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FF:Bhulbhulaya #2 LAST PART PG-67 12/11 (Page 24)

pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2008 at 5:29am | IP Logged
              Zoya proves to armaan that ridz wasn't lying.He gets a call & he gets up shocked.
PART 35:
A(on phone): kya???????main abhi aa raha hu....
He gets up.         &am p;nb sp;    
Z: kya hua?????
A: Ridz ko waapas daura padaa.......woh mujhe bulaa rahi hai....Mujhe jaana hoga........
Z: main bhi aati hu......
They reach to the room where ridz was kept.Ridz was again screaming for armaans life.As usual armaan orders everyone else to go out of the room.He goes near ridz but this time he has actual tears in his eyes which he always hides from everyone.This time the tears are not for ridz condition but tears of mixed emotions:anger,hatred,love,pity......anger & hatred are for himself for not trusting ridz & now he believes he is the sole reason for this condition of ridz.He hates himself for not being near ridz when she needed him.He doesnt know how to face ridz.He goes near her but cant look into her eyes.She immediately hugs him & starts repeating the samething which she always told.
R: armaan tum theek ho.......armaan woh tumhe maar daalegi.....armaan mujhse door mat jaoo.....
Finally picking some courage he pats ridz back & hugs her back.
A: ridz main theek hu.....mujhe kuch nahi hua.......
But his tears were falling on ridz head.She looked up & saw him cying.Only once in her life she had seen him so disturbed & helpless & that was during minnie's attack.He had never shown her his tears in this room but today for some reason he couldnt control them.She wiped his tears by kissing & sucking them.
R: armaan tum ro kyu rahe ho????armaan main paagal nahi hu......main yahaan zyaada time nahi rahugi.... tumhaara pyaar mere saath hai isliye mujhe kissi se darr nahi hai....par tumhe kuch ho jaayega to main marr jaogi....
At this armaan again started crying & simply hugged her.How he died to ask for forgiveness.How he died to tell her that he knows the truth.But he knew he couldnt break his silence because if devyana came to know this fact that he knows the truth she can do anything with ridz.He got up & ran from the room leaving a dumbstruck & shocked riddhima behind.He went & hid his face behind a pillar & kept crying.He had never felt so helpless in his life.Just then zoya comes & pats his shoulder.
Z: apne aap ko sambhaalye......
A: mujhse itni badi glati kaise ho gayi????aaj meri wajah se riddhima is haalat mein hai.......
Z: jo hogaya usse badla nahi jaa sakta......shayad aapki kismat mein yeh hi likha tha.......par ab hum riddhimaji ka saath dekar unhe bachaa zaroor sakte hai......
A: aap ne theek kaha.....ab main riddhima ko bachaooga......main usse is narak(hell) mein aur jeene nahi de sakta......main usse yahaan se la jaaooga......
Z: par aap aisa kaise kar sakte hai?????is tarah toh devyana ko pataa chal jaayega ki aapko sab kuch pata chal gaya hai.....
A: main kuch nahi jaanta par ab main riddhima ko yahaan nahi rehne doonga......main koi wajah bataakar usse yahaan se nikalogaa.....agar riddhima mere saath jaayegi toh devyana usse zyaada tang bhi nahi kar paayegi......woh shayad koshish karegi dobara mujhe aur riddhima ko alag karne ki par is baar woh haar jaayegi......ab devyana ko har ghum ka hisaab chukta karna hoga......usne humme jo dard diya hai ab main usse lautaunga.......woh mujhe paana chahti hai par ab main usse bataooga sachcha pyaar kya hota hai.....
Z: par isme tumhaari jaan ko khatra hai.......
A: agar woh mujhe maarna chahti toh kab ka maar deti........Uske dimaag mein kuch aur chal raha hai.....
Z: aur humare liye yeh jaan na bahut zaroori hai ki woh aakhir karna kya chahti hai.....Humme humare sawaalon ke jawaab tabhi milenge jab hum usse baat kar paayege aur yeh tabhi mumkin hai jab hum usse dekh paayege......Isliye bahut zaroori hai ki woh riddhimaji ka shareer chod de.....Aap riddhima ji ko sambhaalye tab tak main koshish karti hu yeh jaan ne ki kaise devyana ko riddhima se alag kiya jaa sakta hai.......
Saying this she leaves from there.Armaan calls AA,RM,KS & SP to canteen.
Shas: kya hua armaan bete,tumne hum sabko istarah yahaan kyu bulaya???
P: beta riddhim theek toh hai na????
Ar: jee aunty riddhima theek hai......maine aap ogon ko kuch zaroori baat karne ke liye yahaan bulaaya hai......
An: kya baat hai armaan???
Ar: main...woh......main riddhima ko apne saath le jaana chahta hu......
Shas: par kahaan?????
Ar: apne ghar......
P: lekin kyu????
Ar: kyunki main usse is haal main nahi dekh sakta......woh aise kabhi theek nahi ho paayegi........
An: par kya tumhe yakeen hai ridz tumhaare saath theek ho jaayegi????
Ar: haan mujhe poora yakeen hai main ridz ko theek karooga......ab usse koi psychatrist ki zaroorat nahi.....Usse hamare pyaar ki zaroorat hai......Main jaanta hu mujhe usse kaise theek karna hai........
Shas: agar tumhe lagta hai tum ridz ko theek kar sakte ho toh usse apne saath le jaaoo.......par yaad rakhna beta ridz tumpar pehle bhi hamla kar chuki hai.......woh dobara bhi kar sakti hai.........
Ar: main jaanta hu par yeh bhi toh zaroori hai........itna risk toh lena hi hoga........Dr.keerti kya mujhe kuch dino ki chutti mil sakti hai????
K: jee dr.armaan.......agar yeh dr.riddhima ke liye hai toh aap zaroor leave par jaaye........Mujhe lagta humme chalna chahiye shubhankar......koi senior doctor is waqt duty par nahi hai......
KS leave.
P: beta tum jaante ho na tum kya kar rahe ho????
Armaan nods.
P: theek hai beta jaise tumhaari marzi......ab tum hi humaara aakhri sahara ho......
SP leave.
Anjie looks suspiciously at armaan while armaan is trying to avoid any eye contact with AA & RM.
An: armaan sach-sach bataoo.......baat kya hai??????
Ar: kaisi baat?????
An: armaan bano mat......main jaanti hu iske peeche koi aur wajah hai........sach bataoo aakhir aisa kya ho gaya ki tum ridz ko apne saath le jaana chahte ho???
Ar: bataaya toh sahi main ridz ko apni tarah se handle karna chahta hu......bas isliye usse apne saath le jaana chahta hu....
An: oh please armaan......main jaanti hu sirf yahi wajah nahi ho sakti......sach bataoo baat kya hai????
Ar(smiling): tumse kuch nahi chup sakta........
He tells them everything how zoya proved to him that ridz is not mad & devyana has really come back.At the end of it AA & RM's faces were filled with shock.
At: iska matlab ridz sach keh rahi thi.......
M: aur hum sab ne usse galat samjha........
An: oh my god........humse itni badi galti ho gayi.......ridz ko humari sabse zyaada zaroorat thi aur hum ne uska saath dene ke bajaayi usse itni badi sazaa de di.......
At(consoling anjie): fikar mat karo anjie......main jaanta hoon humse galti ho gayi hai par ab humme aage ka sochna hai.....
R: atul theek keh rahaa hai......ab humme sochna hai ki hum ridz ko is musibat main se kaise nikaale.......koi toh tareeka hoga......
Ar: bas ek tareeka hai......ridz aur devyana ko alag karna hoga........par sawaal yeh hai ki hum yeh kaise karenge.....Zoya ji iske baare mein soch rahi hai lekin tabtak main ridz ko apne saath rakhuga.......
An: theek hai armaan.......par apna khyaal rakhna......
Armaan nods & leaves.He goes to ridz room.Ridz was sleeping.Armaan goes to her & looks at her sleeping peacefully.He has silent tears in his eyes.He knew ridz wouldnt get up easily because she would be given heavy dose for inducing sleep.He lifts her up & goes out.He makes her sit in car & drives off to his house.He carries riddhima in his arms.He looks at the sweet angel sleeping peacefully in his arms.He smiles looking at her comfort.He takes her to her room & places her gently on the bed.He kisses her forehead & leaves from there but his hands are tightly held by ridz hand.He slowly removes his hand & moves from there.He sits in hall waiting for ridz to get up.He thinks she will be hungry so he decides to cook something on his own because the servant was on holiday for 1 week.He goes in the kitchen but realises he doesnt know how to cook so he thinks of going out & bring chinese for ridz.He goes & here ridz gains consciousness.She gets up & wonders where she is.She looks around & realises its someones bedroom.But she didnt know whose it is & how on the earth did she end up here.She gets up & looks around the room.The room was indeed beautiful & she sees a bag on the table.She opens it to find all her belongings from her house there.She wonders who bought her here.She had never seen armaans house & didnt know it was his house.She goes in the hall & looks at the beautiful hall.It was like her dream house.Her favourite colours sofa & curtains.A nice maroon matress placed throughout the floor of hall.Then she saw her & armaans photo on the table & realised it was armaans house.She knew at once armaan had made entire house of her choice.All the show pieces & beautiful paintings which she liked.She knew armaan wanted to give her this house as wedding gift & so he would never let her come to his house before.He had indeed taken a lot of efforts for the marriage that didnt take place.Her heart ached thinking about this.They couldnt marry untill devyana was out of their life & armaan would never believe her that she is back.But then she wondered why did armaan bring her here.Why is she removed from the asylum & most of all where is armaan?

Okay I'm veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sorry for such a delay in updating & moreover I know this part is pretty boaring & not worth expectataions because the story didnt move much forward in this part......Next part will be more of AR....Moreover i dint make up for the delay but I'll write next part long to make up for it.

Edited by pinky_5 - 10 June 2008 at 5:32am

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yachna IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 February 2008
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Posted: 10 June 2008 at 5:57am | IP Logged
hey pinky finally u hv updated yaar so happpppy 2 read ur prt aftr lng tme nd its nt at all borng yaar bt it ws imp..2 put thse thngs yaar wow finally he realizd his mistake awwwwwwwwww choooooooooo cute yaar he blam himslf fr nt believng his lv awwwwwwwwwwwww finally now thy r togthr..........Clapwow yaar it ws superb prt yaar lke a story yaar........lvd it armaan poor he cried so mch zoya definately fnd sooooooooon.........nd wow yaar wo ridz ko apne sath rakhega ab how romantic yaar nd all gv permission bt wow yaar sachi inse kuhc nahi chup sakta specially angie now thy knows..........gud yaar sare hlp karenge or ridz ko narak se yaar ridz so hapy 2 be in ar all wre so beautiful yaar all all her lkes.........grt yaar now only thy yaar eagrly waitng fr ur nxt prt ..plzzzzz do update soooooooooon...........
thnks fr d pm.
loadz of lv
yachuBig smileSmile
Pragzie IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 March 2008
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Posted: 10 June 2008 at 6:16am | IP Logged
omgggggg!!!!pinky di dis part left me speechless.....ridzy agn had a attack..and aww armu cried Ouch Ouch .......

and he has such gud friends....dey understood him...i wanna noe wats s plan..and zoya i ssooo gud an dunderstanding..i am sur eshe will cum up wid a excellent idea....

and yeah...ridz home!!!!!!yippeee!!!and armu was getting chinese fr her..sooo chweeeeeetttt!!!!!!!and he made d whole house of her choice...omgggg!!!!he is tooo gud.......

sighhh....i cant wait fr everythng to get better soon!!!i hope everythng is ohk really soon!!!

luvd dis part..

pragz!! Embarrassed

Karan.T IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 March 2008
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Posted: 10 June 2008 at 6:24am | IP Logged
Awesome part.
You written it so well manner..
I really like it
Great work Clap
Can't wait for nxt part.
Update soon..

Edited by ram* - 10 June 2008 at 6:24am
perfectpiscean IF-Rockerz

Joined: 22 July 2007
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Posted: 10 June 2008 at 6:42am | IP Logged

Hey Pinkyy! Embarrassed

Dis was such a gud upd8! No ways! It wasnt boring! Clap

He took her home! Embarrassed Embarrassed ...OMG...Luved it! Clap ...But i hope she doesnt do sumting 2 herself now! Ouch Cry

Hope Armaan cums bak soon! Smile

Continue soon! Big smile

Luv u! Embarrassed

nightstar IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 March 2008
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Posted: 10 June 2008 at 6:42am | IP Logged
hey!plz update the next part soon...and tk the story 4wd....i really missd ur AR scenes ws a nice part though
prernawaghray IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 March 2007
Posts: 3942

Posted: 10 June 2008 at 6:46am | IP Logged
hey pinky Smile
thanks for the pm sweety Wink
this part was amazing yaar superb loved it to bits
so finally armaan has taken ridz o his house Smile n then im sure she'll recover soon n finally everyone knows the truth im glad abt it Tongue
lovely part yaar
update soon
yogzz IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 January 2008
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Posted: 10 June 2008 at 7:17am | IP Logged
awwww pinky di very nice part
abh mujh se riddhima ki halat dekhi nahi jaati plz jaldhi devyana ko bhagaiye
thanx for pm
love u

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