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FF:Bhulbhulaya #2 LAST PART PG-67 12/11 (Page 64)

pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 November 2008 at 6:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sarafs1525

omg that was so awesome...i hope armaan saves ridz
thanksssssss for your comment.........Smile

pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 November 2007
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Posted: 03 November 2008 at 6:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bhanu_rekhag

Seriously ......... after such a long time ..............
but still a rocking (not exactly but scaring) part!!!!!!!!!! thanksssssss a lot......Smile
wow stopped at a very suspense n interesting mode!!!!!!!!!

lovely part!!!!!!!!!

marriages for all 3 pairs n with lot of tension!!!!!!!!

can't wait for next part!!!!!!!!!! i'll update very soooooon...Smile

its very bad of ur part!!!!! stopping at such a suspense moment!!!!!!!! sorry but cant help...Wink

make the other part sooooon!!!!!!
pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 November 2007
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Posted: 03 November 2008 at 6:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by dmg123

AWESOME!! was great....u have absolutely not lost ur  touch. thankssssss sweeeeety........Embarrassed ..u wrote the same way as before.....(amazing)!! is very it.... i'm glad u liked it......Smile .....cant beleive it is almost ending..... yes unfortunately it is.... ....i love this ff........pls continue soon!!.. dnt worry i'll surely update sooooon ....thank u so much for the pm!!!! u r welcome.......Smile
n r u still writing ur other ff?... yes i'm a fan of that one also!!
pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 November 2007
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Posted: 03 November 2008 at 6:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by znbhusain

Awesum, mindblowing, fantastic part Pinky. U have expressed the situation & every1's feelings so fantastically tht i myself could feel the fear.!! N nw m left all alone awake in my house with noone with me, getting damn scared n will be desperately waiting 4 the next part.!!!
Once again, it was an awesum part.!!
N yuhnx 4 the pm n dnt 4get to pm the next time.!!Big smile
thankssssssssss a lot for your sweeeeeeeeeeeeet comment..........i'm sorry to scare you.........i'll update very soooooooon this time........i'll surely pm u....Smile
pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 November 2007
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Posted: 05 November 2008 at 7:30am | IP Logged


           Everyone reaches back to mahal for AA,AR & RM's wedding.Ridz attacked by devyana.

PART 40:

          Ridz was out of oxygen.Everything around her was going black.She could only hear devyana's evil laughter echoing in the hall.The curtain was getting tighter & tighter.She knew she was about to die.Only a small word 'armaan' escaped her lips.Her forehead & whole body was sweating.The hall was going far & far but......something happened.Things were coming back in focus as she opened her eyes.Was this death????If this is death then there is no harm in dying she thought.But she was breathing & then she realised the curtain around  her neck had losened.Her breath was heavy.Everything was back.But she fell down on the floor unconscious.


        Her eyes opened & she found herself on the bed where she was trying to sleep last night.Everyone were surronding her but sleeping in the sitting position itself.She felt someones tight hand in her hands & saw armaan was catching her hand but even he was in deep sleep.Muskaan was sleeping in rahuls lap while anjie & atul on eachothers shoulder.Everyone was in deep sleep & ridz wondered why everyone was sleeping here.It took time for her to remember what all happened last night.She shuddered at the thought that she was almost killed.But she didnt remember who saved her.She thought maybe it was armaan who as always came to her rescue.She tried removing her hand from armaans grip.Tears were flowing from her eyes remembering all that happened & the thought of her seperating from armaan was killing her.Her tears fell on armaans hand thus breaking his sleep.He saw ridz crying & wiped her tears.One by one everyone were stirring in their sleep & woke up due to the sunlight falling on them through window.Like ridz it took sometime for everyone to come out of deep sleep & realise why they were in ridz room.Then armaan broke the silence & asked ridz what had happened to her.Ridz repeated the entire story of her landing in the passage & devyana almost killing her.Everyones expression were replaced by shock then fear then anger & then sympathy for ridz.Ridz was crying a lot while remembering the nightmare.Armaan was trying to console her although he was very angry with ridz for trying to be smart detective & go alone behind the voice but he knew ridz was already disturbed & this would increase her tension.

M:  lekin tum bach kaise gayi????

Ri:  armaan ne bachaaya mujhe hamesha ki tarah....

Ar:  nahi ridz maine tumhe nahi bachaaya.....

Ridz looks at him shocked.

Ar:  mujhe raat ko bahut thand lag rahi thi isliye mein tumhaare kamre mein kambhal lene ke liye aaya lekin tum wahaan nahi thi isliye main pareshaan ho gaya.Maine bahar aake dekha tab tum behosh padhi thi.Maine tumhe jagaane ki koshish bhi ki lekin tum nahi uthi.Isliye maine sabko uthaaya aur bataaya ki tum mujhe hall mein behosh milli.Humne tumhe injection diyaa aur tumhare hosh mein aane ka intzaar kar rahe the.

Ri:  lekin mujhe toh lagaa ki tumne hi mujhe bachaaya hoga.....

Ra:  kya tumne wahaan kissi ko dekha???

Ri:  nahi....actually jab maine aankh kholne ki koshish ki toh devyana ke ilaawa wahaan koi nahi tha....aur woh sirf has rahi thi...iske ilaawa mujhe kuch nahi pataa....pata nahi meri jaan kisne bachaayi......

At:  ho sakta hai devyana ne hi tumhe marne na diya ho.....

Ri:  lekin yeh kaise ho sakta hai????woh toh hamesha se mauka dhoondh rahi thi mujhe maarne ka toh phir......

Z:  ho sakta hai atul ki baat sach ho...agar riddhima ka kehna hai ki wahaan devyana ke ilaawa aur koi nahi tha toh phir ussi ne uski jaan bachaayi hogi....

Ar:  lekin yeh nahi ho sakta.....devyana hamesha se humare khoon ki pyaasi thi.....

Z:  aisa zaroori nahi hai....yaad rakhiye hum abhi tak nahi jaante devyana kya chahti hai.....hum sirf itna jaante hai ki woh aapko riddhima se cheenkar haasil karna chahti hai....peechle janam ka kaam woh ab pura karna chahti hai lekin usne iske liye kaunsa raasta apnaaya hai hum iske baare mein kuch nahi jaante......humme pataa lagaana hoga ki uske mann mein kya hai...agar usne waaqay riddhima ko chod diya toh uske peeche koi kaaran hai.....

Ar:  lekin riddhima apne hosh mein nahi thi....pehle usse lagaa ki maine uski jaan bachaayi jab ki maine kuch nahi kiya.....phir usne kahaan usne devyana ke ilaawa wahaan koi nahi tha....

Z:  app theek keh rahe hai....bagair sab theek se jaane hum kissi bhi nateeje par nahi pahunch sakte....lekin abhi ke liye yeh baat zyaada zaroori hai ki riddhima theek hai....devyana ke mann mein kya chal raha hai yeh to sirf deyana hi jaanti hai....hum sab sirf saavdhaan reh sakte hai.....chalo ab sab fresh ho jaao humme shaadi ki tayaari bhi toh karni hai.....

             Everyone leaves from there leaving AR alone.

Ar:  tum pagal ho gayi ho kya???hum sab itna kuch kar rahe hai aur tumhe kissi ki parwaa nahi hai????

Ridz expected this from armaan & just mumbled a small sorry keeping her head down.Armaan sat on the floor looking at her.She raises her eyes to look into armaans.Armaan bringing her face close whispers.

Ar:  kyu kiya tumne aisaa?tumhe kya ek baar bhi mera khayaal nahi aaya???tumhaare bina mera kya hota????

Ridz lightly kisses his lips & whispers a sorry again.

Ar:  waada karo tum akele kahin nahi jaaogi.....

Ri:  waada...

Ar:  nahaane bhi nahi jaaogi.....

Ridz looks at him surprised.

Ri:  armaan nahaane toh mujhe akele hi jaana hoga na????

Ar:  nahi tum akele nahi jaaogi....(mischeviously) main aaoga tumhaare saath....waise bhi shaadi ke baad toh hum saath hi nahaayenge toh abhi se aadat daal dete hai.....

Ridz blushing like anything.

Ri:  armaan shut up warna mere haath se maar padhegi....

Ar:  oye hoyi...gaal toh sharam se laal ho gaye hai par zubaan toh abhi bhi teekhi hai.....

Ridz runs after him.They run like small children throughout the room.Armaan loses his balance & falls down.At this ridz laughs.Armaan gets angry & runs after her.He grabs her hand & both fall on the bed breathing heavily due to running.Aftersometime both get lost in each others eyes.Ridz carreses his cheeks.

Ri:  thank you armaan.

Ar:  thank you kisliye????

Ri:  meri life mein aakar muje itna pyaar dene ke liye....

Ar:  fir toh tumhe bhi thank you.kyunki tumne bhi mera jeevan khushiyon se bhar diya hai....

They kiss eachother passionately removing all their love they had in their heart.They couldnt share a small private talk with eachother since the last encounter with devyana as people would always surround them.But finally today they were together & alone with no one to disturb.This was the longest kiss they ever had because it was a long distance they shared within few days.After kissing each other they continued with their staring session when muskaans voice bought them back to the world.

M:  arre romeo-juliet romance kahatam ho gayaa ho toh nahaane jaao.Sab log neeche tumhaara intzaar kar rahe hai.Shaadi ki tayaari kaun karega?Chalo jaldi aa jaao.....

       Reluctantly they seperated & went to join others in preparations.The 2 days of the marriage passed on smoothly without any accidents or attacks to everyones amazement.Infact there were times when they even forgot about devyana because there was no sign of devyana.

        The evening of marriage had arrived.Everything was serious.One unexpected movement from someone would make everyone anxious.Everyone were still engrossed in wedding preparations.The ladies were getting dressed & making the girls ready for marriage.Some emotional bonds were taking place between the mothers & daughters.On the other hand the boys were helping each other with getting ready because the elders were busy helping the pandit who was the most scared.He just agreed because shashank had always helped him in need & shashank had to do lot of exercise to make him agree to come.But the most busiest person was zoya.It was time for her test.She was going all around the mandap chanting mantras & mantras.She had drawn a circle of red colour surrounding the entire mandap.This circle was supposed to be the biggest protection.She had placed lemon & chillies in four directions of the circle.She had given all her energy & protection for others safety.She was damn tensed & hoped all the couples come in this circle safely.

             Finally at night the time for wedding arrived.The boys were sitting in the mandap with serious tensed faces.As the time for marriage approached the faces were becoming stone.The girls arrived to everyones astonishment safely.Zoya heaved a sigh of relief as soon as the girls were inside the safe circle.The wedding started & they exchanged the garlands.Then they sat around the fire & the pandit started chanting the mantras.The parents did the kanyadaan & the couples stood up for the pheras.Just the last step for this marriage & everything would end.But everything is not as good as it seems.They hear a scream of a women.The doors & windows open abruptly making scary noises in the silent house.Everyone panicks.Strong wind begins to blow through the doors & windows.All the things in the mahal begin to fall on their own.The mirror breaks & its pieces fall on ground.The vase also falls.Everyone is running for their lives since the tables & sofa's are flying in mid air & trying to knock them out.AR,AA & RM are still inside the circle looking shocked.No one is understanding what to do.They keep their hands together & try continuing the pheras on zoya's order.Zoya screams at them & tells not to stop the marriage & remain in the circle.But it doesnt happen.Before they could end their pheras ridz flies right outside the mandap & bangs her head on the floor.Zoya looks around how it happened & sees that the circle was no longer there.The wind had made the colours fly away due to which the mantras which protected it also flew.The marriage stopped as soon as rids flew out screaming.Everything came to a halt.The wind stopped & the doors closed abruptly.The sofas & tables remained still in air for few minutes before falling down.Everyone looked at eachother shocked with what just happened.All the ladies hair were messed & many peoples jewelary was out.The pagdi's of men were either improperly placed or lying on the floor.The few minutes had given everyone a taste & importance of life.Armaan came running to ridz who was lying on the floor facing upside down.Armaan took her face in his hands & pleaded her to get up.Her head was bleeding but otherwise she was ok...only unconscious.Everyone surrounded him.They put little water on her & she opened her everyones horror it was not the green eyes of ridz but the red ones of devyana.She had an evil smirk on her face......Devyana had again possesed her but this time to stop the marriage......

Sorry not sent PM's to everyone.....I'm busy right now so could send only to some.....will send to others later....Okay as promised I posted this part soon.I know many will be shocked to see the next part so soon but I got time & I wrote.I hope you all enjoy this part.The next part will be the last one.plzzzzzzzz leave comments for this part......

P.S.:  i'll be posting laaga chunri mein daag in 2 days......I know this is another shocking news......Wink


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meow23 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 November 2008 at 9:02am | IP Logged
i jus luvd.. each detailed xplanation which u gav.. was brilliant..
thnxx 4 d pm.. update sooon

mar- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 November 2008 at 9:47am | IP Logged
wooow grt part really gooood
pls continue sooooon
tnx for the pm
mishti4maan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 November 2008 at 10:17am | IP Logged
gr8 part. continue soon!!!!

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