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MS FF - Yeh Ishq Hai [Part 25 PG.14] (Page 9)

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beautiful updates! so cute! Big smile

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Part 16:

Mahi and Shabd eneterd into their new home hand in hand. Shabd then gave Mahi a tour of the house. Mahi was really excited and happy. She would start dreaming of putting her own style into the house, decorating to make the place a lot more homey, loveable. Shabd loved it that he could make Mahi so happy, Loved that he could fulfill her dreams. He thanked his mom and dad in his mind.

Mahi:Shabd, main mummyji daddyji ko ek phone kar loon. Woh pareshaan honge.

Shabd:Kar lo. Mahi, tumhe meri permission nahin chahiye. Yeh sab tumhara to hi hai.

Mahi:Thank you. Ab tum change kar lo aur so jao, akhir kal humara pehla din hai naukri par. Late nahin hona chahiye.

Shabd:Yoir wish is my command my princess...uff! Your highness.

Mahi: Shabd! Tum bhi na! Ab jao.

Shabd:Theek hai, main ja raha hoon.

Shabd gave Mahi a quick peck on the lip and left the room casually. Mahi just smiled and stared where Shabd was standing. She then went over and closed the door, got her pajamas, changed into them and headed out to the balcony with the phone.

Mahi dialed the phone and waited until someone picked up.


Mahi:Hello, Prince?

Prince:Mahi didi? Aap? Aap kaise ho? Aap khush to hai na?

Mahi:Main bilkul theek hoon aur bahut khush bhi. Tu kaisa hai?

Prince:Main bhi theek hoon, masti kar raha hoon!

Mahi:Badmash! Tu kabhi nahin badlega. Mummyji hai?

Prince:Haan hai, main deta hoon.

Prince put Mahi on hold and went to go get mummyji.

Moni:Hello, Mahi puttar?

Mahi:Mummyji! Aap kaise ho?

Moni:Main bilkul theek hoon. tu kaisi hai? Tu aur Shabd theek thak pahunch gay? Shabd kaisa hai. tu khush to hai na?

Mahi:Are mummyji, aap itni fikar kyon kar rahe ho? Main aur Shabd bilkul theek hain aur bahut khush bhi. Aap ko pata hai, kal humara pehla din hai naukri par.

Moni:Bas rab se yehi dua hai ki tum dono khush aur silamat rahe.

Mahi:Mummyji, daddyji kahan hai?

Moni:Woh Guddu ke saath bahar gaye hain.

Mahi:Theek hai. Mummyji main ab phone rakh ti hoon. bahut der ho chuki hai aur kal jaldi bhi uthna hai.

Moni:Theek hai Mahi puttar.

Mahi put the phone down and headed for the bed. As soon as her head hit the pillow, she fell asleep running through all the events ever since she met Shabd once again thanking him and her fate that she had found him.

The Next Morning

Shabd:Mahi! Jaldo ao. Hume office jaldi jana hai.

Shabd called at Mahi from down the stairs. He was all ready wearing a white collar shirt with jeans; he wore a black vest with his hair nicely gelled.

Mahi:Yeh lo, main a gayi.

Mahi came down the stairs wearing a navy blue dress with leggings and navy blue flats; she had her hair nicely curled. She was still wearing the necklace he gifted her and Shabd smiled. Her engagment ring shined against her beautiful skin.

Shabd:Mahi, mujhe lagta hai ki main tumhara photographer hona chahiye.

Mahi:Woh kyon?

Shabd:Kyunki tum to itni khoobsoorat ho aur kahin koi aur tumhe mujhse cheen na le.

Mahi:Wah, abhi se jalan ho rahi hai, aur posessive bhi.

Shabd:Nahin to.

Mahi:So cute. Waise bhi, yeh kabhi hone wala nahin hai. Main hamesha tumhare saath hoon. Koi ksoshis bhi kare, main tumko kabhi chod kar nahin jaongi.

Shabd:Itna pyar karti ho mujhse?

Mahi:Kudh bhi se zyada.

Shabd pulled Mahi into an embrace.

Shabd:Main bhi tumse bahut pyar karta hoon, jaan bhi se zyada. Main tumhe kabhi chod kar nahin jaonga.

Mahi:Ab hum chalein.


Mahi and Shabd walked to the car and drove off to the modelling agency. They were really excited.

The arrived at the modelling agency and entered the building hand in hand, like a real couple.

Shabd:Hi dad!

Aditya:Are Shabd? Mahi? A gaye? Tum dono ko tumhara naya ghar kaisa laga?

Mahi:Bahut acha. Thank you daddyji.

Aditya:Daddyji, I like that.

Shabd: To humara kaam kya hai.

Aditya:Haan, hume ek company ke liye indian dressed ki shooting kar ni hai. Shabd tumhari model aur Mahi dono indian dresses ki liye shoot karoge. Hume ek hafta hai yeh campaign khatam karne ki liye. Tum dono ka room doosre room par hai. Shabd, tumhara room hai 203 aur Mahi tumhara room hai 205. Theek hai?


Shabd:Bye dad.

Mahi:Bye daddyji.

Mahi and Shabd walked together to their destinations. When they arrived to their rooms, they said good bye and made plans to have dinner at a restaurant. Shabd gave Mahi a peck on the cheek and entered his room.

Shabd entered his room and loved the atmosphere. He was born to do this.

Shabd:Maddy, meri model kahan hai. Humare pass bahut kaam hai aur waqt bahut kam.

Maddy:Shabd sir, woh tayyar ho rahi hai. Abhi ati hogi.

Shabd:Theek hai, use jaldi bulao. Main camera tayyar karta hoon.

Maddy went to go tell the model that the photographer had arrived and was ready to begin the shoot.

The model came in a extravagant purple anarkali suit with matching jewelry. However, he didn't notice that she had arrived. He was busy fixing the lighting for the shoot. When he turned around, his mouth fell open in shock seeing the person that was his model.

Shabd:Kripa? Tum!

Mahi entered her room and loved the feeling she got. She was meant for this profession.

Ria:Hi, maon Ria hoon aur main aapki designer aur make-op artists hoon. Aap chaliye, aapko shoot ki liya tayyar karna hai aurphotographer ata hi hoga.

Mahi:Theek hai, chalo.

They took Mahi into the dressing room and got her dressed in a magnificent green anarkali suit with matching jewelry; however, she had to take off her engagement ring and her necklace that Shabd had gifted her.

They brought Mahi out to the shoot area. The photographer had already arrived and was talking to his creative director.

The photographer was barely a feet away, she walked towards him but she tripped on one of the wires and thudded against his chest. Luckily, he caught her before she actually fell. Not until she looked up did she notice who her photographer was.


Thanks for reading. Please comment.

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adventure_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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wow awesome update!
sl032597 Groupbie

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this was a really nice twist..cant wait to read more..please update soon.
stars_shine* IF-Dazzler

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gr8 part
continue soon!!
taran13 Groupbie

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Part 17:

Shabd's Room

Shabd:Kripa, tum?

Kripa:Shabd? Tum mere photographer ho?

Shabd:Haan. Lekin tum? Mujhe yeh nahin pata tha ki tum model bana chati ho.

Kripa:Mujhe bachpan se shauk tha. Par tum kahan chale gay? Maine tumhe dhoond ne ki bahut koshish ki.

Shabd:Woh main U.S. chala gaya tha phir main apni bhaiyon ki shaadi ki liye Bhatinda chala gaya tha.

Kripa:Sach. Tum to hamesha apne bhaiyon ki bate karte the. Unko congratulate karna mere taraf se.

Shabd:Ek kaam karte hain. Jab hum yeh product inaugarate karein ge aur party ho gi, tum wahan congratulate karna. Woh wahan honge. Theek hai?


Shabd:Ab shoot shuru karein? Hume raat tak yeh shoot khatam karna hai.

Kripa:Haan, chalo.

Kripa noticed that he had a gold band on his finger, but he also had rings in his other fingers as well. Kripa dismissed the thought of him being engaged.

Mahi's Room

Mahi:Angad? TUM!

Angad:Tum meri model ho?

Mahi:Haan, kya tum bhool gaye ki mujhe modelling karne main bahut shauk hai.

Angad:Haan, main yeh kaise bhool sakta hoon.

Mahi:Ek minute. Tum graduation ke baad kahan chale gay the. Na koi phone yaan e-mail. Apni dost ko bhool gaye. Mujhe tumko kuch batana hai.

Angad:Mujhe bhi, lunch par batana. Hume yeh shoot khatam karna hai warna hum sare raat yahan hi rehnge.

Mahi:Theek hai, chalo.

Shabd's Room

Shabd began his photoshoot for his indian dress campaign that Mahi was doing as well. Shabd was a total pro at it. It was like he had been doing it for years.

After their morning session, they had lunch where they caught up, how they were doing what was happening and so on. However, lunch was cut short because of the time limit and Shabd couldn't tell her that he was engaged. Hence, they started their afternoon shoot and were done by 6:45 p.m. It was just in time for dinner. Shabd was excited, he couldn't wait to meet Mahi and tell her who he met and how his day was. He also hadn't been seperated from Mahi for that long so he missed her.

Shabd:Ok Kripa, aaj ka shoot khatam. Tum ek achi model ho. Good job.

Kripa:Thank you. Tum bhi ek baut ache photographer ho.

Shabd:Thanks. Main tumhe kal milta hoon. 7 a.m sharp.

Kripa:Theek hai.



Kripa (thought): Tumhe pata nahin aaj main kitni khush hoon tujhse milkar Shabd. Maine tumhe kahan kahan nahin dhoonda. Ab main tumhe bata sakti hoon ki meri mann mein kya hai. Main tum se kab ka batana chati hoon ki main tumse bahut pyar karti hoon!

Mahi's Room

Mahi was a natural model. She never did anything wrong. She even took Angad's advice and used it really well. She truly loved this profession.

After Mahi's and Angad's morning shoot, they grabbed a quick lunch where they caught up on their lives. However, they were really behind so they had to cut their lunch short. Thus, Mahi didn't get the chance to tell him abiut her engagement. But she thought she would tell him later.

Soon, their photoshoot for the day was done and they were packing up. Mahi went and got changed and was going out to meet Shabd - she missed Shabd - when Angad stopped her.

Angad:Wow Mahi. Tum to kamaal ki model ho.

Mahi:Thanks Angad. Tum bhi ek bahut ache photographer ho.

Angad:Thanks. Kya tum aaj raat busy ho.


Angad:Woh maine socha tha ki hum itni der baad mile to hum dinner kar lete aur batein bhi ho jayengi.

Mahi:I'm sorry Angad....woh actually main...

Angad:Koi baat nahin. Hum kisi aur din baat kar lenge. Main tumhe kal milta hoon.

Mahi:Theek hai. Bye Angad.


Angad (thought):Koi baat nahin Mahi. Aaj nahin to kal main tumhe apni dil ki baat to batakar rahoonga. Tum janti nahin ho ki main tumhe kitni der se milna chata hoon. Jab main Mumbai aya, tab mujhe pata chala ki main tumse kitna pyar karta hoon. Kitni badi galti ki maine tumhara pyar thukrakar. Ab main apni dil ki baat tumhe batakar hi rahoonga. I LOVE YOU MAHI MALHOTRA!

Mahi walked over to Shabd who was waiting at their car with a huge smile on his face. She guessed that his day went excellent.

Mahi:Hi Shabd! Tumhara din kaisa tha?

Shabd:Bahut acha. Mujhe yeh profession bahut lagta hai.

Mahi:Mujhe bhi yeh profession bahut acha lagta. Yeh excitment kahin aur nahin mil sakti na?

Shabd:Haan, yeh tum sahi keh rahi ho.

Mahi:Arre Shabd, tum yakeen nahin karo gay main kis se mili.


Mahi:Angad se. Wohi mera photographer tha.

Shabd:Wohi jise tum...., said Shabd with a hint of jealousy.

Mahi:Arre Shabd, tumhare awaaz sehi pata chalta hai ke tum jealous ho rahe ho.Iski koi zaroorat nahin hai. Main sirf tumhari hoon.

Shabd:Woh main janta hoon. Aur tum bhi yakeen nahin karo gi main kis se mila.


Shabd:Kripa se. Woh meri model thi.

Mahi:KYA! Shabd, mujhe lagta hai jo baat tumne aaj subhe ki woh sehi thi. Tumhe hi meri photographer hone chahiye the, Said Mahi with jealousy.

Shabd:How cute. Meri honey wali wifey jealous ho rahi hai. Yeh mujhe acha lagta hai.

Mahi:Main kahan jealous hoon. Ab chaliye. Dinner nahin karna kya?

Shabd:Haan, chalo.

Mahi and Shabd left to have dinner with an end to a great day and the beginning of their careers.

Hope you liked it. Read and comment. I like them!

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taran13 Groupbie

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Part 18:

Mahi and Shabd had finished their dinner, so they decided to head to the beach to watch the sunset. They loved the reflection the setting sun had on the water. The mixture of the colours were simply amazing. No words could describe them.

Mahi sat beside Shabd leaning against him while Shabd held her in his arms.



Mahi:Tum kya soch rahe ho?

Shabd:Main yeh soch raha hoon ke Kripa kitne sundar lag rahi thi woh purple anarkali suit mein.

Mahi:Kya! Tumhari hone wali biwi tumhari bahon mein hai aur tum ek doosre aurat ke bare mein soch rahe ho! Mahi got out of his arms and was now facing himTum ek kaam kyon nahin karte, tum us Kripa ke paas jao aur main......

Shabd:Chup. Agar tumhe Angad ka naam liya to main...

Mahi:Tum itna gussa kyon ho rahe ho. Tumhe to...

Shabd:Arre main mazaak kar raha tha. Main to yeh dekhna chata tha ke tum kaise react karti ho.

Mahi:Acha, to yeh baat hai. To kaisa laga mera reaction, Said Mahi with a hint of sarcasm.

Shabd:Bahut acha. Mujhe pata chala tum kitni jealous ho jati ho. I like that.

Mahi:Theek hai. Ek baat batao, agar mujhe yeh pata chala ke Angad mujhse pyar karta aur main bhi abhi use pyart karti hoon, tum kya karte?

Shabd:Main khushi khushi tumhe uske paas jane deta. Kyunki tumhari khushi mein meri khushi hai.

Mahi:Sach. Par yeh kabhi hone wala nahin hai. Kyunki main sirf aur sirf tumse pyar karta hoon.

Shabd:Yeh to main janta hoon, is liye maine yeh sab kush kaha!


Shabd took Mahi into his arms again and continued to watch the sunset.

Mahi:Theek hai, ab sach mein batao, tum kya soch rahe the.

Shabd:Main yeh soch raha tha jab humari shaadi ho gi aur humare cute se bache honge, to hum yahan picnic manane ayenge.

Mahi:Acha? Kitne bache, Asked Mahi with a hint of curiousty.

Shabd:Ek ladki aur do ladke.

Mahi:Woh kyon?

Shabd:Woh is liye kyunki humari pyari si angel ko do bhaiyon milenge jo woh use bahut pyar karenge aur hamesha raksha karenge. Aur woh meri ladli ho gi. Ladkon ko tum sambhal lena.

Mahi:Tumne to sab kuch plan kar liya hai Shabd. You're so cute.

Shabd:Acha main cute hoon?

Shabd started to tickle Mahi as much as he could. Mahi tried to get away but he always caught her. Mahi couldn't stop laughing. Then Mahi finally succeeded in running away from Shabd.

Shabd:Mahi! Ruko!


Shabd:Mahi, Ouch!

Mahi:Shabd! Kya hua? Tum theek to ho na?

Mahi ran towards Shabd who was now clutching his chest.

Mahi:Shabd! Tum theek to ho na? I am so sorry. Mujhe aisa nahin karna chahiye tha. Mujhe maaf kardo, main abhi...

Mahi had tears spring to her eyes. She should've stopped when he asked her to. Shabd couldn't take that Mahi was about to cry. He quickly gave up on his joke and hugged Mahi as of protecting her.

Shabd:Mahi, tum rona mat. Main bilkul theek hoon. Mujhe kuch nahin hua, main mazaak kar raha tha.

Mahi:Shabd! Yeh kaisa mazaak hai?

Shabd:I'm sorry. Main aaj ke baad aisa kabhi nahin karoonga. I promise.

Mahi:Tumhe pata nahin main kitna dar gayi thi. Akhir tumhe kuch ho gaya to? Mera kya hoga? Main tumhari begaar adoori hoon.

Shabd:I am really sorry Mahi. Main tumhe kabhi chod kar nahin jaonga. Tum meri zindagi ho Mahi. Main apni zindagi ko chod kar ja sakta hoon kya?


Shabd:Ab bahut raat ho chuki hai. Ghar chalein?


Mahi and Shabd went home and went to bed a little earlier that night. They had to wake up early, they still had to take a lot photo's and the inaugaration for the company they were doing the shoots for was this friday.

The week went on and so did the shoots. The week was so hectic that she couldn't even talk to Raji and Soni properly. However, Mahi and Shabd acted really professionally about their careers. Fortunately, since everyone was so busy for the shoot's Angad and Kripa didn't get the time to tell their feelings. They decided to tell them at the inaugaration party.

It was early morning Friday and Mahi and Shabd were on their way to Jeet/Soni and Raji/Veer's house. Aditya and Yash gave them a day off after they pulled an all nighter last night to finish the campaign shoot. They decided that they would go invite them for the party.

Shabd and Mahi rang the doorbell to their house.

Soni:Mahi, Shabd? Tum yahan? Bahut din ho gaye.

Shabd:Sorry. Woh actually bahut kaam tha aur deadline bhi meet karni thi.

Mahi:Par aaj chuti hai to hum a gaye.

Soni:Bahut acha hua tum dono a gaye.

Mahi:Soni, Raji di kahan hai?

Raji:Main yahan hoon.

Mahi:Raji di!

Mahi ran towards Raji and gave her a big hug.

Raji:Tum to hume bhool hi gayi. Sirf phone kiya?

Mahi:Sorry, bahut kaam tha. Par aaj chuti hai aur weekend par hum sab free hai. Kahin ghoom ne jaye?

Jeet:Haan. Bahut mazaa aye ga. Kyon bhai?



Jeet:Kaisi ho sali ji?

Mahi:Main theek hoon. Aap?

Jeet:Hum dono bhi theek hain.

Veer:Shabd, tum kaise ho?

Shabd:Main theek hoon. Are Mahi. Hume jo batane aye the woh to hum bhool gaye.

Mahi:Fitteh mooh!

Raji:Kya bhool gaye?

Shabd:Woh aaj jis kaam ke liye campaign kar rahe the, aaj raat uska inaugaration hai. Tum tum charon ko bulane aye the.

Soni:Phir to hum zaroor ayenge.

Mahi:Shabd, main Raji di aur Soni ke saath baat karna chati hoon. Main jaon?

Shabd:Mujhe bhi Veer aur Jeet se naat karni hai. Tum jao.


Mahi, Raji and Soni went out to the backyard to talk while Shabd, Veer and Jeet went to the kitchen (Jeet was hungry).

In The Backyard

Mahi started a normal conversation. She explained about their house, how fun modelling was, how glad her dreams were coming true. the she told them about Angad.

Soni:KYA! Angad tumhara photographer hai?

Mahi:Haan Soni. Aur mujhe use ajeeb se vibes milte hain. Woh mujhe kuch batana chata hai par keh nahin pata.

Raji:Shayad use lagta hai ke tuk abhi bhi use pyar karti ho. Kya tumhare dil mein us liye feelings hain?

Mahi:Nahin Raji di. Bilkul nahin. Main sirf aur sirf Shabd se pyar karti hoon. Maine us din uske feelings nikal diye jab usne mera dil dukhaya tha.

Soni:Shabd ko pata hai?

Mahi:Haan, use sab kuch pata hai.

Raji:Yeh tumne theek kiya.

Mahi:Ab bahut ho gaya. Mujhe jana hai. Aap dono waqt par tayyar ho jaye. main apka intezaar karoongi.

Raji:Theek hai, hum waqt par tayyar ho jayenge.

In The Kitchen

Veer:KYA! Kripa tumhari model hai?

Shabd:Haan. Aur woh hamesha mere saath waqt batana chati hai.

Jeet:Kya tim abhi bhi Kripa se...

Shabd:Yeh tum kaisi baat kar rahe ho? Main sirf aur sirf Mahi se pyar karta hoon.

Veer:Aur Mahi yeh sab janti hai?

Shabd:Haan. Use sab pata hai.

Jeet:To tumne fikar karni ki koi zaroorat nahin hai.

Mahi:Shabd, chalein?

Shabd:Haan, chalo. Main chalta hoon. Waqt par a jana. Bye.

Mahi and Shabd arrived home to get ready. Mahi decided to wear Shabd's favourite colour, blue. She decided to promote the company that they campaigned for so she wore a light blue anarkali suit with silver flower embroidery. Along with that, she wore the necklace that Shabd gifted her and beautiful silver earings. She decided to leave her hair down, nicely straight.

Mahi came down the stairs to see SHadb dressed nicely wearing a dark blue dress shirt with black dress pants. Both their engagment rings clearly visible.

After an exchange of compliments, together they headed to the party of their first success.

When they arrived at the party, they saw Angad and Kripa talking together. Angad wore a red dress shirt with black dress pants and Kripa wore an ocean green anarkali suit.

They saw Mahi and Shabd enter and headed towards them.

Angad:Hi Kripa.

Mahi:Hi Angad.

Kripa:Hey Shabd.

Shabd:Hi Kripa.

Kripa:Shabd, kya tum hume introduce nahin karo gay.

Shabd:Arre haan. Main bhool hi gaya. Kripa, yeh hai Mahi, meri mangeter.

Mahi:Aur Angad, yeh hai Shabd.

Angad+Kripa:Kya! Mangeter? Fiancee?

>A large dark cloud fell over Angad and Kripa when they heard that the people that they claimed that they loved were already engaged.

Enjoy. Read and Comment.

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a double post yayaya..thanks..both parts were amazing... I wonder what kripa and angad will do now that they know shabd and mahi engaged, I hope they wont try and separate them. Please continue soon, cant wait

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