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FF:Love Story - Upd. March 28th Page 23 (Page 5)

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great update continue soon

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Part 8:
Vidya gets out of the car and then sindoora starts to follow her. Then Vidya goes to her first period class. When she enters the class Sagar starts to introduce her to some of his friends.
Sagar: Vidya yeh mere ek do dost hain. Jeet, Alekh, Angad,and Sumit. (Vidya these are some of my friends. Jeet, Alekh, Angad, and Sumit.)
Vidya: Hi
Angad: Wow she is beautiful.
Alekh: Yaar Sagar kya kahega? Uski girlfriend ko kyun tang ker raha hai tu? - (Dude what will Sagar say why are you annoying his girlfriend.)
Sumit: Yeh Angad purani adat hai. - (This is one of Angad's of his old habits.)
Jeet: Dil ka acha hai per habits gandi hain. - (He has good heart but his habits are bad.)
Sagar: Vidya Angad ko mind na kerna yeh bohoot ahca hai. - (Vidya, don't mind Angad he is very nice.)
Angad: Sagar yaar terko itni achi ladki kaise mil gayi. - (Sagar how did you find such a nice girl.)
Vidya: Sagar aur Main ek dusre ke liye bane hoi hain pata nahi hum dono itni paas the phir bhi kabhi nahi mille aur pehle college ke din hum dono itne kareeb agaye. - (Sagar and I were made for each other both of us were so close but we never met and the first day of college we got to know each other.)
Jeet: Vidya ko apni football(soccer) ke match pe kyun nahi bula leta. - (Why don't you ask Vidya to come to your football(soccer) match.)
Sagar: Main to bhool hi gaya tha kal football(soccer) ka match hai. Vidya tum mere saath ayogi na. - (I forgot tommorow is the football(soocer) match. Vidya will you come with me.)
Vidya(blushing): Itne Pyaar se ke rahe ho to main na bhi to nahi ker sakti. - (Since you are asking so loveingly I can't say no.)
Sumit (Smiles): Sagar tumne merko to itne pyaar se to nahi kaha ki tumahra match dekne ayoon. - (Sagar you never asked me to come to your match that lovingly.)
Alekh: Merko bhi nahi kaha. Vidya tum itni lucky ho ki Sagar jaisa boyfriend hai, merse to Sagar ne kabhi pyaar se baat nahi ki. - (You never asked me either. Vidya you are so lucky that you have a boyfriend like Sagar, Sagar never talks to me so lovingly.)
Sagar(Smiles and says in loving way): Alekh Ji aur Sumit Ji aap mere football(soccer) game pe ayenge. Ab to theek hai yaar itne pyaar se kaha hai. - (Alekh Ji and Sumit Ji will you come to my football(soccer) game. Is it better I said it with alot of love.)
Sumit: Woh baat nahi, Vidya koh hamare se jada pyaar milta hai.-  (It's not the same, Vidya gets more love than us.)
Sagar: Woh to hai. - (Of course.)
(The teacher enters the room.)
Teacher: Kids sit down. Main abhi a raha hoon paanch minute main. - (Kids sit down. I will be be back in 5 minutes.)
(Sagar and Vidya sit in thte front of the room, and Sagar's friends go to the back.)
Vidya: Sagar tumhara phone mere paas hai. Abhi wapis doon? - (Sagar I have your phone. Should I give it back right now?)
Sagar: De do. Pehle Usme apna phone number dal dena. - (Yeah sure. Put your phone number in it.)
Vidya: Yaad nahi hai mere paas to phone hai hi nahi teacher ne kal le nahi lia tha. - (Don't you remember I don't have a phone the teacher took it from me.)
Sagar: Tum mera phone rakh lo mere paas to dusra bhi phone hai charger badme de doon ga. - (You can keep my phone because I have another one. I will give you the charger later.)
Vidya: Maine vaise bhi naya phone lena tha per abhi ke liye main tumhara phone rakh leti hoon thanks. - (I still have to buy a new phone but for now I will keep you phone. Thanks.)
(The teacher enters the room)
Teacher: Sorry kuch kaam tha to isliye daar ho gayi. - (Sorry there was some work in the office so that is why it took me so long.)
(Sindoora enters the room)
Teacher: Itne daar se kyun ayi ho. - (Why are you here late.)
Sindoora: Woh aaj mera pehla school ka din tha to isliye office main kuch kaam kerna tha. Mere paas note bhi hai. - (Today was my first day of school so I had some work in the office. I have a note.)
Teacher: Theek hai bath jao. - (Ok go sit down.)
(Sindoora goes to sit down and she sits in the front row right next to Sagar.)
(After Class is over Sindoora walks up to Vidya.)
Sindoora: Vidya yeh tumhare saath jo betha hai kyun hai. - (Vidya who is that guy sitting next to you.)
Sagar: Main batata hoon. Main Vidya ka boyfriend Sagar hoon. - (I will tell you. I am Vidya's boyfriend Sagar.)
Sindoora: Tumne to merko bataya hi nahi ki tumhare boyfriend hai. - (You never told me you have a boyfriend.)
Vidya: Main batana bhool gayi. - (I forgot to tell you.)
Vidya(thinking):Sindoora di meri class main kyun. Lunch pe merko Sagar ko kehna parega ki Sindoora di se baach ke rehna. - (Why is Sindoora in my class. I have to tell Sagar at lunch that he has to stay away from Sindoora.)
Sindoora: Main Vidya ki cousin Sindoora hoon. - (I am Vidya's cousin Sindoora.)
Sagar: Nice to meet you Sindoora Ji.
Vidya: Sagar let's go to lunch.
Sindoora: Main bhi tumhare saath ati hoon. Kitna acha hai ki itni subhe subhe lunch ho jata hai. (I will come with you to. Isn't it nice that lunch is so early.)
Sagar: Haan abhi 11 o' clock hai aur first period ke baad lunch ho jata hai. - (Yes it's only 11' o clock and first period just ended and we have lunch.)
Vidya: Chalo Sagar. - (Come one Sagar.)
Sagar: Sindoora Ji tum bhi ajao - (Sindoora you should come too.)
Sindoora: Pehle Vidya se pooch lo. (First ask Vidya.)
Sagar: Vidya se kya poochna aap unki baahen ho. Henna Vidya.(We don't have to ask Vidya you are her sister. Right Vidya.)
Vidya(lying): Haan Sindoora Di aap meri baahen ho hamare saath ajao. (Right Sindoora you are my sister come with us.)
Vidya(thinking): Sagar se main ab kaise baat kerongi. (How will I talk to Sagar now.)
(They all walk to lunch)
Please comment

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awesome update hun =)
alekh and sumit are sooo funny haha
anyways continue sooon hun =)
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i loved it...very great...i hope sagar doesnt fall for sindoora...continue soon
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Originally posted by anki4life

awesome update hun =)
alekh and sumit are sooo funny haha
anyways continue sooon hun =)
Sumit and Alekh want Sagar's love and they are jealous Vidya is getting all the love lol LOL

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Originally posted by mushtari

i loved it...very great...i hope sagar doesnt fall for sindoora...continue soon
Thanks for reading glad you like it.
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when will you continue hun?
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Part 9:
Sagar, Vidya and Sindoora are walking together and Chinu and Shalu join them half way to lunch.
Shalu: Hi
Sagar: Hi
Shalu: Sindoora Di pehla din apka kaisa raha. - (Sindoora Di how was your first day.)
Sindoora: Acha Raha aur aaj mene ek friend bhi bana liye. - (It was good and I made a new friend too)
Shalu: Kaun? - (Who?)
Sindoora: Sagar. Shalu yeh tumhare saath kaun hai? - (Sagar. Shalu who is that with you?)
Shalu: Yeh mera boyfriend hai, Chinu. - (He is my boyfriend Chinu)
Sindoora: Hi Chinu Main Sindoora Hoon Shalu ki cousind. - (Hi Chinu I am Sindoora I am Shalu's cousin.)
Chinu: Hi
Sagar: Finally it's lunch time I was really hungry.
Chinu: Aaj to apne kuch khaiya hi nahi Vidya ki yaad main khana bhool jate ho - (Today you haven't eaten anything. You think about Vidya so much you fogot to eat.)
(Sagar Smiles)
Vidya: Aaj Mene aap ke liye kheer banayi hai - (Today I made some kheer for you)
Sagar: Wow Vidya tumhare ko yaad tha ki merko kheer achi lagti hai. - (Wow Vidya you remembered that I like kheer.)
Vidya: Main kaise bhool sakti hoon. - (How could I forget.)
Sindoora: Maine bhi aaj kheer banayi hai. Meri bhi kheer taste ker lena per Vidya ki kheer jaise to ban nahi sakti. (I also made kheer. Taste my kheer too but it is probably not as good as Vidya's kheer.)
Sagar: Sindoora Ji aapki kheer bhi achi hogi. - (Sindoora your kheer will be good too.)
Chinu: Chalo woh table pe jatein hain khali hai. - (Let's go to that table over there it is empty.)
They sit down at the table and then Vidya and Sindoora both take out their kheer. 
Vidya: Main aapko apne haathoon se feed karoon. - (Do you want me to feed you with my hands.)
Sagar: Of course.
Vidya takes a spoon and starts to feed Sagar.
Vidya: Kaise lagi? - (How is it?)
Sagar: Swad hai. I've never eaten kheer this good. Vidya tumhare haathoon main jadu hai. Sindoora Ji ab Apki bhi kheer taste kerni hai. - (It's Delicous. I've never eaten kheer this good. You have magic in your hands. Sindoora now I will taste your kheer.)
Sindoora: Theek hai. Vidya I think you should feed it to Sagar. - (Ok. Vidya I think you should feed it to Sagar.)
Vidya takes the spoon and feeds it to Sagar.
Sagar: Wow dono ki kheer itne achi hai.- (Both of you kheer is so delicous.)
Sindoora: Thank you Sagar. Main jati hoon. - (Thank you Sagar. I am leaving now.)
Sagar: Thodi aur daar yahan batho. - (Sit here for a little longer.)
Sindoora: Nahi maine library jana hai. - (No, I have to go to the library.)
Sagar: Theek hai baad main milange. - (Ok. We will see each other later.)
(Sindoora gets up and leaves)
Sagar: Sindoora Ji achi hain. - (Sindoora Ji is nice)
Vidya: Woh to baas dikhava hai. - (That is her showing off.)
Sagar: Yeh Dikhava nahi ho sakta. Unki aankhon main saaf saaf dikh raha tha ki achi hain. - (That can't be showing off. I could see that she was nice by looking into her eyes.)
Shalu: Unki aankhon main kuch likha hota hai kerti kuch aur hain. (Her eyes say something else and she does something else.)
Sagar: Abhi to tum itni achi taran se baat ker rahe thi Sindoora Ji se. - (You were just talking so sweetly with her.)
Shalu: Aaapko samaj nahi ayega. - (You won't get it.)
Chinu: Ab hum kuch eat kerein. - (Now lets eat something.)
Sagar: Hain Vidya apni thodi kheer do. Apne haathon se khilaogi to phir jada maaza ayega - (Vidya give me some of your kheer. If you feed with your hands it will be better.)
Shalu: Chinu Ji main bhi aapko apne haathon se kheer khilaoon. - (Chinu do you want me to feed you kheer too.)
Chinu: Theek hai. - (OK)
Shalu: Vidya thodi si kheer dogi. Aur ek chamcha. - (Vidya will you give me some kheer and a spoon.)
(Vidya is still feeding Sagar and there eyes are locked they start moving there heads closer and Vidya doesn't hear Shalu. Then Shalu asks again but louder, This time Vidya hears. Sadly Sagar and Vidya don't kiss.) (Then Vidya hands Shalu the spoon.)
Shalu: Thank you.
(While Sagar Vidya Chinu and Shalu finish up their lunch Sindoora is in the library using the computer.)
Sindoora(thinking): Ab merko Chandra ko email kerke batana chaiye ki mummy ko bata de ki Sagar ko maine dekh liya hai aur plan begin ho raha hai. - (Now I should email chandra and tell her to tell mom that I have seen Sagar and the plan has begun.)
(Sindoora sends the email and after 2 minutes there is a reply.)
Email from Chandra: Sindoora Di there is a problem Gaytri Bhua is here
(The bell rings so Sindoora doesn't have a chance to reply) (Sindoora looks at her schedule and she has Guitar next this is the only class that Sindoora has with Sagar that Vidya doesn't have with Sagar because Vidya took Art instead of guitar.) (Sindoora goes to Guitar class and then sits down. When Sagar comes in he sits next to her.)
Sagar: Hi
Sindoora: Hi
Sagar: Wow Aap bhi guitar class main hain. - (Wow you are in guitar class too.)
Sindoora: Maine guitar 1 liya hai kyunki guitar mera favorite instrument hai aur iss saal maine ka ki perfect hoga ki guitar loon. - (I am in guitar 1 because the guitar is my favorite instrument and I thought that this year would be perfect to take guitar.)
Sagar: Main to jabse chota tha tabse guitar play ker raha hoon. Per guitar 1 isliye liya kyunki maine 4 years of guitar lena hai aur is college main bas guitar 4 tak jata hai to phir maine ka ki guitar 1 se hi start keroon. - (I have played guitar since I was a little kid. But I took guitar 1 this year because I wanted to take 4 years of guitar and in this college it only goes up to guitar 4 so I thought that I should start from guitar 1.)
Sindoora: Mere liye kuch play keroge. You look a little bit like Ranbir kapoor so I think that you should play saawariya- (Will you play something for me.)
Sagar: Theek hai. - (OK)
(Sagar picks up the guitar and starts to plays Saawariya. He plays all the notes in tune and everyone gathers around his desk.)
I will try to update on Fridays or weekends because school just started the teachers give out like so much homework

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