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Posted: 20 May 2008 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
A few hours later, the pilot announced that they would be landing in Rajasthan in a few minutes and that everyone was to fasten their seat belts. 15 minutes later, Naina, who was sitting near the window, looked outside and saw that they had reached the airport. When the plane landed, and everyone disembarked, they all headed for the baggage claim and soon they were out of the airport and breathing in the fresh air of Rajasthan.

"Yeh jagah toh bahut hi sundar hai…" Sameera said.

"Haan Ambala se kaafi bada aur accha hai." Shalini said.

"Yeh toh sirf Rajasthan ki airport ke bahar hai, zara aap sab Barmer pahunchiye, phir dekh lijiye ki wahan ki sundarta kaisi hai" Abhimanyu said.

"Sir… bole to, woh log wahan, Barmer se hai… aisaich lata hai." Aalekh said gesturing to the group of well dressed chauffeurs who were standing besides 4-5 very big and elegant cars, and with them stood a man, royally dressed. Abhimanyu went forward and greeted the man, who was introduced to the others as Kakasa.

"Kakasa, aap yahan? Aapko kaise pata chala ki hum yahan aa rahe hai?" Abhimanyu asked.

"Humein aapke dost, Navin ne mahal mein phone karke bulaaya tha…" Kakasa replied.

"Aur yeh gaadiyan?"

"Aap sabke liye, aakhir yahan se Barmer tak, aap kaise pahunchte?"

"Theek hai, kakasa… chaliye, chalte hai."

"Ji… hum bas aapka saaman…"

"Kakasa, rehne do, driver's utha lenge, aap humaare saath chaliye…"

Once all the suitcases have been loaded in the car trunks, everyone tries to figure out how the seating arrangements should be.

"Naina, Aalekh, Sherry aur Neelu humaare saath aa sakte hai" Rajveer suggests.

"Nahi nahi… Raj… aap aur Naina ki shaadi hone waali hai…" Abhimanyu says.

"Haan toh…?" Rajveer asks.

"Arre Raj… tum aur Naina akele ek gaadi mein jaaoge… taaki tum dono ko thodi si privacy mile…" Gunny said.

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Posted: 20 May 2008 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
After discussing this matter for a few minutes more, Rajveer and Naina, who were both blushing a lot, decided to listen to their friends and got into one car. Aalekh, Neelu, Sherry, Ali and Pooja went in the second car. Abhimanyu, Roma, Gunny and Shalini went in the third car. Navin, Sameera, Yudi and Huda went in the next car and Kakasa followed them in the last car.

They were now set and the cars began to leave the airport and head for Barmer. The drive would take about 2 to 3 hours so everyone had decided to stop somewhere in between for a short rest. Everyone was excited to be finally on their way towards Abhimanyu's kingdom where they would be preparing, hosting and attending one of the century's royal weddings.

Rajveer and Naina were in fact thankful that they had gotten a car to themselves and were now cozied up next to each other and enjoying the wonderful breeze coming through the open windows; the weather in Rajasthan at this time of the year was very pleasant and the two of them wanted to take all their time in marveling the beauty of the scenery outside and inside the car. Over the next few days, they would be spending the time of their lives together in Barmer, before their wedding.


During the ride to Barmer, everyone was mostly seen staring outside at the wonderful beauty of Rajasthan as they drove on. There was lush green grasses growing, tall magnificent trees swaying in the light breeze, the sky was clear and the weather outside was pleasant. In Rajveer and Naina's car, the two lovebirds were gazing outside the window, reveling each moment of the place as they drove on towards the kingdom. Naina was busy clicking pictures of the mountains and hills when suddenly she called out to Rajveer who was sitting beside her, and looking in the opposite direction.

"Raj… dekho, wahan…"

"Kya dekhun?"

"Wahan par ek mor hai, bahut khoobsurat hai, dekho toh sahi…"

"Nia… tum mujhe peacock dikha rahi ho…?"

"Haan, peacocks bahut sundar hote hai… unke pankh kitne rangeen aur bade hai…mujhe toh mor bahut pasand hai… tumhe pasand nahi hai Raj?"

"Pasand hai, lekin uss mor se zyada khoobsurat cheez dekh raha hoon…"



Naina blushed. She always loved it when Rajveer complimented her; it was these small things which he did or said made her feel very happy. Seeing Naina blush, Rajveer smiled and held her hand and pulled her away from the window and closer to him.
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Posted: 20 May 2008 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
"Pata hai, Nia… tum aaj bahut sundar dikh rahi ho…"

Finally speaking up, Naina turned to face him and said, "tum toh yeh baat har roz kehte ho…"

"Haan… aur main har roz kehta rahoonga, kyunki meri hone waali biwi hai hi itni gorgeous."

He held her by her waist & pulled her to himself crushing her into him....& she melted into him as if they were always one… they looked at each other as if trying to hold the moment....he bent & kissed her eyelids gently…his head lifted, fingertips touching her forhead, her strand of hair that was falling on to her face, trailing along the curve of her cheek to cup under her chin & lift it... his mouth touched lightly on hers, paused, then kissed her. At first, it was just a light kiss, but slowly it deepened and increased the passion between them. They broke apart after a few minutes, for a breather.


"Hmm…" He was barely listening to her as he was busy playing with her fingers that were intertwined in his.

"I love you Raj…"

"Huh?" Rajveer had stopped playing with her fingers and looked up and saw that Naina's eyes were wet.

"Naina… I love you too." Was all that he could say to her before she removed her fingers from his hand and hugged him tightly. He hugged her back and kissed her on the forehead and togther they sat in the car watching the scenery outside. Their quiet atmosphere was interrupted when Rajveer's cell rang.

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Posted: 20 May 2008 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
In the other car, Abhimanyu, Gunny, Roma and Shalini were busy talking with each other. Gunny, who was sitting next to Shalini, noticed that Abhimanyu and Roma were staring at each other when they thought that the other was not looking. Shalini too had observed this and decided to do something interesting since the ride to Barmer was a long one, and they needed to pass their time. They were talking about Rajveer and Naina, about the wedding, when Gunny decided to turn the topic a little bit.


"Yes, Major?"

"Hmm… Shalini, main kya kaha tha? Hum KMA mein nahi hai, you don't have to call me Major now, mere naam se hi na sahi, you can call me Gunny."

"Okay, sorry, Gunny… is everything alright? You look a little sad."

"Haan yaar, Gunny, tu theek to hai?" Abhimanyu asked.

"Tu yeh baat mujhse keh raha hai? Teri wajah se main itna dukhi hoon. Tune mujhe dhoka diya hai, hum kitne saalon se dost hai Abhi, aur tumne mujhe dhoka diya?" Gunny said trying to make his voice and expressions more dramatic.

"Dhokha? Gunny, yeh dhokha kahan se aa gaya? Humne aapko dhokha kab diya?"

"Wah, dekha Shalini, ab yeh kya keh raha hai; isne mujhe dhokha nahi diya hai… arre Raj toh hamesha se hi aisa tha; humne kaha tha ki Raj ki shaadi pehli hogi… aur baad mein hum sab, toh phir Abhi, tumne iss baat ko disobey kyun kiya?"

"Kya? Gunny, humein kuch samajh nahi aa raha hai..."

"Haan Major, aap kehna kya chahte ho?" Roma asked.

"Yahi ki Abhi ne mujhe akela chod diya hai… Raj ki shaadi ho rahi hai… aur Abhi apni shaadi ki sapne dekh rahe hai…"

"Kya?" Abhimanyu and Roma said simultaneously.
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Posted: 20 May 2008 at 12:57pm | IP Logged
"Haan… sahi keh raha hoon, Shalini se pooch, kabse apne khayalon mein khoye hue ho, zaroor apni shaadi ki sapne dekh rahe ho…"

"Hum… nahi toh… aisa nahi hai…" Abhimanyu said, as he began to turn a bit red. Shalini noticed Abhimanyu's embarrassment and signaled to Gunny that their plan was working.

"Accha… toh kaisa hai?" Gunny asked.

"Uh… aisa… hum… tumne Navin ka naam liya hi nahi…" Abhimanyu managed to change the topic to avoid Roma from asking any questions.

"Haan Gunny… Navin ko toh bhool gaye…" Shalini said.

"Nahi nahi…. Navin toh mera sabse accha dost hai; usne mujhe dhokha nahi diya… Raj ki baat alag hai; lekin Abhi…"

"Ek minute, Rajveer ki baat alag kyun hai?" Roma asked.

"Err…kyunki…kyunki Raj ne mujhe bataya tha ki usse Naina se pyaar ho gaya hai, lekin Abhi ne yeh baat chupake rakha…"

"Kaunsi baat?" Roma asked.

Before Gunny could reply, Abhimanyu changed the topic quickly by answering, "Yahi, ki humein ab tak kisi ladki se pyaar nahi hua hai… aur Gunny, mere dost, jab humein kisi se pyaar ho jaayega, tab hum aapko bata denge…"

"Par…" Roma began to say, but Shalini cut in.

"Excuse me, but Navin ka phone aaya hai…" She said, gesturing to the cell she was holding. "He wants to talk to Abhimanyu."


In another car; Aalekh, Neelu, Sherry, Ali and Pooja were having a great time. Sherry was getting to know them better, she was told of the many hilarious stories that they all did when they were in KMA and even the deeds that they did together which always made them face detention.

Aalekh and Sherry were getting along well and the two of them were continuously teasing Ali and Pooja, with Neelu helping them at times.
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Posted: 20 May 2008 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
"Ae, Sherry, tereko nahi lagta ki Naina aur Rajveer sir ke saath saath Punjaban aur Usool ki shaadi bhi honi chahiye…?"

"Haan Aalekh… abhi toh sahi waqt bhi hai… Ali aur Pooja ko bhaiyya aur bhabhi ke saath dusre mandap mein shaadi kar leni chahiye…"

"Aalekh bhai, yeh sab baatein chodiye, kuch aur baat karte hai…" Ali said.

"Hai, dekho na Aalekh, Ali toh abhi se hi sharma raha hai… Pooji, tum dono ke beech kuch hua hai ya nahi abhi tak?" Sherry asked.

"Kya? Sherry tumhaara message bahut hi mixed up hai, seedhe seedhe batao, kya baat kar rahi ho…?" Pooja said to Sherry.

"Lo, yeh bhi Ali ke tarah confused ho gayi hai; Pooji, tumhe itni si baat samajh mein nahi aayi?" Neelu asked.

"Nahi, tum sabka connections jam ho gaya hai; mera network toh kuch bhi catch nahi kar raha hai…" Pooja said looking confused and lost.

"Accha, yeh sab chodo… ab bol punjaban, tu aur usool kab shaadi kar rahe hai?" Aalekh asked innocently.

"Shaadi? Matlab lifetime connecton free?"

"Haan… free incoming aur outgoing…" Neelu said.

"Hai, yeh toh tumhe mere Ranjhe se puchna padega… Ali?"

"Ji…? Pooja… woh… abhi toh… hum Rajveer sir aur Naina ki shaadi ke liye aaye hai…"

"Toh kya hua Ali? Main bhaiyya se baat karungi, aur unke saath tum dono bhi shaadi kar lo…" Sherry said.

"Lekin…" Ali began.

His expression was a confused one. Aalekh, Neelu and Sherry began laughing. Pooja too, looked lost. She didn't understand what they were talking about. Finally, Neelu calmed herself and spoke to Ali and Pooja.

"Guys, tum log relax kar sakte ho; hum toh sirf mazaak kar rahe the… tumhe sach mein shaadi abhi nahi karni hai…" She said.

"Kya? Matlab ki Aalekh, Sherry aur tum, hum dono ki taang keech rahe the?" Pooja asked.

"Haan… of course, hum bore ho rahe the, isliye soch liya ki hum tum dono ki shaadi ki baat kar le, par tum dono toh itne darr gaye the…" Sherry said.

"Aisi tarah ki mazaak acchi nahi hoti, Sherry." Ali said.

"Arre chod na usool, tension kai ko leta hai; waise bhi yeh toh apun ka idea tha, tu Sherry ko kuch mat bol." Aalekh said.

"Lekin Aalekh bhai, shaadi ke siway aur kuch idea nahi mila aapko?" Ali asked.

"Yeh sabse best idea tha…" Aalekh said.

"Waise Kaidi, tu shaadi kab kar raha hai?" Pooja asked, trying to turn the table around.

"Apun? Aur shaadi? Abhi toh nahi… baad mein… ladki toh milni chahiye na…"

"Aalekh! Mazaak kar rahe ho na?" Neelu said.

"Nahi toh… apun ko koi ladki milich nahi hai, toh kisse shaadi karega?" He said trying to hide a grin, which Sherry saw.

"Haan Neelu, Aalekh sahi keh raha hai; usse kisi ladki se pehle pyaar hone do, phir woh shaadi kar lega… ismein mazaak ki baat kahan se aa gayi…" Sherry said.

"Lekin Kaidi, tujhe toh ladki mil gayi hai…" Pooja said.

"Tereko kaise pata hai, punjaban? Apun ko pata nahi hai ki apun ko kisi ladki se pyaar hai, toh tu yeh kaise keh raheli hai?" Aalekh asked.
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"Aalekh bhai, mazaak chodiye… hum sab jaante hai ki aap Neelu se pyaar karte hai…" Ali said.

"Apun Neelu se pyaar karta hai? Sach usool?" Aalekh asked with a blank look on his face.

"Of course tum mujhse pyaar karte ho, Aalekh… tum hi ne kaha tha…" Neelu said looking angry.

"Apun ko yaad nahi hai, Neelu."

"Theek hai, bhool jao, tum yeh sab bhool jao ki hum dono ke beech mein kuch tha…" Neelu said turning away and looking out of the window.

Aalekh decided it was time to stop fooling around. He hadn't meant for Neelu to get angry. Ali and Pooja were busy talking to Sherry so that he could talk to Neelu. He switched seats with Sherry and sat next to Neelu who was looking outside the car.


No reply.

"Neelu… sun toh sahi…"

Still no reply.

"Arre Neelu… apun sorry bolta hai; bas chota sa mazaak kar raha tha…"

Silence. Aalekh went closer to Neelu and placed his hand on her shoulder and made her face him. He saw that she had been crying quietly. Ali, Pooja and Sherry noticed it too, but kept quiet; it was up to Aalekh now.

"Eh, Neelu, tu kai ko aansu tapka rahi hai; apun toh sirf time pass kar raha tha…"

"Agar tu sach mein sirf mazaak kar rahe the, toh promise karo ki dobara aise nahi kahoge..."

"Pakka… apun tujhse vaada karta hai ki aage apun aisa kuch nahi bolega… sorry."

Aalekh held his ears and said sorry to Neelu who managed to smile.

"It's okay."

"Bole to, apun tujhse bahut pyaar karta hai Neelu."

"I love you too."

Saying this, the two of them hugged, only to be interrupted by Sherry coughing.

"Umm… agar tum dono ki patch up ho gayi hai, toh kya hum kuch baat kar sakte hai?" Sherry asked.

"Bol Sherry, kya baat karni hai?" Aalekh said.

"Waise toh mujhe tum sabke baare mein thoda bahut pata hai, lekin jab tum sab KMA mein the toh kya uss waqt sabki pyaar ki kahani shuru hui thi?"

"Haan Sherry… lagbag sabki kahani KMA mein shuru hui thi; Naina aur Rajveer sir, Ali aur Pooja, main aur Aalekh…" Neelu said.

"Aur Huda? Kya usse hamesha se flirting karne ki aadat hai…?" Sherry asked.

"Haan Sherry… Huda ko kisi ek connection nahi mila hai, kabhi yeh connection, kabhi woh…" Pooja said.

"Huh?" Sherry said. She wasn't that used to Pooja's mobile language.

"Pooja yeh kehna chahti hai ki Huda KMA se hi aisa hai; har ladki par line maarta tha; aur yeh bhi nahi; ek waqt tha jab Huda Naina ke piche tha…" Neelu said.

"Kya? Huda aur Naina? Par bhabhi toh… bhaiyya se pyaar karti thi… ya am I missing something?"

"Naina ko Rajveer sir se hi pyaar tha; par woh Jatt ko pata nahi tha… isliye baar baar Naina ko phoolan bulata tha aur line maarta tha…" Aalekh said.

"Phir Huda ko kaise pata chala ki Naina aur Raj ek dusre se pyaar karte hai?" Sherry asked.

Neelu decided that she should tell Sherry about what had happened in KMA when Major Bhargav had come.

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"Sherry…" Neelu started to say.

"Haan Neelu?"

"Umm, woh jab hum sab KMA mein the, uss waqt sab kuch normal rehta tha; hum log masti mazaak karte the, lekin kuch mahine baad KMA mein ek officer aaye the; Major Bhargav. Woh KMA mein inspection karne aaye the."

"Major Bhargav? Usse iss baat se kya connection hai?"

"Connection hai, Sherry. Kyunki jab Major Bhargav KMA mein the, tabhi Huda ko Rajveer sir aur Naina ke baare mein pata chala; haan yeh alag baat hai ki un dono ke beech mein kuch tha nahi… lekin Huda ko shak ussi waqt hua tha jab Major Bhargav wahan the…"

"Oh… waise hua kya tha?" Sherry asked.
"Well, Major Bhargav ne ek programme banaya tha; mentorship programme. Ismein hum sab ko humaara mentor mil gaya aur do din ke liye hum camping trip par gaye the… wahan par M.B ne bahut chalaki se Rajveer sir aur Naina ko jungle mein akele chod diya aur waapis KMA laut aaye…" She said.

"So, tum yeh keh rahi ho ki bhaiyya aur Naina, akele jungle mein reh gaye the…?"

"Haan…" Pooja said.

"Aage kya hua?"

"Phir, thode ghante baad, Rajveer sir aur Naina KMA aaye, lekin tab bhi M.B ne kuch plan kiya tha; usne noticeboard par saare cadets ke liye kuch choda tha…"


"Ek notice; jismein likha tha ki poore raat akele jungle mein, Capt. Rajveer aur Cadet Naina ne jaanboojh ke piche reh gaye, ya kya woh sach mein ghum ho gaye the…"

"What? You mean ki yeh Major Bhargav ne bhaai aur Naina ko fasa liya?"

"Haan Sherry… uss sale mogambo ne sab kuch plan kiya tha, taaki hum sab ki dosti toot jaaye…." Aalekh said.

"Toh phir kya hua?"

"Dekho Sherry, jab koi KMA mein hota hai, tab sabko pata hai ki ek teacher-student ke beech mein kuch nahi ho sakta hai; isliye saare cadets chauk gaye the; kuch log aise the jo Rajveer sir aur Naina ke baaton par yakeen karte the toh kuch nahi karte the…"

"Hmm… toh Huda, un cadets mein se tha jo Raj aur Naina par yakeen nahi karte the, right?"

"Haan… aur Huda hi nahi, hum bhi uss waqt Major Bhargav ki baaton mein aa gaye the…" Ali said.

"Haan aur usne mera aur Naina ka connection bhi thode der ke liye kaat diya tha…" Pooja added.

"Huda ne yeh bhi kaha tha ki Naina aur Rajveer sir ke beech mein najayaz sambandh tha… uss waqt Rajveer sir ko solitary confinement mein rakha gaya tha, poore 24 ghante ke liye…" Neelu said.

"24 hours solitary confinement?" Sherry exclaimed in surprise, as uptil now she had no idea of what had happened in so many years.

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