

Picking up his phone, he called up his boss "Sir, I have decided to take this project…when will I have to leave…" he asked

"Mr. Shergill, I'm glad that you have taken the right decision…I was sure you weren't going to let us down…as I said earlier, everything is ready with MM hotels owner…you will leave in 10 days…"

"Thank you sir…" he said as he hanged up. In 10 days Neev Shergill, in 10 days you will once again go back to that very place you have left it has been more than 5 years, he told himself. And somehow unknowingly a smiled had formed on his lips. He had been hiding for all these years but today somehow he was looking forward to go back. Little did he know that with him going back would once again change the lives of his close ones.


Sitting in his study, Milind stared at those same papers. And today, somehow for the first time tears had formed in his eyes. Why had she done it? This was one question that would haunt him all his life. Last night, for the sake of his family, he had decided to move forward. However, today, he was once again having second thoughts. He was once again looking back at how thing could have been.

He was lost in his thoughts, when he heard a knock on the door and saw his mom entering. Taking a seat in front of him, she said "Milind beta, yeh main kya sun rehi hoon"{Milind, what is this that I'm hearing}

"Kya ma…what I have done now" he asked. Had he not agreed to her wish.

"Yehi…ke tum kal ja rahe ho…tumhare sagai 10 din baad hai…tum sagai ki baad chale jana…" {That you are leaving tomorrow…its your engagement in 10 days…go after that…}

"Mama…its an important deal…I will have to go…the sooner I go, the faster I'll be back"

"What important beta…hamesha kam aur kam…tum sagai ke baad bhi chale jane…" "Mama…its an important deal…I will have to go…the sooner I go, the faster I'll be back"

"Mama, maine aap ki baat sun li hai tho aap bhi meri baat sun lijiye… {Mom, I have listened to you…so now its your turn…}I will be back very soon…there is still 10 days left…I will be back before that, you don't worry" he said trying to convince her.

"I want you back in 5 days…" she said. When she saw Milind nod, she smiled at him and left. Happy that things were finally taking a good turn.

He looked back at those papers and cursed her. Why couldn't he just let go of her. She had left, then why didn't she take all those memories with her. Why were they still following him like a shadow? Why did she have to leave them behind to haunt him day and night? Putting them back in the drawer, he went to his room. Once he was back, this time for once and all, no matter how hard it was going to be, he would put a closure to his past. He would deal with them the first thing after his return. In 10 days, he would be a new Milind Mishra, a Milind Mishra that would never look back at his past anymore. Little did he know that destiny had stored the biggest surprise of his life. In these 10 days, he would once again relive his past.

The next morning, Ayesha dropped Milind at the airport. She waved him goodbye as she saw him disappearing behind the glass doors. In 10 days, she would finally be his. She could finally call herself Mrs. Milind Mishra.


"Angad…how many times have I asked you…MM hotels owner's name…" asked Prachi as she entered Angad's office

"Tumhe uska nam se kya kam hai…{What will you do with his name} " he joked. He always liked to pull her leg.

"I don't know…I just don't have a good feeling…" she said taking a seat in front of him. When he didn't say anything and simply smiled at her nervousness she continued "On top of that…he is late…you know how I don't like late comers"

"C'mon Prachi…meet the guy first before you say something…he is probably on his way…I talked to him this morning…its his first time in Montral…he probably got lost somewhere…just like you had...remember" he said with a smirk on his face.

She smiled back as she thought of that day. If it wasn't for him, she couldn't imagine what would have happened. "My case was different…it was night and dark…" she said and after taking a look at her watch she continued "Anyways…I'm going to pick up Diya…and I have lot to do for tonight's party…I don't have all day to wait for him…"

"Prachi…this is important…"

"Nothing is more important than my daughter…I don't want her to wait for me…" replied back Prachi

"Diya's school is 5 minutes from here, you won't be late…on top of that he wants to finalize it today…he has to go back as soon as possible…"

"Then he should have come on time…I'm leaving" said Prachi as she left the room.

Through the glass door of his office, he saw her getting in the elevator. Not even 5 minutes passed, when Angad saw the elevator doors open and him stepping out. Only if she had listened to him and waited for a few minutes she could have met him and they could have finalized everything.

As he saw him entering he said extending his hand "Welcome Mr. Mishra…I'm glad to have you here"

Shaking his hand he said "Thank you Mr. Khanna…I'm sorry for being late…its just that everyone just speaks French…"

Angad laughed and said "Welcome to Montral…where French comes before English…and please call me Angad…" As Milind sat down, Angad continued "Coming back to work…I have looked over the papers you faxed me this morning…and everything seems fine…"

"So we can finalize everything today…" asked Milind

"The thing is my partner has still not looked over them…she was here sometime ago…but had to take a leave…and I can't finalize anything without her consent…But let me give her a call" he said as he dialed Prachi's number

"Hello…where are you…he is here…"said Angad

"I'm downstairs with Diya…sending her to you… she wants to meet to…I'm running late, I have things to take care for tonight…tell him we will finalize it tomorrow…"

"Pr…" but she hanged up before he could say anything else. Turning back to Milind, he said "I think we will have to finalize it tomor" but he was interrupted by Diya, who entered the room.

"Hello Angad pap…" but she stopped as she saw Milind turning around. She slowly walked up to Angad as Milind's eyes followed her. He couldn't believe the resemblance. This little girl just looked like her. He kept staring at her as she climbed on Angad's lap.

Once on his lap, she slowly asked him "Angad papa…yeh kaun hai…" {Angad papa…who is this}

"This beta…is my friend and your uncle…"he replied

Extending her small hand towards Milind she said with a smile "Hello uncle…I'm Diya" Milind gently shook her hand. It brought him some weird feeling inside. It was the first time he saw her, yet he felt some sort of connection. Maybe because she reminded him of her.

Putting Diya down, Angad asked her to play around for a while as he finished talking with Milind. "Mr. Mishra…I guess we will have to fix another meeting for tomorrow"

"Its okay, I'll come back tomorrow…I'll take a leave now…"

"Good day Mr. Mishra…" said Angad as Milind walked towards the door. Turning around he said "Call me Milind…" It was the first time he had asked any of his business associates to call him by his name. He didn't know why but he liked Angad, maybe it was the effect of his daughter.

Angad smiled at Milind as he left. Turning around at Diya he asked "Do you want to go for an ice-cream" When Diya happily nodded, he took her in his arms and walked towards the elevators. Once they were down, Angad was surprised to see Milind at the lobby. Walking up to him he asked "Everything okay…"

"I'm just waiting for the cab…since I don't know the city, its better not to drive" said Milind

Diya who was still in Angad's arms asked "Is uncle coming with us for an ice-cream…" turning around at Milind she asked him as well "Uncle, will you come to have an ice-cream with us"

Milind looked at Diya. He had stopped eating ice-cream ever since she left but today, he didn't have the heart to say no.

"Yes Milind, why don't you come along…in the same time I'll show you around" said Angad and Milind nodded in agreement.

As they entered Baskin Robbins, Milind offered to treat everyone. He didn't know why, but he had a sudden urge to take Diya in his arms. Picking her up, he asked "Aap ko kaun flavor chahiye…" {What flavor would you like to have…}

"Pistachio…its my favorite"

"Pistachio???" he asked all surprised. It was his favorite as well.

"Yes…mama doesn't like it…but I love it" she said as he placed the orders.

As he saw Diya, happily savoring her ice-cream, he remembered how she always hated it when he used to order it. She used to call it "the green color ice-cream"

After the ice-cream, all three of them went to the park for a small walk. As Milind watched Diya playing in the park, he asked "Why does your daughter call you Angad papa…'

This was one question that everyone would at least ask once and Angad always told them the truth. He didn't like lies and he didn't like to lie either. "Darahsal…woh meri beti n…{The thing is…she is n…} " he said as he was interrupted by his phone.

"Where are you guys…we are going to be late" came her voice from the other side

"Don't worry…you go ahead… I'll be there on time…I'll drop Diya home and come" he said

"Ok then...see you soon"

As he hanged up, he turned around to look at Milind and asked "Why don't you come along with me…we are having this community party...and since you don't have much to do…and you can also have the chance to meet my business partner…in fact she is the one organizing it…"

"No its okay…what would I do at the party…I don't even know anyone…"

"Don't worry about that…even I don't know that much people...I go for the food and the music…its going to be fun"

"Ok then…lets see what an Indian party looks like in Montral"

As they were dropping Diya home on their way to the party, Milind couldn't help himself from always turning back to catch glimpses of Diya who was sitting behind. Once arrived in front of Prachi's house, Angad said "Diya beta…we are here…I'll see you later…now give Angad papa a kiss before you leave" From behind, Diya leaned in the front to place a kiss on Angad's cheek. And at Milind's surprise, she kissed him as well and said "Thank you for the ice-cream uncle…"

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LOLYaaaaaay im the first!Wink

heeba thankks..im going to read and comment asap!Embarrassed

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omg, i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! can u update again like tonight, i'm sooooooo anxious
can't wait to see what happens. why a cliffhanger, hun?

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Originally posted by nirali_hina444

omg, i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! can u update again like tonight, i'm sooooooo anxious
can't wait to see what happens. Michi meeting...why a cliffhanger, hun?


Thank youBig smile
Glad u liked, unfortunately wont be able to update for the next couple of days...I'll probably update friday night...
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awww so cute....its his own daughter..no wonder he is feelin the connection..wonder how they will react when they meet each other...pls update soon...realy want to know what is happening..
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Awwww Diya is sooooo cute Embarrassed

Loved this update, can't wait for Michi to meet
PLZ update sooooooon
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Heeeeeeebs!! Pistachio is my favourite too!!! Big smile ...well you know after...cookie dough and belgian choc... LOL

Okay...I'm kind of liking Ayesha...I'm dreading forming an opinion though...tell me dammit...what should I think? lol... LOL

Oh so finally MM is in Canada...hope he likes it! Smile ...Btw...do you know any french?

Now I can see all the interruptions Angad had will cause certain misconceptions in Milind's mind... Ouch But I hope they will soon be cleared...Angad is a dear boy...love him!!! Smile

Aha...were they divorce papers that Milind was looking at? Ones that he never signed? Confused ...I remember saying I wouldn't make guesses but couldn't help myself...

Now Nandani mamma...kitni demande karti hai aap? lol...Glad Milind told her to listen and wait...

Aur yeh Prachi bhi na? soo Impatient... Angry LOL

and finally AWWWWWWWW Milind and Diya...so cute!! Little sweetheart has already won Milind over... Big smile

Thank you Heebs!! Hug

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