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FF:Bhulbhulaya #2 LAST PART PG-67 12/11 (Page 58)

pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 October 2008 at 8:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sarafs1525

plz update soon it was a great part
thankssssss.......i'll update very sooooooon......

pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 October 2008 at 8:25am | IP Logged

P.S:  I hadnt sent any PM's to anyone last time & I didnt recieve many comments.....I think some of you have missed that part so plzzzzzzz read that part before reading this....Here's the link to that part......

I'm once again sorry for such a delay......Hope u have read my note on pg-55 & forgiven me....


             Everyone comes to know devyanas truth & knows that ridz is not mad.....AR collapse.......

PART 39:

      3 WEEKS LATER:

        Armaan & Riddhima's bonding after the last encounter of devyana increased more.Riddhima understood how much armaan loved her that for her life he kept his life in danger so many times.He went through so much so that devyana's truth could be told.No one in normal state of mind would ever believe that ghosts do exist specially people living in city like mumbai.But they all were made to believe about it & it happened only because of armaan & zoya.Armaan on other hand still felt guilty for not believing ridz.He still wished he could rewind the time back & show ridz his trust & love.But he knew that wasnt possible.So he had resolved that never such thing will ever happen again & he'll always show how much he trusts ridz.

           It was zoyas idea & an only way by which they could get rid of devyana & that was AR wedding.If AR tie the knot they would gain power which only god can have & give.Their bond will create a strength due to their immense love & gods blessing.The husband-wife bond is a bond which no one except a husband-wife can themselves break.Its the most auspicious bond a person can share.No evil power like devyana can even touch such a strong & holy bond.According to their wish AA & RM were all set to be married in the same mandap with AR.Zoya asked them to marry in the palace where this story begun.She told a cycle ends only at a point where it started.To end this cycle they have to again become prithvi-sanyogita & this time their love will fight with devyana.

           So everyone went back to the village & reached the mahal.All the bad thoughts & experiences came back to their mind.They remembered how they were getting warnings but they kept ignoring that & then one by one strange incidences started:their bus getting punctured at night,suddenly some hotel appearing in the middle of a jungle,their senses that some1 was following them,waking up in the morning to see there was no hotel,going near the bus & finding the tyres were alright & then suddenly seeing the head of driver & conducter hanging from tree.....The girls had tears in their eyes remembering everything while the boys tried consoling them but to no avail as they themselves were disturbed.Elders like AR,RM's parents did try to console them but the one who had gone through all this could only realise the pain & fear.

           2 days were left for the marriage.Zoya had really done lot of work to go through all sorts of the time which would be the best suited for AR & she finally found that the night after 2 days would be best.There were not many guests for this marriage because they knew anything could happen in this marriage & they didnt want to risk others lives.As it is they knew that after devyanas exposure in party not many people will want to come for the marriage as that scene had filled everyones heart with fear.

         The atmosphere was not at all like marriage.It looked everyone were mourning for someone.Everyone were very quiet & just doing the cleaning & decorating work.Even RM & their punjabi parents were quiet as everyone knew the severity of the situation.They all just hoped the marriage would happen without any obstacle but they were even prepared for the worst to come specially after all that happened in last 3 weeks.

           Last 3 weeks had been terrible for everyone.Devyana was so angry that she was removing all her anger on people around her.Armaan would always be with ridz to protect her so it had become impossible for her to kill ridz.But there were murders happening in sanjeevani & everyone knew the reason.2 nurse & one ward boy were killed & messages were written on walls on sanjeevani that ridz will not remain alive for much if armaan doesnt go to devyana.Hence sanjeevani was temporarily closed till everything came to an end.Fear had taken over everyone.Even the family members were being attacked.Anji,shash,muskaan all of them were being attacked.Atul was attacked by his own plant.Hence everyone were relieved when zoya came up with this solution.Doing something is better than not doing anything.

              There was no sangeet or any other rasam for the marriage.Everyone was staying as close as possible in groups.They did the cleaning of the mahal 1st day of their arrival & made it a place where they could live for 2 days.During night time everyone were exhausted & having their dinner quietly.The only noise was of the wind coming from window.But the silence was killing everyone inside.So muskaan started the talk.

M:  kitni khamoshi hai yahaan.Maine kabhi nahi socha tha ki meri shaadi aise hogi....

Rahul squeezed her hand to tell her its ok & not be depressed.

An:  kisne socha tha ki hum log aise circumstances mein shaadi karenge....

At:  par mujhe koi farak nahi padtaa....kamse kum mein anjie ke saath toh hoon.....mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiye.....

Pa:  Bhagwaan kare yeh shaadi shanti se ho mein koi mushkil naa bachoon ne toh kissi ka kuch nahi bigaada....pataa nahi inke saath aisaa kyu ho rahaa hai......

Ke:  kaafi baar sochti hu toh lagtaa hai ki kaash hum yahaan kabhi aaye hi na hote.....toh yeh sab nahi hota.....

Shubh:  lekin keerti hum yahaan gaav walon ka ilaaj karne aaye the....yeh toh humaara farz tha ki hum unki madad kare.....

Ke(sarcastically):  haan aise gaav walen jo yeh gaav chod kar hi bhaag gaye....yahaan ab paththar aur mitti ke ilaawa kuch bachaa hi nahi hai....

An:  you are right Dr.keerti.....hum logon ne unke liye kitna kuch kiyaa aur woh log aise hi bhaag gaye.......bhagwaan bhi unhi ki madad karta hai jo log khud ki karte hain par in logon ne toh kuch nahi kiya.....kamse kum woh log yahaan hote toh thodi madad kar sakte....

At:  sabke sab darpok the.....

Ar:  nahi champ tum log unhe galat samajh rahe ho....mujhe nahi lagta unhone kuch galat kiya....

An:  tum aisa kaise keh sakte ho??????

Ar:  dekho anjie jab hum pehle yahaan aaye the tabhi se unke chehre par devyana ka darr saaf dikh rahaa tha aur humaare aane ke baad woh aur bhi badh gayaa....lekin fir bhi sarpanch ne humaari madad ki....

An:  nahi armaan usne humaari nahi balki humne uski madad ki....hum toh tabhi kuch jaante bhi nahi the....usne apni jaan bachaane ke liye humaari madad ki.....

Ar:  nahi anjie....usne apni jaan bachaane ke liye nahi balki apna gaav bachaane ke liye humaari madad ki.....woh chahta to humme devyana ko bechkar woh apne gaav ko devyana se mukt kar sakta par usne aisa nahi kiya....usne humaara saath diyaa....usne humaari jaan bachaakar humaari madad ki.....aur agar ab woh sab bhaag gaye toh usme unka kya dosh hai???sabko apni jaan pyaari hoti hai.....humme bhi toh apni jaan pyaari hai isliye hum sab yahaan aa gaye is kisse ko khatam karne ke liye.....

Ridz looked at armaan in awe.This is what she loved of him.He could never think negatively.Search something good in everything.

An:  hmmm.....maybe u r right.....

M:  arrey tum log ne notice kiyaa???hum log jabse yahaan aaye hai kuch bhi nahi koi kissi ko chot lagi....aur nahi kissi ka (softly)khoooooo....n......hua.....

Ra:  tu kehna kya chahti hai???

M:  ho sakta hai devyana ko pataa hi nahi hai ki hum sab yahaan aa gaye hai...aur woh humme mumbai mein hi dhoondh rahi hoo.....

Z(sternly):  itne hopes mat rakhiye aap......

Everyone turns to face her...

Shas:  kya matlab??????

Z:  main devyana ko achchi tarah samajh gayi hu.....uske jaisi ziddi aatmaa apna kaam khatam kiye bagair peecha nahi chod ti.......aap log is waqt ki khaamoshi ko dekh rahe ho par main is khamoshi mein chupe hue toofaan ko dekh rahi hoon.....main usse mehsoos kar sakti hu.....woh yahi kahi hai....

Everyone tensed & frozen in the chair after hearing this when suddenly a vase breaks & everyone gets scared & looks in that direction.Muskaan clutches rahul while atul jumps in his seat & ridz looks shocked at what happened.Armaan gets up & tries going near the vase but ridz catches his wrist & indicates him not to go....She was totally terrified but armaan gives her a small reassuring smile & goes near the vase.Something under the broken vase was moving.Everyones heart beat had increased & there could be multiple heart attacks the way everyone wer scared.Armaan bent down & picked up the vase piece to find a small mouse underneath.Everyone got their breath back as they realised its just a mouse.They all sat down again relieving their breaths & hoping the 2 days would go soon.Ridz got up to go to kitchen but the glass fell from her hand when she got up as she saw something......Everyone looked at her as she was looking opposite side shell shocked.All heads turned in the opposite direction & their face became colourless & pale.....The wall on opposite side where the vase was kept had something written on it in bold letters with blood....



Z:  maine kahaa tha na woh yahi kahi hai.....ab hum sabko saavdhaan rehna hoga......koi surakhshit nahi hai.......koi is mahal mein akela nahi ghoomega......kahi bhi jaana ho do jan saath jaayege........khaaskar armaan-riddhima.......tum dono hushyaar rehna.....

             Everyone nods & leaves to sleep.......

             Ri,Mu share one room while An,Ke share the adjacent room.Shash & Padma share a room on 2nd floor alongwith RM's parents.Ar,Ra took a room opposite to Ri,Mu to keep an eye on them & their safety while Shubh & At took room in front of anjies for the same reason.Zoya took another room on the same floor.All were worried but finally fell asleep.Ridz was not feeling sleepy because fear in her was more than anything anyone would imagine.She hadnt talked to anyone the whole as she was afraid the fear in her would make her break down in front of others.It was nearly 2 am & everyone had dozed off completely as the stress level was very high.Ridz didnt knw hw to get sleep but she didnt dare get up & go out.She just remained still in her bed praying to god when suddenly she heard someone crying.She got up & looked here & there for signs of who is crying but didnt find anyone.She tried waking muskaan up but it was of no use.She decided to ignore the voice as she couldnt risk.But the voice was not letting her sleep.She thought wat if it was her family member crying.Maybe she could risk it.Afterall she has the taweez.Thinking this she got up.

         It was dark everywhere with little light from the moon peeping through the window.She went to the main hall to see who was crying.But she didnt find anyone.She was walking around quietly her foot steps echoing everywhere in the house when she saw a shadow of someone behind a curtain.She started going towards it constantly asking who was behind it.She feared going but her steps took her that way.She slowly went to the other side of curtain but there was no one there.She again came opposite side & saw the shadow still there.She was scared to her wits.Twice & thrice she looked both the sides of curtain & found the shadow there but no person.She decided to run away but the curtain pulled her from behind pressing her neck & making it impossible for her to scream.The curtain got tighter & tighter making it impossible for her to breath.her hands trying to remove the curtains & tears flowing from her eyes & she saw devyana standing infront of her laughing at her condition for struggling to survive......

Okay this is part 39.Seriously I think I've lost my touch on my ff's.I've written after a long time & it was seriously difficult to write.Hope I managed to atleast not disappoint you......I'll update next part very soon.....wont take much time this time....Only 1 or 2 parts of this ff are left......Plzzzzzzzzzzz leave comments........

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mar- IF-Dazzler

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wooow grt part really good pls continue sooooon
tnx for the pm
meow23 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 October 2008 at 10:05am | IP Logged
an ff after a long tym.. i luvd zoya... she is brilliant in d way she mangaes d thingz n stuff.. n i luvd d way u wrote d fears n a anger of devayana..
gr88 prt dear..
thnxx 4 d pm.. update soon
sarazahid Senior Member

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that was awsooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do continue soooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
sasya Senior Member

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it was greatClapClapClap.the way u wrote abt devayana's anger and everyone's fear was gud.i like the way u everyone stood for each other and mainly armaan and ridhima.
why cant ridhima wake armaan or muskaan.i hope she will be fine.i think armaan will come to help her.plz continue soon...........

Edited by sasya - 28 October 2008 at 10:51am
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tht was gr8. continue soon!!!!!

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