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FF:Bhulbhulaya #2 LAST PART PG-67 12/11 (Page 36)

pwincess kanzi IF-Rockerz
pwincess kanzi
pwincess kanzi

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Posted: 18 June 2008 at 8:55am | IP Logged
thx pinky n anika 4 images! it ws really hard 4 me 2 imagin her b4! bt thx, nw its gona b easy peasy! LOL

pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 June 2008 at 10:58pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by swati_scorpion

scaryyyyyyyyyyy....u scared me yar...... Dead Dead Dead acha hua raat ko nahi dekhi.... LOL LOL LOL but ab ache se we can imagine... Tongue

i know its scary......par kya kare thoda toh darana padhta hai na Wink

pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 June 2008 at 10:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by magicgirlankita

Originally posted by pinky_5

Originally posted by magicgirlankita

Originally posted by pinky_5


Special thankssssss to ankita for helping me with this..........Smilehelllllllllllllllllllllooooooooo pinky di iski koi zaroorat nahi thi well then i ll say welcome lekin ek aur baat i know its chessy line but dosti mein no thank u right??????????ok then i take my thank you back & return your welcome LOL

hey bhagu ab mujhe darrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lagne laga hai lol waise that was well done yaar thanks for the images it was very hard for me to imagine her but now i have her in front of me

luv ya


y thanks?????you only told no thanks in friendship okie okie i take my welcome and thanks both back awright?????????????Winkya thats better.......Smile

pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 June 2008 at 10:59pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by pwincess kanzi

thx pinky n anika 4 images! it ws really hard 4 me 2 imagin her b4! bt thx, nw its gona b easy peasy! LOL

u r welcome........Smile

forevercharmed IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 June 2008 at 7:17am | IP Logged
hey pinky! when are you continuing? Embarrassed

pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 June 2008 at 12:09am | IP Logged

Originally posted by forevercharmed

hey pinky! when are you continuing? Embarrassed


very soooooooon..........Smile

moda.vintage Goldie

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Posted: 21 June 2008 at 12:20am | IP Logged
heya pinky di cont soon
pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 June 2008 at 5:52am | IP Logged
I'm very very sorry for such an delay in my ff.I hold my ears because i know this time i actually took pretty long time.

              Armaan brings ridz to his house.Ridz was wandering in the house & realises its armaan's & wonders where is armaan.
               Riddhima was surveying the house.She looked in all possible rooms of the well furnished house.She couldnt believe armaan had actually made the house of her dreams.But 2 rooms of the house were not opening.It seemed they were lock.Wondering why the rooms were locked & what could be inside when she heard a bang from the kitchen.She went to the kitchen & saw armaan was removing food in 2 plates.He had dropped a plate which had caused noise.Ridz couldnt help smiling looking at him.She couldnt believe after so much time she was looking at outside world.After so long she saw armaan doing something for her.He looked at her standing at the door & smiling in her own thoughts.
A: tum kab uthi??????
R: bas abhi thodi der pehle.....
A: ab wahaan kyu khadi ho???yahaan aake madad karo......dekho main tumhaara favourite chinese food laaya hu woh bhi tumhaare favourite resturant se.
R: armaan main yahaan kaise aayi????
A: sssshhhhhh.......yeh sab baatein hum baad mein bhi kar sakte hain.....pehle khaana kha le......tumhara pataa nahi par mujhe toh bahut bhookh lagi hai......
R(smiling): theek hai......
They took the plates to dining table.Armaan lit the candles on the table.He put some soft music.He made ridz sit on one chair & himself sat opposite to her.They had the dinner in silence with the soft music in background & light breeze coming from the near window.They kept on staring at each other lovingly.Their faces glowing in the light of candle.It was after so long that they were together with no one else.They remembered all their sweet memories & romantic dates.How they used to romance by hiding from others.Both remembered their first date after coming back to mumbai.
        AR had planned to go out for date to the mela.Ridz had to keep her promise of sitting in the merry-go-round & boating with armaan.She was very excited & was about to tell everyone to get ready for the mela but armaan stopped her & told her its only them who'll be going.First ridz dint agree to go alone but after armaans pleadings to spend time alone with her she had to agree.They had decided to go to mela first & then to famous nearby restaurant for dinner.That day all interns had half day.For some strange reason that evening in the locker room everyone were behaving weired.Everyone were trying to avoid talks with each other & get out of sanjeevani as soon as possible giving lame excuses.
An: achcha hai jaldi chutte.....mujhe ghar jaakar sona hai......
At: haan mujhe bhi plants ko pani dena hai....
Ra: mujhe apni di se bahut saari baatein karni hai....
M: mujhe bhi maa-babuji se baat karni hai....
Ar: mujhe jaakar basket ball khelna hain.....
Ri: Mujhe kuch reports khatam karni hai....
Everyone looked at each other strangely & armaan was most suspicious.After AA & RM left armaan asked ridz.
A: in sab ko kya ho gaya???Hum log toh isliye baat nahi kar rahe the taake galti se hamaare plan ke baare mein kissi ko pata na chale par yahaan toh kissi ko bhi kissi se baat hi nahi karni thi......sabko kuch kaam hai...mujhe toh darr tha kahin yeh sab bahar jaane ka program na banaa de par in sab ne toh pehle se hi koi aur program banaa diya hai.....
R: pata nahi sabko kya hua hai.....anyways chalo ab hum bhi chale.....
With that they left for the mela living their doubts about AA & RM.
       As soon as ridz entered she could faint anytime looking at the size of merry-go-round.Armaan looked at her & grinned.He wanted to go for merry-go-round but ridz was rooted to the spot.Armaan gave her an assuaring hand & they went for it.Little did they know that AA & RM were also in the same merry-go-round.But luckily none of them saw eachother.Ridz actually kept her head in armaans lap & for once all her fears went as soon as armaan carresed her forehead.She thought she was having a lovely sleep in armaans lap.Armaan couldnt help but kiss ridz cheek which made her blush & smile but her eyes were still closed.They all came out of the merry-go-round unknown to eachothers presence & went in 3 different directions.But luck was no more on their side because after enjoying some other rides all the 3 couples happened to come face to face.They were standing like the 3 edges of the traingle with their mouths open wide in shock looking at each other.They looked from one to another.Armaan was to first break the silence by laughing loudly later joined by atul & rahul.Girls were still standing embarrased.
Ar(laughing): i dont believe this......hum sab yahaan.....Anjie tum toh so rahi thi na????
An: aur tum toh basketball khel rahe the na????
Ar(still laughing): khel toh raha hu...(pointing to ridz)...yeh meri basket aur main iska ball....
An(smiling lightly): very funny.......aur ridz tumhaari report????
Ri: woh.......woh......toh complete ho gayi.......
An: achchaa toh tum ab mujhse bhi jhooth bolne lagi????
Ri(head down): sorry di.....yeh sab armaan ki wajah se......sorry....
An(hugging): even i'm sorry.......maine bhi toh jhooth kaha......promise aaj ke baad kabhi nahi bolugi.......
Ri: thanksssss di....
Ar: aur champ.....tere plants toh bechaare pani se mar jaayenge.....
At: woh....woh.....woh maine subah paani daala tha.....aur ab ghar jaakar daal dunga......
Everyone rounded on RM.No one knew about RM except armaan.
At: rahul di se baat ho gayi????
Ra(stammering): woh....ha.....ha.......ho gayi....
An: muskaan tumhaari bhi ho gayi????
M(looking down): ha.........ho gayi.....
Ri: chalo ab sach bataoo yeh kabse chal raha hai????
Ar: hum log gaav gaye the tab se......
An: kya?????itne time se aur humme bataaya bhi nahi???
Ra: nahi anjie....actually.....
At: rehne de......dekhli teri dosti aur tera pyaar.....
Ar: champ relax.......puri baat toh sun....hum gaav gaye the tabse rahul usko pataane ki koshish kar raha tha par usne muskaan ko propose mumbai aakar kiya......
Ri(pulling his ears): aur tum jaante the phir bi tumne mujhe nahi bataaya......
Ar: sorry baba.....main chahta tha rahul khud tum log ko bataaye.....
M: ab kya karna hai???
At: matlab????
M: matlab ab hum saath he rahenge kya???
All of them wished the answer to be no but only armaan had guts to say it aloud.....
Ar: nahi....hum sab jaise aaye the waise hi jaayenge.....Main aur ridz tum log ko nahi jaante......kaun ho tum log????ridz kitni baar kaha hai ajnabee logon se baat nahi karte....chalo yahaan se iske pehle ki yeh log tumhe kidnap kar de.....
He said all this in one breath & pulled ridz & left AA & RM with their mouths open at his behaviour but later smilingly they left in opposite directions.The date was definately romantic for all of them.They kept clashing at each other in the mela but girls just smiled at each other whenever they came face to face while boys kept winking at each other.AR went to the romantic restaurant for the dinner but again AR,AA & RM came face to face with their mouths open.But they smiled & laughed & decided to atleast have the dinner together & had good time telling about their experience in the mela.
They had finished their dinner.They were sitting on sofa with hot coffee.
Ar: kya din tha na woh......
R: sach main.....par yaad hai hum ne boating bhi ki thi aur wahaan bhi hum teeno saath main aamne saamne ho gaye the....aur atul di ko kiss karne waala tha ki tumne achanak uska naam chillakar usse darra diya tha......di kitna sharmaayi thi....pehli baar maine di ko itna sharmaate hue dekha tha.....
A: aur tumne toh muskaan ko boating main heart attack hi de diya tha....Woh rahul ka haath pakadne jaa rahi thi par tumhe achanak chillakar usse itna darr diya ki galti se usne rahul ko hi paani main dhakka de diya......bechaara rahul toh marte marte bachaa aur 1 week tak usse sardi rahi...
R: woh bhi tumhaari wajah se....tumhi ne toh dare di thi ki muskaan ka naam chilla.....main toh jaanti bhi nahi thi uski boat humaare peeche thi.....Pehle mujhe tum pagal lage yeh dare dene ke liye par fir pataa chala ki tumne un dono ko tang karne ke liye yeh kaam kiya tha....
Both were laughing remembering that day.
A: us din bhagwaan chahte the hum sab saath rahe.....
R: aur aaj bhi yahi chahte hai....
Armaan knew it was time to answer her questions but he didnt know what should he answer.He couldnt possibly tell her that he knows the truth & decided to tell her whatever his heart tells.
R: armaan tum mujhe yahan kyu laaye???
A: kyunki main tumhe us haalat mein nahi dekh sakta tha..... Yakeen maano tumse zyaada takleef mujhe hui hai....har pal tumhe dekh kar aise lagta tha jaise ki main kissi kaam ka nahi......main tumhaare liye kuch nahi kar sakta......tumhaare har aansu ki kimat maine apne aansu se chukaayi hai........tumhaari har cheekh mujhe kaatein ki tarah chubti.....tumhe dekh kar main aise tadapta jaise pani bina machli.....kai baar mujhe lagta tumhaari haalat ka zimmedaar main hu.....agar main har waqt tumhaare saath hota toh shayad tum itne logon ko maarne ki koshish na karti...
R(crying): toh kya tum abhi nahi maante ho ki yeh sab maine nahi devyana ne kiya hai??????
A(moistened eyes): ridz please....hum is baare mein baat nahi karenge.....
Ridz knew there was no point arguing.She was grateful to armaan for removing her from the hell & bring her here.She had lost all her hopes in past couple of weeks but now some hopes had come back to her.Obviously she thought armaan still didnt believe her but she knew armaan will one day definately believe her.
A(in his mind): kaash main tumhe bataa sakta riddhima ki main sach jaanta hu.......main jaanta hu ki tum sahi ho aur main galat....par fikar mat karo kuch hi din ki baat hai....jaise hi devyana tumhaare shareer se alag ho jaayegi hum sab milkar uska saamna karenge...
R: armaan thankssss......
A: kis liye ridz???
R: ek toh mujhe wahaan se nikaalne ke liye aur doosra mere liye itna khoobsurat ghar banaa ne ke liye......ab pata chala Dr.Armaan kyu mujhe yahaan nahi aane dete the....
A(smiling): main yeh ghar tumhe shaadi ke taufein ki tarah dena chahta tha......jab se humaari shaadi ki baat hui thi maine apne ghar ka poora interior change kar diya tha aur tumhaari pasand ka banaaya tha......par shaadi toh hui hi nahi....
Ridz eyes were filling up.She hugged armaan.
R: koi baat nahi....yeh ghar bahut sundar hai....thankssssss.....
A: tum fikar mat karo.....humaara shaadi ka sapna zaroor poora hoga.....Hum is ghar main pati-patni bankar zaroor ghar main humaare bachche bhi honge....
Ridz smiled hearing this.
R: armaan woh do kamre band kyu hai????
A(chuckling): toh dr.riddhima ne jaasoosi shuru kar di????
R: shut up......tum ghar main nahi the isliye main bas dekh rahi thi.....
A: chalo main tumhe bataata hu un kamron main kya hai.....
He closed ridz eyes & took her to one room.He made her stand in the middle of the room & opened her eyes.It was their bedroom.It was lavishing & looked like specially made for ridz.The hall was nothing compared to their beautiful bedroom.Ridz was mesmerised seeing its beauty.She couldnt believe armaan took so much pain to make their bedroom so special.A big photo of them was placed on the wall just above the bed with a beautiful lantern whose light added glow to their photo.The photo showed armaan kissing ridz cheek.Ridz didnt have words to thank him.She just hugged him & he understood she liked their to-be bedroom.
R: armaan mujhe is kamre main hi rehna hai.....
A: sorry madam yeh abhi possible nahi........yeh kamra humaara shaadi ke baad ke liye hai.....isliye main bhi is kamre main nahi rehta......
R: please....please.....
A(closing his ears & eyes):
R(angry): theek hai jaaoo....main shaadi ke baad bhi is kamre main tumhaare saath nahi rahugi.......
A(laughing): theek hai tum is kamre main reh sakti ho......par yeh humaara kamraa hai isliye hum dono issi kamre main rahenge......main chahta hu ki is kamre ka har din aur har raat hum dono se shuru aur khatam ho...agar main tumse door rahu toh tum is kamre main nahi rahugi aur agar tum mujhse door ho toh main is kamre main nahi kamre mein hamesha hum dono ki khushboo saath main rahegi......yeh humare sapno ka kamra hai...tum jaanti ho maine sabse zyaada takleef is kamre ko sajaane ke liye li hai....agar tum yahaan rehna chati ho toh tumhe mujhe bhi issi kamre main rakhna hoga......
R: par armaan....hum dono ek kamre main kaise..........
Armaan went closer to her & whispered.
A: tum decide kamre ke saath main muft hu......
Ridz blushed at his statement.
R: hum iske baare main baad mein sochenge.....pehle jaakar doosra kamra dekh le.....
Again armaan made her close her eyes.When she opened she was shocked to see the room.
Once again very sorry for the delay......Hope you all like this part...Sorry if I've disappointed anyone with this part.........please leave frank comments.......I know my story is still in the same place but next part pakka it'll move ahead with armaan seperating ridz from devyana.....Maybe further much AR romantic scenes wont come because the battle will begun & they wont have time to romance so i'm trying to show as much i can in these parts.......Plzzzzzzzzzzzz leave comments.......

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