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Posted: 13 May 2008 at 1:48pm | IP Logged

While Naina was getting all worked up for her engagement, her friends were on the way back to Naina's house to stop the engagement from taking place. It had been 2 hours since they were driving and they were almost at their destination. They all had left on a mission, the previous morning after Aalekh had received a call from Capt. Abhimanyu that he, Huda, Yudi, Ali and Pooja were chosen to be a part of a rescue mission, 'Mission Azaadi.' Naturally they all had been confused as to why they were called for a mission a day before Naina was to get engaged. Aalekh had called Abhimanyu after leaving Naina safely in her house.

"Sir, kal toh Naina ki sagai hai, apun kaise…?" Aalekh had asked Abhimanyu.

"Aalekh, is mission se hi Naina ko hum sab is shaadi se bacha sakte hai." Abhimanyu told him.

"Par woh kaise…?" Aalekh had become even more confused now. What connection did this mission have to Naina?

"Kya aap jaante ho ki is mission mein humein kisse bachana hai?" Abhimanyu inquired.

"No sir." Aalekh replied.

It was only after Abhimanyu told Aalekh who had to be rescued did he realize how important this mission was. Aalekh told Abhimanyu that they would successfully complete this mission and meet him with Dr. Shalini and Gunny at the pick-up point the next day at 2:30 pm.

"All the best Lieutenant. Humein poora vishwaas hai ki aap sab milke usse waapis laa sakte ho, aur Naina ko bacha paayenge." Abhimanyu told him.

"Chinta mat karo Sir, apun sab milke Naina ko zaroor bachayenge." With that, Aalekh had disconnected the call and told the others the details of Mission Azaadi.

And now here they were; all 9 of them, Huda, Aalekh, Ali, Yudi, Pooja, Abhimanyu, Gunny, Shalini and the person who had been rescued by them. Aalekh was seated in the passenger seat of the van next to Yudi and Gunny who was driving, Shalini was sitting behind with Pooja taking care of her two patients; for Huda also had been injured while rescuing the prisoner.

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Posted: 13 May 2008 at 1:49pm | IP Logged
There was less than half an hour till Naina's engagement and each minute was dragging by slower and slower. The prisoner was revived of his unconsciousness and was being tended to by Pooja.

"Kya koi mujhe bata sakta hai ki yahan ho kya raha hai?" The prisoner asked them all. He obviously didn't know that they all depended upon him to save Naina, and they knew he needed to know all the details before they reached the engagement.

"Well, humein aapki madad chahiye." Shalini told him.

"Kis mein, Dr. Shalini?" He asked.

"Umm… look, mujhe pata hai ki itne saalon baad hum sabko tum mile ho… lekin pichle do saalon mein bahut badal gaya hai… darasal ek badi problem hai; Naina ki zabardasti shaadi karwaayi jaa rahi hai." Shalini told him.

"KYA?!?!" The prisoner was shocked to the core. He didn't believe this was true. "Kya? Naina… meri Naina ki shaadi ho rahi hai? Yeh… yeh kaise ho sakta hai?" He demanded to know everything that had happened.

"Err…suno… tum relax karo, hum jaante hai ki Naina tumhaare liye kitni important hai, uski asliyat humein pata hai… lekin jab Naina ki maa guzar gayi aur uske dad ne phir se shaadi kiya, usse zabardasti kisi anjaan shaks se shaadi ka faisla kiya hai." Shalini told him about everything that happened in these two years. The prisoner was surprised when he heard that the mission was not completely successful. There was still one more person stuck back there, someone equally important to Naina.

Just then Yudi received a call. It was from Neelu. Worried that something had happened, he gave the phone to Aalekh, who after muttering, 'saala nautanki' answered the call.

Neelu – Hello.

Aalekh – Haan Neelu, bol.

N – Aalekh, tum sab kahan ho? Naina ko sirf saath minute hai.

A – Gunny sir, kitna time lagega?

Gunny – Hum bas pahunchne waale hai.

A – Theek hai, Neelu. Naina ko jab niche bulayenge, tu uske leke jaa. Apun sab time par pahunchega.

N – okay… Aalekh, kya woh bhi saath mein hai?

A – Haan, idharich hai.

N – Zinda?

A – chalta-phirta bolta laash hai Neelu.

N – mazaak mat karo, kya woh dono tumhaare paas hai?

A – Nahi, apun sirf ekich ko bacha paaya, dusra abhi bhi wahan par hi hai… aur haan woh bhi zinda hai.

N – Okay… toh jaldi aao, mujhe ab Naina ke paas jaana hai.

A – Hmm… apun aarela hai, Naina ko bol ki sabr kar.

N – Bye.

A – Bye.

Aalekh hung up the phone and gave it to Yudi. He then unbuckled his seatbelt and climbed behind where the rescued prisoner was sitting.

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Posted: 13 May 2008 at 1:52pm | IP Logged
"Naina ko paanch minute mein niche leke jaa rahe hai." Aalekh told him and everyone else.

"Oh, toh kya hum sab alarm se pehle pahunchenge?" Pooja asked.

"Arre, punjaban, hum sab pahunch jaayenge." Huda reassured her.

Aalekh then turned to speak to the rescued prisoner. It was odd for him, seeing this man so close in front of him after all these years. But he had to fulfill his duty to save Naina.

"Aapko pata hai ki kya karna hai?" Aalekh asked him.

"Of course mujhe pata hai… lekin kya Naina iss jhatke ko seh paayegi?" The prisoner was worried about Naina and her reaction to what she would see soon.

"Apun Naina ko jitna jaanta hai, ek baat keh sakta hai ki… nahi, usse iss jhatke se bahut shock lagega. Hum sabko jitna bhi shock laga hai, usse kahin zyaada Naina ko shock lagega. Par apun ko pata hai ki isse bada khushi Naina ko kabhi nahi milega." Aalekh reassured him.

"Thanks Aalekh, tumne Naina ka bahut khayal rakha hai…" The prisoner told him.

"Woh, apun toh bas…" Aalekh didn't know what to tell him. For the first time, he was at a loss of words.

Fortunately, the van suddenly stopped. They had reached their destination; Naina's house. It was now time to save her from getting engaged to be married. They all got down from the van. The prisoner was in much better shape than he had been two hours ago when he was first rescued.

And as he took his first step down from the van towards the fully decorated Alhuwalia house, he felt as if he were given a new life. He didn't waste anytime pondering about the things that had changed in these years, all he knew now that he had to save Naina. His beloved Naina, no one had ever loved her more than he did. Not Huda not Aalekh.

He was here to save the girl he loved with all his heart. Slipping into a formal jacket and sunglasses, the Late Captain Navin Singh Alhuwalia headed inside the house to save his dear sister, Naina from getting married.

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Posted: 13 May 2008 at 1:55pm | IP Logged
Inside the house, Naina's step-mom had gone to Naina's room to call her downstairs. It was 7:30 pm and the engagement would begin soon. When she saw Neelu there, she told her to bring Naina down and then left the room without saying a word to her step-daughter. But Naina, being used to this treatment just sighed and took Neelu's hand as they left the room together. Neelu and Naina had reached the staircase when suddenly Neelu's cell beeped.

"kya hua Neelu? Kya Yudi aur Aalekh baaki sab ke saath aa rahe hai?" Naina asked, hoping that her one wish would come true.

"Haan Naina, bro ne abhi abhi message kiya hai ki they have reached aur tumhaare liye sab ruke hai… chalo." Neelu assured her friend. And then they walked down the stairs.

As all the guests turned around to face the staircase, they saw Naina looking gorgeous in her outfit coming downstairs to the hall where a stage had been put up for the engagement. Naina's fianc was Ronit Rai Choudhary, a famous politician's son. Ronit was a lawyer by profession but didn't have the looks of one. True, he was rich, famous and a lawyer but Ronit didn't have the looks at all; not that they mattered too much since Naina looked like a goddess next to him.

Ronit's mother was a good friend of Naina's step-mom and together, the two ladies had arranged for their children's marriage. Ronit was now, on the stage with his mom and dad and his to-be in-laws. Neelu led Naina up on stage. Pooja, Aalekh, Yudi, Ali and Huda were already on the stage, waiting for her looking at her with bright smiling faces. When Naina was about 5 feet apart from Ronit, she turned to face the guests.

It was then did her gaze fall on a part of the crowd. She saw Abhimanyu, Gunny and Dr. Shalini standing next to Brigadier Chandok, Suriji and Lolita Ma'am. But what made her wonder was the young man standing with them. Naina didn't recognize him because he was wearing sunglasses and a long jacket that covered most of his face.

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Posted: 13 May 2008 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
What she did notice was that he had long hair, and a small beard and he was talking to Abhimanyu about something important. Naina was brought out of her reverie when she heard her step-mother announce her engagement to Ronit.

"Ab sagai ka samay ho gaya hai… rings kahan hai?" Her step-mother called for the rings. Naina wanted to do something and so she whispered to Aalekh, "Aalekh, kuch karo… please."

"Naina, don't worry, agar Shahrukh tumhe bacha nahi sakta, iska matlab toh nahi ki Salman bhi nahi bacha sakta." Pooja told her friend.

"Salman? Pooja tu yeh kya keh rahi hai?" Naina was confused.

"Sahi hi toh keh rahi hai, punjaban. Naina tumhe is shaadi se koi bacha sakta hai…" Aalekh told her.

"Kaun?" Naina was desperate to know. The rings had reached the stage and the tray was nearing her… and then it had reached. Ronit's sister Ayesha was standing between the couple with the ring boxes placed on a flower laden tray. Ronit picked up one box and slowly removed the ring.

"Navin, jao… abhi sahi waqt hai. Go and save Naina" Gunny told Navin, who nodded and began edging forward towards the stage. He saw Ronit holding the ring, his step-mother holding Naina's hand out and then he acted.

Just as Ronit was about to put the ring onto Naina's finger, they all heard a loud voice.


It was all that Navin needed to say to get everyone's attention. Naina was happy… this may prove to be a good distraction she thought. She was about to move when she saw that the guests had spread out leaving the mysterious sunglasses guest standing there. It was him who said 'ruk jao', Naina wondered why…

The guest came forward and spoke again, "yeh sagai nahi ho sakti."

"Yeh awaaz…" Naina felt as if her heart had stopped, it had turned cold… that voice belonged to someone dear to her, someone who was no longer with her… how could that be possible? It seemed that Naina's step-mother also wanted to know what was going on.

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Posted: 13 May 2008 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
"Aap hai kaun? Aur kisne kaha aapse ki yeh sagai nahi ho sakti?" she demanded to know who this man was… everyone in the hall seemed to know the same thing to. The guest smiled and then he spoke, "Kisi ne mujhe pehchaana nahi? Khair koi baat nahi… dekho main kaun hoon."

He removed his jacket first to reveal a bandaged arm supported on a sling and a shirt full of cuts and holes in it. He then looked up at Naina who was holding on to Aalekh tightly but maintaining her gaze on him. He walked a bit closer to her and then he removed his glasses to reveal his face.

A hush fell all over the hall…. Everyone was pointing and staring at him… and whispering, "Capt. Navin Singh Alhuwalia… zinda hai?" But Navin paid no attention to what everyone else was saying. His eyes were locked on to Naina who was staring at him frozen like a statue. He climbed up onstage and stood 2 feet away from his dear sister. He didn't say a word to her, nor did she. Naina couldn't believe her eyes; her dead brother was standing in front of her after so many years… she slowly held up a hand and touched Navin's face to find it real.

"N…Navin…" she managed to say with great difficulty.

"haan Naina… meri pyaari chuhiya" Navin replied smiling at her.

The word 'chuhiya' hit Naina so hard that it made her realize that this was all real. Her brother Navin was alive and standing in front of her. She tried to say something, but her throat seemed dry and unable to speak, she was trembling as she tried to think about something, but her mind was blank.

But Navin understood her and what she was trying to say and he just took her in his embrace and when she hugged him back tightly, the tears started flowing uncontrollably, she sobbed into his shoulder, unaware of his injuries, but neither did he mind it at all… he had found his sister after all these years, he knew that she had sacrificed a lot to bring justice to his name, he knew that she had lost everything she had… including her love, Rajveer.
Armaan'sGal Senior Member

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Posted: 13 May 2008 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
It took Naina a few minutes to calm down. Her tears turned into small sobs as she clung onto her brother, fearing that if she left him, he would leave her again. Finally breaking the silence, Navin spoke, "Naina… chalo yahan se, main tumhe yahan se lene aaya hoon."

"Par… bh…bhaai…hum…yeh sagai…?" Naina didn't know what to say or how to say anything to Navin, she was still in shock, she slowly began to feel her heart filling up again with happiness… she knew this was true. Navin was alive and in her arms.

"Yeh sagai nahi ho rahi hai, kyunki tumhaari sagai kahin aur fix hua hai…" Navin told his sister, surprising her and their parents as well.

"Kya? It's not possible, you can't do this… tumhe koi haq nahi banta ki tum Naina ko yahan se leke ja sakte ho…" Mrs. Alhuwalia tried to stop Navin, but he held up a hand to silence her.

"Haq? Main Naina ka bhaai hoon, mujhe poor haq hai ki main apni behen ka shaadi usse karwaoon jisse woh pyaar karti hai, uski haan se hi main apni behen ka shaadi karoonga…"
"Aapne toh zabardasti Naina ki shaadi tay kiya tha…baba, main Naina ko lekar jaa raha hoon, uska dhyaan main rakhoonga, aur uski shaadi bhi main hi karwaoonga."

Saying this, Navin took Naina's hand in his and led her off the stage and along with her friends and the other KMA members, they left the Alhuwalia house in the same van they had come in and headed towards KMA. In the van, Naina hugged Navin once again as she began to cry and he consoled her…

"B…bhaiya… aap zinda ho… lekin kaise…? Aur aap yahan kaise pahunche?" Naina's mind was whirring with a thousand questions. She needed some answers and wanted them now.

"Naina… main kabhi mara hi nahi…main baad mein sab samjhaoonga… ek baat abhi batata hoon ki Raj ne jab mujhpar goli chalaayi, main bach gaya. Lekin main coma mein chala gaya tha… aur ussi jungle mein ek kutiya mein reh raha tha… aur mujhe chhe mahine pehle hosh aaya." Navin told her some of the story behind his survival.
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Posted: 13 May 2008 at 2:01pm | IP Logged
"Lekin… agar aapko hosh uss waqt aa gaya, aap abhi waapis kaise aa gaye, uss waqt kyun nahi aaye?" Naina asked, still confused but more clear about the stuff going on in her mind now. Instead of Navin replying, Abhimanyu did.

"Naina, jab Raj ka accident hua tha, woh bhi bach gaya tha… aur Navin usse mil gaya… dono pichle chhe mahine se saath the lekin antankwaadiyon ne unhe pakad liya tha."

"Rajveer sir bhi zinda hai?" Naina was thrilled when she heard that Rajveer was also alive, her heart was coming alive once again. The two men she loved the most in her life were alive and with her, at least Navin was.

"Haan. Lekin Raj yahan nahi hai, tumhaare dost sirf mujhe hi yahan tak lekar aa sake." Navin told her.

"Mere dost? You mean… tum sab?" Naina indicated to her friends, Aalekh, Ali, Yudi, Pooja and Huda.

"Ji haan, humne aapke bhaai ko bachaya, Naina" Ali told her.

"Apun sab kal jab bhaag gaye, isliye gaye taaki tere bhaai ko bacha sake." Aalekh told her. And then all her friends told her how they had found Navin in an abandoned warehouse along with Rajveer. How they had killed all the guards and rescued them both, but left Rajveer behind in a safe place with a doctor.

"Doctor? Rajveer sir ko kya hua hai?" Naina seemed worried and wondered what must have happened to her mentor.

"Don't worry Naina, kuch serious nahi hai, Rajveer ko sirf kuch chotein aayi hai, isliye maine apne ek colleague ko wahan rakha hai." Dr. Shalini reassured Naina.

"Haan Naina, Raj bilkul theek hai, hum wahin jaa rahe hai, usse milne. Usse aaraam ki zaroorat hai." Navin said to Naina.

"Navin, tumhe bhi aaram karna chahiye, it's a long drive there." Gunny told his friend while driving.

"Haan bhaai, aap so jao. Bahut thake ho." Naina ordered him.

"Okay meri maa, goodnight." Navin kissed Naina on her forehead and went off to sleep for a while.

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