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*Who’s the Next IOTW?* (Page 4)

*~sneha~* IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2008 at 7:18am | IP Logged
I warned you LOL Anyway..enjoy..imma gonna give my comments on ur answers..I am soo bored...answer them quickly LOL LOL Just kidding..take your time Embarrassed

muskaan_2008 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2008 at 7:21am | IP Logged
Ok will wait for your respnose once i finish LOL no im doing them straight away Embarrassed
Mehvish.Aditya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2008 at 7:44am | IP Logged

muski here

::What would you do IF::

I fell:
I lived next door to you:
I showed up at ur house unexpectedly:
I stole something:
I was murdered:
I cried:
I was hospitalized:

Keep a secret if i told you one?
Study with me?
Cook for me?

Lied to make me feel better?
Wanted to kill me?
Thought I was unbearably annoying?
Hated me?
Wanted to tell me someting but didn't?

Eaten Sushi?
Been Snowboarding?

Had A Tea Party
Flown A Kite
Built A Sand Castle

Jumped Into A Pile Of Leaves

Cheated While Playing A Game
Been Lonely
Fallen Asleep At School

Won A Contest
Been Suspended From School

been In A Car / Motorcycle Accident

Some positive points in u
Some negative points in u
Have you ever skipped school without permission
Describe your most memorable experience.
When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
If you could instantly change one aspect of your personality, what would it be?
Describe what you feel like waking up on Monday morning.
If you could go back in time and change one moment, one day and do something just a little bit different, what would it be, and what would you change?
If you could be or meet (say which you'd choose or both) any famous person, who would it be?

muskaan_2008 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2008 at 7:54am | IP Logged
Thnks Bhabhi ji Embarrassed
-Mansi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2008 at 8:19am | IP Logged
Hey Muskaan..U asked me 2 grill you..& so..here I am!! Embarrassed Im gonna grill u in a diff way..*inspired by Anshu*

Write the names of ur DMG characters..nxt 2 the no.


Dun luk at the Q's b4...


Is no 1 ur fav.?

Do u like 6??

Can 4 make act?

Do 2 & 10 make a gud couple?

Do u & 9 luk gud 2gther?

Do u hate 7?

Is 8 friendly?

Is 3 sexy?

is 5 fat?

Is 10 thin?
muskaan_2008 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2008 at 8:23am | IP Logged
ok thanks Mansi Embarrassed
guys i will anwser them in a bit have to go now Ouch sorry i ddint get time now was busy reading my PM'S nad fanfic updates Embarrassed
muskaan_2008 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2008 at 8:44am | IP Logged


Originally posted by *~sneha~*

Congo my bholi bhaali angelDancingcertainly deserved it..Since u asked me too...even after i warned you..herez my NOT SO LONG set of questions..Enjoy LOL LOL LOL thanks Snehu Embarrassed Hai y did i not listen to you LOL LOL LOL only kidding


one thing u wish u could go back in time to change?
  Not to trust a few of my old friends Ouch
what advise would u give to your younger self if u could go back in time?
Something that someone told me a few days back to know the furture is the only reality Embarrassed and thanks to them!

fav. movie? Hum saath saath hain Big smile

secret wish/desire? Find my Rahul when i grow up LOL

favourite occasion? Raksha Bhandhan

in your family u are closest to? My mum Tongue

one thing u wish u could change about yourself? 
not letting people hurt me Ouch

one quality u really like about yourself?  being optimistic and living in the moment Embarrassed 

if you found out that u were going to die tomorrow, and u had 24 hours left to live, what would u do in that time? 
Thanks god and my family and all my true friends who have supported me Embarrassed and have a happy day thanking the fact that i completed what i needed to by thanking my loved ones....

if god gave u only wish, what would it be (it cant be for more wishes)? make my parents and loved ones proud of me Embarrassed!

what type of books do u like to read?
all types of books i love reading Tongue

how many people live with u in ur family?
3 others my mum my dad and my bro Embarrassed!

any bad habits?
umm... you tell me LOL getting addicted to the net LOL

name of your kindergarten teacher? Rachel

favourite grade? 6 Embarrassed and am enjoying 8

most prized posession?
my aum pendant and my family Embarrassed

do u collect anything?
yessh lots of jewellery and bags LOL

any pets? nope my mum says she already has two me and my bro ROFL

best day of the week? Friday 2 days off school after that LOL

languages u can speak? English LOL Sindhi Punjabi Hindi Spanish and French Embarrassed

a language u want to learn? none im already learing French and Spanish in school LOL

lucky number? 20 Embarrassed my birthdate

describe your personality in 5 words. will be bck


candy? all LOL

Chocolate? Twix and Areo

Nougths and crosses triology Malorie Blackman Clap


color? pink black and aqua
forum? dill mill gayye

tv show? DMG, PHM, Kahin To Hoga before sujal left Embarrassed

hobby? Reading, writing, and playing BB

season? why?
Summer , summer holidays and a chance to possibe come India

colour to wear? Dont mind.... LOL

least favourite colour to wear?
peach colour never wore it LOL


friends are...
important and special

family is... someone who will be there with you forever Embarrassed

love is... a feeling which cannot be described through words

hate is...
a strong word you use for something you think about and is in your heart whether we accept it or not

life is... gods gift

IF is...
a second family and a place to spend my spare time happily Embarrassed

qualities i like in a guy are...

things that annoy me are...

my favourite quote is...
one i lerant from Pankit Bro always follow your heart even though its on the left its always right

i would cry if... someone hurt me or someone i care for was crying and hurt Ouch

i would be really happy if...
if i cotniue to make my family proud of me and accomplish my ambitions for life

i would be angry if...
someone did something wrong to anyone i care for including myself or anything worng


Riddhima or Shilpa 

Karan or

Atul or Armaan

A2R or ARM(the girls) 

Shubh-keerti or shashank paddy

sigs OR avis

john abraham OR hrithik roshan

priyanka chopra OR amrita rao

srk-kajol OR srk-rani Embarrassed

day OR night  time to sleep LOL

candy OR chocolate

hollywood OR bollywood

spring OR

summer OR winter
both LOL summer holidays and winter snow

movies OR music

sigs OR avis

grilling OR
being grilled

WOULD YOU RATHER (if possible, in some questions, write why you chose it too):

be smart and ugly OR pretty and dumb ? 
smart and ugly what will i do with looks if im dumb people would take advantage ....

win $1,000,000 for yourself OR win $100,000,000 for charity ?
win $100,000,000 for charity i will feel good and happy that i hepled someone

have the ability to fly OR have the ability to be invisible ?
Have the ability to fly will save me time instead of catching 2 buses to school Ouch LOL LOL and could visit my mums family in IndiaEmbarrassed!

be 3 feet tall OR 9 feet tall ? 9 feet tall randomly chosen LOL

be poor but happy OR be rich but miserable ? 
Poor but happy happiness is everything money will come and go i's rather be happy than be miserable and rich whats the money worth against happiness Embarrassed!

spend a year in jail for something u did OR spend a year in jail for something u didnt do ? spend a year in jail for something u didnt do beacuse i will be proud that i ddidn't do anything wrong an with the hope god will make the truth come out

make a 100,000 doing something u dont like OR make 30,000 doing something u like ? 30,000 doing something u like my happiness will lie in that

loose your best friend forever OR have no contact with your family for a year ? loose your best friend forever even though it will hurt like hell but will be easier as than losing my family

be the most popular student in school OR the smartest student in school ? The smartest in school being popular wont help me afterwards in life Embarrassed!

live for 2 weeks and have a great life OR live for a lifetime and have a boring life ? live for 2 weeks and have a great life i believe in living in the moment Tongue

be blind OR be deaf ? Be deaf

be a professional singer OR a professional acteress ? professional singer i enjoy music Embarrassed!


IF theres questions u dont want to answer/think they r too personal, u can skip

ur fav singer? Shaan from indian songs Big smile
can u remeber a baby moment of ur babylife? if yes den wot was it? LOLLOL when i called my uncle kishan kick in LOL LOL 
in ur childhoood were u a gud child or a bad/naughty bachi? i hope good LOL
ur fav section on IF DMG section and chat club section
favorite season of the year? Summer again because of summer holidays ...

choose one
pizza or pasta more healthy
USA or india
kheer or gulab jamun

chinese or thai  both
priyanka or kareena
PC or laptop
nokia or samsung
verizon or cingular Confused
Mod or viewbie
cleaning the house or cooking
chattin on If or on yahoo if i had everyones add from IF LOL
hindi music or english music i like both but if i have to pick then hindi music Embarrassed

pick one:

boy/gurl we rule !!! LOL
friend/girlfriend friendship is the first step to love
one/two LOL
songs/movies songs are in it LOL

do u like cars? yeshh ! Big smile
wuts ur dream car?? anything thats new Wink
wen u get married where do u wanna live?? USA Embarrassed
will come on IF after u turn 80? Yeshh!! LOL i wont leave you eevn when im 80! LOL
100? if im alive LOL
do u like cookies?? yeshh!!
do u like milk?? No!!!
do u like milk nd cookies?? there ok LOL
do u like tea?? Yeshh!!
do u like tea with tea biscuits?? All the time

rate the following out of ten. ten being the highest.

srk: 10
john: 7

rani: 6
preity: 8
brad pitt: 7.5
amitabh: 8
abhishek: 5
ashwariya rai: 8.5
bipasha basu: 7
karan johar: 8 he cracks me up
orlando bloom: 7/8
barney: 9 i used to have his toys LOL
big bird: Confused
spongebob: 8 he and his square pants

wuts ur fave emo?? Embarrassed<<<that one
why do u like this certain emo so much?? beacuse im always shy LOL acc to my family and friends Confused LOL LOL
do u like being motw? yep i love it Embarrassed
do u enjjoy skool? Yeshh i suppose without it life is boring...
do u like snow?? Yeshh! but it barely snows here Ouch
do u have a fav show?? yep
if yes then wut is it?? in indian tv DMG
why do u like this show so much? its unique and cheers me up with the comic aspect

out of ur frends whu is the:

most annoyin:
most pretty:

do u like to surf?? if u mean the net then yes LOL
have u ever been surfing? No
wud u like to surf?? Maybe
have u ever sky dived?? No LOL
wud u like to? Umm if i have enough guts then yessh LOL
have u ever gone to disney world?? No but this summer i will Embarrassed
whus ur favourite disney character?? Mickey mouse
why?? He's soo cute Embarrassed
wuts ur fav song ryte now??

wuts ur fav movie ryte now?? U Me Aur Hum

y do u like this movie so much??
Its a emotional movie and worth watching
wuts ur future ambition?? To become a sucessful
wud u ever get a tatoo? No LOL
if u cud wut wud u get tattoed??
do u have glasses?? Yes
braces?? No
do u think nerds r hot?? Maybe yessh if they think they areLOL
wud u ever marry a guy whu is:
too tall? Depends because im quite tall Embarrassed
too short?? No
too happy? Dont Know
too sad? Never LOL
chinese??no Confused
mexican? no Confused
indian? most likely

whus ur fav celebrity frm bollywood?? Shahid Kapoor
how bout holywood?? Zac efron even though he's in tellywood
whus ur fav singer?? Shaan/sonu nigam/alka english:cascada /jay sean
wuts ur fav teachers name?? Menika
wut color wud u wanna dye ur hair?? Light brown
do u like milkshakes?? Yeshh Big smile
do u like milkshakes with cherries?? Nope never tried it
do u like milkshakes with icecream?? Nope never tried it
do u have a crush on ne1?? Maybe LOL only joking
if any wuts her name?? her??? Confused
do u like basketball?? Yeshh lots Wink
do u like sleeping?? Yeshh my fav hobby sice i barely sleep on weekdays have to wake up at 6 you see
do u love eating?? Its ok

pick one:

power/clothes Confused
cell phone/house phone
skool/no skool LOL

Set one is done now set 2 haha DEEEEEEP BREATH haha lol

OMG only set 1??? LOL

choose 1........

sweets / namkeen

aish / sush

soft drinks / juice

karishma / kareena

srk / salmaan

rani / preity

sonu or shaan

beach / mountains Embarrassed

roses / tulips

heart / mind

kank / don

Dhoom /Dhoom2

pink / purple

diamond / gold

coffee / tea

soda / water

Tell us...

1) why u like me? Beacuse your an awesome person and i know will always be there for me and a great friend Embarrassed
2) your Origin  My mum was born in Ahmedabhad and dad in Baroda even thoug im not gujrati Embarrassed
3)abt ur sis Dont have a real one Ouch but i got my cousin sistas and my IF sistas Embarrassed
4) your Family members They are all unique LOL
5)which member of your family are you closest to? My Mum
6) which member of IF are you closest to? I have a few Embarrassed Atma, Trins and Mehvish aka my bhabhi ji and Nishy  but i can share anything with all the members of the oasisEmbarrassed 
7) what do you like most about the IF? The people
8) what do you like the least about the IF?? When it works slow Ouch
9) what are you studying at skool? all kinds of things Embarrassed
10) what is your favourite animal? Cats
11) what is your favourite colour? Pink
12) what is your favourite drink? Oasis
13)what is your favourite tv programme- indian? DMG
14) what is your favourite tv programme - english? My wife and kids
15)what is your favourite movie? U me aur hum
16) what is your favourite book? Noguhts and crosses
17)what is your favourite cartoon character? Bugs Bunny
18)what is your favourite item- such as a bracelet or sumthing? my white earings

19) what is your favourite holiday destination? India
20)what is your favourite day of the week? Friday
21) what is your favourite day of the year? Raksha Bhandhan
22) what is your favourite food? Indian food
23)what is your favourite place to eat out? Pizza hut and Yellings
24) what is your favourite hobby? Many
25) Who is your Fav actor? Shahid Kapoor
28) your fav chai brand ?    PG TIPS
30) How do you feel being MOTW? its awesome i feel very happyEmbarrassed
31) Do you want more questions??? umm  after i finsh the rest
32) will i be bac with more? if i force you too LOL

34)describe abt me in 5 lines: a caring mature funny girl who comes up with some crazy things but your very creative love all your creations Big smile

35)how u landed at i-f???(plan se ya train se ya bus se ya car se heheheh dunt answer non of these ) by google LOL

36)what quality u want in ur friend to be...n that quality i have or not??? Yeshh you do u care for others Embarrassed

37)ur ideal dream boy... someone like Rahul who cares for others but then again hes got to be unique Wink 

38)The word u use most commonly: Hai Embarrassed and okie dokie or cool


Love is: a relation which cannot be described in words

Frndship is: a relation in which thier is trust

Life is: gods gift Embarrassed

The adjective which wud best describe u

Ur Motto in Life: Beacme a succeful doctor like i said above LOL and contiue being myself no matter what

40)well this is a situation type..

in life if u had to choose any1 btw ur

love or friendzz Love

love or family Family and if they are my loving family they will pick my happiness which lies in my love

friendz or family.. Family

42)favourite choclate Twix/Areo

43)favourite cake  fresh cream cake yum!!

44)favourite food indian food

45)favourite chai (ginger) plain from the kettle LOL

46)ur fav cricket player     none Confused

47)ur most angriestt day u did something n ur feeling guilt for what u did in anger... i told this boy off for dumping my best friend Ouchafterwards i found out my friend was a bit ghaskeeli LOL

48)temme ur weakness IF and my lil bro

49)well write an essayy full of emoctions only abt me..hehe... later on LOL

50)which is the attire ur comfortable wid?? my PJ'S Embarrassed

51)naughtiest thing u did in ur life? umm.... i will pm you LOL lol

52)do u lyk to read...if yes then what type of books..n name some fav authors.. Yeshh i love to read and all types.. Malorie Blacman Meg cabot Cathy Cassidy ect..

53)ur fav.historical romantic jodi...this is quite funny one kashish sujal LOL

54)which toothpaste do u use.. mendetant p

55)heheheh now something abt leap where would u lyk to see after 10 yrs... succesfully in a good university

56)what is ur dream work to do be a kids doctor

57)do u believe in supernatural things and are you superstioussss.... a lil bit LOL only tiny bit though

58)what is the thing which scares u most dogsOuch

59)well describe a funny scene for which u cant stop laughing whn u get reminded abt it?? something in my physics lesson and nan's STDLOL

60)a member wid whom u had a ZABARDASTT LARDAI..heheheh no 1 i dont like fightind do i? LOL

61)who was ur first friend at i-f? Jia di and Sakshi di

62)what places in the world have you been to?? Only india and places in england LOL

63)Whats the recent Bollywood movie you watched? Did you like it or not? U me aur hum and yep i do

64)bunty n babli & Salaam namaste....which one did u like better?? n why? bunty n babli more comic

65)ur fav drink oasis and tropical juice

66)do you attend late night parties...if yes then which one was the rockest one... im only 13 LOL

67)who is ur closest friend out of i-f? Embarrassed

68)what turns u on(dont say chai..lol ) chai seriosuly LOL or coffee

69)what does the Motw title mean to u it means a lot to me that trins and sunita di tought about me and all my lovely friends are giving me questions out of thier precious times Embarrassed

70)If you had a chance to work in a bollywood movie, what movie n why? Dont Know

71)If you FOUND a million dollars u would a) return it b) keep it Depends on my mood lol kidding give it to charity Embarrassed

72)write abt a non-sense dream later Wink

73)Who wud u choose to meet personally frm IF?only 3 persons. y only 3?? the entire oasis and resort Embarrassed

74)who do u admire the most in life? My grandma

75)wht wud b the best gift ne1 cud give to u? anything with love Embarrassed

76)IN IF who r the members

most caring: The entire oasis
most helpful: all help me
most irritating: None LOL
most active: Mehvish and Pragati
most inactive: Anu
most funny: Nishy and Natty di LOL

most kind: Trins
most calm: Atma/Snehu
most angry : Depends really...
most naughtiest you!!
talkative: Amreen in a good way
beautiful: im sure all are Wink
studious: Julle
page 3 socialite: Fary LOL
tall: Confused
short: Confused
shy: Atma/Mansi
jack of all trades: Ravz LOL
organized: All of us on the forum Wink
outgoing: There are many
the most childish member: Im not sure
the most matured member: Trinzie and Julle

u met wid..

77)A movie you are dying to watch  Bhootnath LOL

78)One thing you never get bored of many

79)What do you feel like doing right now? Work on my FF part otherwise my resort family will kill me LOLLOL

do u wanna kick me ... No i want to give you a hug

What is the best part about DMG forum
Some Last times....wht??y??
last time u cried? Sunday Ouch 
last time u wer embarassed? Yesterday in DT like blushing Embarrassed dont get me wrong LOL
last time u fought? With my bro today LOL 
last time u lied? Umm cant remeber
last time u cursed sum1? today the bus driver he passes by without stopping at the stop Ouch 

Your favorite subject in school and in college - has it changed at all? ArtBig smile yep i used to hate it in primary

How has life changed after joining IF? in a pos way i know many more lovely people and have a second family

If u are not on IF, what do you think, you would be doing in a typical day? school tv homework even though im always on IF LOL

)Have you ever had a problem with a member on IF? No Wink

One bad habit you wish you could get rid of? already anwsered twice

How do you judge a person when you meet him/her for the first time? i dont go by first impression Tongue

What do you think is the most important thing to have in life? Your options are: Money / Love / Contentment / Family / Friends / Career ? Career family and love Embarrassed

A most recent song u hum almost through out the day? Bas ek pal for some reason LOL

What is your idea during a rainy day? stay home LOL

any confession u'd like to make to anyone here? nope LOL jsut want to thanks everyone Embarrassed

ur advice to indian forums? keep going Wink

last but not the least ...

do u still love me as a friend..????.... (after all these Q's) Yeshh and always will as a friends/sis

Love you loadz..tell me if you want more LOL


Thanks for all these questions Hug

gosh it must have tooken you ages  LOLLOL

Thanks again i really enjoyed looking forward to ur respnose Embarrassed


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-aditi- IF-Sizzlerz

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congratulations muskiHugHugHug

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